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CapsuLdo u know something about QT4 ?? when i want install some application from N900 market , it told me u"u need linrary like : libq4t-* ...03:13
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CapsuLall time the wall , same problem..04:03
CapsuLhow can i install QT4 on my nokia n900 , i need libqt4-* for rdownload and install some application ...04:05
CapsuLhelp me plz04:05
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zGrrmoin :)10:55
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freemangordonM4rtinK: ping11:55
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M4rtinKfreemangordon: pong12:12
freemangordonM4rtinK: I am REing nm-navigation-provider (the one that is used for geo-tagging, etc) and I hit a tile download function which does some lat/long to tile coordinates etc transformations. I need help to grok what it is doing :)12:14
jonwilme, I will shortly be posting some great info on libisi, libisi-glib and the cellular modem interfaces :)12:15
freemangordonM4rtinK: I *guess* it uses mercator coordinates, but what troubles me, is that there example, the coordinate transfor uses cos(), which I don't see in Nokia code12:16
M4rtinKwell, I was about to point you to that wiki :)12:16
M4rtinKAFAIK, the Here maps always used the web mercator12:17
freemangordonhere == ovi?12:17
M4rtinKI remember checking out their tile naming scheme back then and it was fairly standard web mercator12:18
jonwilwhich function in nm-navigation-provider are you stuck on?12:18
freemangordonwell, it uses mercator, but nm-nav... seems to do some tricks to download more than one 256x256 tile per request12:18
jonwilI can take a look quick and see if I can see anything12:18
M4rtinKas for the tile naming algorithm, I'm sure there are more ways to do the coordinate conversions12:18
freemangordonjonwil: the one that downloads tiles from ovi maps12:18
jonwilwhats the address?12:18
freemangordonjonwil: it is a part of a bigger "thread" function12:19
freemangordonjonwil: I can give you the DB, it has everything needed12:19
jonwilyes please12:19
freemangordonjonwil: just a sec12:19
M4rtinKalso if you are just working with the binary, the compiler might have just "optimized" the cos to something it thinks is faster12:19
freemangordoncould be, but tan() and log() are not optimized12:20
freemangordonneither is pow()12:20
M4rtinKBTW, these are the algorithms modRana uses for tile coordinates:
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freemangordonjonwil: ping when ready to remove it12:22
jonwilok, got it12:22
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jonwilso which function/part do I want to be looking at?12:23
freemangordonjonwil: ok to remove it?12:23
jonwilyes remove it12:23
freemangordonjonwil: navigation_thread_func12:23
jonwilwhich bit of code is the bit you are stuck on?12:23
freemangordonjonwil: case GetMapTile:12:24
freemangordonM4rtinK: the point is that "GetMapTile" has parameters:12:24
freemangordonlon, lat, zoom, width, height12:24
freemangordonM4rtinK: I have NFC what those width and height could be used for12:25
freemangordon*maybe* they download more than one tile, merge those and scale the result to fit in w/h12:26
freemangordonjonwil: ^^^12:26
freemangordonjonwil: do you want .c code I have ready so far?12:27
jonwilyes that might be nice12:27
jonwilI cant promise anything since most of the math here is FPU and I dont know the first thing about ARM FPU :)12:28
freemangordonjonwil: this is WIP, you can use qtcreator to run it on the device12:28
freemangordonon the same place12:28
jonwilheck, even x86 FPU still gets me sometimes12:29
freemangordonjonwil: VFP is easy, just lots of instructions12:29
freemangordonjonwil: I think I have everything else in place besides that case. though it needs some cleanup12:30
freemangordonjonwil: keep in mind that hexrays crashes on subC1C512:32
jonwilyou mean sub_C15C?12:32
freemangordonsorry :)12:32
freemangordonM4rtinK: so, wanna help?12:33
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jonwilHexRays isn't crashing on that function here12:33
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freemangordonwhat version?12:34
jonwilIDA is 6.5.14011612:34
freemangordonsame here12:34
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jonwilHexRays is
jonwilis that what you have?12:35
freemangordoncan you pastebin the decompiled code?12:35
M4rtinKfreemangordon: that looks like a call for getting a static map12:35
freemangordon"static map"?12:35
M4rtinKfreemangordon: or for configurable tile size12:35
jonwilThats what IDA gets for that function here12:36
M4rtinKyou give it coordinates of the upper left (or some other) corner, how big it should be and at which zoomlevel12:36
M4rtinKand it returns an image12:36
freemangordonyep, looks like that12:36
freemangordondo you have some reference code?12:37
M4rtinKnow thinking about it12:37
freemangordonbtw I guess the coordinates are center coordinates12:37
M4rtinKlat, lon might also denote the center of the image12:37
jonwilone way to attack this stuff that I have used in the past is to get the offending binary into GDB (or if it you could get it to work, the IDA remote debugger) then single step the relavent code and see what the output looks like12:37
jonwilI have done it before with other N900 things12:37
jonwilnever with FPU though12:38
M4rtinKif they used this for example to show "mini maps" for search results or something - you want your POI in the middle & the image should fit to your viewport12:38
M4rtinKnot really reference code12:38
freemangordonM4rtinK: maybe what they do is:12:39
freemangordonlon/lat is the center12:39
freemangordonextend this (somehow) by using zoom,width,height12:39
freemangordondownload all the tiles that cover the result12:40
freemangordonmake one big pixmap and scale/clip it to fit width/height12:40
freemangordonmake sense?12:40
M4rtinKyeah, that's how you do that12:41
M4rtinKand it can be either server side or you can do it locally12:41
M4rtinKBTW, this is what the OSM static map API does:12:41
M4rtinK<img src=",6.9517517067091&zoom=10&size=500x350&markers=49.388701399058,7.0245361305339,ltblu-pushpin" />12:41
freemangordonovi only serves 256x256 tiles iiuc12:41
M4rtinKjust ignore the marker=* variable, but that's basically it12:42
M4rtinK99.9% of tile servers serve 256x256 tiles12:42
freemangordonyeah, seems like12:42
jaskaits a nice round number :)12:42
M4rtinKthere are some that serve other sizes, but not many (64x64 or 256x128 (isometric projection))12:43
freemangordonhmm, so we need to find the code that does this (in C)12:44
freemangordonthough I am still concerned about that missing cos()12:44
M4rtinKmy advice is to run the code if possible12:45
M4rtinKand to compare results with the algorithm on OSM wiki12:45
M4rtinKpreferably on some low zl (2-4)12:45
freemangordonwhich exactly algo on OSM wiki?12:45
M4rtinKlon/lat -> tile numbers12:46
freemangordonI did that, results doesn't match12:47
M4rtinKmost likely candidate, if it takes lat/lon12:47
freemangordonmaybe because the algo on wiki takes upper-left, not the center12:47
M4rtinKand what does tha code do actually ?12:48
M4rtinKif just returns some numbers or calls some web service ?12:48
freemangordonit download the tiles from ovi12:48
M4rtinKhave you checked if the urls exist ?12:49
freemangordonyep, it is fine12:49
freemangordonthe result is stored in /home/user/MyDocs/.map_tile_cache12:50
freemangordonfile format is (zoom, x, y, map_options)12:50
freemangordon*filename format12:50
freemangordon2 chars for zoom, 6 for x,y and 2 for options12:51
M4rtinKI see two possibilities: the lat/lon is in center or is in a corner12:51
M4rtinKand it is used to fill in the viewport12:51
freemangordonok, how to calculate the corner if I have the center?12:51
freemangordon(I don't want to reinvent the wheel if you know how)12:52
freemangordonI am almost sure this is what they do12:53
M4rtinKthis is how modRana does that:
M4rtinKIIRC projection units are basically floating point tile coordinates12:56
M4rtinKeq 1,1 - upper left corner12:56
M4rtinK1.5,1.5 - middle of a tile12:56
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freemangordonM4rtinK: so, px1 and py1 are x/y of the upper left corner in tile coordinates?12:59
M4rtinKbut as you work with three coordinate systems (display coordinates, projection/tile coordinates and geographic coordinates), it can get a little messy13:00
M4rtinKand px1 and px2 should be the lover right corner13:01
M4rtinKand you get px1 by moving the "pointer" half of the scaled screen width - 0.5 * self.w / self.scale, scaled for current zl13:02
M4rtinKthen half, of the height13:02
M4rtinKthat's how you get the edges from the center13:03
M4rtinKoh, wrong - the scale is always the same (256)13:04
M4rtinKand you don't have to scale it13:04
M4rtinKas the tiles are always the same size13:05
M4rtinKand the scale is given by the zoom level13:05
freemangordonhmm, I'll send a couple of dbus requests to the original binary, lets see13:05
M4rtinKso you might get say px=100 py=10013:05
M4rtinKbut it corresponds to different lat/lon on different zoomlevels13:06
M4rtinKanyway, got to go :)13:07
M4rtinKbut I'll should show p in the evening :)13:07
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M4rtinKgood luck :)13:10
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freemangordonjonwil: I think I got it - they convert lat/lon to x/y and download the four adjacent tiles13:40
freemangordonthen they merge those 4 tiles into one and scale to width/height13:42
jonwilIs this stuff used for the main "maps" app and its data downloads or is that something different?13:51
jonwilwait main maps app uses different things13:52
jonwilsome microb browser plugins do all the work IIRC13:52
freemangordonI am not sure, that *might* be used by main map app as well13:53
freemangordonBTW it is a bit more complicated13:53
freemangordonthe tiles are not four, but depend on width/height13:53
freemangordonfor 512x512 9 tiles are downloaded13:53
freemangordonso i guess it is width/256 + 113:54
freemangordonfor number of columns and similar for rows13:54
jonwilI doubt its used by main map app as main map app stores data differently and downloads it differently (in a bunch of files with .cdt extention, some of which may contain JPEG data)13:58
freemangordonjonwil: could be13:59
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jonwilanyone here know anything about kernel code and specifically ioctls?14:26
jonwilhmmm wait no, thats different code14:27
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freemangordonjonwil: I found a working php code that does what nm-navigation... does :)14:48
jonwilnice one14:48
jonwilI am very close to finishing my re-ing of libisi14:48
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freemangordonjonwil: ping16:52
freemangordonjonwil: could you "beautify" a bit that function that fails on me (sub_C15C)16:53
freemangordonlike - correct variable types, mapped variables, etc16:54
freemangordonjonwil: NMProviderCachedTile struct is what yuu need16:58
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jonwilTry this to get it to not fail: Go to the function that fails and then go to edit-other-reset decompiler type information. tick all boxes except "global objects" then go into that function and see where it calls another function and decompile all of them that it calls. That should make it work17:01
freemangordonjonwil: wait, maybe my hexrays is old, it is version v1.7.0.12053117:01
jonwilnope, thats the one I have17:02
freemangordonok, will try17:02
freemangordonnope, didn't help17:03
jonwildamn, wierd17:04
freemangordoncould it be because I run IDA through wine?17:05
jonwildoubt it17:05
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CapsuLhwho can be tell me about QT4 ?17:42
CapsuLhwho can tell something about QT4, the libqt4-* ?17:43
CapsuLi try to install achess game from extras-devel , on my nokia n90017:46
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NIN101nobody can tell you anything if you don't ask.17:51
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CapsuLhehe thx u17:57
CapsuLi try to install chess game (miniature)17:57
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CapsuLand when i try it told me impossible , and problem from this files17:59
CapsuLlibQT4-* etc...17:59
CapsuLhow can i download library :18:00
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drathirCapsuL: reason of not possible?18:03
*** CapsuL has joined #maemo18:06
CapsuLNin101 , can u help me ?18:07
NIN101CapsuL: I remember having a problem with miniature and Qt.18:10
CapsuLyes , other too ..18:11
NIN101and right now it's not working for me either18:12
*** geaaru has joined #maemo18:12
CapsuLif u18:13
CapsuLare mor information about solution...18:13
NIN101and it's not important for me, you can only play on FICS with it, not against an engine on the phone, and it lacked some features iirc.18:13
*** erlehmann has quit IRC18:17
CapsuLsame for install whireshark aon my nokia .. impossible |18:35
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sixwheeledbeastCapsuL: It possibly depends on CSSU18:51
infobotmethinks pkg is
CapsuLokok thx , i will ne check that18:52
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*** freemangordon has joined #maemo18:57
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sixwheeledbeastCapsuL: It says on the package page that it is "aimed for MeeGo". From a quick look, it seems to need a later version of Qt than other Maemo Qt applications.18:59
CapsuLok , i am with nokia n900 naemo ..19:01
CapsuLwhen i download package file from website , where i put it ?19:02
*** ALo has quit IRC19:03
CapsuLmaemo :)19:03
sixwheeledbeastUse the application manager to install updates. Yes, I know you are on Maemo (N900) ;)19:04
*** e2718 has joined #maemo19:04
stryngsCapsuL: apt-get install19:04
stryngsThats what men use19:05
stryngsBe a man!19:05
stryngsguis are for girls19:05
stryngsPlus, HAM is so slow, that it'll make you hate life19:05
CapsuLno work ..19:05
sixwheeledbeastnot when they do extra things, Maemo isn't Debian/Ubuntu19:06
stryngsCapsuL: What did you download from a website, a .deb file?19:06
stryngsLike what sixwheeledbeast, what can HAM do that apt-get cannot?19:06
infobotit has been said that hamvsfam is, or
CapsuLnothing for the moment , i will go check wich one before19:06
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:06
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo19:07
sixwheeledbeaststryngs: see the last link - update failure recovery, domains, install scripts.19:08
stryngsapt handles conflicts properly from waht i've seen, i'll be interested to grab the aforementioned package and see what happens19:09
bencohI think the log is more about fapman default autoremove which is quite broken in maemo19:13
bencohyou may end up with half of the system removed because deps are borked19:13
bencoh"everything comes with the meta package"19:13
* stryngs has used apt-get since day 1 and never had any issues.19:14
stryngsas long as u don't do dist-upgrade life is good19:14
stryngsat least in my case.19:14
bencohsame here but I dont autoremove, neither dist-upgrade19:14
*** ALo has joined #maemo19:14
stryngsi autoremove as well19:14
stryngs0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 5 not upgraded.19:15
* stryngs cuddles his n900 gently19:15
stryngsBut.....  I am different than most users in here.  I do not use CSSU19:16
stryngsI do rock kp-5219:16
NokiabotHam is for ***********19:16
Nokiabotapt is what i love on linux19:16
* stryngs hugs Nokiabot 19:16
stryngsPreach it19:16
bencohstryngs: no cssu ? why ?19:16
* stryngs still has the original screen protector on his n90019:16
stryngsBecause it screws up permissions for progs that require root19:17
stryngspwnphone style n90019:17
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sixwheeledbeastTo expand a bit, apt cannot remove 'user/hidden' category files only HAM can. Many have use apt without an issue, but it is not the recommend way to install packages in Maemo.19:18
sixwheeledbeastCSSU also make no difference19:18
stryngscssu does make differences sixwheeledbeast.  Half of the programs/scripts I ran prior to cssu that had no issue, have issues with cssu19:18
sixwheeledbeastIn fact the latest CSSU will soo rock speedyHAM19:18
stryngsBut its no worries.  My n900 performs just fine19:19
stryngsNo cssu need here =)19:19
NokiabotOo stryngs m a rookie but still i dint nuke via apt dpkg tar xvzf purge :)19:19
stryngswha Nokiabot ?19:19
kerioyeah, who needs to upgrade openssl19:19
stryngsNow....  Once I obtain a 2nd n900, i might get into figuring out why cssu jacks stuff up19:19
stryngscompile it yerself perhaps kerio ?19:19
stryngsI do19:19
keriogood job19:20
sixwheeledbeastWell that's up to you. If you have issues with anything in CSSU Stable then it need reporting. It is bascally compatible wih all Maemo systems.19:20
stryngsHalf the packages in the repos are out of date.  Most packages arent there. etc...19:20
stryngsI plan to sixwheeledbeast.  Once I obtain a 2nd n900 and I don't have to walk around with a half-working pwnphone.19:20
bencohstryngs: do you maintain your own repo ?19:20
stryngsI do19:20
stryngsbut due to current licensing issues, i dont have it public anymore19:21
stryngsAs well, i build .debs very unconventially19:21
stryngsIt's not the "proper" way and people pitch a fit19:21
bencohwith checkinstall ? :p19:21
stryngsI stopped carring so, f em =)19:21
stryngsgrab source19:21
bencohoh, ok :)19:21
stryngsmake install ~/foo19:21
bencohI see19:21
stryngscd foo19:21
stryngsmkdir DEBIAN19:21
stryngsecho > DEBIAN/control19:21
stryngsadd what u need to control19:21
stryngscd ..19:21
stryngsdpkg-deb -b foo .19:22
bencohwhich reminds me I still cant build some scim package19:22
bencohtaken straight from extra with maemo-sdk/sb19:22
stryngsmake install DESTDIR=~/foo19:22
bencohyeah, got you there19:22
stryngslike for instance19:22
stryngssomebody tell me where to grab lorcon for the n90019:23
* stryngs waits19:23
* stryngs waits indefinately and then realizes he can dpkg -i it =)19:23
stryngsif yer interested in some neat debs bencoh I'm happy to share them with ya19:23
stryngsive got about 2419:23
stryngsor so19:23
* stryngs also builds his .debs natively and does compiling natively. No sandbox nonsense in this n900 users world.19:24
bencohmeh :D19:25
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SiceloCapsuL: perhaps post a log of your error .. miniature has been working ok on my N90020:58
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freemangordonM4rtinK: what do you think about ? Not finished yet, but the idea is clear IMO22:39
M4rtinKfreemangordon: looks good :)22:42
*** lxp has joined #maemo22:42
M4rtinKBTW, any plans for supporting non Ovi/Here tile sources ?22:43
M4rtinKI can point to you some if needed :)22:43
freemangordonI was thinking about it, this should be yeasy to be implemented22:43
freemangordonbut lets first have it working with ovi22:44
*** konelix has quit IRC22:44
M4rtinKsure, just some ideas for the future :)22:45
freemangordonfor sure I will include osm once it works22:45
M4rtinKthere are some really nice layers other than the default ones23:08
M4rtinKlike transparent hill shading23:08
M4rtinKor public transport :)23:08
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