IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2013-08-09

M4rtinKfreemangordon: and had to be manually downloaded and installed (Mali drivers for the Tizen developer device)00:00
freemangordonM4rtinK: and give the fact I was able to run maemo5 powervr driver with kernel 3.2 and boot maemo into GUI, I think it shouldn't be that hard00:00
freemangordonM4rtinK: SGX drivers are freely redistributable, from the TI site00:01
M4rtinKfreemangordon: well it would make newer kernels possible, that would be indeed super nice ! :)00:01
freemangordonM4rtinK: well, I guess the first step should be to get ANY kernel in CSSU :D00:02
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freemangordonand I suspect Pali have long-term plans for newer kernel on n900(keeping maemo5), but don;t tell anyone :)00:03
freemangordonI only need some free time to try backprting PVR driver00:04
freemangordonbackporting even00:04
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M4rtinKfreemangordon: well I remember him talking about it back in 2012 in Prague at Openmobility in Prague :)00:04
M4rtinK-1*in Prague00:05
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freemangordonhowever, going to have some sleep, night00:08
sixwheeledbeastseems there are ~30 packages still to test that I have never installed or voted on. night fmg00:09
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LjL-Alpswhere are accurate, up-to-date information about the BME replacement? it appears it's part of the latest KP but i think it still needs some userland stuff, but i've been confused by searching.00:10
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Sysaxedhmm, I have messed with permissions a little bit, how to set default ones?00:14
LjL-Alpshopefully by a little bit you don't mean you chmod's half of / :P00:14
Sysaxedjust some of my files in  MyDocs00:15
sixwheeledbeastDDG says
LjL-Alpsi'm not looking for a search result, i'm looking for someone who knows a given page with instructions and information is accurate, up-to-date, appropriate for KP, etc00:17
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Sysaxedmost probably the user is wrong as well00:17
Sysaxed-rw-r--r-- 1 user users00:18
LjL-Alpslet me look00:19
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LjL-AlpsSysaxed: oh my device, everything in MyDocs seems to be user:root and rwxrwxrwx00:21
Sysaxedhuh I have different users00:22
Sysaxeduser users/1000 1000/root root00:23
Sysaxed1000 1000 are most probably files created from pc00:23
SysaxedLjL-Alps: don't you have fat on your mydocs?00:23
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LjL-AlpsSysaxed: uhm i haven't changed MyDocs in any way, should be FAT, but i just got this N900 used a few days ago. second00:25
LjL-Alpsyeah, it's vfat00:26
Sysaxedso no permissions there :)00:27
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LjL-Alpsyou're right of course00:40
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qwazixfreemangordon, sixwheeledbeast, I remember promoting rawcam a few days before the migration, I don't know why it's still on the queue...01:01
qwazixit is currently in extras01:01
sixwheeledbeastah hi qwazix, do you have a promote button?01:01
qwazixand freemangordon sorry for that bmo blunder it slipped off all of us I think...01:02
qwazixsixwheeledbeast, no I don't01:02
sixwheeledbeastmmm, it's seems that it is in extras and somehow not removed from testing queue.01:10
qwazixmaybe that's the case for other apps too?01:11
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo01:11
sixwheeledbeastsome of them possibly01:13
sixwheeledbeastI have ~30 tabs open with packages I will look at ASAP01:14
qwazixIt's not the case for battery widget, qt-mobile hotspot and abook-dtmf01:15
*** Vanadis_ has quit IRC01:16
qwazixneither wargus, omweather, and opera01:17
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qwazixnothing on page 4 of the list either01:18
qwazixnothing on page 201:20
qwazixsorry page 301:20
sixwheeledbeastSome of them have blockers even though they have enough votes.01:21
qwazixI found one
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sixwheeledbeastqwazix: which page of packages is that?01:26
qwazixI didn't get the question01:27
qwazix(I also found this
qwazixah sorry, page 201:27
qwazixIt's getting late and I don't think straight01:28
sixwheeledbeastrawcam is sorted now anywho.01:30
qwazixI think I got through all of them, only those two packages above exhibit this problem01:35
sixwheeledbeastsorted ta for that, that's three packages off the list anyway.01:37
sixwheeledbeastanywho, night #maemo :)01:38
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SysaxedOH GREAT02:21
Sysaxedso, I was copying 8gb of files to my mydocs folder02:21
Sysaxedthen, after it finished, I unplugged my phone02:21
Sysaxeduhh, it can boot up, but it doesn't show anything!02:22
Sysaxedfile manager says (no files/folders)02:22
Sysaxedand the phone hangs from time to time for periods about 1 minute02:23
Sysaxedwhat the? Should I run fsck?02:23
Sysaxeddf says that MyDocs is not even mounted02:25
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Sysaxedoh yeah02:32
Sysaxedfsck recovered it02:32
Wizzupnow to fsck the / :)02:35
WizzupI need to do that02:35
WizzupSomehow I doubt touch /fsck will work02:35
Wizzup(or whatever the exact file was)02:35
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nox-Sysaxed, guess you unplugged before it had finished writing...02:38
nox-(linux is crazy like that, writes long after the cp command `finished')02:39
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Sysaxednox-: yeah, I didn't expect it to break that hard02:45
nox-well unplugging a disk while its still being written to sure is likely to end up with a corrupted fs...02:47
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Sysaxedwhat is the easiest way to execute a script when charging starts?04:41
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keriofreemangordon: is extmou decent, though?11:30
kerioor does it do stuff like extkbd, with packages that replace system packages11:31
infobotwell, pali is
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kerioinfobot: bmerep is echo "deb ./" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bmerep.list11:39
infobotkerio: okay11:39
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, bmerep is echo "deb ./" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bmerep.list11:45
kerioinfobot: no, bmerep is `echo "deb ./" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bmerep.list`11:45
infobotokay, kerio11:45
infobotit has been said that bmerep is `echo "deb ./" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bmerep.list`11:45
kerioinfobot: forget bmerep11:45
infobotkerio: i forgot bmerep11:45
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DrCodehi all14:10
*** louisdk has quit IRC14:11
DrCodei am trying to sync maemo contacts with my car14:12
DrCodemy car start download but still cant get contacs14:13
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zeq1DrCode: there is an updated obexd around somewhere14:28
zeq1works for me14:29
zeq1this should probably go into CSSU14:31
*** Martix_ has quit IRC14:40
freemangordon_zeq1: it is in cssu14:45
*** freemangordon_ is now known as freemangordon14:45
zeq1latest version?14:45
freemangordonhmm, not sure, but I guess yes14:46
freemangordonwait, latest version of what?14:46
zeq1for whatever reason it only worked after I installed
*** uen has quit IRC14:47
zeq1freemangordon: btw, working on the toolchain... but I'm only connected via cell (away for the weekend)14:48
freemangordonzeq1: thats great, take your time14:48
*** rcg has joined #maemo14:48
zeq1freemangordon: I guess I didn't see the update because I had already manually installed14:49
freemangordonmost probably14:49
zeq1or I don't have the repo enabled... ?? possible...14:50
zeq1wife's working through n900 wifi hotspot so I'm not going to check right away ;)14:51
zeq1reception here is very poor14:52
*** uen has joined #maemo14:53
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LjL-Alpszeq1: assuming an ad-hoc wireless device can be called "hotspot" ;(15:07
*** shentey has quit IRC15:08
zeq1LjL-Alps: true, but short of having AP firmware it's the best I can do.  It works okay.  (I'm actually connected via USB/ModemManager)15:08
zeq1Normally, I'd share the connection via blutooth BNEP, but my wifes laptop has Windows7 and no admin rights. (Work laptop)15:09
LjL-Alpszeq1: i actually still think it's possible to do AP without a firmware change, but i guess i should speak when i've actually got it to work :P15:09
*** japa-fi has joined #maemo15:10
zeq1LjL-Alps: only if the existing firmware supports AP mode15:10
zeq1does it? I assumed it doesn't simply by the lack of an AP based hotspot app15:11
LjL-Alpszeq1: it doesn't, but it supports monitor mode, and from monitor mode, you can - with the right software - simulate the kind of device you like, according to my understanding15:11
LjL-Alpszeq1: i've actually already got it to broadcast something that my other devices recognized as an AP - i'm currently stuck at letting it work with WPA215:11
zeq1using supplicant?15:12
zeq1I've never looked too closely at the available APIs15:12
*** madalu has joined #maemo15:13
zeq1I'm qutie happy with dbus based automatic bluetooth/usb networking15:13
LjL-Alpszeq1: yeah. wpa_supplicant for the encryption, and airbase-ng to "simulate" an AP. they may not play well together. besides, i have zero knowledge about the wpa_supplicant.conf syntax. going to try again now15:13
LjL-Alpszeq1: that wouldn't be very useful for me, here we have 4 computers all using my 3G connection15:14
zeq1no problem with bnep and 4 computers as long as they have bluetooth :)15:14
LjL-Alpsit's not going to be very fast though, i assume15:14
zeq13G maxes out at 7Mbs anyway15:15
zeq1It would be nice to have a proper wifi AP though15:16
*** lxp has joined #maemo15:16
zeq1Bluetooth uses much less power however15:16
LjL-Alpszeq1: 3G does, HDSPA goes faster than that15:16
LjL-Alpsyeah for wifi AP one *definitely* needs to keep the phone plugged in, and even then, my phone doesn't really get enough power from the wall brick much of the time15:16
zeq1LTE does.  I've never seen more than 7mbs from 3g15:16
LjL-Alpszeq1: well, Wikipedia says: Current HSDPA deployments support down-link speeds of up to 42 Mbit/s. Further speed increases are available with HSPA+, which provides speeds of up to 337 Mbit/s with Release 11 of the 3GPP standards.15:17
zeq1I'm pretty sure that's LTE aka 4G15:17
zeq1(yes 4G is really 3G ;) )15:18
*** sunny_s has quit IRC15:18
zeq1on my connection here according to speedtest I only get 2.2 down and 1.5 up (rural location)15:19
*** sunny_s has joined #maemo15:20
LjL-Alpswell you can't base it on a single cell's reception, networks have widely varying cell ability. anyway HSDPA is what the N900 calls "3.5G", and i'm pretty sure it's not LTE, which is an entirely different and incompatible standard15:20
*** valerius has joined #maemo15:20
zeq1yes, N900 only does up to HSDPA15:21
LjL-Alps"... using a different radio interface ..."15:21
LjL-Alpsyes, and HSDPA is the one that goes  at 43Mbps :P15:21
LjL-Alpsat least it can in theory15:21
zeq1about 4G, see the wikipedia page above15:22
LjL-Alpsi have.15:22
LjL-Alpsthat was a quotation from it15:22
jon_yI can't even get 10Mbit out of wired internet15:22
jon_ywireless sounds like a lie too good to be true15:23
LjL-Alpsit also says "The LTE wireless interface is incompatible with 2G and 3G networks, so that it must be operated on a separate wireless spectrum."15:23
LjL-Alpsso i don't see how it can "really be 3G"15:23
zeq1LjL-Alps: ah okay :$15:23
LjL-Alpsit's not even transmitted on the same frequencies15:23
*** jmlich has joined #maemo15:24
zeq1because 3G is about the protocol/standards not the frequencies15:24
zeq1jon_y: wired ethernet on an n900?15:25
jon_yzeq1: on my PC15:25
LjL-Alpsyes well the protocol is entirely different too15:25
zeq1LjL-Alps: different countries use different frequencies anyway15:25
LjL-AlpsLTE doesn't even natively support voicecalls15:25
jon_ymultiply that with a million others devices/tablets15:25
jon_ysounds like something too good to be true15:25
zeq1LjL-Alps: voice has indeed been dropped15:25
LjL-Alpsseriously, it doesn't even use WCMDA, it has literally nothing in common with UMTS15:26
zeq1LjL-Alps: communication technoligies are very layered15:26
jon_ydesigned by committee15:27
zeq1upper level protocols are interchangeable without affecting the lower levels15:27
zeq1jon_y: I get ~800Mbs on my ethernet at home15:27
jon_yzeq1: yeah, that kind of insane speeds I can't imagine15:28
LjL-Alpszeq1: ok and i'm telling you most layers are different. maybe the upper couple of layers are similar, but then, you'd have to define me "3G": if "3G" is UMTS, then LTE is definitely not UMTS; if 3G is "short for third Generation, is the third generation of mobile telecommunications technology", as according to Wikipedia, then by definition, 4G is not 3G15:28
zeq1LjL-Alps: the wiki page opens with "LTE is a standard for wireless data communications technology and an evolution of the GSM/UMTS standards." speaks for itself I think.15:28
jon_yNetflix and streaming actually makes sense there15:28
zeq1I'm only going by what 3GPP says15:29
jon_yzeq1: do you get a routable IP address?15:29
zeq1"Although marketed as a 4G wireless service, LTE (as specified in the 3GPP Release 8 and 9 document series) does not satisfy the technical requirements the 3GPP consortium has adopted for its new standard generation, and which were originally set forth by the ITU-R organization in its IMT-Advanced specification."15:29
jon_yNAT everywhere for anything fiber15:30
zeq1jon_y: with what?15:30
jon_yyour 800mbit internet connection15:30
zeq1I only have a 50Mbit internet connection, my internal network is Gbit15:30
jon_yI wouldn't be surprised my next option has 2 layers of NAT15:31
jon_yoh ok 50Mbit15:31
jon_yalso, the sales people have no idea what NAT is15:31
zeq1I have an effectively routable IP address (technically not, but it only has changed once in 5 years)15:31
jon_yso I can't even move to something that is not my crappy DSL15:32
jon_ywhat do you mean effectively routable?15:32
jon_ybridge mode is the only way to go on DSL15:32
zeq1I have only 1 external IPv4 address, but I have an IPv6 tunnel ;)15:33
jon_yI too have IPv6 tunnel, over 6TO415:33
jon_ypublic 6TO415:33
LjL-Alpszeq1: the EeePC i'm typing from is an IBM compatible computer, yet it's certainly not the same "generation" as the IBM PC, and this isn't even an accurate analogy, because this *is* compatible with the IBM PC, while LTE is *not* compatible with GSM/UMTS (phones need to be dual-mode, or LTE-only). i suggest you check the Wikipedia parapgraphs i quoted, too, for things that speak for themselves.15:33
zeq1I need to go walk my dog, I'll be back later (wife nagging)15:34
jon_yso NAT'ed ipv4 but routable ipv6?15:34
jon_yah ok, I wish my ISP supported ipv615:35
zeq1but I also use IPv4 address as a public address with a DNS server running on it...15:35
jon_yagain, sales people go "huh? what's IP?"15:35
jon_ythey keep telling you the virtues of moving to fiber though15:36
jon_ycool website15:36
jon_ylittle known fact, 6TO4 works on any ipv4 addressed device15:37
jon_yas long as it is publicly routable address15:37
jon_ythis fact seems to escape most sales people15:38
zeq1shame my services are down right now due to hdd failure :(15:40
LjL-Alpshdd failures :(15:40
zeq1insufficient cooling :(15:41
zeq1anyway, off now...15:41
* LjL-Alps is kind of surprised there are so few [working] SUPL servers known to be available, and that SUPL itself is so obscure a thing15:41
*** rcg has quit IRC15:41
LjL-Alpswhy can't, say, OpenCellID offer a SUPL server?15:42
LjL-Alpsor for that matter, can't we "inject" locations into Maemo, so that things like cellnet-info could actually be providers of coarse location?15:43
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo15:49
zeq1LjL-Alps: it's probably due to the amount of traffic a SUPL server would receive given there are so few of them.15:52
r00t|homegiven the privacy concerns, an open supl server would be an interesting project tho'15:58
zeq1LjL-Alps:  Just reading:
zeq1It should definitely be possible to utilize GSM information15:59
zeq1possible != easy16:01
*** rcg has joined #maemo16:02
zeq1is there a public library/API for accessing the GSM modem on Maemo?16:16
zeq1Hurrian: and that has access to location information/GPS Control Plane?16:18
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo16:18
Hurrianzeq1: you can read out gps, sure, but the protocol's closed.16:18
zeq1Hurrian: I mean for getting network a-gps data16:19
*** rcg has quit IRC16:20
Hurrianzeq1: haven't played around with agps, sorry.16:20
zeq1I assume the n900 doesn't currently do a-gps other than via SUPL?16:20
Hurrianyes, AGPS is provided by supl.16:20
zeq1*other than*16:21
Hurrianonly toyed around with the phone control part so far.16:21
*** rcg has joined #maemo16:21
zeq1GSM also provides a-gps data16:21
zeq1(but only if implemented)16:21
LjL-Alpszeq1: that's interesting. those guys seem to use a protocol called GRIP instead of SUPL, though. if we found an open source SUPL server (i know there is something called "supl-proxy" that may be adapted, maybe), we could probably run the SUPL server directly on the N900, and get its info from OpenCellID16:22
LjL-Alpsas to privacy concerns, i'd honestly rather communicate with an open, non-profit server than Nokia or Google ;)16:23
LjL-Alpsi don't think network-assisted GPS is very common at all in Europe, i'm under the impression it's much more common in the US with CDMA (actually, iirc CDMA cells just directly broadcast their latitude and longitude, which is quite something)16:24
zeq1yes, we know, they know where we are ;)16:24
LjL-Alpsbut i may very well be wrong16:24
LjL-Alpsi mean network-assisted as in non-SUPL16:24
LjL-Alpsmy cssu-devel battery applet has gone crazy, i had 1000mah left out of 5mah :P16:25
LjL-Alpsno wonder it's 100%16:25
zeq1LjL-Alps: I honestly don't know, I just had my interested piqued so did a quick googling16:25
zeq1"4G" should have location support to (doesn't help N900 though)16:26
zeq1for UMTS and TS44.031 for GSM16:30
zeq1of course it may not be widely deployed?16:31
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC16:42
*** Natch has joined #maemo16:45
*** lexik has joined #maemo16:47
LjL-Alpsi've got too many things i'm playing with on my new N900, i should pick one and concentrate on it :P or at least write the list down 'cause i keep forgetting16:52
zeq1I've just got too many things to do.. :P16:54
lexikI know that feeling :D But thats normal... in my case: DOSBox, PyBrain/FANN/other neural networks stuff, Arch Linux, Gentoo, NITDroid and finally the broken USB port (still waiting for my microUSB ports from
*** flo_lap has quit IRC16:57
lexikOh yeah and qemu, n2n and GPIO fun (IR night vision :D)16:58
*** Sysaxed has joined #maemo17:01
*** Sysaxed has left #maemo17:01
LjL-Alpsi hope my USB port survives for a while, i have no idea about soldering and such stuff17:03
LjL-Alpsi have a USB cable with very loose "clamps", that hopefully won't put too much of a strain on the port when removing17:03
*** eijk_ is now known as eijk17:04
r00t|homethe main problem is not removing, but the phone dropping off your desk with the charger connected ;)17:06
lexikthe broken usb is now not a big problem for me (2 batteries and external charger) but im scared about reflash :D (that means no crazy uboot/alternative systems stuff :-/).. so only things i can do with my glorious n900 now is smsing/phoning/browsing and finaly the python coding17:07
lexikin other words: nothing interesting :D17:08
LjL-Alpsheh, funny, i can tune the N900's FM receiver to the N900's FM transmitter, and see the RDS info from it :P17:09
lexikin something two weeks i expect the usb's from dx so i will try my soldering skills (it is going to be funny - but not for me)17:09
lexik* in two weeks -- -1* something17:10
*** rcg has quit IRC17:13
zeq1lexik: you're very unlikely (or unlucky) to have a problem flashing17:15
zeq1it's all pretty well tested by now17:16
*** konelix_ has joined #maemo17:16
*** konelix_ has quit IRC17:17
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC17:18
kerioLjL-Alps: :D17:20
kerioshame there's no good way to set the rds info17:21
keriois there?17:21
*** Smily has joined #maemo17:24
*** japa-fi has quit IRC17:27
*** johnsu01 has quit IRC17:29
*** johnsu01 has joined #maemo17:29
*** woodong50- has joined #maemo17:29
*** woodong50- has quit IRC17:30
*** VDVsx has quit IRC17:36
*** e-yes has quit IRC17:37
*** gomiam has joined #maemo17:38
*** Sysaxed has joined #maemo17:39
*** gomiam has quit IRC17:39
*** Sysaxed has left #maemo17:40
*** madalu has quit IRC17:43
*** arcean has joined #maemo17:45
LjL-Alpskerio: uh, i thought there was, i have an RDS widget installed that's supposed to show you callers' names on the radio. i haven't actually tested it since my car radio seems to be N900-proof, and my home radio has no RDS17:47
LjL-Alpskerio: still, find /sys | grep rds shows a few things. apparently no "raw" RDS interface though, to send AF signals or other stuff17:47
ecc3gcat /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-2/2-0063/rds_ps_name ?17:47
kerioi meant UI-wise17:47
keriothe last time i heard, there was something that kept resetting the station name to NOKIA17:48
*** sunny_s has quit IRC17:48
jon_yNokia thought it would make a nice ad :)17:48
LjL-Alpskerio: that's possible, it did show "Nokia" on FMRadio even though i had told FMRDSWidget (or whatever it's called) to show something else17:49
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo17:49
kerioyou just have to keep hammering on it i think17:49
kerioalso, rds also has some "extra info" thing17:49
keriofor song titles and stuff like that17:50
keriobut not many things support it17:50
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo17:51
*** ced117 has quit IRC17:52
*** zeq1 has quit IRC17:52
LjL-Alpskerio: that can be set i think, it's rds_radio_text17:52
LjL-Alpswhat would be extra-nice though is this:17:52
LjL-Alpsthe Nokia keeps monitoring its own tx frequency using the rx (or maybe the TX itself can do it, i read somewhere that the chip can, although it's not done); if it realizes there's too much interference on that frequency,  it scans for another free one, and then sends an RDS AF signal to make the car radio switch17:53
kerioin theory, it would work17:54
LjL-Alpsbut it can't be done if we have no access to the RDS signals like AF17:54
LjL-Alpson an unrelated note: [POLL] KP52 or KCSSU (for Thumb)?17:55
*** ced117 has joined #maemo17:55
*** Vanadis_ has quit IRC17:55
keriothey're literally the same thing17:56
LjL-Alpsoh and if it were possible to send the TP (i think that's what it's called, Traffic Program) signal, we could make CD/tape playback interrupt itself when a call is incoming17:56
keriothat, too, would be neato17:56
LjL-Alpskerum: uhm, are they? i was reading some wiki page listing patches that were taken out of KCSSU... also, if i reboot from KP into KCSSU, things go awry and i have to remove the battery17:57
keriowhy aren't you listening to your n900's music playback?17:57
kerioinstall kcssu's modules i guess17:57
LjL-Alpskerio: heh17:57
freemangordonLjL-Alps: kerio: for RDS, AF, TP and such, we only need to tweak fmtx kernel module17:58
freemangordonand export different sysfs nodes17:58
kerioisn't it a userland daemon?17:58
LjL-Alpson the RX side, it would be nice if we could receive TMC (the car traffic info), and use it with some maps program17:58
kerioor is that just for audio?17:58
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon: that's closed-source though right?17:58
kerioLjL-Alps: we've got the internet now17:58
keriostop trying to make radio happen17:59
kerioit ain't gonna happen17:59
LjL-Alpskerio: heh17:59
freemangordonwe deiscussed once the "NOKIA" thingie17:59
freemangordonand it seems it is illegal in Europe to have RDS changing the text17:59
LjL-Alpskerio: seriously though... there's literally no "free" traffic info available (aside from Waze, which is closed-source now and we only have an old version)17:59
keriofreemangordon: wat17:59
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon: uuuh?17:59
freemangordonand we decided that for safety we'll keep it that way17:59
kerioitaly's public radio stations do it18:00
freemangordonreading while driving isn;t the safest way to drive ;)18:00
freemangordonkerio: they do it here too, , so what?18:00
kerioso yeah, it's not a european thing18:00
freemangordonit is18:00
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon: also wait, what does that mean, that my FMRDS widget won't actually work, and that neither will the N900's player show the song's name like the sysfs things would indicate?18:00
freemangordonthey just don;t obey the rules18:00
kerio*what* is illegal, exactly?18:00
freemangordonLjL-Alps: it will almost work18:01
kerioLjL-Alps: to be fair, rds station name is an awful way to display the title of a song18:01
kerioyou only have like 8 characters18:01
LjL-Alpskerio: well, it can be made to scroll18:01
freemangordonLjL-Alps: wanna some Qt code doing that?18:01
keriowhich looks awful with a non-monospaced font18:01
freemangordon(written by me)18:01
keriofreemangordon: i vote cssu ships a tweaked module that displays "PENIS" instead of "NOKIA"18:01
kerioyou can just hexedit it, too!18:02
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon, i have no clue yet how to cross-compile anything for Maemo, and as of now i'm on capped 3G so couldn't even download a toolchain18:02
freemangordonLjL-Alps: it listen to mafw, displays "Maemo FM" instead of "Nokia", etc18:02
freemangordonLjL-Alps: you can do the same in python18:02
freemangordonand use Qt code as an example18:03
freemangordonwhat to do, as it is a bit tricky18:03
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon: the FMRDS widget is supposed to display "Maemo FM" too by default, are you sure its author didn't use your code initially18:03
freemangordonI wrote it because FMRDS widget doesn't war as intended on >=PR1.318:03
LjL-Alpsah, i see18:04
LjL-Alpswell sure, send away. i should get my RTLSDR to work on this computer so i can actually see RDS data18:04
freemangordonand "Maemo FM" was what was visible on <=PR1.218:04
LjL-Alpsdo any of you have an RTLSDR dongle?18:04
freemangordonor 1.1, can;t remember18:04
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon: one thing, if it's illegal in *Europe*, won't changing "region" in sysfs override it? (although i have no idea which regions 1-2-3-4-5 correspond to)18:06
freemangordonI guess no, it is hardcoded afaik18:07
sixwheeledbeastWait "Maemo FM"? I have never seen this, only "Nokia"18:08
freemangordonseems you're to young for that :P18:09
LjL-Alpsi'm youngest18:09
LjL-Alpsmy N900 is like two weeks old!18:09
freemangordonit includes compiled binary too18:10
sixwheeledbeastI was looking for a why to change this from Nokia permanently but gave up.18:10
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: look at the zip ^^^18:11
sixwheeledbeastyoung! I have had one since 201018:11
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: weird, Nokia changed that in PR1.2 or 1.318:12
freemangordonhmm, maybe it was in 1.218:12
sixwheeledbeastI remember updating to PR1.2 weeks after getting it TBH18:13
sixwheeledbeastSo what is this "zip" a qt package?18:14
freemangordonqt project18:14
*** qwazix_ has joined #maemo18:14
freemangordonwhich displays the currently playing song on your radio display18:14
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC18:14
*** qwazix_ has joined #maemo18:15
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon: thanks, had a look, but i don't think i understand what the key "trick" is, as far as i can understand, you're sending a few dbus fmtx requests, giving them some massaged text18:15
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: along woth "Maemo FM"18:15
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC18:15
sixwheeledbeastWell since CSSU I have had next playing song on the second line of RDS text IIRC18:15
freemangordonLjL-Alps: the key is that you listen to fmtx dbus service "Changed" signal18:16
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon: ah, to change it back immediately?18:16
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: well, my BMW Business radio has only one line18:16
sixwheeledbeastI just wish to be able to stop the top line from reverting to Nokia after I change it with fmtx_client18:16
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: then ^^^ will do the job for you, you'll need to tweak it a bit ofc18:17
sixwheeledbeastOne line RDS on a beamer WTF? ;)18:17
freemangordonyep, it is stock Business Radio18:17
freemangordonand my car is not the last X6 ;)18:17
LjL-Alpsapparently someone has written a TMC-capable driver for the N900's RX18:18
sixwheeledbeastI will have a play thanks.18:18
LjL-Alpswell, not specifically TMC-capable, just something that lets you look at the raw RDS stream18:18
*** madalu has joined #maemo18:18
freemangordonLjL-Alps: check the stuff in /sys, there are lots of things there18:18
*** shamus has quit IRC18:19
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon: i saw there are many things for the tx, but had thought the rx was only usable through dbus. i'll look better18:19
freemangordonLjL-Alps: AIUI dbus end in /sys :)18:19
freemangordonthough it was some time ago I last played with rx/tx, so I might be wrong18:20
*** shamus has joined #maemo18:20
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: BTW how's promotion going, I saw not many interested in your thread :(18:21
LjL-Alpsone funny thing i found in sys about the TX was an "antenna_capacitor" parameter, that apparently depends on the tuned frequency, and if you change it to something not good for that frequency, signal gets worse18:22
sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: lots of thanks so people are interested.18:22
freemangordonLjL-Alps: apparently you should leave that to "auto" :P18:22
sixwheeledbeastAlso nicolai has pushed connectagram through to testing so it is working.18:23
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: hmm, ok, I hope you're right18:23
LjL-Alpsfreemangordon: yep, it seems the driver makes the best choice. still funny :P18:23
sixwheeledbeast #maemo PLEASE QA and VOTE18:23
freemangordonLjL-Alps: no, it is the chip itself that does it iird18:24
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo18:24
sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: if all stays quiet. I may feature a package I have tested in that thread each week or something. Did you see that some of the testing queue were already in extras too.18:29
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: both in the queue and in extras?18:29
freemangordonI guess those in the queue are newer versions18:30
sixwheeledbeastcorrect see logs from 30 minutes after you went to bed last night, exact same package.18:31
sixwheeledbeastqwazix and I found some.18:31
sixwheeledbeastbot missing?18:31
freemangordon~rape infobot18:31
freemangordonDocScrutinizer51: she is dead18:32
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: oh, I see, another DB mess :(18:33
freemangordonit is sorted out now, correct?18:33
*** ketil_k has joined #maemo18:34
sixwheeledbeastyep, sorted ;)18:42
freemangordonanyway, i have to run18:42
*** lexik has quit IRC18:44
brolin_empeyfreemangordon: Or morning in the Pacific Time Zone. ;-)18:45
sixwheeledbeastOr afternoon if UTC ;)18:46
Lava_Croftor just say whatever it is at your place and expect any other IRC user to not make note of his different timezone18:48
Lava_Croftbut since most people lack that common sense, nerds had to invent UGT18:48
* brolin_empey is reminded of the amibiosornot Web site.18:51
*** Xierra has joined #maemo18:52
*** arcean has quit IRC18:55
*** Xierra has quit IRC18:58
sixwheeledbeastugt was to stop noise from making note of his/her's different timezone.19:00
*** sixwheeledbeast^ has joined #maemo19:04
*** lexik has joined #maemo19:07
*** bef0rd has quit IRC19:10
*** bef0rd has joined #maemo19:11
*** ced117 has quit IRC19:11
LjL-Alpsis the bluetooth/fmrx module supposed to be called "bcm2048" or "radio_bcm2048"? i have the latter with KP52 and KCSSU, but only some fm radio programs work (C FM Radio i think)19:13
*** sixwheeledbeast^ has quit IRC19:14
*** bef0rd has quit IRC19:16
*** shentey has joined #maemo19:19
*** Martix_ has joined #maemo19:21
*** sixwheeledbeast^ has joined #maemo19:22
*** jon_y_ has joined #maemo19:23
LjL-Alpsuhm also is /dev/radio0 on your devices the transmitter or the receiver? for me (right now at least) radio0 is the transmitter, but it seems not to match some source code i have19:25
*** jon_y_ has quit IRC19:26
*** jon_y has quit IRC19:26
*** lexik has quit IRC19:27
*** jon_y has joined #maemo19:29
*** Mike11 has joined #maemo19:35
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*** trumee has joined #maemo20:20
LjL-Alpsuhm just double checking, there isn't an official or otherwise sleek car mount for the N900, is there20:23
*** DrCode has quit IRC20:28
*** LauRoman has quit IRC20:29
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo20:30
sixwheeledbeast^LjL-Alps: sleek?20:31
*** DrCode has joined #maemo20:32
sixwheeledbeast^What car?20:34
*** sixwheeledbeast^ has left #maemo20:36
*** sixwheeledbeast^ has joined #maemo20:36
*** eMHa_ has quit IRC20:37
LjL-Alpssixwheeledbeast^: sleek as in, suited for the specific phones. there are "universal" car holders, but they're typically very large and have to be "set up". (any car, i mean just a suction cup holder)20:41
LjL-Alpsmy Motorola Milestone's car holder is the best. the phone just clicks into it20:41
sixwheeledbeast^I have a friend with a skoda A-pillar mount for N900 but I am not sure how that works for different cars.20:41
sixwheeledbeast^LjL-Alps: He has the slight issue of the mount hitting the power button due to it's "sleek" design. momplz and I'll ask him.20:44
sixwheeledbeast^He believes it's a Brodit Pro-clip with extra bits to suit Skoda A pillar.20:45
sixwheeledbeast^you can have the keyboard open too if there's clearance.20:47
sixwheeledbeast^but auxillary covers have to be removed to slide it into the holder20:50
sixwheeledbeast^found it
*** sixwheeledbeast^ has left #maemo20:52
*** sixwheeledbeast^ has joined #maemo20:52
*** shanttu has joined #maemo20:53
*** sq-one has quit IRC20:53
LjL-Alpssixwheeledbeast^: uhm, not sure which brodit, the ones i see on google are still pretty bulky. the one my phone has is like this - i guess one could always do what's been done here
Lava_Croftdamn, i need a N900 holder like that for my bicycle20:56
Lava_Croftthe one swb linked20:56
sixwheeledbeast^As I say it seems to catch the power button on insertion, other than that my friend is happy with it.20:58
Lava_Crofti now use icecream box carton and a lot of ductape20:58
sixwheeledbeast^500ml plastic bottle not work?20:59
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC20:59
Lava_Crofti use carton to fold a good shape and tape to strengthen20:59
*** FlameReaper has joined #maemo20:59
Lava_Croftusually lasts over a year before the adhesive on the metal dissolves20:59
Lava_Croftill link a pic soon, too lazy to find it on this tiny screen:)21:00
*** FlameReaper has quit IRC21:03
*** florian has joined #maemo21:08
*** sixwheeledbeast^ has left #maemo21:23
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*** LauRoman has joined #maemo22:02
LjL-Alpsoh neat there's a newer version of Waze on google code22:14
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo22:16
*** TriztAway is now known as Trizt22:17
*** sq-one has joined #maemo22:22
*** dhbiker has quit IRC22:22
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*** sunny_s has joined #maemo22:30
LjL-Alpshey, try using FCamera with the "flash led always on" option, and putting your finger on the LED (but careful, it might be kinda hot), only pressing slightly... you'll immediately understand how "heartrate" apps work, by either looking at the pulsating colors, or at the changing histogram22:31
SpeedEvilLjL-Alps: Also:22:41
*** jonne|reconnecte has joined #maemo22:41
*** Lava_Cro1t has joined #maemo22:42
*** Lava_Croft has quit IRC22:45
*** at1as has joined #maemo22:50
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*** dos11 has quit IRC22:52
*** arcean has joined #maemo22:55
*** RzR has quit IRC23:04
*** RzR has joined #maemo23:04
RzR Where to find a mirror of #scratchbox /debian/dists/harmattan/main/binary-armel ? #HarmattanDev #N950club #MeeGo #n923:08
*** ShadowJK has quit IRC23:09
RzR Where to find a mirror of #scratchbox /debian/dists/harmattan/main/binary-armel ? #HarmattanDev #N950club #MeeGo #n923:10
*** ShadowJK has joined #maemo23:15
*** mvp_ has joined #maemo23:29
*** arcean has quit IRC23:32
LjL-AlpsSpeedEvil: ah yeah, the new Kinect too can sense your heartrate i think23:33
LjL-AlpsSpeedEvil: and for Android there's an app that does it, but i don't have a front camera so it won't work for me (also, slow)23:34
*** sunny_s has quit IRC23:34
LjL-Alpsi'm sure it could be done with the N900's front camera... i mean, it's not like it's dark at all :P23:34
*** ShadowJK has quit IRC23:34
SpeedEvilIt should also be doable quite easily with broadcast or streaming video23:34
*** ShadowJK has joined #maemo23:34
LjL-AlpsSpeedEvil: yeah, that part *is* creepy23:37
*** sunny_s has joined #maemo23:37
LjL-AlpsSpeedEvil: especially when you check out the article linked *from* the one you linked to, which gives an example of "amplifying" a blush :P23:37
SpeedEvilYou can also get oxygen saturation, and breathing rate.23:38
LjL-Alpsit's funny how the N900 has so many potential methods - GSM network, NTP, GPS, FM RDS - to determine the correct time, but still has to ask you whenever you swap the battery :P23:39
LjL-AlpsSpeedEvil: breathing rate yeah, the Android app does that - but oxygen saturation? i thought that required watching two frequencies one of which probably had to be infrared23:39
SpeedEvilYou can pick it up somewhat as I understand it - it depends on skin tone23:40
LjL-AlpsSpeedEvil: actually the reason i tested this on the N900 at all was because i suspected its white+red LED combo might allow it to be used as a pulse oxymeter23:40
SpeedEvilWhite LEDs typically have zero output in IR23:40
LjL-Alps(as opposed to just heart rate monitor, which is obviously doable)23:40
LjL-AlpsSpeedEvil: well but what about the red LED? you know, the "privacy" led that lights up when recording a video23:41
SpeedEvilThat will just be red23:41
LjL-AlpsSpeedEvil: besides, i'm not really sure you need IR, maybe you just need two different-enough frequencies23:41
SpeedEvilAgain - those are pretty narrowband23:41
SpeedEvilThe CIR transmitter in principle might work - I can't remember where that is23:41
LjL-AlpsSpeedEvil: it's kind of in the wrong place, near the camera button23:42
*** shanttu has quit IRC23:44
*** kolp_ has quit IRC23:49
*** ced117 has joined #maemo23:53
*** nox- has joined #maemo23:58

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