IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2010-04-03

ShadowJKbattery charger (bq24150?) and battery gas gauge (bq27200)00:00
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ShadowJKI haven't confirmed it's actually talking to those two, but the schematics has nothing else on i2c-2 that doesn't also have a /sys node..00:01
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TheOnehi, me again00:02
TheOneis iptables avaible for maemo?00:03
ptl_demands_PR12solved your doubt?00:03
ptl_demands_PR12the stock kernel does not have NAT/masquerading00:03
ptl_demands_PR12you'll have to recompile a new one if you plan to use that.00:03
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ptl_demands_PR12you can get the one from the mobile hotspot app00:03
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uhsfi follow the wiki to the letter to set up usb networking but why is it still impossible to ping my linux workstation from my n900?00:04
TheOneif i install mobile hotspot i get an iptables too?00:04
C-S-B-N900ouch, stuck on 2g.00:04
C-S-B-N900is thay gprs?00:04
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ptl_demands_PR12no, you'll have to do it manually, because that's tinkering with very basic software. The instructions are on the page, TheOne00:04
C-S-B-N900ptl_demands_PR12: nice nick, lol00:05
TheOneohh what a pain to get this working00:05
C-S-B-N900ptl_demands_PR12: wouldn't make any sense in another chan.00:05
ptl_demands_PR12TheOne: hopefully they'll finish the userland NAT implementation (it seems to be barely working) and we'll be able to do it more easily.00:06
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ptl_demands_PR12C-S-B-N900: yes, but my life is stalled due to this delay00:06
ptl_demands_PR12I will get back to programming as soon as PR1.2 is out. So, yes, I am not exaggerating. My vacation starts today00:06
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ptl_demands_PR12It's already a disrespect. If they don't plan to release it in a timely manner, fine, but at least lend the base software bugs to the community.00:07
TheOneptl_demands_PR12: before i compile something, do you think my plan would work00:08
uhsfanyone here can use usb networking with a n900?00:08
TheOnei try to reverse the masquerading00:08
TheOnebut there you see that needs nat/masquerading00:08
ptl_demands_PR12TheOne: what you want precisely? I forgot00:08
ptl_demands_PR12TheOne: isn't that what you want? --->
TheOnen900 internet via usb on my laptop00:09
TheOneptl_demands_PR12: that looks good, but without any hard config changes ?00:10
ptl_demands_PR12TheOne: it seems so, I haven't tried it myself.00:11
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TheOnei will try that, looks much easier ^^00:12
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PhonicUKhey all, anyone really good at trig maths?00:12
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godrikPhonicUK: I guess it depends what you mean by really good00:14
godrikjust ask your question00:14
PhonicUKTake a scene where you have a small flat plane, you are looking at it slightly off the ground so you can see all 4 corners00:14
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PhonicUKknowing the 2D position of the 2 opposite corners, I need to work out what angle the camera position and angle would be00:15
PhonicUKin 3 dimentional space00:15
godrikit also depend what kind of projection you are using00:16
* Arif_ blinks00:16
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PhonicUKperspective projection00:16
PhonicUKis empty :P00:17
PhonicUKah #math is not00:17
godrikPhonicUK: it also depends at which height you want to be00:18
PhonicUKwell thing is im not sure what height i will be in00:18
PhonicUKbasically i've got an algorithm that can find the corners of a chess board in an image00:18
PhonicUKand i want to render things on that chess board at the correct angle + size00:18
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PhonicUKso that it looks like they are on top00:19
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* noobmonk3y blinks00:24
* lcuk glues noobmonk3y's eyes shut00:24
uhsfi've been trying to use usb networking since early january. nobody seems to know how to set up usb networking on the n90000:24
PhonicUKso far I can locate the 4 corners, but dunno how to find out the 3D equivalent space00:24
lcukuhsf, theres a wiki page00:25
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DocScrutinizerPhonicUK: doesn't compute.00:25
* noobmonk3y attempts to blink and rips his eyelids open.......00:25
noobmonk3yeveil feckers in here i say00:25
PhonicUKDocScrutinizer, Imagine I am looking at a picture of a chess board00:25
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PhonicUKif the 4 corners form a perfect square, I know I am looking directly down upon it00:25
uhsflike i said, i followed the wiki to the letter and it's still impossible to ping my linux workstation00:25
PhonicUKand the distance between the 4 corners lets me know how far away from it i am00:26
noobmonk3yright gotta be up for a 5 hours drive early - speak to you all from the other side of the country tomorrow :D00:26
lcukgnite noobmonk3y00:26
* noobmonk3y will be testing joikuspot :|00:26
DocScrutinizeryep. with 3 corners it's solvable, not with 200:26
PhonicUKtypo, i meant 3/400:26
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PhonicUKi can locate all 400:27
ds3has anyone written a power usage meter for the status bar/area?00:27
PhonicUKi take it you understand what im up to at this point00:27
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PhonicUKany idea how to solve it?00:28
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DocScrutinizerIdea yes, nerves to solve it for you, no. Sorry really pissed as my fav phone is borked00:29
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lcukuhsf, i hadnt read the scrollback00:29
PhonicUKoh dear, what happened?00:29
lcukwhich linux distro are you running and is your desktop network configured strangely00:29
uhsfdoing exactly like in the wiki does not enable usb networking00:29
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trumeeguys, i want to install portmap on my N900.00:30
trumeeapt-get install portmap00:30
lcukyeah, but the wiki does not know every single configuration or networking option checked etc00:30
trumeeE: Couldn't find package portmap00:30
uhsfi have edited /etc/network/interfaces exactly like in the wiki00:30
lcukso, start with basics, whats your system - would there be a reason why normal instructions wouldnt work00:30
trumeewhere can i find portmap? i want to mount some nfs folders00:30
ptl_demands_PR12DocScrutinizer: what happened to your N900 (considering it's your favorite phone)?00:31
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uhsfthen i did ifup usb000:31
* lcuk always has networking issues because im on a manual config00:31
DocScrutinizernot entirely sure00:31
uhsfthen it's still impossible to ping ping
lcukuhsf, we get that the steps didnt work - we get you followed the instructions, saying the same instrucitons again doesnt help00:31
uhsfi don't know what else to do than hope for someone here to lead me on another hint because i've tried for so long now00:33
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uhsfthe most important basic thing that the n900 should be able to do is totally broken and no one seems to notice00:33
lcuk<lcuk> which linux distro are you running and is your desktop network configured strangely00:33
trumeeam i missing some repository?00:33
* lcuk will stop trying soon00:33
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: :/ It diddn't work on reassembly?00:34
uhsfi'm using arch linux00:34
ptl_demands_PR12trumee: I guess you'll have to port it using scratchbox. It's easy00:34
lcuktrumee, use the maemo packages interface or google to find out if portmap is available and which repository its in00:34
ptl_demands_PR12there is a portmap already available.00:34
trumeeptl_demands_PR12: where?00:35
ptl_demands_PR12trumee: extras-devel and the tools repository. Both have it00:35
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lcukok uhsf thank you, now when you plug the n900 into usb - is it detected properly00:35
lcukis it on usb0 etc00:36
trumeeptl_demands_PR12: thanks00:36
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lcukare you switching the n900 into its correct mode once you plug into usb00:36
ali1234uhsf: pastebin output from dmesg and "ifconfig -a" on your workstation pls00:36
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: screen dead00:37
uhsfusb0: register 'cdc_ether' at usb-0000:00:1d.7-1, CDC Ethernet Device, 5e:25:a5:ec:e6:6500:37
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: funny thing Ididn't touch screen00:37
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: bugger.00:37
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: did you try it before reassembly?00:38
ptl_demands_PR12DocScrutinizer: hope you get your device back soon.00:38
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DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: how??00:38
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: bare pcb with lcd plugged - don't know00:39
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uhsfusb1: register 'cdc_ether' at usb-0000:00:1d.0-2, CDC Ethernet Device, 0e:01:5e:ec:b1:bd00:39
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DocScrutinizernah, that's basically reassembled state00:39
uhsfusb1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 0E:01:5E:EC:B1:BD inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
ali1234uhsf: to, then give us the link00:40
DocScrutinizerthat's lower half with kbd and bare pcb, and upper half which wasn't tampered with00:40
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DocScrutinizeranf a F***NG FRI**N BLOODY FPC plus B2B connector :-(((00:41
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Arif_I found another media player bug00:42
Arif_the song information stayst he same when a song switches sometimes....00:42
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: Sorry. Thanks.00:44
uhsfthe output from dmesg and ifconfig -a is at
ali1234uhsf: why do you have two usbnet interfaces?00:48
ali1234i suspect you are using the wrong one00:48
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DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: thanks??00:51
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uhsfi have an open moko plugged in also00:52
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: for the pics.00:52
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uhsfi will unplug my freerunner and troubleshoot only the n90000:53
DocScrutinizerhmm, somewhat expensive pics00:53
DocScrutinizerhoory netsplit00:53
ali1234well, as long as you're sure you know which is which it should not matter00:53
uhsfn900 was usb100:53
SpeedEvilyes. :/00:54
ali1234do you have tcpdump installed? try running it on desktop/usb1 and ping from n90000:54
trumeecan kmplayer access upnp server (mediatomb) like Media player00:55
trumeei want to play some mkv files but media player refuses to play them00:55
ali1234also try the reverse if you can get tcpdump on n90000:55
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: wonder if a dmsg might help. but honestly I think I'm fsckd00:55
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: sounds unlikely00:55
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: static precautions i assume?00:56
*** Do-m-pie has quit IRC00:56
DocScrutinizer<20% humidity ;-/00:56
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trumeeinstalled portmap and nfs-common, restarted the device. But /etc/init.d/nfs-common doesnt want to run00:57
ShadowJKwaaah, why is there no do...while construct in sh script00:57
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DocScrutinizerfor ((;; while>0)); do decr while; done00:58
*** steveire has quit IRC00:59
*** steveire_ has joined #maemo00:59
trumeerpcbind: server localhost not responding, timed out00:59
trumeewhat does that mean00:59
*** TheOne has quit IRC00:59
*** TheOne_ is now known as TheOne00:59
trumeeRPC: failed to contact local rpcbind server (errno 5)00:59
trumeei guess portmap is borking out01:00
trumee /etc/init.d/portmap restart  returns "Starting portmap daemon...Already running.."01:00
trumeeanybody got any idea why this might be happening. or is portmap broken in the repo?01:01
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*** kkb110 has joined #maemo01:03
trumeedo i need to resort to samba now to mount my media!!!!01:03
*** Omegamoon has left #maemo01:03
*** netvandal has joined #maemo01:03
uhsfi don't know what command to use with tcpdump01:03
ali1234tcpdump -n -i usb101:04
uhsftcpdump: Can't open USB bus file /sys/kernel/debug/usbmon/0t: No such file or directory01:04
ali1234it thinks you want to dump usb packets, not from usbnet01:05
ali1234that kind of sucks01:05
ptl_demands_PR12trumee: on some guy said: got it working using -o nolock,udp.01:05
ptl_demands_PR12On the N900 the are some problems though:01:06
ptl_demands_PR12- The portmap daemon won't ever start because for some reason, the init script detects "pidof portmap" as portmap itself so it says "Already running." To get it to start I had to edit the lauch script commenting that line out.01:06
uhsfnow since i switched the n900 to usb0 it seems i can ping but not ssh01:06
*** githogori has quit IRC01:06
ali1234well that's progress of a sort01:06
*** Mops has quit IRC01:06
ali1234apparently the usb issue with tcpdump is a known bug, you need to find the interface number with tcpdump -D then give the number as parameter to -i01:07
ali1234but looks like packets are being sent now anyway01:07
*** strmnOptX has joined #maemo01:07
uhsftcpdump -D says nothing01:08
trumeeptl_demands_PR12: you are the man01:08
trumeeptl_demands_PR12: -o nolock,udp worked01:08
ptl_demands_PR12trumee: cool :D01:09
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: the whole device is 8KV HBM01:09
uhsfi still get the ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused problem i have for many months01:09
ali1234uhsf: try sudo tcpdump -D01:09
ali1234tcpdump needs root access to dump packets01:09
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ali1234uhsf: if you can ping but get connection refused for ssh, it is probably a firewall issue01:10
uhsfit gives 3 choices but none is usb001:10
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FredrIQhere comes the netsplitmaker!01:10
*** TheOne_ is now known as TheOne01:10
uhsfsshd is running on the n900 of course. and i have no firewall on my system01:11
lcukcan you ssh into n900 from n90001:11
ali1234perhaps sshd does not bind to the usb interface when it comes up01:11
*** netvandal has quit IRC01:12
*** paroneayea has joined #maemo01:12
*** siraj has joined #maemo01:12
trumeeis mplayer on N900 accelarated?01:12
*** Robot101 has joined #maemo01:12
*** shpaq has joined #maemo01:12
*** rantom has joined #maemo01:12
lcuktrumee, its got fast forward option01:12
*** ml-mobile has joined #maemo01:13
trumeei am playing a 1586Kbps mkv (mpeg4) file and it is struggling01:13
*** olmu has joined #maemo01:13
*** FIQ has quit IRC01:13
*** petteri has joined #maemo01:13
uhsflcuk: yes i can ssh to n900 from n90001:13
trumeelcuk: 60% cpu01:13
*** Do-m-pie has joined #maemo01:13
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*** otep has joined #maemo01:13
lcuktrumee, dunno01:13
*** Veggen has joined #maemo01:13
*** cehteh has joined #maemo01:13
*** rektide has joined #maemo01:13
trumeelcuk: not cool.01:14
*** bleeter has quit IRC01:14
trumeei guess i need to encode in mpeg101:14
*** dmj726_n9002 has joined #maemo01:15
ptl_demands_PR12mkv is resource-intensive even in desktop mplayer01:15
lcuktrumee, i dunno what the normal bitrate is01:16
*** odin_ has joined #maemo01:16
*** cpt_nemo has joined #maemo01:16
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*** MikaT has joined #maemo01:16
*** dmj726_n900 has quit IRC01:16
lcukor what res you are pushing01:16
*** TheOne_ has joined #maemo01:16
ShadowJKDocScrutinizer, time for, what was it called, kollekt ansamlen? :-(01:17
*** TheOne has quit IRC01:17
*** TheOne_ is now known as TheOne01:17
trumeelcuk: that is mediainfo dump of the file01:17
*** njsf1 has joined #maemo01:17
*** dmj726_n9001 has quit IRC01:18
ali1234uhsf: well i don;t see anythin gfunny with sshd config...01:18
ali1234can you ssh from n900 to desktop?01:19
*** odin_ has quit IRC01:20
*** cpt_nemo has quit IRC01:20
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*** DerSaidin has quit IRC01:23
*** DerSaidin has joined #maemo01:23
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*** robink has joined #maemo01:24
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*** bmidgley has joined #maemo01:24
*** Proteous has joined #maemo01:24
uhsfcorrection, i can ssh from n900 to pc now.01:24
*** davyg has quit IRC01:24
uhsfmaybe things are progressing01:24
*** dmj726_n900 has joined #maemo01:25
ali1234uhsf: well, beats me. if you can ping both ways then the transport is working. and you must have a working transport to get back "connection refused" messages.01:25
ali1234n900 to PC works... n900 to n900 works, pc to n900 does not work01:26
ds3uhsf: can you do this on the n900: netstat -ant | grep 2201:26
*** githogori has joined #maemo01:26
ech0Asustransfering what alil?01:26
*** Cazou has joined #maemo01:27
uhsfnetstat: no kernel support for AF INET6 (tcp)01:28
ds3any other output?01:28
uhsftcp 0 0* LISTEN01:28
ds3then ssh is setup01:28
ds3what OS is your PC?01:29
ali1234that indicates sshd should listen on all interfaces01:29
ali1234very odd01:29
trumeeN900 cannot play dvd quality video (VOB). that is a bit of shame01:30
trumeei tried kmplayer to play some VOB files.01:30
*** Arif_ has joined #maemo01:30
*** odin_ has joined #maemo01:30
*** cpt_nemo has joined #maemo01:30
*** wbs has joined #maemo01:30
*** zap_ has joined #maemo01:30
*** TheOne_ has joined #maemo01:30
trumeebut it really struggled.01:30
*** TheOne has quit IRC01:30
uhsfwhat ssh config file should i check?01:30
*** Vudentz has quit IRC01:30
ds3uhsf: what OS is on the PC?01:30
Arif_who broke the ınternet01:30
ali1234ds3: it;s arch linux01:30
uhsfi don't remember editing any ssh file on the n90001:30
ShadowJKintersting, my N900 had stopped charging while on charger and me sending SIGSTOP and SIGCONT to bme and reading bq27200 registers..01:30
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo01:30
uhsfarch linux01:30
*** TheOne__ has joined #maemo01:30
* ShadowJK removes the STOP/CONT..01:30
*** Ken-Young has joined #maemo01:30
trumeethis seems a bit bizaare to me. is that processer that weak or is it my nfs connection (over wifi)?01:30
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: well, maybe01:31
ali1234uhsf: there's /etc/default/ssh and /etc/ssh/sshd_config01:31
trumeeanybody else played video files on N900?01:32
*** njsf1 has quit IRC01:32
ali1234but i don't think either one is going to help01:32
*** Arif_ has quit IRC01:32
*** odin_ has quit IRC01:32
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*** TheOne_ has quit IRC01:32
*** TheOne__ has quit IRC01:32
*** amaurymedeiros has joined #maemo01:32
ds3can you telnet to port 22 on the n900 from the PC?01:33
*** TheOne_ has joined #maemo01:34
*** tackat_ has joined #maemo01:35
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo01:35
*** TheOne__ has joined #maemo01:36
V13you try to connect from pc to n900 over wifi and after some time it says host unreachable ?01:36
V13(or no route to host)01:37
uhsfok i got it now, i can ssh from pc to n900 with usb network01:37
*** TheOne_ has quit IRC01:38
*** TheOne has quit IRC01:38
ds3what was the problem?01:38
*** z4chh has joined #maemo01:39
*** wbs has joined #maemo01:39
trumeeok i copied the mkv to the device itself. mplayer does struggle to play it. so it is not my wifi connection then.01:39
trumeenext i need to try a dvd (mpeg2) quality vob file.01:39
V13ds3: he didn't solve it. he just bypassed it using usb network01:39
ali1234using usb network was the whole point01:39
V13oh.. sry01:40
ShadowJKtrumee, what video codec and resolution is the mkv?01:40
*** odin_ has joined #maemo01:40
lcukShadowJK, (pasted a couple of minutes ago)
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo01:41
*** TheOne__ has quit IRC01:41
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: alas I don't see that happen01:41
ShadowJK720x576 h264 is slightly higher than what MPlayer can do01:41
*** zap_ has joined #maemo01:42
* ShadowJK wonders how much a new N900 costs these days01:42
DocScrutinizerexcept if stskeeps maybe manages to send me a devel lendout01:42
trumeeShadowJK: what should i reduce this to?01:42
trumeeShadowJK: bought mine today 440 pounds in the UK01:42
V13XXX x 480 ?01:42
V13(not to exceed 800x480)01:42
ShadowJKWell I'd rather not feed any h264 to MPlayer at all01:43
ShadowJKBut the default media player can play h264 baseline (which this file is not), at 800x480 just fine.. maybe even from .mkv with extra-decoders package01:43
ShadowJKfor MPlayer I'd just use mpeg4 asp (xvid) and stay under 800x48001:44
*** florian has quit IRC01:45
trumeeShadowJK: bit disappointed with that. i was hoping to watch DVD vob rips on this. it cant replace my laptop now :(01:45
ShadowJKmight work if they're NTSC ;-)01:46
trumeeShadowJK: will this work,
trumeeShadowJK: it a VOB file of a DVD.01:46
ShadowJKit'd be interesting to see how MPlayer performs on it01:46
ShadowJKmplayer -vo xv:ck-method=auto -quiet file.vob01:47
V13fwiw, some test i did showed that xv is slow when resizing down01:48
uhsfnow, i can ssh from pc to n900 with usb network, but i can't ping google.com01:48
uhsfor visit any website01:48
ptl_demands_PR12might be a route problem01:48
V13i.e. if you do the scaling with mplayer, and not let xv do it it plays faster (not enjoyable though)01:48
ptl_demands_PR12adjust your default route01:48
trumeeShadowJK: tried it. video is struggling01:50
ds3uhsf: is your PC proxying?01:50
trumeeShadowJK: i am playing the file over nfs.01:51
*** ech0Asus has quit IRC01:51
*** Pavel has joined #maemo01:51
ShadowJKyou know on N8x0 playing stuff over wifi left only 60% CPU for MPlayer..01:52
*** lbt has quit IRC01:52
ShadowJKIt's somewhat better on N900 but still significant01:52
*** Erod has quit IRC01:52
trumeeShadowJK: so it is best to copy the file locally and then trying?01:52
ShadowJKYeah I'd copy atleast the start of it to the device and then try01:52
uhsfnot proxying. i tried route del default01:53
ShadowJKalso, you can bypass pulseaudio and gain 5-15% or so by adding -ao alsa:device=hw=0.001:53
trumeeShadowJK: copying it.01:53
uhsflike in the wiki. but still no outside ping01:53
tremnite all, sweet dreams01:55
*** thomaz has quit IRC01:55
uhsfhow would you change route?01:55
*** trem has quit IRC01:55
ShadowJKDocScrutinizer, so a new one seems to be about 500. I'll contribute 250 of that, taking a share in the disassembly risk01:55
*** zap_ has quit IRC01:55
uhsfi tried adding nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf01:56
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: no kidding?01:56
ShadowJKNo kidding.01:56
DocScrutinizerthat's incredible, mate01:56
ds3uhsf: is your workstation proxying?01:57
ds3uhsf: you need to make your workstation proxy for you01:57
*** githogori has quit IRC01:57
ds3either through socks or NAT01:57
*** dmj726_n9001 has joined #maemo01:57
ds3that or you can turn routing on there and tell your router about the new subnet reachable via the workstation01:57
uhsfthis wasn't necessary before01:58
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: best thing, you bought us a 'working' R&D device, and even some valuable spare parts01:58
ds3uhsf: before?01:58
*** dmj726_n900 has quit IRC01:59
uhsfi had it all set up already in early january, but after some update i never got usb networking to work again until now01:59
uhsfi was able to browse the web without proxy or nat02:00
ds3then *shrug* and off to the big blue yonder I go :D02:00
ShadowJKDocScrutinizer, so, paypal or SEPA/IBAN?02:00
*** ceolin is now known as ceolin[AWAY]02:01
lcukuhsf, so we can mark this now as resolved?02:01
uhsfas soon as i can ping google.com02:02
* lcuk hides02:02
ShadowJKDocScrutinizer, well "half" of a device, you'll still have to find the missing amount from somewhere ;-)02:04
uhsfty for helping, i tried to rush this troubleshoot today cause it bothered me for months and only now with the holiday i had time to go through this02:05
DocScrutinizerI'll happily sell all the crap I got here, will suffice for the other half. (some FR, OMNIA, M800 ;-P )02:06
ali1234uhsf: you can't do it without proxyarp or nat unless you have all public IP addresses, not to mention that if you want to access the internet on PC thru the N900 you should use the supported method for doing so, which is to use ppp on the cdc-acm device that also appears in pc suite mode02:06
uhsfso, can you all confirm pinging the outside world through usbnetwork requires proxy?02:07
jacekowskiit would be nice to have AP in ad-hoc or master mode02:07
uhsfi don't need the web through the n900. only the opposite.02:07
*** Milhouse has joined #maemo02:08
V13uhsf: you mean without doing nat at the pc, using proxy-arp or adding a route for the usb-net subnet to the next router (most probably your adsl router)?02:08
ali1234i see, well in that case, you still need either NAT or proxyarp02:08
ali1234and i'm not sure if usbnet supports proxyarp02:09
* lcuk is certain wifi would just hve been 100x simpler ;)02:09
V13ali1234: i don't believe proxyarp can substitute nat.02:09
uhsf"adding a route" to my router like V13 said seems the most logical. how to do this?02:09
lcukset gateway, add a route, bish bash bosh?02:10
V13uhsf: you use linux ?02:10
V13(at the pc)02:10
ali1234V13: it can in certain situations where you are already doing NAT... it can save you from dreaded double-nat02:10
V13ali1234: don't think so. it will only 'substitute' the default route02:10
V13or a wrong subnet mask02:10
uhsfi use up route add default gw
V13uhsf: the easiest way is to do: iptables -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -s USB-NET-WITH-PREFIX -j MASQUERADE02:11
V13will result in double-nat but it won't cause problems02:11
V13"iptables -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -s -j MASQUERADE" I guess02:11
*** Arif has joined #maemo02:12
ali1234V13: for example if you have a lan, gateway at, a pc at, then a third PC can dial up on ppp to and it will appear on the lLAN as and be able to directly access the gateway with no magic routing02:12
*** pupnik_ has quit IRC02:12
ali1234this could be applied here, perhaps, if usbnet supports it02:12
ali1234so that instead of being the N900 would get a LAN ip address02:12
V13that will only work with ppp02:13
V13unless you setup a host-route (/32) yourself for the 0.302:13
V13which ppp does by itself02:13
ali1234how to do it on usbnet ^02:13
ali1234or so it claims, i have not tried it, or even read the instructions to deeply :)02:14
V13add routing entry for ipaq only (on pc):02:14
V13the next line after that should have /32, which is what i just described :)02:15
*** tackat_ has quit IRC02:15
ali1234yeah, i guess ppp does do that autoatically02:15
ali1234still, you are using proxy-arp02:15
V13but all this is hocus-pocus02:15
V13you can achieve the same thing by bridging eth0 and usb002:16
ali1234good point02:16
ds3proxy-arp requires the device to be on the same subnet; per the pastebin, they are not02:16
*** mlfoster has quit IRC02:16
*** kkb110 has quit IRC02:16
*** dmj726_n900 has joined #maemo02:16
ali1234bridging is probably an even better idea02:16
trumeeShadowJK: mplayer -vo xv:ck-method=auto  -ao alsa:device=hw=0.0   -quiet  file.vob, video is very smooth but no audio02:16
V13ds3: they're on
ShadowJKtrumee, is your device set to silent? :P02:16
trumeeShadowJK: i think it is the AC3 audio which is killing N90002:16
trumeeShadowJK: no it is not02:17
ShadowJKwas there audio without -ao alsa?02:17
uhsfV13: in my network startup script on my pc, i have iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -s -j MASQUERADE ; echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward. it that correct?02:17
V13i believe yes02:18
V13doesn't it work ?02:18
uhsfi can't ping with this02:18
trumeeShadowJK: yes there is audio without -ao alsa02:18
ds3V13: per the pastebin - eth0 is and usb1 is
V13assuming that is the address of n90002:18
ds3is that no longer valid?02:18
DocScrutinizer(<ShadowJK> intersting, my N900 had stopped charging while...) exceeded the 32sec safeguard watchdog timer?02:18
V13ds3: sorry.. my wrong. I thought you were refering to the mail pointed by ali1234...02:18
*** dmj726_n9001 has quit IRC02:18
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: 32sec what?02:18
trumeeShadowJK: it seems there  is audio/video sync problem02:19
V13ds3: what's the pastebin that shows that ?02:19
ShadowJKDocScrutinizer, maybe02:19
trumeeShadowJK: video and audio seem to be playing ok02:19
trumeeShadowJK: but with a massive out of sync02:19
*** SiggyF has quit IRC02:19
jacekowskijust press letter d02:19
ShadowJKor that02:19
jacekowskibut it's suboptimal solution02:20
jacekowskiway framedrop works is realy bad on n90002:20
*** gjl has quit IRC02:20
jacekowskii had like 0.2 fps with it02:20
jacekowskiand 15 without it02:20
trumeeShadowJK: yup, d worked02:20
*** adam__ has joined #maemo02:20
trumeeShadowJK: very smooth02:20
trumeeShadowJK: this works02:20
ShadowJKIn general it has to decode everything anyway, and only part it can skip is the display part, which isn't a big part of total CPU...02:21
ShadowJKSo it tends to either work or not work :)02:21
V13uhsg: the address of your n900 is, the usbnet is up and running and you have the masquerading and routing enabled and you can't ping oogle ?02:21
V13uhsf that is02:21
ali1234yeah but that's not set in stone, you know...02:22
V13uhsf: what "route -n" shows on n900 ?02:23
V13ds3: thanks02:23
*** PhonicUK has quit IRC02:23
trumeeShadowJK: over wifi the trick doesnt work. so the file needs to always locally present.02:24
uhsfV13:   U     0      0        0 usb002:24
V13only this ?02:24
trumeeShadowJK: top says that mplayer is using 14% but Xorg 60%02:24
uhsfDestination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface02:24
uhsfyes only this02:24
V13do this:02:25
trumeeShadowJK: why is Xorg eating away the cpu when i play the file via nfs02:25
V13route add default gw
*** Jax has quit IRC02:25
*** GAN900 has quit IRC02:25
V13in n90002:25
*** Jax has joined #maemo02:25
ShadowJKtrumee, no idea :)02:25
uhsfV13: ping works now after this command02:26
DocScrutinizerjacekowski: LOL, so dropping frames is more epensive than trying to render them?02:26
V13you were missing the route via the pc. someone mentioned it already02:26
*** EspadaV8_L has joined #maemo02:27
trumeeShadowJK: when i play the file locally, it is the opposite mplayer is at 54.4% and Xorg at 6.1%02:27
trumeeShadowJK: which makes sense.02:28
ShadowJKWhat's total USR and SYS CPU use?02:28
ShadowJKin both cases02:28
uhsfV13: i would have suspected this because for a reason i ignore, the line "gateway" is commented out in /etc/network/interfaces do you know why?02:28
ptl_demands_PR1220:02 <ptl_demands_PR12> might be a route problem02:28
ptl_demands_PR1220:02 <ptl_demands_PR12> adjust your default route02:28
trumeeShadowJK: on local playback CPU: 83.5% usr 15.8% sys  0.0%02:29
V13well.. the default route is a thing that can cause you trouble02:29
uhsfV13: this line is commented out automatically and the file is write protected?02:29
V13dunno.. don't remember. I had mine changed very early :)02:29
trumeeShadowJK: on nfs, CPU: 76.3% usr 21.8% sys  0.0% nice02:30
DocScrutinizermakes sense02:30
V13ptl_demands_PR12: that one :)02:30
uhsfi think it happens since i installed pc-connectivity. maybe i shouldn't've installed this but it seems to be the only way to start usb network02:30
trumeeShadowJK: Xorg doesnt like nfs02:30
*** Cazou has quit IRC02:30
acidjazzi need an odd favor02:31
acidjazzanyone in the USA have an n900 i can send them a text message?02:31
trumeeShadowJK: atleast i am happy to know that hardware is capable of playback. software issues could all be sorted out. We have meego for that :)02:31
DocScrutinizeracidjazz: you can send SMS to yourelf (no kidding or pun)02:32
*** zs_ has quit IRC02:32
acidjazzi dont have my n900 w/ me02:32
acidjazzits at home and dead02:32
V13uhsf: you can type: "ifup usb0" as root02:32
DocScrutinizeracidjazz: sorry, EU here02:33
ShadowJKtrumee, that reminds me I should try update MPlayer for maemo and see if I can get the packager to push an updated version :)02:33
uhsfifup: interface usb0 already configured02:33
*** Dialekt has quit IRC02:34
uhsfdid you mean ifconfig usb0?02:34
DocScrutinizerShadowJK: beware of 1.2 madness02:34
*** ignacius has quit IRC02:34
*** angasule has joined #maemo02:34
DocScrutinizeror is that sorted by now?02:34
ds3speaking of network configs... is there a deb that will setup and maintain a dummy0 interface across boot?02:35
ptl_demands_PR12acidjazz: send it to me, brazil!!! +55 19 9116 3949 :D I'll answer you back02:36
ShadowJKDocScrutinizer, bah, silly debian/deb.. MPlayer eats dependencies for breakfast02:36
acidjazzi guess US isnt required but wouldnt that cost u guys $$?02:36
V13ds3: What's the use of dummy0 ?02:37
ptl_demands_PR12acidjazz: I guess the price is negligible02:37
ds3V13: I am using slirp as the DUN backend and I need a presistant address on the N900 to target DNS requests to02:37
V13you can always add an entry in /etc/interfaces02:37
*** ceolin[AWAY] has quit IRC02:37
ds3not in the stock kernel02:38
V13what? the dummy interface ?02:39
V13you can add another loopback02:39
V13or a second address to the loopback. will it do it ?02:39
ds3let me try that02:40
*** zs has joined #maemo02:40
uhsfi got my synergy setup working again now, i haven't lost my hopes on my n900 yet02:41
*** MohammadAG_ has joined #maemo02:41
*** trbs has quit IRC02:41
trumeegoodnight all. ShadowJK, thanks for help.02:42
*** trumee has quit IRC02:42
uhsfty for helping i will try to make these settings stable and reliable now02:42
ds3it is too early in the life of a device to be flashing custom kernels :/02:44
V13it didn't work ?02:44
*** wazd has quit IRC02:44
V13what exactly are you trying to do?02:45
V13(I haven't tried DUN)02:45
ds3I am trying to be able to use DNS on the remote end of SLiRP02:45
ds3it works fine if I put in real dns servers but that won't work if I roam to different networks02:45
V13so you want to make dnsmasq listen to an address accessible via the slirp ?02:46
ds3yes, that'd be another way of phrasing it02:46
* MohammadAG_ asks again, can anyone recommend good cheap (not dirt cheap obviously) hosting services?02:46
V13you can remove the "-a" if that is. It will most probably result in listening to all addresses (
V13so it will be accessible from the remote end of the slirp02:47
V13... just a guess02:47
tripzeroMhammadAG_ http://rackbyte.com02:47
V13oh.. remove the "-i lo" too02:47
*** aakashd has quit IRC02:47
ds3I don't want to make it wide open02:47
V13you can start a second one :)02:48
ds3I'll revisit this again later... I don't like the solutions02:48
V13is there an "up" script for when starting the slirp ?02:48
ds3I need a dummy0 or some other address first02:48
ds3I can catch it before slirp runs02:48
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo02:48
ds3and I am patching slirp already to do what I want02:48
V13the problem is that you want to use the dnsmasq which only listens to
MohammadAG_tripzero, thanks will check that out :)02:49
V13you won't be able to use that unless you make it listen to other interface, start a second dnsmasq or redirect data to it with iptabels02:49
*** TheOne_ has joined #maemo02:49
*** TheOne_ has left #maemo02:49
V13do i understand what you're trying to do correctly ?02:49
ds3yes, you are very correct but I also don't want it wide open so I need another address02:50
ds3the secondary address on lo seems to die for other reasons, i.e. ping won't work to it either02:50
V13you can start a second dnsmasq to only listen to the slirp interface02:50
ds3slirp doesn't generate an interface on the N900 side!!!02:50
ds3if it were like pppd, life would be simple02:50
V13mumble mumble02:50
MohammadAG_tripzero, seems more expensive than ixwebhosting, they have unlimited for 5902:50
*** jhford-commute is now known as jhford02:51
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo02:51
*** valdyn has quit IRC02:51
tripzeroMohammadAG, I personally know the guy who runs it.  That's why i use it02:52
V13how's dun working?02:52
ds3other then this hitch, this flavor of DUN works great02:52
V13ds3: is the phone connecting first and the pc connect to the phone ?02:52
V13ds3: or the pc does the dialup ?02:52
ds3V13: PC? what PC? :D02:52
* V13 doesn't get it02:53
tripzeroMohammadAG, i've got a couple domains on there and he sponsors one of my favorite open source projects as well (OpenICE).  really good guy.02:53
ds3let me describe02:53
V13you use n900 as a modem via bluetooth... right ?02:53
ds3V13: Treo 650 (no data other then BT to N900) - N900 - <WORLD>02:53
V13yes please02:53
ds3V13: so no PC whatsoever02:53
MohammadAG_tripzero, well I'm still looking at offers atm, so I'm not gonna buy it till at least next month02:54
V13the n900 - world link is with gprs/3g or with anything (including wifi) ?02:54
V13yep as in "anything" ?02:54
ds3the normal DUN in the repo use pnatd which, AFAIK, only works with 3G02:54
ds3anything that the N900 can connect to - wifi, other BT, 3G/GPRS/EDGE, USB, etc02:55
V13do you enable ip forwarding in order to make this work? or it works without it ?02:56
*** GAN900 has joined #maemo02:56
ds3works w/o it02:56
ds3SLiRP takes PPP in and acts as a normal application on the N90002:56
*** GAN900 has left #maemo02:56
*** GAN900 has joined #maemo02:57
*** FredrIQ has quit IRC02:58
*** robink has quit IRC02:59
* V13 puzzled02:59
V13is slirp doing a kind of port redirection ?03:00
ds3V13: think of it as a userland network stack03:00
V13yes.. i believe i've used slirp about 15 years ago03:00
V13and i've just read some docs about it.. but i don't get it...03:00
V13it seems like it does a kind of port redirection.03:00
ds3it effectively does that03:01
V13it says it runs in user-space.03:01
ds3so what it does is reads/writes PPP frames on STDIO03:01
V13one alternative is to use google dns ( :)03:01
*** dmj726_n900 has quit IRC03:01
*** valdyn has joined #maemo03:01
ds3then it parses the frames to get TCP or UDP connections... for each one, it gets, it does a connectio or a send03:01
V13massive port forwarding :)03:02
V13don't you like the open-dns approach ?03:02
ds3which open dns are you talking about?03:03
*** robink has joined #maemo03:03
V13google's dns03:03
ds3no, I don't03:03
V13lol :)03:03
V13you said you're hacking slirp.. right ?03:03
V13you can add a small exception.03:03
V13for udp segments with destination port 53 to set the destination address to
ds3that's not the problem03:04
V13and vice-versa03:04
V13it should work if I understand it correctly03:04
ds3the problem is the treo seems to think is really local03:04
ds3i.e. it never hits the wire03:04
*** ahynes1 has joined #maemo03:05
V13i didn't said that.03:05
V13hack slirp on n900's end to do this03:05
V13so all udp datagrams for a dns server would be redirected to n900's dnsmasq03:05
V13the will be n900's
ds3Or map *:53 to
V13you'll have to also handle the reverse i believe03:05
V13er.. yes03:05
infobotds3 meant: Oh map *:53 to
ds3that could work03:06
V13or just a specific address:
V13and user that address ass dns03:06
V13(With one s :)03:06
ds3there are hooks in there to do that already... telnets to a magic address can be used to configure slirp remotely03:06
*** dmj726_n900 has joined #maemo03:07
ds3this seems more solveable then other options03:07
*** zs has quit IRC03:13
*** _0xtob has quit IRC03:14
jXso, is PR 1.2 dead, or what? This MeeGo situation has me confused, mostly because I haven't been paying attention, waiting for the dust to settle.03:16
ShadowJKMeeGo makes no difference for PR1.203:17
*** wiretapped has quit IRC03:17
V13yes... it is still not released :)03:18
ptl_demands_PR12shame on Nokia for that.03:18
V13lol :)03:18
V13the silent observer who reacts on PR1.2 conversations :)03:18
ptl_demands_PR12you bet!03:18
* V13 demands that maemo-extras download be fixed to be able to upload a screenshot03:19
ptl_demands_PR12I've not paid the equivalent of US$ 1000 (with taxes and such) to be abandoned like that03:19
ptl_demands_PR12bugs are fixed. Release the fixes, dammit. :(03:19
* V13 find n900 a great toy even with pr 1.1.103:20
jXthe more time passes the less satisfied with my 900 I become. I somehow thought Nokia was really going to put effort into this one.03:20
jXit's too fuckign expensive to be a toy.03:20
jXit's supposed to be a tool, a competitor to the iphone and android.03:20
V13it surely isn't a phone03:20
jXand while it is, there are things they're failing to do right.03:21
V13an alternative i'd say03:21
jXit sure as hell IS a phone.03:21
haltdefis it just me completely blown away by the n900?03:21
V13it is also supposed to be stop 4 of 503:21
jXOh, step 4 of 5, so I should forgive spending $500 and getting a half assed device.03:21
jXhaltdef: I was, but the rough edges start to irritate.03:21
MohammadAG_No one forced you to spend 500 bucks on it03:21
haltdeflike what03:21
V13they released it as a "beta" device it seemed. even now they don't have enough production03:22
jXThat is correct, I didn't say anyone did, let's not go reductio ad absurdum03:22
jXThey also made promises about the MAemo roadmap that are no lnoger true.03:22
V13noone expected n900 to sell that much.03:22
MohammadAG_what promises?03:22
*** S_WO has joined #maemo03:23
ptl_demands_PR12I disagree with the extended implications. I am disappointed but I don't think Nokia has completely blown away. I think the case in point it simple and solvable. Just release the damn update.03:23
jXMaemo 6, for one, regular updates to maemo 5 for two, features lacking at launch to come later for three.03:23
ptl_demands_PR12Nokia has to adapt to the open-source way. Release early, release often.03:23
ptl_demands_PR12And don't mark something as fixed if you're not willing to release the fix.03:24
MohammadAG_ptl_demands_PR12, they kinda over-learnt from the N97, they released a FW that made it worse once03:24
V13I've got mine 4 months ago and now it is more expensive than then !!!03:24
MohammadAG_V20 - added kinetic scrolling, made the browser crash03:24
jXbah, that may be but they were never fast with updates to previous Maemo devices either03:24
ptl_demands_PR12Well, it's making worse for the N900 right now, MohammadAG_. There are broken packages on the repositories due to the long wait.03:25
_llll_you talk about "the open source way" yet you expect an external company to do all the work for you.  i predict disappointment03:26
MohammadAG_ptl_demands_PR12, it was a stupid move to update the autobuilder imo03:26
V13llll: has a point03:26
*** swo has quit IRC03:26
jX_llll_: But it was so successful with Netscape! ;)03:27
ahynes1So, who here has done any interesting development or bug fixing?03:28
ptl_demands_PR12_llll_: no, not all the work, but since they DID some work (fixing some bugs, marked as such in bugzilla), RELEASE it. I can't mess with system packages because updates break what I do.03:28
ptl_demands_PR12_llll_: in other words, the problem is that, I have to rely on them and they let me waiting.03:28
*** luke-jr_ is now known as luke-jr03:28
jXoh, another reason I'm irritated today, I discovered the back cover magnetic switch. How? Because the magnet somehow came off my back case, rendering the camera lense door and microSD reader useless.03:28
jXI called Nokia, they're sending me out a new back case.03:29
jXbut why mount that magnet so poorly, and on the OUTSIDE?03:29
ptl_demands_PR12jX: ugh!03:29
ptl_demands_PR12ahynes1: I'm about to. Waiting for PR1.2... I delayed until now because I had my master's dissertation to finish first.03:30
V13how exactly did it break the microsd reader ?03:30
_llll_why not mess with the stuff and re-flash when/if they update03:30
jXthe OS dismounts the SD card when it detects the door is open03:30
MohammadAG_(and that's doine by the magnet)03:30
jXso without that magnet, my back cover is always sensed as being off, thus it won't mount the SD card03:30
jXUNLESSI hold a magnet to the back, that's how I verified that was it.03:30
V13you mean the magnet that's holding the stand ?03:30
jXyes, dual purpose magnet.03:31
jXalthough the stand stays shut fine without the magnet, too.03:31
V13and i wandered how it was done :)03:31
V13ah.. there is a plus on that :)03:31
jXthey should have put the magnet on the inside, the stand (useless as it is) stays shut fine without the magtnet.03:31
V13if you open the lens cover it just lights the display..03:32
jXthe stand, god, how retarded. it's fine if you can get the device on a level surface and have no intention of tapping on the right side of it.03:32
V13it won't start the camera03:32
jXwith the magnet, that works03:32
jXwithout, the display comes on but the camera app won't launch03:32
V13you've lost the magnet ?03:32
jXyeah, it fell out sometime last week, I didn't even know it was there till today03:33
jXmy theory is that while the door sensor still works (the black/white panels on the inside of the camera door slide are detected) the door sensor says "you only see the white part because of outside light, don't bother turning on the camera app."03:33
MohammadAG_jX, try holding the camera key03:34
V13i'd say it's a software bug.03:34
MohammadAG_it should turn on the camera without a cover03:34
V13you can have the same effect using your hand03:34
jXmeh, I jsut launch teh camera app, taht's a minor detail to me03:34
V13if you remove the back-cover and move your fingers across the camera, it will light the display at some points03:34
jXV13: That's what I'm saying03:35
jXlook at the inside fo the camera slide03:35
jXthere's a black patch and a white one for when it's open03:35
V13not exactly.03:35
MohammadAG_V13, if you put your hand on the IR emitter it will light the display03:35
V13MohammadAG: at the top?03:35
jXthere's a sensor that looks for light from the white patch, BUT if the case is open, that will be a false positive03:35
V13jx: it only works with *some* parts of the hand/finger03:35
jXso open case + light == no camera app03:35
MohammadAG_V13 it's next to the camera03:35
V13jx: the hard parts.03:35
V13ah.. so it's ir :)03:35
MohammadAG_left side03:35
V13that's why it doesn't work with the end of the fingers :)03:36
jXcovering the IR sensor does nothing for me03:36
MohammadAG_odd enough, it works for me03:36
V13jx: use other parts of your fingers03:36
jXI jsut used an aluminum business card case, still nada03:36
V13the hard parts, with the bone03:36
V13bottom side of the finger.. hold it close03:36
V13(press a bit)03:37
V13for me it works with the points the finger bends03:37
MohammadAG_jX, remove the battery cover, lock the screen, put your finger on the IR part then remove it, it should light up the display03:37
V13which are hard03:37
V13ok... that's the problem of not releasing pr 1.203:37
V13instead of talking about pr 1.3 why talk about this :)03:38
jXTHAT one03:38
V13jx: try using other parts of your hand03:38
jXI thought you meant the IR port03:38
jXnot the camera door sensor03:38
MohammadAG_so it works with my finger but not my desk03:39
V13it works with my desk03:39
V13but not  the outside of the back-cover03:39
V13glossy is shinny right?03:39
V13yes.. glossy and white03:40
MohammadAG_matte and black :P03:40
MohammadAG_V13, not being racist but are you white?03:40
V13am i the only one that finds n900 much thinner without the back cover ?03:40
V13MohammadAG: yes...03:40
MohammadAG_V13, lol I noticed that when I first got it03:40
MohammadAG_it's thicker than the screen03:40
MohammadAG_V13, I wonder if it'd work with a dark-coloured person03:41
MohammadAG_again not being racist03:41
V13i don't believe it's the color03:41
V13but lets try03:41
MohammadAG_so the IR (if it's even) IR detects colour03:41
MohammadAG_so the IR (if it's even IR) detects colour*03:41
V13yes it works with color03:42
V13i've a cover that has black and white and it lights-up when passing over the white part03:42
V13(cover from a note book)03:42
*** petteri has quit IRC03:42
V13lol... indians will also do it :)03:43
V13it works with red too :)03:43
MohammadAG_works with red here too03:43
* V13 notes03:43
V13"too much free time"03:43
V13all of us03:43
MohammadAG_I think it's safe to assume that any colour other than black would turn it on03:44
MohammadAG_(RACISTS) :p03:44
DocScrutinizerheh, proximity sensor works as well, and there's no paragraph in manual saying 'stick a white batch to your ear if you're colored' :-P03:44
MohammadAG_V13, it's 3:44 AM and I have nothing else to do :P03:44
ptl_demands_PR12it's 21:45 here03:45
ptl_demands_PR12I'll soon take a bath and go to the disco, get some chicks and such03:45
V13it's 3.44 here too...03:45
V13and i'm going to sleep... so gn803:45
ptl_demands_PR12it's just too warm03:45
MohammadAG_ptl_demands_PR12, see if you can find PR1.2 with the DJ03:45
MohammadAG_nn V1303:45
uhsfweird time you have ptl_demands_PR1203:46
ptl_demands_PR12I can't dance, too bad at dancing03:46
*** V13 has quit IRC03:46
ptl_demands_PR12uhsf: Brazil!03:46
DocScrutinizer2:46 here, considering a coffee03:46
MohammadAG_for some reason, I'm assuming you're from Germany?03:46
ptl_demands_PR12friday night... come on, people! get some fun :)03:46
uhsfi thought i was the latest american in quebec03:46
ptl_demands_PR12impress some girls at the local bar with your N900 and get laid03:46
uhsfi guess brazil is later03:46
MohammadAG_ptl_demands_PR12, that's not usually the case with a linux device :P03:47
ptl_demands_PR12it is, really, it is, trust your buddy linux03:48
crashanddiefor all its qualities, the N900 is *not* cool03:48
*** Tuxprobe has quit IRC03:48
ptl_demands_PR12use liqflow, mirror, whatever03:48
MohammadAG_ptl_demands_PR12, it might get you a date with tux03:48
crashanddiesomething where you have to explain "Do you know Linux? It's an operating system written by individuals all over the world, and it's completely free, and it runs on this device <insert big lame self-contempt-smile here>"03:49
ptl_demands_PR12trust it03:49
crashanddiejust isn't cool.03:49
ptl_demands_PR12crashanddie: never do that, lol03:49
* DocScrutinizer always gets puzzled when it comes to comparativ 'late' regarding TZ. The later ones have earlier in the day, or ... ?03:49
ptl_demands_PR12just show your cellphone, slide the keyboard open, close it and show a few cute apps like liqflow and mirror03:49
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: it's 10:49 for me here, so 12:49 in NZ03:49
ptl_demands_PR12crashanddie: that's enough to start a conversation and that's all you need, if you know how to talk03:50
ptl_demands_PR12starting it is the hardest part03:50
MohammadAG_ptl_demands_PR12, if you have a Symbian phone then you could show them the Vibrate app03:50
crashanddieptl_demands_PR12: please don't give me advice on datng03:50
ptl_demands_PR12crashanddie: why not?03:50
MohammadAG_(I really don't know why that was made available on the Ovi Store)03:50
crashanddieptl_demands_PR12: because I *really* don't need it?03:50
ptl_demands_PR12MohammadAG_: what does it do?03:50
MohammadAG_it turns on the vibrator :P03:50
ptl_demands_PR12crashanddie: you're are too angry, everything I said makes you mad :P03:50
MohammadAG_err, the motor03:51
ptl_demands_PR12MohammadAG_: doh... lol03:51
DocScrutinizercrashanddie: so in NZ it's earlier late, so they're early :-P03:51
*** raster has joined #maemo03:51
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: eh?03:51
DocScrutinizeras they're late while we in EU are early03:51
* MohammadAG_ is slightly confused03:51
crashanddieptl_demands_PR12: just ask Jaffa, he still can't figure out how I got 3 phone numbers at a Nokia flagship store evening.03:51
DocScrutinizerhehe me too03:51
cehtehany news in meego land? :)03:52
crashanddiecehteh: probably in #meego03:52
* ahynes1 is going to have to create an Etchings app....03:52
MohammadAG_never knew women visited flagship stores :P03:53
uhsfyes big news fuck meego we're fed up with that already03:53
cehtehjk .. just rhymes on lego land :)03:53
MohammadAG_but then again we don't have any (flagship stores that is)03:53
*** |Away has joined #maemo03:53
crashanddieMohammadAG_: well, it was the N900 events, so there was a bunch of Nokia-marketing chicks. And waitresses, too.03:53
ahynes1The #meego channel is pretty quiet.  I installed MeeGo on my N900 earlier today... yawn...03:53
MohammadAG_crashanddie, thought they were customers :p03:54
cehtehmeand you have an not useable n900 now? :)03:54
ahynes1I'm finding Mer much more interesting right now...  I'll check Meego again sometime later.03:54
uhsfwow, your n900 must be unusable for the next few months at least now good move03:54
crashanddiecehteh: your english sounds to me like a teacher running her nails over the blackboard03:54
*** wiretapped has joined #maemo03:54
ahynes1cehteh: Actually, its very usable...  I can boot Maemo or Mer and can chroot to Fedora or MeeGo03:55
cehtehcrashanddie: thats ok, i thought its worse03:55
*** amaurymedeiros has quit IRC03:55
crashanddiecehteh: it's just that sometimes it sounds fine, and I couldn't even detect you're a foreigner (maybe a slow/lazy teen)03:55
MohammadAG_Mer is quite good, if only it had LXDE as the default desktop manager it would've saved me a lot of trouble03:55
crashanddieand then sometimes it's like you get a bunch of word, and throw them together, not caring about the order they fall in03:56
cehtehcrashanddie: lol ... i was very bad at school in english but thats long ago :)03:56
ahynes1MohammadAG_: Have you gotten LXDE to work with Mer?  I loaded it, but now it brings in an LXDE login prompt and won't accept the Return Key03:56
MohammadAG_ahynes1, try using an external keyboard, the return key on the N900 is actually the numpad return key03:57
DocScrutinizercehteh: all depends on whether you improved meanwhile, or even forgot the few you learnt03:57
ahynes1MohammandAG_: I was hoping I could figure out some way to change the default modmap for the N900 return key03:58
DocScrutinizergood pigin you not learn in school03:58
cehtehahynes1: you mean from kp-enter to real return?03:59
ahynes1cehteh: Yeah, I think so03:59
cehtehiirc that will break some maemo5 apps .. but you can easily try there is a config .. moment04:00
*** |Away is now known as Turk04:01
*** Turk is now known as GoldTurk04:01
cehtehbah forgotten where the config is04:02
ahynes1cehteh:  Yeah, I've been looking but haven't found what I'm looking for...04:03
ahynes1Especially, since I want to do it in Mer04:03
cehtehmer should install the keytables in a similar location .. doesnt it?04:04
ahynes1Yeah... That's what I'm thinking...04:04
ahynes1I'm checking right now.04:04
ahynes1If I can change it there, I may be in good shape04:04
cehtehas long you can ssh to the device you are not lost at least when making an error :P04:05
ahynes1Yeah, I do more of my work from ssh than any other way on my device04:05
*** kalikiana has joined #maemo04:05
MohammadAG_why is there an rx-44 keymap on the N900?04:06
cehtehthey prolly put all they found on it :P04:06
*** robink has quit IRC04:08
ahynes1Well, I made the change.  However, I started installing Easy_Deb on Maemo a while ago, so my machine is pegged unpacking the files.   I'll boot to Mer sometime later and see if the change to the keymap fixes my problem04:11
*** Dantonic has quit IRC04:12
ds3hmm crazy idea for a USB host proxy - use a 770 or N800 and have that act as the USB host and then use that to tether back to the N900 via BT04:14
Proteousbut.... why?04:15
MohammadAG_what's the > key called?04:15
MohammadAG_ds3, it was already posted04:15
ds3some of us need/strongly desire to being able to read USB devices on the OTG04:15
Proteoussorta looks like pacman04:16
MohammadAG_or suggested04:16
ds3MohammadAG: sorry... I am behind on the forums04:16
ml-mobileusb over IP :)04:16
MohammadAG_I really need to kill the other me04:16
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC04:16
Proteouskill kill kill04:16
*** MohammadAG_ is now known as MohammadAG04:17
ds3MohammandAG: does the suggest have a package suitable for the 770 or 800?04:17
*** dmj726_n900 has quit IRC04:17
MohammadAGds3, not really sure, I think it was only suggested04:18
ahynes1MohammadAG: I believe in the xkb symbol table it would be  'greater'04:22
*** MohammadAG_ has joined #maemo04:23
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC04:26
ds3anyone got the link to the page that describes how you get characters like '|' from the keyboard on the N900?04:27
*** aziwoqpd has quit IRC04:28
uhsfi installed pc-connectivity to see if it could solve my usb networking problem and now i want to get rid of it completely. what's the command to remove maemo-pc-connectivity and all dependency packages that were installed at the same time?04:28
*** grishnav has joined #maemo04:28
uhsfds3: fn+ctrl, but i don't know the page04:29
ds3is that the only way? that pops up a soft keyboard04:29
*** aziwoqpd has joined #maemo04:29
uhsfthat's what i was told earlier today04:29
uhsfor remapping another key04:30
ds3okay, how does one add a soft key to the Xterm on the 900? it isn't there in the menu anymore04:31
MohammadAG_ds3 it's called remapping n900 keys, it's in wiki.maemo.g04:31
MohammadAG_fn + up = | for me :)04:31
ds3not in xterm04:32
uhsfhow to remove a package completely with all it's dependencies?04:32
MohammadAG_ds3, i remapped my keys04:32
MohammadAG_uhsf, assuming the dependencies aren't need by others apps, apt-get autoremove (appname)04:33
infobotMohammadAG_ meant: uhsf, assuming the dependencies aren't needed by others apps, apt-get autoremove (appname)04:33
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG_: /msg nickserv ghost MohammadAG04:33
MohammadAG_DocScrutinizer, other client :)04:34
DocScrutinizeryes, exactly04:34
MohammadAG_i use /ns btw, it's much shorter :)04:34
uhsfMohammadAG_: you mean this command safely keeps packages that are required by others? or do i need to be sure of this by myself?04:34
MohammadAG_DocScrutinizer, i'm on the N90004:34
*** MohammadAG_ is now known as MohammadAGN90004:34
ds3what about adding other soft keys to the xterm like it is possible with the N800?04:34
MohammadAGN900uhsf, it safely removes stuff04:35
MohammadAGN900apt-get doesn't break dependencies, dpkg otoh...04:35
DocScrutinizerMohammadAGN900: you said you wanted to kill the 'other me'. Well that's exactly the cmd to do that04:35
MohammadAGN900DocScrutinizer, i killed it :)04:35
MohammadAGN900(then i reconnected since I needed to leave the PC04:36
frosty`anyone using IRC plugin for Conversations and Contacts?04:36
MohammadAGN900never liked it04:36
uhsfhow to kill pc-connectivity? killing the process number doesn't work04:36
MohammadAGN900DocScrutinizer, just wondering, if anything goes wrong on the channel can anyone kick/kill/gline?04:37
MohammadAGN900kill -9?04:37
DocScrutinizerMohammadAGN900: huh?04:37
DocScrutinizeronly chanops can kick04:38
MohammadAGN900what about kills?04:38
MohammadAGN900(kills force the client to disconnect)04:38
DocScrutinizerwhat's 'kill' on IRC?04:38
MohammadAGN900thought you were going to say that :)04:38
DocScrutinizerthat's ghost04:38
MohammadAGN900nomis, it's kill :)04:38
ds3n/m found the thread04:39
MohammadAGN900ghost is to be used by a user to ghost himself04:39
MohammadAGN900kill is used to make someone disconnect04:39
ptl_demands_PR12I hope not04:39
ptl_demands_PR12I am always the first one to be kicked/killed/whatever04:39
MohammadAGN900umm, /kill DocScrutinizer would just disconnect you from freenode04:39
DocScrutinizernope, it's used to ghost other nicks registered to same account04:39
*** grishnav has quit IRC04:39
DocScrutinizerMohammadAGN900: I'd doubt you could do that04:40
MohammadAGN900DocScrutinizer, well not on this server04:40
MohammadAGN900i'm not an oper04:40
MohammadAGN900was asking if anyone was an oper04:41
DocScrutinizersee /cs access #maemo list04:41
*** promulo has quit IRC04:41
*** z4chh has quit IRC04:41
MohammadAGN900that only lists channel ops :)04:42
DocScrutinizerand what's been your question?04:42
MohammadAGN900* [MohammadAG] is a Network Administrator04:42
MohammadAGN900that ^04:42
DocScrutinizerno, I don't know if we got any freenode staff here04:43
*** githogori has joined #maemo04:44
MohammadAGN900ah kk :)04:44
*** GoldTurk has quit IRC04:46
DocScrutinizersee /stats p, or /join #freenode04:46
*** lcukn900 has joined #maemo04:46
*** njsf has quit IRC04:46
*** grishnav has joined #maemo04:46
*** njsf_ has quit IRC04:46
uhsfbash on the n900 remembers so few history commands it's ridiculous, i wonder who decided this default04:48
*** grishnav has quit IRC04:48
*** bleeter has quit IRC04:48
Funnyfacegrr my N900 has begun to randomly restart04:50
Funnyfaceand I think it is running the latest firmware04:50
*** angasule has quit IRC04:53
uhsfis it just me or ~/.bash_history on the n900 is ~/.ash_history?04:54
*** bleeter has joined #maemo04:56
*** Do-m-pie has quit IRC04:56
*** Do-m-pie has joined #maemo04:58
*** grishnav has joined #maemo05:00
uhsfit seems maemo uses ash and not bash that explains why the terminal is so dumb05:01
uhsfi need to edit /etc/profile i guess now05:01
Funnyfacehmm right now it is updating Wormux at around 80KB/s peak, and 25KB/s average (normally I can expect a speed of like 250 bytes per second with a horrible packet loss), yet web browsing and anything else isn't working like normal.. :\05:02
DocScrutinizeruhsf: you're sure you're not talking bout messybox history?05:02
uhsfi'm talking about the ~/.ash_history file in my /home/directory05:03
uhsfi just noticed that05:03
*** njsf_ has joined #maemo05:04
*** cbrake has quit IRC05:04
*** njsf has joined #maemo05:07
*** pcfe has quit IRC05:08
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:09
*** pcfe has joined #maemo05:09
luke-jruhsf: /etc/profile doesn't control shell05:14
luke-jryou *could* just install bash and change your shell, tho05:14
*** MrGoose has quit IRC05:16
*** roue has joined #maemo05:19
*** ZX3C965413591701 has joined #maemo05:19
*** ZX3C965413591701 is now known as b-man|n90005:19
*** b-man17 is now known as b-man|laptop05:20
uhsfluke-jr: so, adding export HISTSIZE="5000" won't increase history size?05:21
*** grishnav has quit IRC05:21
uhsfash seems to be enough for my phone, i'd just like the shell to remember more than 10 commands05:22
*** Ken-Young has quit IRC05:27
*** grishnav has joined #maemo05:37
*** mgedmin has quit IRC05:37
*** Abhinav1 has joined #maemo05:38
*** Termana_n810 has joined #maemo05:40
*** Abhinav1 has quit IRC05:44
*** simula has quit IRC05:47
*** grishnav has quit IRC05:48
*** Abhinav1 has joined #maemo05:51
*** grishnav has joined #maemo05:58
*** dockane_ has joined #maemo06:01
*** Firebird has joined #maemo06:01
*** dockane has quit IRC06:02
*** simula has joined #maemo06:02
*** grishnav has quit IRC06:05
*** grishnav has joined #maemo06:05
*** raster has quit IRC06:06
*** adam__ is now known as mza06:15
*** mza is now known as mza-06:15
*** FlavioFerreiraBR has joined #maemo06:16
*** cjdavis1 has joined #maemo06:16
*** FlavioFerreiraBR has quit IRC06:18
*** uhsf has quit IRC06:18
*** dmj726_n900 has joined #maemo06:19
*** FSCV has joined #maemo06:20
ptl_demands_PR12* sigh *06:24
ml-mobilestill no PR1.2 eh?06:24
*** kkb110 has quit IRC06:25
*** mfinkle has quit IRC06:28
*** Abhinav1|away has joined #maemo06:29
auenfml-mobile, PR1.2 will be 'launch' firmware for australian stock06:30
*** Abhinav1|away has quit IRC06:30
ml-mobilewhen is it heading out there?06:30
*** Abhinav1 has quit IRC06:30
auenfthis month06:30
*** celesteh has quit IRC06:32
*** mfinkle has joined #maemo06:37
*** njsf_ has quit IRC06:37
*** b-man|n900 has quit IRC06:38
ptl_demands_PR12well, if they promise it to this month, at least that would be a promise anyway.06:42
ptl_demands_PR12where did you see that they promised it to this month?06:42
*** interrupt0x80 has quit IRC06:43
*** Firebird has quit IRC06:44
*** uhsf has joined #maemo06:46
*** ferdna has quit IRC06:47
*** dmj726_n900 has quit IRC06:48
*** ssvb has quit IRC06:50
*** radic_ has joined #maemo06:50
*** roue has quit IRC06:51
*** njsf_ has joined #maemo06:52
*** radic__ has quit IRC06:53
GAN900There have been no promises.06:58
*** dmj726_n900 has joined #maemo06:58
crashanddieCorporations don't do promises07:04
*** uhsf has quit IRC07:06
*** Ken-Young has joined #maemo07:06
*** kkb110 has joined #maemo07:10
*** grishnav has quit IRC07:10
*** dmj726_n900 has quit IRC07:13
crashanddieGAN900: entertain me.07:14
*** dmj726_n900 has joined #maemo07:15
*** uhsf has joined #maemo07:19
GAN900crashanddie, you!07:20
crashanddieyes, me.07:21
* GAN900 is too exhausted to fall asleep.07:21
uhsfi used route add default gw to be able to ping from my n900 with usb networking earlier today but now it doesn't work anymore. what should i try instead?07:21
*** KMFDM has quit IRC07:26
crashanddieuhsf: route add default gw try 355.355.355.107:27
crashanddieerr, remove that try07:27
*** b0unc3__ has joined #maemo07:27
cehtehi see .. ipv4 addresses getting short, we have to be clever :)07:29
*** b0unc3_ has quit IRC07:29
uhsfcrashanddie: i still get ping: bad address ''07:30
crashanddieuhsf: that's because IPv4 addresses can only go from to
crashanddieuhsf: so get on wikipedia and teach yourself IPv407:31
crashanddieuhsf: *nobody* can guess what your IP address is going to be. That is only some information that you can find out, and feed yourself07:31
crashanddieuhsf: I'm guessing that was the IP address of your computer, correct?07:32
*** Ken-Young has quit IRC07:33
crashanddieso, there is a good chance the IP address of your computer has changed07:33
crashanddieis it a windows or linux computer?07:33
crashanddietype ifconfig in a terminal07:33
crashanddiethis will show you all the network interfaces available07:33
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:34
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #maemo07:34
crashanddiefind the IP address of your network adapter (probably starts with 192.168.2 if it's the same network), and use that value in the route command07:34
uhsfthe ip of usb0 is inet addr:
uhsfthe command route add default gw gives route: SIOCADDRT: File exists07:37
uhsfdo i have to restart network or something after the command route add default gw?07:39
*** Ordog_by has joined #maemo07:44
cehtehif there is an error check why .. look at existing routes07:47
uhsfmaybe i'm too tired. i'll be back tomorrow07:54
*** uhsf has quit IRC07:54
*** njsf_ has quit IRC08:03
*** Sho_ has quit IRC08:09
auenfptl_demands_PR12, release date WAS mar 31, its now aug 2108:13
*** dmj726_n900 has quit IRC08:19
*** RobbieAB has joined #maemo08:22
*** grishnav has joined #maemo08:22
*** sheepbat has quit IRC08:25
*** crashanddie has quit IRC08:27
*** alterego has quit IRC08:32
*** Ken-Young has joined #maemo08:35
*** psybermonkey has joined #maemo08:37
*** Ken-Young has quit IRC08:41
*** Ken-Young has joined #maemo08:41
*** |Superci| has joined #maemo08:43
*** Scorp2us has quit IRC08:44
*** |Superci| has quit IRC08:44
*** Dompie has joined #maemo08:54
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*** Do-m-pie has quit IRC08:57
*** hardaker has joined #maemo08:57
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*** mbatle has quit IRC09:06
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*** marcoil has quit IRC09:06
*** marcoil has joined #maemo09:07
*** zimmerle has joined #maemo09:07
*** vivijim has joined #maemo09:07
*** abner has joined #maemo09:07
*** mbatle has joined #maemo09:07
*** |R has joined #maemo09:08
RST38h"Java has evolved from a groundbreaking, revolutionary language platform to something closer to a modern-day version of Cobol."09:12
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo09:13
*** burchr has joined #maemo09:14
*** burchr is now known as Guest1486709:14
*** Guest14867 is now known as w00t_09:14
*** w00t_ has joined #maemo09:14
* noobmonk3y thinks sleep sounds like more fun then a long drive.......09:17
StskeepsDocScrutinizer: got no devices to lend out :P09:23
*** noobmonk3y has quit IRC09:24
*** peetah has joined #maemo09:30
*** croppa has quit IRC09:42
*** croppa has joined #maemo09:43
*** bugzylittle has quit IRC09:43
*** bugzylittle has joined #maemo09:44
*** croppa has quit IRC09:50
*** pupnik has joined #maemo09:52
*** croppa has joined #maemo09:53
mortalwhere are the gpodder settings stored09:54
mortalsomehow I corrupted them and now I can not use it, reinstall does not work09:54
*** hardaker has quit IRC09:54
*** bullet` has joined #maemo09:56
bullet`hi room09:56
bullet`whats a trackerd ?09:56
bullet`its taking a lot of my cpu time09:56
bullet`trackerd and tracker-indexer09:56
pupnikit tells media and photo player where your media is09:58
bullet`anybody there ???09:58
pupnikyou can disable it in its comfig file09:59
pupnikbut then you have to use directory based players09:59
bullet`why is taking such a long time to do what it does ?10:01
Stskeepsit is making thumbnails and such10:01
Stskeepsand reading files10:01
bullet`i just *kill*ed the tracker-indexer process, usage went down10:01
bullet`ok right now10:02
Surfaand surprisingly your media player doesn't work correctly anymore :)10:02
bullet`osso-addressbook just started doing the same thing10:02
Surfahow about rebooting your device?10:02
*** bullet`_ has joined #maemo10:03
bullet`_sorry i'm using the web based freenode client for irc10:03
bullet`_it sometimes stops sending messages i guess10:04
*** kalikianatoli has joined #maemo10:06
*** bullet` has quit IRC10:07
*** kalikiana has quit IRC10:10
*** kamui__ has joined #maemo10:13
*** nocturnal has joined #maemo10:14
*** eMHa has quit IRC10:15
*** shinkamui has quit IRC10:17
kebaxso there is no java10:19
kebaxin chromiun os10:20
Surfawe're not mind readers you know10:20
auenfspeak for yourself10:21
nocturnalwhat's the deal with MeeGo? what will happen to the Maemo project?10:21
nocturnali just got one of these n900 phones for example. will there be some point in the future where i should update to MeeGo and abandon Maemo?10:21
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo10:22
*** crashanddie has joined #maemo10:22
*** lbt has joined #maemo10:22
Ken-Youngnocturnal, Perhaps eventually, but meego is a loooong way from usable on the N900 now.10:22
Arkenoifuck. seems that contact merges are *not* processed correctly if MfE sync is enabled. I get damn a lot of duplicates after resync :-(((10:23
nocturnalKen-Young: yeah i figured it was sorta beta status. but thanks for the answer. i guess i'll keep an eye on it10:23
Ken-Youngnocturnal, The phone portion of meego is not even close to beta yet.10:24
AppiahAny idea why the media player cant properly index my .flac files? They end up under unkown.10:25
AppiahI know the seek support is a bug... but the tags?10:25
*** nocturnal has left #maemo10:26
*** kuriiri_ is now known as kuriiri10:27
StskeepsKen-Young: or it just looks like that, most of the system is there :P10:29
*** smaug has joined #maemo10:30
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo10:30
Ken-YoungStskeeps, Yeah, I should shut up.   I haven't even tried it yet.10:31
*** bholst has joined #maemo10:32
*** Without has quit IRC10:34
*** Without has joined #maemo10:38
*** netvandal has joined #maemo10:42
*** Guest6691 has joined #maemo10:45
*** Without has quit IRC10:48
*** hannesw_ has quit IRC10:48
*** Without has joined #maemo10:48
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo10:50
*** jophish has joined #maemo10:50
*** jophish_ has joined #maemo10:50
*** jophish has quit IRC10:51
*** jophish_ has quit IRC10:51
*** jophish has joined #maemo10:51
*** Guest6691 has quit IRC10:52
*** FSCV has quit IRC10:53
*** petteri has joined #maemo10:55
*** Ian-- has joined #maemo10:56
*** AOD_tomaterr has joined #maemo10:58
*** netvandal has quit IRC10:59
AOD_tomaterrhi guys11:00
*** AOD_tomaterr has left #maemo11:01
*** filip42 has joined #maemo11:01
*** smaug has quit IRC11:01
*** AOD_tomaterr has joined #maemo11:01
*** AOD_tomaterr has left #maemo11:02
*** trumee has joined #maemo11:07
trumeeis there any way to copy text rom an email?11:08
*** fale has joined #maemo11:09
trumeei tried to reply to the email and then shift + arrow but it doesnt select the text11:09
faleA couple days ago I was wondering here if was still true the deathline for maemo 6... it seems like the first version of meego will be released in may :)11:11
trumeeis it not the right way to do it?11:11
pupnikdunno,  i use webmail11:13
*** trofi has joined #maemo11:14
*** t_s_o has joined #maemo11:15
*** moo--- has quit IRC11:23
*** Free_maN has joined #maemo11:25
*** udovdh has quit IRC11:31
*** _0xtob has joined #maemo11:32
*** |R has quit IRC11:34
*** Abhinav1 has joined #maemo11:35
*** udovdh has joined #maemo11:36
*** flukebox has joined #maemo11:37
*** eMHa has joined #maemo11:37
*** Noobmonk3y has joined #maemo11:38
* Noobmonk3y waves 11:38
*** millenomi has joined #maemo11:39
*** |R has joined #maemo11:40
*** Abhinav1 has quit IRC11:45
*** Abhinav1 has joined #maemo11:45
*** bholst has quit IRC11:46
trumeeanybody uses sip?11:46
trumeethere is no mwi available. is it possible to implement mwi using an applet11:47
`0660i use sip11:48
`0660but i don't hack it, so i have no idea how open the current implementation is11:49
trumeemwi is a core feature of sip11:50
trumeewhat codec do u use?11:50
`0660i suppose they upport it then because i can make calls with my sip11:51
*** Noobmonk3y has quit IRC11:51
`0660i didn't select any codec, so i'm not sure11:51
trumeei have forced g729 on the server. cpu usage is quite high on the phone :(11:52
*** marcus_ has joined #maemo11:52
marcus_Does the n900 have pygame installed by default, or do you have to install it for using the games made with it11:53
*** Folnin has joined #maemo11:53
RobbieABThe package manager should install it when it installs any games using it12:00
marcus_tried running a simple textfile with import pygame in it, unfortunately, it wasnt installed12:03
RobbieABThat's a bug in the package managers dependency resolution than :p12:04
MohammadAGN900(or in the package itself)12:04
RobbieABWell, I would count the packages dependency listing as part of the same thing.12:05
*** Abhinav1 has quit IRC12:05
Stskeepsmarcus_: have to install it12:10
marcus_Stskeeps: In extras-devel then?12:10
*** jpe has joined #maemo12:10
*** martin_qwerqwer has joined #maemo12:11
*** martin_qwerqwer has left #maemo12:11
*** psybermonkey has quit IRC12:16
*** Abhinav1 has joined #maemo12:19
*** udovdh has quit IRC12:20
*** udovdh has joined #maemo12:21
*** udovdh has quit IRC12:22
*** udovdh has joined #maemo12:22
*** nicu has joined #maemo12:24
*** Free_maN has quit IRC12:28
*** bullet`_ has quit IRC12:31
*** Cazou has joined #maemo12:33
*** cbrake has joined #maemo12:34
*** udovdh has quit IRC12:36
*** iksaif has quit IRC12:38
*** iksaif has joined #maemo12:39
auenfanyone tried using a sip call using their cars bluetooth?12:39
*** trem has joined #maemo12:40
*** barisione has joined #maemo12:42
AppiahWould that be different from a normal phone call auenf ?12:43
marcus_I just compiled a little SDL game in c++ using mad g++ -o mainnew main.cpp -lSDL -lSDL_image12:43
marcus_but when I try to run it on the n900, it says permission denied :/12:44
marcus_/bin/sh: ./mainnew: Permission denied12:44
Appiahchmod +x mainnew ?12:44
marcus_done that12:44
marcus_in root and normal12:44
marcus_trying to run it via ./mainnew12:45
auenfAppiah, on my n82 it is12:45
auenfwith n82, a normal call activated the bluetooth stereo properly, a sip call doesnt interrupt the radio, and hence i cant hear the other party12:46
*** trumee has quit IRC12:50
*** Without has quit IRC12:50
*** ashikase has quit IRC12:51
*** MohammadAGN900 has quit IRC12:53
*** Do-m-pie has joined #maemo12:53
*** Dompie has quit IRC12:57
*** udovdh has joined #maemo12:57
*** Without has joined #maemo12:58
fralsmarcus_: make sure its not on removable storage as thats mounted noexec12:59
*** robink has joined #maemo12:59
*** moo--- has joined #maemo13:00
*** ssvb has joined #maemo13:01
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo13:03
*** BCMM has joined #maemo13:06
*** zs has joined #maemo13:07
BCMMis there software for the n900 that uses openstreetmap data?13:07
BCMMcan it be used with GPS?13:07
BCMMa satnav with cycle routes would be awesome13:08
BCMMoh, does it always use the default openstreetmap map?13:10
BCMMsee, i'd like something to show me were i am on the opencyclemap map13:10
BCMMlike Marble Desktop Globe would (if my desktop had GPS)13:11
cehtehmaep mapper ecoach .. and soon to come "Bike Dashboard"13:11
SpeedEvilwhich is more of an editort hough13:12
BCMMi don't need to edit13:12
SpeedEvilwhere are youl BCMM ?13:12
*** gjl has joined #maemo13:13
BCMMat the moment, i tend to plan routes using marble desktop globe, which so far is the best program i've found for looking at the sustrans network13:13
BCMMNational Cycle Network even13:13
SpeedEvilin principle osm should get better in some time, due to improts from newly release ordnance survey data13:13
BCMMordnance survey data got usable?13:13
BCMMor old OS data that went out of copyright?13:14
SpeedEvilalso #osm over on may be useful13:14
SpeedEvilgoogle berners ordnance survey april release13:14
aquatixis there a memcheck for n810?13:14
BCMMdoes maep use the GPS function?13:15
SpeedEvilOw. Ow. Ow. Do _not_ do manual labour using Prodigy as background music.13:15
* SpeedEvil just tried to get out of bed.13:16
cehtehBCMM: yes13:16
*** hannesw_ has quit IRC13:17
BCMMsee, now if i get an n900, i can skip the whole planning in marble thing and just get hopelessly lost first :)13:17
SpeedEviln900 is not ideal for une in sunlight13:18
SpeedEvilif handheld, it's ok13:18
SpeedEvilstrapped to handlebars - maybe not.13:18
BCMMSpeedEvil: UK...13:18
BCMMi'll run the risk of sunlight :)13:19
BCMMalso, doesn't it have a transflective screen?13:19
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo13:19
SpeedEvilnot really13:19
BCMMno, not gonna strap it to the handlebars or anything13:19
BCMMjust get myself completely lost, then consult it13:19
SpeedEvilit sort-of works with the backlight off in sunlight13:19
BCMMnot really?13:19
SpeedEvilbut the display is nowhere near the same.13:20
BCMMbetter or worse than an ipod13:20
BCMM(old ones i mean)13:20
*** supertramp has joined #maemo13:20
BCMMi mean, they are readable, but not really colourful13:20
*** supertramp has left #maemo13:20
SpeedEvilit is generally visible , if you can point it right13:21
BCMMhmm must have a look at that13:21
*** TomaszD has quit IRC13:21
SpeedEvilI should put up some vids.13:21
BCMMi'm trying to find a shop that has a display model and will let me see if i can actually use the keyboard before i get one13:22
SpeedEvilbut my screen protector is shredded.13:22
BCMMmaybe i'll try and stand right under a light13:22
SpeedEvilI'm on n900 at the moment, using its keyboard.13:22
SpeedEvilup to 35 wpm or so.13:22
BCMMi was gonna say, i hadn't noticed you lagging much13:22
*** geaaru has joined #maemo13:22
BCMMi consider myself fairly clumsy13:23
BCMMbut i touchtype quickly13:23
BCMMand have small fingers13:23
SpeedEvilI started at maybe 1513:23
lcukn900typing on 0913:23
BCMMhow does it work? thumbs?13:23
lcukn900900 surorised ppl13:23
lcukn900sometimes its still screwed lol13:23
BCMM35wpm is pretty good13:23
* lcukn900 hit enter instead of delte13:23
BCMMi've been vaguely considering whether writing LaTeX on one is workable13:24
*** The_Tall1 has joined #maemo13:24
BCMMhow is entry of punctuation?13:24
BCMMi mean, things like / and \13:24
SpeedEvilSomewhat annoying.13:24
SpeedEvil /\ is shifted13:24
SpeedEvilwith a sticky shift13:24
SpeedEvilall but ,. are shifted.13:25
BCMMdoes it come with a stylus for the touchscreen?13:25
BCMMpeople have mentioned styli, but i can't see the holder in any pictures13:25
nidOthere is a stylus with holder in the case13:25
nidOits along the bottom edge of the device while held in landscape13:25
SpeedEvilrequires a chorded shiftpress of arrow and sym, then onscreen symbol map13:26
cehtehwristband is missing .. but you get an expensive cleaning cloth :P13:26
SpeedEvilit's just next to the earphone socket13:26
BCMMSpeedEvil: so you press a combo, and an onscreen keyboard with a more comprehensive symbol list appears?13:26
BCMMexpensive cleaning cloth == lintless glasses cloth?13:26
SpeedEvilIt's not horribly slow.13:26
nidOyeah its just a little microfibre cloth13:27
nidOnot as nice as the one that came with the e9013:27
cehtehBCMM: i was joking .. well the display surface is plastic because if resistive touchscreen, not glass13:27
BCMMwell, when i do LaTeX it's assignments for my physics degree, so it has to get pretty slow for me to bottleneck on the typing rather than the maths13:27
cehtehyou want a screen protector or handle it carefully13:28
cehtehyou can als reassign keys on the keyboard with some efforts13:28
SpeedEvilA screen protector is mandatory for me.13:28
BCMMwhat is a screen protector?13:28
cehtehfor me too13:28
nidOI manage fine with no screen protector13:28
Arkenkloif you know linux, almost everything is pretty easy to do13:28
BCMMa plastic sticker taht cheaper to replace than the screen?13:28
cehtehsome dont need it13:28
nidOBCMM: its just a plastic sheet that sticks onto the screen13:28
cehtehBCMM: yes13:28
BCMMah, i can remap? cool13:28
ArkenkloI managed to edit the keymap to my liking in <30 minutes, because I already know how to13:28
nidOthey come in varying qualities, some are just there to take the scratches then replace13:29
cehtehwell and there are good and horrible screen protectors :P13:29
SpeedEvilI accidentally put seccateurs in wrong pocet when gardening, and bent up and down a few hundred times.13:29
nidOdecent ones are very hard to damage atall13:29
Arkenkloit's linux dude, you can do everything13:29
SpeedEvilIt's damn near opaque now13:29
BCMMyeah, but not everything is easy13:29
nidOmost make the screen feel pretty nasty to use with a stylus though13:29
cehtehthe Durasec i had for sure never got scratches .. was more a clear rubber mat, but it didnt feel well13:29
Arkenklonot until you know how :)13:29
BCMMalso, to what extent can you actually do everything?13:29
cehtehi thrown it away13:29
SpeedEvilthese I have work fine.13:29
BCMMhow much of the stuff running on it is open?13:29
SpeedEvilfor 2.9913:29
BCMMand can i install a different distro on it (in theory)13:29
infobothmm... closed is
nidOno not really13:30
SpeedEvilsee that13:30
nidOon the base install, something like 45% (?) is o/s?13:30
cehtehBCMM: in theory yes, but you cant access most of the special hardware13:30
SpeedEvilthat is - 10 protectors for 2.9913:30
cehtehits sufficiently free and there is easy debian13:30
SpeedEvileasy debian is a chrooted debian13:30
cehtehand a lot free software is ported to it or porting underway13:30
SpeedEvilthat runs in the background.13:31
cehtehfor a latex user i can tell you that emacs runs fine :P13:31
SpeedEvilI mean - runs on top of normal os13:31
cehtehnative, not easy debian, its not in the repos but some japanese guy packaged it13:31
BCMMheh, i've never really learned emacs13:31
BCMMi use vim or kate13:31
BCMMusually kate for latex13:31
cehtehok then13:31
cehtehwell dunno if there is kate for n90013:31
cehtehnever used it13:32
Arkenkloif I can apt-get whatever app I want, and edit any file in the system, it's sufficently open for me13:32
lcukw00t_, yes i was up late13:32
BCMManyway, i'm happy if i can get syntax highlighting and a keyboard shortcut that compiles the document13:32
* lcuk gave up trying to type with n900 whilst still in bed13:32
*** bleeter has quit IRC13:32
BCMMah, that page makes some sense13:32
*** _0xtob has quit IRC13:33
BCMMgiven that A-GPS does an awful lot in software, i can see why they want to close that13:33
cehtehyeah typing on it is not really comfortable, its way better than most other phones and t9 smsing but i usually ssh to the device from my laptop to do more complicated things13:33
nidOthere are good reasons for most of the closed packages13:33
BCMManyway, seems like proper linux to me13:33
cehtehnidO: i disagree about the 'good'13:33
BCMMgot suspicous after the huge letdown of android13:34
cehtehthere are reasons, but open would be better13:34
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo13:34
Arkenkloall the "regular linux stuff" is as open as it usually is13:34
nidOwell, its a case of open-source puritan meets real world, and real world wins13:34
ArkenkloI guess there are like phone drivers that are not, but I don't mess with that13:34
cehtehwell there is always something i want to hack and the closed stuff prevents it13:34
*** bleeter has joined #maemo13:34
BCMMi'm not a puritan as such13:34
cehtehjust raising the battery low warning isnt possible for example13:35
BCMMi mean, i can't actually write kernel code anyway13:35
Arkenklocehteh: wow, really?13:35
*** FIQ has joined #maemo13:35
BCMMi want to know that i can modify stuff taht actually bothers me though13:35
*** MohammadAG_ has joined #maemo13:35
nidObecause nokia would have to open up BME, and that's a whole huge can of worms that nokia wont touch with a bargepole, and understandably13:35
*** FIQ is now known as Guest9694813:35
cehtehits hardcoded in BME or at least hidden somewhere where i didnt found it yet13:35
BCMMcehteh: you can't write an app to get battery percentage?13:35
cehtehBCMM: thats not the problem13:35
nidOgranted recoding BME to allow adjusting warnings without opening it up would be a good alternative13:36
SpeedEvilthere is work goimg on on opensourcing battery13:36
cehtehbut there is a daemon which manages battery state and charging13:36
BCMMthat's a shame13:36
nidObut I can 100% see why nokia wont open it13:36
SpeedEvillshal|grep percent13:36
cehtehthis piece is closed for reasons that users cant damage the device13:36
BCMMthey wouldn't need to open it up completely, just have an API for an app to get battery state13:36
BCMMit could be all kinds of useful, like if you wanted a fullscreen game or broweser with a little battery indicator somewhere13:36
Stskeepsit's all on dbus13:36
cehtehSpeedEvil: but there is a battery low warning which is system wide and well defined13:36
Arkenkloif I want to damage my device, I should be able to13:37
SpeedEvilthe battery state chip has _no_ reason to be closed and hidden13:37
cehtehi just want to raise it a bit13:37
nidOArkenklo, no not really, the real world doesnt work like that13:37
StskeepsSpeedEvil: go look at matan's post on this issue on talk.maemo.org13:37
StskeepsArkenklo: and sue nokia afterwards?13:37
ArkenklonidO: it should13:37
BCMMdepends what it would do if you kept it running as the voltage gave out13:37
DocScrutinizernidO: prepare fot bme to vanish though13:37
SpeedEvilStskeeps: I don't really do tmo. Can you link to thread?13:37
BCMMi mean some bits of hardware might behave strangely instead of just shutting off13:37
SpeedEvildoes bme do smartreflex?13:38
nidOas highly unlikely as it may be, "its my device and i want to damage it if i want" doesnt stant up to tomorrow's newspaper headline: "geek's nokia phone catches fire, burns his mother's house down, 2 die"13:38
cehtehDocScrutinizer: in meego or pr1.2?13:38
ArkenkloI think there are enough ways to make linux fuck it self up already, one more way wouldn't hurt13:38
nidO= a headline nokia can do without.13:38
BCMMmaybe lose some data or send stupid replies to the network and frighten it13:38
DocScrutinizercehteh: not clear. meego for sure13:38
SpeedEvilBCMM: the modem is a different computer/os13:38
pupnikzoutube broken?  i cannot pull up videos i search13:38
StskeepsSpeedEvil: post includes that bq chip number, can't recall it13:38
SpeedEvilit's not linux13:38
BCMMSpeedEvil: eh?13:38
*** Guest6691 has joined #maemo13:38
ArkenkloSpeedEvil: that doesn't make any sense at all13:39
cehtehwell you can actually fry the device with bad programming .. voltage and frequency controls and other hardware controls are done in hardware13:39
SpeedEvilBCMM: the modem is a different cpu. It does not run linux13:39
crashanddieI think cnet is a bit apple-oriented13:39
BCMMyou mean it has it's own tiny little processor and firmware, like my wifi card?13:39
crashanddie <-- scroll down, to the "Compare this tablet to:"13:39
BCMMor something more than that13:39
DocScrutinizernidO: the burning phone is an urban legend, when it comes to n90013:40
BCMMadapting to being careful with a phone might be a bit of work13:40
BCMMmy current phone is a 341013:40
BCMMi can't count how many drop-kicks its had13:40
ShadowJKbme doesn't use bq27200's charge tracking13:40
nidODocScrutinizer: i'd never even heard the legend, i'm just being generic.13:40
SpeedEvil50 quid a year13:40
ArkenkloBCMM: get one of those super mega plastic skins13:40
SpeedEvilfor accidental damage and loss insurance13:41
nidOopening up BME would give, however unlikely, coders the possibility of buggering up the battery management and causing it13:41
BCMMSpeedEvil: you can insure it against *loss* for £50 a year?13:41
crashanddieBCMM: yeah13:41
ShadowJKbq27200 has been stuck at 6% battery for 9 hours with the mugen battery, bme is saying  17% :-)13:41
SpeedEvilnidO: or extending battery life by charging to only 90%13:41
BCMMi'm kinda suprised that's economical13:41
crashanddieBCMM: my bank insures my blackberry + n900 for 17 quid a year13:42
*** Without has quit IRC13:42
DocScrutinizernidO: no, thats BS. You got a bq24150 to care for battery, and you can do all nasty you every *could* do no matter bme is open or not13:42
BCMMcrashanddie: for enough to replace them, including loss?13:42
crashanddieBCMM: loss and theft13:43
DocScrutinizerbq24150 reduces the amount of nasty you could do very considerably though13:43
SpeedEvilBCMM: that is seperate insurance. google cusc foneguarg13:43
SpeedEvilBCMM: that is seperate insurance. google cusc foneguard13:43
crashanddieBCMM: not wear and tear though13:43
BCMMhow much of the battery stuff is in software? perhaps it is possible to overcharge it?13:43
*** Without has joined #maemo13:43
BCMMit would be a kinda stupid not to have a hardware device stopping that13:43
BCMMbut not unheard of13:43
*** Guest6691 has quit IRC13:43
ShadowJKI suspect you could probably trickle-charge the battery, which wouldn't be good on its life13:44
cehtehDocScrutinizer: btw do you know where one can (cheaply) order charger plugs for the adapter, either 2.5 or 3.5mm?13:44
ShadowJKcehteh, you mean like the one included?13:44
cehtehi dont know exactly what variant that is in length and diameter of the pin and so on13:44
Arkenklocehteh: try dealextreme13:44
nidOyou're missing the point. bq24150 reducing the possibility, it being unlikely, = irrelevant. Nokia want to be as absolutely positive as possible that some tinkerer doesnt manage to burn their house down, as incredibly unlikely as it may be or not.13:44
Arkenklothey've got loads of cheap crap13:44
Arkenklothey ship for free world wide13:45
SpeedEvilor ebay13:45
cehtehShadowJK: the things which fit into the adapter13:45
nidOnewspaper headlines wont give a shit that the geek that died heavily modified their phone, the headline will only go as far as "its a nokia"13:45
nidOwe all saw exactly that with the exploding-batteries-in-nokias a year or two ago13:45
* ShadowJK is starting to suspect bme is talking to cellmo13:45
DocScrutinizernidO: mission impossible13:45
nidOwhere almost every headline conveniently didnt mention they were all aftermarket batteries, and badly hurt nokia's reputation as a result13:46
*** joschi has joined #maemo13:46
*** Khertan has joined #maemo13:46
DocScrutinizernidO: anyway, some nokia guys were positive about getting sysfs nodes for both bq-chips13:46
cehtehmhm maybe i have some plugs from a old ac adapter13:46
BCMMwhere they "proper" exploding batteries, like the dell fireballs?13:46
DocScrutinizerwhich would kill bme implicitly13:46
KhertanHello all !13:46
nidOBCMM in a lot of cases they were blow-the-phone-apart exploding batteries yeah13:46
BCMMthose are kinda awesome; wouldn't want one in my pocket13:47
DocScrutinizercehteh: conrad electronic13:47
BCMMyeah, i can imagine the media wouldn't want to let details interfere with something that eye-catching13:47
* SpeedEvil ponders the making of fireproof pocket liners.13:47
Arkenklothat would be an awesome demonstration on how open a device is; "and now, I will initiate a malfunction that will cause the device to explode"13:48
cehtehmeh .. means 20 cent for the plug and 8Eur shipping or so13:48
*** Without has quit IRC13:48
BCMMi mean, one reason to be really careful is so that it isn't possible to blow up people's phones over IRC13:49
BCMM"yeah, just type curl FOO | sh"13:49
BCMM"should fix it"13:49
SpeedEvilyou can destroy the flash led13:50
Arkenklothat's no reason to completely disable the function13:50
BCMMSpeedEvil: how come?13:50
*** florian has joined #maemo13:51
Khertanbattery can be drain fast too by some apps ... which will reduce his life ... i suggest to unactivate it to avoid such problem13:51
RST38h"And now, the penguin standing at your TV will explode..."13:51
RST38hMoo, Khertan13:51
SpeedEvilBCMM: the flash is only rated for 0.5s13:51
KhertanHi Rst38h!13:52
SpeedEvilBCMM: if you flash 7200 times in a row, it will melt13:52
*** The_Tall1 has quit IRC13:52
DocScrutinizernidO: and you bet a set of proper sysfs nodes allowing to talk to the usb charger chip without doing something bad - this for sure is less dangerous than guys hacking away with nondocumented bme and making all kinds of mistakes (though even those can't simply make the cell go boom)13:52
*** dl9pf_ has joined #maemo13:52
BCMMsee, it seems to me that the logical thing to do is let the software do whatever it wants, but have a very simple chip or circuit in the flash that doesn't let that happen13:53
*** dl9pf has quit IRC13:53
SpeedEvilBCMM: there is simple, and there is 'adds $.10 to the price.'13:53
DocScrutinizerArkenklo: not possible13:53
*** moza has joined #maemo13:53
SpeedEvilBulletproof everything, and those .10s add up13:54
ArkenkloDocScrutinizer: huh?13:54
BCMMwould have the advantage that faults in their own software wouldn't kill things either13:54
BCMMfor example, my computer is running a completely open-source system13:54
BCMMbut if i overheat it, the BIOS is going to poweroff regardless13:55
BCMMthis is a good thing13:55
DocScrutinizerArkenklo: ""initiate a malfunction that will cause the device to explode""13:55
DocScrutinizernot possible13:55
ArkenkloDocScrutinizer: obviously, that's just an example13:55
*** moza has quit IRC13:56
BCMMwhy not? it's at least theoretically possible to mishandle a battery till it explodes13:56
DocScrutinizerNO it's NOT13:56
SpeedEvilthe hardware enforces the not explode condition.13:56
SpeedEvilthe worst you can do is wear the battery.13:57
DocScrutinizerunless you take a soldering iron and short all the saftety chips in phone and battery13:57
Arkenklowhat if I've built in a small explosive charge that goes off when the load goes above a certain treshold?13:57
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo13:57
DocScrutinizerthat's clearly a very nasty case of "take a soldering iron and short all the saftety chips in phone and battery"13:58
BCMMwell, if the hardware actually does have a "don't explode" function, then i can indeed see no reason not to open it up13:58
DocScrutinizerexactly, now we talk13:59
BCMMyou know, nearly any software-controlled explosion is amusing13:59
BCMMexploding USB stick13:59
DocScrutinizerBCMM: seem hardware has at least 3 such dont-explode safeguards14:00
BCMMheh, what was it?14:00
*** Abhinav1 is now known as Abhinav1|away14:00
BCMMand for the battery, or something explodey-er14:00
*** RobbieAB1 has joined #maemo14:01
BCMMoh, you said seem, not seen14:02
* SpeedEvil leaves to spread his (grass) seed on the ground.14:03
*** RobbieAB has quit IRC14:03
*** netvandal has joined #maemo14:03
*** RobbieAB1 is now known as RobbieAB14:03
DocScrutinizerBCMM: seems was for the '3'. Maybe I'll count 5 in the end14:04
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo14:05
*** cpt_nemo has joined #maemo14:05
*** FredrIQ is now known as Guest8305414:05
*** netvandal has quit IRC14:05
DocScrutinizereverybody dreaming of exploding batteries: get
DocScrutinizerthis chip is designed for no-explode. from very beginning down to every single transistor14:10
derfWhat fun is not exploding?14:11
*** Arif is now known as Arif_14:12
*** jreznik has joined #maemo14:13
*** psybermonkey has joined #maemo14:13
*** marcus_ has quit IRC14:14
* RST38h hides14:17
*** ech0Asus has joined #maemo14:18
*** sepultina has quit IRC14:18
RST38hLooks like N900 with power button at the other side14:20
kapuam nom nom nom14:21
RobbieABAwww... I shoulda waited a few months to get my N900 :p14:21
pupnik> 1200 mAh plsssss14:22
kapuwhat does n900 pays these days?14:22
* pupnik gets on knees14:22
*** Termana_n810 has quit IRC14:22
* RST38h descends from the skies on a power cord14:22
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC14:27
* DocScrutinizer strips off the isolation from that power cord with his teeth, and attaches the blank ends to a ignition device14:27
DocScrutinizer's contacts14:27
*** sepultina has joined #maemo14:28
* Arif_ yawns14:28
DocScrutinizerlet's see what's up there to blast away14:28
*** netvandal has joined #maemo14:28
*** Termana has joined #maemo14:29
*** trumee has joined #maemo14:30
trumeeguys, what part of the desktop is the region which has the date applet14:30
trumeeis it the status bar?14:30
* janneg suspects that the RX-99 will be released in 363 days as N010414:31
Arif_sounds like a great model name14:32
trumeeis it possible to write a qt application to display a second time applet for a second time zone.14:33
*** ech0Asus has quit IRC14:33
Arif_you can set timezones in the clock, so probably yes14:33
DocScrutinizerat least in theory14:33
*** tonikitoo has joined #maemo14:34
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo14:34
DocScrutinizerthough clock eats up so much space in systray, you probably will hear comments like "why isn't that a widget?"14:34
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo14:35
Arif_I'd like a battery indicator on the slide to unlock screen ;(14:35
haltdefhrm, don't suppose there's a way to reassign the volume and camera button under media player?14:35
*** psybermonkey has quit IRC14:35
SpeedEvilI want a puppy.14:35
haltdefprev, next and pause would be handy :P14:36
DocScrutinizerI want a box full of N90014:36
* SpeedEvil is having stir-fry tonight.14:36
Arif_haltdef, use spacebar and arrows!14:36
haltdefno, messy14:36
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: but you have one!14:36
DocScrutinizernot exactly14:36
SpeedEvilDocScrutinizer: :/14:37
SpeedEviloh - working n900s14:37
*** Meizirkki has joined #maemo14:37
SpeedEvilactually. the screen in direct sun  is ok14:37
SpeedEvilcolours are a bit wierd14:37
Arif_I want a DSi XL in white :(14:37
trumeeDocScrutinizer: this example of QStatusbar seems to suggest that the statusbar is a the bottom.
trumeetrumee: or am i looking at the wrong class.14:38
SpeedEvilin sunlight, backlight off and full on are not differentiable.14:39
trumeeDocScrutinizer: or am i looking at the wrong class.14:39
DocScrutinizertrumee: sw-devel ignorant here, sorry14:39
DocScrutinizertrumee: probably that's legacy from desktop-qt doc, if it says status bar is lower end of screen14:41
RST38htrumme: This is the application-specific status bar14:42
RST38hNOT system wide14:42
DocScrutinizertrumee: nah, that's not the systray of N900 desktop14:42
RST38hAnd I doubt it will be included into the UI style guide14:42
*** Khertan has quit IRC14:43
*** netvandal has quit IRC14:43
RST38hlooks like a standard status bar found in desktop windows (your desktop FireFox has it)14:43
*** ZZzzZzzz_ has joined #maemo14:43
trumeeRST38h: how do i add a second clock using qt code?14:43
RST38htrumee: How do I know?14:44
trumeeqt-maemo is all silent today.14:44
*** Khertan has joined #maemo14:45
DocScrutinizertrumee: I'd suggest you study a few programs that actually add something to systray (e.g. load applet). Dunno if some of them are qt-based yet14:46
*** Chiku|dc has quit IRC14:46
MohammadAG_<Arif_> sounds like a great model name14:47
MohammadAG_the N8-00 sounds better14:47
*** ZZzzZzzz has quit IRC14:47
Arif_en eight dash zero zero?14:47
* MohammadAG_ goes to to local phone shop and says "I want a Nokia N8 dash double 0"14:47
crashanddieArif_: DSi XL is crap14:47
DocScrutinizeren eight dash-toilet14:48
Arif_crashanddie, not much choice when the only alternative is a psp with 3 games released for it ;(14:48
crashanddieArif_: go for the regular DSi14:48
MohammadAG_Arif_, get a Pandora :P14:48
crashanddieArif_: and the PSP has heaps of games for it14:48
Arif_most are PS2 ports ;(14:49
Arif_why go for the normal DSi14:49
TermanaiPad anyone?..... anyone?.... ok maybe not14:49
MohammadAG_Arif_, some of them are awesome14:49
Arif_I want the bigger screens =D14:49
Arif_MohammadAG, yeah there are some good games14:49
Arif_but I already played them :D14:49
DocScrutinizerArif_: get a gameboy14:49
MohammadAG_Arif_, get a PS3 :p14:49
Arif_I have a GB color sitting here somewhere14:49
Arif_Mario Bros DX <314:50
MohammadAG_Get a portable atari14:50
Arif_what about a Nomad14:50
DocScrutinizerAmiga A50K portable14:51
* Arif_ buys a Dingoo14:51
crashanddiejust stop being a nerd and playing on go, get yourself a ps3 and a book14:51
crashanddies/ go/ the go/14:51
infobotcrashanddie meant: just stop being a nerd and playing on the go, get yourself a ps3 and a book14:51
DocScrutinizeror even better, a book about ps314:51
infobotcrashanddie: no problem14:51
MohammadAG_crashanddie, umm, why the book lol14:52
Pforceanyone know why that would happen14:52
crashanddieMohammadAG_: to have something to do while you're on the go?14:52
Pforceive done apt-get update / dist-upgrade14:52
Pforceseems everything is up to date14:52
Arif_I don't want to be a part of killing allt hose trees! :(14:52
DocScrutinizerMohammadAG_: to test how much the brain degrades from one day to another14:52
Pforcebut i cant find libqt4 from /usr/lib14:52
*** netvandal has joined #maemo14:52
crashanddiePforce: is the error message not descriptive enough?14:53
Arif_reading a book is a bit hard when your sight is craptastic, too14:53
MohammadAG_see crashanddie? a book isn't necessary14:53
DocScrutinizerArif_: ahh yes. I remember14:53
DocScrutinizerArif_: genetic?14:53
crashanddieArif_: oh fuck off with that lame excuse14:53
crashanddieArif_: saying you can't read a book because your eyesight is crap is about as credible as saying you're a fat fuck because of a glandular problem.14:54
Arif_crashanddie, I really can't...14:54
crashanddieyou don't want to read a book, but you don't mind playing around with an n900 and psp/nintendo ds? bollocks14:54
Arif_they're not exactly the same are they?14:55
DocScrutinizersays a lot about how much Arif_ loves the N90014:55
Termanacrashanddie: I think thats a bit rude, what if there were overweight people in this channel. You've just alienated them by calling them fat fucks. And then you insult someone by saying its bullshit that they can't read a book. Sorry Mr. Perfect Vision14:55
Pforcei cannot upgrade what it wants14:55
Pforcethats why im asking why is that14:56
crashanddieTermana: no I insulted obese people who use stupid excuses for their lack of will14:56
Pforceand why qt is not coming to me with dist-upgrade14:56
crashanddieTermana: why can't people just admit they can't be bothered to read a book? Get a kindle and you can have the print size you want, regardless of the book14:57
lcukhumans have macro zoom capabilities14:57
lcukjust bring the book closer or further away from their eyes14:57
*** Termana has left #maemo14:57
Pforcedid qt have its own maemo channel14:57
Pforcei cant remember14:58
Pforceor a dev channel for maemo14:58
lcukyes Pforce #qt-maemo14:58
lcukbut whats your boggle14:58
lcukdid it get lost in the boofight14:58
Pforceyes :)14:58
crashanddieit was a boofight too :P14:58
Pforce +
Pforceso i think i got the pr1.2 stuff14:59
Pforcebut i cant find libqt* from /usr/lib14:59
Pforcewhen i try get it manually it says that14:59
lcukahh on the device?14:59
Pforceno in sdk14:59
Pforceive must have fucked something up with the deps15:00
lcuklooks that way - but those links are about sqlite15:00
lcuknot about qt15:00
Pforceyes well libqt4-dev needs sqlite15:00
Pforceat its too old in my scratchbox, when i go to update it it says sqlite is latest version15:01
Pforcekind of a funny situation15:01
lcukwhich sqlite does it need15:01
lcukcos it is the latest for maemo at least15:01
Pforceyeah 3.6.14 seems not to be enough for libqt4. ugh15:02
Pforceis there an easy way to reset scratchbox :)15:03
Pforcecould do remove to sqlite stuff and try dist upgrade then15:03
Pforceqt should come with that but its not doing that15:03
Pforcei have extras and devel-extras as sources15:03
lcukdoesnt qt have its own sqlite?15:03
Pforcei think when you build qt, you can define it you want it to use sys sqlite15:04
Pforcein configure15:04
*** adalal has joined #maemo15:05
*** Arif_ has left #maemo15:06
*** davyg has joined #maemo15:07
*** Khertan has quit IRC15:08
lcukPforce, mmm perhaps you are caught up in the sdl upgrade15:08
*** Khertan has joined #maemo15:08
lcukbut the qt sqlite requires the correct version of sqlite315:08
lcuk(dependencies shown there etc)15:09
lcukmaemo packages interface is quite nice and helpful :)15:09
Pforceyeah, i think thats old due name has maemo5? wasnt it that they are now without maemo515:09
Pforcebut anyways deps are prolly the same15:10
Pforceso according to that 3.6.14 should be enough, and i have that15:10
Pforcemaybe i just boot up a new VM sdk and try with a fresh start :)15:10
Pforcei just build a lot of stuff inside that like ogre, boost, poco etc :(15:11
Pforcewill have to go trought the trouble again15:11
*** ech0Asus has joined #maemo15:11
Pforcethats messed up to shout to him without knowing the full situation :P15:12
Pforcehe left too without saying anything15:12
crashanddieDocScrutinizer: and?15:14
*** FSCV has joined #maemo15:14
*** Dialekt has joined #maemo15:15
lcukcrashanddie, i think the general feeling is you shout at people and generally act in an arrogant and condescending manner15:15
*** ech0Asus has quit IRC15:16
DocScrutinizerprobably books tend to be problematic, without some additional help like a N900-magnifying-glass app15:17
Pforcepeople come here for help, you saying read a book blind bat or something doesent really help :) just saying15:17
JaffaMorning, all15:18
lcukDocScrutinizer, a proper using camer magnifier for real world stuff, or an onscreen app to magnify onscreen stuff15:18
lcukmorning jaffa \o15:18
JaffaMorningish, I guess15:18
lcukor should i say, morning sith-lord jaffa \o15:18
JaffaAt last we shall reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we shall have our revenge.15:19
lcukas long as jarjar binks snt around we are ok15:19
JaffaAnyone got, or know of, any photos of javispedro or achipa? Possibly from the summits?15:20
lcukjavispedro is illusive, i tried taking a photo of him but it turned out blank15:20
lcukand for some reason i couldnt see him in a mirror15:20
Ken-YoungI have uploaded a number of new screenshots to a wiki page.   They replace screenshorts from an earlier version of my program.   THe updated images appear on the wiki page for a few minutes, afterwhich the wiki reverts to showing the old version of the images.   Does anyone have any idea what might cause that?   The log for the image file lists the newly uploaded versions, but the old versions are still displayed, even after clearing the brows15:20
Ken-Younger cache, etc.15:20
lcukKen-Young, i know the description fields do that - cos it automatically refreshes them from the package itself15:21
lcukbut i'd not heard of it for photos15:21
lcukahh on the wiki, not sure15:21
JaffaKen-Young: Done a shift-reload in your browser to ensure that no intermediary caches are the problem?15:22
Ken-Younglcuk, Yeah - the problem is image only.   THe text changes on the wiki work properly.15:22
SpeedEvilKen-Young: what sort of isp15:22
SpeedEvilKen-Young: some vcell prolviders do dodgy image compression, which might break15:23
Ken-YoungJaffa, shift-reload doesn't fix it.   The very odd thing is that the new versions show up for a while, 10 minutes or so, and then the wiki starts fetching the old versions again.15:23
nidOyou're on a uni network? every possibility theres a proxy cache in your way15:23
* RST38h suspects proxy cache has nothing to do with this15:24
lcukKen-Young, this thread is useless without links15:24
SpeedEvillimk, with description of new img?15:24
RST38hKen-Young: try accessing that page via https://15:24
Ken-Younglcuk, This is the page:
nidOwhatre the differences between the new/old pictures15:25
lcukKen-Young, which pics specifically15:26
crashanddielcuk: checked the name of my blog lately?15:26
Ken-YoungnidO, both new and old are screenshots.   The differences are minor changes introduced in a newer version of the app.15:26
lcukyes crashanddie :) i know thats how you are, but plenty of people dont like that sort of attitude when they want to talk with others15:26
crashanddieTo quote the great Jeremius Clarksonius, "Not my problem".15:27
Ken-Younglcuk, among others.15:27
nidOKen-Young - I see the new images fine15:27
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo15:27
Ken-YoungnidO, How do you know you're seeing the new version?15:28
nidObecause im looking at what you uploaded 2 hours ago according to the recent changes, and whats on the page itself is the same15:29
lcuki see 3 variations of the same file in history - appear to be identical15:29
Ken-Younglcuk, Yup, that's the problem.   They aren't identical.15:29
* lcuk nods15:29
crashanddie"My neighbourhood has been overrun by baboons"15:30
Ken-Younglcuk, It's just fetching the same, old image, no matter which you select.15:30
nidOKen-Young: we need specifics on a change in at least one image here.15:30
lcukken, just as a test - upload the new image but with a new filename15:30
nidOthe easiest way is to tell us the time shown in the old image and new one15:30
lcukso we can see its difference15:30
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC15:32
Ken-Young shows what *should* appear.15:33
*** Khertan has quit IRC15:33
*** netvandal has quit IRC15:34
*** Prasanna has joined #maemo15:35
*** Khertan has joined #maemo15:35
*** Prasanna has left #maemo15:35
*** Guest96948 is now known as FIQ15:35
*** FIQ has joined #maemo15:35
nidOmind if I try re-upping that image?15:35
*** adalal1 has joined #maemo15:35
*** adalal has quit IRC15:36
*** adalal1 has quit IRC15:36
Ken-YoungnidO, Please do!15:36
lcukjaffa fancy taking a quick poll :D
nidOright iv reuploaded OrreyOtherPagesMenu.png and the new image is displaying fine in both the file history and main wiki page for me atm15:37
Ken-YoungnidO, It works when I upload it too, but then reverts to the old version 10 or 15 minutes later.15:38
nidOlets give it 10 or 15 mins then :p15:38
fralsgive it an hour for the change to propagate over the cdn/cache?15:39
Ken-YoungnidO, I wonder if the fact that I've updated about a dozen images in quick succession triggers some sort of spam protection that kicks in and deletes my new versions.15:39
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo15:39
SpeedEvilKen-Young: browsershits.org15:39
SpeedEvilKen-Young: browsershots.org15:39
* lcuk waves at frals \o15:39
* frals waves at lcuk o/15:40
Ken-Youngfrals, I did the original image uploads 8 hours or so ago.15:40
*** The_Tall1 has joined #maemo15:40
fralsah, id poke X-Fade or whoevers responsible for the wiki in that case15:40
lcukwell lets see if it just doesnt like ken first15:40
Ken-YoungSpeedEvil, Wow - browsershits seems available.   I'm gonna register that puppy.15:41
*** netvandal has joined #maemo15:41
fralslcuk: good point ;)15:41
crashanddielcuk: answered to your virii/fora questions :)15:42
lcuki saw seb15:42
RST38hAh, the ritual of poking X-Fade has finally been invoked15:42
*** adalal has joined #maemo15:42
crashanddieX-Fade poke X-Fade poke X-Fade poke X-Fade poke X-Fade poke X-Fade poke X-Fade poke X-Fade poke X-Fade poke X-Fade15:43
VDVsx~poke crashanddie15:44
* infobot cuts down a small tree, sneaks up behind crashanddie, pokes crashanddie repeatedly, hilarity ensues.15:44
*** LuciusMare has joined #maemo15:44
RST38hAnd ehlo VDVsx15:45
VDVsxhey RST38h :)15:45
*** MaikB has joined #maemo15:45
Jaffalcuk: Is that the fora one? Missing option: "depends how pretentious, smug and superior I'm feeling" ;-)15:45
LuciusMarehi, i enabled the "tools" repository at my tablet, what key do i need? (following packages could not be authenticated...)15:45
lcukisn't poking x-fade like talking about candleja15:46
JaffaLuciusMare: Doesn't really matter, you can ignore the warning.15:46
lcuklol jaffa15:46
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC15:46
*** netvandal has quit IRC15:46
JaffaLuciusMare: To make the warning go away you'd need to import the GPG key of the repo (if there is one)15:46
LuciusMareYes, I know, I just dont know what key :)15:47
*** lpotter has quit IRC15:47
MaikBAfter I mv'ed and ln -s'ed /var/cache/apt and /var/lib/apt to /home I started playing with what's to install.  I found the qdebusviewer and like to thank who ever packaged it!15:47
lcukmmm i used to add sdk and tools all the time for my device?15:48
lcukor was that in app manager?15:48
MaikBit will make things much easier15:48
*** fyndvagen has joined #maemo15:51
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC15:52
*** filip42 has quit IRC15:53
crashanddielcuk: where's the odz app? Is it in extras or extras-test?15:53
*** netvandal has joined #maemo15:53
lcuktesting as well as devel15:54
*** netvandal has quit IRC15:54
*** CatmanDru has joined #maemo15:54
lcuki have been busy with other matters recently15:54
*** netvandal has joined #maemo15:58
*** Abhinav1|away has quit IRC15:58
*** CatmanDru has quit IRC15:58
pupnikwhat are they really.  ...  what.... matters15:59
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo15:59
* lcuk goes feeding ducks15:59
lcukand to the fair15:59
crashanddieenjoy gub15:59
Arkenoihow much does n900 cost in emirates?16:00
*** _Lucretia_ has quit IRC16:00
crashanddiedidn't see it16:00
Arkenoii purchased one here in Russia for $620, and it was imported from emirates16:00
Ken-YoungnidO, The version of the image you uploaded is still being displayed.   I'm going to try modifying one image per hour, and see if that works.   Thank you for your help!16:01
Arkenoiso it must be really cheap there16:01
lcukArkenoi, you should be on the map then!
lcuk(theres a lack of russian participation when we know russians have devices)16:01
lcukcya later seb \o and everyone else too16:02
*** peetah has quit IRC16:02
crashanddiein soviet russia, n900 participates you?16:02
crashanddietake care lcuk16:02
*** netvandal has quit IRC16:04
*** Khertan has quit IRC16:05
*** TomaszD has joined #maemo16:06
LuciusMareOh, and, anybody successefully dualbooted a different system at n900 off the microsd card?16:08
*** MaikB has left #maemo16:09
pupnikgo for it16:10
*** Abhinav1|away has joined #maemo16:11
Ken-YoungnidO, I spoke too soon.   Now the wiki has reverted to the old image, ignoring the new version that you uploaded for me.16:11
Ken-YoungSo it lasted about 1/2 hour.16:12
MohammadAG_so, the N900 was overclocked16:13
*** lcukn900 has quit IRC16:13
* MohammadAG_ wonders how long it will be till the poster says it got fried16:13
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo16:14
*** raninho has joined #maemo16:14
LuciusMareyou overclocked your n900?16:14
*** Abhinav1|away is now known as Abhinav116:15
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC16:16
*** jophish has quit IRC16:17
*** fyndvagen has quit IRC16:17
*** jophish has joined #maemo16:17
*** jophish has quit IRC16:17
*** juliank has joined #maemo16:18
*** juliank has quit IRC16:18
*** juliank has joined #maemo16:18
*** Abhinav1 has quit IRC16:19
*** ech0Asus has joined #maemo16:20
MohammadAG_LuciusMare, not me16:21
crashanddieanyone gotten the odz app working?16:22
crashanddieon snow leopard, that is16:22
*** Cazou has quit IRC16:23
*** fyndvagen has joined #maemo16:26
*** luke-jr has quit IRC16:30
* RST38h asks the Tentacled One to suck whatever passes for the brain in Gizmodo editors16:30
*** cvandonderen_ has joined #maemo16:31
*** sopi has joined #maemo16:31
*** SafPlusPlus has quit IRC16:31
*** cvandonderen has quit IRC16:31
*** sopi has left #maemo16:31
*** SafPlusPlus has joined #maemo16:31
*** luke-jr has joined #maemo16:31
*** Makikou has joined #maemo16:31
RST38hEngadget too, please.16:32
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:32
*** fyndvagen has quit IRC16:33
*** vasily_pupkin has joined #maemo16:35
VDVsxRST38h, ipad stuff ? :D16:35
vasily_pupkinI have annoying problem with hildon16:35
vasily_pupkinif application is written in plain X wthout toolkit16:35
vasily_pupkinthen no application button on task manager pannel appeared16:35
vasily_pupkinand i could find it only with wmctrl16:36
vasily_pupkinanybody knows how to fix this shit?16:36
RST38hVDVsx: Yep. I wonder if they have got an appl-efree rss feed. This is getting ridiculous.16:39
*** hurbu has quit IRC16:39
SpeedEvilany progress on running iphone apps?16:40
VDVsxRST38h, I think you can do that for engadget at least16:41
SpeedEvilI mean projects aiming at.16:41
*** mtnbkr has quit IRC16:41
*** kabtoffe has quit IRC16:41
*** BCMM has quit IRC16:42
adalalhey, anyone aware of a card transaction gateway application16:43
RST38hVDVsx: Searching for the proper feed url as we speak, but no doughnut so far16:43
VDVsxRST38h, there's like a exclude link, not sure how it work with rss, but works in the website16:45
*** ceyusa has quit IRC16:45
VDVsxI've seen this for M$ stuff, I hope there's one for apple as well :D16:45
adalalhey a quick question, any idea as to why i can't install quite a lot of stuff in the repositories?16:46
Arkenkloadalal: are you root?16:46
adalalArkenklo: yeah... this is through the app manager16:47
adalalArkenklo: apparently, the dependencies aren't being fulfilled, i've installed them before16:47
Arkenkloit sounds like a problem you'd get by messing around with repositories16:49
RST38hVDVsx: cooooooooooool16:49
*** kabtoffe has joined #maemo16:49
MohammadAG_LOL /exclude/exclude switches to Apple only news16:51
*** Makikou has quit IRC16:51
RST38hAll righty, Apple is gone.16:52
RST38hNow just need to do the same with Gizmodo...16:52
*** TomaszD has quit IRC16:53
*** Dompie has joined #maemo16:53
*** Do-m-pie has quit IRC16:54
*** ech0Asus has quit IRC16:58
*** adalal has quit IRC16:59
*** Chiku has joined #maemo17:00
*** LuciusMare has quit IRC17:02
pupnikwhy is microb text-select broken?  i click on arrow then drag over text ... and the WEBPAGE MOVES17:02
GeneralAntillespupnik, because the arrow state is fscking confusing?17:04
*** wazd has joined #maemo17:04
GeneralAntillesThe icon makes no sense, the action when you activate it makes no sense.17:04
*** _Lucretia_ has joined #maemo17:05
ShadowJKif the icon goes away then you're not using the arrow17:05
JaffaKen-Young: I'm seeing the same problems with photos I updated yesterday17:06
JaffaKen-Young: X-Fade: the wiki photos I updated yesterday (such as have completed reverted17:07
* GeneralAntilles wonders why the Android trolling blog post on Planet is getting so many hearts.17:07
pupnikGeneralAntilles: yo! i mean whats the deal?  it is seriously up to chance whether it selects or drags17:08
*** SafPlusPlus has quit IRC17:08
GeneralAntillespupnik, UI designers being too clever.17:08
pupnikand i dont see people complaining17:08
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC17:09
Ken-YoungJaffa, I finally gave up, and am taking the sledgehammer approach.   I'm uploading the images with new names, and updating the wiki text to point to the new names.17:09
* Jaffa wonders if X-Fade is awake.17:10
RST38hGeneral: Maybe everyone is fed up with critical Maemo bugs and shortcomings going unresolved for months?17:10
Jaffa~seen X-Fade17:10
infobotx-fade is currently on #maemo #meego. Has said a total of 170 messages. Is idling for 1d 4h 33m 12s, last said: 'talmai: Can you try again?'.17:10
*** SafPlusPlus has joined #maemo17:11
*** fyndvagen has joined #maemo17:12
Ken-YoungJaffa, Thanks for letting me know you see the same problem.   I was starting to feel picked on.17:13
*** redeeman has quit IRC17:14
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has joined #maemo17:14
*** hardaker has joined #maemo17:15
*** VDVsx has quit IRC17:16
*** Aranel has joined #maemo17:17
*** Aranel has joined #maemo17:17
*** Ordog_by has quit IRC17:17
*** VDVsx has joined #maemo17:17
*** Gadgetoid_mbp has quit IRC17:18
*** adalal has joined #maemo17:18
*** nicu has quit IRC17:18
VDVsxOMG: "However people had travelled to the US from around the world to purchase a device. " ->
GAN900RST38h, meh17:23
JaffaGAN900: Do you know if there are some MIME type icons in the wiki already, for little icons for
MohammadAG_VDVsx, it would've been easier if they imported it lol17:23
GAN900Jaffa, should be17:24
*** ReadyKilowatt has joined #maemo17:24
JaffaGAN900: Know how/where? :-)17:24
*** redeeman has joined #maemo17:25
GAN900Jaffa, we lost all of the CSS for that stuff when X-Fade nuked the default stylesheet to keep it from trampling all over the CSS17:25
*** jreznik has joined #maemo17:25
GAN900um, not sure they're actually in the db17:25
GAN900May just be on the server.17:25
GAN900Check the mediawiki stylesheet.17:25
JaffaGAN900: Aha:
JaffaGAN900: Ta17:25
*** cityligh1s has joined #maemo17:27
cityligh1shi all , I need some programing help17:27
cityligh1sI plan to use dbus-script to trigger openvpn connection when connected via gprs or wifi17:27
cityligh1swho can I tell if I move from a gprs to a wifi connection and I am still connected - and dont need to stop openvpn?17:28
*** bleeter_ has joined #maemo17:29
*** sheepbat has joined #maemo17:29
*** richieeee72 has joined #maemo17:30
*** bleeter has quit IRC17:30
*** bleeter_ is now known as bleeter17:30
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo17:30
cityligh1sso I basicly want to make a note and leave openvpn running as long as one connection is up17:30
cityligh1sbut dbus last messge is that a connection went idle....17:31
*** tonikitoo has quit IRC17:32
MohammadAG_is the CPU physically near the camera?17:36
w00t_lcuk: hehe, me too :)17:38
cityligh1s MohammadAG_: hi , can you spare 5 min pls?17:41
cityligh1sI want to control openvpn from a bash script17:42
cityligh1sI am using dbus-script to call a bash script17:42
cityligh1swhen gprs is CONNECTED I spin openvpn with start17:42
lcukbah shortest trip ever - its raining17:42
lcukw00t_, you too what?17:43
cityligh1sbut , when I switch to wifi, first the script is called with - CONNECTED17:43
cityligh1sthen the script is called when gprs goes idle17:43
w00t_lcuk: stayed up rather late/early17:44
cityligh1sso, I want to keep opevpn runing , yet I got a idle call - which usually trigers openvpn stop17:44
MohammadAG_well atm I'm following, but I'm not sure if I can help with this17:44
cityligh1show can I keep a record and know what to do?17:44
lcukw00t_, not really extra late/early i just posted for once instead :) i read most nights17:44
*** kpel has joined #maemo17:45
*** Cazou has joined #maemo17:45
w00t_another nightowl, eh?17:45
cityligh1show can I make a note? echo "gprs whent idle">>/var/tmp/openvpn.status17:45
cityligh1sand how to edit it ?17:45
MohammadAG_cityligh1s, you're better off asking someone else, and I'm sure if anyone knew they'd answer :)17:46
cityligh1sMohammadAG_: I mean that if my script is , it makes a note that wifi is connected, then when gprs goes idle it will remeber that wifi is on and leave openvpn running17:46
MohammadAG_Personally, I don't know, :(17:46
cityligh1sI need some why to store status17:47
*** marcus has joined #maemo17:48
kpelcityligh1s: do you already know how to detect if gprs is idle?17:48
cityligh1skpel: dbus-scripts will call my script with gprs and idle17:49
cityligh1sthen I can create a file that will act as a flag17:49
cityligh1sotherwise I can read gconf - right?17:49
kpelcityligh1s: ok, then once you get the indication that gprs is idle can't you grep the output of ifconfig to see if wlan is on?17:49
cityligh1shmm - good idea17:50
kpeli'm not sure what exactly you want but you can grep the output of ifconfig either to check if wifi is on or if it is on and connected (i.e. an IP is assigned to the wlan interface)17:51
kpelif you have iwconfig installed you can even check the nme of the wlan you are connected to.17:51
cityligh1skpel: I want openvpn to run when there is an internet connection17:52
cityligh1sso after gprs is established - openvpn wil start17:52
cityligh1sotherwise if wifi is connected ->openvpn will start17:52
cityligh1sissue is when one of them goes idle. I first get a msg that the other is connected and then I get a msg that the other went odle17:53
cityligh1sso I need to keep track of them both17:53
kpeli wonder if there is already a way to call scripts/commands right after a network interface comes up. i think there is  setup script somewhere17:53
kpelok, you solved that problem then17:54
cityligh1snot yet17:54
cityligh1sI need to supply a script to fugure out the situation17:54
cityligh1sso as to stop openvpn only when no connection is present17:55
kpelwhat happens if you start gprs, start openvpn, and then for some reason(e.g. poor signal) the gprs connection is lost?17:55
cityligh1sI corrently act by the last msg I got17:55
kpeldo you shutdown openvpn, then scan for available wlan?17:55
*** teilzeitstudent has joined #maemo17:55
cityligh1sso when I get idle - I stop openvpn17:55
cityligh1sI dont know how to store info in a file17:56
cityligh1sI will just touch files then see if they exist , and remove them17:57
kpeli don't understand why an idle connection should be the same thing as a lost connection.17:57
cityligh1sI rather have all this info in one file17:57
cityligh1skpel - this is the sort of messgaes dbus supplies17:57
kpelcityligh1s: what device do you have? N900?17:58
*** javispedro has joined #maemo17:58
kpelis there anything in /etc/network ?17:59
lcukhello javispedro \o17:59
cityligh1skpel: yes , ovcoiurse18:00
*** eMHa has quit IRC18:00
kpelcityligh1s: i don't have an N900 but I think you can add your scripts in /etc/network if all you care about is the state of the interfaces (up or down)18:01
javispedrobtw, how to add screenshots to Fremantle apps in downloads? For some reason, Midgard tells me I don't have enough permission to neither add new products nor edit existing ones.18:01
* pupnik plays a fanfare for javispedro18:01
javispedromorning pupnik18:01
kpeli'm not sure i understand the reason dbus reports a connection as idle if it is actually gone18:02
*** KMFDM has joined #maemo18:02
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo18:04
noobmonk3yooooo good news is joikuspot works :D yay!18:04
noobmonk3y:D :D - and pretty good speeds to :D18:04
* noobmonk3y wonders how long his battery will last ;)18:05
kpeldoes it affect the battery of the phone too much?18:05
* javispedro thinks someone messed his midgard permissions18:05
kpelah, though the same18:05
noobmonk3ysaying that, the latest update seems alot better on the battery]18:05
noobmonk3yits only using 1% cpu18:05
noobmonk3ythink the first version sat around 4-%, so definite improvement18:06
kpelgood stuff18:06
*** psybermonkey has joined #maemo18:07
javispedroah well, somebody already posted the 800mhz omap3 kernel to the crazy overclockers thread18:09
* javispedro was counting down for that18:09
* noobmonk3y will brb18:10
*** smaug has joined #maemo18:11
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC18:13
JaffaKen-Young: Can you raise a high priority bug against the wiki for the picture thing?18:14
*** Without has joined #maemo18:15
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo18:15
*** czr_ has quit IRC18:15
pupnikjavispedro: got any news about OC tests on an actual N900?18:15
*** noobmonk3y has quit IRC18:16
javispedropupnik: you will be able to read them when all the crazy overclockers start frying theirs :)18:16
Ken-YoungJaffa Not right this moment, because I must dash off to change my work location, but I will later.18:16
JaffaKen-Young: Thanks. If you could ping me the bug number when you have, I'd appreciate it.18:16
*** marcels has joined #maemo18:16
pupnikwonder if we will see mobiles with upgradeable cpus18:17
javispedronaaa, at least not until they are +$120018:18
Ken-YoungJaffa, Will do.18:18
SpeedEvilthe n900 has an upgradable cpu18:19
SpeedEviladmittedly, not user replaceable.18:20
SpeedEvil(for most users)18:20
*** amstan has joined #maemo18:20
amstanhey guys, i appologise if this is offtopic, but does anyone here know which stores in the US carry the n900?18:21
*** florian has quit IRC18:21
sheepbatfry's used to carry it, but I don't know if any have supplies left18:21
*** GAN900 has quit IRC18:21
*** celesteh has joined #maemo18:22
lcukdo i have to keep battery-graph /  battery-eye open to do its logging, or do they have daemons?18:23
valdynSpeedEvil: in a socket?18:24
SpeedEvilwhich is why I said most users can't18:24
amstansheepbat: yeah.. i don't think there's any nearby here18:25
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo18:27
*** vasily_pupkin has quit IRC18:28
*** amstan has quit IRC18:31
*** JZA has joined #maemo18:33
noobmonk3yyup... joiku eats the battery lol18:33
*** alextreme has quit IRC18:33
noobmonk3y10% in about 20 mins ;)18:33
JZAhi i got issues wit my n90018:33
JZAit marks low memory18:33
noobmonk3yJZA, it needs to see a doctor ;)18:33
JZAand not sure how it got filled put18:34
noobmonk3ylow memory, or low rootfs space? :D18:34
*** ech0Asus has joined #maemo18:34
JZAwell itmarks low memory but i think thats what it really means18:34
ShadowJKlcuk, battery-eye has a daemon atleast18:35
JZAwhat i wonder is how it got filled so quickly18:35
ShadowJKlcuk, the values are kinda lazily updated by bme when screen is off though.. like once every 2-4 hours or something18:35
lcukyeah ShadowJK i just found out on the forums too thanks18:35
ShadowJKand never updated when charging18:35
JZAi hyavent installed much18:35
noobmonk3yjza - lots of things can cause it18:35
lcuktis ok :) just trying different things18:35
noobmonk3yhave you got extras devel and testing enabled?18:35
noobmonk3yjust disabling them saves 10mb + :D18:36
noobmonk3yonly enable them when needed :D18:36
noobmonk3yinstall python optify :D18:36
*** Terje has joined #maemo18:36
noobmonk3ybut theres other things you can do - all on the wiki page :D -
noobmonk3yRST38h, posting porn again?18:37
noobmonk3ylcuk, Hello btw!18:37
JZAok good advicel I'll try that18:37
lcukoh hai noobmonk3y18:37
noobmonk3yJZA,  More then welcome :D18:37
*** fyndvagen has quit IRC18:37
*** JZA has quit IRC18:37
noobmonk3ylcuk, on joiku in butlins, pretty impressed with it :D18:37
* lcuk o_O nice18:38
lcukwhy arent you chasing the red coats around18:38
noobmonk3ytis 3g, but getting 600k/b a sec, so more then happy18:38
noobmonk3ylol cos they aint here18:38
lcukyellow coats?18:38
noobmonk3ytook over18:38
lcukits butlins?18:38
noobmonk3yyeah, christian festival18:40
noobmonk3y20k of them18:40
noobmonk3yso lots of bibles18:40
javispedroJaffa: testing the rss -> forum feature?18:42
Jaffajavispedro: Yeah ;-)18:42
lcuknoobmonk3y, ahhh so they cleared out and you are just using the site18:43
*** Flyser has joined #maemo18:43
noobmonk3yyup, still got some entertainment...... so will be swimming later :D - and the bowlong alley etc still open....18:44
noobmonk3yrest of the time is pyqt and photography, with a bit of kiting18:44
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC18:44
JaffaYay, it worked :-)18:45
*** alextreme has joined #maemo18:47
javispedroJaffa: yeah. the use of "big brother"-like fictional usernames backs me off a bit though18:47
lcuknoobmonk3y, which butlins are you at then18:48
javispedroJaffa: (reminds me of bmo's "qa" user)18:48
*** Noobmonk3y_ has joined #maemo18:50
*** noobmonk3y has quit IRC18:50
Noobmonk3y_first joiku reboot.......18:50
Noobmonk3y_actually first forced n900 reboot :(18:51
Noobmonk3y_had to remove the battery to kick it back in too....18:51
lcukNoobmonk3y_, what are oyu using joiku for? 3g net tethering?18:51
Noobmonk3y_yeah :)18:51
* lcuk just plugs n900 into usb and runs from that, it charges and tethers at same time18:51
Noobmonk3y_need to remembe to add bootreason to the healthcheck18:52
*** MrGoose has quit IRC18:52
Noobmonk3y_not figure out how to do that18:52
lcukits just an option in ubuntu18:52
*** thomaz has joined #maemo18:52
Noobmonk3y_will try it later.18:52
lcukon the network list when i connect in pc suite mode i tihnk18:52
lcukit just comes up and offers o2 prepaid18:52
Noobmonk3y_cool. will reinstall nokia suite then18:53
lcuki never put pcsuite on18:53
lcukthats just on the n900 when i pluginusb18:53
Ken-YoungJaffa, The bug is 983318:53
lcukbug 983318:54
povbotBug maemo wiki does not allow image files to be replaced18:54
* lcuk wishes that worked on all irc channels18:54
lcukbut i suppose a plugin on xchat would do that18:54
*** Terje has quit IRC18:55
*** t_s_o has quit IRC18:55
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo18:57
*** eMHa has joined #maemo18:59
RST38hShit, how do I disable apple spam on Gizmodo?19:00
RST38h(in the rss feed that is)19:00
javispedroyou hire a hitman and tell them not to post more apple ... news?19:00
*** teilzeitstudent has quit IRC19:01
RST38hjavispedro: Is there a cleaner way, one that does not involve dirtying oneself with their bodily fluids?19:01
pupnik"apple's new iCon!"19:01
*** amstan has joined #maemo19:02
* javispedro takes a quick look at gizmodo only to find the proportion of apple-non apple news to be "average" 19:02
*** marcels has quit IRC19:03
*** marcus has quit IRC19:03
*** amstan has left #maemo19:03
javispedro(aka 95% ;) )19:03
*** hcarrega has quit IRC19:03
RST38hthese people are seriously sick19:03
*** ech0Asus has quit IRC19:04
*** MrGoose has quit IRC19:04
*** FlavioFerreiraBR has joined #maemo19:04
RST38h*or* it is a cargo cult19:04
*** psybermonkey has quit IRC19:04
cityligh1ssorry to ask : was pr1.2 releed?19:05
javispedroRST38h: a suggestion: do not argue with Arch people ;)19:05
RST38ham I arguing? =)19:06
* RST38h winks19:06
Ken-Youngcityligh1s, I don't think so.19:06
*** FlavioFerreiraBR has quit IRC19:06
*** Vanadis has quit IRC19:06
cityligh1sRST38h : say I wanted to store the connection status for gprs and wifi in a bash script19:06
cityligh1sshould I write it to a file and update that file?19:06
cityligh1sor is there a better way?19:07
*** chittoor has joined #maemo19:07
cityligh1sI am gettign the status on dbus events19:07
RST38hso what is wrong with writing it to a file?19:08
*** chittoor has quit IRC19:08
*** cardinal has joined #maemo19:08
cityligh1sRST38h: I am using dbus-scripts to catch dbus connection events, and using it to trigger openvpn stat/stop19:09
*** cardinal is now known as hcarrega19:09
cityligh1swhen I get gprs went idle it may mean that I switched to wifi, so I need to keep openvpn alive and not stop it19:09
cityligh1syet sometimes gprs is done and no wifi is avail19:10
cityligh1sthen I need to stop openvpn19:10
*** ceyusa has joined #maemo19:11
* javispedro must be dreaming. "why my next smartphone will be an android" in planet maemo19:12
* SpeedEvil wants an android running maemo.19:13
* ptl_demands_PR12 has read that and Nokia has been really dropping the ball.19:13 content isn't decided by nokia..19:14
*** z4chh has joined #maemo19:15
*** geaaru has quit IRC19:16
ptl_demands_PR12PR1.2 content is :)19:17
ShadowJKThe content is decided since february or something, and then they have to make it actually work :D19:18
RST38hShadowJK: They have got More Important Things than making it work, remember that!19:18
ShadowJKlike what19:19
SpeedEvilcoke and hookers.19:19
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo19:23
lcukyeah, hookers make you thirsty19:24
* lcuk eats chocolate19:24
SpeedEviljust be cateful. someone might slip you a bad one.19:24
SpeedEvilwith corn syrup sweetner.19:24
RST38hBe catful, lcuk19:25
lcukyeah, i once asked for a coke and was given a pepsi instead19:25
lcuki had such a bad night19:25
RST38has in, full of cats, I guess19:25
javispedrocatful. I like it.19:25
RST38h...let that picture haunt you in your bad dreams...19:25
lcuk:D our cats brought us a gift this morning :D19:25
lcukone of them had actually managed to catch a mouse19:25
cityligh1sdoes anyone know if hrw is emplied by Nokia?19:26
lcuki think however hte mouse gave up and sat infront of cat19:26
lcukthey are normally too lazy19:26
javispedrodid I show you that nice piece of Haiku someone posted to tmo?19:26
javispedroThe Comparable is that the video running on 16 bit Windows, you become like the image appears in the photo gallery of the N900.19:26
javispedroit's missing the carrier returns, feel free to put them where you see fit.19:27
*** GAN900 has joined #maemo19:27
javispedropure poetry.19:28
*** woodong50 has joined #maemo19:29
lcukjavispedro, link!19:31
javispedro ;)19:31
JaffaKen-Young: Thanks19:33
* RST38h attempts to become like the image of Christ, fails to attain bidimensionality19:35
*** fyndvagen has joined #maemo19:35
* SpeedEvil lends RST38h 4 nails.19:35
javispedroat least you managed to gain the required color bit depth?19:35
RST38hShouldn't require much, should it?19:36
javispedro(or to use 16-bit Windows like 3.11. It was never clear what the intention was to me.)19:36
* javispedro has an stupid idea19:37
RST38hIf Bochs is involved, don't.19:37
MohammadAG_suppose I update the source of package, would it conflict with the original uploader if I uploaded it? or would the maintainer just change19:38
lcukjavispedro, playing video usually happens in yuv mode which has full 24bit gamut19:39
pupnikgonna name my dog gamut19:39
javispedrolcuk: exactly. xv goes straight to the omapc and thus can set even a 32bpp depth (that is, with an alpha channel)19:39
javispedrolcuk: thus my last question of a "test image" I can use to verify 16bpp vs 18bpp.19:39
javispedrocause clearly, it's not 24bpp (I can test that)19:40
lcukbut there is no alhpa overlay - i believe its just 24b19:40
*** MrGoose has quit IRC19:40
javispedrolcuk: the omap dispc can be set up to do alpha blending19:40
javispedroon multiple "video windows"19:40
RST38hMohammadAG: To promote, the original maintainer has to press the button OR you should be added as maintainer19:40
lcukwhich video mode/data format is yuva ?19:40
*** jophish has joined #maemo19:40
RST38hthen either of you can promote19:40
lcukand is the alpha channel at full or half resolution?19:41
javispedrolcuk: dunno ;) I only saw rgba19:41
lcukyes rgba is different19:41
*** EspadaV8_L has quit IRC19:41
RST38hjavispedro: it is a 16bpp panel19:41
lcuk32bit per pixel chunky format is nice19:41
javispedroRST38h: it might actually be 18bpp -- I have at this moment no way to deny or approve that.19:42
RST38hlcuk: Not really, when you need to move 30 screenfuls a second19:42
RST38hjavispedro: Find the panel part number and check the net? =)19:42
javispedroRST38h: have the docs?19:42
*** fyndvagen has quit IRC19:42
RST38hjavispedro: just specs should be sufficient19:42
lcukRST38h, from a technical perspective the alignment and everything is a nice pure format19:42
lcuki totally understand the limitations from bandwidth19:42
RST38hlcuk: Yea, but it is unnecessarily huge :)19:42
* RST38h curses Nokia for moving to 32bpp for the latest Symbian phones19:43
lcukthis battle was run on desktops years ago19:43
lcukvoodoo stuck with 16bit whilst nvidia went full 32bit19:43
* RST38h never had neither voodoo nor nvidia...19:43
RST38hMissed the war =)19:43
* lcuk runs all desktops in 16bit mode still19:43
*** fyndvagen has joined #maemo19:44
RST38hyea, the LCD does not show more, on this laptop19:44
javispedroRST38h: the model no is acx565akm according to lma19:44
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo19:44
javispedroall I cound find is that it is from the "low power" sony series, thus chances of it being higher than 16 are dim (i wouldn't be surprised if it's even lower)19:44
RST38hah, javis, but the answer is in the model number!19:45
RST38h5:6:5 :)))19:45
javispedroI though that, but seems it's just coincidence19:45
RST38hdoubt it19:45
javispedrothere's acx500akm model19:45
lcukso how come sending over a greyscale gradient looks better in yuv than rgb :p19:46
*** udovdh has quit IRC19:46
javispedroI guess it depends on who does the dithering19:46
lcukwell i can send over full 8bit values from 0 to 25519:46
*** RealPowa1 has quit IRC19:46
lcukno dithering19:46
lcukclosest on 565 is 32grey19:46
*** udovdh has joined #maemo19:47
lcuki suppose i should try it agai nand attempt to count the bands19:47
lcukto get tru visible depth19:48
*** MohammadAG_ has quit IRC19:48
*** gomiam has joined #maemo19:48
* VDVsx hits lcuk with a b&w Tv :P19:48
lcukthen ill start adding color to the UV channels19:48
lcuki needed high res simple grey plane when i got 81019:49
lcuki thought it would be the fastest mode for rendering what i wanted19:49
lcuki would have actually been happy with a true single bitplane b&w19:49
*** udovdh has quit IRC19:50
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC19:50
*** SpeedEvil has quit IRC19:50
pupnikwho here has tried meego19:51
*** udovdh has joined #maemo19:52
VDVsx*strange silence* :D19:52
lcukwell theres not a whole lot to try just yet?19:52
*** fyndvagen has quit IRC19:53
javispedroacx704akm model for example has "only" 4096 colors according to datasheet19:53
VDVsxthere's a shell, if emacs is available, you got a entire OS :D19:53
*** MohammadAG has joined #maemo19:53
lcukVDVsx, its not got touchable apis yet19:54
VDVsxah true, but the n900 has a kb :D19:54
lcuki thought you needed escape key for emacs and vi and stuff19:54
VDVsxlcuk, touch emacs needs mutitouch for sure19:54
VDVsxyes you need :)19:55
VDVsxyou need a third hand for some emacs commands :D19:55
lcukthe dreaming void book has a third hand19:55
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo19:56
lcuktelekinetic abilities described in a novel way :)19:56
lcukjavispedro, ill try and grab photos of greyscale color outputs and see if i can find actual depth19:57
javispedroit's a bit hard19:58
javispedroto guess optically19:58
javispedroi was thinking19:58
lcukits feasible with a little app i think19:58
lcukmake one which shows gradient19:58
lcukwith a slider to "skip" values19:58
javispedrowhat if I just fill a rectangle outside of the most common rgb565 palette but inside the most common 18bpp palette.19:58
lcukso you can increment in 1,2,3,4 etc19:58
javispedro*rectangle colored with a color19:59
lcuksee which has minimal visual difference19:59
lcuki actually think Noobmonk3y_ could make such an app nicely :P19:59
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo19:59
lcukat least for rgb transfer19:59
javispedroyou can't do the app the normal way19:59
* Noobmonk3y_ wasnt listening?!20:00
*** lpotter has joined #maemo20:00
lcukjavispedro, ?20:00
javispedrobecause the Xorg output is 16bpp, and that's fact.20:00
lcukwhy not20:00
lcukyeah - yuv isnt tho20:00
javispedrothe only thing that bypasses Xorg is Xv20:00
*** raninho has quit IRC20:00
javispedro(that, and creating a new fb, setting up the lcd controller, etc.)20:00
* Noobmonk3y_ gets back to the butlins arcade20:01
javispedro(which is what xv does :) )20:01
*** ReadyKilowatt has quit IRC20:01
lcukdoesnt drnok?20:01
lcukhow about any of yours RST38h - are all your apps limited to 16b?20:02
javispedronope. drnok current versions either go to the sgx (16bpp) or go through xshm (16bpp)20:02
lcukok lemme see if i can hack something together and put this to bed once and for all20:02
* lcuk cant get at the other thing he was trying to look at this weekend20:02
*** nicu has joined #maemo20:03
javispedroi'm sure the tmo people will thank you accordingly :)20:03
lcukim sure they would be thankful for the other thing too :)20:04
*** Cazou has quit IRC20:07
* Noobmonk3y_ blinks20:08
lcuki thought i glued your eyes shut20:08
* lcuk searches for his slidebar control20:08
Noobmonk3y_i blinked through my nose..... a complicated procedure20:09
lcukand messy20:09
*** b-man|laptop has quit IRC20:11
Noobmonk3y_tmo down or just me?20:11
*** b-man|laptop has joined #maemo20:12
*** Noobmonk3y_ has quit IRC20:14
*** celesteh has quit IRC20:14
MohammadAGdamn he quit20:15
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo20:15
*** SpeedEvil has joined #maemo20:15
noobmonk3ylol ;)20:16
MohammadAGnah I'm serious20:16
noobmonk3ytwas just me i think20:16
MohammadAGit works lol20:16
MohammadAG"It's just you. is up. "20:16
noobmonk3ywas on the n900 - lappy is working fine20:17
MohammadAGdid anyone try overclocking the N900?20:17
*** celesteh has joined #maemo20:17
MohammadAGcan't seem to find any problems with it, running stable @ 80020:17
*** sin18 has joined #maemo20:17
noobmonk3ynice :D20:17
noobmonk3ybattery lasting 10 minutes?20:18
MohammadAGnah it's actually pretty good20:18
*** kalikianatoli has quit IRC20:19
*** avs has joined #maemo20:19
MohammadAGnoobmonk3y, just found out the Apps tab in Healthcheck20:19
noobmonk3ytis very slow20:19
noobmonk3ybut a work in progress20:20
noobmonk3yneed to work on a loading banner or something similar20:20
noobmonk3ydo you prefer the buttonless screens?20:20
noobmonk3ywell buttonless sys/comms/app screens20:20
MohammadAGnoobmonk3y, I was kind of confused20:22
MohammadAGit took me 5 secs to see the blue arrow20:22
noobmonk3ycos i had only just learnt how to add them20:22
noobmonk3yneed to tidy that bit up though :D20:22
MohammadAGget rid of the / lol20:23
noobmonk3yif i knew how ;)20:24
noobmonk3ytook me 10 hours to figure that oone out ;)20:24
*** King has joined #maemo20:24
noobmonk3ywant to add a few separators really20:25
noobmonk3ybut overall i personally prefer the cleaner screens20:25
*** SafPlusPlus has quit IRC20:25
*** King has quit IRC20:26
lcukwe should see what gsoc initiatives are suggested for optimizing python20:26
lcukand qt too20:26
*** SafPlusPlus has joined #maemo20:26
lcukbut thats ongoing20:26
noobmonk3yooo yay :D20:26
lcukyeah - python has a lot of potential benefits - as seen by the many apps using it20:27
lcukbut it has real drag cos of speed20:27
*** DrGrov has joined #maemo20:27
*** DocScrutinizer-8 has joined #maemo20:27
*** ReadyKilowatt has joined #maemo20:27
noobmonk3yhmmm... not so sure its python slowing mine down20:27
noobmonk3ymore just me20:27
lcukyeah you arent helping :p20:28
noobmonk3yi keep tweaking code and speeding it up ;)20:28
lcukbut python has been slow forever20:28
RST38hlcuk: I still do not have python installed20:28
noobmonk3ybut first things first is to get it working ;)20:28
RST38hlcuk: After seeing what it does to the mount table, removed the goddamn monster20:28
lcukRST38h, religious reasons?20:28
MohammadAG<noobmonk3y> if i knew how ;)20:28
lcukmmm RST38h ?20:28
RST38hlcuk: No, but I would guess, aesthetic20:28
MohammadAGlol just the remove it from the text20:28
noobmonk3yMohammadAG,  ;)20:28
lcukwheres the mount stuff20:28
MohammadAGUpdate / All20:28
MohammadAG      ^20:28
*** Ken-Young has quit IRC20:28
RST38hlcuk: df20:28
noobmonk3ynot that easy MohammadAG20:28
RST38hlcuk: Do a df in xterm20:29
* lcuk chooses a device to df20:29
noobmonk3yits under a title menu Update20:29
lcuki know20:29
noobmonk3ysub menus are all etc20:29
* MohammadAG downloads the source20:29
noobmonk3ycan paste bin it if you want20:29
MohammadAGnoobmonk3y, oh20:29
MohammadAGnah no need lol20:29
MohammadAGI got you20:29
lcukRST38h, thats a lot20:30
noobmonk3ytoo late20:30
RST38hlcuk: I wonder why the hell it has to be this ugly20:30
noobmonk3yRST38h, python optify is better though?20:30
RST38hlcuk: Surely there should be some other way?20:30
*** filip42 has joined #maemo20:31
*** DocScrutinizer-8 is now known as DocScrut-borked20:31
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo20:31
*** celesteh has quit IRC20:31
*** blub is now known as blubbi20:33
*** Abhinav1 has joined #maemo20:34
javispedroclearly, a python to C compiler and ship all python apps as C binaries :P20:35
noobmonk3ycould autobuilder do it for us lazy folks?20:36
*** Abhinav1 has joined #maemo20:37
ShadowJKRST38h, yes, having the base system's PATH and properly setup so that you could use ./configure --prefix=/opt/maemo20:39
ShadowJKand /opt/maemo renamed/moved to /usr/local/20:39
*** nicu has quit IRC20:40
*** MrGoose has quit IRC20:40
*** hannesw_ has joined #maemo20:40
javispedroAFAIK that wouldn't help python20:41
*** brody has joined #maemo20:41
* noobmonk3y is praying for joiku not to randomly reboot again, 5 people using it now lol20:41
ShadowJKI had python working from $HOME/python on my desktop...20:41
ShadowJKso dunno why it wouldn't work20:41
*** ptl_demands_PR12 has quit IRC20:44
javispedrosame reason why installing it to /opt/python didn't work20:44
javispedro(which I don't know)20:45
RST38hShadowJK: And short of that?20:45
RST38hShadowJK: Python really cannot be configured to take modules from an arbitrary path?20:45
*** MohammadAG_ has joined #maemo20:47
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo20:48
javispedrothis explains the python issue: g it to /opt/python didn't work20:48
javispedro<javispedro> (which I don't know)20:48
javispedro<RST38h> ShadowJK: And short of that?20:48
*** tchan has quit IRC20:48
*** PhonicUK2 has joined #maemo20:48
*** PhonicUK has quit IRC20:48
*** PhonicUK has joined #maemo20:48
pupnikooh new name for microsoft users?  "winfidel"20:49
*** gomiam has quit IRC20:49
*** lpotter_ has joined #maemo20:51
*** lpotter has quit IRC20:51
RST38hjavispedro: So, why don't these wonderful people explicitely set PYTHONPATH?20:52
*** mece has joined #maemo20:53
*** Do-m-pie has joined #maemo20:53
MohammadAG_noobmonk3y, just noticed something, why are you using a different icon for app manager and the menu icon20:53
javispedroRST38h: dunno. I would have just moved everything (interpreter and apps) to /opt20:53
noobmonk3yBecause app builder hates me20:53
noobmonk3yits a bug in py2packager20:54
lcukRST38h, not for python, but trying other things to clea out rootfs space20:54
noobmonk3yi'm not cleverererer enough to fix it yet ;)20:54
javispedromaybe changing maemo-optify to handle a special "python" module to ensure that no .py file ends up in / instead of /opt20:54
javispedrothus bypassing the issue.20:54
javispedrothen again I do not do python either :P20:54
*** lpotter has joined #maemo20:54
*** blubbi is now known as blub20:55
*** lpotter_ has quit IRC20:55
javispedroRST38h: of course, you have to consider that the bind solution, other than cluttering your df output and consuming kernel memory, uses the least amount of symlinks20:56
noobmonk3ylmfao teaches me to let my mate use my joiku internet - 58mb in 5 minutes.....20:56
noobmonk3yporn porn porn...........20:56
*** ptl_demands_PR12 has joined #maemo20:56
*** Dompie has quit IRC20:56
RST38hjavispedro: if moving the whole python to /opt helps, then why the hell not???20:57
javispedrodunno. ask the guy :)20:57
RST38hBTW who is the guy>20:58
meceyay easter! Life of Brian is on tv!20:58
*** marcusmoller has joined #maemo20:58
javispedrolizardo I guess.20:58
marcusmollerwhat msn do you guys recommend?20:58
noobmonk3ymsn msn?20:59
RST38hyellow one20:59
RST38hgreen one is kinda bitter20:59
noobmonk3ybetter then potato msn... it's a bit plain......20:59
meceOur reptilian friend is the guy who administrates pymaemo?20:59
marcusmollerwhat about pink?20:59
mecemarcusmoller, seriously though, Pecan.20:59
noobmonk3ypink is a bit to erm........ pink20:59
RST38hpink is soooooooooogay20:59
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo20:59
mecenoobmonk3y, pink ftfw!20:59
marcusmollermece: and that is for n900?20:59
* noobmonk3y groans21:00
mecemarcusmoller, yep. sorry Where did you want it?21:00
*** tephe has joined #maemo21:00
noobmonk3ylol x-chat is telling me i have 1.8secs of lag........meh - it's that darn porn again21:01
*** ptl_demands_PR12 has quit IRC21:01
lcuknoobmonk3y, stop uploading it for a while then21:01
noobmonk3y;) - stop watching it then... christian porn is just not the same lol21:01
marcusmollermece: for n900 aye :p but why arent you using pidgin etc21:01
*** tchan has joined #maemo21:01
lcukwhy not, vibrating crosses are all the rage21:01
noobmonk3ylcuk,  - do you only wake up when the words porn or eyelids are mentioned? you scare me!21:02
lcuki justgot back from tea21:02
lcukand now im goin back with tracy, i have been super computer fixer dude21:02
noobmonk3ytalking of which time for tea :D21:02
lcukher laptop no longer goes BEEP BEEP every 3 seconds21:02
lcukcos i fixed the psu21:02
pupniknice job. what was borked21:03
noobmonk3yit now goes Beep...........beepbeepbeep.......BEEP...........21:03
RST38hlcuk: you are 2 hours late with your tea!21:03
noobmonk3y2 hours late?!21:03
lcukno, i made the loose connection tight again :)21:03
mecemarcusmoller, why would I run a separate application when I can have msn intergrated into the system?21:03
lcukand ordered her a new battery to restore her uptime21:03
mecemarcusmoller, or did you mean the haze plugin?21:03
*** Abhinav1_ has joined #maemo21:03
*** ptl_demands_PR12 has joined #maemo21:04
marcusmollermece: uhm i cant find it :p where do you install it?21:04
lcukRST38h, 18:30 is a reasonable time for lasagna21:04
meceoh.. its in some of the dangerous repos-21:04
marcusmollertried looking for an integrated one, but no success21:04
mecemarcusmoller, right hold up.21:04
marcusmollersure thing21:05
*** Andy80 has quit IRC21:05
*** Abhinav1 has quit IRC21:05
*** trumee_ has joined #maemo21:05
*** Abhinav1_ is now known as Abhinav121:05
*** ptl_demands_PR12 is now known as ptl21:05
ptlRumors of the successor of the  Nokia N900 are already here, it is some pictures of what is believed to be the Nokia N9 or N920, the first Nokia with MeeGo.21:05
ptlApparently, this new “monster” would, among other things, 64 GB of internal memory, 3.7-inch capacitive screen and QWERTY keyboard. The N900 was RM-51, this would be the RM-99, will it be able to overcome the N900?.21:05
*** slaxium has joined #maemo21:06
trumee_guys, anybody uses a upnp server with N900?21:06
lcuko_O 79% in favour of "furums" over "fora"
MohammadAG_ptl, i'm more interested in cpu/ram specs :)21:06
trumee_oops wrong channel!21:06
trumee_right channel. mybad21:07
mecemarcusmoller, It's in testing21:07
MohammadAG_noobmonk3y, how do I edit the description part of the deb?21:07
trumee_i tried mediatomb but that didnt work well with N90021:07
MohammadAG_p.description shows a short description21:07
marcusmollerhow can it be integrated when its in testing? :p extras-devel?21:07
trumee_video froze and only auio came through21:07
*** Terje has joined #maemo21:08
trumee_anybody tried knots?21:08
mecemarcusmoller, well, you need to enable the repository and install the program, that's how.21:09
mece or more specifically
*** ptl has quit IRC21:10
*** Noobmonk3y_ has joined #maemo21:11
*** noobmonk3y has quit IRC21:11
trumee_nidO: yup21:11
nidOthats a bug with the n900, not the fault of the upnp server21:11
*** Noobmonk3y_ has quit IRC21:11
*** sin18 has quit IRC21:11
trumee_nidO: oooh!21:11
nidOall avi streaming is broke atm, the n900 will just play the first video frame and stall, then only play the audio21:11
trumee_nidO: is there any other client i can use?21:11
RST38hwill this be fixed in 1.2?21:11
nidOyeah the bug's marked as fixed since january sometime, so should be in 1.2 hopefully21:12
trumee_nidO, RST38h:there is a changelog of 1.2 somewhere21:12
RST38h3 months from fixing to delivery?21:12
* RST38h cackles21:13
*** jpe has quit IRC21:13
*** joga has quit IRC21:13
*** joga has joined #maemo21:13
* javispedro reminds the 24 months from fixing to delivery bugs I'm sure someone will have in mind21:13
RST38hnot to mention fixed-in-fremantle...21:13
RST38hbut I guess it is ancient history now21:13
javispedroa "changelog" that comes from w.m.o, and was generated automatically from bugzilla21:14
trumee_nidO: any idea of the bug number for that?21:15
hrw|gone~seen cityligh1s21:15
infobotcityligh1s is currently on #maemo (3h 48m 22s) #gllug (3h 48m 22s). Has said a total of 56 messages. Is idling for 1h 49m 27s, last said: 'does anyone know if hrw is emplied by Nokia?'.21:15
*** Abhinav1_ has joined #maemo21:15
hrw|gonecityligh1s: why such question? (18:26 < cityligh1s> does anyone know if hrw is emplied by Nokia?)21:16
*** Abhinav1_ has quit IRC21:16
javispedroclearly, he's Eldar and is inquiring for his "report" about the N92021:16
povbotBug 8043: AVI Streaming  broken. Local playback works fine.21:16
nidOthat one relates specifically to streaming over the web, but there're a few similar/related ones purely for upnp21:17
*** FIQ has quit IRC21:17
nidOwhich is the same fault21:17
*** Abhinav1 has quit IRC21:17
*** Guest83054 has quit IRC21:17
hrw|gonepupnik: I was suprised too21:17
trumee_nidO: thanks21:18
trumee_guys, when is the Nokia World conference next?21:18
pupnikHand Riting Wreckognition?21:19
*** ptl_demands_PR12 has joined #maemo21:19
trumee_nidO: is there any exisiting client which can play upnp avi files? i tried Mediabox as well, had the same problem21:20
*** rsalveti_ has joined #maemo21:20
*** FIQ has joined #maemo21:21
pupnikdo you want seeking trumee_ ?21:21
*** FIQ is now known as Guest3573021:22
PhonicUKim a little confused about the N900 SDK21:22
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo21:22
pupnikknots2 serves up media with seeking21:22
PhonicUKif ive got to be inside scratchbox to use the appropriate compiler, how can i tell my IDE to use it?21:22
VDVsxtrumee, london, around September21:22
*** FredrIQ is now known as Guest9670721:22
valdynPhonicUK: the command to enter a scratchbox shell supports running any program instead of that shell21:23
PhonicUKah ok21:23
LiraNunawow, nano/N900 just crashed21:23
marcusmollerpossible to delete all contacts from a group?21:23
PhonicUKso i'd set GCC to be "scratchbox gcc" etc etc?21:23
*** rsalveti has quit IRC21:23
valdynPhonicUK: i dont remember exactly, itll be something like that yes21:23
javispedroPhonicUK: with absolute "inside" sbox paths, which might hurt.21:24
PhonicUKah ok21:24
valdynPhonicUK: thats not a scratchbox thing btw, thats a mechanism used in linux/unix forever21:25
LiraNunaany idea what that means?21:25
valdynLiraNuna: i think you didnt read the README21:26
LiraNunaI did, and this used to work21:26
*** dubzii has joined #maemo21:27
*** Guest35730 has quit IRC21:28
valdynLiraNuna: vm.vdso_enabled = 0 ?21:28
LiraNunaI already set it21:29
valdynLiraNuna: ok21:29
LiraNunaI said, it used to work21:29
*** Guest96707 has quit IRC21:29
*** Noobmonk3y has joined #maemo21:30
marcusmolleri have an unused n900 contact group called (null). can i delete that?21:30
PhonicUKarg so my sourcecode has to visible from within scratchbox :\21:30
valdynPhonicUK: thats not hard21:30
PhonicUKi tried symlinking the maemo user home directory to my normal one xD21:30
valdynPhonicUK: you cant use symlinks21:30
RST38h7060 Sometimes photos are very green <=== fixed!21:30
LiraNunaPhonicUK, you can compile compile GCC targeting maemo21:31
PhonicUKi found htat out21:31
valdynPhonicUK: you can use mount --bind21:31
javispedroLiraNuna: I have something you might want to test:
javispedroLiraNuna: put it in /scratchbox/host_shared/lib21:31
Noobmonk3ytwasnt porn lcuk ... they were watching dr.who via iplayer......21:31
javispedroLiraNuna: keep the existing file there in case you want to restore it21:31
Noobmonk3yimpressed as they are 2 chalet's awy!21:31
*** cityligh1s has quit IRC21:31
LiraNunajavispedro, libc?21:31
valdynPhonicUK: hardlinks would work too, but those work at all only if you dont cross fs boundaries21:32
javispedroLiraNuna: this is the libc I use with randomized vdso enabled ( )21:32
LiraNuna"randomized vdso enabled"?21:32
PhonicUKit also doesn't like spaces in directory names too much using codeblocks :s21:32
LiraNunajavispedro, giving it a spin21:32
javispedroLiraNuna: you probably updated your kernel or sth like that21:33
LiraNunayes, I did21:33
LiraNunado I need to re-disable vdso_enabled?21:33
*** sin18 has joined #maemo21:33
valdynLiraNuna: if you edited sysctl.conf once, thats enough21:33
PhonicUKFatal error: can't create obj/Debug/main.o: No such file or directory21:33
LiraNunajavispedro, the patched libc deosn't seem to work21:33
pupnik*nice* find javispedro21:34
LiraNunavaldyn, I did, actually21:34
*** marcusmoller has quit IRC21:34
*** FatalSaint has quit IRC21:34
LiraNunajavispedro, it doesn't seem to work,
LiraNunacan you check your libc's md5?21:36
javispedroyeah, matches21:36
* javispedro tries to find where that string is21:37
PhonicUKi hate scratchbox xD21:37
LiraNunaPhonicUK, I compiled GCC 4.4.3 targeting maemo521:37
*** vanadismobile has joined #maemo21:37
javispedrosorry LiraNunca, it's not in libc but (stupid me) will upload21:37
LiraNunaworks great, and I don't need scratchbox to compile21:37
*** FIQ has joined #maemo21:37
LiraNunajavispedro, no problem, we are all humans21:38
LiraNunaPhonicUK, the only thing is testing...21:38
PhonicUKERROR: Scratchbox is not properly set up!21:38
PhonicUKi dunno how ive managed that xD21:39
LiraNunaPhonicUK, would you like me to guide you on how to compile GCC for maemo5?21:39
*** adalal has joined #maemo21:39
PhonicUKwhy would i need to compile gcc for maemo?21:39
LiraNunatargeting maemo, not running on maemo21:39
LiraNunaso you can have arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc as a compiler for maemo521:39
PhonicUK1 tick, my scrachbox is messed up21:39
javispedroLiraNuna:  ( /scratchbox/host_shared/lib/
PhonicUKand the install script is fubar'd21:40
*** Terje has quit IRC21:40
LiraNunaoh you're writing in python21:40
PhonicUKno im not21:41
pupnikLiraNuna: maybe a quick wiki would help more folks21:41
PhonicUKim trying to run maemo-sdk-install-wizard_5.0.py21:41
LiraNunapupnik, is it encouraged by maemo though?21:41
PhonicUKso i can sort out a build environment for use with code::blocks21:41
LiraNunapupnik, GCC version in scratchbox is 4.1.2 :/21:41
pupnikwhat do you mean "encouraged"? sounds fun and newer gcc would rock21:42
LiraNunaand it has MANY bugs with NEON and cortex-a8 as a target in general21:42
pupnikalso see MADDE21:42
LiraNunapupnik, when I compiled GCC 4.4.1 for maemo4 I got yelled at "you're doing it wrong"21:42
LiraNunajavispedro, horray21:42
LiraNunajavispedro, that seems to do it21:43
javispedroLiraNuna: nice to hear.21:43
PhonicUKid prefer to do it the way i normally do ARM cross compiling, just with the compiler installed as normal and a copy of the ARM libs somewhere...21:44
LiraNunaPhonicUK, I can help you do that21:44
javispedrothe issue is that crosscompiling works fine for simpler packages21:44
javispedrobut tends to break nastly for bigger ones21:44
PhonicUKi only want to make something (fairly) small21:44
PhonicUK1 sec im gna go get the codesourcery compiler21:45
LiraNunajavispedro, you can ignore autotools and write your own makefile21:45
pupnik 5513  1511 user     S     3120  1.2  0.2 irssi21:45
javispedroLiraNuna: it's not autotools the real culprit here, but usually carelessness by upstream21:45
PhonicUKhmm or not21:45
LiraNunaadd set CROSS to arm-linux-gnueabi- and you're set!21:46
infobotLiraNuna meant:  set CROSS to arm-linux-gnueabi- and you're set!21:46
javispedroLiraNuna: again, that works for simple enough packages. things would start to break when, for example, you need CCHOST21:46
PhonicUKi hate python, why does every script im given break every other python version :\21:47
LiraNunajavispedro, I know, but I found it works great for personal projects21:48
LiraNunaI understand that for batch compiles, there's no alternative to chroot21:48
*** FatalSaint has joined #maemo21:50
LiraNunaPhonicUK, if you're familiar with cross compiling and don't have collision with another arm-linux-gnueabi target on your host, you can build a cross compiler21:50
LiraNunawould you like help?21:51
javispedroah, note also that there might be some weirdo interactions between the different libgcc versions21:51
PhonicUKyeah in a mo, gotta rebuild my virtual machine21:51
javispedrobut most of the time that is not a serious problem.21:51
LiraNunajavispedro, I took care of that21:51
LiraNunaas well as libc and libstdc++21:51
pupnikever see a nice speedbump on dosbox with newer gcc?21:52
LiraNunaI didn't try to compile dosbox21:52
LiraNunabut I can21:52
*** hardaker has quit IRC21:52
LiraNunalet me get the source21:53
javispedropupnik: iirc dosbox binary is still compiled with -Os. Did you play with CFLAGS?21:53
LiraNunawow -Os!?21:53
pupnikfor days21:53
javispedroLiraNuna: -Os was fastest on N810, at least.21:53
javispedro(this was cs2005 toolchain)21:53
pupniki didnt have a good benchmark setup21:53
LiraNunabinary loading issues?21:53
LiraNunajavispedro, N810's toolchain was GCC 3.x21:54
pupnikwas hoping maybe doom timedemo21:54
*** Noobmonk3y has quit IRC21:54
LiraNunalet me get latest dosbox21:54
pupnikalso 3.x broke with -fprofile-generate on dosbox21:54
*** vanadismobile has quit IRC21:55
javispedroon cs2007 profile-generate and use seem to work21:55
LiraNunayeah but NEON is broken21:55
LiraNunaas well as -mcpu=cortex-a8 -O221:55
javispedroin what sense?21:55
LiraNunagenerates an ICE21:55
javispedrowell that's the default21:56
LiraNunajavispedro, try to compile
ptl_demands_PR12besides #maemo and #maemo-devel, which other maemo channels are available?21:56
javispedroLiraNuna: I think I saw this previously, did you upgrade to the latest SDK?21:56
LiraNunajavispedro, I am using it21:56
LiraNunaI gave up and compiled my own GCC21:57
LiraNunaGCC's 4.4 optimizer is sick21:57
javispedroLiraNuna: heh21:57
javispedroLiraNuna: works here!21:57
LiraNuna"works on my machine"21:57
LiraNunajavispedro, try adding -O221:57
*** dnaumov has joined #maemo21:57
javispedrotouché :)21:57
dnaumovhey, are there any maemo apps for the n900 that can turn it into a WLAN AP?21:58
LiraNunamaemo should really take advantage of NEON21:58
javispedroLiraNuna: well they do it already -- with asm.21:58
LiraNunaintrinsics give the compiler a better edge21:59
LiraNunaespecially GCC21:59
javispedroactually first versions of the toolchain didn't even allow inline asm21:59
valdyndnaumov: joikuspot21:59
dnaumovI am pondering getting an iPad and some phones do seem to have applications that turn them into a WLAN access point, so the connecting device goes through whatever connection the phone is using, this sounds like quite a tempting combination for N900 + iPad :)21:59
javispedro-- with neon.21:59
javispedrothis was fixed in a later SDK.21:59
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo21:59
LiraNunajavispedro, I know this is SSE, but GCC uses the same 'GIMPLE' representation for both SSE and NEON21:59
dnaumovvaldyn: thanks22:00
pupnikinteresting stuff22:00
* LiraNuna compiles dosbox22:00
LiraNunaGCC 4.4 is even better in this regard22:00
LiraNunathey recoded the register selection code22:01
LiraNuna/usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/lib/gcc/arm-linux-gnueabi/4.4.3/../../../../arm-linux-gnueabi/include/bits/mathcalls.h:154: error: previous declaration of 'float powf(float, float)'22:02
LiraNunawhy does dosbox redeclares it?22:02
LiraNunawe got a perfectly capable math coprocessor, why recode the fpu?22:03
javispedroLiraNuna: broke because you skipped autoconf22:03
*** wizkoder has joined #maemo22:03
javispedro[AC_MSG_RESULT(yes)], [AC_DEFINE([DB_HAVE_NO_POWF],[1],[libm doesn't include powf])])22:04
pupniki remember when powf was broken22:04
wizkoderIs there a faster way to connect to my bluetooth speaker than to open the bluetooth menu->devices->speakername->connect ?22:05
wizkoderWould like to have a button for that22:05
*** supertramp has joined #maemo22:05
supertrampis it possible to emulate serial connection through usb cable - n900?22:06
*** netvandal has joined #maemo22:07
LiraNunaugh I hate autotools22:07
*** raninho has joined #maemo22:07
LiraNunaI just patched the source22:08
*** dnaumov has left #maemo22:08
ssvbLiraNuna: register allocator still seems to be not very good in gcc 4.4 for NEON, at least for a few samples I tried22:08
LiraNunassvb, I didn't get to play much with NEON, but I know they are both _vs4f types for GCC22:09
LiraNunapupnik, does dosbox have an ARM dynarec?22:09
javispedroLiraNuna: where did you get the tarball from?22:10
pupnikit should now22:10
LiraNunaofficial site22:10
javispedrothen, no.22:10
*** MrGoose has quit IRC22:10
ptl_demands_PR12do you guys know of a battery charger for the N900 that I can buy?22:10
pupnikglad to see you're alive ssvb :)22:10
LiraNunaptl_demands_PR12, any of 'em supporting microusb22:10
LiraNunajavispedro, which one should I compile then22:11
*** raninho has left #maemo22:11
ssvbLiraNuna: NEON has 128-bit NEON registers, which can be also accessed as 64-bit halves, maybe it makes them a bit more difficult for gcc to handle22:11
LiraNunassvb, mmx22:11
trumee_pupnik: sorry didnt see your message. u around?22:11
javispedroLiraNuna: you could grab mine (from apt-get source dosbox) but at this point I prefer you start afresh  (mine keeps autoconf and I've changed it a bit)22:11
LiraNunaSSE overloads MMX (mm0+mm1 = xmm022:11
trumee_pupnik: oh yes you are :), yes seeking will be good22:12
LiraNunajavispedro, I'd like to compile with the ARM jit at the very least22:12
trumee_pupnik: knots works on N900?22:12
ssvbpupnik: yes, I'm still alive :)22:12
javispedroLiraNuna: then get mine or (afaik) dosbox cvs22:12
trumee_pupnik: cool. so broken avi streaming doesnt affect knots?22:12
LiraNunahmm, now libSDL is broken22:13
LiraNunamust be some ld scripts instead of libs again22:13
LiraNunalibm and libc are like that22:13
pupniktrumee_: you can test on pc with VLC player22:13
*** shinkamui has joined #maemo22:13
ptl_demands_PR12LiraNuna: not a wall charger... I want a battery charger, that charges the battery independently of the phone22:14
ssvbLiraNuna: really? as far as I know, MMX and SSE registers do not overlap and are stored separately22:14
ptl_demands_PR12a BL-5J charger22:14
trumee_pupnik: what do you mean? knots is a upnp server isnt it?22:14
pupnikptl_demands_PR12: i got a universal charger. it works22:14
pupniktrumee_: i havent followed knots2 closely, sorry.  feel free to ask in #knots later22:15
ptl_demands_PR12pupnik: I'll try, thanks.22:16
LiraNunaoh, oh god22:16
LiraNuna-L/usr/lib -lSDL22:16
LiraNunayeah, sdl-config doesn't really like cross compilers22:17
pupnikoh great22:17
javispedrosdl-config is a prime example of something requiring HOSTCC :)22:18
*** fnordianslip has quit IRC22:18
*** kamui__ has quit IRC22:18
*** supertramp has left #maemo22:18
pupnikso do the autoconf in scratchbox first, then tweak output?22:19
LiraNunano, it'll use `gcc` then instead of arm-linux-eabi-gcc22:19
javispedroLiraNuna: HOSTCC ;)22:20
LiraNunaI've never used HOSTCC22:20
LiraNunaliranuna@monster:~/Desktop/dosbox-0.73$ export HOSTCC=arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc22:20
LiraNunaliranuna@monster:~/Desktop/dosbox-0.73$ sdl-config --libs22:20
LiraNuna-L/usr/lib -lSDL22:20
javispedroLiraNuna: btw, if you ever find yourself with lots of freetime, you could try "porting" gcc4.4 to sbox22:20
LiraNunaI don't know about scratchbox's arch22:20
javispedroLiraNuna: opposite thing: HOSTCC is the C compiler that produces host arch binaries22:21
*** Ikarus has joined #maemo22:21
LiraNunawhy would it need it22:21
javispedroyou cross build SDL, and require sdl-config to be x86 (for future sdl application builds) but libSDL to be armel22:21
LiraNunawhat if I want libSDL to be locally22:22
LiraNunax86, x86_64 and armel22:22
*** noobmonk3y has quit IRC22:22
*** Pavel has quit IRC22:23
* javispedro notes that sdl-config is a bash script thus his point is .. pointless :(22:23
*** VDVsx has quit IRC22:23
ptl_demands_PR12order it. US$822:23
LiraNunaoh dear god22:23
* pupnik has popcorn22:24
LiraNunaSDL is the most cross-compiler unfriendly library out there22:24
javispedroa weird thing to say considering it's probably one of the most cross built libraries :)22:25
LiraNunasad truth22:25
LiraNunaa 10.3MB dosbox executable22:27
LiraNunaliranuna@monster:~/Desktop/dosbox-0.73/src$ file dosbox22:27
LiraNunadosbox: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.8, not stripped22:27
pupnikso this headache would occur in MADDE also javispedro ?22:27
pupniksounds about right LiraNuna22:28
LiraNunadosbox doesn't use any .so's right?22:28
*** Dantonic has joined #maemo22:28
LiraNunaso I can saftly copy the exec alone?22:28
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo22:28
*** eve__ has joined #maemo22:30
*** Without has quit IRC22:30
javispedroLiraNuna: strip it22:30
pupnikyes no .so22:31
javispedropupnik: never tried with SDL & DosBox. But I'm used to the cross compiling headaches22:31
LiraNunajavispedro, oh right22:31
LiraNuna-O2 -g22:31
javispedrowell, brb.22:31
*** javispedro has quit IRC22:31
pupnikdo you just do builds for yourself that way?  or does madde.. ah shoot22:32
LiraNunadown to 2.5MB!22:32
pupnikhuh? that is very small22:32
LiraNunaI stripped it22:32
LiraNunano debug or anything22:32
pupnikhmm javis' is also that tiny22:33
*** sin18 has quit IRC22:33
pupnikdo you have oprofile kernel installed LiraNuna ?22:34
*** kalikiana has joined #maemo22:34
LiraNunaon my N900? no, stock22:34
LiraNunapupnik, where is dosbox normally installed22:36
pupnikl /opt/maemo/usr/bin/dosbox22:37
LiraNunaha, it's ~2.5MB as well22:38
pupniklooks like doom timedemo may be the only way to get reliable comparisons22:39
*** trbs has joined #maemo22:39
LiraNunawhere can I get it22:39
pupnikwrap the dosbox invocation in a 'time' test.  and invoke a batch file that "exits"22:40
pupnikhmm ill google a bit22:40
LiraNunapupnik, your version doesn't have ARM jit, right?22:41
*** avs has quit IRC22:42
*** eve__ has quit IRC22:42
pupniknot afaik22:43
LiraNunathen I doubt it'd do major speed up22:43
LiraNunamaybe 15% or so22:43
pupnikmaybe here
LiraNunaI think app manager crashed22:44
pupnik15 pct would be major22:44
LiraNunahanged, more likely22:44
pupnika lot of work has gone into small mprovements22:44
*** fnordianslip has joined #maemo22:45
*** FredrIQ has joined #maemo22:45
*** Without has joined #maemo22:45
*** FredrIQ is now known as Guest5907222:45
*** netvandal has quit IRC22:47
*** embedded has joined #maemo22:47
embeddedHi all22:47
LiraNunawhere is gainroot22:48
LiraNunawhy did I remove it yesterday :|22:48
embeddedIs there someone who knows when will be available an OpenGL library for Maemo 5?22:48
LiraNunaembedded, OGL ES is already available22:49
LiraNunaor -lGLESv222:49
LiraNunaI think22:49
LiraNunaOpenGL != OpenGL ES22:49
LiraNunaand no, you can't magically have OGL on an OGL ES system22:49
LiraNunaso the answer is 'never'22:50
embeddedit's exactly what I was saying22:50
LiraNunayou were asking a question, not stating a fact22:50
embeddedok :/22:50
* LiraNuna confused22:50
LiraNunawhy do you need OGL anyway?22:50
embeddedI was just thinking if someday it will be developed22:50
LiraNunafor glVertex? :)22:51
LiraNunaembedded, you can't magically have OGL on an OGL ES system22:51
embeddedjust to port some little games to Fremantle which make use of OGL22:51
embeddedI know22:51
LiraNunaembedded, he difference isn't huge22:52
LiraNunait's possible to write OGL code that is compatible with OGL ES222:52
*** Ikarus has quit IRC22:52
*** spectre- has joined #maemo22:53
LiraNunapupnik, it runs!22:54
pupnikwell another speedup - which would only be an option for hardcore gamers - would be to suspend pulseaudio and write to alsa device.  but that has issues with sdl mixer and contention that are too much for me22:55
*** geaaru has joined #maemo22:56
LiraNunaor use the ARM dynarec...22:56
pupniki think javispedro did22:56
LiraNunalet me copy doom over22:57
LiraNunaeh, keyboard doesn't work22:57
*** embedded has quit IRC22:58
LiraNunaoh oops,22:58
*** Ikarus has joined #maemo22:59
pupniksome mappings arent implemented by default22:59
LiraNunaI didn't use the config file23:00
pupnikjavis fixed it with a dos mapper config23:00
LiraNunadoes the application list run /opt/maemo/usr/bin/dosbox?23:00
LiraNunaI replaced it (and saved an -old version)23:00
*** githogori has quit IRC23:00
*** Johnnyfiction has joined #maemo23:01
LiraNunaugh, I can't use the Fn key23:02
*** javispedro has joined #maemo23:02
LiraNunawhere's the config file located23:03
pupnikthe one in dos?23:03
LiraNunano, dosbox's23:03
javispedroboth in my builds and dosbox upstream.23:04
pupnik~/t .dosbox/dosbox-0.73.conf23:04
LiraNunaon my version, I can't seem to use the Fn key23:04
*** SafPlusPlus has quit IRC23:05
javispedrobecause I fixed that on a lower layer23:05
LiraNunait works like a return23:05
*** kalikianatoli has joined #maemo23:05
ptl_demands_PR12X-COM: UFO defense works in dosbox?23:05
*** cvandonderen_ has quit IRC23:05
javispedroLiraNuna: you won't be able to use most of the Fn keys in the upstream dosbox -- but the config file has an autoexec section where you can put the bench commands in23:06
*** lopz has quit IRC23:07
pupnikptl_demands_PR12: too slow i think23:07
*** cvandonderen has joined #maemo23:08
ali1234it doesn't need a fast PC, it should work. although scrolling might be difficult with touchscreen23:08
*** kalikiana has quit IRC23:08
*** SafPlusPlus has joined #maemo23:08
*** errordeveloper has quit IRC23:08
*** Cy8aer has joined #maemo23:09
*** pupnik has quit IRC23:10
*** MrGoose has quit IRC23:10
*** pupnik has joined #maemo23:10
*** errordeveloper has joined #maemo23:11
*** Omegamoon has joined #maemo23:11
LiraNunapupnik, how can I time it23:13
*** cvandonderen_ has joined #maemo23:14
pupnikum um um... there Was a "timedemo commandline but i dont have it handy23:14
*** disco_stu has quit IRC23:14
pupnikand searching on n900 is a bit slow23:14
*** disco_stu has joined #maemo23:14
*** cvandonderen has quit IRC23:15
LiraNunathe screenshot seem to take a while to load23:15
LiraNunas/screenshot/splash screen/23:15
infobotLiraNuna meant: the splash screen seem to take a while to load23:15
pupnikyes load is significant23:15
pupnikand i think timedemo runs through a fixed number of frames23:15
javispedroframeskip helps if non fullscreen23:16
pupnikso it cant be fooled by internal dos clock mistakes if we use external invocation to time it23:16
LiraNunastill splashscreen23:16
*** Vanadis has joined #maemo23:17
javispedrowhat game is this?23:17
LiraNunaDOOM :/23:17
javispedroah, never tried :P23:17
pupnikjavispedro: do you think your default config is appropriate to it?23:17
javispedropupnik: "my" default config is the same as upstream :S23:18
pupniki would imagine a frameskip of 3 to .... what9!23:18
LiraNunatouchscreen stopped responding23:19
javispedroand the one I use on my n900 just has a frameskip of 5 and sound disabled23:19
javispedroah, and less memory reserved23:19
pupnikhmmm.  thats a bad idea unless wou want users to tweak that themselves23:19
*** clicx has joined #maemo23:19
javispedroif you have a suggestion for a better default... :)23:19
javispedrothe only thing I dislike is touching the cycles23:20
LiraNunajavispedro, is the version in extras-devel featuring ARM dynarec?23:20
javispedroLiraNuna: yes23:20
javispedroLiraNuna: for protected mode only though23:20
javispedroany dos extender "extended" app  (doom is?) is most probably using 286 protected mode, so no problem here.23:21
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC23:21
*** The_Tall1 has quit IRC23:23
LiraNunaoh, now it has sound23:23
*** Clickety has quit IRC23:24
LiraNunasound is smooth23:24
LiraNunaso, how can I run the timedemo23:24
LiraNunaoh great, arrows don't work23:24
LiraNunasound is smooooth23:25
LiraNunanow I can't quit it :D23:25
pupniksure it is, it is going thru pulse :)23:26
*** kpel has quit IRC23:26
LiraNunapupnik, I mean, no lag23:26
pupnikpower btn and end current task23:26
LiraNunathere's no 'end current task'23:26
LiraNunaand touchscreen isn't working23:26
LiraNunafor some reason23:26
LiraNunaany real benchmark I can check?23:27
pupnikoh dear.  on n900 power btn gives me that as an option23:27
LiraNunamine does too, just not in (my version of) dosbox23:27
javispedrobecause it's unhildonized23:27
pupnikthere are some.  ""23:27
*** disco_stu has quit IRC23:28
pupnikmaybe some benchmarks work if you set cycles to "auto" or "max"23:28
*** disco_stu has joined #maemo23:28
*** MrGoose has joined #maemo23:29
lcuko-O doctor who23:31
*** pobega has joined #maemo23:31
*** Xisdibik has quit IRC23:33
pupnikbut if they do internal timing and dosbox occasionally tries to grab more cycles than it can emulate... then the benchmark is fooled.  from my understanding23:33
*** MrGoose has left #maemo23:34
*** Pavel has joined #maemo23:34
*** mece has quit IRC23:35
*** davyg has quit IRC23:35
*** juliank has quit IRC23:41
*** Johnnyfiction has left #maemo23:43
*** dan2003 has joined #maemo23:45
dan2003in some of the n900 apps (which i assume are gtk based), such as the media player, and the app manager - choosing an option brings up a new page with a back arrow to get back to the previous one - does anybody know if it is possible to get this behavoir with Qt and if so how? i'm currenlt using dialogs but they don't provide as much screen space23:48
fralsits called stackablewindow in hildon/gtk at least, dunno bout qt23:50
javispedroit should be in 4.623:50
*** noobmonk3y has joined #maemo23:52

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