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capsulecorpHello every body00:17
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capsulecorpbuntu , but i just buying Nokia N900 , and i want more option into $bin/00:19
capsulecorpanyone can be tell me , how can i install app with maemo ? i know $apt get install with u00:19
capsulecorp buntu , but i just buying Nokia N900 , and i want more00:19
capsulecorp                     option into $bin/00:20
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sixwheeledbeastQuentin-___-_: you still there?00:48
Quentin-___-_yess sixwheeledbeast00:49
sixwheeledbeastIt's "not recommended" you use apt for Maemo there can be a dependency mess. It's especially important you never "dist-upgrade"00:51
Quentin-___-_hmm ok00:51
sixwheeledbeastBest to use the stock application manager, which is slow but trusted.00:51
infobotwell, ham is Hildon Application Manager.  Slow as molasses. Anticipate you got time for a beer or two until it finishes whatever it does, or see ~speedyham00:51
sixwheeledbeastthere are development fixes available via the community aka speedyham00:52
sixwheeledbeastdid have any other question?00:53
sixwheeledbeasts/did/did you/00:53
infobotsixwheeledbeast meant: did you have any other question?00:53
Quentin-___-_avout ~ham00:53
Quentin-___-_or speedy ham00:53
Quentin-___-_how can i see what appz are there ?00:54
sixwheeledbeastno, I am not sure I understand "option into $bin"00:54
Quentin-___-_nothing into Xterminal when i put : $speedyham00:54
Quentin-___-_yes :) i am on linux since 4 month , it's begin , but i only learn command and shell from Ubuntu ...00:55
sixwheeledbeastOpen the application manager you can install applications from there00:55
Quentin-___-_yes i saw that after ask :D00:55
Quentin-___-_for exemple00:56
Quentin-___-_if i want come into #maemo with Xterminal from n90000:56
Quentin-___-_can i install "irssi" ??00:56
Quentin-___-_it's irc client , only with text into terminal00:57
bef0rdyes you can00:57
Sicelo900^6yes. i am using it on my N900 .. but to tell the truvh, maybe xchat is better00:57
Quentin-___-_propably ...00:58
Quentin-___-_if i want Xchat or irssi ? or terminator ?? :D00:58
Quentin-___-_what can i do ?00:58
Quentin-___-_fo this00:58
sixwheeledbeastQuentin-___-_: there are loads of IRC options select the one you prefer.00:59
sixwheeledbeastthere is even a stock one00:59
sixwheeledbeastpidgin is also available00:59
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Quentin-___-_ok bad exemple ...01:00
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sixwheeledbeastinstall them from the application manager01:00
Quentin-___-_okok :D01:00
Quentin-___-_more difficult01:00
Quentin-___-_if i want "nmap"01:01
Quentin-___-_or the command $host / $whois / $dig etc ...01:01
sixwheeledbeastinstall it from the application manager, it's no different01:02
Quentin-___-_it's possible ?01:02
Quentin-___-_okok pardon01:02
Quentin-___-_i go back on my phone :p01:02
sixwheeledbeastnmap 5.50 is available in the application manager from the extras repository01:03
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sixwheeledbeastany terminal applications with work the same as a desktop, just open X-Terminal01:04
infobotsixwheeledbeast meant: any terminal applications will work the same as a desktop, just open X-Terminal01:05
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quentinOnN900RE !01:06
quentinOnN900just wonderfull !!!!01:06
Quentin-___-_ok thx01:07
Quentin-___-_see you01:07
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sixwheeledbeastbye then...01:10
Sicelo900^6anyone using fuelpad? on my N900 if i use the Statistics menu item fuelpad segfaults01:14
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sixwheeledbeastnope sorry02:14
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stryngsAny reverse engineers lookin to make a quick $500?05:51
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Sc0rpius$500 reversing what06:14
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stryngshi Sc0rpius06:24
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Luke-Jrstryngs: he asked a question08:34
stryngsLuke-Jr: You're behind the curve dude =)08:35
stryngsThanks though08:35
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useretailstryngs: reverse what?14:14
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freemangordondoes anyone know what is the return value of location_distance_between function in liblocation?14:47
freemangordonI mean - in what units14:48
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jonwilis it not documented in the liblocation documentation?15:04
freemangordonhmm, lemme check15:22
freemangordonjonwil: circle distance15:23
freemangordonwhatever it is15:23
freemangordonanyway, the problem is that units are not defined15:25
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jonwilhmmm, every time I think of something to reverse engineer, I end up hitting a snag :(15:51
jonwilpulseaudio is no go (snag is all that floating point)15:51
jonwilosso-wlan-security I got stuck on because eapd is C++ (which makes life harder) and because I dont understand how the underlying protocols work15:52
jonwilpowervr is no go because at best all I could ever hope to come up with is a 1:1 clone of some parts of the existing drivers (in the way that is basically a 1:1 clone of the stock code) and that doesn't help anyone15:55
jonwilJust having a 1:1 clone of the existing code doesn't help those who actually want a FOSS SGX driver15:55
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freemangordonjonwil: you're a bit wrong about osso-product-info - it was already changed to work with upstream kernels ;)16:00
jonwilbut you get what I mean16:01
jonwilthese things all started as 1:1 disassemblies/decompiles/whatever16:01
jonwilwhich is fine for osso-product-info16:01
freemangordonyes, sure, but having the source code is a big step in understanding what it does :)16:02
freemangordon(not that i think we need powervr drivers source code)16:02
freemangordonjonwil: then again - what about helping me with nm-navigation-provider?16:03
jonwilseems wierd that of all the mobile GPUs out there the #1 most popular by a wide margin (powervr) is the one with the least work being done towards a FOSS driver...16:03
freemangordonjonwil: or REing something like clockd16:03
jonwilwhat is the interest in clockd?16:05
freemangordonwe don;t have the source code :)16:05
jonwilbut beyond that?16:06
jonwilno point reverse engineering something unless there is a need to either learn secrets of or modify the thing being reverse engineered16:07
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dos1nm-navigation-provider is pretty much broken now, so REing it could bring a big value ;)16:09
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jonwilMaybe I could pick up my work on libconnui and libconnui_cellular16:19
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jonwilThe other problem is that there seems to be no roadmap as to what pieces of the jigsaw are missing for neo900 and which of those missing pieces are the most important targets16:25
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kinkinhello people17:27
kinkinwho can tell me waht is root password om maemo 5 (on nokia n900) ???17:28
kinkinwho can tell me what is root password om maemo 5 (on nokia n900) ???17:28
freemangordonkinkin: what are you trying to do?17:28
kinkini want use $apt-get install17:29
kinkinbut i need to switch sudo su17:29
kinkinand i don't know the password ...17:29
kinkincan u help me freemangordom ?17:30
kinkincan u help me freemangordon ?17:30
freemangordonyep, just a second17:30
kinkinthx :)17:31
freemangordonkinkin: do you have package rootsh installed?17:31
kinkinone other question too .. how can i use the 'Tab' 's key ? for finish name on irssi or finish command name om terminal?17:32
kinkinnot , i read this on google , but i coming after try to find it on application market17:33
freemangordonthere is "tab" button on the low side of xterm17:33
freemangordonbtw why do you need to apt-get install?17:33
kinkinjust in front of my nose lool thx freemangordon17:34
freemangordonjust use the application manager to install SW17:34
kinkinokok i will go17:34
kinkini didn't have answer for the moment17:34
freemangordonkinkin: if you are not much into linux, you'd better not use apt-get, you may relatively easy ruin your SW17:35
freemangordonotherwise - install rootsh by using application manager17:35
freemangordonopen xterm and type "root" without quotes17:35
freemangordondo "apt-get install $WHATEVER_THE_PACKAGE_IS"17:36
freemangordonagain, wihtout quotes17:36
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kinkinthx u freemangordon17:50
kinkini will be back17:50
kinkinsee u17:50
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CapsuLdo you know app for online chess on naemo??19:34
Tekk_CapsuL: emacs can do chess over irc19:34
CapsuLthx Tekk_19:36
CapsuLi go looking for this19:36
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sixwheeledbeastmaemo has a stock chess app, what's wrong with that?20:34
*** Nokiabot has joined #maemo20:35
Tekk_sixwheeledbeast: it doesn't do online apparently20:35
* Tekk_ personally finds the chess app enough20:35
Tekk_btw, anyone know if there's a Go app?20:35
sixwheeledbeastah, I didn't know that20:35
Tekk_there's gnugo, but I want something graphical20:36
Tekk_it's kinda annoying to have to put in coords20:36
infobotsomebody said go was an open source programming environment that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software, or
Tekk_not quite what I was looking for :)20:38
sixwheeledbeastTekk_: ah go is like twitter with a map then? ?20:38
Tekk_sixwheeledbeast: no20:39
Tekk_it's a board game20:39
sixwheeledbeastTekk_: ah, I have never seen that. It's looks similar to Reversi aka Othello.20:44
NokiabotStupid board games :p20:48
NokiabotIntellegent board gamers :D20:48
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Tekk_sixwheeledbeast: it's somewhat similar in ways I guess21:05
Tekk_I suppose you could think of it as chess to reversi's checkers?21:05
NokiabotTekk_:why you want that game :)21:05
bencohI cant believe there is no X11 version of a Go game21:07
bencohand for the background21:11
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Tekk_bencoh: yeah, I always just use cgoban21:19
* Tekk_ hasn't heard of rubygo21:20
bencohshouldnt be difficult to build for n90021:20
bencohit has basically no deps (apart from Xlib)21:21
Tekk_are we thinking of the same cgoban?21:21
Tekk_the one I'm thinking of uses gnustep21:21
* Tekk_ started it and didn't see the menu21:21
Tekk_I swear I used to use some gnustep/openstep go program.o21:21
bencohhmmm, I dont think it does21:22
bencohgnustep/wmaker on n900 would be fun btw :D21:22
bencohbut gnugo can be fucking cpu-greedy at times21:23
Tekk_bencoh: definitely not21:24
* Tekk_ just checked ldd21:24
bencohI see libICE, libX11, libSM here21:25
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quentin__why same application didn't run on my N900 Naemo ?22:51
quentin__like chess game (miniature , chessclock)22:51
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quentin__sorry , bad word ,N900 doesn't want install it , it told me some library23:00
sixwheeledbeastquentin__: I do not understand23:02
quentin__libqt4-core(>= 4.6.2~git20100224-0maemo1+0m5)23:03
quentin__is write on "probleme" when it stop installation of application23:04
quentin__i learn step by step the linux langage23:05
quentin__but for my english ... i didn't find the good way :p23:05
quentin__i am french ;)23:05
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quentin__apt-get install libqt4-core23:10
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bencohhe should've said that in french ... I think we're still a few here to understand/speak it :)23:30
sixwheeledbeasthmm, I could even babelfish it.23:39
bencoh(I've no freaking idea what he was trying to say)23:41
freemangordonseems his device has no qt and qt-mobility installed23:42
freemangordonmaybe old firmware23:42
M4rtinKalso AFAIK there is no GTK on Nemo by default23:44
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bencohis anyone still using nemo on n900 ?23:45
M4rtinKBTW, I'm converting modRana to use the Python logging framework instead of the bunch-of-prints it uses now :)23:45
bencohthe full-qt version is unbearable :/23:45
M4rtinKthat should give use improved debugging in the future, nicer log files (severity & timestamps) & log file & console output at the same time :)23:46
M4rtinKalso makes the code much nicer :)23:46
M4rtinK"code reducting" like this:
M4rtinKall over the place :)23:47
M4rtinKnot really that user visible and shiny, but should help the modRana project in the future :)23:48
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