IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2013-07-23

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DocScrutinizer05dang, not even strace left me any wiser00:15
DocScrutinizer05*might* be related to content of /etc/timezone which is a link to a binary00:15
DocScrutinizer05lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 33 2013-06-18 05:17 /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin00:15
DocScrutinizer05nah, sorry, scrap that00:16
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DocScrutinizer05  :-/00:57
povbot_Bug 463: Date format should be user defined00:57
DocScrutinizer05seems some gasheads compiled in hard date format to some stuff00:58
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DocScrutinizer05and, as usual, the *extremely helpful*¡ BS from Nokia forum01:03
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povbot_Bug 8291: Enable CONFIG_LOCALE_SUPPORT in busybox01:08
DocScrutinizer05 RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON01:09
povbot_Bug 8291: Enable CONFIG_LOCALE_SUPPORT in busybox01:10
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DocScrutinizer05BWAHAHAHAHA id=8291#c701:11
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DocScrutinizer05  Eero Tamminen   what a bonehead01:18
povbot_Bug 8291: Enable CONFIG_LOCALE_SUPPORT in busybox01:18
DocScrutinizer05yessir, queenbeecon for example01:18
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DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: baseline, pt_PT looks nice, and don't hope for messybox. As usual01:27
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DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: for bash+gnutils: LC_ALL=sv_SE date +%x01:32
DocScrutinizer05LC_TIME=sv_SE date +%x  works as well01:32
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DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# LC_TIME=sv_SE date01:34
DocScrutinizer05tis 23 jul 201301:34
DocScrutinizer05I *think* there's a tool around locale to chenge the default time format in a locale01:35
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DocScrutinizer05i.e. in /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Berlin or whatever is yours01:36
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DocScrutinizer05localedef comes to mind01:43
DocScrutinizer05       If the second argument to setlocale(3) is empty string, "", for the default locale, it is determined using the following steps:01:45
DocScrutinizer05       1.     If there is a non-null environment variable LC_ALL, the value of LC_ALL is used.01:45
DocScrutinizer05       2.     If an environment variable with the same name as one of the categories above exists and is non-null, its value is used for that category.01:45
DocScrutinizer05       3.     If there is a non-null environment variable LANG, the value of LANG is used.01:45
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DocScrutinizer05also see strftime(3)01:47
DocScrutinizer05       The environment variables TZ and LC_TIME are used.01:47
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Lava_Croftthats one ugly brick02:52
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SpeedEvilI like it.02:56
SpeedEvilThe software has fundamental issues, to a degree.02:57
SpeedEvilIf users need one android app occasionally, they're staying in android.02:57
SpeedEvilThe other huge elephant in the room. This thing isn't shipping till next summer, or I'll eat it.03:01
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SpeedEvilI might sort-of-consider one. If it wasn't for the 28 day warranty.03:02
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wmaroneheh, inside of my n900's slider is like a keyboard after a few months05:28
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psycho_oreosI'm guess all the accrued dust, grease, etc has gathered around the slider, keyboard area.05:53
wmaroneoh yes05:59
* wmarone blasts it clean05:59
SpeedEvilah. right05:59
wmaronepotential brain transplant test subject05:59
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DrCodehi all07:54
DrCodeI want to format my microsd, what filesystem to use? ext3 or ext2?07:55
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psycho_oreosDon't know, split microSD in half, format one with ext2 and the other with ext3. See which one rubs on you better..08:14
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kerioDrCode: ext409:10
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SAiF^^ does mamo support ext4?10:14
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keriokernel-power does10:51
kerioand the automounter from cssu supports anything you throw at it, with kernel support10:51
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SAiFhmm okay...  kerio11:00
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XATRIXHi, i have VERY bad skype video quality... The picture of persion i call is terrible blocked13:43
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XATRIXMy video almost hang on the other side13:44
XATRIXBut the tiny window on my screen shows good cam performance13:44
XATRIXWhat's wrong with it ?13:44
XATRIXI have quite good enough connection13:44
DrCodehi all13:44
DrCodeI can't mount ext413:44
DrCodehas loop13:45
DrCodeI got invalid option13:45
DrCodeany idea?13:45
XATRIXDocScrutinizer05: any ideas ?13:46
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DocScrutinizer05XATRIX: you most probably have either generally flawed poor bandwidth connection to internet, or your carrier (or far end's carrier) do traffic shaping based on SPI, thus violating net neutrality (<-not sure if that's the correct english term)13:49
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XATRIXI call for my partner that is beside me13:50
XATRIXIn the same office13:50
DocScrutinizer05oh haha13:50
DocScrutinizer05not that this usually makes any difference, since... it's internet13:50
DocScrutinizer05but given the way peer2peer networks like skype work, this particularl situation might introduce special obstacles13:51
DocScrutinizer05e.g when you both use same LAN with a router that does no local loopback13:52
DocScrutinizer05thus for reaching your far end next to you, you need a relay somewhere outside your LAN13:52
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XATRIXCan i skype you?13:53
DocScrutinizer05while everybody else you could reach directly with no intermediate hops13:53
DocScrutinizer05no skype here13:53
XATRIXAnyone can help me to test it ?13:53
japa-fixatrix make another skype account to your computer and call to that13:57
DrCodeWhy I can't mound ext4 loop .img? any idea please13:57
DocScrutinizer05japa-fi: that's not helping either13:57
DocScrutinizer05since that would still be all local13:58
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XATRIXjapa-fi: yes, it doesn't matter, i need to make external call13:58
DocScrutinizer05XATRIX: you can use wireshark to analyze the VoIP traffic, I guess13:59
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XATRIXDocScrutinizer05: it's a bit complicated.13:59
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DocScrutinizer05dunno if wireshark has dissectors for skype13:59
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DocScrutinizer05for sure not for the netto traffic since it's encrypted afaik14:00
bef0rdwhy don't you call the skype test service?14:00
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bef0rdIn your Contact list, select Skype Test Call. It may also be called Echo / Sound Test Service or Skype Test Call (echo123).14:00
DocScrutinizer05I was about to suggest that, but then thought it might not help for video14:00
bef0rdoh video14:00
DocScrutinizer05yeah, and "oh, skype"14:03
DocScrutinizer05skype is a nightmare14:03
DocScrutinizer05and beware! some corporate LANs may have a policy that earns you losing your employment when using skype on the company's LAN14:05
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DocScrutinizer05skype is pretty hard to impossible to manage on a network admin level, since it acts unpredictably14:06
DocScrutinizer05so even when a network admin would try to block it, there are no reliable firewall rules to establish that14:06
DocScrutinizer05likewise assigning QoS priority to the skype traffic is basically impossible14:07
bef0rdsometimes skype video sucks without reason14:08
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DocScrutinizer05btw I wonder what's up with the $internet*14:14
DocScrutinizer05many sites are down for maintenance, or simply don't work anymore14:14
DocScrutinizer05and then even this: [2013-07-22 21:21:58] [Notice] -christel- [Global Notice] Hi all, some of you may have been experiencing some temporary issues relating to SSL whilst we updated our certificates. Unfortunately this update was necessary for security reasons, you can read a bit more about the issues at - we apologise for the inconvenience and for the issue arising in the first14:15
DocScrutinizer05place. Thank you for using freenode!14:15
jon_yDocScrutinizer05: just freenode?14:21
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DocScrutinizer05well, no. It seems to me something particularly nasty is going on - but then that might just be me14:51
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DocScrutinizer05btw I don't think that the ubuntuphone looks any particularly ugly15:36
DocScrutinizer05but again it has no hw keyboard15:37
DocScrutinizer05and - duh- a sapphire glass screen? that means capacitive I'd think15:38
DrCodestrange , I have .img file (ext4)  , in ubuntu I can mount it but not in maemo15:39
DocScrutinizer05Mr Shuttleworth, show me how to use a sketching program on you rphone15:39
DocScrutinizer05DrCode: you have KP?15:39
DrCodewhat is KP ?15:39
jon_ykernel Power15:39
DrCodeI am using cssu15:39
jon_yoh it is then15:40
DocScrutinizer05that doesn't mean anything15:40
DrCodehmm 051r115:40
DrCodeI hope its ok15:40
jon_ymaybe ubuntu has some proprietary ext4 extensions15:40
DrCodeI also load isofs.ko15:40
DrCodebut same results15:40
DrCodeI see15:41
jon_yext4 should be autoloaded if you try to mount the image15:41
jon_y-t ext4?15:41
Wizzupwtf are propietary ext4 extensions15:41
DrCodeinvalid option it say15:41
jon_yWizzup: ask ubuntu15:41
Wizzupno, I'm asking you15:41
jon_yiirc there is a mount option to set fs15:41
WizzupAll the ext4 code is gpl, how can it be proprietary15:41
DrCodewell, I can convert it in ubuntu to standart ext4?15:41
DocScrutinizer05modinfo ext415:42
jon_yDrCode: I was just kidding about the extensions15:42
jon_y-t is an option for mount15:42
jon_yWizzup: gpl or not, violations going to happen15:42
DrCodeI did  "-o loop -t ext4"15:42
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Wizzupjon_y: you sounds nuts :)15:42
DocScrutinizer05-o loop is deprecated iirc15:42
DocScrutinizer05modprobe ext415:43
WizzupDocScrutinizer05: Is it? Don't think so -- what is the new syntax for loop devices?15:43
DrCodeseems to be ok modinfo ext415:43
jon_yWizzup: actually, it happens all the time, just look at android and all the proprietary mods :)15:43
DrCodeI did15:43
jon_ykernel blobs15:43
Wizzupjon_y: you still haven't linked me to ubuntu's proprietary ext4 extensions15:43
jon_yWizzup: I am trying to say that GPL doesn't mean anything anymore to some developers15:44
DrCodewhat is losetup15:44
jon_yjust another license to run over15:44
DocScrutinizer05man losetup15:44
Wizzupjon_y: Ah, you're working for the FUD company...?15:44
jon_ynope, I am strongly pro GPL15:44
Wizzupthen stop the FUD :)15:44
Lava_Croftwhich implies you are anti freedom15:44
jon_yto the point of being a GPL nazi15:44
WizzupIf people violate the  gpl, you can act upon it15:44
Lava_CroftGPL sucks because it violates my freedom15:45
jon_yjust that I given up trying to fight BSD people that like freedom in chains15:45
Lava_Croftfreedom is chains is exactly the GPL15:45
DrCodeit say invalid argument15:45
Wizzupjon_y: sure, but the thing is, there's no need to bash ubuntu -- they aren't violating the gpl here15:45
jon_yWizzup: I know, I was kidding at first15:45
DrCodemount -o loop -t ext4 my.img /mnt15:45
DocScrutinizer05DrCode: modinfo ext4 !!!15:46
Wizzupand sure, people violate the gpl, just like they violate other licenses, and then you can go after them15:46
Wizzupif you wish15:46
DocScrutinizer05DrCode: rtfm ! losetup15:46
DrCodeit show
jon_ysure, I cared once, but now I only look after software that I have stake in15:46
jon_ysome are GPL15:46
jon_yothers I just contribute15:47
DrCodeDocScrutinizer05, It seems to be ok15:47
*** cityLights has joined #maemo15:47
DocScrutinizer05then check proper syntax for losetup15:47
jon_yWizzup: also, bashing ubuntu is kind of the in-thing now15:48
DrCodeI didn't use losetup15:48
jon_ysticking it to the man15:48
DrCodewhy do I need losetup?15:48
Wizzupjon_y: ya, I don't use it either, but still15:48
DocScrutinizer05do you even read what I write here?15:48
DocScrutinizer05mount -o loop is deprectaed and obsolete15:48
DocScrutinizer05it might still work15:49
DocScrutinizer05I dunno15:49
DrCodeI miss it15:49
jaskahmm, obsolete how? it just implicitly losetups on mount and deletes on unmount?15:49
DrCodelosetup do I need to use -o ?15:50
DrCodeor just losetup dev/loop0 my.img?15:50
DocScrutinizer05       This  type of mount knows about three options, namely loop, offset and encryption, that are really options to losetup(8).  (These options can be used in addition to15:53
DocScrutinizer05       those specific to the filesystem type.)15:53
DocScrutinizer05       If no explicit loop device is mentioned (but just an option ‘-o loop’ is given), then mount will try to find some unused loop device and use that.  If you  are  not15:53
DocScrutinizer05       so  unwise as to make /etc/mtab a symbolic link to /proc/mounts then any loop device allocated by mount will be freed by umount.  You can also free a loop device by15:53
DocScrutinizer05       hand, using ‘losetup -d’, see losetup(8).15:53
DocScrutinizer05basically you first mount a image file to a *device* (the loop device) - then mount the loop device like a usual partition to a mountpoint15:55
jon_yooh offsets, interesting15:56
jon_yI can mount partitions in whole disk images15:56
DocScrutinizer05yes, you might need correct offset to mount an image file15:56
DocScrutinizer05you frequently need to deal with that stuff when loopmounting a xen diskimage15:57
jon_y63 sectors to first partition or something, I can't remember15:57
DocScrutinizer05to access the VM disk content without starting the VM15:57
jon_yneed dd to make sure15:58
kerioDocScrutinizer05: oh, to access a disk image with a mbr?15:58
kerioi always wondered how to do that, actually15:58
win7macguys, get out, enjoy the sun! ;)15:58
jon_ykerio: yes15:58
DocScrutinizer05offset might largely depend on your image file - was it a raw disk image incl all MBR and stuff? and was the disk partitioned?15:58
jon_ywin7mac: sun got bought by oracle15:58
jon_yDocScrutinizer05: likely everything including mbr15:59
jon_ywhatever qemu raw uses15:59
DocScrutinizer05from our blade-b history:16:02
DocScrutinizer05  151  20130723 - 15:00:05 dd if=/dev/zero of=www.img bs=1 count=1 seek=30G16:02
DocScrutinizer05  152  20130723 - 15:00:05 losetup -f www.img16:02
DocScrutinizer05  153  20130723 - 15:00:05 losetup16:02
DocScrutinizer05  154  20130723 - 15:00:05 losetup -a16:02
DocScrutinizer05  155  20130723 - 15:00:05 mkfs.ext4 /dev/loop116:02
DocScrutinizer05  156  20130723 - 15:00:05 mount /dev/loop1 /mnt16:02
jon_yseek=30G nice16:04
jon_ynow if I need to find out if my workstation at work is recent enough to support it16:05
jon_yLinux 2.6.8 is the cutting edge system there16:05
jon_yso cutting edge that software migration is still on going after 2 years16:05
DocScrutinizer05 1350  20130314 - 19:17:12 losetup -f www.img16:06
DocScrutinizer05 1351  20130314 - 19:17:15 losetup -a16:06
DocScrutinizer05 1352  20130314 - 19:17:28 fsck -yv  /dev/loop516:06
DocScrutinizer05 1353  20130314 - 19:17:38 mount /dev/loop5 /mnt16:06
DocScrutinizer05 1354  20130314 - 19:17:40 cd /mnt16:06
jon_ydoes loop actually have much overhead?16:07
jon_yor is it negligible?16:07
DocScrutinizer05 1361  20130314 - 19:18:12 umount /dev/loop516:07
DocScrutinizer05 1362  20130314 - 19:18:17 losetup -d /dev/loop516:07
*** e-yes has joined #maemo16:07
DocScrutinizer05  483  20130722 - 19:43:47 losetup -f monitor.img16:10
DocScrutinizer05  484  20130722 - 19:43:47 losetup -a16:10
DocScrutinizer05  485  20130722 - 19:43:47 kpartx -a /dev/loop316:10
*** e-yes has quit IRC16:15
*** Pali has joined #maemo16:15
*** amin007110 has quit IRC16:16
PaliWARNING: Somebody pushed new version of libx11-data *system* package to extras-devel16:28
DocScrutinizer05I gonna nuke that package immediately16:29
Paliversion at is 2: and pushed version to extras-devel is 2:
DocScrutinizer05Pali: is nuking it the right thing to do?16:29
PaliDocScrutinizer05: I do not know, but system packages should not be pushed to extras(devel/testing)16:30
PaliDocScrutinizer05: it is possible to remove it from extras-devel to prevent some problems?16:31
DocScrutinizer05so hurry, I'm about to leave for an appointment i'm already late16:31
Palican be autobuilder configured to reject system packages?16:32
DocScrutinizer05yes, I have "remove this package. package will be removed from repository automatically. ONLy FOR AFMINS. USE WITH CARE!"16:32
kerioi think he meant automagically16:33
keriolike, every system package16:33
DocScrutinizer05c'mon "DELETE? yes no"16:33
DocScrutinizer05I'm one click from deleteing it and one second from leaving16:34
Palinow I tried to do apt-get upgrade on n90016:35
Paliand: Failed to fetch  Size mismatch16:35
*** Pali has quit IRC16:35
*** Pali has joined #maemo16:35
kerioclose enough16:35
DocScrutinizer05Package has been removed from the repository. Go back to the package instance page.16:36
Paliso delete it is also broken in apt repository16:36
Palibtw, on this page is missing who uploaded that package16:37
Paliwhen will be package removed from apt repository?16:42
*** RST38h has quit IRC16:42
Paliit is still in extras-devel apt repo16:42
*** dockane has quit IRC16:47
PaliDocScrutinizer05: is this normal?
Palitry to open above page16:47
*** amin007110 has joined #maemo16:52
*** dockane has joined #maemo17:04
*** konelix has joined #maemo17:05
*** VDVsx has quit IRC17:13
*** MetalGearSolid07 has joined #maemo17:13
*** MetalGearSolid00 has joined #maemo17:15
*** marcosx86 has joined #maemo17:15
*** MetalGearSolid has quit IRC17:15
marcosx86Hello all, I have a defected N900, can anyone help me solve my issue? Here is a demonstration: on 8:30 I managed to make it boot, even for some seconds.17:17
*** MetalGearSolid07 has quit IRC17:18
*** MetalGearSolid00 has quit IRC17:20
*** konelix has quit IRC17:20
*** tanty has quit IRC17:25
*** stef_204 has quit IRC17:28
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo17:31
*** trx has quit IRC17:37
SpeedEvilUnfortunately, it's a decidedly non-trivial fix17:42
SpeedEvilYou likely - if it turns out not to be a connector issue - need to re-work some joint on the motherboard.17:42
SpeedEvilThis will involve at best a high chance of damaging it - even if you're skilled in SMT rework.17:43
Palipackage is still in repository:
PaliDocScrutinizer05: ^^^17:45
Paliapt-get still show me new version17:45
DocScrutinizer51Pali: sorry, on the road17:48
Palimerlin1991: ping17:48
DocScrutinizer51package promotion to repo said flawed/broken, so I guess is deleting17:48
DocScrutinizer51ask merlin199117:48
*** eijk has joined #maemo17:49
*** eijk_ has quit IRC17:49
*** SAiF has joined #maemo17:59
*** XATRIX has quit IRC18:03
*** XATRIX has joined #maemo18:03
*** doc|home has joined #maemo18:06
*** Pali has quit IRC18:09
*** Pali has joined #maemo18:10
*** SAiF has quit IRC18:10
*** SAiF has joined #maemo18:12
*** tanty has joined #maemo18:13
*** SAiF_ has joined #maemo18:17
*** SAiF_ is now known as Guest2611018:17
*** SAiF has quit IRC18:18
*** yokotest has joined #maemo18:18
*** trx has joined #maemo18:18
yokotestneeded some help for using scratchbox2 with qemu. but having hardtime understanding the difference in the commands while initializing the sb2-init(scratchbox2) target.18:19
yokotestwhat is the difference between  sb2-init armel $HOME/path-to-arm-linaro-cross-toolchain/bin/arm-gnueabi-gcc18:20
*** SAiF has joined #maemo18:20
yokotestand sb2-init -c qemu-arm ARM /opt/arm-2011.03/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc18:20
yokotest ignoring the toolchain path18:20
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC18:21
*** Guest26110 has quit IRC18:22
*** FIQ has joined #maemo18:28
FIQregarding that python issue18:28
FIQtoday, earlier when booting up the phone, I got the issue with slow mounts again18:29
FIQhowever, this time, after waiting a few minutes - nothing happened18:29
FIQJust to make sure it wasn't just delayed even further, I just played a game meanwhile18:29
FIQbut after 30 minutes, it had yet to mount18:29
FIQSo I ended up mounting it manually...18:29
FIQJust fyi18:30
FIQAnd I still don't know what the issue is caused by18:30
FIQAlso looked into /etc/fstab before mounting it manually18:30
FIQit wasn't even listed there18:30
FIQso when it was auto-generated, they were basically completely missing18:30
psycho_oreosI think this is an issue with dbus, just a hunch. I was recently experimenting on writing upstart scripts and for some reason my script didn't start even though I simply copied and pasted a working upstart script and renamed a few things here and there.18:31
FIQwell, my syslog did tell you when you looked into it that there was some potential issues with dbus18:32
FIQdon't know *what* issues, but yeah18:32
psycho_oreosdbus was lagging according to your old syslog output, it was waiting on something but I'm not too familiar with upstart and how it works.18:33
FIQneither am I :p18:33
FIQand I don't know if this is a common issue either18:33
FIQi.e. you have the same lagging issues, and that it's normal in N900 for it to do that18:34
FIQ(you and everyone else I mean)18:34
psycho_oreosMy syslog isn't working (again).. I don't think its normal for dbus to do that, it could be a missing upstart script or something that is causing dbus to be lagging.18:36
*** OkropNick has quit IRC18:38
psycho_oreosIn theory a properly functional upstart would allow one to be able to write a custom script that would simply show a banner to tell you that upstart has finished. In my case somewhere is broken and I can't understand what or where when even syslogd is failing to output the logs to the right place.18:40
psycho_oreosYou probably have a working syslogd, there might be measures available for you to take to try and take.18:41
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo18:44
*** Pali has quit IRC18:44
*** marcosx86 has quit IRC18:45
*** FIQ has quit IRC18:45
*** Pali has joined #maemo18:47
*** SAiF has quit IRC18:47
*** SAiF__ has joined #maemo18:48
*** zemmy has joined #maemo18:49
*** zammy has quit IRC18:51
*** amin007110 has quit IRC18:53
*** amin007110 has joined #maemo18:54
*** eMHa_ has quit IRC18:57
*** yokotest has quit IRC19:04
*** ColdFyre has joined #maemo19:05
*** zemmy has quit IRC19:07
*** sixwheeledbeast has joined #maemo19:16
*** FredrIQ has quit IRC19:19
*** Freak5 has joined #maemo19:20
DocScrutinizer51good finds, I'll look into it later19:22
*** konelix has joined #maemo19:27
*** eMHa_ has joined #maemo19:28
*** sixwheeledbeast has quit IRC19:31
*** rcg has quit IRC19:39
*** shamus has quit IRC19:48
*** shamus has joined #maemo19:48
*** cityLights has quit IRC19:58
*** sixwheeledbeast has joined #maemo20:01
DocScrutinizer05syslog depends on having write access to $LOGDIR/syslog20:04
DocScrutinizer05if for whatever reason mounting of /home and even mount -o remount,rw / fails resp takes ages, e.g due to fsck then you shouldn't be surprised to see mounts *to* those filesystems fail20:05
*** sixwheeledbeast has quit IRC20:06
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo20:08
*** FIQ has joined #maemo20:11
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:12
psycho_oreosYeah that would be from /etc/event.d/rcS-late or wherever the file resides. Re: syslog issue, the issue seems to be way more complicated than that. When I ran sysklogd manually or even (re)starting it via /sbin/st{art,op} syslogd writes to the aforementioned files. Just not at boot, to make matters even worse, syslogd is started well beforehand and it doesn't seem to have issues from upstart. I20:14
psycho_oreosI'm turning debugging mode on and reading from the output, hoping to get some sense out of it.20:14
FIQpsycho_oreos: are you talking to me?20:17
*** piggz has joined #maemo20:17
psycho_oreosFIQ, not for what I wrote above. Did you try and do some experimentations to see where the issue lies? DocScrutinizer05 and I sort of gave hints on where the issue may lie.20:17
FIQpsycho_oreos: if these hints were given after I posted what I did before - I didn't see those20:18
psycho_oreosActually partially, the first sentence that I wrote was about mounting issue where /home may fail (along others iinm).20:18
psycho_oreos ... bah DocScrutinizer05 beat me to it lol.20:20
FIQty DocScrutinizer0520:22
DocScrutinizer05/topic is your friend ;-)20:22
DocScrutinizer05and of course mgedmin20:23
*** konelix has quit IRC20:23
DocScrutinizer05mgedmin: Tanks Marius for your very long term and pretty much vital support on chanlogging20:24
DocScrutinizer05thanks even :-)20:25
FIQDocScrutinizer05: but I've never had issues with mounting /home, and the device boots up (I'm very confident /home needs to be mounted before this) just as fast as it did when I first got the device, i.e. there's no notable slowdown20:25
*** sixwheeledbeast has joined #maemo20:25
FIQthe only slowdown I've had (and even fails) are with those python bindmounts20:25
FIQand when I mounted them earlier manually, it was done instantly20:26
FIQi.e. no delay20:26
DocScrutinizer05gnutils mount?20:26
psycho_oreosUsually if there's issues with mounting, I thought syslogd would have logged that.20:27
FIQalso created a simple script file with those mounts running as a temporary work-around if the mounts refuses to be done in the future... but the optimal solution would be have it working completely20:27
psycho_oreosParticularly for /home for instance.20:27
FIQpsycho_oreos: well, the one I gave you (regardless of the private info) was one where python bindmounts was significantly slower than it should (but that time it didn't fail as this time)20:27
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# ls -l /bin/mount20:28
DocScrutinizer05lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 7 2012-09-11 15:34 /bin/mount -> busybox20:28
FIQDocScrutinizer05: same output here20:28
FIQand "which mount" shows it's using /bin/mount20:29
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# busybox20:29
DocScrutinizer05BusyBox v1.10.2 (Debian multi-call binary20:29
psycho_oreosFIQ, yeah, I do recall there was no issues with mounting from that log, At least not for non-binding mounts. I'm still trying to get my syslogd to work properly so that I can see if my device would also show slowdowns from dbus as well. I don't expect that would be a natural behaviour but like I said, my syslogd is refusing to work properly so its hard to say.20:29
*** geaaru has quit IRC20:29
FIQBusyBox v1.21.0 (Debian 1.21.0power2+thumb1) multi-call binary.20:30
FIQDocScrutinizer05: do you assume this can be the issue?20:30
DocScrutinizer05pretty much, YES20:30
FIQ(^ got that earlier due to some features I missed, mostly compression utilities IIRC)20:31
DocScrutinizer05at least that's what I always warned about20:31
FIQyou did?20:31
FIQwell I guess I can rollback to the default binary20:31
FIQ...hmm not sure if uninstalling it will simply pull back the old one20:31
DocScrutinizer05I bitched a uncounted number of times "DO NOT mess with init shell!!"20:32
FIQor if I need to install some package which that one conflicts with20:32
FIQDocScrutinizer05: I did not see this, if you're referring to me :p20:32
DocScrutinizer05just saying20:32
DocScrutinizer05not your fault20:32
FIQoh well20:32
FIQhow to get back to the old busybox?20:33
DocScrutinizer05and after all it might turn out it's _not_ messybox-power fault20:33
FIQI'm not sure if simply uninstalling whatever provides busybox will work20:33
FIQas I think that would leave me with *no* busybox20:33
DocScrutinizer05I just say it *may* be, and that's what I always warned might happen20:33
FIQ*uninstalling whatever provides busybox-power20:33
FIQThat's easy enough to figure out20:33
FIQfix the default one, do a few boots, and if it doesn't happen again for a week I guess we can conclude that was the error20:34
DocScrutinizer05FIQ: there's a -(imulate) call in apt-get, no?20:34
FIQand once it fails again, conclude the opposite20:34
DocScrutinizer05just fgure some fool "fixed a bug" in messybox power mount plugin20:36
DocScrutinizer05or simply linked it against a lib that's not in rootfs20:36
DocScrutinizer05or whatever20:36
*** Freak5 has quit IRC20:37
FIQwell mount *does* work, after all it can mount non-python bindmounts (including /opt) fine20:37
psycho_oreoshmm, mine has the same version as FIQ (re: busybox-power) and I don't have that issue with python bind mounts. *shrugs* can't hurt to try out standard busybox either way.20:37
FIQso it can't be the latter20:37
FIQi.e. making it not work at all20:37
DocScrutinizer05virtually any API change or call sequence change can invoke a hidden race condition20:37
FIQDocScrutinizer05: yeah, just said it couldn't be linked to a broken lib as that would make mount fail completely, no?20:38
DocScrutinizer05probably, yes20:38
psycho_oreosActually correction, mine isn't thumb optimised: BusyBox v1.21.0 (Debian 1.21.0power2) multi-call binary.20:38
FIQhmm this is strange20:38
FIQdid dpkg -L busybox-power to see if that's what provided the changed /bin/busybox20:38
FIQand while I have a modified /bin/busybox (given the fact that it gives the above result @version), that package does NOT seem to provide this file20:39
Sicelodpkg -S <file> will tell you where it came from20:39
FIQoh, was going to google how to do that lol20:39
FIQhm I don't understand this output exactly20:40
*** valeriusL has joined #maemo20:41
FIQdiversion by busybox-power from: /bin/busybox20:41
FIQdiversion by busybox-power to: /opt/busybox-power/busybox.distrib20:41
FIQbusybox: /bin/busybox20:41
FIQoh, seems like what busybox-power did was to move the original file to that distrib file, and placed its' own file in /bin/busybox20:43
FIQthen I guess I can simply uninstall busybox-power20:43
FIQand *if* that somehow still gets rid of /bin/busybox, reinstall busybox20:43
DocScrutinizer05ask kerio, master of dpgk divert20:45
Siceloyup, kerio ;)20:45
*** Martix has joined #maemo20:47
DocScrutinizer05I'm quite sure ~50 other users in this channel can teach you about dpkg divert - I can't20:47
FIQthis doesn't make any sense20:47
FIQthe file in /opt/busybox-power/busybox.distrib is NOT the vanilla busybox version20:47
FIQbut rather another version of busybox-power20:47
FIQthat... doesn't make any sense20:47
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:48
FIQbut rather 1.20.2power420:49
FIQand the removal of busybox-power just made me end up with an older busybox-power version, allthough busybox-power cleaned up its' files20:49
FIQso I'll have to reinstall busybox now anyway...20:50
DocScrutinizer05there been incredible mess with messybox-power and cssu updates20:50
DocScrutinizer05nfc how that got resolved20:51
FIQnow I have
FIQdon't know if this will solve my issue though, but oh well20:52
DocScrutinizer05basically it boilded down to: cssu did try update to busybox, that conflicted when user had busybox-power installed, and rendered user's system fubar20:52
psycho_oreosAccording to this:;a=blob;f=debian/busybox-power.prerm;h=a0d4ea18e79dea8733927588e208f30a1edd8554 original busybox should be in /bin/busybox.distrib, if that doesn't exist it will show an error.20:52
FIQpsycho_oreos: I have no such file -- allthough this is most likely due to me uninstalling busybox-power20:53
*** andre__ has quit IRC20:54
psycho_oreosFIQ, its supposedly to be part of prerm script. I'm guessing its what dpkg does during removal stages, actually before removing.20:54
psycho_oreosAnyway you have original busybox back, so the case is now irrelevant.20:55
FIQwell, cssu busyboc20:55
FIQI've so far encountered 2 issues since optfs restoration20:55
FIQLet's see if there will be any more20:55
DocScrutinizer05thinking about it, I could even figure how the fstab patch to cssu-t8 never been tested aganst standard busybox20:55
FIQseems like I'm running T8.220:57
DocScrutinizer05FIQ: I think all that bug hunting on your severely tainted system is not fruitful20:57
FIQso whatever the patch is, I have it20:57
*** Kabouik has joined #maemo20:57
DocScrutinizer05we easily could hunt this and another dozen bugs for the next 6 months20:58
DocScrutinizer05never being able to reproduce it on a clean system that hasn't suffered massive damage from opt "restauration"20:59
psycho_oreosYeah I've pointed out before that the setup you have now (FIQ) is very much a zombified setup.21:01
DocScrutinizer05usually the standard suggestion is: do a osso-backup, do a BM backup just in case, then reflash and restore from osso-backup21:01
DocScrutinizer05sure, in your case that's a decent chunk of work21:02
DocScrutinizer05since you also need to restore PK, CSSU-T and CSSU-thumb (aiui) manually21:03
*** SAiF__ has quit IRC21:07
* DocScrutinizer05 wonders if FIQ is still "alive"21:11
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo21:12
FredrIQDocScrutinizer05: True21:12
DocScrutinizer05and, how feels booting with stock busybox?21:12
FredrIQWorth pointing out that this issue existed before already (the python one), I just didn't bother then -- not sure about the busybox issue21:12
FredrIQThough, you *are* right in that this restore probably introduces some issues21:13
*** FIQ has quit IRC21:13
*** FredrIQ is now known as FIQ21:13
FIQthat *might* be possible to solve, but would take very long21:13
FIQDocScrutinizer05: no issue this boot21:13
FIQallthough it was occasional after all21:13
DocScrutinizer05yeah, I'd love to see you do 2manual bootloop" ;-)21:14
infobotDocScrutinizer05 meant: yeah, I'd love to see you do "manual bootloop" ;-)21:14
infobotSince Wed Jul 17 05:38:45 2013, there have been 10 modifications, 332 questions, 0 dunnos, 0 morons and 150 commands.  I have been awake for 6d 12h 35m 42s this session, and currently reference 119097 factoids.  I'm using about 23400 kB of memory. With 0 active forks. Process time user/system 1070.09/21.66 child 0/021:14
FIQas in hard shutdown, or shutting down the right way?21:14
DocScrutinizer05never do hard shutdown on purpose21:14
FIQDocScrutinizer05: regarding reflashing - how come you didn't ask that from the beginning though? :P21:15
FIQyes I thought so21:15
DocScrutinizer05except for very dedicated test case21:15
FIQjust asked, as you put quotes in manual bootloop lol21:15
DocScrutinizer05FIQ: you explicitly said you want to avoid reflashing21:16
FIQoh I did?21:16
DocScrutinizer05and you had a plan how to avoid it21:16
FIQthis was back when I had a corrupted file system21:16
FIQWell then21:16
FIQI'll not reflash, unless further issues arise21:16
DocScrutinizer05that's a good plan21:16
FIQ(unless they're minor and I know the problem/solution right away)21:17
DocScrutinizer05after all we now have a decent chance to find out if BB-P introduced that mysterious python bindmount issue21:17
DocScrutinizer05we still wouldn't know if BB-P got damaged durng your fs corruption + restore21:18
*** nox- has joined #maemo21:18
DocScrutinizer05but at least we had a clue where to search, or not to search21:18
psycho_oreosThere is another alternative plan to forgo flashing (only temporary), you can use one of those osso scripts (can't remember which) to generate a list of user installed packages. Check and see for each of those packages are still publically available, if not repack the debs (and hope they won't contain broken symlinks, etc). Reflash and restore the list of installed packages that you had along with reconfiguring.21:19
FIQpsycho_oreos: I don't see how this is avoiding flashing though :P21:19
FIQjust making it less cumbersome21:19
psycho_oreosFIQ, its better than fixing up issues as you go along :p lol.21:20
DocScrutinizer05sounds like a terrible amount of work21:20
FIQpsycho_oreos: depends21:20
psycho_oreosEither way we've all seemed to learn something in this process.21:20
FIQUnless the issues are major - I'd rather fix them on the go as they're not really going to make things worse (I think..?)21:20
FIQDocScrutinizer05: another solution to avoid reflashing, *and* fix all the bugs is to simply do a combined BM restore21:21
FIQi.e. optfs and rootfs21:21
psycho_oreosThe issue you had with python in that very first instance was quite interesting. It slowly began to not get mounted and eventually stops mounting it properly.21:21
FIQpsycho_oreos: well as I said - I've had this issue for a long time, not really bothering with it21:22
psycho_oreosOnly if you had a current copy of optfs.21:22
FIQIt could have failed before, I don't know21:22
FIQas my solution was to simply reboot21:22
FIQpsycho_oreos: my optfs restore was from 7 months ago21:22
FIQ(not my ~, but the optfs)21:22
psycho_oreosFIQ, I thought you had a mismatched copy of rootfs vs optfs tarballs.21:22
FIQpsycho_oreos: yes, this is the case *now*21:23
FIQpsycho_oreos: I asked before the restore (when fsck messed up completely) if I was going to do optfs+rootfs or only optfs in here21:23
FIQeither you or doc suggested just optfs21:23
FIQpsycho_oreos: the *only* issue I have with a combined is that there might be kernel mismatches21:24
FIQas some (not all!) of my restores are from vanilla, and some for KP (though possibly an older version)21:24
psycho_oreosFIQ, doubt it would be me, I usually do complete restore. I recall you had pk with mismatched kernel version.21:24
FIQYes, I have several different kernel version restores21:24
infobotFIQ meant: Yes, I have several different kernel version backups21:24
psycho_oreosFIQ, yeah hence optfs restoration was adequate enough to forgo bootloops.21:24
DocScrutinizer05you did a mkfs.ext3 on /home21:24
FIQDocScrutinizer05: yes, allthough this was undone by BM21:25
DocScrutinizer05you asked whether you need to reflash completely or could just fix /home21:25
FIQapparently BM actually reformats /home when it restores21:25
DocScrutinizer05no, it usually doesn't21:25
FIQwell during the restore process, it said "Formatting OptFS"21:25
FIQas the first step21:26
DocScrutinizer05that would mean it erradicates ~user/21:26
FIQit did restore /home/user as well yes21:26
FIQAllthough ~ was restored by me afterwards from the backup tar I did earlier21:26
FIQbefore I did fsck21:27
DocScrutinizer05well, then I have to open a (virtual) ticket against BM, for fixing the wording in menus21:27
FIQShould have tar-ed the whole file system eh...21:27
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo21:27
FIQThen I wouldn't have a fs mismatch issue (allthough the MH issue would be there still)21:27
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #maemo21:28
FIQDocScrutinizer05: and, if so, my wording was a bit bad21:28
psycho_oreosMore like python issue, hence MH.21:28
FIQpsycho_oreos yeah21:28
FIQ.. because what I really asked was "restore rootfs+optfs or just optfs?"21:29
FIQ@ (20:25:17) (DocScrutinizer05) you asked whether you need to reflash completely or could just fix /home21:29
FIQoh wait no21:29
FIQDocScrutinizer05: are you referring to before the fsck?21:29
FIQbecause then yeah my wording was that21:30
FIQDocScrutinizer05: what my point really was was that I would rather avoid reflash aka using flasher-3.521:30
FIQwhile I would rather avoid rootfs restore too, I see this as far less of an issue21:31
FIQ(nothing against the flasher software, but it really doesn't like to reflash unless you try several times, possibly due to driver issues)21:32
FIQ(20:27:07) (DocScrutinizer05) well, then I have to open a (virtual) ticket against BM, for fixing the wording in menus21:32
FIQhm... but I got the impression that it did restore the entire optfs (allthough I didn't know if it did reformat or not before I actually tried)21:33
FIQit was you who pointed out that it probably just restored /opt21:33
FIQ(which was why I created the ~ tarball in first place)21:33
kerioFIQ: that's weird, busybox-power tends to do the right thing21:39
keriomaybe it was an older version21:39
FIQwell I had 1.21 and 1.2021:39
FIQthe 1.20 one appeared when uninstalling busybox-power21:40
FIQso something went wrong21:40
FIQperhaps it moved the 1.20 version to /bin/busybox.distrib accidentally?21:40
FIQwhen updating to 1.21 I mean21:40
*** dos11 has joined #maemo21:44
DocScrutinizer05FIQ: BM says "backup /opt" afaik21:48
DocScrutinizer05if it actually backups /home, incl /home/opt and /home/user, then this is a severely misleading wording21:48
DocScrutinizer05basically there's no such thing like an optfs21:49
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# LANG=en_EN df -h /opt21:51
DocScrutinizer05Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on21:51
DocScrutinizer05/home/opt             2.0G  819M  1.1G  43% /opt21:51
psycho_oreosI somehow doubt BM would say "backup /home" when the created tarball is labelled optfs.21:51
DocScrutinizer05localization/i18n ofgnu-df is abysmal btw21:52
DocScrutinizer05an indigestable gibberish mix of english and german21:52
FIQwill look into the wording when back21:54
DocScrutinizer05so if we assume optfs has any reasonable meaning as a term, then it would be /home/opt21:54
psycho_oreos"$T2S -s 2 -H left -y $y -T 0 -t "  Backing up Optfs with Tar..."; y=$((y+20))"21:55
DocScrutinizer05when BM saves /home and not /home/opt then this is wrong, either in wording or in what it actually does21:55
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# df -h ~user21:57
DocScrutinizer05Dateisystem           Size  Used Avail Use% Eingehängt auf21:57
DocScrutinizer05/dev/mmcblk0p2        2,0G  819M  1,1G  43% /home21:57
*** FIQ has quit IRC21:58
Paliuse LANG=C :-)21:58
DocScrutinizer05since /opt is a bindmount, it basically has no directly associates filesystem at all21:58
DocScrutinizer05Pali: see above, also note that LANG=C does NOT work on maemo21:59
DocScrutinizer05I intentionally left out LANG=en_EN to en_passant demonstrate >><DocScrutinizer05> an indigestable gibberish mix of english and german22:00
DocScrutinizer05I guess you're capable to deduce what the german strings mean, by comparing to above paste22:01
DocScrutinizer05psycho_oreos: what does BM use in tar command? /opt? /home? /home/opt?22:04
DocScrutinizer05or even an arbitrary generic mountpoint where /dev/mmcblk0p2 got mounted to?22:05
DocScrutinizer05sth like "mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt/0p2; tar ... /mnt/0p2/opt" ?22:06
psycho_oreosIt mounts /dev/mmcblk0p2, and "gtar p"$backupOptCompress"cf $backupOptLocation ./ --ignore-failed-read --numeric-owner 2> /tmp/tarstatus & pid=$!"22:08
DocScrutinizer05pondering how BMrev1 did a dd to do volume images, I guess I can understand how this wording and this way to do the backup evolved22:08
psycho_oreosMounts /dev/mmcblk0p2 to /tmp/mnt/optfs22:10
DocScrutinizer05that's where naming confusion starts22:11
DocScrutinizer05I gather it then does a "cd /tmp/mnt/optfs"22:11
psycho_oreosYes and tarballs that directory.22:12
DocScrutinizer05before tar-ing up ./22:12
DocScrutinizer05well, /dev/mmcblk0p2 is _not_ optfs22:12
DocScrutinizer05even when you mount it to a mountpoint dir called optfs, it stays /home volume (ext3fs)22:13
psycho_oreosEven grepping the output of the (old) compressed tarballs gives /home/user/* files.22:14
DocScrutinizer05(there's a bit of widespread confusion here about filesystems and volumes. While a volume can have only one filesystem...)22:14
psycho_oreosRather partitions than filesystem :)22:15
DocScrutinizer05meh, LVM defeats the notion of partitions22:15
DocScrutinizer05it's "volume"22:16
DocScrutinizer05funny enough I'm not aware of a proper german translation of the term, other than filesystem/dateisystem22:17
DocScrutinizer05a loopmounted image also hardly is a partition, though it might consist of several virtual partitions22:18
psycho_oreosHeh, not everyone has LVM setup :D.22:18
DocScrutinizer05but everybody has volumes22:18
DocScrutinizer05not everybody has partitions22:19
DocScrutinizer05at least on this visible level22:19
DocScrutinizer05iirc e.g. mysql could even use raw devices without any MBR and partition table22:20
DocScrutinizer05a floppy has no partitions, yet it's a volume22:20
DocScrutinizer05(usually doesn't have partitions...)22:20
* psycho_oreos recalls of that windows naming convention, where volumes are used to refer for each hard disk connected regardless of the partitions the volume has or if the whole setup was even in LVM/RAID/JBOD/etc.22:20
DocScrutinizer05that are devices aka drives22:21
DocScrutinizer05at least that's how I understand all those terms, and try to use them like that22:22
psycho_oreosWas it called devices? o.O I somehow recalled it was named volumes. Even some of the complex areas like when dealing with something like recovery console or maybe even registry editor where certain portions contain the reference "Vol0".22:23
DocScrutinizer05I dunno about windows22:23
psycho_oreosAhh, well yeah they tend to have mixed/dubious term usages.22:24
DocScrutinizer05windows starts naming confusion by calling itself an OS22:24
DocScrutinizer05which evidently it wasn't until at least win-xp22:24
DocScrutinizer05or was it win-nt22:25
psycho_oreosI actually thought you were referring to windows before, heh. I'm guessing when it comes to LVM, each device or devices connected together are called volume regardless of what medium/density/etc they are.22:25
psycho_oreos*shrugs* they created standards which throw people of other platform users off :) Remember that issues with MB/Mb usage with hard disk manufacturers had to make amends?22:27
infobotpsycho_oreos meant: *shrugs* they created standards which throw people of other platform users off :) Remember that issu with MB/Mb usage with hard disk manufacturers had to make amends?22:27
psycho_oreoslol :x22:28
* win7mac points to this beauty of a shy flower, taken with N9+macro-lens: and like me here if you dare ;)
psycho_oreospebkac haha.. s/es/e/22:28
psycho_oreos*ahem* -> #harmattan ;) j/k22:29
DocScrutinizer05Error (404 )  We can't find the page you're looking for.22:32
*** WielkiTost has joined #maemo22:39
*** dos11 has quit IRC22:39
*** tanty has quit IRC22:42
*** WielkiTost has quit IRC22:43
*** qwazix_ has joined #maemo22:44
*** LauRoman has quit IRC22:45
*** WielkiTost has joined #maemo22:46
*** piggz has quit IRC22:53
*** tanty has joined #maemo22:54
*** GogoPogo has joined #maemo22:57
GogoPogohello everybody... quick question, does the Skype implementation within Maemo core mean there was an agreement between the community and Microsoft? If that's the case is there any document about it?22:58
*** mvp has joined #maemo22:59
Sicelomaemo had skype long before it was acquired by M$22:59
Siceloals, skype parts of maemo were not provided by community23:00
*** Pali has quit IRC23:00
GogoPogowere they provided by Skype itself?23:00
win7macshit, sorry, correct link (I hope):
Siceloand you're more likely to get hit by a plane than see any of those docs GogoPogo.23:02
*** pavi has joined #maemo23:03
*** pavi has quit IRC23:04
*** piggz has joined #maemo23:05
GogoPogoSicelo: I got the idea. But it's still not very clear to me how much of maemo's core comes from the community and how much comes from Nokia.. Believing linux meant free community development I believed that an agreement with Skype or Microsoft would make quite not much sense..23:05
Siceloeverything comes from Nokia.23:05
GogoPogoI'm not very linux-literate so it's better for me to ask the savvy23:06
Siceloread your N900 manual.23:06
win7macor this even:
Sicelofirst pages23:06
GogoPogoSicelo: thanks for the advise, hope asking didn't irk you23:06
SiceloGogoPogo: N900 was not developed by community.23:06
Sicelonop, not irked :P23:06
*** konelix has joined #maemo23:06
infobot[closed] or
DocScrutinizer05GogoPogo: ^^^23:07
SiceloN900 is just great because it is almost standard enough linux (Debian).. but that's as far as it goes.23:08
Sicelohence, the link DocScrutinizer05 just pointed you to23:08
GogoPogothanks Doc, thanks Sicelo.. I guess the wikis should be dumped for Evopedia23:09
GogoPogoEvopedia, you know.. the application enabling you to read Wikipedia dumps23:10
DocScrutinizer05yeah, there been such plans several times23:10
DocScrutinizer05I donno if anybody actually compöeted on them23:10
Lava_Croftgerman keyboard layout-owned23:11
GogoPogoLava_Croft: he's more likely to have pressed Alt+024623:11
GogoPogoanyway, DocScrutinizer05 is there a way to find out?23:12
infoboti heard pkg is
DocScrutinizer05we now can provide whatever raw and cooked dumps of wiki you'd need for such project, thanks to community now managing the infra23:12
GogoPogothat's wonderful23:13
GogoPogoI'd love to have Maemo wiki with my while I'm on the go...23:13
GogoPogowith me*23:13
DocScrutinizer05sure, a very sane rationale23:14
DocScrutinizer05you *might* look into openmoko wikireader project, which did sth aiui similar to evopedia which I dun't know yet23:15
DocScrutinizer05zecke did a huge job compressing complete wikipedia23:15
DocScrutinizer05and re-rendering images to 4bit grayscale ;-)23:16
GogoPogoincluding images :O23:16
DocScrutinizer05I completely lost track of this project, but it's FOSS as well23:17
GogoPogobut how can Openmoko be compatible with maemo?23:17
DocScrutinizer05not at all23:17
DocScrutinizer05but the code is pretty plain common c23:18
DocScrutinizer05the core is platform agnostic I'd say23:18
GogoPogoI'm more interested in the dumps than in the app.. I already have Evopedia which works flawlessly within maemo's browser23:18
DocScrutinizer05well, then it should be simple23:19
GogoPogoSo if you have dumps for we can download them..23:19
DocScrutinizer05tell me what sort of dump you need, and how it#s supposed to get prepared23:19
GogoPogook, let me check inside my n90023:20
DocScrutinizer05there's probably a howto somewhere on evopedia pages, eh?23:20
DocScrutinizer05wiki.m.o is mediawiki23:21
DocScrutinizer05you might want to ask ashley about details and help to get the dump23:21
DocScrutinizer05ashley is our wiki maintainer23:22
DocScrutinizer05I can facilitate23:22
GogoPogoI'm checking evopedia's website and it seems to be able to read wikipedia and wiktionary-like dumps only,23:23
DocScrutinizer05oooh, I got a not-too-recent "dump" of wiki on my box:
*** FIQ has joined #maemo23:24
FIQ4th power cycle, no issue @bindmounts so far23:24
FIQ(20:53:56) (FIQ) will look into the wording when back23:24
FIQlooked into backupmenu23:24
FIQit never mentions /opt specifically, it calls the fat partition "MyDocs" (where it's mentioned, i.e. in fsck), and the /home partition "OptFS"23:25
GogoPogothat's a 706MB .xml, I guess there may be others way to open it if Evopedia failed..23:25
FIQand the root one "rootfs"23:25
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC23:26
*** perlite_ has joined #maemo23:26
DocScrutinizer05and o/23:27
*** perlite has quit IRC23:27
*** perlite_ is now known as perlite23:28
ashleyyes, I know, I've been goofing off a bit >.> I should come up with an upgrade plan, publish it, get folks to comment on it and go ahead with it by...the end of August or September or something like that23:30
DocScrutinizer05ashley: for now your expertise regarding mediawiki and evopedia would already help a lot23:33
*** _rd has joined #maemo23:34
DocScrutinizer05nfc over here23:34
GogoPogoit would be really helpful23:34
ashleyalright, what's up?23:34
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:35
DocScrutinizer05GogoPogo has a thing called evopedia running on his N900, and we all think it's a great plan to have wiki.m.o locally on device23:35
GogoPogoit's just Evopedia can read wikipedia and wiktionary-like dumps, is there a way to have mediawiki dumped the same way?23:35
ashleysure; there a script called dumpBackup.php in the wiki's maintenance/ directory ( that can be used to create a(n) .xml dump of the wiki (admittedly it's been a long while since I've had to use it)23:37
GogoPogoashley: I see from the dumps provided by Evopedia that the dumps formats should be .idx and .dat23:38
GogoPogothe dumps files onto your device*23:38
ashleyhuh? no idea how such dumps are created, I'm aware only of MediaWiki's standard .xml dumps (generated with the script mentioned above) as well as SQL dumps23:39
GogoPogowikimedia dumps are like this one right?23:40
*** sq-one has joined #maemo23:41
ashleyWikimedia Foundation (the instance hosting Wikipedia etc.) offers various database dumps (, but the standard MW dump format is .xml; I have no idea what could be used to create .idx/.dat files and those definitely are not MediaWiki standard DB dump formats (also, MediaWiki != Wikimedia, MW is the software and Wikimedia is the instance hosting Wikipedia)23:41
GogoPogoI think a .xml dump file is just fine too, there must be more than one way to open and browse a .xml file on maemo.. I just believe Evopedia is a very popular application for maemo users and it would make things easier23:43
DocScrutinizer05I bet as soon as you get more info about data structure of .idx and .dat, it can get converted from xml to those formats23:44
DocScrutinizer05obviously .idx is an index file and .dat is the database file23:45
GogoPogoyes, and there's a metadata.txt file indexing the .idx files too23:45
*** bef0rd has quit IRC23:46
DocScrutinizer05find the howto page on evopedia homesite23:46
ashleyDocScrutinizer05: also, it's probably worth noting that the supermajority of "files" at are broken -- the files with a filesize of 8.6K are actually HTML pages (MediaWiki's file description pages instead of the actual images)23:46
DocScrutinizer05there jas to be some instruction how to create those .idx and .dat23:46
DocScrutinizer05ashley: DAMN!23:47
DocScrutinizer05I didn't do that download23:47
DocScrutinizer05thanks for letting me know23:47
ashley for example is a HTML dump of Special:FilePath and I guess so are the others with the same size23:47
ashleybut for example seems to be OK23:47
ashleyno idea what method's been used to dump the files, but obviously it wasn't the ideal one :-/23:48
DocScrutinizer05sth went wrong with the job that downloaded that stuff. it been an incredible manual work23:48
DocScrutinizer05some guys were creating a bashscript from special:allpages and special:files or twhatever23:49
DocScrutinizer05it's from a time where we had no access to the wiki on an administrative level23:50
DocScrutinizer05so any sed command or shellscript command in the created bashscript could have blown chunks on whatever particular property of the filename or file to download23:51
DocScrutinizer05whatever, we now have direct access to wiki db23:52
*** qwazix__ has joined #maemo23:52
DocScrutinizer05so just you guys tell techstaff what you want to get done, and we do it for you - just don't come and ask for pink pony or "I want a .dat file, nfc how you create that"23:53
*** FIQ has quit IRC23:53
*** sq-one has quit IRC23:55
DocScrutinizer05GogoPogo: do you think you can spot the documentation/howto on evopedia?23:55
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:55
GogoPogothere's none, only downloaded the client to contribute to dumps and see what I can make out of it23:56
GogoPogobut I found other useful info elsewhere23:56
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC23:56
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #maemo23:57 has an offline reader option and on its explaination article Evopedia is listed as one of the target formats. Here's what they say about it:23:57
GogoPogoEvopedia Free open source offline dump reader and browser for MediaWiki wikis using devices default web browser to display results. Target devices include Linux tablets and smartphones using Nokia Maemo OS, OpenMoko SHR, and devices and computers running Ubuntu and Arch Linux distros. Evopedia requires processed dumps available at their website or custom databases which...23:57
GogoPogo...can be made with free tools23:57
GogoPogoso it says MediaWiki is supported by Evopedia but they're the only ones to say so23:57
GogoPogoso I went and check here
DocScrutinizer05Linux tablets and smartphones using Nokia Maemo OS, OpenMoko SHR  --  \o/ :-D23:59

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