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sixwheeledbeasthmm, has something expired on our N900's, seems jabber and IRC has "network error" for all the N900's I have access to in the last few days.00:59
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keriothat's not good01:04
sixwheeledbeast^mmm got IRC working with SSL switched off.01:04
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sixwheeledbeastno luck with changing settings in jabber tho. Desktop pidgin seems fine.01:07
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sixwheeledbeastPossibly security/ipv6 test days on xmpp network?01:23
sixwheeledbeaststill not sure why IRC wasn't working.01:23
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DocScrutinizer05freenode SSL blowfish is flawed and thus disabled01:32
DocScrutinizer05I recall instructions saying "use PLAIN instead"01:33
DocScrutinizer05seems a bug in upstream blowfish implementation01:33
DocScrutinizer05all discalimer: IIRC01:33
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robotanarchyhello :) I'm trying to get something started on boot as root (start another program in a chroot). I've created a file in /etc/event.d with this content (not marked as executable, because the other files there aren't executable either), but it doesn't do anything on boot. may someone help me with that?04:27
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illwillcan anyone help with some pwnphone issues06:41
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DocScrutinizer05until you ask what's the actual problem06:58
infobotQuestions in the channel should be specific, informative, complete, concise, and on-topic.  Don't ask if you can ask a question first.  Don't ask if a person is there; just ask what you intended to ask them.  Better questions more frequently yield better answers.  We are all here voluntarily or against our will.06:58
illwilli have a n900 with pwnphone installed, wondering how to safely upgrade the kernel etc with breaking the wireless injection functions07:02
illwilli tried using an app called cleven, it gives error "warning the system did not find a known compatible kernel version for the injection drivers"07:02
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illwillsupposedly i need to get up to power kernel 51 to use it , but not sure of how to update it safely07:04
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DocScrutinizer05I suppose youz already have injection drivers needed for cleven07:10
DocScrutinizer05otoh powerkernel also comes with injection drivers but i dunno if they are 100% compatible with pwnphone method to load/enable them07:11
illwillhow do i update the power kernel07:12
infobotAn Open-Source POSIX Threads embedded real-time kernel. URL:
infobotit has been said that kp is
DocScrutinizer05I'd make a proper backup of the phone's current system though, incl kernel07:13
infobotsomebody said backupmenu was
DocScrutinizer05did you know that injection drivers been originally developed for pwnphone but been first released and available for powerkernel?07:15
DocScrutinizer05thus I wonder how pwnphone could possibly have another better newer kernel than KP07:16
DocScrutinizer05probably you just want to install a few pwnphone apps on top of standard maemo + KP07:16
illwilli was thinking that since pwnphone is outdated as hell and no supporting docs for anything07:17
illwillwould i just reflash a stock image to the phone?07:18
DocScrutinizer05sure, why not?07:20
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DocScrutinizer05it's a bit tricky meanwhile to find the fiasco image and flasher, but07:21
infoboti heard combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see (or )07:21
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infobothmm... maemo-flashing is
DocScrutinizer05pwnphone is really just a standard linux, maybe even maemo, with a (obsolete) powerkernel with injection drivers, plus maybe a few FOSS apps compiled for that target. And a rather thin "GUI" layer on top for the noobs, afaik07:23
DocScrutinizer05you prolly first will want to do a `uname -a`07:26
DocScrutinizer05and then (install and) use backupmenu07:26
illwillyea mines power46-w1107:27
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DocScrutinizer05dang, that's old07:36
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illwillyea :/07:41
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DocScrutinizer05anyway sounds like a kernel-power version, so I don't see why the original pwn system should fail when you update to KP5208:01
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zGrrmoin :)18:04
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mldrI just disassembled my N900 to fix USB port19:36
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mldrbut it actually doesn't feel loose at all19:36
mldrhowever, connection to pc or charging only occurs when I put some pressure to cable19:37
sixwheeledbeastwhat are the issues with your uUSB? not charging?19:37
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mldrusb connection is very unstable and I usually need to put some pressure for it to work19:37
mldrcould it be that USB port itself is broken and need to be changed?19:38
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mldrI've got spare micro-usb port just for that19:38
mldrbut I'm not sure if I can solder it right19:38
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mldrat this point it just doesn't look that usual method (epoxy) will change anything19:39
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mldris it even worth trying?19:39
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sixwheeledbeastnever use epoxy19:39
infobotit has been said that usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, or you will basically need two irons19:39
mldroh, I was following
mldrOk, I've seen that soldering fix before, but is that even applicable to my case? I mean, I though my problems were because of loose port and the fix was supposed to secure it, but after disasembly the port looks quite stable.19:42
mldrIs there any way to troubleshout port itself?19:42
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sixwheeledbeastI had intermittant usb issues on one device. I did the uUSB reinforce fix and it cured the issue. It seems to have reflowed the solder on the connections in the process.19:45
mldrok, I will try it then. I hope, I won't make it worse.19:45
sixwheeledbeastI can't see how unless you do something silly.19:46
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mldrbtw, are there any tutorials about fixing loose keyboard chassis?20:16
mldrI can imagine only slightly bending this metal carriage or whatever it is called20:16
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Superpelican_Does anyone know where the kernel-power source code is currently available?20:29
Superpelican_I would like to try to edit a kernel module and recompile it for my N90020:30
Superpelican_(the phone permanently thinks its back cover is open, so I can't access my SD card)20:30
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mldrI think it should be in repos20:40
mldryou know those deb-src lines in sources.list20:41
Superpelican_mldr: Ok, will take a look20:41
mldralso take look into backupmenu, it saved me quite a lot of reflashing20:42
Superpelican_mldr: /etc/apt/sources.list doesn't seem to exist20:44
mldrit's located in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ directory20:45
mldrcan't check the script name right now20:45
Superpelican_sixwheeldbeast: thanks20:49
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hxkaI can't establish USB network22:09
hxkaI get SIOSCIFADDR: No such device22:09
hxkamodprobe g_ether results in 'Error inserting g_ether (path to the .ko): Device or resource busy22:10
hxkak-p 5222:10
hxkahmm, pluggin in usb canle doesn't show usual pcsuite or mass storage dialog22:12
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infobothxka meant: hmm, pluggin in usb cable doesn't show usual pcsuite or mass storage dialog22:13
Siceloi'm on same kp, no such issues..22:13
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Sicelonot to say that reboot fixes things, heh.. but it's a good start when you have no other clue22:14
hxkaHe-he, really should've rebooted before asking22:14
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hxkaIt's interesting what may cause this anyway22:14
hxkaNo, reboot didn't help22:15
hxkaIs there a way to ask dpkg or apt which packages were installed last?22:16
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hxkals -lt /var/lib/dpkg/info/*list|less suffices, I guess22:19
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hxkag_file_storage was loaded for some reason22:23
hxkaAfter unloading him, I was able to load g_ether22:23
hxkaAfter which the dialog popped up22:24
hxkaafter which I was able to setup the network22:24
hxkaIt's still interesting what caused that22:26
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hxkaYeah, extended headphones cable length with N900, USB network, and arecord | nc | aplay22:41
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hxkaThe lag though :(22:57
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M4rtinKok then, Neo 900 donation/preorder done :)23:12
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infobotfrom memory, jrtools is
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