IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2011-07-28

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rcgmgedmin: well, this /opt/Foo/bin scheme is the default for new Harmattan projects in the new QtSDK00:11
rcgit also does not place a symlink in /usr/bin because the Foo.desktop file refers directly to the executable in that path00:12
qgilso... since I really wanted to share source files & package with my Miniature team mates I ended up wit... a bug report containing all the stuff  ;)
povbotBug 12315: Placeholder to upload UI source and packages00:13
MeeGoBotBug nor, Medium, ---, alexey.kuznetsov, RELE FIXED, libmeegochat should be ported to telepathy-qt4 0.5.x00:13
rcgThis whole scheme is configured via the deployment.pri file in your project00:13
rcgthe "Meego graphics system destroyed" message seems to be normal afaik.. at least all apps i started via a shell here did this as well00:15
qgilpiggz: can you access the Nokia Store? there was a screenshot app there, see e.g.
rcgactually you take screenshot with some preinstalled app00:15
rcgjust a second...00:15
rcg*can take00:16
rm_workscreenshot with one of the gallery apps00:16
rcgWidgets Gallery -> Debug Tools ->Take a Screenshot00:16
rm_workyeah that00:16
qgilah, I believe there was a shortcut for screenshots with the N950 - but of course the N9 needed a different solution  :)00:16
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piggzqgil: which store? (ive been using the debug tools method, and added another entry in the meego coding comp)00:17
qgilah, maybe there is no Store in the developer image for the N950 piggz00:18
piggzqgil: yeah, it says 'coming soon'00:18
piggzi heard on twitter a fw update is coming soon?00:19
qgilpiggz: URL?00:19
rcgbtw just out of curiousity.. is there any way to close an app directly.. instead of the detour via the "task switcher" thing00:19
piggzqgil: url for the twitter talk? i think it was just speculation00:20
qgilI thought speculation also had URLs, this is why I wanted to see the source  :)00:20
kimjusomeone got accidentally a device with an *older* firmware and some people were jumping to wrong conclusions from that00:20
kimjuit was hot topic #here yesterday00:21
rm_work<rcg> the "Meego graphics system destroyed" message seems to be normal afaik.. at least all apps i started via a shell here did this as well00:21
rm_workyes, that happens every time you "minimize" an app00:21
VenemoQt Creator doesn't like me still....00:21
Venemo":-1: error: Failed to upload file 'C:\Projects\IrcChatter\IrcChatter'."00:21
Venemowhat the heck is this?00:21
rm_workrcg: yes there is a way to close app directly... can just do an exit command (whatever the one QT uses is)00:22
rm_workthere's a couple apps I have that do it00:22
rm_workthat actually have a Quit button00:22
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rm_worklike cuteTube-qml does00:23
mgedminsome apps exit when you press ctrl-q00:23
rcgrm_work: ic.. was just wondering if there was some "magic swipe" that does the same as a quit button ;)00:23
mgedminlike meego-terminal, boo!00:23
rm_workah no00:23
rm_worknot that i'm aware of :/00:23
rm_worki would like that too :P00:23
qgilpiggz Nokia_Fan and colmsmyth are bloggers - perhaps they know but, and they they would knew better than me. I'd rather go back to coding  ;)00:23
mgedminrcg, I heard there's a setting that makes swipe down close the app instead of hiding it00:23
rm_workcuteSoma does it easily enough00:23
mgedminrcg, but I think it's not present on the firmware we have00:23
rm_workhrm yes i think i would like THAT00:23
rm_workswipe down = kill, not hide00:23
piggzqgil: sure :)00:24
rm_workswipe side = task switcher, like normal00:24
rcghmm.. yeah that would be quite nice :)00:24
qgilthe magic swipe close the apps, yes00:24
qgilI believe it is implemented at framework level = app developers don't need to care about it00:25
qgilFor instance, my dummy Miniature UI app gets closed by swiping down00:25
rm_workthat should be correct00:26
rm_workthere IS a "close app" it is just only sent when you go to task manager, hold-click, and hit the X00:26
rm_workso just switch the swipe-down to send that signal instead of minimize?00:26
qgilswipe down = closep app too00:26
rm_workon our devices, swipe-down just minimizes it00:27
rm_workit isstill running in task switcher00:27
qgilin the current Harmattan release swipe down closes the apps00:27
qgilcurrent = latest00:27
rm_workthe one we don't have but you do? :P00:27
qgilthat one00:27
rm_work<3 qgil00:27
qgilthere is even a youtube video somewhere00:27
rm_workso i assume we get that with the next firmware?00:28
piggzlater ppl...tired from moutnain biking :)00:28
qgilof course00:28
rm_worklater piggz00:28
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Venemowhat do I need to do to allow Aegis to run arbitrary binaries00:28
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rm_workdevel-su / develsh should let you00:29
Venemorm_work, that is not applicable to my situation00:29
kimjupackage them00:29
Venemorm_work, Qt Creator connects to the device with the 'developer' account and tries to run it00:29
rm_workyour situation of.... needing to run arbitrary binaries?00:29
VenemoI want to avoid packaging my app every time I want to run it!00:30
rm_workthen edit on-device00:30
mgedminaegis is not your friend00:30
rm_workand run your app00:30
Venemothere is some aegis package I need to install.00:30
Venemobut I forgot what it is00:30
rm_worki edit my python apps on the device in vim00:30
mgedmin--relaxed-exec or something00:30
rm_workand run them...00:30
rm_workfrom commandline00:30
rm_workrelexed-exec not necessary00:30
rm_worksame with mplayer testing...00:30
mgedminwhy does fbreader ignore ~/.FBReader/toolbar.xml?  strace shows me it's being opened, but all my edits are ignore00:31
mgedminif I edit /usr/share/FBReader/default/toolbar.xml instead, my changes are visible00:32
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VenemoThere is a package aegis-dev-mode that enables you to run executables that were not installed via a package - otherwise even that is not possible00:33
VenemoOK, I did 'apt-get install aegis-dev-mode'00:33
Venemostill doesn't00:33
kimjuI don't think that packaging and installing the app after changes is any more work than copying it over (if you have the packaging stuff already made)00:34
mgedminVenemo, there's a recipe somewhere on the meego forum00:34
Venemokimju, but it's faster! a lot!00:34
kimjumake or dpkg-buildpackage or something does the work..00:34
mgedminyou need to devel-su, then develsh, then run aegis-something --something-something, then reboot, and then your device gets bricked00:34
mgedminor something like that00:34
Venemomgedmin, mhmm00:35
Venemothanks, I'll try00:36
mgedminok, giving up on the segfault00:39
mgedminhow about I make fbreader intercept volume keys?00:39
lardmannight all00:39
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MohammadAGmgedmin, there's a binary that interprets keypresses, x something, can't remember atm00:40
MohammadAGyou could also string the volume daemon00:40
Venemoaaah, thank you mgedmin00:41
Venemomgedmin, it works like a charm!!! :)00:41
VenemoMohammadAG, have you got your device yet?00:41
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VenemoMohammadAG, humm00:42
mgedmin fails to answer the question completely00:42
VenemoMohammadAG, look at the bright side. once you get it, it'll already have an IRC client00:42
mgedminwhich of the standard apps handle volume keys themselves?00:43
MohammadAGstring that for an atom00:44
MohammadAGVenemo, I'm looking on the brighter side, by the time I have it, I can trade it for an N900:44
* mgedmin runs xprop00:44
VenemoMohammadAG, hehe00:44
VenemoMohammadAG, do you think N9 will be better?00:45
* mgedmin runs strings00:45
mgedmin has an example of listening to those key events00:51
mgedmincamera-ui does not appear to be using QmKeys00:55
mgedminhmm..._ZN15QGraphicsWidget17grabKeyboardEventEP6QEvent (I hate C++)00:55
mgedminprobably irrelevant00:56
* mgedmin runs strings on /usr/sbin/qmkeyd200:58
Venemoookay, does anyone have 5 minutes to test something for me?00:58
mgedminoh, cool, qmkeyd.cpp is open source01:04
mgedminI wonder if it differs much from qmkeyd2, which I was unable to find01:04
GeneralAntillesrm_work, ping?01:04
mgedminI don't think QmKeys is what I want...01:06
mgedminthis is for background apps to be able to react to volume and other system keys01:06
mgedminso, fbreader sees vol+/- as regular key events and I can map them to scroll forward/backward01:08
mgedminthe only thing is how to prevent the default system action01:09
mgedminhow do I figure out which processes are connected to a unix domain socket?01:12
mgedminlsof does not help01:14
mgedminnetstat doesn't show pids (-p option not supported)01:15
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mgedminsysuid is one of the four listeners01:22
mgedminit's the only listener, actually, but it listens multiple times01:26
mgedminwhat fun01:26
mgedminstrace -e read $(lsof /usr/lib/|awk 'NR>1 {print "-p", $2}')01:26
mgedminpress volume key, see which pids do a read()01:26
mgedminand receive a 16-byte event01:26
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mgedmincould this be another open-source component?01:29
* mgedmin clones meegotouch-systemui 01:30
rm_workGeneralAntilles: pong01:32
rm_workjust about to leave tho01:32
rm_workwhats up?01:32
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mgedminso! apparently libresourceqt arbitrates which app controls the volume keys01:34
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mgedminI need to ask for ScaleButtonResource01:36
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GeneralAntillesrm_work, later, then.01:39
GeneralAntillesrm_work, was gonna powwow about SnapGo.01:39
Venemohm, does anyone here have any experience with the QML TextArea item?01:43
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DocScrutinizermgedmin: (<mgedmin> the only thing is how to prevent the default system action) in fremantle e.g for xchat it's simply like "unset the F7/8(?) key assignments in xchat's key editor, and they will work as volume keys again"02:02
DocScrutinizerand vice versa02:02
DocScrutinizernot entirely, but basically it's like that02:03
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MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, there's some hildon_ call xchat's doing then02:13
MohammadAGyou need to set an X11 atom on the window02:13
MohammadAGHILDON_ZOOM_KEYS I think02:14
DocScrutinizeryeah, it's for sure an X11 thing. If I had to guess, I'd say (or design it like) there's a chain of event handlers, a call to X11 to un/register a handler, and on every event X11 is passing the event to each handler in the chain in sequence, until a handler returns "eaten it"02:17
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infobotOkay, I'm here. (courtesy of docscrutinizer)02:51
Venemomorning Termana02:58
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npm -- built a new browser03:26
npmy not03:27
npmto replace the simplistic browser in
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twoboxenquestion for you folks… in the qt project file, what is maemo6 harmattans make spec?  I see maemo5, symbian, unix, etc07:58
twoboxen] twoboxen:07:58
twoboxenmeego, maemo6, harmattan, etc don't work07:58
twoboxenthis line is generated "unix:!symbian:!maemo5"… i don't care about what it ISN'T07:59
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hiemanshutwoboxen: well for now, maemo6 is defined like that08:51
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w00tmgedmin: "MeeGo graphics system" is a bit special09:05
w00tmgedmin: it uses EGL when the application is in the foreground09:05
w00tmgedmin: then it switches to raster (and drops the GL context) when you swipe an application to the background09:06
w00tmgedmin: (this is for resource consumption, holding a GL context on SGX drivers means you lock a large chunk of RAM in memory, not swappable, and not reusable - not nice)09:06
w00tmgedmin: but, QPixmaps should stay valid between the transition iirc09:07
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macmaNmkay some twitter noise going on last night about new fw coming for n95010:39
macmaNin a few days?10:39
VenemomacmaN, "for some"? who?10:50
macmaNfrck if i know10:50
macmaN"them" :10:50
Venemohow would you go about channel switching in a mobile IRC client?10:51
VenemoI was thinking about adding tabs, but that is definiely not manageable if you join more than 4 (or max 5) channels10:51
SummeliI got a snes-emu running at some level:
RST38hVenemo: current config of XChat does it well enough for me10:52
RST38hVenemo: tiny little tabs at the bottom of the screen that you can quickly flick through with your finger10:53
VenemoRST38h, xchat (as I saw it on the N900) is not very finger friendly, and this wouldn't work well in portrait mode either10:53
VenemoI'm thinking of simply adding a button which displays a selection dialog in which you can switch channels10:54
RST38hVenemo: for portrait, arrange them vertically along an edge10:54
Venemomy other idea is to add some unique finger gesture for this10:54
RST38hVenemo: and no, I guess these channel-flicking tabs are the most finger friendly feature of the current XChat, otherwise it kinda sucks :)10:54
Venemoif I align them vertically in portrait mode, then there won't be enough comfortable room for the messages10:54
RST38hForget gestures, they suck moose balls10:55
Venemonot a complicated one10:55
RST38hVenemo: which means I will be able to trigger it accidentally. thanks.10:55
spenapVenemo, what about something like the fb top bar10:55
Venemospenap, 'fb'?10:55
spenapand then some "smart" way to hide/show the least used10:55
RST38heven better10:56
RST38hthe freaking bar will jump out whenever it thinks fit!10:56
Venemoand how should it determine whether it's fit or not?10:56
spenaphave you used gtalk in android?10:56
RST38hon its own of course10:57
spenapyou could "little-swipe" to change between open channels10:57
spenap(this little swipe I mean is the one used in the music app)10:57
spenapto change between songs10:57
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Venemomy current idea is to "listen to" horizontal swipes on the toolbar or something, and switch between channels according to that.10:58
spenapon the toolbar?10:58
RST38htoolbar? what toolbar?10:58
spenapI don't think (my opinion, though) that the toolbar should be used that way10:58
Venemomaybe not the toolbar then10:58
Venemomaybe the text area10:58
Venemobut then this will interefere with text selection10:58
VenemoRST38h, the one that appears on the bottom of every Harmattan app10:58
spenapVenemo, if you haven't, check the gtalk application in android10:59
spenapbecause that behavior feels quite natural10:59
Venemospenap, I don't have neither an android device, nor a gtalk account10:59
Venemospenap, could you please gimme a video of it or just describe it in detail?10:59
spenaplet's go with the description, then11:00
spenapthere's this big widget where the conversation is held, and the messages you send and receive appear11:00
spenapthis TextArea11:00
spenapthen you have the text field11:00
spenapto write11:00
spenapwhen you "drag" the text area to the sides11:01
TronicVenemo: Not very standard but vertical channel list on the left side would be best for me.11:01
spenapit will go to the previous / next conversation11:01
VenemoTronic, that wouldn't be finger friendly11:01
spenapand there are menu options which would show the currently open conversations11:01
TronicVenemo: How come, too close to the edge?11:01
spenapthat appears in something quite similar to Harmattan sheet's11:02
VenemoTronic, that too, plus it takes away too much space from the messages11:02
spenapso you can either discard or click on one of this open conversations11:02
Venemospenap, yeah, I already have a button to show all the current channels11:02
Venemospenap, but that requires two taps to switch channels, which might not be comfortable to everyone11:02
spenapwell: two taps is for selecting one channel "far from the current"11:03
spenapbut if it is the previous / next, you can just swipe11:03
spenap(you could add some reordering in this "extended view")11:03
TronicVenemo: The list could only appear when you put your finger on it, and the browsing could be a scroll gesture.11:03
TronicVenemo: Solves both problems.11:03
Venemowell yeah, but this one still requires two taps11:04
TronicI was actually thinking just one scroll.11:04
TronicPress => it appears, release => it switches to whatever is chosen.11:04
TronicOf course it could be horizontal too, since screen space is not actually limited if you have to scroll in any case.11:05
Venemohere is how it looks now:
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Venemoalso keep in mind that it needs to look good in portrait mode as well.11:06
TronicBut you'd also want to know window activity, to quickly choose windows where someone has spoken to you (high activity level) or where there has been discussion at all (normal activity).11:06
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w00tVenemo: you might want to talk to sput (on #quassel).. he's working on a harmattan version of quassel, i think someone mentioned11:09
w00tso maybe you can steal ideas off each other11:09
*** Wirta has joined #harmattan11:10
w00ta person ;)11:10
Venemosomeone told me that there is such a version of Quassel, made by someone called sgiessl11:11
Venemobut he never responded to my pings11:11
Venemoin any case, if someone beats me to it, I'll gladly forefit this project. I just started it because there is no IRC client yet for Harmattan11:13
vandenoevershould a harmattan app have 80x80 or 64x64 icons or both?11:13
fralsafaik 80x80 for applauncher and 64x64 for pkgmanager11:14
harbaumi am using svg icons and it seems harmattan just renders them nicely11:14
harbaumso no need to think about size11:14
vandenoeverharbaum: how do you put that in the control file?11:14
vandenoeveri mean the XB-Maemo-Icon-26 entry11:15
Venemovandenoever, base64 encode it11:15
Venemothis Sput guy doesn't respond to my pings either11:16
Venemoseems that we will have 3 IRC clients then :P11:16
VenemoI'd gladly drop mine if I was assured that the others will be user-friendly enough for my needs11:18
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infobotlardman: please check, cheers DocScr11:22
*** slaine has joined #harmattan11:22
lardmaninfobot: stop reminding me please11:23
* infobot leaps to his feet and stops reminding me please11:23
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djszapihaha xD11:28
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djszapiElleo: mmh, liblzma-dev seems to be a bit duplication, the fix seems to be on the way for a while by Nokia.11:30
djszapiand you cannot overwrite their packages without force-all.11:30
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vandenoeveri'm putting two .desktop files in one project and now the build system does not pick the up11:33
vandenoeverat least, i think that's the problem, is it allowed to have two .desktop files for app icons in one package?11:33
djszapiElleo: I raised the issue at Nokia about the missing packages since it is not nice, and they told me they fix it asap. If it is not really an urgent story, I do not think it is worth doing them.11:34
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djszapiFunky, OBS lost the files I uploaded yesterday..11:44
*** smoku has joined #harmattan11:45
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khertan1is there a way to fix ssl problem on current developer n950 device ?11:48
djszapiwhat ssl problem ?11:49
djszapilbt: I cannot upload files onto OBS via the webinterface. It ends up an empty page after pressing the "Save changes" button.11:50
lbtdjszapi: hmm11:51
djszapiit has been like that for 1-2 days actually.11:51
lbtwe had some disk space issues...  FWIW11:52
djszapilbt: well, please let me know if it works agian.11:53
lbtdjszapi: however, if you've lost stuff I'd like to know about it11:53
lbtAFACT we should be OK11:53
djszapiwell, from what I can say, it does not work.11:54
khertan1djszapi: try to login to the meego forum : ssl handshake failed ... many webmail : ssl handshake failed11:59
lbtkhertan1: sorry... are you having ssl problems12:01
lbtdjszapi: could you log a bug for me please ... details12:01
djszapilbt: sure, a bit later.12:02
djszapikhertan1: I am not getting that type of error, but I am getting this: "Couldn't open page"
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djszapilbt: are you planning to extend the hardware capability of the Harmattan target PC or if not, any collaboration with the people who had a hefty machine ?12:24
lbtdjszapi: we are .. the new hardware has arrived12:25
djszapiwhich is ... ?12:25
lbtwe actually have 5 machines with 24 cores and 24Gb RAM12:25
lbtand more arrived12:25
lbtsadly they are crap12:25
djszapiwell, I have been told it had 6 GB12:25
lbtand the uptime is <6 hrs12:25
ArkenoiDoes anybody maintain a list of fremantle apps that run on harmattan without rebuild?12:25
Stskeepsyou can send them to me if you don't like them12:25
lbtthen the RAID controller (proprietary blob) craps out12:25
lbtthe 6GB is per worker VM12:26
djszapiArkenoi: why not just put it onto c-obs/harmattan target ?12:26
djszapiStskeeps: haha, me too :p12:26
lbtStskeeps: yeah ... I'm pissed at this ... why are the core workers just fine12:26
djszapilbt: ok, but it cannot be a memory issue with kdelibs then...12:27
djszapiif it is not that, seriously no clue..12:27
VenemoDocScrutinizer51, moo12:40
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*** steventroughtons is now known as stroughtonsmith12:42
khertan1djszapi: i got certificat error on most all things where ssl is used12:43
DocScrutinizer51djszapi: how would I find out if a file is under aegis aegis, I.E. protected? Usecase: I want to edit a pyrhon script I found on device, and I don't want to risk the "dear customer, aegis nuked your system. Reflash!". So what is the command to 'ls' or 'stat' a file to find out if it may be edited or not?12:46
djszapiDocScrutinizer51: Could you give the exact path of an example ? :)12:51
DocScrutinizer51not yet12:51
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DocScrutinizer51it's been explained on some blog that you can install python with a manifest to request the needed permissions, but then you MUST NOT edit this file after installation12:53
djszapils -lca and stat work here.12:54
*** smoku has joined #harmattan12:54
djszapikhertan1: well, I was trying with N9. Let me try it out with N95012:55
DocScrutinizer51djszapi: thanks, will try as soon as I'm back home12:55
*** razvanpetru has joined #harmattan12:56
razvanpetruhi all, what is the easiest way to zoom a WebView?12:56
razvanpetruthe PinchArea just swallows all mouse clicks to the input fields... :(12:56
DocScrutinizer51djszapi: could you tell what a protected file looks like on e.g. ls -lca ?12:57
SpeedEvilwon't all system binaries be protected?12:57
SpeedEvil /usr/sbin/aegis - for example12:57
DocScrutinizer51should, yeah.12:57
SpeedEvilOr /etc/rc.d/whatever12:57
DocScrutinizer51k, thanks12:57
djszapiSpeedEvil: except that, python scripts can be out of sbin12:59
DocScrutinizer51yup, and sbin might have a dir level protection12:59
khertan1lol now i got strange error on some account connection13:00
SpeedEvilCan you not tell python 'include this script' - without telling aegis about it?13:00
khertan1please verify hour and date parameter13:00
SpeedEvilIf it's not executable - it'll just look like a file read13:00
khertan1python is protected13:00
DocScrutinizer51SpeedEvil: obviously you can13:00
khertan1python script aren't13:00
khertan1i code on device13:00
spenaprazvanpetru, there's a quite-complete example of a WebView inside a Flickable content (if I recall well)13:00
spenapI'll try to find it13:00
khertan1execute my script13:00
khertan1without taking care of aegis ;)13:01
DocScrutinizer51khertan1: this changes as soon as you install a python script with a minifest13:01
khertan1djszapi: it s probably a bug of image we got on the 22 week firmware13:01
spenapbtw, does the webview work for you inside scratchbox? It was segfaulting to me last time I tried13:01
khertan1DocScrutinizer: of course ...13:02
khertan1DocScrutinizer but it didn't prevent you to import other module ?13:02
djszapiDocScrutinizer51: only /etc/ is integrity protected apart from /etc/init/apps which is the 3rd party interface13:03
DocScrutinizer51khertan1: the static protection is nonsense anyway13:03
djszapiThere is no integrity protection for other things, not even for sbin!13:03
razvanpetruspenap: I use Qt SDK on Win7 and it works13:03
DocScrutinizer51djszapi: oooh 'only' /rt/ ;-P13:03
djszapiWhat is done is a hash check defense, thus effectively you can use dpkg -i --force-all, but you will not be getting the whole credentialset since it is not coming from secure origin.13:04
razvanpetruthe best thing I can say about webview is that at least it doesn't segfault13:04
spenaprazvanpetru, :P13:04
razvanpetruwhy the hell can't I have a decent webview that has pinchzoom and all the other crap and instead I have to reinvent the wheel every time13:04
djszapi/etc/ is integrity protected because of the configuration data integrity protection, so for making sure you cannot just easily brick the device with that damaged.13:04
SpeedEvilDoes aegis have a 'config file' - or is the different behaviour on internal and external builds built-in?13:04
spenaprazvanpetru, yes: it's quite disappointing13:05
djszapiSpeedEvil: sorry ?13:05
DocScrutinizer51djszapi: when the measure to make sure you can not easily brick is just aegis is bricking it for you, that's rather paradox13:05
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC13:06
djszapiDocScrutinizer51: not getting you.13:06
SpeedEvilThere has been different behaviour on internal - phones owne by nokia people - and external - community phones.13:06
djszapiSpeedEvil: nope13:06
djszapimaximum because it is an old image on N950, but that is.13:06
DocScrutinizer51djszapi: when I edit a protected file (like that hypothetical python script installed with a manifest), the legend says I get instant brick on save-file13:07
* spenap bets that 'aegis' is the most used word in this channel, at least since the N950 started arriving to the developers :D13:07
razvanpetruspenap: I could write an entire article on having to reinvent the wheel13:08
Mekwell, and because the n950 is not in open mode and phones owned by nokia people are likely in open mode13:08
Mekthat gives quite a difference13:08
djszapiMek: for me, about nothing.13:09
djszapispenap: :)13:09
Mekfor one in the ones in open mode you can disable aegis, fake origins of packages (AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN), and do lots more things like that13:09
djszapiDocScrutinizer51: I am not getting you, but last time when there was "some aegis breakge", I did not really get anything how I could reproduce it.13:09
Venemowhat do you guys think about this GUI so far?
djszapiMek: I am not sure it is a public information, I do hope so..13:10
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan13:10
Stskeepsisn't there like a irc plugin for telepathy?13:10
VenemoIRC plugin for telepathy can't join channels13:10
Stskeepswell, on n900 it couldn't no as ui didn't support it13:10
Mekdjszapi: what, how to get the device on open mode? I haven't seen any information on that so far13:10
djszapi* telepathy-idle13:10
vandenoeverVenemo: i like the tabs on the side13:11
DocScrutinizer51djszapi: see my post #94 with the nice picture. I'm sure somebody else can provide actual URL13:11
spenapVenemo, couple of things: you can hide the status bar, and you could hide and show the channel list on some gestures13:11
spenapand even the same for the navigation13:11
Venemospenap, I plan on adding such gestures!13:11
djszapiMek: not sure what your point is.13:11
djszapiI do not see any difference for my workflow.13:11
Venemospenap, this is how it looks when everything is visible :)13:11
Venemovandenoever, thank you13:11
spenapVenemo, that's fine :) (but I'd hide the status bar in landscape anyway :D)13:11
spenapalways hidden, I mean13:12
Venemospenap, that'll be switchable from Settings :)13:12
Mekwell, for my workflow of wanting to do anything with packages that are normally installed by nokia, AEGIS_FIXED_ORIGIN would be quite nice, but not available if not in open mode13:12
*** NIN101 has quit IRC13:13
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan13:15
djszapiMek: you can have open mode with N950 as well13:15
razvanpetruVenemo, the sidetabs won't work on touch, you need something else.13:15
DocScrutinizer51for F in /etc/*; do echo >$F; done13:16
djszapinot sure why you would do anything with Nokia packages :)13:16
djszapiThat is the platform anyway.13:16
razvanpetruFlickable top tabs should be fine... and you could also make the window corners square :)13:16
Mekdjszapi: apps provided by nokia; and how do I get open mode?13:17
DocScrutinizer51I wonder if that will just trow 'permissions missing' errors or brick the device instantly13:17
djszapiVenemo: is it zoomable ?13:17
mgedminqmlcompass bug: if it starts in landscape, orientationAngle is not set correctly13:17
mgedminalthough I'm not sure I have the latest version13:17
djszapiDocScrutinizer51: well, give me steps. I have been asking it from the beginning, never really gotten steps in order to be able to reproduce :)13:17
djszapiuntil that, it is not really an arguement.13:18
djszapiMek: why do you wanna change the platform ? That is called Harmattan.13:18
djszapiIf you do not wanna harmattan, flash your own kernel and you are in open mode, that is.13:18
DocScrutinizer51djszapi: the post #94 HAS steps, I'm just not able to find the URL here (mobile on N900)13:19
Mekdjszapi: I don't want to change the platform, I want to be able to change apps that run on top of the platform but happen to be made by nokia (or maybe I want to use some of the capabilities that are only allowed for nokia origin packages)13:19
djszapiDocScrutinizer51: take your time, and I am looking forward to getting them.13:19
Mekdjszapi: so, where are the step-by-step instructions to get open mode?13:19
djszapiMek: one step, flash your own kernel13:19
razvanpetruVenemo: also the icons are unclear... :)13:19
DocScrutinizer51I bet several other users here can help out13:19
Mekdjszapi: where do I get that kernel?13:20
djszapiMek: wherever you want from :)13:20
Mekdjszapi: I don't care, as long as I get open mode13:20
Mekdjszapi: so, tell me please13:20
DocScrutinizer51was sth along the line # aegis-exec +p=sgid bash13:20
djszapi"I don't want to change the platform, I want to be able to change apps that run on top of the platform but happen to be made by nokia (or maybe I want to use some of the capabilities that are only allowed for nokia origin packages)" -> No, it is not good. Fork it something else, but you are not more trusted than Nokia on a Nokia device ;-)13:21
DocScrutinizer51result: instant brick13:21
djszapiMek: ?13:21
Mekdjszapi: I can get ready-build kernels for the n950 from there?13:21
djszapiyou can build something different than harmattan, that is actually your plan, not having what Nokia provides...13:22
djszapiI am not sure how much sense that makes though, but can be also a community project :)13:22
djszapiI would not do...13:22
djszapiAlso, the kernel is open as I have been told anyway, you can just modify it ?13:23
Mekokay, so there is no way to get the device in open mode without actrually changing everything underneath it. that is one major difference with devices nokians have then, as those are in open mode wihtout changing everything underneath13:23
MekI don't know, where are my step-by-step instructions on getting it in open mode...13:23
djszapiwell, I would not like to discuss what happens inside Nokia, please..13:23
djszapiAlso, as I have been saying from the minute first, I am not using that workflow anyway..13:23
mgedmindjszapi is a nokian? kudos for producing a wonderful device!13:24
Mekwell, then please stop telling nonsense like how easy it is to get the device in open mode13:24
djszapiMek: except that I have never said it is one click or "easy".13:25
DocScrutinizer51well, achipa said "djszapi is not a Nokian"13:25
DocScrutinizer51I dunno and I don't care13:25
djszapimgedmin: nope, I am not a Nokia employee.13:25
djszapiMek: Also, with documentation things bug the SDK team, and /not/ me.13:26
razvanpetrubut will mgedmin retract his kudos now??13:26
mgedmincontractors that worked on harmattan deserve kudos too13:27
* mgedmin waits for djszapi to confirm or deny the new allegation :)13:27
razvanpetrukudos for everybody!13:27
djszapiMek: I am still thinking of it, but for a third party application developer, it is the same process.13:29
djszapilike people here.13:29
mgedminaah, the cron mails that n950's mail client can't understand all have Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ANSI_X3.4-196813:30
mgedminthat's a weird way to spell ASCII13:30
djszapitricks like that was made for platform developers for testing local packages and so forth, it is really not the use case of third party developers.13:30
mgedminyep, if I edit the email and replace charset with ASCII, nokia's mail understands it13:32
mgedminnow do I hack cron on 7 servers to produce a different charset, or do I file a bug about the mail app?13:32
*** epage has joined #harmattan13:34
mgedminwhat's the right venue to report fenix bugs?13:34
djszapiMek: if you turn off the security or you misforce the source origin policy, your activity is pretty towards not using the platform or forcing the platform behaving how it is not supposed to be designed and work.13:34
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan13:39
Venemodjszapi, text size will be adjustable13:40
Venemorazvanpetru, top tabs would take away too much space from the messages13:41
razvanpetruthen do this iOS trick: make them "pull-down" and hidden by default13:42
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: I thought that's the purpose of development ;-D Forcing the platform to do things that it hasn't been developed for originally13:42
Venemorazvanpetru, why don't you like them on the side?13:43
spenapVenemo, I agree with razvanpetru: this pull-down to make them appear would be nice13:43
razvanpetruvery hard to read, and the ui becomes unbalanced13:43
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: djszapi: I thought that's the purpose of development ;-D Forcing the platform to do things that it hasn't been designed for originally13:43
djszapiDocScrutinizer: well, it sounds like you wanna have for a different platform with different policies ? :)13:43
djszapi* wanna developer13:43
djszapi* develop, err ... :)13:43
Venemorazvanpetru, ok, I'll think about changing it :)13:44
djszapiVenemo: I guess you plan it as meego terminal then with the text size ?13:44
DocScrutinizerno, just want to teach the platform to do tricks it didn't know about :-)13:44
Venemodjszapi, dunno about meego-terminal, but I'll have a settings entry for text size13:44
djszapiDocScrutinizer: sounds like forcing the linux kernel to be able to do userspace driver development /only/ like in case QNX. Meanwhile it is fairly far away the plaftorm and design and reality :)13:45
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: like doing USB hostmode, using a FOSS maemo hotspot rather than a proprietary closed joiku spot, etc13:45
Venemorazvanpetru, problem with your idea is: pulldown will flickscroll the text area, so can't be used for the tabs.13:45
djszapiVenemo: zooming is done nice in meego terminal13:46
*** NIN101 has quit IRC13:46
DocScrutinizermake airodump work13:46
Venemodjszapi, I see, but I don't think it's a setting that you would adjust too often13:46
djszapiDocScrutinizer: not sure I understand why you cannot do a third party hotspot application...13:46
DocScrutinizerget a better smarted brightness applet - wait harmattan seems to come without any applet for brightness13:47
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: maybe it needs a "fixed" kernel module driver for WLAN?13:47
razvanpetruVenemo: how about having the tabs on a small row and flicking between them with "the text area"?  So if you flick sideways you switch tabs13:48
razvanpetruyou could make it full screen and use the status bar spae for the tab display13:48
mgedmindevel-su; develsh; /sbin/iptables -vnL --> yay iptables are there!13:48
Venemorazvanpetru, that would work for a small number of channels, but would fail miserably when you have 10+13:48
djszapiDocScrutinizer: I think we discussed enough time how aegis-validator actually works with the kernel modules.13:49
mgedmin/sbin/iptables -vnL -t nat -> f%%k, no NAT support13:49
Venemorazvanpetru, but I promise to add a gesture to hide the bar, that's for sure :)13:49
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: fact is aegis has a default policy of granting as little permissions as possible, and that pretty much restricts development/messing-with-system to what aegis maintainers could imagine a developer would need to do13:49
SpeedEvilWhich is just fine for people doing fart apps. But not so much adding support for unsupported bits of hardware.13:50
DocScrutinizermgedmin: nice example13:50
SpeedEvilLike some of us are interested in.13:50
mgedminwasn't an example, was a complaint13:50
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: exactly13:51
SpeedEvilOr indeed mgedmin's example that I have wondered about writing a flash debandwithiser.13:51
razvanpetruVenemo: one last shot - use the menu button to show a list of tabs :P13:51
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan13:51
SpeedEvilUsing something like rtmpsuck and ffenc or something to shrink the bandwidth of a flash stream13:51
razvanpetruI think popup menus won't be that popular...13:51
Venemorazvanpetru, the chat bubble button on the toolbar will do that13:52
DocScrutinizermgedmin's example absolutely fits into " not sure I understand why you cannot do a third party hotspot application..."13:52
mgedminVenemo, I missed the beginning of your conversation, but are you perhaps talking about adding multiple terminal windows/tab to meego-terminal?13:52
Venemomgedmin, nope!13:52
khertan1Does oneclick flasher available at flash everything including the /MyDocs partitions ?13:52
mgedminshame :)13:52
Venemomgedmin, near miss...13:52
razvanpetruvenemo: then you're set... but change the icon :P13:52
*** baraujo has quit IRC13:53
mgedminooh, irc client?13:53
DocScrutinizerkhertan1: yes13:53
khertan1Venemo: i would suggest to unify the both toolbar13:53
Venemorazvanpetru, if you can suggest a PlatformIconId that's better, I'll change it. but I haven't found a better one :(13:53
khertan1Venemo: and made a contextual one13:53
khertan1DocScrutinizer: ouch ...13:53
* SpeedEvil idly wonders if the above runs on n900.13:53
khertan1DocScrutinizer: so need to backup everything before ...13:53
DocScrutinizerkhertan1: indeed13:54
Venemokhertan1, now that sounds like a good idea... hmm... :)13:54
djszapiDocScrutinizer: you can write an adhoc hotspot userspace application anytime13:54
Venemomgedmin, it's just a GUI so far13:54
djszapithere is no limitation in the kernel for that.13:54
khertan1DocScrutinizer: hum ... does we can choose to what to restore of the backup ?13:54
SpeedEvildjszapi: How do you overcome the lack of iptables in kernel?13:54
DocScrutinizerkhertan1: I don't see any option for it13:54
djszapi7:ip_tables               8122  1 iptable_filter13:55
mgedminHotSpot on the N900 came with a custom kernel module for doing NAT13:55
djszapiSpeedEvil: lsmod | grep -rni iptable13:55
DocScrutinizerkhertan1: you might find ways not to flash MyDocs though - maybe13:55
djszapi6:iptable_filter          1854  113:55
khertan1DocScrutinizer but i'm on windows currently :13:55
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan13:56
djszapikhertan1: did you port windows8 to N950 ? :p13:56
SpeedEvilOr rather NAT support.13:56
VenemoSpeedEvil, well, someone ported the MeeGo components to Maemo 5, so with some tweaking, it might work13:56
*** razvanpetru has left #harmattan13:56
mgedmindjszapi, now try /sbin/modprobe iptable_nat :)13:56
SpeedEvil(11:49:03 AM) mgedmin: /sbin/iptables -vnL -t nat -> f%%k, no NAT support13:56
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: [2011-07-28 12:49:03] <mgedmin> /sbin/iptables -vnL -t nat -> f%k, no NAT support13:56
djszapido not spam ! :)13:56
khertan1djszapi: certainly not ... i m just saying that desktop pc use windows13:56
lcukmorning \o13:56
djszapikhertan1: cannot handle jokes ? :)13:56
*** divan_ has joined #harmattan13:57
djszapilcuk o/13:57
*** divan_ is now known as divan|work13:57
Venemolcuk, whaddoyouthink?13:57
khertan1djszapi: not when talking about forced use of windows at works which already crash 2 time this morning13:57
DocScrutinizerlcuk: hi13:57
mgedminlcuk, you are a nokian, right?13:57
mgedminany clues where I should complain about bugs in fenix?13:57
khertan1what is fenix ?13:58
mgedminthe mail client on the n95013:58
MohammadAGemail client13:58
khertan1oh ... i have complain too to post :)13:58
Venemomgedmin, complain to frals13:58
DocScrutinizeror achipa13:58
khertan1no signature with mail for exchange13:58
khertan1exchange only works one time with gmail13:58
mgedminsignature shmignature, I can't read emails that were sent by cron13:58
mgedminbecause of a silly charset name not being recognized as ASCII13:59
MohammadAGhow well is fenix compared to modest?13:59
mgedminMohammadAG, feels faster, but that's probably due to better hardware :)13:59
khertan1anyway, better than modest :)13:59
VenemoMohammadAG, fenix is a LOT better13:59
VenemoMohammadAG, it has "mark all as read", and it hasn't segfaulted for me yet13:59
w00tfenix is short for fantastix13:59
mgedminlets me access IMAP folders without having to subscribe to them from a desktop13:59
Venemow00t :)13:59
lcukmgedmin, not a Nokian (yet?) but the same place you file any bug for harmattan14:00
MohammadAGw00t, got your device?14:00
mgedminlcuk, which was "if it's meego core component, go to, otherwise go to"14:00
khertan1Fenix -> Xinef -> Xchange is not entirely functionnal14:00
mgedminand I've no clue what is a "meego core component" and what is not!14:00
w00tMohammadAG: yes14:00
lcukmgedmin, put it on and let it be passed back if required14:00
w00tjust the other day14:01
MohammadAGupdate the wiki then :P14:01
w00tyes, yes :P14:02
Venemow00t, you liking?14:02
w00ti've had other things happening14:02
djszapiSpeedEvil: well, again this is harmattan with fixed kernel capability. I am not sure what your point is :)14:02
spenapKhertan, accounts -> MfE -> Mail -> signature14:02
w00tVenemo: yes, it's sexy sauce14:02
djszapiinternal tricks will not help you with shipping it with the production image anyway14:02
w00tMohammadAG: Venemo: you guys?14:03
MohammadAGI'm still on New Order, yay14:03
Venemow00t, I have, MohammadAG not yet14:03
spenapand while it fails quite often sync'ing (gmail on MfE), it's usable14:03
Venemoyeah, and it doesn't display HTML e-mails over MfE correctly14:03
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: that's exactly the point where I think N9 harmattan is *useless* in the end, thanks aegis14:03
Venemoand sometimes fails on my hotmail as well just as spenap says14:03
lcukVenemo, do this and I will love you longtime:14:04
djszapiDocScrutinizer: again, if you do not wanna Harmattan, send your device back :)14:04
MohammadAGIRC's working, but anything else related to the interwebz isn't, any ideas?14:04
djszapiDocScrutinizer: It seems to me the same story with Android overall anyway14:04
Venemolcuk, I'm not familiar with liq enough for this :( plus, I wanted to learn QML :)14:05
lcukVenemo, do it in qml14:05
djszapiDocScrutinizer: except that, they do not even have too much security.14:05
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: yes, exactly. And same story as iPhone14:05
Venemolcuk, I'm doing it in QML14:05
djszapiDocScrutinizer: Also, I have been told you need customer kernel for nat support in case of N900 as well anyway14:05
Venemolcuk, then what were you referring to when you said "do this"?14:06
djszapimaybe the guy who told me was not right, but that is I have been told about14:06
DocScrutinizerhe was right14:06
djszapiso what is your point ?14:06
djszapiyou can have your own kernel here as well ?14:06
DocScrutinizerno I can't14:06
djszapifail to see why not..14:07
DocScrutinizerI can have my own kernel with arbitrary NON-HARMATTAN system running on it, while on N900 fremantle happily runs on custom kernels14:07
lcukVenemo, the pictures14:08
DocScrutinizer(and even the mere suggestion of custom kernel seems on the test bench still)14:08
djszapiDocScrutinizer: This is just plain wrong14:08
djszapiDocScrutinizer: You can get the source of the Harmattan kernel, and modify it a bit with your superninja module ?14:08
DocScrutinizerthen do what?14:08
DocScrutinizerboot harmattan with it?14:08
djszapiI do not see the difference between N900 and Harmattan regarding this. I do not know the N900 way though, I have just been told about that.14:09
DocScrutinizerwe still miss a word of Nokia how many of the core apps will fail to work on such a aegis-free system. As you can't sugest a custom kernel will happily run aegis in "normal mode"14:10
djszapiDocScrutinizer: You are missing the point. You do *not* disable aegis14:10
djszapiYou *add* your own superninja module extending the aegis whitelist, come on.14:10
khertan1hum ... backup didn't works14:10
DocScrutinizerno, the unsigned kernel will disable aegis14:10
djszapiDocScrutinizer: fail to see why you could not modify that bit of aegis, if it is that way...14:11
DocScrutinizertoherwise aegis would be a hoax14:11
djszapino, it is pretty simple kernel module.14:11
DocScrutinizerinteracting with a TPM, yes14:12
infobot[aegis] , or "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment.", or
DocScrutinizerfor that14:12
DocScrutinizer>>>"The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment."<<< !14:12
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: you'll be happy to know i've booted my own stuff with moslo, but you'll have to wait a bit as we had a bug in the fw images you guys have14:12
Stskeeps(work in progress)14:12
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: pleased to hear14:12
DocScrutinizerStskeeps: I gather you weren't able to start closed secured Nokia blobs on your "own stuff"14:13
djszapiDocScrutinizer: so it seems to me it is not any different to N900 and you can do it, period. :)14:14
DocScrutinizereven less you should be able to start >>third party software that requires a safe execution environment<< on your "own stuff"14:14
MohammadAGtbh, if I had an N950 I'd just try it14:15
DocScrutinizerif you were able to do that, then aegis implementation is a hoax14:15
MohammadAGwhy not do the same?14:15
MohammadAGget the kernel source, recompile, flash14:15
MohammadAGsee what happens, experiment, it's a dev device after all14:15
djszapiDocScrutinizer: few lines...14:15
djszapidoes not require too much kernel experience either.14:15
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: >><Stskeeps> DocScrutinizer: you'll be happy to know i've booted my own stuff with moslo, but you'll have to wait a bit as we had a bug in the fw images you guys have<<14:15
MohammadAGsaw it14:16
MohammadAGbut why not try it with flasher-3.5 -k image -f -R14:16
khertan1someone have already tryed backup tool ? does it s works ?14:16
MohammadAGsee what happens, it won't "brick" anyway14:16
khertan1seems freezing at first stage14:16
StskeepsMohammadAG: been there, that's the bug i spoke of ;)14:17
* mgedmin tries to create a backup with a blank title14:18
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: won't even boot, javispedro did it14:18
mgedminkhertan1, worked for me14:18
Stskeepsso, patience.. :P14:19
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, a hammer should make it work14:19
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: the kernel has a signature, this signature changes when even a single byte (like build time) changes -> kernel and modules don't match anymore14:20
djszapiupdating a hash come on... :)14:20
djszapireally big taaaask :)14:21
DocScrutinizerdevice freezes before linux even starts aiui14:21
Stskeepscan i propose someone to build kernel, different version, so different /lib/modules/<path> ?14:21
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: the hash is against a cert that we don't have access to14:21
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: NOLO notices the kernel isn't signed by Nokia rootcert, so it immediately disables TPM (in best case, worst case it simply refuses to load kernel all together)14:23
djszapiDocScrutinizer: you are not right14:25
DocScrutinizereven best case, the harmattan system as is will most likely blow chunks on bootup, when one of the several aegis components (kernel modules, executables) tries to access TPM. This is what "open mode" basically means, and it's been frequently stated here harmattan isn't able to run in open mode on systems without R&D cert14:25
djszapiThing is the following:14:26
dm8tbrnolo should put the device in open mode if the kernel is not signed AIFAUI14:26
DocScrutinizerdm8tbr: exactly14:27
DocScrutinizerbut harmattan isn't supposed to work in open mode14:27
djszapiIf you have your own kernel module, and you add your MySuperNinjaModuleEver, you actually are in open mode. What certificate you were talking about is t he libbb5 five and the calibration area because you actually turned off your device into open mode with that. You do not have access to the libbb5, calibration area any longer. You do not actually even need to modify the validator anymore, you do not need to check it, it will work out-of-the-box! Also, t14:27
Stskeepswho says that?14:27
DocScrutinizerthat's what a number of Nokians clearly stated here14:27
djszapi14:27 < DocScrutinizer> but harmattan isn't supposed to work in open mode -> funky, I told gazillion times the opposite....14:28
DocScrutinizerachipa (iirc) said "open mode is not possible on devices without R&D cert, I.E. the CE devices you got"14:29
djszapiIt is really not any different to N900 and even easier than ever...14:30
DocScrutinizerfrals said similar things, though more specifically14:30
*** baraujo has quit IRC14:30
*** baraujo_ has joined #harmattan14:30
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: ok, so which of the nokia blobs will refuse to work in open mode - assuming it is possible to enter open mode by flashing my own custom kernel?14:31
*** baraujo_ is now known as baraujo14:31
djszapiwell, what they were talking about it in my opinion is the R&D image, not a customer open mode kernel image...14:32
djszapiDocScrutinizer: why should it stop to work, any reason for this guesswork ?14:33
DocScrutinizerthe reason and rationale is: "The purpose of this framework is: ... to make sure that the platform meets the requirements set by third party software that requires a safe execution environment." - plus the fact e.g bme is pretty much "protected" in a normal harmattan in "normal mode"14:34
djszapiwhat is "bme" ?14:34
DocScrutinizerI'd not think Nokia can refrain from protecting own "IP" same way it offers for "third party"14:35
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, bme is
djszapiAt any rate...Your custom kernel is not a safe execution environment14:35
DocScrutinizerbattery management entity14:35
djszapianybody using it should be aware of this...14:35
djszapiThat is a completely different question whether it still works, imo should.14:35
Elleodjszapi: ah cool, I'll hang fire on liblzma-dev then, thanks14:35
djszapieven if they work, everybody should be really aware of this14:35
djszapiElleo: it is the fault of the SDK team14:35
Venemolcuk, hmm!14:36
djszapiI am trying to complain about it to them for 2-3 weeks14:36
Venemolcuk, where does it get the pictures from?14:36
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: the promised link to post with instructions how to brick your device:  -  the command is # aegis-exec -a CAP::setgid -a CAP::setuid bash14:38
DocScrutinizerwhere bash can probably get replaced by arbitrary binary14:38
DocScrutinizerthat tries to do a setgid14:38
lcukVenemo, from the irc comment14:39
lcukit parses what people say14:39
lcukand any pictures or links or info are turned into buttons below each comment14:39
lcukshowing thumbnails14:39
Venemolcuk, mhm14:39
djszapiDocScrutinizer: am I your friend for a beer if I cannot brick it ? ;)14:39
DocScrutinizersure thing14:39
Venemolcuk, so you basically need say your avatar image every time you post a message?14:40
lcukVenemo, no?14:40
lcukavatar is different14:40
Venemolcuk, then where does it get the avatars from?14:40
DocScrutinizeronly if you can give me the bits needed so it won't brick my device as well14:40
lcukavatars actually come from maemo.org14:40
djszapiDocScrutinizer: well, I need to write some new Qt classes proposal into Qt5, but I will try it out when I get there.14:40
DocScrutinizertake your time14:41
djszapiAlso, wouldn't a bugreport be a better occasion for this ?14:41
Stecchinodjszapi: new classes? Curious minds want to know :)14:41
DocScrutinizerjavispedro had an even more evolved method to brick it same way, was along installing rpcbind and then waiting for bricking at random time14:41
Venemolcuk, I think I could implement these ideas, but I'd need a better way for avatars... if IRC could tell me everyone's e-mail addresses, I could just use Gravatar, but it doesn't14:41
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: do you think this is a bug?14:42
DocScrutinizerlooks pretty much intentional14:42
lcukVenemo, do the best you can with what you have to hand14:42
djszapiDocScrutinizer: Look, developers do not follow the forums, but they are assigned to reports.14:42
djszapi* not every developer14:43
Venemolcuk, getting 'em from might work for us Maemo users, but won't for anyone else14:43
DocScrutinizerlook, I don't even have a manpage for aegis-exec14:43
lcukVenemo, other people are not so important obviously :P and it would need updating to be user accounts14:44
lcukafterall, it will be a meego irc client?14:44
DocScrutinizerso how to base a ticket on a random incantation of aegis-exec that we _imagined_ might do what we need, but actually does something pretty much different?14:44
lcukgiven this version: Version: 1:0.4.0-258+0m614:44
lcukis the -258 BUILD only14:44
lcukand no code changes from a (for instance) -24014:44
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: I'd agree though that bricking device is always a bug - in a *normal* system14:45
djszapiDocScrutinizer: why not bug against the SDK team ?14:45
DocScrutinizerI got pretty much flamed for "doing a `rm -rf /` alike nonsense with this aegis-exec command"14:46
djszapiStecchino: You are a KDE contributor iirc, so you might know this use case. Pure Qt solution for archiving :p14:47
djszapisomething like K{Archive,Ar,Zip,Tar,etc}14:47
DocScrutinizerand honestly I'm not exactly eager to help make aegis a success story. If I could do anything to abolish it, I'll do14:47
Stecchinodjszapi: arK like?14:47
djszapiStecchino: Qt classes.14:47
djszapijust the functionality in the platform.14:48
MekKArchive, Ar, Zip, Tar etc are all already pure-qt with no other kde dependncies...14:48
Stecchinodjszapi: couldn't they also be K-classes without kdelibs deps?14:48
djszapinot really, no14:48
Venemolcuk, also, what do you think of my channel switching solution?14:48
djszapiMek: You are wrong. They depend on KSaveFile14:48
djszapiThey depend on other things, like kde_file.h, kde_file_win.h and so forth14:48
djszapiI made a pure Qt version for our projects, but it seems a common requirement.14:48
djszapiThey depend on KFilterDev, KFilterBase and so much other things.14:49
djszapiand I could enumerate...14:49
djszapiStecchino: from what I see is that, in my past at least 3-4 Qt projects required it and I also heard it from others as well14:49
Stecchinoyup, it does seem to tie into a lot of kdelibs' conveinience classes, but nothing runtime right?14:50
lcukThe following NEW packages will be installed:14:50
lcuk  autoconf automake autotools-dev coreutils debianutils m4 mktemp14:50
lcuk0 upgraded, 7 newly installed, 461 to remove and 0 not upgraded.14:50
lcukNeed to get 6,621kB of archives.14:50
lcukAfter this operation, 310MB disk space will be freed.14:50
lcukDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y14:50
Stecchinowhat worries me more is kdelibs runtime components14:50
Stecchinospeaking of which14:50
djszapiStecchino: that is the point, they do not have runtime dependencies and that is why their implementation is a bit longer than invoking libarchive and so on :)14:50
StecchinoMek, djszapi: have you seen the progress status API in Harmattan?14:51
* lcuk thinks removing the mp-harmattan-rm680-pr meta package might cause some things to stop working :$14:52
DocScrutinizerlcuk: \o/14:55
DocScrutinizerlol, you bet removing 461 will stop sth to work, no?14:55
DocScrutinizer>>After this operation, 310MB disk space will be *freed*(!!!)14:56
djszapiDocScrutinizer: you did not set up any link to /bin/sh, did you ?14:56
*** Rizzer has joined #harmattan14:56
StecchinoMek, djszapi:
StecchinoBTW, why are you guy not on #kde-mobile ATM?14:57
DocScrutinizerI'd be concerned about dis space wasted if that doesn't result in anything ceasing to work14:57
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: nope14:57
djszapiStecchino: I am sorry, I have no experience with this :(14:57
djszapiStecchino: btw, if you want to use kdelibs, I can give it to you.14:57
lcukDocScrutinizer, :D14:58
djszapiI have been trying to make it work on c-obs for 3 weeks, no luck yet :p14:58
lcukamusing, just rebooting now to see what is left14:58
Stecchinodjszapi: could be good to have that be used by KJob ui-servier14:58
lcukafter it removed ssh14:58
lcukI was viewing the app grid14:58
lcukand icons were vanishing14:58
djszapiStecchino: I ported KJob also to pure Qt in Gluon :)14:58
* lcuk was slightly amused14:58
lcukthe store icon was the last official icon to vanish!14:58
DocScrutinizerlcuk: reflash time ;-D14:58
Stecchinodjszapi: I have some experience with OBS, ping me in #kde-mobile and I'll have a look14:58
djszapiStecchino: thing is that it gets stalled.14:59
lcukDocScrutinizer, of course14:59
djszapior rpc timeout, that are the two ccasions.14:59
lcukI was only trying to build sgx library on device14:59
lcukwhere is the image download?14:59
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan15:00
djszapiDocScrutinizer: well, it should /not/ brick it then :)15:00
Stecchinodjszapi: have you reported a about this?15:00
djszapiStecchino: I keep repeating it almost every day to lbt15:00
StecchinoI doubt you have broken the base system, but could have triggered OOM killer15:00
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: it doesn't just "brick", it does an emergency boot and a *lock*15:01
Stecchinodjszapi: bugs is still the best way15:01
djszapiStecchino: They have 24 GB memory15:01
djszapiStecchino: Actually, I reported it few weeks ago15:01
*** trx has quit IRC15:01
Stecchinoindividual processes can still go over some limit15:01
djszapilbt ^ ?15:01
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: punishment for "stupid" devels15:01
djszapiDocScrutinizer: Thanks, kindly.15:01
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: I hope you don't misunderstand that statement15:02
*** epage has quit IRC15:02
StecchinoDocScrutinizer: keep in mind you are talking to the devs of a 5*10^6 loc codebase here ;)15:02
DocScrutinizerI think the "aegis has detected problems and locked your device" is perceived by developers as a punishment for them doing "sth stupid"15:03
djszapiStecchino: It was you arraging the table football competition at Randa ? :)15:03
Stecchinoand winning....15:03
djszapiheh :p15:04
DocScrutinizerStecchino: djszapi: wasn't my intention to offend any of the developers of harmattan15:04
Stecchinoshould check to see if there will be any tables around in Berlin :)15:04
StecchinoDocScrutinizer: don't worry, we're not offended :)15:04
djszapiStecchino: I did not even use the KDE_ENABLE_FINAL option in the rules file :)15:05
lcukbook reading: this is ona a large format device:  would you expect page by page reading15:05
djszapiI tried to lower the memusage :p15:05
Stecchinobut i was talking about the KDE codebase, it used to be close to 5 million lines of code15:05
lcukor would kinetics work well do you think15:05
DocScrutinizerhow should you, I wasn't even targeting the "offending" post at Nokia15:05
mgedminbut but but books are black on white, not white on black!15:05
Stecchinodjszapi: what worries me is that it seems to be building kjs, which contains some automatically generated code if I'm not mistaken15:05
djszapiStecchino: It stalls at random stages :(15:06
Stecchinooh, that is worse15:06
DocScrutinizerStecchino: but your and djszapi's reaction made me think you took it as targeted at harmattan developers, while it was a completely different statement15:06
hiemanshumgedmin: white on black is better for the eyes, and the books dont understand that sadly15:06
djszapiThere are situations when it stalls after the complete build, but prior to the installation.15:06
mgedmin[citation needed]15:06
djszapiDocScrutinizer: no worries ;)15:06
StecchinoDocScrutinizer: to be honest, I also did some Harmattan work, but not enough to call me a harmattan dev.15:06
*** trx has joined #harmattan15:07
djszapiStecchino: I was proposing to a direct repository update from my local PC few days ago to lbt, I did not get any answer15:07
djszapiit just blocks the kde-mobile project :(15:07
DocScrutinizerI was not , repeat NOT, talking about "stupid harmattan devels" - no way. I tried to characterize what the locking of device by aegis implies to say to the developer that caused that locking15:08
Stecchinodjszapi: I wonder if we can try splitting the build into separate packages15:08
djszapiDocScrutinizer: Could you send me the bash package, please ?15:08
Mekif it is any consolidation, the diablo buildserver never managed to compile kdelibs either, and with fremantle I think it took a while too before it managed to build kdelibs15:08
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: it's from nokia repo15:08
djszapiStecchino: That is a good idea for the time being.15:08
Mek(in those cases it was mostly bugs in qemu that were problematic)15:08
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: the URL for wget is in post #9415:09
lbtdjszapi: does a local build work?15:09
djszapilbt: yep, I told you that bit ;)15:09
Stecchinowith one master dep meta package that fetches the source, and the other just leeching of it so they don't have to download kdelibs15:09
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: btw I think I've sent you a verbouse mail about it15:09
djszapilbt: my temporary proposal is to push the deb packages to my repo directly...15:09
djszapilbt: and get replaced when OBS first can build it up.15:10
djszapilbt: it worked locally 2-3 weeks ago.15:10
djszapiI have been just waiting for OBS since that.15:10
lbtclarify local... osc build ?15:10
lbtISTR asking you to check the mem peak15:11
lbtyou didn't want to wait 5h ... :)15:11
djszapilbt: what do you mean ?15:11
lbtpeak memory usage during a local osc build15:11
djszapiwell, we can debug it meanwhile it is available in my repository by direct copy.15:12
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: just in case you missed the mail I sent:
djszapiStecchino: the problem is that you still need to build kdelibs, so the modularization would not avoid the build stage.15:16
*** lbt has quit IRC15:16
*** lbt_ has joined #harmattan15:16
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt15:16
djszapiMek: mmm, maybe qemu bug here as well :p15:17
Stecchinodjszapi: but the memory will be cleared for each package. So if anything is leaking memory and causing a OOM it's less likely to happen with shorter build times15:17
djszapiStecchino: but the last reference I showed got stuck during the build.15:18
Stecchinodjszapi: well, if it's qemu getting stuck there is not much that can be done either way15:19
djszapilbt: is it not possible to copy it directly to my repository from local build in this special case ?15:19
Stecchinosince the same qemu session should live for the whole dep tree.15:19
*** smoku has quit IRC15:19
djszapiStecchino: yep, I do not have any idea than pushing it directly to my repository, for the time being :/15:20
*** smoku has joined #harmattan15:20
Stecchinodjszapi: it's quite complicated since the repo's are auto generated. In any case it's better to fix the problem then to circumvent15:20
*** smoku has quit IRC15:20
Stecchinotough I remember packages being imported in OBS repo's before15:20
Stecchinonot meego's not c-obs though15:20
djszapiyes, it is better, but without a workaround, it can take ages.15:20
djszapiuntil it can be used, so kde-mobile is pretty much blocked till that :/15:21
Stecchinodjszapi: will you be at the DS intel-appup event?15:22
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: btw I've sent this mail to lpapp kde, nine days ago, after yiu asked me to do so15:22
djszapiStecchino: theoritically yes, practically not sure :) I have already had one in Tampere :p15:22
Stecchinoah, ok15:22
djszapiStecchino: so as far as you know, it is not possible to explicitely touch the repository of mine ?15:23
Stecchinoit's always possible, but i worry that the manual changes could get overwritten very quickly15:23
djszapican it get overwritten if there is no successful build for that package ?15:24
Stecchinodjszapi: other package builds15:25
Stecchinoalso not sure it will be picked up by the builds15:25
Stecchinonormally it should just install from the packages15:25
djszapi -> Let us see in 3 hours =)15:27
djszapimaybe it requires some round number to suceed, like 100th try :p15:28
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: (bash) meanwhile I'm running this very bash binary by # devel-su -c bash15:33
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: it works15:33
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: but doesn't xplain the core issue of aegis-exec bricking the device15:34
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: FYI as I learned it actually matters: I'm logging in to device via ssh root@<IP_of_N950>15:36
DocScrutinizerI meanwhile learned this doesn't yield same permissions as a devel-su15:37
djszapiStecchino: this is also ++:
Stecchinodjszapi: lot's of really valid stuff in that thread15:46
*** hardaker has quit IRC15:50
achipaDocScrutinizer: no. You need a special cert only to flash an R&D firmware (which you wouldn't have outside of Nokia anyway). Open mode should be unrelated to this (i.e. if it's not Nokia signed, we don't care about the cert)16:03
MohammadAGso even if the R&D firmware was leaked it can't be flashed?16:05
MohammadAGand if the cert was leaked?16:06
MohammadAGor is that somewhere in the HW?16:06
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan16:07
Mekeven inside nokia very few people have access to the cert (you can download the cert form a device, but then it is tied to that specific device)16:07
djszapiMohammadAG: yes, it is inside the cal area, hardware and nokia specific16:08
MohammadAGcal can be backed up with flasher16:09
MohammadAGand restored16:09
djszapilibbb5 thingy16:09
Mekbut at least for the cert part only on the device you backed it up from16:09
achipaMohammadAG: as said, you can download, but cannot flash it back to a different device16:09
*** Venemo has quit IRC16:09
MohammadAGachipa, I'm sure it can be circumvented :p16:09
MohammadAGwrite the cal backup of a Nokia device and flash the firmware16:10
achipano, IIUC this is actually tied to the hardware16:10
achipai.e. even if you managed to flash it, it just wouldn't boot16:11
MohammadAGanyone feel like risking their job and future employment to provide me with both? :P16:12
achipa(actually, that's a surefire way to permanently brick a device, as in has to go back to the factory type of brick)16:12
fralsMohammadAG: job, future employment AND most likely not to bright economic prospects :p16:12
MohammadAGfrals, cool, so that's a yes?16:13
mgedminoh, hi frals! someone said I should bug you about fenix not understanding that "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ANSI_X3.4-1968" means it's ASCII16:14
mgedminbecause of this errors from cron scripts show up with an empty body16:15
fiferboyNo hi mgedmin, now I'm going to bug you about the fbreader swipe issue :D16:15
fralsi know who to bug about it, ill pass it along mgedmin16:15
djszapiDocScrutinizer: send the mail to my address then, I need to leave, will be back later.16:15
mgedminthanks, frals!16:15
mgedminfiferboy, I spent half the night yesterday attacking it16:15
mgedminand the rest trying to make volume keys turn pages16:16
mgedminI think I know how to achieve the latter16:16
fiferboymgedmin: And how did that go?16:16
*** djszapi has left #harmattan16:16
mgedminfbreader gets regular key events, so those can be mapped16:16
mgedminthe trick is to prevent sysuid from also increasing/decreasing the volume16:16
mgedminand you can do that by acquiring the ScaleButtons resource via libresourceqt16:16
mgedminthis is just theory, I haven't written any code yet16:17
fiferboyAnd did you manage to get anywhere with the swipe issue?16:17
mgedminincidentally, if qmkeyd2 and system-ui weren't open source packages, I'd never have gotten this far16:17
mgedminre: swipe -- fbreader creates a QPixmap, and a QPainter(on that pixmap), and keeps it for a long time16:18
mgedminwhen you swipe out, that QPainter becomes invalid somehow16:18
mgedminthe pixmap gets deleted on the server side maybe?16:18
mgedminis it backed by an X pixmap, or by a GL texture?16:18
MohammadAGformer afaik16:18
mgedmindunno, lack of Qt debug symbols makes gdb hard16:19
fiferboyIt is strange that the pixmap would become invalid, since it still paints in the task manager16:19
mgedmincan I get /usr/lib/debug/lib/armel-linux-gnu/ from somewhere?16:19
mgedminfiferboy, that's a different pixmap16:19
MohammadAGTry setting Qt::WA_OpaquePaintEvent16:19
* mgedmin googles16:20
MohammadAGsetAttribute(Qt::WA_OpaquePaintEvent), no need to google16:21
mgedminfiferboy, did you see ?16:21
mgedminMohammadAG, I need to google to figure out what it means, and where I should stick it16:21
fiferboymgedmin: Yeah, I saw that.  Too much assembly for me :)16:22
MohammadAGconstructor, reduces repaints, which seems to be something you're doing manually iiuc16:22
fiferboyMohammadAG: Yeah, fbreader uses zlibrary which likes to control everything, painting included16:23
Mekwhen the app is active, QPixmap is an opengl texture, when it gets de-activated, the app switches to the raster paint engine, so no longer opengl allowed16:24
Mekactive app has opengl, inactive app has raster16:24
mgedminMek, thank you!16:24
mgedminI suspected something like that16:24
mgedmin~QMeegoGraphicsSystem() destroys the shared widget that holds all the GL textures, AFAIU16:25
fiferboyAh, I am beginning to see16:25
mgedminso I need to intercept some signal and re-create the QPixmap()16:25
fralsmgedmin: check your query16:25
w00tmgedmin:  the QPixmap will remain valid, the QPainter probably won't16:25
Mekor maybe use a QImage instead of a QPixmap...16:25
mgedmin is how fbreader paints16:26
mgedmin is where QPixmap gets created16:26
mgedminw00t, thank you for the clue!16:26
mgedminQPainter is also long-lived16:26
mgedminmore specifically, QPainter's engine16:27
mgedminso, a cheap fix would be to fix ZLQtPaintContext to call myPainter->begin() and myPainter->end() every time I get a paintEvent16:33
fiferboymgedmin: Are you going to give that a try?16:35
mgedmintechnically, I'm at work now... :)16:37
fiferboytechincally so am I... but let me know if you need a tester :)16:38
khertan1flashing the device on a windows pc host is completely unreliable !16:41
*** achipa has quit IRC16:45
khertan1how time does it take for you to do the flash ?16:47
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:47
*** achipa has joined #harmattan16:48
*** twoboxen has left #harmattan16:49
* fiferboy grumbles about rebooting16:54
*** fiferboy has quit IRC16:54
mgedminwhat happens if I invoke QPainter::end() twice, i.e. the second call has no matching begin()?16:57
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:57
Mekyou'll get a qWarning("QPainter::end: Painter not active");16:59
*** Wirta has quit IRC17:01
khertan1mgedmin: and aegis will ask you to reflash your device17:02
lcukkhertan1, why are you flashing yours?17:03
khertan1aegis :)17:03
lcuki reflashed quite easily from windows17:04
lcukafter innocently removing most packages from my build17:04
*** harbaum has quit IRC17:04
* mgedmin tries
lcukaegis never stopped that one!17:05
khertan1yep but replacing ssl libs does :)17:05
*** qgil has joined #harmattan17:05
khertan1+ many other things17:05
khertan1i ve play trying to understand why exchange for email sync never end17:07
khertan1oh ... nokia ovi account seems working now17:07
mgedminhm, fbreader still segfaults17:09
mgedminbut this time in a different place17:10
*** fcrochik has joined #harmattan17:10
lcukmgedmin, I thought somebody made a qml reader interface?17:10
lcuknot fbreader though17:10
mgedmindunno, lcuk17:10
lcukbut something with fancy pants page turning17:10
mgedminlink me if you find it please17:10
lcukhold on17:10
hiemanshumgedmin: google reader?17:11
SpeedEvilFbreader core has some useful features.17:11
mgedminI've seen blog posts about an ebook reader on planet maemo, I think...17:11
SpeedEvilIt can read a slew of book formats.17:11
hiemanshuah ebook reader17:11
SpeedEvilDo library managment, ...17:11
mgedminfbreader's library management is crap17:11
mgedminvi /path/to/book.html to fix a typo -> fbreader loses all metadata17:11
lcuk[MeeGo-community] Starting a tablet book reader project
mgedminbecause the file size or mtime changed or something17:12
lcukand there was a ui created17:12
*** fcrochik has quit IRC17:12
*** fcrochik has joined #harmattan17:12
mgedminooh, another list I ought to maybe subscribe to...17:12
* lcuk is happiest with plaintext books and simplicity17:12
* SpeedEvil reads a _lot_ on the n90017:13
lcuki read more on the n81017:13
lcuki read a lot on my ideapad meego instance17:13
mgedminproblem with plaintext books: no italics, no place to put <!-- ??? is this really a word --> comments17:13
SpeedEvilNokia-N900:/home/user/MyDocs/ebooks# du -s17:13
SpeedEvilBeing unable to search dead trees annoys me.17:14
SpeedEvilEspecially with casts of thousands.17:14
lcukSpeedEvil, how many .txt?17:14
lcukor translatable to using various means17:15
SpeedEvilBeing able to click a char that is reintroduced 200 pages and have you taken back to the introduction is awesome.17:15
SpeedEvilMost html or lit or epub17:15
* mgedmin has a fancy shmancy python script to convert most formats to .txt or .html17:15
lcukhow did you buy so many ebooks?17:16
mgedminbecause baen free library had weirdly broken epubs17:16
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan17:16
SpeedEvillcuk: baen free library too.17:16
mgedminfiferboy, bad news: the fix was incomplete, I still get a segfault in a different place17:16
SpeedEvillcuk: But also fictionwise.17:16
khertan1lol on usb fat transfer, take same time to transfer 5 Mb made of 1400 elements than 2Gb made of 40 elements17:16
mgedminiops kill17:17
SpeedEvillcuk: And some are bookz versions of titles I own in paper, but can't actually find.17:17
SpeedEvilI think I've mentioned I'm slowly churning through ~6K books to list them on amazon.17:17
mgedminfiferboy, new segfault:
mgedminI suppose it's not enough to call QPainter::end(), I must create a new QPainter() every time?17:18
mgedminMek:^ ?17:19
fiferboyHmm, still a painter issue17:19
MekI'm not sure, but yeah, that's what I suspect...17:19
mgedminQPaintDevice is the QPixmap, I suspect17:20
*** fcrochik has quit IRC17:20
rcg1mgedmin: ".. Construct and customize (e.g. set the pen or the brush) the painter. Then draw. .."17:20
rcg1thats what the api docs say.. so i'd say: yes you need to create one each time17:21
rcg1thats at least what i do for my custom widgets..17:21
mgedminwill try that then17:21
rcg1dunno actually where i got that info from to that time but there had to be some good reason to do so ;)17:21
qgilhi, does anybody know how to setup a to be used by default in all the stext strings of my app, unless I define something different for a specific item? Basically, I want to make sure Nokia Pure is used always17:21
qgilthis is for a Qt Quick app17:22
vandenoeverqgil: you get set the font in the qApp17:22
vandenoeverthat's on the c++ side17:22
qgilvandenoever: you mean this main.cpp_17:23
vandenoeverqgil: yes17:23
qgilah, makes sense. uuuhhh first time ever I touch a .cpp  <(17:23
vandenoeverqgil: they dont bite too much if you stay away from the macros17:23
qgilah, for some reason my ES keyboard behaves like EN / thank you freshly updates Ubuntu17:24
qgil;) now17:24
qgilthanks vandenoever17:24
vandenoeverqgil: i just did the same yesterday to get a larger font in warptree, so it was fresh17:25
Arkenoiha, reflashing n950 erases all mass storage partitions :-)17:28
mgedminvalgrind of fbreader:
Stskeepsif you use OCF17:28
mgedminArkenoi, I was just wondering about that17:28
qgilvandenoever: do I need to put this setFont inside the int function or just out of it, at the end?17:30
npmre: qgil Nokia Pure font question... so what font name do i use in "qApp->setFont(QFont("comicsans"));" to get those fonts?17:31
qgilnpm: "get" you mean use in your app or really get?17:31
qgilnpm: the Nokia pure font is supposed to be already in the device, availableç17:32
TronicBtw, I tried Nokia Pure on N900 and desktop Linux but the kerning doesn't seem right.17:33
npmqgil: use in my app17:33
TronicAren't combinations such as "co" supposed to go very closely together, yet I get rather large spacing there.17:33
lcukTronic, how did you install the Pure font on random other devices?17:33
TronicHaven't paid attention to that on N950.17:33
vandenoeverqgil: you can do it on line 2 of main()17:33
npmso i just meant the actual name of some of those fonts that you find nice and useful for harmattan devel17:34
Troniclcuk: They provided a TTF file download at some point.17:34
lcukTronic, under what license?17:34
TronicNo idea.17:34
lcukbecause Jukka and I both actively pondered it17:34
lcukfor meego and n900-ce use17:34
lcukafaik the license said use only after written license request17:35
lcukso I half heartedly pondered a hand written request letter to nokia for it17:35
npmspeaking of fonts, the "Installed Fonts" demo in qtzibit wins my contest for javascript hackery....
vandenoeverqgil: actually it's (slightly) cleaner to do "QApplication app(argc, argv);\n app.setFont();"17:35
qgilvandenoever: right, will do17:36
qgilbtw, to get a list of fonts available what I'm doing is to use this Qt Quick toolbar, then whenever you type "" in Qt Creator a nice drop down menu shows you what is available e.g. "Nokia Pure Headline"17:36
*** meegoexperts has quit IRC17:37
lcukfor scratchbox, does the harmattan target sit happily alongside fremantle ?17:38
lcukTronic, thanks but I was thinking a more general MeeGo usecase17:38
qgilmmm... there might be a different name for these fonts for QML and C++ since "Nokia Pure Text" appears in green in the QML file but in plain black in the function vandenoever posted here...17:39
npmqgil: ah... sounds like you have a newer version of qtreator than i17:40
rcg1lcuk: it does17:40
qgil... but in green at setFont(QFont("Nokia Pure Text"));  :)17:40
lcukrcg1, awesome17:40
rcg1lcuk: though i set up the harmattan targets manually from inside scratchbox17:40
qgilnpm: if you are targetting Harmattan then getting an SDK up to date with all the Experimental stuff is in order17:40
rcg1lemme see if i find the page with the instructions17:40
vandenoeverQFontDatabase::applicationFontFamilies is helpful on the c++ side, perhaps there's qml equivalent17:41
* npm i'll have whatever font quim's having....17:41
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan17:42
khertan1too bad can't select what restore from backup17:43
rcg1lcuk: though, as i am on gentoo i installed/updated the scratchbox stuff via portage and then started at
khertan1as it s just simple zip file ... i m asking what will happen if i remove some from the backup file17:44
*** andrunko has joined #harmattan17:45
hiemanshugah, I'll have to setup everything again :(17:46
rcg1lcuk: if you already have scratchbox installed it should be safe to skip the user and group creation/configuration steps17:48
Stskeepshiemanshu: i accidentially flashed my rootfs earlier, that was painful17:48
hiemanshuStskeeps: I rm -rf'ed / on my desktop by mistake :/17:49
hiemanshuStskeeps: rm -rf / home/hiemanshu/* :P17:49
Stskeepsthat's why i backup :P17:49
hiemanshuI have backups17:49
hiemanshubut I'll have to QtSDK, scratchbox and what not17:49
khertan1yeah stupid * is too near than / on keyboard17:49
lcukrcg1, just going to try the default sdk installer17:49
hiemanshukhertan1: naah, I added a space after /17:49
lcukfor fremantle at least on ubuntu it worked cleanly17:50
*** willer_ has joined #harmattan17:50
lcukhope it does again17:50
qgilvandenoever: your command right below the #includes produce this error:17:50
lcukbut not drastic if it doesnt17:50
rcg1lcuk: hehe ic.. someone told me this should also work.. ;)17:50
khertan1lol removing something from the backup when restoring didn't mean you will keep current settings17:50
qgil error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token17:50
khertan1no ... it s just reset and restore nothing17:50
vandenoeverqgil: yes, the command should go in the function "int main(int argc, char** argv) { ..."17:51
qgilah ok, sorry I misunderstood17:51
khertan1grrrr connecting to nokia account works well after flash17:52
khertan1didn't after restore17:52
vandenoeverqgil: that's from an app where i wanted a different font size, but keep the font family17:53
hiemanshumy FB feed stopped updating on the 21st, the call dialog vanished a day later, and other random stuff happening for me :P17:53
lcukhaha hm17:53
lcukthe clock lost a digit17:53
hiemanshuyeah that too17:53
lcuk"15:52 wa"s showing as "15:5"17:53
hiemanshuI had the time show up as __:__ once17:54
hiemanshuit was all 1 :P17:54
fiferboyhiemanshu: Am I correct in my recollection that you have run a plain Qt program on the N950?17:55
hiemanshufiferboy: yes17:55
khertan1lcuk: at 11:11 this morning i got 1 :17:55
fiferboyhiemanshu: Did you have any issues with the program when you swiped it ou?17:55
fiferboyout? Did it show up in the task view?17:56
hiemanshufiferboy: nope, runs just fine17:56
hiemanshuyes it id17:56
hiemanshuit did*17:56
khertan1lcuk: sometime also specially when trying to connect to account i see clock going back 1 min ... then going to right time and going back ...17:56
lcukbug filing time17:56
fiferboyhiemanshu: Thanks for the info, fbreader qt4 is having issues with that17:56
*** mikhas has joined #harmattan17:56
hiemanshufiferboy: everything works just fine, except for the part that it looks ugly17:57
khertan1arg carrefull backup didn't backup contact image !!17:57
qgilvandenoever: still an error, a different one:17:57
qgilerror: 'helvetica' was not declared in this scope (it doesn't matter what font name I put, the same error comes up)17:58
Stskeepsis it in quotes?17:58
vandenoeverqgil: you need double quotes around strings in C++17:59
mikhasFirst QML developer, now C++ developer. What will be next!?18:00
vandenoeverqgil: you could also use QFont::Helvetica like this:18:01
hiemanshumikhas: android developer?18:01
Stskeepshtml5 ;18:01
qgilnow I get other errors but I must join a call  :)18:01
mikhasvandenoever, wont help - there is no enum yet for Nokia Pure font18:01
vandenoeverQFont helvetica; helvetica.setStyleHint(QFont::Helvetica); app.setFont(helvetica);18:01
vandenoevermikhas: well, qgil had 'helvetica' in his err message18:02
mikhasyes, he was trying to mislead you ;-)18:02
vandenoeverusing QStyleHint will choose the preferred font in that style18:02
qgilbecause I wanted to make sure the problem was not with Nokia Pure Text  :)18:02
qgilok, the experts meet, I can just comment that piece of code and move forward  :)18:03
vandenoeverchoosing a style is a good idea, because the fallback on a system with no nokia pure is nicer18:03
djszapiElleo: heh, we also made a duplication again. I also packaged vim yesterday :)18:13
djszapidamn duplication all the time...18:13
Elleodjszapi: ah, strange I search obs for vim before starting that package and it didn't show anything18:13
Elleooh well, I'll just switch to using your package18:14
djszapiElleo: Yeah, I could not upload because OBS was broken here.18:14
djszapiand then I did not try later.18:14
Elleois your package online anywhere?18:14
djszapiI have just wanted to upload18:15
djszapiI basically took the internal harmattan packaging thing. I see you used more like the upstream debian way.18:15
Elleoalthough it seems obs has a bug in its dependency checking18:16
Elleosince it didn't realise that libgpmg1-dev wasn't available prior to trying to build18:16
Elleopresumably because it uses the [linux-any] versioning tag18:16
djszapithat is scary for OBS yeah18:17
djszapido not use things like that18:17
ElleoI should have removed that as a dep anyway though18:17
Elleosince it's just needed for some of the gui packages (which I disabled)18:17
Elleooh no, that's needed for mouse support (also disabled)18:18
djszapiI upload my package since it has been like that for ages internally, so it is proven18:19
Elleookay, cool18:19
djszapibut I am fine if it is not used :)18:19
ElleoI don't have any particular desire to maintain a vim package, I just want vim available ;)18:19
djszapiheh, OBS still fails by uploading..18:19
djszapiyeah, it would be nice if someone could maintain the packages I need..18:20
Elleodjszapi: have you tried via osc?18:20
ElleoI'm not having any trouble uploading with osc18:20
*** andrunko has quit IRC18:22
djszapiElleo: ok, it worked.18:24
djszapiwe should really make a shared repository btw18:25
*** andrunko has joined #harmattan18:25
mgedminElleo, use packrat to find packages18:28
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, packrat is a cute little rodent that keeps everything it finds.
djszapimgedmin: mmh, it is nice page, thanks !18:30
lcukam I right in thinking aegis will prevent re-installation of:18:30
*** slaine has quit IRC18:30
Elleomgedmin: neat18:30
djszapilcuk: nope18:31
djszapilcuk: if you /really/ have a serious reason for that, you can use "--force-all".18:31
lcukdjszapi, ahh right so I can do some tinkering with that package and reinstall?18:31
lcukI thought system packages would not be updatable18:32
djszapilcuk: I do not recommend it...18:32
lcuki am of course assuming I can build it at all18:32
lcukdjszapi, well i have to18:32
lcukbug 13084 is assigned to me18:32
MeeGoBotBug maj, Medium, ---, liquid, ASSI, [n900] Horizontal tearing with xvimagesink18:32
lcukand it impacts harmattan also18:32
lcukso I have to do some debugging and testing18:32
* lcuk hasn't a clue how else to try and fix it18:33
djszapimmh, there is no "irssi" package yet.18:34
mgedminis there screen?18:34
mikhaslcuk, uses xrender, right?18:34
mgedminor should I use tmux instead?18:34
djszapithere is screen18:35
lcukmikhas, not sure, problem exhibits itself with xvideo mode18:35
lcuki can only speak for liqbase because that is where I encounter it, the n900-ce has same problem with default movie player18:35
mikhaswell, try to find it out whether it does use xrender18:36
mikhasthat's most likely the culprit18:36
* mgedmin should add fbreader's icon to debian/control18:36
lcukmikhas, liqbase does not directly use it18:36
mikhasno, but the libs you use18:36
mikhasit all goes through the same graphics pipeline, eventually18:37
lcuklibX11-devel libXv-devel18:37
djszapiElleo: I need a package actually if you have time for packaging :p18:38
lcukthis bug is relating to the yuv overlay18:38
lcuknot a normal x11 window18:38
djszapi -> This is interesting. It seems I have kde packages, but I am not aware of that fact..18:40
Elleodjszapi: not got much time right now, but I could maybe take a look later, what're you after?18:41
Elleookay, I'll see what I can do this evening18:42
lardmanare harmattan apps supposed to be optified?18:48
mgedminno, afaiu18:49
mgedminlet me look at df18:49
Elleolardman: nope18:49
Elleois one big 4gb partition18:49
Elleoso sticking stuff in opt won't make any difference18:50
mgedmin4 GB /, 2 GB /home, 8.8 GB /home/MyDocs18:50
lardmanjust that I have some optification stuff in my .pro file and I thought it had been created for harmattan18:50
*** M4rtinK2 has joined #harmattan18:50
mgedmin/opt lives on the root partition, so optification is not going to hurt anything much18:50
lcukElleo, just wait until Gb range games are installed18:50
*** achipa has quit IRC18:50
lardmannp and thanks, I guess I must have selected a maemo5 target at some point too then18:50
mgedminif you plan to backport your app to maemo5, maybe that's useful18:50
lcukthen tell us optification isn't needed!18:50
lardmanmgedmin: perhaps, should be done automatically thouhh18:51
mgedminsomeone said Qt Creator places binaries in /opt/AppName/bin18:51
mgedminbut doesn't create symlinks in /usr/bin18:51
lcukare qml apps bigger or smaller than similar native apps?18:51
mgedminwhich makes terminal lovers like me unhappy -- can't gdb appname, must gdb /full/path/to/bloody/binary/appname18:52
DocScrutinizerlardman: no optification on harmattan18:52
mgedminlcuk, I thought qml apps _were_ the native apps for harmattan18:52
DocScrutinizerlardman: there's not even /opt iirc18:52
lcukmgedmin, elf loader currently does not support directly running *.qml18:52
lcuktherefore not a native app yet :P18:53
mgedminDocScrutinizer, the /opt directory exists, but there's no separate /opt partititon18:53
DocScrutinizerthough optified pkgs will install just fine, adding cruft to the system18:53
mgedminlcuk, Qt Creator compiles those .qmls into the main binary somehow...18:53
*** khertan1 has left #harmattan18:53
DocScrutinizermgedmin: I can't check anymore as I already installed optified pkg from fremantle :-)18:53
mgedminI'd hoped I could vi *.qml of an installed package to play with javascript expressions, but no...18:53
lcukmgedmin, therefore the main native app is still binary18:54
lcukjust because you used qml to describe the ui18:54
djszapilbt: How can I delete a package from c-obs, harmattan target ?18:54
lcukok, are qml files created with whizbang flashy graphics generally bigger than their oldschool counterpart?18:54
hiemanshumgedmin: then dont use the .qrc file, instead call the qmls directly?18:54
mgedminthey what?18:55
hiemanshuwell the qmls are stored in the .qrc file, which compiles into the binary, instead call em directly18:55
hiemanshuI remember reading a post about this somewhere18:55
mgedminI think you're right, hiemanshu18:56
mgedminstrings /opt/QMLCompass/bin/QMLCompass shows me the contents of the QML files18:56
mgedminand the SVG files18:56
*** andrunko has quit IRC18:56
mgedminooh, thanks!18:58
*** crevetor has quit IRC18:59
*** timoph has joined #harmattan18:59
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan18:59
lardmanbbl, power going off in the office soon19:05
*** lardman has quit IRC19:05
djszapiElleo: How about putting stuff to this repository ?
djszapiI am thinking of that I would discuss it with that guy.19:18
djszapiHe also has a lot of Harmattan packages.19:18
*** meegoexperts has joined #harmattan19:18
Elleodjszapi: I'd have thought it'd be better to have a separate project to push to, so that rzr still has the freedom to do experimental stuff in his repo without worrying about breaking everyone's system19:20
djszapihe can actually still do that19:21
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: you asked me to resend the mail to another addr?19:21
djszapithe thing is that we did not get community account19:21
djszapiso there is no other way than doing at someone's place.19:21
DocScrutinizer(community repo) MohammadAG said he'd plan to create that community repo. Wonder what's up with that19:23
DocScrutinizerlast thing I heard was he can't log in to OBS19:23
DocScrutinizerthink that's been 2 days ago19:24
*** achipa has joined #harmattan19:25
*** achipa has quit IRC19:25
*** achipa has joined #harmattan19:25
*** seif has quit IRC19:39
*** divan|work has quit IRC19:39
*** andrunko has joined #harmattan19:39
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC19:43
*** piggz has joined #harmattan19:46
*** divan|work has joined #harmattan19:46
*** cpscotti has quit IRC19:51
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan19:51
*** divan|work has quit IRC19:59
*** Ronksu has joined #harmattan20:01
*** crevetor has quit IRC20:20
mgedminso, n950 usb tethering works like a charm20:20
macmaNmgedmin: yeah i did bt dun20:21
macmaNwhile on 900, bt PAN worked very well20:21
mgedminoh, cool20:21
mgedminhaven't tried bt dun, don't even know if network manager in ubuntu natty supports it20:21
macmaNi guess now that i have ppp installed, dun would work too20:21
mgedminbluetooth is like the least reliable tech *ever*20:21
macmaNim sure it would20:21
macmaNyoure saying you did bt pan on n950?20:22
macmaNwith bnep0 and all?20:22
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan20:22
alteregoworks for me20:22
mgedmin"USB tethering" means no BT :)20:22
rm_worki'm curious about BT tethering though20:22
rm_workin ubuntu20:22
rm_workif it works that'd be awesome20:22
mgedminI think I saw a howto once20:22
rm_workit never really worked for me on N90020:22
rm_worki tried :/20:22
rm_workusb is fine tho20:23
mgedminthere's no UI for it, you have to install some random 3rd party package with crappy UI20:23
macmaNrm_work: works fine for me20:23
rm_worksince i want to charge it while raping the battery for 3G constantly anyway :P20:23
mgedminonly then network manager sees your BT PAN/DUN device and lets you connect20:23
mgedminI wish my n950 acted as a wifi access point20:23
rm_worklol yeah, WAP would be sweet20:23
macmaNmgedmin: yes, there's a btpan setup script involved on n90020:23
rm_workdid the wireless chipset change to something with WAP capability?>20:24
rm_workor not20:24
macmaNmgedmin: n9 has joiku's custom hotspot solution preinstalled20:24
macmaNim sure its there in next fw for n95020:24
rm_workso could we NOT use joiku, but just make our own network?20:24
mgedminjoikuspot on a n900 does a real AP, or ad-hoc wifi?20:24
rm_workIIRC joiku requires accounts and such?20:24
*** zehjotkah has joined #harmattan20:24
macmaNmgedmin: hm, that i dont20:25
mgedminI'd a shell script on my n900 that set up adhoc wifi with dhcp and everything; the only thing I didn't have was NAT20:25
macmaNrm_work: want the bt setup script im using?20:25
mgedminI was forced to use ssh as a proxy server20:25
rm_workoh damn i need to get lunch bbl20:25
rm_worknah don't use N900 anymore anyway20:25
macmaNits off tmo really20:25
macmaNi guess lmk whenever20:25
rm_workack, missing lunch20:25
zehjotkahhi everyone20:31
Stskeepslo zehjotkah20:33
zehjotkahhow are you doing20:33
Stskeepsgood good20:33
*** fcrochik has joined #harmattan20:37
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan20:38
*** djszapi has left #harmattan20:40
*** Scifig has joined #harmattan20:45
leiniryo zehjotkah :) you gonna be at c-base next Friday for the pre-desktopsummit-start-party thing? :)20:45
zehjotkahnext week I'll be in a different city20:46
zehjotkahbut I'll be back on friday20:46
zehjotkahbut we'll do a MeeGo Hack Sonntach20:46
zehjotkah(MeeGo Hacking Sunday)20:46
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan20:46
zehjotkahat the 14th of august20:47
zehjotkahwhich will be announced at the desktop summit by intel20:47
*** [XeN] has joined #harmattan20:47
leinirNicely :)20:47
leinirIn particular because there's the plasma active guys who, i'm pretty sure, would enjoy joining that :)20:47
*** mikhas has quit IRC20:48
Mekalthough anything that requires people to stay extra days but isn't pre-announced is probably not likely to attract many people20:48
zehjotkahlet me check the time when the pre summit thingi will take place20:48
zehjotkahMek, yes, that's a problem20:49
zehjotkahleinir, when on friday will this eveent be at the c-base?20:50
zehjotkah(btw. I'm @ the c-base atm... ;))20:50
djszapiDocScrutinizer: Did you mean this bash ?
leinirzehjotkah: Hehe, yeah, that's why i thought to ask ;) You're always there ;)20:50
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: err, on first glance yes20:51
zehjotkahat which tiome the event will be?20:53
zehjotkahthere is no info at the cbase site20:53
djszapizehjotkah: which event, next Friday, pre-registration ?20:54
leinirzehjotkah: :)20:55
zehjotkahyes, I think I could be there...20:55
DocScrutinizerzehjotkah: 14.8. collides with camp20:56
zehjotkahyes, ...20:56
zehjotkahintel asked me to do the event20:56
zehjotkahto help all the folks who will receive an ExoPC20:57
zehjotkahduring the desktop summit20:57
DocScrutinizerjust mentioning20:57
zehjotkahto install the latest MeeGo version and install the SDK and so on...20:57
macmaNdjszapi: umm, that looks new20:57
djszapisorry ?20:57
macmaNor what exactly have i not been able to apt-get it20:58
*** Rizzer has quit IRC20:58
mgedminmacmaN, bash?21:07
mgedmindid you add the harmattan-dev repo to your sources.list?21:07
macmaNthat could be a good reason :>21:07
mgedminalso, be aware that DocScrutinizer encountered a happy fun aegis device lock while playing with bash21:07
DocScrutinizerit was on playing with aegis-exec actually21:08
DocScrutinizerbash is just a random binary I tried to start with augmented permissions21:08
DocScrutinizerusing aegis-exec21:08
macmaNbash itself should be ok21:09
DocScrutinizerI'm running devel-su -c bash now and that works reasonably good21:09
*** smoku has joined #harmattan21:09
DocScrutinizereven executes >> random.py21:10
DocScrutinizerif is set +x21:10
DocScrutinizeri.e. no need to >> python random.py21:11
*** [XeN] has quit IRC21:11
macmaNhmm how do you choose what meego-terminal executes for shell21:13
zehjotkahanyone knows why alien is not saving the created .deb file?21:15
DocScrutinizerI'd bet it has a hardcoded /bin/sh21:15
zehjotkahI'm trying to convert Opera Mobile for MeeGo ARM from .rpm to .deb21:15
djszapiDocScrutinizer: why do you need for aegis-exec for that bash execution ?21:15
Stskeepszehjotkah: rpm2cpio *.rpm | cpio -id  and dpkg-deb -c is what you need21:17
Stskeepsi think21:17
leinirHmm... anybody know how to just fire off a sound effect, as in a system sound effect?21:18
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: as explained in javispedro and me tried to start it, and didn't know about root != root != devel-su != develsh, so javispedro concluded the problem is bash is trying to do a setgid and we suspected aegis-exec could help to allow bash doing that21:18
zehjotkahatm I'm trying to do it with alien...21:19
djszapiDocScrutinizer: hah misusage ok21:19
DocScrutinizerhow can it be misusage? probably that's the secret command to brick devices, and has no further use that exactly that21:20
DocScrutinizerthan exactly that*21:20
DocScrutinizernote we have no manpages for any of this aegis cruft21:21
djszapiDocScrutinizer: that commands works just fine21:21
djszapi* command21:21
djszapiI dared to try it out =p21:22
macmaNmgedmin: how do you add harmattan-dev to the sources.list, it has now Packages.gz files anywhere21:23
zehjotkahah, alien deletes the .deb file directly after creating it... because it is a different platform than the host system21:24
zehjotkahtrying in qemu now21:24
mgedminmacmaN, I would copy it from my scratchbox sources.list21:25
mgedminif I wanted to do that21:25
mgedminin case you're curious, my scratchbox has 'deb harmattan/sdk free non-free'21:26
zehjotkahoh wait... qemu is not necessary... we've an toshiba ac100 here... :D21:26
*** [XeN] has joined #harmattan21:27
macmaNmgedmin: sonnuvabitch, youre right21:28
macmaNit does have it (looked in my sbox too)21:28
djszapiDocScrutinizer: what I do not prefer in aegis is that, the dpkg is written in perl.21:29
djszapiI always rejected it :)21:30
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: the command bricked my device. I logged in via ssh root@N950.21:31
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: I believe ther are probably modes (devel-su, develsh, --relaced-exec, whatever) where it does _not_ brick the device21:32
djszapiDocScrutinizer: hard to help if I cannot reproduce it..21:33
mgedminoh crap?21:33
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: you suggest I do it again to confirm?21:33
mgedmindid I really patch zlibrary/ui/src/ezx/view/ZLQtPaintContext.cpp instead of the qt4 version?21:33
mgedminwhat is ezx anyway?21:33
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: I doubt I will do that21:34
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:34
djszapiDocScrutinizer: well, at least, a log would be nice21:35
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: if you can't eproduce, then either A) you did some detail differently to me (I guess you didn't log in via ssh root@n950); B) your device is different, C) this is Heissenbug21:35
GeneralAntillesPeople who dropped the DEVELOPER EDITION pngs, did you end up with a blotchy background?21:35
fiferboyGeneralAntilles: I typically notice it on the light coloured apps (unless the app paints a rectangle over the background)21:36
GeneralAntillesfiferboy, yes, but you don't have any answers about how to fix it. :P21:36
djszapiDocScrutinizer: 4) The device likes me :p21:36
DocScrutinizerdjszapi: I don't see how to get a log better than what's in, on a instant booting and bricking command21:37
zehjotkahOpera Mobile for MeeGo ARM is coded with Hard Float...21:38
DocScrutinizerwell, I could try to redirect syslog to a logging host :-P21:38
fiferboyGeneralAntilles: I must have missed you asking for a solution instead of just confirmation of the problem :P21:38
Stskeepsof course, so's harmattan21:38
zehjotkahso alien complains about that...21:38
djszapiWell, me and my colleague did not change credp_kcheck recently, and it failed by you. It should not, and it does not by me.21:38
*** antman8969 has joined #harmattan21:38
GeneralAntillesfiferboy, implied solution request. *g*21:38
fiferboyGeneralAntilles: WONTFIX21:38
GeneralAntillesI mean, since there's no place to report bugs.21:38
zehjotkahprobably i have to do the alien thing directly on the N950^^21:38
zehjotkahanyone would like to build alien for MeeGo Harmattan? ;)21:39
Stskeepszehjotkah: honestly, just try to untar it on harmattan21:39
zehjotkahokay, will try it21:40
Stskeepsand see if it runs21:40
spenapis there any documentation on how to integrate an application with the system settings (so its options appear under settings -> applications)?21:45
djszapizehjotkah: I have packaged alien, fwiw21:48
zehjotkahmind to send it ;)21:49
djszapiwell, c-obs is currently (still?) full of bugs :)21:49
djszapisend me your email in private21:50
zehjotkahzehjotkah at googlemail dot com21:50
zehjotkahbtw here is the opera rpm file if you want to try it on your own:
zehjotkahgot it, thanks!21:53
ScifigAnybody familiar with MAFW? Can you pls take a look at this post -->
*** djszapi has left #harmattan21:56
zehjotkahdjszapi, too much dependency errors...21:56
* alterego starts watching season 2 of "The Wire" ..21:57
DocScrutinizer51Stskeeps: you relized we successfully installed and run .deb of fremantle on harmattan? (regarding hardfp vs softfp)21:59
w00tit will work, some of the time21:59
*** wicket64 has joined #harmattan22:01
mgedminediting patches by hand FTW22:02
StskeepsDocScrutinizer51: yes, it will work except for procedure prototypes involving float22:07
mgedminI see harmattan doesn't search/domain to /etc/resolv.conf either22:07
*** zehjotkah has quit IRC22:07
macmaNi think everything goes through local dnsmasq22:07
mgedminwhich doesn't add the domain either22:08
lcukwhen swipe is in effect22:08
lcukhow come when you swipe from the left22:08
lcukthe app grid appears22:08
lcukand when you swipe from the right22:08
lcukthe app grid appears22:08
lcukisn't the active window in between the launcher and the live grid?22:08
alteregolcuk: it's always the last screen22:08
lcukie swipe left for launcher22:08
lcukswipe right for grid22:08
lcukahh well alterego22:09
alteregoleft, right, up, down, all go to the last screen.22:09
* lcuk is used to other places already :O22:09
lcukthe annoying mis-swipes are frustrating22:09
mgedminswipe is not as well designed as I'd like22:10
lcukmgedmin, I have an implementation of swipeish on liqbase22:10
mgedminI'd even say it's crap, but I want to give it a fair chance22:10
lcukit swipes between all the running apps22:10
lcukand cycles round22:10
lcuklike super alt-tab22:10
lcukworks really well on the ideapad too22:10
lcuklike how it works on maemo5 desktops22:11
mgedminwtf am I offline? n950 shows connected to my lan22:11
mgedmincan't ping router.lan22:11
mgedminrouter can't ping it either22:12
* mgedmin curses, disconnects, reconnects manually22:12
mgedminnow it works22:13
*** qgil has quit IRC22:19
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC22:19
hiemanshumgedmin: yeah happens a lot with my 3G connection too22:22
*** fcrochik has quit IRC22:22
hiemanshuI know its the network, because I use a sim from the same operator on my N900 too which works just fine22:22
hiemanshus/the/not the/22:22
infobothiemanshu meant: I know its not the network, because I use a sim from the same operator on my N900 too which works just fine22:22
*** piggz has quit IRC22:25
*** harbaum has quit IRC22:26
mgedminbuilding fbreader debs with a new release number, uploading to my repo, and upgrading via apt-get after each change is a colossal waste of time and bandwidth22:28
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan22:28
mgedminand flash rewrite cycles, I suppose22:28
mgedminfiferboy, woohoo fbreader bug is fixed!22:28
mgedminget the mg5 version from my repo (it's the latest one)22:29
mgedminno more segfault on swipe22:29
fiferboymgedmin: !!22:29
fiferboymgedmin: Woo hoo!22:30
mgedminwondering why fbreader doesn't remember book, position or custom keybindings -- I was running it as root22:30
*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:33
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:36
fiferboymgedmin: Installing from your repo isn't working22:38
fiferboyI apt-get update and I can see all your versions22:38
fiferboyBut I am getting 404's on install22:38
fiferboyBut I can download them directly out of your repo without problems22:40
fiferboyDoesn't look like a fault at your end22:41
fiferboySomething must be messed up with my N950 state22:41
mgedminI see your 404s in my access.log22:41
mgedminGET /770/dists/harmattan/experimental/binary-armel/dists/harmattan/experimental/binary-armel/libzlcore-data_0.12.10dfsg-1ubuntu2mg5_all.deb22:41
mgedminyeah, that's not the right URL22:41
*** zehjotkah has joined #harmattan22:42
zehjotkahopera mobile for MeeGo ARM works on the N950 now! :)22:42
fiferboymgedmin: Oh?22:42
zehjotkah is writing a tutorial atm22:42
fiferboymgedmin: I added "deb ./" to my sources22:43
fiferboyAh, screwed up the line22:43
mgedmin"deb harmattan user other experimental"22:43
mgedmin'other' is empty, actually, right now22:44
fiferboymgedmin: Got it, thanks22:45
mgedminnext: volume keys22:46
mgedminor a toolbar button for toggleFullscreen22:46
mgedminto hide the uglyness ASAP after startup, without having to open the hw keyboard22:47
fiferboyHehe, mine starts up in fullscreen :)22:51
mgedminooh, how did you make it?22:51
mgedminoh, it remembers from last time22:52
mgedminall I had to do was close it (nicely) while it was fullscreened22:52
fiferboymgedmin: Yeah, it never used to do that (in old versions)22:52
fiferboymgedmin: I bind ctrl+q to quit to get that22:52
mgedminI've copied my options.xml from the n900 with w/a/s/d keybindings22:54
mgedminthe UI doesn't allow me to make new bindings to alphanumerics22:54
mgedminsomething about the way meego-inputmethod works interferes with what fbreader wants22:54
mgedminso, libresourceqt22:58
vandenoeveris there an equivalent to qsizepolicy in qml?23:00
fiferboymgedmin: Thanks for fixing up fbreader!23:02
fiferboyI tend to use tap scrolling, so keybindings and volume scrolling aren't too big for me23:03
spenapdo you know if the package extensions for Fremantle (such as XB-Bugtracker, XB-Homepage or XB-Maemo-Upgrade-Description) are still valid in Harmattan?23:05
*** baraujo has quit IRC23:10
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan23:11
mgedminspenap, Maemo-Upgrade-Description yes, the rest aren't mentioned in the docs23:12
mgedminHomepage is a standard field, not an extension, I think23:13
mgedmindunno about bugtracker23:13
spenapmgedmin, thanks: can you point me to those docs?23:13
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan23:13
GeneralAntillesCan't install from mgedmin's repo23:13
djszapiElleo: -> This will be our shared repository, wanna join ?23:13
mgedminGeneralAntilles, "deb harmattan user other experimental" in sources.list?23:14
mgedminor something insane like what fiferboy had?23:14
spenapmgedmin, thanks23:14
GeneralAntillesSomething insane, clearly.23:14
Arkenoidoes flash plugin from n900 work on 950?23:15
TronicAlmost certainly not.23:15
TronicBut Youtube at least works in HTML5 mode on N950.23:16
* mgedmin updates instructions at
mgedminnot that I want people using my repo...23:17
GeneralAntillesmgedmin, COBS account? Your repo is slow. :P23:17
mgedminC-OBS is in the TODO list23:17
mgedmina link to a "these are the exact steps you need to do" kind of HOWTO would speed it up23:18
GeneralAntillesmgedmin, there is one, but it never shows up on Google.23:19
mgedminnow, what's this thing about invoker in the .desktop file to enforce "run once"...23:19
mgedminI saw that in some document somewhre23:20
mgedminExec=invoker --single-instance --type=d /path/to/app23:20
mgedminwhat's --type=d do?23:20
mgedmincool, invoker --help works!23:21
fiferboymgedmin: The better(?) way seems to be Exec=/usr/bin/single-instance /path/to/app23:23
fiferboymgedmin: At least, the way that seems to make more sense to me23:23
mgedminoh my poor widdle head, what's the difference?23:23
fiferboymgedmin: Nothing (porbably), except that the way I listed is the way that first worked for me23:24
fiferboySame functionality anyway, but I have an easier time remembering my way23:24
mgedmininvoker also lets me use --splash /path/to/image.png if I wish23:25
mgedminon the other hand invoker --single-instance --type=e fbreader doesn't actually enforce the --single-instance bit :)23:26
mgedminyou win, fiferboy23:27
*** rlinfati has joined #harmattan23:30
fiferboymgedmin: I have found new installs with the invoker command don't actually launch the application until a reboot23:32
fiferboyBut I haven't been able to confirm a link between invoker and the lack of launching23:32
mgedminI had that problem with your original .desktop file that didn't use invoker23:32
fiferboyAre you sure it didn't use invoker?23:33
fiferboyI remember you having that trouble23:33
rlinfatiHi, i have problem trying to use c-obs for harmattan :( can someone helpme? the build log is
rlinfatig++ -Wl,-O1 -Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib -o LatitudeUpdaterDaemon latitudedaemon.o main-daemon.o gpscontrol.o googlelatitude.o kqoauthauthreplyserver.o kqoauthrequest.o kqoauthmanager.o kqoauthrequest_xauth.o kqoauthrequest_1.o kqoauthutils.o moc_latitudedaemon.o moc_gpscontrol.o moc_googlelatitude.o moc_kqoauthmanager.o moc_kqoauthrequest.o moc_kqoauthrequest_xauth.o moc_kqoauthauthreplyserver.o moc_kqoauthauthreplyserver23:36
rlinfati_p.o    -L/usr/lib -L/usr/lib -lQtLocation -lQtNetwork -lQtCore -lpthread23:36
rlinfatimoc_kqoauthauthreplyserver_p.o: file not recognized: File truncated23:36
fiferboymgedmin: You are right, my desktop file didn't use invoker *or* single-instance23:36
fiferboyMust be something with fbreader, because I am having the same trouble with your package :)23:36
zehjotkahOpera Mobile 11 on the N950 or N9 (MeeGo Harmattan):
* djszapi would like to see rekonq on his mobile.23:39
hiemanshuzehjotkah: change ssh root@localhost to devel-su23:39
zehjotkahdoes it make any difference?23:40
mgedminfiferboy, for the record, my latest package didn't use invoker or anything else23:42
fiferboymgedmin: Huh, works after a reboot though23:48
mgedminI didn't even need to reboot, just modify the .desktop file and change it back23:48
mgedminwish I knew how to reproduce this23:48
mgedminthen maybe I could debug it23:48
fiferboyMaybe the single-instance would help?23:49
*** trx has quit IRC23:49
fiferboymgedmin: Thanks again for fixing up that bug!23:51
*** fiferboy has quit IRC23:51
mgedminwhere does fbreader define its standard keybindings?23:54
*** trx has joined #harmattan23:55
djszapianybody writing an offline dictionary software, like QStarDict did the trick on N900 ?23:55
mgedminfound it, now how does it parse the key names?23:56
*** pancake has joined #harmattan23:59

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