IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2013-09-17

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DocScrutinizer05could anybody check for weird possibly rogue gif linked in CSS? It looks quite rogue to me and it also causes huge delays and even error requesters for the invalid https cert:
DocScrutinizer05chem|st: ^^^00:14
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DocScrutinizer05warfare: ^^^00:16
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dos11DocScrutinizer05: AFAIK tapatalk is some forum plugin which makes browsing it easier on some mobile devices00:26
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dos1I've seen some request from someone on tmo recently to upgrade it00:27
DocScrutinizer05it's da shite00:27
dos1dunno, never seen, never used, just heard of it00:28
DocScrutinizer05cookie gif with http:// URL that doesn't even have a proper cert00:28
dos1well yep, that looks shitty :)00:28
DocScrutinizer05and loading of page stalls for 20s sometimes, seems it's related00:29
DocScrutinizer05https:// URL even00:29
DocScrutinizer05damn, my mouse is dead, in X11 only00:29
dos1usb hub?00:30
dos1I've had problems with input devices not working in X when connected via hub00:31
DocScrutinizer05nah, od /dev/input/event18 works just fine. Only X11 doesn't like it anymore00:31
dos1turned out there was some shitty udev rule for some device which internally used chipset of that hub :P00:31
dos1yup, it worked in console and /dev/input, just not in X00:32
dos1because it wasn't marked by udev as something X should use00:32
DocScrutinizer05resurrected it by plug-cycling mouse and switching to console1 and back to 700:32
DocScrutinizer05yeah, indeed00:33
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DocScrutinizer05anyway, what's your take about Ivgalvez' concerns?00:33
LjLmeh, everything's going wrong with ebay lately, got a phone stolen on its way here, and the USB-OTG cable i got doesn't appear to do the trick of letting my N900 talk to the RTLSDR :(00:34
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DocScrutinizer05LjL: try something simpler first! like a memory stick with a LED that shows when powered00:35
dos1DocScrutinizer05: I don't know what's the legal situation behind those binary blobs00:36
DocScrutinizer05we don't touch any binary blobs, so what's the problem?00:37
dos1you were mentioning here that Maemo was donated to community, together with those blobs00:37
dos1or did I understand it wrong?00:37
DocScrutinizer05err, well. We got permission from Nokia FOSS evangelist to use and redistribute them in CSSU at least00:38
LjLDocScrutinizer05, i tried a small MP3 player, it powers up and even goes into "connected" mode, although i honestly didn't even check whether it got mounted (or could be mounted) anyway... too busy writing people about my stolen phone ;( i'll try a bare USB key now. but anyway, the RTLSDR's LED does light up, it's just that "lsusb" invariably seems to hang up00:38
DocScrutinizer05hostmode is tricky00:39
dos1I guess no one said that CSSU has to be tied to just one hw platform?00:39
dos1anyway, I'm not worried that much about them00:39
dos1Nokia branding on cases may be worse00:40
DocScrutinizer05we need to remove that and place sticker on top00:41
DocScrutinizer05no doubt00:41
DocScrutinizer05I pondered that since several weeks now00:41
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DocScrutinizer05stickers shall suffice00:42
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DocScrutinizer05we might want to photoshop the picture(s)00:42
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DocScrutinizer05the NOKIA label at screen frame even culd get removed all together00:43
DocScrutinizer05dos1: for the blobs: we won't ship them, what we ship is an installation script that maybe pulls the image and flasher from the download sites, and requires user to enter valid original N900 IMEI00:44
DocScrutinizer05then we unpack and rearrange00:45
dos1...which is very easy to find in google :D00:45
DocScrutinizer05not our problem00:45
dos1sure, it's advantage ;)00:46
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DocScrutinizer05found another one similar gif cookie for google-analytics01:04
DocScrutinizer05the 20s delay vanished immediately after I posted first rant about tapatalk in here. Sure it's just incidence01:05
DocScrutinizer05I nevertheless start to wonder if I need some special setting in my browser to generally forbid such off-site links to get automatically loaded, I don't like them, on any webpage01:07
DocScrutinizer05when I browse site I geberally don't want to see info provided by site embedded into my original location01:09
DocScrutinizer05feels like a general design flaw of html01:09
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DocScrutinizer05sure I'd also lose all the embedded photos on tmo, for exmple. I'd also not need any AddBlock anymore... which gives me an idea of how to tackle and solve the issue01:11
DocScrutinizer05hell, I'm not blocking cookies and hitting escape a 50 times for each crappy page that I browse to, to reject all the cookies it might want to set, just to then get embedded "cookies" in the flavor of <img href=> or same for or google-analytics01:15
Win7Machi there!01:15
DocScrutinizer05Win7Mac: how's life?01:17
Win7MacTry Mac OS with little snitch and you'll be surprised how much shit pops up...01:17
Win7Macgood, thanks01:17
Win7Macjust received ma lenovo for a third time, the LED was ALAWAYS on, they now sent a new one01:18
nox-DocScrutinizer05, you seen the ff addon requestpolicy?01:18
DocScrutinizer05Win7Mac: battery LED?01:19
nox-also ghostery maybe01:19
DocScrutinizer05wil check them, thanks01:19
Win7Macstatus LED01:19
DocScrutinizer05err, on even when device off?01:19
Win7Macright, and no pulsing when in sleep01:20
DocScrutinizer05hmm, did it stay on when you remove battery? ;-P01:20
Win7Macfinally will have a ubuntu install soon...01:20
* DocScrutinizer05 suggests to stay away from buntkuh01:20
Win7Macits an edge s430, can't remove battery :(01:21
DocScrutinizer05even worse01:21
DocScrutinizer05I recently suggested OpenSuse to somebody in here, and he was content with it01:21
Win7Macgot it as a demo for <50001:21
infobotbuntkuh is probably ... Redmond, or
Win7Macwith 1 year gewährleistung01:22
DocScrutinizer05hmm, good that you got the warranty01:23
DocScrutinizer05device not shutting down is... sub-optimal01:23
Maceris there a way to access ms skydrive in maemo?01:23
DocScrutinizer05is there a way to skydive with maemo?01:23
Win7Macwell, will have to check if warranty will be available with new laptop. once its 1 year old + you did not extenmd it, it's gone01:24
DocScrutinizer05Macer: nfc, how would you access it on your linux desktop PC?01:24
Win7Macif new one is <1 year, I'll extend it immediately, just need to check if this one is finally ok01:25
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Win7Macthen place a neat little 265GB mSATA for systems, put a bootloader and it should rocket-fly01:26
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MacerDocScrutinizer05: i would use a browser. but i figured there may be a way to access it via 3rd party01:26
Macerit probably uses webdav not sure tho01:26
Macerwas hoping for a file manager that supported it but talk about grabbing at straws lol01:27
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int_uaHi. Anyone knows a good way to detect -thumb installation from bash?01:29
Win7MacDoc, re:
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Win7Mac...what exactly in these 8 pages?01:31
DocScrutinizer05Macer: I also guess it's webdav, if anything01:32
DocScrutinizer05Win7Mac: it is about constitution changes and comes with a nice explanation for each law text change, that tells you what that stuff is meant to actually do and why it got introduced01:33
Win7MacI mean, thanks for the link, but I really cannot do this alone in GER + ENG, even without community discussion01:34
Win7Macno one participating :(01:34
Win7Macnot exactly what an eV needs...01:35
Win7MacI agree tthough, that bank/paypal and NOK-NDA issues have prio01:36
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Win7Macthere is no urgent need to take action if we can resolve bank access, I think01:37
Win7MacBTW, Rob called HiFo a charitable Foundation!01:38
DocScrutinizer05I'm participating as good as I can01:38
Win7Macin a mail, en-passent...01:38
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* DocScrutinizer05 starts humming "F.Z. - Son Of Orange County"01:39
DocScrutinizer05and in your dreams01:39
DocScrutinizer05you can see yourself01:39
DocScrutinizer05as a prophet01:40
DocScrutinizer05saving the world01:40
Win7Mac...after I asked him directly, because I just can't stand the fact that I still just don't f*ckin know if we are 501(c)3 or not01:40
DocScrutinizer05the worse from your lips01:40
DocScrutinizer05I just can01:40
DocScrutinizer05't believe you are such01:40
DocScrutinizer05A FOOOOL01:40
Win7MacZappa, right01:40
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Win7MacPut smth. different on and you probably have a better day ;)01:44
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DocScrutinizer05best music ever01:45
Win7Macenjoy that one! pretty much the white Jimi Hendrix, isn't he?01:47
Win7MacI'm a bit later, ya know01:48
Win7Macbasically earlier...01:48
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MacerDocScrutinizer05: no big deal. i will write it off as "no"02:17
Maceri was just curious. it would help.02:18
DocScrutinizer05I think webdav should be possible02:18
Macerno big deal tho. my MS surface is on its way here. have to wait on UPS to bring it02:18
Maceri'm still wondering how tmobile was able to knowi was tethering tho02:18
Macermaybe by the browser id on my laptop?02:18
Macerit only stops port 8002:19
Macerodd thing is it also stops it if i ssh tunnel port 80 to another port02:19
Maceri was using mobile hotspot on the n90002:19
Macertethered to my windows laptop02:19
Macertmobile managed to redirect my browser to "you're tething" heh02:19
Macermaybe it's some awkward cookie02:19
Macernot sure exactly how they did it02:20
Macerit has to be because when i swap to a different browser it doesn't happen02:20
Macerit did it on a linux laptop too heh02:20
Maceri used opera and it redirected02:20
Maceri used rekonq and it didn't02:20
DocScrutinizer05seems it checks for known browser IDs02:21
Macermight be a cookie + browser id i suppose02:21
Maceri hope the windows rt browser uses some sort of mobile flag :)02:21
Maceralthough that still doesn't explain how it managed to do it when i tried an ssh tunnel02:21
DocScrutinizer05meh, just change your browser ID to sth weird02:21
Macerit only does it on port 8002:21
DocScrutinizer05also using https:// should avoid that more or less02:22
Maceryeah. i'll try that when i have to tether again02:22
Macerit isn't that big a deal because it doesn't block https heh02:22
Maceri tried to tunnel an address to my shell using an oddball port02:23
Macerand it still redirected me for some reason02:23
DocScrutinizer05just use a VPN ;-P02:24
Maceryeah. i was going to do that too02:24
Macerif i couldn't figure out how else to fix it02:25
Maceri will worry about it when i get my surface heh02:25
Maceri'm just glad the surface supports adhoc02:25
Macerunlike android02:25
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Win7Mactuned in to that suggested youtube mix and really enjoy it! my personal recommendation: DMB live in Central Park:
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Win7Mac*suggested zappa mix... alays found it too edgy earlier02:38
Win7Macin earlier days, ya know02:39
RiD rom di prisco, the crystal method, celldweller (his earlier stuff)02:39
RiDwe're talking about music, right?02:39
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Macerthere isn't a way to choose a particular opponent in miniature?02:50
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psycho_oreosJoy o joy with old nokia's discontinued products *sigh*.09:14
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Macerguess the tethering service for tmob could be added to a prepay acct for $15/month09:52
Macerso $45/month with the tethering included and unlimited data. i guess i can live with that09:52
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Macerbetter than ATTs $110 with no txting lol09:53
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jonwilGod USA phone plans suck10:03
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psycho_oreosStill sounds a lot better than the ones offered in .au :p there's no truly "unlimited" 3G plans.10:08
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jonwilI live in .au and the plan I am on is far better than most of what the USA seems to get10:13
psycho_oreosDoes yours provide truly unlimited data plan for $45-$90?10:14
jonwilHere in Oz I pay $15.95 per month and get 1GB of data plus $300 worth of credit to use on calls, text and data10:14
psycho_oreosI personally have never seen one yet I live in .au as well. All the plans seems to have extra costs if you exceed the quota.10:15
jonwilI can use my $300 on anything except international calls, international roaming and premium rate numbers10:15
psycho_oreosAh so your's isn't even unlimited :)10:15
jonwiland yes I pay extra if I go over the $30010:15
jonwilbut I have never hit that limit and I am a fairly heavy user (of data in particular)10:15
psycho_oreosor probably as well you pay extra if you went over 1GB/month plan.10:15
jonwilif I use more than 1GB per month, I can use my $300 included credit on data10:16
jonwilat 0.2c per kb10:16
psycho_oreosI'm sure running a few torrents through 3G will see you hit that limit in no time for instance.. or even mirroring
jonwilyes that is true10:16
jonwilbut that's what my 500GB ADSL2+ plan is for10:17
psycho_oreosI'd rather have a truly unlimited plan where I wouldn't have to worry about exceeding any sort of bandwidth (3G-wise). However the companies here are more than willing to take money off you should you exceed your specified quota.10:17
psycho_oreosYeah.. and being chained to wherever your ADSL2+ connection is. :)10:17
jonwilfine by me, I have 2 computers and both are desktops10:18
psycho_oreosI too have truly unlimited ADSL2+ here but its pointless because I have to stay at home just to use it.. its a huge pain.10:18
jonwilI have no real need to use lots of data when I am out and about, if I am downloading big files I can do it at home10:19
psycho_oreosHeh one of my laptops recently died but even if it didn't die or if I plan to use my device/phone for heavy internet usage such as torrenting some brand spanking new indie music I'd be paying through my nose if I wasn't cautions.10:19
jonwilyeah that's why I dont use my N900 for anything bandwidth-heavy10:20
psycho_oreos*shrugs* I guess that's where we differ :) preferences but regardless, there's no truly "unlimited" plan in .au for 3G. Simply put.10:20
jonwilyeah true10:20
*** kwork_ is now known as kwork10:20
jonwilI haven't seen an 100% unlimited data plan in the US either10:21
psycho_oreosAt once I did make my N900 mirror a few large sites, obviously not through 3G because I'd be paying through my nose if I were that stupid/naive.10:21
psycho_oreos*shrugs* I've heard they offer plans that will cap you (yes on 3G or whatever else they had) once you hit your quota. Nothing like that here.10:22
jonwilI haven't heard of those10:22
*** DrCode has quit IRC10:22
jonwilOver there they force you to pay expensive costs for a "data pack" just because you have a smartphone even if you dont want big amounts of data10:22
jonwiloh and "smartphone" means whatever the carrier wants it to mean10:22
psycho_oreosHeh I was on "data pack" some 3 years ago. It was one of the three optional packs because I chose to pay with rather expensive plan. The "data plan" offered 300MB instead of.. I don't know probably 100MB, instead I forfeit SMS pack or call pack just for data pack.10:24
* psycho_oreos is certain there's probably better plans in US. Even their connections throughout city-wise is reasonably faster (on the average) compared to .au.10:25
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psycho_oreosOh yeah that reminds me, I need to go back and fix this bloody issue up.10:29
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chem|stDocScrutinizer05: I will remove the link as soon as I am home tonight (tapatalk)11:32
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DocScrutinizer05chem|st: thanks!14:04
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DocScrutinizer05You summoned me?14:13
quackquackyep dude. can i send you a private message?14:14
DocScrutinizer05dunno, can you?14:14
quackquacki does.14:14
quackquackit does.14:14
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LjLthe USB-OTG cable works with a USB key i tried, but no luck with the RTLSDR :(17:21
*** larrfed has quit IRC17:23
psycho_oreosAhh DVB-T chip. I guess you'd need to compile the kernel driver/driver as I don't think anyone else would have used N900 for DVB-T stuff.17:27
*** konelix_ has joined #maemo17:38
DocScrutinizer05psycho_oreos: wrong17:38
DocScrutinizer05well, not exactly dvb-t17:39
DocScrutinizer05n900 can't prolly do that, not enough grunt, no drivers17:39
DocScrutinizer05but we're talking about SDR, not DVB-T17:39
psycho_oreosDocScrutinizer05, interesting, though when I googled RTLSDR, the first few results were DVB-T stuff. If only LjL had specified it was SDR stuff. :p17:41
DocScrutinizer05LjL: you used the enhanced booston script? (you do when you installed a semi-recent H-E-N). You might want to define a LED pattern in mce.ini to give you a clue about boostmode still active or already failed out due to e.g. overcurrent protection. rtlsdr sticks are power greedy17:42
DocScrutinizer05psycho_oreos: RTLSDR is about abusing a rtl2832 chip based dvb-t stick for SDR17:43
LjLpsycho_oreos, these cheap USB keys are *meant* to be DVB-T receivers, but in practice, people found out they can be used as pretty powerful and generic SDR receivers. they dubbed this use "RTLSDR"17:51
*** SpeedEvil_ is now known as SpeedEvil17:51
LjLDocScrutinizer05: hm, i tried using Pali's (?) usb host enabler script, which does have a LED pattern, and it stays on. but with h-e-n i currently have no LED pattern17:51
*** kaawee has quit IRC17:51
LjLstill, the RTLSDR's blue LED stays on17:51
LjLso it's getting *some* current17:51
psycho_oreosDocScrutinizer05 && LjL, ahh I see. All this is starting to make sense (as I was just reading wikipedia entries about it).17:53
LjLDocScrutinizer05: oh yeah i used the enhanced booston, maybe it was already in h-e-n, but anyway i copied it manually from your forum post about it17:53
DocScrutinizer05Pali's USB host enabler script is convenient as long as it works, but every so often it just fails where H-E-N still works17:56
DocScrutinizer05LjL: for LED pattern in H-E-N booston script you need to define a pattern in /etc/mce/mce.ini17:57
*** XATRIX has quit IRC17:57
DocScrutinizer05booston script has a comment about that part17:58
DocScrutinizer05I didn't add an auto-installed since that would have pulled in additional dependencies17:58
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LjLDocScrutinizer05, need to leave home now so can't try right away, but i'll let you know18:09
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FIQfilesystem corrupt for a 3rd time18:27
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FIQand this time it was definitely not caused by a hard shutdown18:51
FIQbecause my last shutdown was due to a battery dying...18:52
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DocScrutinizer05sorry for tmo IP-ban fsckup. Techstaff hopes your tmo admin will sort it out in due time19:45
DocScrutinizer05if you're not affected, all the better19:46
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Siceloquestion about ebook(epub) readers on maemo -- i have fbreader, mebook, and dorian installed (listed in order of worst to best performance). however all these can't do annotations/highlighting in epub files. Xournal can do this for PDfs, but obviously doesn't support EPUB.23:13
Sicelois there a reader that can add annotations or highlighting o an EPUB file one Maemo?23:14
infobotSicelo meant: is there a reader that can add annotations or highlighting o an EPUB file on Maemo?23:14
Sicelos/g o/g to/23:15
infobotSicelo meant: is there a reader that can add annotations or highlighting to an EPUB file one Maemo?23:15
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sixwheeledbeastSicelo: I have no idea but have you tried epubreader23:46
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