IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2011-06-02

Venemothanks DocScrutinizer51 :)00:00
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hiemanshuVenemo: Professional C# 200800:00
hiemanshuabout 1800 pages00:00
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hiemanshunever read it though LO00:00
VenemoI can also code some JavaScript for some occasional web dev and gnome-shell extensions00:01
hiemanshuah nice, I do webdev too :D00:01
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alecjwcan someone remind me the device node for SD cards? i thought it was mmcblk0, but that's the internal memory00:02
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hiemanshualecjw: mmcblk1 ?00:02
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alecjwta :)00:03
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hiemanshuVenemo: is there rpm2cpio in the maemo repos or should I use my laptop for that?00:13
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BCMMmy notification area has gone. what just happened?00:17
azilotBCMM: and you can`t launch any program?00:17
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BCMMdunno; realised i hadn't tried rebooting so doing that00:17
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BCMMsorry, i can launch programs00:18
BCMMwell, i started xterm with the kb shortcut00:18
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hiemanshuVenemo: ok its resizing00:32
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Venemohiemanshu, what are you resizing? and why?00:33
hiemanshuVenemo: /home and MyDocs00:33
hiemanshuVenemo: because /home is too small :P00:34
VenemoI see00:35
hiemanshuVenemo: well you told me about it, did you forget already?00:35
VenemoI didn't forget that you asked about it00:35
Venemobut you didn'say why you want to do it :)00:36
hiemanshuah ok00:36
hiemanshuwell I thought it would be understood, 2G is too small even for RAM these days :P00:36
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Venemohiemanshu, sure00:36
* hiemanshu should find a nice way to rewrite his other desktop apps for the N90000:37
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BCMManyone know what "is_cool = 0" does? (transitions.ini)00:40
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GAN900Makes it cool.00:48
GAN900Right now, yours sucks.00:48
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_trinewhat causes rootfs to fill up apart from the obvious00:51
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Venemo _trine, the obvious00:51
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_trinefor some reason roofs is full and I have not installed any othe rprograms00:51
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_trinethe obvious being that it would fill up if you loded lots of new programs00:52
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bernankewhy are there so many people in this channel?00:52
Venemo_trine, new programs usually aren't stored on the rootfs => that is not the reason00:52
aziloti have stupid question - How to make folder /opt/modrana/tracklogs available from Desktop? I tried to create symlink at /home/user/MyDocs (ln -s /opt/modrana/tracklogs ./tracklogs), but it says "ln:tracklogs: Operation not permited", even under root.00:52
_trineVenemo, ah ok00:53
Venemo_trine, programs are stored on the eMMC, in /opt usually00:53
_trineVenemo, what do you think could have caused it and can I get some space back ?00:53
Venemo_trine, what is the output of 'df -h'00:54
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Venemo_trine, also, which firmware version do you have?00:54
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_trineVenemo, how can I get the results of df -h onto here00:55
_trineVenemo, pr 1.300:55
Venemo_trine, 'apt-get install pastebinit' as root, then 'df -h | pastebinit'00:56
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_trineVenemo, I cant do that00:56
Venemo_trine, what? why?00:56
_trineas I have no more space left00:56
Venemo_trine, very weird. worst case, backup your data and reflash.00:57
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azilottype it manualy00:57
azilotdf -h is not verbose00:57
_trineit happened after I was copying a large file to Mydocs folder00:57
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azilotmaybe file cache?00:57
hiemanshuVenemo: 10.5G /home and 17.5G MyDocs is perfect :D00:57
_trinecan I clear file cache00:58
Venemohiemanshu, congrats :)00:58
hiemanshuVenemo: thank you for the guide :D00:58
azilotGuys, can u help me with symlink issue?00:58
Venemohiemanshu, you're welcome :)00:58
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hiemanshuVenemo: I am dd-ing it to an image, so when I reinstall, I have it like this00:59
Venemohiemanshu :)00:59
hiemanshuok I should head to sleep01:00
hiemanshuits 4 AM and I have a test at 9AM01:00
Venemohiemanshu, okay, sleep well & sweet dreams01:01
hiemanshuVenemo: same to you mate :)01:01
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_trineI have just spent 2 days setting my N900 up and I dont really want to do it all again so does anyone know how to free up space on rootfs01:03
Venemo_trine, what did you do to fill it up in the first place?01:03
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_trineVenemo, it must have been the file transfer to MyDocs01:03
Venemo_trine, how could a file transfer to MyDocs affect the rootfs?01:04
_trinebut how that has filled rootfs is a mystery01:04
Venemo_trine, I'm afraid I can't help you more until some more knowledgeable people like DocScrutinizer or MohammadAG come here01:04
_trinebut is there a way to free up space on rootfs01:04
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_trineVenemo, ok thanks01:05
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DocScrutinizermr_jrt: please fix your connection and client, see We'll ban you temporarily to protect channel, please /query any of the chanops ( /msg chanserv access #maemo-ssu list) - or just me - to remove the ban as soon as you got stuff sorted. We regret we have to do this, no bad feelings. good luck! :-)01:05
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer01:05
*** DocScrutinizer sets mode: +b mr_jrt!*@*01:06
*** mr_jrt was kicked by DocScrutinizer (WTF?!)01:06
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_trineDocScrutinizer, can you help me with my rootfs problem please01:07
DocScrutinizer_trine: as long as you're still logged in I strongly suggest to rm some junk files from /01:08
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DocScrutinizerif you're already in bootloop, it's getting really really difficult01:08
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DocScrutinizerodds however are that next boot will garbage-collect free-up quite some space in /01:09
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DocScrutinizerif that's not enough to make boot succeed, then you're basically screwed01:09
DocScrutinizerunless you got some dualboot setup (e.g. meego / nitdroid) to clean maemo's rootfs from outside01:10
_trineI have rebooted and its just the same01:12
DocScrutinizerit's *possible* to fix things using, but it seems only the most frustration-resistent hackers ever made their way thru that textadventure01:12
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DocScrutinizer_trine: is the same *what*?01:12
_trinethe rootfs is still full01:13
DocScrutinizerwell, if you can boot to a state where you can run some cmd to even *tell* rootfs is full, you as well should be able to delete some crap01:13
_trinewhere would I look for crap01:14
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DocScrutinizergood question01:14
_trinethat would fill up rootfs01:14
DocScrutinizerhard to tell01:14
DocScrutinizerlook at /tmp / dunnowhat01:14
_trineI emptied tmp01:15
DocScrutinizerdu -x /|sort -n01:16
DocScrutinizerwill give some hints01:16
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DocScrutinizerbeware however of deleting random files indiscriminately, some of them might actually be needed01:19
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DocScrutinizermany are symlinks to /home/opt or sth01:19
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DocScrutinizerso won't help to delete them at all01:19
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azilotDocScrutinizer: Is it ok, that i can`t create symlink in /home/user/MyDocs to /opt/modrana/tracklogs?01:20
DocScrutinizerit takes quite a bit of common sense and experience to tell if you can delete a file or not, please come back here and ask, whenever you're unsure01:20
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DocScrutinizerazilot: yes, it's VFAT01:20
*** Smily has joined #maemo01:20
DocScrutinizeronly bindmounts will work there01:21
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DocScrutinizerVFAT doesn't know symlinks01:21
azilotmm. So i have to put thi bind mount to fstab?01:22
_trineDocScrutinizer, how can I type the pipe symbol01:23
azilotpress modkey and ctrl01:23
_trinewhats modkey01:24
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SpeedEvil _trine01:24
povbotBug 10354: Symbol virtual keyboard inconsistent to access from hardware keyboard.01:24
*** kW_ has joined #maemo01:24
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Venemo_trine, blue arrow01:27
*** jhb has joined #maemo01:28
_trineNokia-N900:~# df -h01:30
_trineFilesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on01:30
BugBlue /etc/mtab is probably not correct01:31
azilotDocScrutinizer: after creating bind (mount --bind /opt/modrana/tracklogs /home/user/MyDocs/tracks) i can`t use mass storage mode01:32
*** chenca has quit IRC01:32
azilotonly flash card01:33
DocScrutinizerazilot: indeed01:33
_trinewhich folder holds rootfs01:33
DocScrutinizer_trine: / is rootfs01:33
_trineDocScrutinizer, I have used winscp to access the phone01:34
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_trineso I can look around01:34
azilotso, no other ways other than copy to MyDocs?01:34
vldcnstDocScrutinizer: any idea why I can't boot with USB cable plugged in? recent, haven't installed anything new.01:34
_trinewhere do I look? I can see th efile system01:34
DocScrutinizervldcnst: sorry, no01:35
vldcnstDocScrutinizer: it gets to the dots animation than reboots with rapid yellow led flashes01:35
azilotvldcnst: i have same issue. Tought, that it`s @feature@01:36
vldcnstazilot: do you have power kernel installed?01:36
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo01:36
DocScrutinizer_trine: I gave hint how to spot the hugest hogs on rootfs. Sorry I'm running short of better ideas01:37
DocScrutinizer_trine: it's not like I give 3rd best advice first ;-)01:38
*** hardaker has quit IRC01:38
_trineDocScrutinizer, I did what you said but it didnt give me file sizes or anything the output was what I pastebined01:38
_trineanyway its getting late here so I guess it might be better to try in the moring with a fresh mind01:39
DocScrutinizerit's listing the directories that are on rootfs, hugest last. You'll have to look into them to spot files that look fishy and fat01:39
*** javispedro has quit IRC01:39
_trinethank you for your help01:39
DocScrutinizeralso checking creation date might help01:40
DocScrutinizerlo MohammadAG01:40
MohammadAGo/ DocScrutinizer01:41
DocScrutinizernew fat files are more likely to be cruft01:41
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DocScrutinizerazilot: vldcnst: you got a strange problem, I'd be interested in reading any news you find out about it. No ideas how to help ATM01:47
vldcnstDocScrutinizer: I can replicate the problem with the charger too.01:47
DocScrutinizerok, one good point already01:47
DocScrutinizeryou got powerkernel?01:48
vldcnstyeap, 4701:48
*** flo_lap has quit IRC01:48
DocScrutinizermodprobe -r bq2720001:48
*** jhb has quit IRC01:48
DocScrutinizerthis module is known to break bme, which in turn will segfault and cause system to reboot01:48
vldcnstnot loaded01:48
*** skler` has quit IRC01:49
DocScrutinizermodprobe -r actually doesn't suffice, you should blacklist or simply delete the bq27200.ko module01:49
azilotmodule not found01:49
DocScrutinizerhmm, been worth a shot ;-D01:49
aziloti have powerkernel to i think01:50
DocScrutinizerlsmod|grep bq01:50
DocScrutinizermaybe it's called bq27x00 or sth01:51
azilotbq27x00_battery 5264 001:51
azilotpower_supply 7044 1 bq27x00_battery01:51
vldcnstyeap, same as azilot01:51
DocScrutinizeryep, roge module - blacklist, kill!!!01:51
vldcnstblacklisting now01:51
azilothow to blacklist?01:52
*** TheXception|off is now known as TheXception01:52
vldcnstlet's try a reboot01:52
*** FireFly|n900 has quit IRC01:53
licensed`anybody knows how can i install ndrive on my n900? i have maps licences01:53
vldcnstDocScrutinizer: dots, nokia white, reboot + vibrate and then goes into loop01:54
aziloti have loaded, but i think i have no powerkernel after reflash01:54
DocScrutinizerI'd consider PK47 thoroughly fsckdup01:54
*** KMFDM has quit IRC01:55
DocScrutinizerPR1.3-cssu: lsmod|grep bq  ->nuttin01:56
DocScrutinizerso this module is definitely not needed in any sane system setup01:57
*** tchan1 has joined #maemo01:57
DocScrutinizerand the way how and why it breaks stuff when loaded is quite completely understood01:57
DocScrutinizerI'm amazed it made it into PK anyway, even more it gets loaded by default01:58
DocScrutinizerwhy it doesn't work to blacklist it is beyond me01:58
vldcnstDocScrutinizer: silly me, I blacklisted bq27x00 but forgot the _battery01:58
*** tchan has quit IRC01:59
vldcnstaaannd, no lift off. still the same problem02:00
DocScrutinizermention my name when posting a "fix" to tmo ;-D02:00
azilotSo, no other options to create smoething like symlink in /home/user/MyDocs and still stay able to use disk in mass storage mode?02:00
vldcnstDocScrutinizer: when it's in that loop, the second I remove the USB cable it starts to boot normaly02:00
DocScrutinizerI suggest rm /lib/modules*/*/*/*/bq27*.ko02:01
MohammadAGwhat loop?02:01
DocScrutinizerbootloop on pl47 when hooked to charger02:01
DocScrutinizerbq27x00 crap module again02:01
MohammadAGit's been a year since I've last went into ACT_DEAD02:01
MohammadAGmy device always boots up02:01
Macerhave to love how easily hackable a wii is02:01
MohammadAGnever goes into ACT_DEAD02:02
MohammadAGI'm not sure if this is hen, or kp 42+02:02
MohammadAGnot bothered anyway02:02
SpeedEvilMacer: The wii controller has a stm32, an accel, and bluetooth02:03
MohammadAGthe PS3's has a gyro, or 302:03
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*** BCMM_ has joined #maemo02:04
_trineDocScrutinizer, is there a file here at the bottom of this pastebin that needs to be deleted
BCMMBCMM_: is my notification LED working?02:04
azilotvldcnst: i don`t have this issue now. Checked right now, power kernel is installed.02:04
*** BCMM_ has quit IRC02:04
vldcnstazilot: lucky you02:05
_trineDocScrutinizer, this one ? 29638402:05
azilotvldcnst: i had it before reflash )02:05
_trineis that the file length02:05
DocScrutinizerthis all are directories, and yes that's the directory size in blocks afaik02:06
_trineDocScrutinizer, there seems to be something at the end of that list with no name02:06
_trineis that what I need to delete02:07
*** trbs has quit IRC02:07
vldcnstDocScrutinizer: I also noticed that when I press the power button (with the cable plugged in) the led fades twice (low>high>off low>high>off), is this normal?02:07
DocScrutinizeranyway I'm a bit puzzled what all those /usr/* dirs do there, as most of them *should* be or contain stuff being on /home/maemo/usr or sth02:08
DocScrutinizervldcnst: not really02:08
_trineDocScrutinizer,  was that to me02:08
_trineshould I delete them02:08
DocScrutinizer_trine: sorry it seems to get late here, I'm actually out of good advice how to clean up a littered rootfs02:09
alteregoAnyone know if there are any repos containing qt scene graph?02:09
DocScrutinizer_trine: no way, you'll kill your system by deleting those dirs02:09
_trineDocScrutinizer, no problem i understand I am tired too02:09
_trinecan I ask you in the morning02:10
DocScrutinizerok, yw02:10
DocScrutinizeryw, np02:10
DocScrutinizer_trine: check /var/log/*02:11
DocScrutinizereverything there is probably safe to delete02:11
DocScrutinizeror better move to MyDocs or sth02:11
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle02:12
_trinetheres not much in /var/log02:12
Arkenoiah. "instant messaing" in symbian anna is.. useless "microsoft communicator". which does not work even with msn.02:13
DocScrutinizer_trine: then nm02:14
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC02:14
*** FireFly|n900 has joined #maemo02:14
DocScrutinizeryou might have run into some hickup of microB or whatever, have installed some not optified pkgs, dunno. There's zillion of possibilities02:15
DocScrutinizerneeds much closed more detailed dissection02:16
DocScrutinizernot today though02:16
DocScrutinizermaybe tomorrow somebody jumps up shouting "there's an app for that" :-)02:16
*** dangergrrl has quit IRC02:16
_trineDocScrutinizer, I could let you ssh into it in the morning if you have some time for me02:16
DocScrutinizermight work02:17
*** kthomas has quit IRC02:17
_trineI am ssh'ed into it now02:17
DocScrutinizerdunno if I find the time though, let's talk about it tomorrow02:17
_trineok thanks02:17
*** kthomas has joined #maemo02:18
*** kthomas has quit IRC02:20
*** kthomas has joined #maemo02:23
*** Gorroth_ has quit IRC02:24
*** Gorroth has joined #maemo02:24
*** Gorroth has quit IRC02:29
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo02:31
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo02:32
DocScrutinizeralterego: what's a qt scene graph?02:33
alteregoIt's the next gen rendering pipeline/framework for Qt to render Qml02:34
alteregoCurrently the QPainter approach is pretty inefficient, the scene graph optimizes the OpenGL rendering process to make QML a _lot_ more sleek :)02:35
alteregoBut it also adds a hard dependency on OpenGL (& ES) 2.002:35
alteregoSo no software rendering, but still, wayland, qt scene graph & qml are pretty much the next big thing I'm waiting for :)02:36
*** azilot has quit IRC02:37
alteregoThink I'll build it for my exo and N900 DE02:38
alteregoAnd see if Stskeeps wants to give me a sneak preview of his wayland on N900 work02:38
*** willer_ has quit IRC02:38
DocScrutinizeralterego: thanks for enlightening me02:39
*** zap has quit IRC02:40
* DocScrutinizer just got a hickup when reading 'wayland' - no clue why02:40
*** MadViking has quit IRC02:40
DocScrutinizernot that I really knew what wayland is - might be freudian dementia02:40
MacerSpeedEvil: uhm? huh?02:41
SpeedEviluhm - huh?02:41
DocScrutinizerHumm uh?02:41
SpeedEvilMacer: Ah02:41
Macerthe whole thing about the wiimote02:41
SpeedEvilMacer: I was answering an only peripherally related question to the hackability of the wii.02:41
Macersorry. was playing lego pirates02:41
SpeedEvilMacer: Namely tha tthe wiimote is seperately hackable.02:42
SpeedEvilMacer: 32 bit processor, bluetooth, accel, buttons02:42
Macerwhat would i do with that? :)02:42
* DocScrutinizer idly wonders if wayland is somehow related to L.P. by any odd chance02:42
SpeedEvilMacer: Autopilot, ...02:43
DocScrutinizerthat's at very least explain why I got a motoric block to google wayland02:43
Macerwhat i am curious about is if there is an ssh app for wii02:44
Macerbut considering the highest res is 420p it isnt worth it02:44
SpeedEvilA device to guide planes.02:44
alteregoDocScrutinizer: wayland is the X11 replacement ..02:45
Maceri dont do planes heh02:45
DocScrutinizernah, I seem to recall Raster explaining why any alternative concept to X is prone to fail02:45
DocScrutinizeras you'll in the end be where you started02:45
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC02:46
alteregoMost people are backing wayland, soI don't think it'll fail02:46
*** cyborg-one has quit IRC02:46
*** Evanescence has joined #maemo02:46
DocScrutinizernah, it will become a shiny duplicate of X, with all the same quirks02:47
DocScrutinizeror it fails halfway to there02:47
*** cyborg-one has joined #maemo02:47
MacerSpeedEvil: i was talking more about the hb apps etc02:48
SpeedEvilMacer: yeah - I know02:48
alteregoI don't think that's true at all02:48
DocScrutinizerthat's why I think there MUST be notorious L.P. involved in wayland02:48
alteregoX is full of garbage and isn't optimized for currently graphics hardware.02:48
DocScrutinizeroh well02:49
alteregoIt's almost archaic :P02:49
DocScrutinizeryeah, like ALSA, while PA is so shiny cool and new and way better of course02:49
alteregoWayland is designed with current technology in mind, specifically hardware accelerated 2D/3D02:49
alteregoPA isn't a replacement for alsa02:50
alteregoThey're two different things02:50
* DocScrutinizer notices an insane desire for new concepts, just for the thrill of it, all over IT universe02:50
alteregoWell, I don't disagree with you there :P02:50
alteregoBut it's fun, and sometimes good things appear ;)02:50
DocScrutinizermost pf the time more good things bitrot while crap replacing them02:51
SpeedEvilIsn't wayland an intermediary layer - one of which outputs may be X>02:51
SpeedEvilI guess I might have misunderstood the presentation.02:51
SpeedEvilOr is it assuming it will always be running on hardware, with no other windowing system.02:52
DocScrutinizerand for the fun part: I'm using my PC to get work done, not for the fun of messing with new concepts to get those to do the things my last system was brilliant at02:52
DocScrutinizerthat's the L.P. approach I learnt to hate02:53
*** mpoirier has quit IRC02:53
alterego&Wayland will be especially important on mobile devices,02:54
alteregoX is just too big02:54
* SpeedEvil lols.02:54
DocScrutinizer"hey, we don't really get how X works and why it doesn't things the way we like, so instead of fixing things or simply *learning* how to do things right with X, we better invent a new thing Y""02:54
* SpeedEvil looks at his 486/25sx/6M laptop.02:54
alteregoI'd research Wayland befoe you say things like that :P02:55
alteregoYou have no idea the motivation behind it or the expertise of those developing it.02:55
DocScrutinizeryou better show me where X11 sucks before you try to lure me into wayland02:55
alteregoSpeedEvil: which didn't have  GPU02:55
alteregoI'm not qualified :P02:56
alteregoAll I know is what people have been telling me about the performance.02:56
DocScrutinizermeanwhile I am, Raster educated me02:56
alteregoAnd wayland is quicker :P02:57
alteregoAnd quicker is better in my book02:57
*** PhonicUK2 has joined #maemo02:57
DocScrutinizersure it is, as it doesn't have al the stuff built in *yet* that makes X11 work everywhere flawlessly since decades now02:57
alteregom'hmm ..02:58
DocScrutinizeryou arguably could accelerate X11 as well by stripping it down to the bare bones02:58
DocScrutinizerand It probably still would be better than any new development that hadn't a chance to mature over decades02:59
DocScrutinizereven when you strip it down02:59
DocScrutinizerto be faster than whatever wayland or other stuff02:59
*** Venemo has quit IRC02:59
*** PhonicUK has quit IRC03:00
DocScrutinizerthe moment wayland will be on par with X11 feature and security wise, it simply can not be any better than X1103:00
alteregoAnd you know enough about X11 to say this?03:01
DocScrutinizerthat's what I learned by Raster making me think and do my own conclusions about how things work at the GFX front03:01
MohammadAGafaik wayland was developed so you could control each frame03:01
MohammadAGso it'd allow less dropped frames03:01
MohammadAGof course, I love eye candy, but I still can't believe every major distro's dropping X03:01
alteregovsync is one of the benifits of wayland03:01
alteregoFull compositing is also another.03:02
alteregoubuntu is, so it must be good :P03:02
DocScrutinizerand that does what exactly? make wayland faster and leaner??? naah03:02
alteregoIt makes it more controllable and and predictable03:03
DocScrutinizersorry I have some way more attractive leisure stuff waiting for me than discussing another "we can do better than the old farts" issue03:03
MohammadAGaka better eye candy to the consumer03:03
alteregoBesides it was developed by the DRI2 and AIGLX guy ..03:03
DocScrutinizerso o/03:04
MohammadAGalterego, ubuntu adopting something means it must be good now? :P03:04
alteregoMohammadAG: that was a joke :)03:04
MohammadAGI realize that, hence the \:\P03:05
MohammadAGescaped smileys ftw03:05
alteregonVidia has no plans to support wayand, that's a shame :)03:06
MohammadAGmore reason for me to stay with X :P03:06
MohammadAGalterego, which companies are supporting it?03:06
MohammadAGbesides TI I guess03:06
alteregoI think the benifits at least from my perspective are with mobility and media centric devices.03:06
alteregoRemoving the possibility of tearing?03:07
Macerwtf is wayland?03:07
MohammadAGReducing game support?03:07
MohammadAGyou're a bit behind Macer03:07
alteregoWhy would it reduce game support?03:07
alteregoOpenGL is still there.03:07
MohammadAGalterego, a good GFX chip isn't03:08
MohammadAGwith all respect to intel, their chips don't really cut it for high end gaming03:08
Macerdirect writing to the video hardware huh?03:09
Maceri stopped reading once i saw "meego"03:09
Maceralterego: according to wikipedia... a serious win03:10
MohammadAGoh well, we'll see, new things don't always end up bad03:10
alteregoThey do if you're DocScrutinizer :P03:11
Macertell that to christians03:11
alteregoTell that to any religious nut :P03:11
alteregoDon't single out Christians :P03:11
alteregoChristianity is one of the newest religions :P03:12
MohammadAGI wonder if there's a DBus signal tied to alarms03:12
Maceralterego: which is why i picked it ;)03:12
MohammadAGcause I'd love to remove the touch screen driver when my alarm sounds03:12
Macersounded a little better than scientologists03:12
*** mookie has quit IRC03:12
alteregoMohammadAG: I'm sure there is03:12
MohammadAGor probably the touch screen + mce03:13
MohammadAGthat way the only way to stop the alarm is to ssh in03:13
MohammadAGor remove the battery03:13
MohammadAGproblem is, I can do the second while asleep03:13
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG: use alarmed "play-sound /dev/urandom" - also little chances to stop that with a few clicks03:14
MohammadAGDocScrutinizer, you don't know me03:14
jrayhawk for anyone not really familiar with why Wayland is a good idea03:14
DocScrutinizerI know a solution to your roblem though :-P03:15
MohammadAGI tried a 7.1 system, didn't help03:15
DocScrutinizerwaterhose and electromagnetic valve03:15
MohammadAGcan't do that in the next 5 minutes :p03:15
Maceropengl es.. no network tansparancy?03:16
Macerwtf? :)03:16
alteregoMacer, you can get net transparency using xephyr ..03:16
*** user1 has joined #maemo03:18
Macera little curious about the opengl es stuff03:18
*** user1 is now known as User104203:18
Maceri would think opengl es would be a tad bit on the lacking side03:19
Macerbut then again.. who plays games nowadays?03:19
MohammadAGMacer, having a good GPU helps sometimes03:20
Macerisn't opengles missing certain instructions?03:20
Maceri always assumed gles was more so for portable devices and a stripped down ver of opengl03:20
*** n0mis has joined #maemo03:25
*** n0mis has left #maemo03:25
*** PhonicUK2 has quit IRC03:28
*** User1042 has quit IRC03:28
*** PhonicUK2 has joined #maemo03:29
*** thuttu77 has quit IRC03:29
*** Choominator has joined #maemo03:29
*** I-C-Wiener has quit IRC03:29
*** user0145 has joined #maemo03:30
*** valerius has quit IRC03:30
*** thuttu77 has joined #maemo03:30
user0145damn connection..03:30
*** jkyro has quit IRC03:30
*** valerius has joined #maemo03:30
*** Choom has quit IRC03:30
*** blizzow has quit IRC03:30
*** Choominator is now known as Choom03:31
*** jjo has quit IRC03:31
*** jjo has joined #maemo03:31
*** jkyro has joined #maemo03:31
*** blizzow has joined #maemo03:32
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC03:37
*** bernanke_ has joined #maemo03:42
*** bernanke has quit IRC03:46
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo03:50
*** NIN101 has quit IRC03:54
*** troulouliou has joined #maemo03:56
troulouliouhi for unknow reason the button that allow me to disable wifi has disepear in the bar menu03:56
*** erstazi has quit IRC03:58
*** erstazi has joined #maemo03:58
*** BCMM has quit IRC04:00
*** troulouliou has quit IRC04:06
*** kthomas_vh has joined #maemo04:07
*** kthomas_vh has quit IRC04:08
*** BCMM has joined #maemo04:11
*** zeltak has joined #maemo04:17
BCMMis it OK to remove maemo-installer-utils? is it just for preloaded nonsense like the foreca instaler?04:17
*** BCMM has quit IRC04:33
*** rtghuzhg has quit IRC04:35
SpeedEvilHello! I get SMSs from an online service.04:40
*** till- has quit IRC04:40
SpeedEvilThese all come from the same number. Is there a way to have different notifications for different strings in the SMS?04:40
*** licensed` has quit IRC04:45
*** till- has joined #maemo04:48
*** Kilroo1 has quit IRC04:55
DocScrutinizerhaha, my T900 is on pinkdots04:56
DocScrutinizerI consider producing a proper header for the video and applying for the next award for experimental art04:59
DocScrutinizerlet's see if OVI takes the 244MB .mp4 :-P04:59
DocScrutinizerI'd *love* to share with you - made me LOL05:00
DocScrutinizeralas I bet OVI will blow chunks05:01
*** krau has quit IRC05:01
*** krau has joined #maemo05:06
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo05:13
*** Malin_ has quit IRC05:14
GAN900A friend of mine started turning his PDFs into PCM streams and "listening" to research papers at work.05:20
SpeedEvilYou mean text-speech?05:22
SpeedEvilOr has he gone strange?05:22
GAN900No, just placing a PCM header at the top of the file.05:24
GAN900and listening to the raw data stream.05:24
*** loft306 has quit IRC05:25
*** loft306 has joined #maemo05:26
SpeedEvilMaybe he's just better than us, and can parse PDF.05:29
*** timeless_xchat has joined #maemo05:30
*** maybeWTF has joined #maemo05:31
*** maybeHere has quit IRC05:32
*** Andy80 has quit IRC05:32
* timeless_xchat is so happy noy having to worry about data fees05:34
* timeless_xchat kicks n900 camera 05:36
timeless_xchat"night mode" should mean *no* flash ...05:36
* timeless_xchat snaps a couple of shots of the CN Tower for comparison w/ the n805:37
timeless_xchat~seen andre__05:39
infobotandre__ <~andre@Maemo/community/bugmaster/andre> was last seen on IRC in channel #meego, 11h 40m 19s ago, saying: 'argh. I knew it!!!'.05:39
timeless_xchathow's CSSU doing?05:40
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:41
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:41
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:41
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:41
*** Diod has quit IRC05:43
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo05:48
*** jpinx has joined #maemo05:49
*** krayon has joined #maemo05:51
jpinxcould anyone please give me the link to the PCSuite download for an XP I want to connect to my n900..  thanks, it is reall difficult to google in the n900 using deadslow gprs :(05:52
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC05:52
*** lxp has joined #maemo05:53
SpeedEvil I think05:54
SpeedEvil is the page in question05:54
SpeedEvilIt's however 87M05:54
*** lxp1 has quit IRC05:56
jpinxthamks SpeedEvil ...  I will try to get it and hope the download auto resumes05:56
SpeedEvilNo fixed net at all?05:57
timeless_xchattry wget?05:57
SpeedEvilAlso - I suspect hte webinstaller may want to download more.05:57
timeless_xchatthe browser is unlikely to resume05:57
jpinx89711KBs :(  here goes05:57
timeless_xchatit wasn't something we tested thoroughly05:58
jpinxSpeedEvil: no wifi here ( remote in thailand mountains)05:59
SpeedEviljpinx: Ah.05:59
SpeedEviljpinx: What are you wanting to do with the pc-suite?05:59
SpeedEvilI don't know if windows will recognise the n900 as a mass storage device if you just plug it in.05:59
krayonSpeedEvil: It does if you select mass storage mode but I think it only gives you access to /home/user/MyDocs then06:00
jpinxI need the n900 to let me use the laptop keyboard and screen06:00
SpeedEvilI don't think pc-suite does that does it?06:00
timeless_xchatit should...06:00
timeless_xchatthere's probably a modem driver download which would be tiny...06:00
SpeedEvilOr do you mean for tethering?06:00
* timeless_xchat hates the term "tethering"06:01
*** Gorroth has joined #maemo06:01
jpinxI already can access the filesystem by mass storage device, but I need to havea browser in them XPlaptop online06:01
timeless_xchatdifferent groups use it to mean different things06:01
timeless_xchatso... you don't need pcsuite for that06:02
timeless_xchatone approach is to install BT DUN on your n90006:02
timeless_xchatmuch much tinier06:02
jpinxI suppose I want  the n900 as a modem06:02
jpinxtimeless_xchat: what is that?06:03
timeless_xchatthere should be a download on for a usb modem driver06:03
timeless_xchatdoes your PC have  bluetooth?06:03
jpinxcan you link me to that download please?06:04
jpinxI use the nokia usb cable...  not bluetooth06:05
* timeless_xchat is walking around w/ just an n900 06:05
*** tchan1 is now known as tchan06:08
*** tchan has quit IRC06:08
*** tchan has joined #maemo06:08
timeless_xchat is one approach that might work...06:09
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo06:10
* jpinx stopped download PCSuite.....06:12
timeless_xchatcool, that page explains why my mac was constantly growing usb ethernet interfaces each time it met my n90006:12
hiemanshuif only everyone used linux, you would have it working OOB :D06:12
*** pcacjr has quit IRC06:13
*** pcacjr_ has joined #maemo06:13
timeless_xchatnothing works OOB w/ Linux :)06:13
jpinxtimeless_xchat: that page does not fix my problem06:14
timeless_xchattake my exopc for instance06:14
timeless_xchatit doesn't support usb sticks OOB06:14
*** Dragnslcr has quit IRC06:14
timeless_xchat(usb keyboard required and not included)06:14
jpinxtimeless_xchat: do you have a link for me  for that bto** whatever it was ?06:15
jpinxBT DUn ?06:16
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo06:16
jpinxI don't see it in the applications list06:18
*** Dragnslcr has joined #maemo06:18
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC06:20
jpinxanyone able to help here please?  or am I in the wrong timezone ;)06:21
*** Dragnslcr has quit IRC06:21
*** Dragnslcr has joined #maemo06:21
*** Dragnslcr has joined #maemo06:22
timeless_xchatit's in extras-devel at least06:23
jpinxI have an XP laptop, a n900 with nokia usb cable and a gprs connection. Iwant theN900 to act as a modem for the XPlaptop06:23
*** PhonicUK2 has quit IRC06:23
SpeedEvilAt least on linux - you can do this by just selecting 'pc suite' mode - and then setting the n900 up as a modem.06:24
krayonjpinx: You could probably create a SOCKS proxy on the N900 using ssh but that's probably not the ideal solution.06:24
SpeedEvilI don't know how you'd tell XP to do this though.06:25
jpinxkrayon: is that workable with XP?06:25
jpinxSpeedEvil: which takes me back to downloading 87Mbs of PCsuite over grps :(06:26
SpeedEvilThere has to be a way to get just an '.inf' file (are they still called this?06:27
SpeedEvilIt's a 'standard' 3g modem06:27
*** hardaker has joined #maemo06:27
krayonjpinx: I dunno, I don't do Windows, but I think PuTTY can do that.06:27
*** timeless_xchat has quit IRC06:30
*** ColdFyre has quit IRC06:31
*** ColdFyre has joined #maemo06:32
DocScrutinizerjpinx: I'm no winman, but for all I know you have to: #)connect N900 to XP  #) select pc-suite mode #) on XP create new device GPRS-modem06:32
DocScrutinizershould work OOTB06:32
DocScrutinizerjpinx: N900 should act exactly like arbitrary other USB-GPRS-modem dongles06:33
DocScrutinizer(the thing with "number: *99#" etc...)06:34
GAN900Finally getting out of California.06:35
DocScrutinizerall just hearsay, but seems close enough to what you'd expect it to work like06:36
DocScrutinizerGAN900: what's wrong with california?06:36
GAN900DocScrutinizer, it's cold, expensive, full of collectivists, and I want to be home.06:37
GAN900Been here since Saturday before last.06:37
DocScrutinizercold?? :-o06:37
* jpinx tries DocScrutinizer solution06:38
DocScrutinizerseems we finally managed to messed up climate fubar. Nice to see it hits where the cause been. </sarcasm>06:39
DocScrutinizerjpinx: this seems to work so naturally most of the time, you hardly find any howto about it06:40
*** nslu2-log has quit IRC06:41
GAN900DocScrutinizer, it was 34C when I took off for CA.06:41
GAN900DocScrutinizer, all that scientific evidence is pretty overwhelming, eh?06:42
*** nslu2-log has joined #maemo06:42
GAN900Funny when science becomes religion.06:42
DocScrutinizereven more funny when dogmatism and religion replaces science06:42
DocScrutinizernot to forget the massive industrial and political interests06:43
DocScrutinizerheard you first time got >100 tornadoes concurrently this year, over there. Isn't this a reason to reconsider?06:44
GAN900Yes, the irony in your first statement is golden.06:45
DocScrutinizermaybe it's been slightly different numbers, I just didn't follow anymore, as "meh USA"06:45
GAN900The environmental interests have so politicized the issue nobody on either side can see it rationally anymore.06:46
GAN900DocScrutinizer, funny, I feel the same about the EU. *g*06:46
* DocScrutinizer too06:46
GAN900Politicized science is politicized science, whether it agrees with your particular world view or not.06:47
DocScrutinizerin fact it stops to be science06:47
*** MetalGearSolid has joined #maemo06:48
DocScrutinizerbut honestly, a country where 50(?)% believe the world is 6800 years old, and Norwegian fjords aren't made by Slatibartfas but by a man with a similar long white beard.... :-x06:49
*** radic_ has quit IRC06:50
GAN900DocScrutinizer, polls like that are pretty meaningless06:50
*** valdyn has quit IRC06:50
GAN900and don't try to claim there aren't plenty of idiots anywhere you go06:50
GAN900or that the US is the worst of the bunch06:50
DocScrutinizerat least they explain how wino clowns that believe they hear God's voice each morning on the phone can get US-president06:51
GAN900I submit the EU and its collective penchance for collectivism as a fine example.06:51
GAN900Ah, yes, political charicatures.06:51
GAN900I can tell it's time for the nausea meds again. :(06:52
*** timeless_xchat has joined #maemo06:52
*** timeless_xchat has joined #maemo06:52
* GAN900 goes to buy a bottle of water.06:52
* DocScrutinizer waits for OVI upload (aka 'share') finally blows chunks and aborts with "unknown error" @ 230 of 244MB06:56
*** GNUton-BNC has joined #maemo06:59
*** timeless_xchat has quit IRC07:00
DocScrutinizer~dict penchance07:02
infobotcould not find definition for penchance07:02
DocScrutinizer~spell penchance07:02
infobotpossible spellings for penchance: pen chance pen-chance perchance penance penchant penchants penchant's Pynchon's07:02
DocScrutinizerhmm, penchant seems to fit07:03
jpinxDocScrutinizer: my XP does not see any device when I connect in PCsuite mode07:03
GAN900infobot fail.07:03
*** radic has joined #maemo07:03
DocScrutinizerjpinx: that's a bit strange but not a real obstacle I guess. Last time I touched a redmond borne OS, it had that hw wizard that allowed to create new devices by selecting from a list. Maybe that helps. There are laso some .inf or dunno "config" files that help in autodetecting new devices and the right drivers for them07:05
*** valdyn has joined #maemo07:06
DocScrutinizerjpinx: try creating a new modem, type USB subtype GPRS07:07
DocScrutinizerbut honestly you might get generic advice from a true windows user rather than me07:07
SpeedEvilpenchance is the likelyhood of the stylus being in the hole.07:08
DocScrutinizeralso <i>vulg.</i> ;-)07:10
DocScrutinizeris there any way to get a proper percentage or absolute MB value from that "sharing" system applet dialog?07:12
jpinxDocScrutinizer: XP sees the n900 but wants the software to add it07:12
DocScrutinizeror can sb tell me how long that (blue) bar will grow until reaching 100%?07:13
DocScrutinizerjpinx: tell XP it's a usual USB modem07:13
*** mirsal has quit IRC07:13
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo07:14
* DocScrutinizer starts to swear as in 15min his DSL will disconnect and upload of those 244MB to OVI will inevitably stall and fail then :-S07:15
DocScrutinizerI don't expect it to finish until then07:16
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC07:17
DocScrutinizerisn't it incredible there's still no video editing app on N900, to split/trim/join .mp4 recorded by the camera?07:18
*** mva has quit IRC07:22
*** mva has joined #maemo07:25
*** timeless_xchat has joined #maemo07:26
*** timeless_xchat has joined #maemo07:26
jpinxDocScrutinizer: thanks, but it appears that my XP will not do that07:28
* jpinx has XP home pre-installed ... and in spanish :)07:29
wblazejpinx: good god why07:30
jpinxwhy what?07:31
wblazexp home07:31
jpinxthat is what it came with ...  cheap eeepc07:31
*** madalu has quit IRC07:32
jpinxthe objective is to install debian on it, but that is going to be a painful network install over gprs07:33
wblazeit'll run win7 quite nicely too07:33
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:34
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:34
jpinxmaybe but I am developing a bad rash from trying to get XP to work ;)07:34
jpinxallergy to MS :)07:34
jpinxwblaze: so any suggestions ow to sort it will be greatly appreciated. but the n900 on gprs is my only connection to the internet from here07:36
DocScrutinizer\o/ the 244MB upload didn't abort, it simply started at 0% again after reconnect of my DSL - WAAAAAHAHA07:36
DocScrutinizerthis OVI sharing service on maemo is really smart and great *cough*07:36
jpinxDocScrutinizer: be glad it wasn't over gprs :P07:37
DocScrutinizeractually my 3G is way faster than the DSL upstream07:37
wblazejpinx: no clue, and unfortunately no xp machines left here - I am curious now too07:37
*** Necc has joined #maemo07:38
jpinxDocScrutinizer: 2G here :(07:38
wblazejpinx: but, didn't that eeepc come with wifi?07:38
wblazetether that way?07:39
jpinxwblaze: no wifi siganl for 100 kms of me :)07:39
wblazeconnect to the phone with wifi07:39
* DocScrutinizer sighs07:40
jpinxwblaze: please elaborate07:40
wblazesec, looking for link capable of explaining properly07:41
*** skler` has joined #maemo07:42
*** robink has quit IRC07:43
wblazejpinx: http://mobilehotspot.garage.maemo.org07:44
jpinxthanks :)  looking....07:44
*** robink has joined #maemo07:45
jpinxouch...   that looks drastic07:46
jpinxNo way can I risk crashing the n90007:46
wblazeit does, more than I expected... only saw the description previously07:47
wblazeturns the n900 into a wireless ap07:47
jpinxis there not a way to do the smame more simply overthe usb cable connnection?07:48
DocScrutinizerjpinx:  try this07:50 seems to have a (inexpensive, not free) easier solution for wifi07:51
DocScrutinizermmpf seems there's a download error on that link, sorry07:51
jpinxDocScrutinizer: what is that?07:51
DocScrutinizersupposed to be the mentioned .inf file to make XP recognise the N900 as a usual USB-modem07:52
jpinxah ok ...  but download fails :(07:53
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake07:54
jpinxor is it that textfile thatcomes up in the browser?07:54
* jpinx saved it07:57
DocScrutinizerjpinx: alternative method:   >>(actually MADDE for Windows is not required, but just files maemo_usbnet.inf and for installation network device Linux USB Ethernet/RNDIS Gadget).08:02
*** c2pLaY has quit IRC08:02
jpinxare those files available seperately?08:08
*** bernanke_ has quit IRC08:12
*** myuu has quit IRC08:16
DocScrutinizerjpinx: what's your system? XP SP2?08:17
*** Necc has quit IRC08:18
DocScrutinizerwblaze: hotspot eating battery like mad08:18
wblazeDocScrutinizer: if you use hotspot, odds are you're near enough to a power source08:19
wblazeand usually takes fewer driver installs to use08:20
*** Termana has joined #maemo08:25
Termanagood morning08:25
*** liar has joined #maemo08:36
*** l13tl3 has quit IRC08:37
*** l13tl3 has joined #maemo08:39
*** dangergrrl has quit IRC08:42
*** sheepbat has quit IRC08:42
*** Shoruken has joined #maemo08:43
*** Shoruken has quit IRC08:46
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo08:47
*** makulkar has joined #maemo08:47
*** skler` has quit IRC08:48
*** hardaker has quit IRC08:49
*** Shoruken has joined #maemo08:50
*** pcacjr_ has quit IRC08:52
*** GonzoTheGreat_ has joined #maemo08:53
*** dangergrrl has quit IRC08:54
*** GonzoTheGreat_ has left #maemo08:55
*** GonzoTheGreat_ has joined #maemo08:55
*** mikhas has joined #maemo08:55
*** robbiethe1st has joined #maemo08:57
*** Zahra has joined #maemo09:01
*** Natanaiel has joined #maemo09:02
*** GonzoTheGreat_ has quit IRC09:05
*** GonzoTheGreat has joined #maemo09:06
*** Natanaiel has left #maemo09:07
*** mikhas has quit IRC09:11
*** sq-one has joined #maemo09:11
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo09:18
*** gomiam has joined #maemo09:20
*** jrocha has joined #maemo09:20
*** andre__ has joined #maemo09:20
*** andre__ has quit IRC09:20
*** andre__ has joined #maemo09:20
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo09:22
*** drj_cro has joined #maemo09:29
*** GonzoTheGreat has quit IRC09:29
*** elninja has quit IRC09:30
*** sq-one has quit IRC09:32
*** MadViking has joined #maemo09:33
*** valerius has quit IRC09:34
*** elninja has joined #maemo09:39
*** Zahra has quit IRC09:40
*** hannesw_ has quit IRC09:42
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo09:43
*** swc|666 has quit IRC09:44
*** Zahra has joined #maemo09:48
*** robink has quit IRC09:50
*** davyg has joined #maemo09:51
*** valerius has joined #maemo09:52
*** rd has joined #maemo09:53
*** robink has joined #maemo09:56
*** hannesw_ has quit IRC09:57
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*** elninja has joined #maemo09:59
*** Pavel has quit IRC10:03
*** uen has joined #maemo10:06
*** messerting has joined #maemo10:07
*** Zahra has joined #maemo10:11
*** rd has quit IRC10:19
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*** Zahra1 has joined #maemo10:21
*** Zahra has quit IRC10:22
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*** tackat has joined #maemo10:35
*** avs has joined #maemo10:39
*** davyg has quit IRC10:39
*** davyg has joined #maemo10:40
*** user0145 has quit IRC10:50
*** rcg has joined #maemo10:52
*** Zahra1 has quit IRC10:57
*** Spydemon has quit IRC10:58
*** Zahra has joined #maemo11:03
*** c2pLaY has joined #maemo11:03
*** c2pLaY has joined #maemo11:03
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle11:05
*** davyg_ has joined #maemo11:08
*** c2pLaY is now known as bunkuser11:10
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*** zap has joined #maemo11:13
*** bunkuser has quit IRC11:14
*** OkropNick has joined #maemo11:15
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*** c2pLaY has joined #maemo11:20
*** messerting has quit IRC11:21
*** jhb has joined #maemo11:28
*** ptl has quit IRC11:28
*** geaaru has joined #maemo11:34
*** divan has joined #maemo11:35
*** jhb1 has joined #maemo11:36
jpinxDocScrutinizer:  I gave u and got the PCsuite donloaded and working mow ...  thanks for the help11:37
*** zap has quit IRC11:37
*** jhb has quit IRC11:39
*** jrocha has quit IRC11:50
*** mesx has joined #maemo11:52
DocScrutinizerjpinx: good. Nice it works for you now :-)11:54
jpinxthanks a lot for the poingters,,,  we live anmd learn ;)11:54
jpinxcurrently installing new antivirus on the XPlaptop ready to start getting debian downloading, all thanks to gprs2.5 on the N90011:56
jpinxonly question is what will happen when I get a phonecall during the download :/11:57
ThreeMcall yourself and test it ;)11:58
*** user_ has joined #maemo11:59
*** ptl has joined #maemo12:00
*** davyg has quit IRC12:00
*** user_ is now known as moomin12:00
moominis there a flashlight program that doesnt blow?12:00
*** davyg_ is now known as davyg12:01
moominflashlight-extra just causes an extra 200 wakeups per second12:01
moominis there some dbus command or or somthing i can use instead?12:02
*** jpinx is now known as jpinx-not-here12:04
*** moomin has quit IRC12:06
* Arkenoi tries to figure out WHAT causes my n900 to be several times slower than it was. RAM and swap usage is quite low, as well as cpu, but every user action causes it to lag and load indicator to raise for serveral seconds. Top io is claimed by "innocent" programs like hildon-status-menu, telepathy-gabble and rtcomm-call-ui,12:06
*** jhb has joined #maemo12:07
*** TheXception is now known as TheXception|off12:08
*** jhb1 has quit IRC12:10
*** calvaris has joined #maemo12:17
*** Psi has quit IRC12:18
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer12:19
*** DocScrutinizer sets mode: -b mr_jrt!*@*12:20
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer12:20
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o DocScrutinizer12:20
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o DocScrutinizer12:21
*** Psi has joined #maemo12:22
*** Psi has joined #maemo12:22
*** rm3l has joined #maemo12:23
RST38hTexas Instruments announces multi-core, 1.8GHz OMAP4470 ARM processor for Windows 812:24
RST38hGood moorning all12:24
*** habmala has joined #maemo12:25
RST38hMeanwhile: A Russian computer programmer who believed that spending the night buried alive would bring him good luck didn't survive the subterranean ritual.12:26
*** MetalGearSolid has quit IRC12:27
*** mardi has joined #maemo12:28
RST38hAnd, finally:
*** jhb has quit IRC12:31
TermanaRST38h, that is just a bunch of bullshit sprayed out of the CDOs mouth, frankly.12:32
divanHow does reverse ssh connection works in smscon? Did anyone use it?12:32
Termana"We are only going to release three MeeGo phones by the end of 2014" "oh shit... I know the solution, let's change to Windows Phone 7!"12:33
RST38hTermana: Who knows12:34
*** rm3l has left #maemo12:34
robbiethe1stOh well, hopefully Intel'll come out with a decent offering before I have to give up my n90012:34
robbiethe1stand heck, with an intel proc I'd be able to run nice fast Wine and old Windows games!12:35
RST38hTermana: It is also quite possible that he has been purposedly making it look worse than it was12:35
RST38hHe did say a clear "no" about Nokia's buyout by MS12:36
*** trupheenix has joined #maemo12:36
*** tackat has quit IRC12:38
*** Shapeshifter has quit IRC12:40
*** jrocha has joined #maemo12:41
*** Shapeshifter has joined #maemo12:41
*** trupheenix has quit IRC12:42
*** timeless_xchat has quit IRC12:43
*** jpe has joined #maemo12:43
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*** tackat has joined #maemo12:50
*** zap has joined #maemo12:51
*** kW_ has joined #maemo12:51
*** frade has quit IRC12:52
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo12:53
*** BCMM has joined #maemo12:55
*** Zahra has quit IRC12:55
*** trbs has joined #maemo12:55
DocScrutinizererrr, M$ earning $$$$$ from *android* (I heard [citation needed]) - so who's foolish enough to think one of Elop's premises been to make sure Nokia doesn't grow up to compete?12:57
*** aloril has quit IRC12:57
*** Psi has quit IRC12:57
*** theoriginalgri has joined #maemo13:05
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman13:06
lardmanI just read something about Elop saying he wouldn't confirm a tablet is being developed....13:07
lardmanor was I dreaming?13:07
*** Psi has joined #maemo13:08
GAN900Woo, ATL.13:08
*** FireFly has joined #maemo13:08
*** Venemo has joined #maemo13:08
*** lbt_hel has joined #maemo13:09
*** aloril has joined #maemo13:11
lardman is quite interesting13:14
lardmantotally OT mind you13:14
*** lbt_hel has quit IRC13:15
*** lbt_hel has joined #maemo13:15
*** Malin_ has joined #maemo13:21
*** Aranel has joined #maemo13:21
*** msanchez has joined #maemo13:22
lardmanlol @ khertan's comment in the TMO script kiddle thread13:22
*** Shoruken has quit IRC13:22
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo13:23
jogadivan, I've tried the reverse ssh in smscon, seemed to work fine13:24
*** lbt_hel has quit IRC13:28
SpeedEvillardman: eat13:29
*** lbt_hel has joined #maemo13:29
*** Sc0rpius has quit IRC13:32
*** tito_ has joined #maemo13:32
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo13:34
*** Aranel has quit IRC13:35
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*** lbt_hel has joined #maemo13:36
*** eMHa has joined #maemo13:37
*** romen has quit IRC13:37
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*** krayon has joined #maemo13:41
*** Guest96541 has joined #maemo13:41
*** krayon has left #maemo13:41
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*** unixSnob has joined #maemo13:44
*** tackat has quit IRC13:44
*** Sc0rpius has joined #maemo13:46
*** udovdh has joined #maemo13:46
divanjoga, yes, I've succeeded too. But it wasn't clear enough on which port it starts listening. It's 8080.13:46
divanshould be in wiki, I guess.13:47
*** alehorst has joined #maemo13:51
*** hannesw_ has quit IRC13:53
GAN900There's a Krystal burger across from my gate. Q_Q13:53
*** hannesw has joined #maemo13:54
*** lxp1 has joined #maemo13:55
* SpeedEvil sighs.13:55
* DocScrutinizer yawns13:55
SpeedEvilThe number of phone calls I get can be guessed from this.13:55
SpeedEvilWhile wandering around websites on the computer - the n900 rang.13:55
*** lxp has quit IRC13:56
*** udovdh has quit IRC13:56
SpeedEvilRight next to me. I started trying to work out which website was making the noise, and diddn't find it before the phone stopped.13:56
DocScrutinizeryou wondered what's that strange sound?13:56
SpeedEvilI only dound out due to the missed call.13:56
*** avs has quit IRC13:56
*** robink has joined #maemo13:57
SpeedEvilyes - for some reason the sound I picked changed.13:57
*** avs has joined #maemo13:57
*** rcg has quit IRC13:57
*** udovdh has joined #maemo13:58
*** T_X has quit IRC13:58
*** achipa has quit IRC13:58
*** dos1 has joined #maemo13:59
*** Guest96541 has quit IRC13:59
*** dos1 has quit IRC13:59
*** dos1 has joined #maemo13:59
* DocScrutinizer ponders to use netstat to find out if that's still the upload to vimeo that makes the switch flash, or if that frigging upload stalled since hours and sth worse is going on14:00
*** achipa has joined #maemo14:00
*** Wolli has joined #maemo14:01
*** sepultina has joined #maemo14:02
BCMMhow do i flash the n900 when it wants to bootloop?14:03
*** hannesw has quit IRC14:04
*** Spydemon has quit IRC14:05
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo14:06
DocScrutinizerhold 'u'14:07
BCMMfinally found the bit of hte troubleshooting i've been missing14:09
BCMMi suppose my next question is how to make fcam work with power kernel WITHOUT causing a bootloop...14:09
*** aloril has quit IRC14:09
*** mr_jrt has joined #maemo14:10
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo14:14
*** divan_ has joined #maemo14:14
*** jonne has joined #maemo14:14
*** divan has quit IRC14:15 yeah. Sorry all for the timeouts. My connction is rock solid, and it's only IRC with issues, so I suspect it's my router's NAT sessions timing out, thus the server pings not getting through to my client. I think. :S14:17
*** hannesw has joined #maemo14:21
BCMMmr_jrt: so are you going through some server somewhere? or do you have a domain name for your house?14:21
*** aloril has joined #maemo14:22
*** jhb has joined #maemo14:23
*** mr_jrt has quit IRC14:24
*** habmala has quit IRC14:27
*** mr_jrt has joined #maemo14:27
*** rd has joined #maemo14:27
*** aloril has quit IRC14:30
*** flo_lap is now known as florian14:30
*** hannesw has quit IRC14:31
*** hannesw has joined #maemo14:33
*** P50ODG has joined #maemo14:33
*** P50ODG is now known as l14:34
*** l is now known as lbt_hel14:34
*** mr_jrt has quit IRC14:35
*** lbt_hel has joined #maemo14:35
*** Chibi-Taiga has joined #maemo14:36
Chibi-Taigahey guys14:36
Chibi-Taigahow is this nitdroid?14:36
*** madalu has joined #maemo14:36
edheldilChibi-Taiga:  see $title ;-)14:37
Chibi-Taigauhm kay...14:37
*** AsusEeePC has joined #maemo14:40
lardmanChibi-Taiga: rubbish14:41
*** jhb has quit IRC14:41
*** Chibi-Taiga has quit IRC14:42
*** alehorst has quit IRC14:43
*** aloril has joined #maemo14:43
*** mr_jrt has joined #maemo14:43
*** AsusEeePC is now known as chibi-taiga14:44
*** divan_ has quit IRC14:44
*** lbt_ has joined #maemo14:45
DocScrutinizermustn't that read "stay clear"?14:45
*** lbt_hel has quit IRC14:46
DocScrutinizermaybe "keep (n900) clear"14:47
*** alehorst has joined #maemo14:48
BCMManother debian newbies question... i have used /etc/apt/preferences to give -testing priority over -devel. how can i override that for a single package?14:49
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo14:50
DocScrutinizer=version ?14:50
lardmanhmm, that Bloomberg article about Nokia seems very anti-Europe, is that standard fare from Bloomberg?14:50
lardmanno doubt it makes some valid points, but still14:51
chibi-taigaabout aircrack14:51
chibi-taigawhat pliugins do ineed14:51
BCMMDocScrutinizer: not sure i understand...14:51
DocScrutinizerreasonable the injection driver for WLAN?14:51
BCMMi was hoping there was a config file that could say "always get the latest version of FOO from whatever reop"14:52
chibi-taigawell im sing an n90014:52
chibi-taigaand installed aircrack14:52
chibi-taigabut what more do i need to run ir14:52
DocScrutinizerBCMM: if it's same version in -test and -dev then it doesn't matter - otherwise specify version14:52
DocScrutinizerairodump I'd guess14:53
*** BCMM_ has joined #maemo14:53
DocScrutinizercomes with aircrack14:53
DocScrutinizerlatest version allegedly has a flaw in packaging, or sth14:54
*** divan_ has joined #maemo14:56
*** BCMM has quit IRC14:57
*** robbiethe1st has quit IRC14:59
chibi-taigais it called like that in app manager?15:00
*** BCMM_ has quit IRC15:01
*** makulkar has quit IRC15:05
*** the_lord has joined #maemo15:07
*** Shoruken has joined #maemo15:10
*** FireFly has quit IRC15:10
*** chibi-taiga has quit IRC15:10
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC15:12
VenemoI've just had my daily laugh on TMO:
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:13
*** Venemo has joined #maemo15:13
*** messerting has joined #maemo15:14
*** FireFly has joined #maemo15:14
*** Venemo has quit IRC15:18
*** chenca has joined #maemo15:19
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo15:20
*** BCMM has joined #maemo15:21
*** messerting has quit IRC15:23
*** messerting has joined #maemo15:24
DocScrutinizerlardman: Oct 2010??15:27
DocScrutinizerbloomberg article15:27
lardmanhmm, perhaps it's the wrong one then15:27
lardmanengadget was commenting on some recent (I thought) article15:28
DocScrutinizermaybe not ;-P15:28
lardmanquite :)15:29
DocScrutinizeralso I can't really find much anti-EU in it. I'm rather afraid it's quite to the point15:29
lardmanah well, perhaps it was just me then15:29
lardmanI should have just taken the day off ;)15:30
*** billmania has joined #maemo15:30
cehtehmeeh .. when plugging a headphone in too slowly, the n900 thinks it has to activate video out15:30
cehtehwhich makes a terribly noise15:30
DocScrutinizersuggesting Nokia should move to CA is bold, but that's how big business happens15:30
DocScrutinizerlardman: duh, you got no day off today?15:31
DocScrutinizerthe great jetpack day!15:31
lardmanno, I'm in because someone was supposed to be picking something up, but I've heard nothing15:31
DocScrutinizeralso booze day I heard ;-)15:32
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:33
lardmanhmm, I quite fancy a pint15:33
*** unixSnob has quit IRC15:33
billmaniaDocScrutinizer: I'm joining the middle of the conversation thread. Who is suggesting Nokia should move to California (or Canada)?15:34
cehtehnokia is right on track to move to nirvana15:35
DocScrutinizercalifornia, and bloomberg
*** messerting has quit IRC15:35
billmaniaDocScrutinizer: Thanks.15:35
_trineis there anyway to speed up application manager and its enormous waiting period the n900 has between each application you want to install15:35
cehteh_trine: disable extras and other repos you dont need15:36
cehtehor use fapman and ignore the people crying about it15:36
_trineah is that the reason thanks15:36
_trinewhats fapman15:36
cehtehfaster application manager15:37
_trineis it an app15:37
DocScrutinizerincredible - I can't watch YT vids as my UPstream is @ 99%15:37
*** drj_cro has quit IRC15:38
DocScrutinizeryes _trine , an app (manager) with potential to mess up your system15:39
GAN900Woo, TPA.15:40
_trineDocScrutinizer, I have just reflashed my n900 and am starting over again installing my apps15:40
_trineI thought it was probably the best way to proceed after last night15:41
lardmanGAN900: you back home now?15:41
GAN900Very nearly15:41
DocScrutinizer_trine: there's a trick I'd really like to implement eventually: backup app, when restoring, knows how to invoke HAM in a way you can tag multiple apps and install in one step15:41
GAN900Just need to be driven across the bay.15:42
DocScrutinizeralas you'd need a "backup" file that has all the existing apps as "installed", so you could make use of this feature15:42
_trineDocScrutinizer, that would be a really nice feature15:43
*** gomiam has quit IRC15:43
DocScrutinizeranyway, for your previously installed apps backup works like a charm, compared to manually selecting and installing each one in HAM15:44
lardmanGAN900: not the bay with the fog I take it?15:45
_trinewhen I have redone everything can you instruct me on how to do that?15:45
DocScrutinizerrestoring a backup? that's pretty easy15:46
_trineand can you restore all the apps though15:46
DocScrutinizerand probably you should do it now, rather than later - given you cared to do a backup prior to wiping your device15:46
*** divan_ is now known as divan15:47
*** divan is now known as divan015:47
_trineDocScrutinizer, well would that not just back up this new install15:47
_trineat the moment nothing much is installed15:48
_trineI am just starting to redo it15:48
DocScrutinizerI'm suggesting a restore of a backup done prior to wiping15:48
_trineI do have anther N900 though which does have all the apps working on it15:48
_trinecould I back that up and restore it to this other one15:49
DocScrutinizerso do a backup there, copy the backup file to this device, and restore it15:49
DocScrutinizeryes :-D15:49
_trinewill it do all the apps15:49
_trinethis will save me lots of time15:50
_trinecan you tell me how to do it15:50
DocScrutinizergiven the avrg turnaround time of HAM is like 5min15:50
_trineit is15:50
_trineI have the working phone ready15:51
_trinein my hand15:51
DocScrutinizerstart backup app, create a full backup - preferably to uSD15:51
*** zutesmog has joined #maemo15:52
DocScrutinizerbackup "all", you can deselect subgroups (like settings) during restore15:52
_trineI am trying to find the backup app15:53
DocScrutinizerthen, when backup finished, move the uSD to "empty" phone15:53
_trineis backup on the phone or on the computer15:53
DocScrutinizernow the catch: first do a backup on new phone, so you got a copy of the virgin state15:54
_trineis it part of the nokia pc suite15:54
_trineor an app on the phone15:54
DocScrutinizer(on the phone, under apps)15:54
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo15:55
*** ZZzzZzzz_ has joined #maemo15:55
DocScrutinizeronly after you created a backup of your new phone's empty state, you start restore (also in backup app) and select the backup from uSD&old-phone to restore from15:55
DocScrutinizergeneral rule: no restore without doing a backup of previous state immediately prior to it15:56
fralsanyone watched the interview with elop from D9 posted over at nokconv?15:56
_trineDocScrutinizer, I have started the backup app but nothing lets me press anything15:58
_trinenone of the buttons work15:58
_trinemaybe I should reboot it15:58
*** ZZzzZzzz1 has quit IRC15:58
DocScrutinizerhacker's hint regarding backup app: take care, you can't distinguish files from uSD from those from MyNokia, so make sure you choose proper unique names15:59
_trinenow I know what happened15:59
*** Shoruken has quit IRC15:59
_trineI had it plugged into the usb connector15:59
*** setanta has joined #maemo15:59
DocScrutinizerhacker's hint regarding installing / restoring: NEVER do that while device is in mass storage mode16:00
_trinethe good phone is now backing up16:00
_trineit has backed up now16:01
_trinewhich was very quick16:01
DocScrutinizer_trine: btw that *might* explain what happened to your 'bad' phone, if you installed apps while device been in mass storage mode16:01
_trinecould be16:02
_trineprobab;y was16:02
_trinethe backup seems quite small16:02
_trine2.4 meg16:02
_trinedoes that sound correct16:02
DocScrutinizeryeah, it has none of the binaries, just a list which ones to download and install16:03
_trinenow I have this what do i do to transfer this to my other phone16:03
DocScrutinizerso 2.4M sounds correct16:03
DocScrutinizerif you selected "storage: card" then just take the card and plug it to the bad phone16:04
_trineI didnt but I will do that now16:05
DocScrutinizeryou should doublecheck you've not written the backup to "phone" (= MyNokia)16:05
DocScrutinizeryep :-)16:05
DocScrutinizererr MyDocs16:05
DocScrutinizertime for 12648430   ☕16:05
*** Shoruken has joined #maemo16:08
*** hannesw has quit IRC16:09
*** gn00b has quit IRC16:09
*** korhojoa has joined #maemo16:12
korhojoahay guys16:12
korhojoaanyone know how to get the n900 to uh. 'rescan' upnp servers?16:12
DocScrutinizergrass korhojoa16:12
DocScrutinizernever knew it did16:13
*** hardaker has joined #maemo16:13
DocScrutinizerwell, heard about it, but seems I got none here16:13
DocScrutinizergrass is fresh hay16:13
korhojoawell. my interpretation pales in comparison16:14
_trinedoc why would I have a picture of the memory card next to the signal strength indicator at the top of my screen which has a red line through it16:14
korhojoait's not the memory card, it's the SIM card16:14
*** Spydemon has quit IRC16:15
DocScrutinizerafaik SIM16:15
_trineah that explains that then16:15
BCMM_trine: that means there is no SIM card16:16
BCMMby the way, does the n900 make emergency calls without a SIM?16:17
DocScrutinizerit has a FCC cert16:17
DocScrutinizershould even skip device lock code query to do 911 calls, aiui16:18
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo16:18
DocScrutinizernever checked if it's compliant to this rule16:18
*** dr_mason has joined #maemo16:18
*** dr_mason is now known as largewhiteguy16:18
*** wblaze has quit IRC16:18
*** rm_work has joined #maemo16:19
_trineIf I dont reinstall the setting what will that mean16:19
*** hannesw has joined #maemo16:19
_trinewhat are the settings it refers to16:20
DocScrutinizererr, some of the customizations will stay at original state, like *maybe* mail accounts, wallpapers, dunno what exactly16:20
DocScrutinizeryou can restore those on a second pass, and also can revert them to the state saved to your "virgin-backup" I suggested ;-)16:21
* lardman heads off for a midwife's appointment16:21
lardmancatch you all later16:21
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone16:21
*** marthd has joined #maemo16:23
*** mirsal has joined #maemo16:24
*** hannesw has quit IRC16:24
*** Dibblah has joined #maemo16:24
*** hannesw has joined #maemo16:26
*** wblaze has joined #maemo16:28
*** unixSnob has quit IRC16:29
*** habmala has joined #maemo16:31
divan0can't get smscon to work.. The phone receives sms-messages with commands and nothing happens, while smscon seems to be running and configured...16:32
*** mr_jrt2 has joined #maemo16:32
DocScrutinizer_trine: working?16:33
divan0BTW, I thought the commands sms will be intercepted by smscon and attacker will not see it..16:33
infobotdivan0 meant: BTW, I thought the commands sms will be intercepted by smscon and thief will not see it..16:33
*** wblaze has quit IRC16:34
*** mr_jrt has quit IRC16:35
_trineDocScrutinizer, yes its reinstalling now :)16:35
_trineit will take a while I think16:36
DocScrutinizerthe select table with all apps is nice, isn't it?16:36
*** sepultina_ has joined #maemo16:36
*** sepultina has quit IRC16:37
*** jd has joined #maemo16:37
*** jd has quit IRC16:37
*** jd has joined #maemo16:37
_trineI only saw 4 different options applications settings and 2 others16:37
_trinewere there submenus to those?16:37
DocScrutinizerat some point you can deselect particular apps in your backup to exclude them from restoring16:38
*** Jade has quit IRC16:38
*** mr_jrt2 is now known as mr_jrt16:40
*** wblaze has joined #maemo16:40
_trineah yes it did say right at the beginning after I started th backup16:40
_trineat that point there was a list16:41
_trineit is very nice to be able to do this. I had previously used this app to backup but because of the size of the backup I presumed wrongly that it was only for settings etc16:42
*** mpoirier has joined #maemo16:42
DocScrutinizer(restore apps)  alas only *# there, could be more16:46
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC16:47
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo16:48
*** wblaze has quit IRC16:49
* DocScrutinizer HATES it when that happens, touchpad setting focus elsewhere, so instead of writing, konversations accepts shortcut to quit16:50
DocScrutinizerof course all private queries closed :-/16:51
*** rcg has joined #maemo16:51
*** MadViking has quit IRC16:53
*** Diod has joined #maemo16:54
tito_la laa laalaaaa laaaa16:55
*** fredix has quit IRC16:56
*** fredix has joined #maemo16:56
*** Sc0rpius has quit IRC16:58
*** SmilyOrg has joined #maemo16:58
*** Sc0rpius has joined #maemo16:59
*** wblaze has joined #maemo17:00
*** Smily has quit IRC17:01
*** pcacjr has joined #maemo17:02
*** marciom has joined #maemo17:03
*** Venemo has joined #maemo17:06
*** wblaze has quit IRC17:06
*** jhb has joined #maemo17:08
*** jhb has quit IRC17:11
*** jhb has joined #maemo17:11
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo17:11
*** Andy80 has quit IRC17:11
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo17:11
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:11
*** etrunko has quit IRC17:11
*** wblaze has joined #maemo17:11
*** Venemo has joined #maemo17:11
*** Venemo has quit IRC17:16
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*** jonne|reconnecte has joined #maemo17:18
*** shamus has quit IRC17:18
*** shamus has joined #maemo17:18
*** hannesw has joined #maemo17:19
*** wblaze has quit IRC17:20
rdHas anybody tried to do an jabber/xmpp call between a n900 and android?17:20
rdMy sister has an android Nexus S....but I cannot see the voice or video option for jabber in the n900, when opening here contact.17:21
*** jonne has quit IRC17:22
*** SmilybOrg has joined #maemo17:22
*** larsivi has quit IRC17:22
*** SmilyOrg has quit IRC17:25
*** wblaze has joined #maemo17:26
*** florian has quit IRC17:26
*** th00ry has quit IRC17:27
*** jhb has quit IRC17:28
*** etrunko has joined #maemo17:28
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*** Necc has joined #maemo17:30
*** mirsal has quit IRC17:31
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo17:33
*** wblaze has quit IRC17:33
*** MetalGearSolid has joined #maemo17:34
*** willer_ has joined #maemo17:35
*** jhb has joined #maemo17:35
*** wblaze has joined #maemo17:37
*** MetalGearSolid has quit IRC17:39
*** jhb has quit IRC17:40
*** jhb has joined #maemo17:41
*** jhb has quit IRC17:41
*** jhb has joined #maemo17:42
*** mirsal has joined #maemo17:43
*** MetalGearSolid has joined #maemo17:43
*** lbt_ has quit IRC17:45
Macerdoes anybody here use some stereo bt headphones with the n900?17:46
Maceri've never used them before and was wondering if they even worked :)17:46
*** sepultina has joined #maemo17:46
Macerdoes it even support a2dp?17:46
*** sepultina_ has quit IRC17:47
Appiahit should17:47
Macerok. just checking17:48
Maceri want to use my n900 to go running with but i learned today that the wire is not cool heh17:49
Macerplus i need something that clips onto my ears a little better17:49
SpeedEvilMacer: If you find some nice ones, tell me.17:49
MacerSpeedEvil: believe it or not a while back i had some nice ones (when they worked)17:50
Macersome no name brand17:50
SpeedEvilI found that the right sized earpieces worked well.17:50
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: ping17:50
Macerbut they just stopped working on me all of a sudden17:50
rcgMacer: i used my n900 with nokia bh-50417:50
Macerrcg: heh. those look awesome but they look horrible for running ;)17:51
Appiahsearching on maemo talk17:51
Appiahlooks like alot of people using it17:51
rcgMacer: heh, yeah.. for running those are _probably_ not that good ;)17:51
Macerrcg: i can see my sweat filling up the padded earmuffs hahaha17:52
SpeedEvilI'd actually like the existing headphones for running.17:52
Macerthat's gross ;)17:52
*** largewhiteguy has quit IRC17:52
SpeedEvilTerminating in a little medallion shaped thing.17:52
Maceri swear tho. i went to best buy one day and found the biggest no name ones you could buy17:52
Macerfor $4017:52
Macerand they were absolutely awesome.. super amplified.. then i dropped them a few times and other stuff and they stopped working :(17:53
*** mitsutaka has joined #maemo17:54
Macerwow those look seriously uncomfortable haha17:54
SpeedEvilThat's not really great reviews from some.17:55
SpeedEvil - was some of the most mixed reviews I found for an appliance.17:57
SpeedEvil'great - until it catches fire' was the general theme.17:57
*** Necc has quit IRC18:02
*** Evanescence has quit IRC18:04
*** baraujo has joined #maemo18:07
*** rd has quit IRC18:07
JaffaMohammadAG: "offline_access"? What would it do?18:09
*** marciom has quit IRC18:12
*** kama has joined #maemo18:13
*** RST38h has quit IRC18:13
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake18:14
BCMMwhat's that app that lets you configure which status area applets are shown?18:14
BCMM(without actually uninstalling them)18:14
alteregoSorry, vi?18:16
BCMMno, vim is the correct answer18:16
*** jd has quit IRC18:17
BCMMbut i recall their being a GUI for it18:17
BCMMsee, FM Carkit is useful, on occasion, but annoying when i don't want it18:17
*** Jade has joined #maemo18:17
*** jhb has quit IRC18:19
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: pong18:21
alteregoHrm, this is where context awareness comes in :18:21
*** zap has quit IRC18:21
DocScrutinizerMacer: Sony HBH-DS220 BT stereo hs, works just fine18:23
jpinx-not-hereDocScrutinizer: fwiw PCSuite seriously messes with some of the simple basic functions like file transfer18:24
DocScrutinizervery occasionally a short dropout, might be interference as well18:24
*** Termana has quit IRC18:24
*** stef_204 has joined #maemo18:25
*** jpinx-not-here is now known as jpinx18:25
DocScrutinizerBCMM: never seen "an app for that"18:26
DocScrutinizerN900 going batshit psycho:
DocScrutinizer(comes with cool blairwitch proj style camra ;-P)18:27
DocScrutinizerno overdubs, all live18:28
vldcnstweird stuff18:30
*** sepultina_ has joined #maemo18:31
*** sepultina has quit IRC18:31
*** Pavel has joined #maemo18:34
*** valdyn has quit IRC18:34
*** alehorst has quit IRC18:36
*** Ikarus has quit IRC18:36
*** jhb has joined #maemo18:36
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC18:37
*** Spydemon has quit IRC18:37
*** Spydemon has joined #maemo18:38
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo18:38
DocScrutinizermeh, and now a nice little DSL outage18:39
*** unixSnob has joined #maemo18:40
*** skler` has joined #maemo18:41
*** Strahlex has joined #maemo18:45
Strahlexcan someone please help me18:46
*** Shapeshifter has quit IRC18:48
*** Shapeshifter has joined #maemo18:48
*** Strahlex has quit IRC18:48
*** alehorst has joined #maemo18:49
_trineDocScrutinizer, I have been trying to find PyQt but there only seems to be a version for PR 1.218:52
_trineI need one for PR 1.318:53
*** dashavoo has quit IRC18:53
*** Lynoure has quit IRC18:54
*** dashavoo has joined #maemo18:54
*** gn00b has joined #maemo18:54
*** hannesw has quit IRC18:55
*** Lynoure has joined #maemo18:55
DocScrutinizer_trine: there are devels way more familiar with that topic than me, sorry18:56
DocScrutinizershort: dunno18:56
*** hannesw has joined #maemo18:57
DocScrutinizerdid somebody help Strahlex by kicking him? X-P18:57
_trineI found it just after I asked as sods law would predict18:57
_trineapt-get install python2.5-qt4-gui18:57
*** Flanbix has quit IRC18:58
DocScrutinizercan somebody help me with (OT):18:58
*** jhb has quit IRC18:58
DocScrutinizerJun  2 04:35:07 lagrange sshd[11460]: subsystem request for sftp18:58
DocScrutinizerJun  2 04:38:54 lagrange sshd[11460]: channel 0: rcvd big packet 32797, maxpack 3276818:58
*** Ikarus has joined #maemo18:59
*** slonopotamus has joined #maemo18:59
DocScrutinizer( did an sftp transfer [upload] at that time, obviously)18:59
DocScrutinizerMTU in ifconfig, or what?19:00
DocScrutinizermeh, MTU is 150019:00
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle19:03
*** Wikier has quit IRC19:04
*** ZZzzZzzz1 has joined #maemo19:04
*** ZZzzZzzz_ has quit IRC19:06
ShadowJKit's unrelated to mtu for sure19:11
DocScrutinizerthought as much19:13
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC19:14
DocScrutinizerMTU however is for packet sniplets, not for recombined split packets, no?19:14
*** sepultina has joined #maemo19:15
*** sepultina_ has quit IRC19:15
DocScrutinizer(had this line like " repeated 87656 times")19:15
DocScrutinizerspamming my log19:16
SpeedEvilIs there an extant ssh connection?19:16
_trineThanks DocScrutinizer for the tip about backing up it works very well19:16
DocScrutinizer_trine: yw19:16
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: extant?19:17
SpeedEvila currently existing connection at the time of the error.19:17
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: I upped that badshit-crazy video (244MB) to my server19:18
DocScrutinizervia sftp19:18
SpeedEvilI'd question if those are tcp packets19:18
DocScrutinizerNB there were almost 4min flawless transfer19:18
SpeedEvilAs an aside - IPV6 supports packets up to 4 gig.19:19
*** madalu has quit IRC19:19
DocScrutinizerwhat's IPv4 limit?19:19
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:19
SpeedEvilIt depends.19:19
SpeedEvil~65536 bytes19:20
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake19:20
SpeedEvilI can't remember if it's +-40 or so19:20
DocScrutinizerthis diff of 29 bytes looks suspicious19:20
SpeedEvilI'm not aware of any limit19:20
*** MetalGearSolid has quit IRC19:20
*** BCMM has quit IRC19:20
SpeedEvil1500 of course ethernet limits are common19:20
DocScrutinizeryeah, not applicable here19:20
*** Jaffa has quit IRC19:21
DocScrutinizersshd incompatibilities?19:21
*** Jaffa has joined #maemo19:22
*** Flanbix has joined #maemo19:22
ShadowJKI'd suspect sshd19:22
SpeedEvilI've no idea.19:22
DocScrutinizerbuffersize +/- TCP header or sth?19:22
SpeedEvilIn practice - it seems vanisningly unlikely you're seeing packets that large on your link.19:22
*** Necc has joined #maemo19:22
SpeedEvilThough I'd start up tcpdump, and try again, if you seem to have found a trigger activity.19:22
DocScrutinizerrecombined backets for sftp though...19:22
ShadowJKbecause a program usually can't figure out the mtu size through normal APIs, so to actually make/break on mtu would be quite spectacular19:22
DocScrutinizerwireshark is it, I guess, then19:23
ShadowJKand you couldn't push 32k mtu over internet in any case19:23
SpeedEvilI'd question it's packets - say - not link-level packets19:23
SpeedEvilthat is - inside the sshd protocol.19:23
SpeedEvilAs a silly comment - you have googled the error?19:23
ShadowJKYeah it's most likely sshd packets :P19:23
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: MTU is 1500 anyway19:24
DocScrutinizerat both ends19:24
DocScrutinizerhere even a few less19:24
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo19:24
DocScrutinizer(here is remote end from server log's PoV)19:24
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: thanks19:25
* DocScrutinizer <--- noob19:25
*** luke-jr has quit IRC19:25
*** luke-jr has joined #maemo19:25
*** sepultina_ has joined #maemo19:31
*** sepultina has quit IRC19:32
DocScrutinizer  to whom it may concern19:34
DocScrutinizerindeed a bug known since Linus seen first teletype19:35
*** marciom has joined #maemo19:35
stef_204hi, noob here. my device is giving me "cannot install" applications, not enough space left.  My partitions: RootFS: 60 MBs free; home: 86 MB's free and MyDocs: 26 GB's free19:37
*** nelson__ has quit IRC19:38
stef_204It makes no sense for me to have 26 GB's on the MyDocs when I really don't need that much.  On the other hand, woiuld be nice to be able to use some of the 26 GB's free space for aps. Any way to do that safely?19:38
DocScrutinizer... >>Bug 241093 -  Uploading big files with SFTP KIO slave yields error/warning in server-side sshd log<<19:39
povbotBug was not found.19:39
povbotBug 241093: was not found.19:39
*** SiggyF has quit IRC19:39
*** SiggyF has joined #maemo19:39
DocScrutinizerstef_204: see...19:40
infobotoptification is probably a inventive duct tape workaround to reclaim space in fs root, done due to the fact the systeminit *and* partitioning is FUBAR,,_Deploying_and_Distributing/Installing_under_opt_and_MyDocs, or ""OMG - I wish somebody had looked into FHS and moved /usr to eMMC"", bullet1,2 and fhs-2.3.html#PURPOSE16 dot319:41
stef_204DocScrutinizer: ok, thanks19:41
*** _0x471 has joined #maemo19:42
*** hannesw has quit IRC19:43
stef_2042nd link is a regular Linux/Unix filesystem page. 1st link is unfortunately empty, nothing on page19:44
*** _0x47 has quit IRC19:44
DocScrutinizerstef_204: 2GB should be more than enough, unless your /home/user/* got filled with stuff, or a poorly packaged app decided to load huge amounts of *data* to /opt (aka /home/(.*\/)*/opt19:44
*** mortenvp has joined #maemo19:44
stef_204let me recheck my /opt19:44
stef_204sorry, my irc client had included the comma at the end of the link so page reference was wrong19:46
stef_204just noticed that and removed the comma.  I'm on page now19:46
DocScrutinizer,_Deploying_and_Distributing/Installing_under_opt_and_MyDocs   WFM19:47
*** marciom has left #maemo19:49
DocScrutinizerstef_204: first half of infobot 's factoid is about "what is" optification, all after ", or" is what things *should* be instead19:52
divan0 - maybe someone is interested19:57
*** robink has quit IRC19:57
*** zap has joined #maemo19:58
*** kama has quit IRC19:58
*** robink has joined #maemo19:59
*** sepultina has joined #maemo20:01
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*** arvut has joined #maemo20:40
*** romen has joined #maemo20:40
*** kama has quit IRC20:41
arvuthello all, is there a way to list (and/or uninstall) all pakages that has been downloaded from extra-devel? Accidently installed a certain devel package when I was less experienced in the world of linux =)20:42
arvutfound a thread about eating all cpu, logging too much and hildon randomly freezes in the maemo5 forum, which pointed me to think that it was advanced-power that messed up the (I can't tell cause I haven't got it installed, even though the name rings a bell)20:45
*** skler` has quit IRC20:46
*** eMHa has quit IRC20:50
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo20:54
*** msanchez has quit IRC20:57
*** skler` has joined #maemo20:57
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC20:58
divan0arvut, on debian/ubuntu there is a tool called apt-show-versions, but seems it's not ported to Maemo yet..20:59
*** jrocha has quit IRC21:00
BCMMis there any way to access SMSs stored on the SIM card? (by an older phone)21:01
BCMM(on an n900)21:01
*** messerting has joined #maemo21:01
*** divan0 has quit IRC21:04
*** renato has quit IRC21:06
DocScrutinizerdivan0: sounds interestinf, though the skype protocol got dissected years ago, on a blackhat conf. Still got the slides somewhere. The problem is you can't join the original skype network with a RE'd client, as there are cryptokeys all over, and central servers to authenticate clients21:06
SpeedEvilNot fully dissected21:06
BCMMarvut: aptitude can do that; don't know if there are any caveats to using aptitude on an n90021:09
arvutDocScrutinizer: that sound highly interestinf too 0.O could you perhaps name these slides or upload them somewhere?21:10
arvutaptitude has never worked on my phone, get sigsev when I try it. installed it more than once21:11
*** sepultina has quit IRC21:13
*** eMHa has joined #maemo21:14
* arvut just reinstalled this advanced-power app, as its not in devel anymor. however, is still llgging like crazy and eating 13-70% cpu.. *wonders if a reflash is the next move* someone did mention learning to debug, which could be worth a try :)21:18
*** piggz has joined #maemo21:19
arvuthildon-desktop has gone insane too :P21:19
arvut13% cpu, and all the widgets are now gone21:20
*** T_X has joined #maemo21:20
*** T_X has joined #maemo21:20
arvutgonna reboot and see if that restores em, I do have backups after all21:21
*** arvut has quit IRC21:21
*** MadViking has joined #maemo21:23
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*** hannesw has quit IRC21:26
*** Smily has joined #maemo21:26
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*** Spydemon has joined #maemo22:19
DocScrutinizer51SpeedEvil: you watched the movie of my T900 (GFXcore?) going apeshit?22:21
DocScrutinizer51would like to hear some other thoughts about what happened there22:21
DocScrutinizer51alas 244MB22:22
SpeedEvil - I was looking at. tethered wind turbines.22:22
*** skler` has quit IRC22:25
*** yigal has joined #maemo22:25
*** buntfalke has joined #maemo22:26
yigalIs there any possibility of hacking on Modest to get threads, tags and full screen view?22:27
yigalor is it a lost cause project?22:27
yigalor is there an email client that has most of these features and can be nicely integrated into the Maemo environment? Or something else altogether22:28
*** lbt_ has joined #maemo22:31
*** NishanthM has joined #maemo22:31
*** hiemanshu_ has joined #maemo22:32
yigalWhile I know the general unhappiness with Modest I figured there would be people would be able to shed light on the difficulty of adding this feature set.22:32
*** unixSnob has quit IRC22:32
yigalalternatively I can continue to use Mutt on Maemo but it would be a bit easier to stop living a terminal existence on the N90022:34
*** hiemanshu has quit IRC22:35
SpeedEvilmodest is open source.22:35
SpeedEvilIn principle...22:35
SpeedEvilI have no idea as to anyu hacking on it though22:35
yigalit seems unreasonable that someone wouldn't have attempted to hack on it already22:36
yigaland obviously unsuccesfully22:36
yigalbut the question remains, in my mind, how much effort is needed to add this feature set22:37
yigalI remember the shock I got when I realized the email client for the n900 was vastly inferior to the n800s22:38
*** c2pLaY has quit IRC22:38
*** fyndvagen has joined #maemo22:38
*** fyndvagen has quit IRC22:42
*** theoriginalgri has joined #maemo22:43
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