IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2014-02-07

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DocScrutinizer05mldr: never use epoxy!06:54
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DocScrutinizer05ooh, sixwheeledbeast already said same06:55
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DocScrutinizer05mldr: check your USB receptacle inside with a magnifier glass07:15
DocScrutinizer05sometimes the contacts are dirty or bent, somtimes there's debris inside the receptacle07:16
DocScrutinizer05mldr: I gather you already tried another cable, did you?07:16
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kakaballi:( flasher downloads not available09:07
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DocScrutinizer05google is your friend09:37
DocScrutinizer05for example09:39
MaxdamantusMm .. so the microSD block device actually isn't there while the back cover is off.09:42
Maxdamantusthat seems strange.09:43
Maxdamantuswonder if it's the userspace that's deleting the device.09:43
freemangordonit is the kernel09:43
DocScrutinizer05 <- win exe09:44
Maxdamantusis the filesystem actually unmounted?09:44
Maxdamantusit must be by something, if it's the kernel that's removing the device.09:44
Maxdamantusunless it's some strange kernel behaviour.09:45
MaxdamantusI think block devices tend to hang around while they're still mounted.09:45
MaxdamantusUMS ones do, at least.09:45
freemangordoniirc fs is not unmounted09:45
MaxdamantusYeah, it actually gets an ENODEV when you try to open the device when the cover's open.09:48
Maxdamantus[27939.298736] FAT: Directory bread(block 60982) failed09:48
Maxdamantusso no, looks like it's not unmounted.09:49
DocScrutinizer05I think it does a late umount09:49
DocScrutinizer05or at least tries to09:49
DocScrutinizer05that's what pali or kerio or whoever claimed it would do09:49
kerioi what09:50
Maxdamantuslate umount as in after it can't access the device?09:50
kerioah, when you remove the backcover?09:50
DocScrutinizer05first kernel driver shuts down the uSD card power and emits a kevent09:50
kerioyeah, i think so09:50
freemangordonkernel removes the device(and powers uSD down), no matter what it tris, it is in vain09:50
freemangordontries even09:50
Maxdamantus(so it just has an effect in the VFS, not in whether or not the filesystem is actually unmounted)09:50
Maxdamantuscan the kernel be modified not to do that?09:50
DocScrutinizer05kevent gets noticed by (I think) ke-recv and that tries to umount09:50
freemangordonyep, but it is too late09:51
DocScrutinizer05too late for what?09:51
freemangordonfor flushing writes, etc09:51
DocScrutinizer05for a sync it's for sure too late ;-P09:51
DocScrutinizer05sync can take up to 30s09:51
Maxdamantuswhere does 30s come from?09:52
freemangordonMaxdamantus: yes, and even there might be similar patch against KP somewhere over the inet09:52
DocScrutinizer05tbh from my a....09:52
Maxdamantusyeah, unless the N900 kernel/OS has special behaviour, I don't think there's really any limit to how long sync can take.09:52
DocScrutinizer05somebody already did a patch to ignore the hall switch09:53
MaxdamantusI usually have to wait a few minutes to unmount USB drives.09:53
DocScrutinizer05you just need to load the right module, iirc09:53
Maxdamantusbecause my usual use of them is to copy a "large" file, which takes a few seconds for my HDs to read, but minutes for the flash drive to write.09:53
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: wait, afaik mmc driver is built-in into the zImage09:54
DocScrutinizer05Maxdamantus: the limit is how much data can be in buffers (vs write speed to media)09:54
DocScrutinizer05my bookmarks are a huge pile of mess09:54
MaxdamantusYeah, and the media can be as slow as it wants to be.09:55
DocScrutinizer05 here you are09:55
* Maxdamantus saw a blog post or something a while ago where someone wrote a parallel port driver for SD cards.09:56
Maxdamantusah yeah, I saw that thread before.09:56
Maxdamantusforgot about it, thanks.09:56
DocScrutinizer05however, don't you rather want to fix your magnet?09:57
freemangordonhmm, that thread is missing the actual patch :(09:57
DocScrutinizer05yeah, only "binary"09:58
MaxdamantusI suspect the patch wouldn't be hard to write.09:58
freemangordonnot that it is hard to patch the kernel to ignore backcover gpio, but still09:58
freemangordonanyway /me is afk09:59
DocScrutinizer05we discussed it a few weeks ago10:00
Maxdamantusprobably `host->protect_card = 0; return;` as the body of `omap_hsmmc_protect_card`10:01
Maxdamantuswhat else is backcover GPIO used for?10:01
Maxdamantusthere's meant to be something to use for serial communication, isn't there?10:02
Maxdamantus"not that it is hard to patch the kernel to ignore backcover gpio"10:03
DocScrutinizer05ff fff10:03
Maxdamantussounded like there was something else backcover GPIO had an effect on.10:03
DocScrutinizer05it's loosely related to camera10:05
MaxdamantusOh, right.10:07
freemangordonMaxdamantus: interested in upstream kernel development for n900?10:07
MaxdamantusI haven't really done any serious kernel development, just poked around at a few things a couple of times.10:08
Maxdamantusbut I'd be interested.10:09
Maxdamantusand I'd like to be able to run a newer kernel.10:09
freemangordonMaxdamantus: the current state
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freemangordonMaxdamantus: when and if you decide to help, join #maemo-ssu and ping me :)10:11
* freemangordon is on his way to work10:11
infobotfrom memory, fptf is the Fremantle Porting Task Force, see
DocScrutinizer05umm, ahh10:12
DocScrutinizer05honestly, if you feel nausea with the center-align then use instead of
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DocScrutinizer05  BURP!10:15
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DocScrutinizer05actually art but not legible ;-P10:16
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silviofHi, im the "developer" of -- if someone has suggestions. please let it know!15:06
silviofZyou can find the talk page here:
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Superpelicansixwheeledbeast: I now have succesfully located the file and edited it, I'm trying to compile the module on my N900 (in the Debian chroot) but it's complaining about the kernel config19:32
Superpelican"ERROR: Kernel configuration is invalid."19:32
Superpelicansixwheeledbeast: I'd prefer not to reconfigure the kernel myself, I'm afraid I'll end up with different settings than kernel-power, and that as a result of that my kernel module won't work19:33
SuperpelicanWhere can I find the kernel-power config?19:33
*** obironbo has joined #maemo19:36
sixwheeledbeastSuperpelican: I wouldn't know. I may know where the source is located but it doesn't mean I know what's in it ;)19:37
sixwheeledbeastPali or freemangordon are prolly the best to ask.19:37
freemangordonSuperpelican: what are you trying to compile?19:38
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Superpelicanfreemangordon: Well the magnet sensor of my N900 seems to be broken19:39
Superpelicanbecause I dropped it19:40
SuperpelicanAnd I'm trying to compile the mmc_omap_hs kernel module19:40
SuperpelicanI edited it19:40
freemangordononly that module?19:40
freemangordonwhere did you get the kernel source from?19:40
*** DrCode has joined #maemo19:41
freemangordonSuperpelican: hmm, no19:41
*** DrCode has quit IRC19:41
freemangordonapt-get source kernel-power19:41
Superpelicanso you mean that that package is wrong?19:41
freemangordonI guess you are using scratchbox, correct?19:42
Superpelicaneh no19:42
SuperpelicanI just downloaded that deb19:42
Superpelicanextracted it with an archive manager19:42
Superpelicanedited the file19:42
Superpelicanand scp'ed the whole kernel dir to my Nokia19:43
freemangordonyou need arm compiler :)19:43
Superpelicanand tried to make the module on my N900 in the Debian chroot19:43
Luke-JrAMD has some new ARM CPUs coming out19:43
freemangordonSuperpelican: well, I've never tried that way, so I don;t now if it is possible or not. I'd recommend you to install scratchbox19:44
freemangordonthen (from within SB) do apt-get source kernel-power19:44
freemangordonand "dpkg-buildpackage -frakeroot -b"19:44
freemangordondpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b19:45
freemangordonis the correct command19:45
freemangordonyou'll see a build directory created under debian directory19:45
freemangordonedit whatever needed under that tree19:46
*** ZogG-sailfish has joined #maemo19:46
freemangordonthen "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -nc" should do the job19:46
silviofSuperpelican: for fast setup take: :-P19:46
freemangordon"-nc" is very important, otherwise your changes will disappear19:47
*** andre__ has quit IRC19:47
*** konelix has joined #maemo19:47
SuperpelicanBTW the apt-get source on the N900 returned: "E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list"19:48
freemangordonSuperpelican: IIRC I told ya to do this in scratchbox, not on n90019:48
Superpelicanyes ;)19:48
freemangordonor just grab tarball from the repo19:49
freemangordonand .dsc file19:49
Superpelicanwhich tarball?19:49
*** shentey has joined #maemo19:49
freemangordonchoose the one by your liking :P19:50
*** Gatta_Negra has quit IRC19:50
freemangordonI guess kernel-power_2.6.28-10power52.diff.gz is what you want19:50
freemangordonalong with kernel-power_2.6.28-10power52.dsc19:51
Superpelicanwhy the patches?19:51
freemangordonhmm? what patches?19:51
silvioffreemangordon: Is somewhere a gitrepository for the n900-kernel?19:51
freemangordonsilviof: sure, what version?19:52
freemangordonkernel-power or upstream?19:52
Superpelicanthe diff.gz19:52
silvioffreemangordon: all - i will see the differences between all versions and flavors of this kernel19:52
silvioffreemangordon: booth19:52
freemangordonsilviof: just a minute, to feed the birdy and I'll post the links19:53
*** dos1 has joined #maemo19:53
silvioffreemangordon: thx - greetings to the bird.19:53
freemangordonSuperpelican: you need .orig.tar.gx (that is the upstream) .diff.tar.gz (to apply patches on top of it) and .dsc, so dpkg-source to know what to do19:54
Superpelicanbut I still need to do all that in the scratchbox?19:54
freemangordonSuperpelican: so you need kernel-power_2.6.28.orig.tar.gz19:54
freemangordonSuperpelican: no idea if it will work in debian chroot19:54
freemangordonyou need to download those 3 files in 1 directory, do dpkg-source -x kernel-power_2.6.28-10power52.dsc19:55
freemangordonthat will extract the orig source and will apply patches19:55
Superpelicanso it's almost completely automated :)?19:56
freemangordonSuperpelican: keep in mind that time needed to compile the kernel on n900 is maybe a couple of times bigger than the time needed to install scratchbox and compile the kernel19:56
*** DrCode has joined #maemo19:56
freemangordonin scratchbox that is19:56
SuperpelicanI know19:57
Superpelicanbut I'm fine with that19:57
SuperpelicanMy Jolla is now my main phone19:57
*** DrCode has quit IRC19:57
freemangordonsilviof: this is the latest upstream that works on n900 and I am aware of19:58
freemangordonsilviof: kernel-power is here
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freemangordonsilviof: here are the repos of sre, who does really great job bringing DT support to n90020:02
silvioffreemangordon: ou dts on n900 - nice20:02
freemangordonsure, we hve no option20:02
*** robotanarchy has quit IRC20:03
*** robotanarchy_ is now known as robotanarchy20:03
freemangordonthough I still didn't try it (DT boot), still using legacy boot even with 3.14-rc120:03
silvioffreemangordon: yes - i have reactivate my n900 since 2 years and im impressed that we have some v3.13 branches in the repo20:03
freemangordonsilviof: which repo?20:03
*** sixwheeledbeast has quit IRC20:04
*** Superpelican has quit IRC20:04
silvioffreemangordon: yours ^^  freemangordons-linux-n900/v3.13-rc6-n90020:04
freemangordonsilviof: look closer, there is 3.14-rc1 :P20:04
*** mavhc has joined #maemo20:05
silvioffreemangordon: for me it is impresses enought not to have a 2.6 kernel.20:05
silvioffreemangordon: Than now i have a weekend project20:05
freemangordonsilviof: well, upstream is still not ready for primetime20:05
silvioffreemangordon: yea - i know - is a hard fight20:05
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC20:06
freemangordonsilviof: but in case you're not aware maemo 5 (with a little help) boots with that kernel20:06
freemangordonand is actually usable20:06
*** scoobert1on has joined #maemo20:06
freemangordon2 major subsystems are broken though - sound and cameras20:06
*** scoobert1on has quit IRC20:06
silvioffreemangordon: i'm not aware (my uptime of n900 is 3 days, before that i have a downtime of 2 years for the n900) - I have relearn many things in the n900 world.20:07
*** DrCode has quit IRC20:07
freemangordonsilviof: oh, check that one then:20:07
infobotsomebody said cssu-thumb was <DocScrutinizer05> [thumb2 microb] indeed seems to render like mad, subjectively, or, or
silviofhmm camera is not the problem, but sound is bad (for a telefon)20:08
freemangordonwell, speaker and jack work with the help of alsamixer20:08
freemangordonbut not the earphone, though sre reported that for him, earphone works but nothing else :D20:09
freemangordonand I can'f find enough spare time to push on that hard20:09
freemangordonsilviof: out of curiosity - why back to n900 after 2 years?20:10
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silvioffreemangordon: I hate android and all other "alternatives"20:11
silvioffreemangordon: I run 2 years with the strange emotion that I was cheat20:12
freemangordonanyway, /me gtg20:13
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sixwheeledbeastIs it the sensor broken or a problem with the magnet?20:22
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silvioffreemangordon: is the kernel development going on a separate mailinglist? or alkml?20:55
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