IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-08-26

erstaziDaniloCesar: not sure on that00:01
erstaziDaniloCesar: I am looking in, I think its listed there00:01
erstazibut i have to scp it over00:01
erstaziand make new lines to the node I want00:01
*** timelE61 has joined #maemo00:02
erstazibut that doesn't make sense00:02
erstazitry typing browser00:02
erstazinada here00:02
ekim|irccan I install MicroB on os2006 ?00:03
erstaziekim|irc: yes00:03
erstazitry minimo00:03
_Monkeyi guess minimo is (Mini Mozilla) Web browser, a slimmed down version of mozilla browser aiming resource reduced devices.
erstaziI never tried MicroB00:03
ekim|ircwhich is better00:03
erstaziekim|irc: do you want my sources.list?
ekim|ircMicroB or Minimo and whats the difference00:03
erstaziekim|irc: I never tried MicroB so I cannot give a suggestion00:03
*** Paolo has quit IRC00:04
ekim|ircHow many apps do you have erstazi ?00:04
erstaziekim|irc: well, before I flashed, I had a lot, then I had to flash because a bad package I made /:00:05
erstaziekim|irc: do you know how to get that sources.list onto your nokia? I can walk you through00:05
erstaziyou need (all these terms are in _Monkey) xterm, becomeroot, openssh00:05
ekim|ircwell...I obviously have xterm and becomeroot because i am bootinf from mmc00:06
erstaziI think I have _Monkey setup to respond to openssh's howto install it, it has information on where the install is and the one thing you need to do to get it working, other wise openssh is very easy to install00:06
ekim|ircI like dropbear better then openssh00:06
erstaziekim|irc: ok00:06
ekim|ircanything else00:06
ekim|ircI wonder whats up with MicroB00:06
erstaziekim|irc: do you prefer vi? or do you want nano?00:07
ekim|ircanyone used it00:07
ekim|ircI like nano too00:07
_Monkeyit has been said that nano is a tiny text editor. Needs xterm/ssh.
timelE61what do you mean up?00:07
timelE61i'm currently rearranging bugs.maemo00:07
erstazitimelE61: ekim|irc is wondering if MicroB is better than minimo00:07
ekim|ircif I use your sources.list I can get all that sutff00:07
ekim| is it different00:07
erstaziekim|irc: yes00:07
timelE61Minimo has serious text input issues00:07
erstazitimelE61: I did notice that00:08
ekim|ircCan I run microB on os200600:08
timelE61microb will work better w/ platform elements00:08
sp3000ekim|irc: (going twice)00:08
*** pdz has quit IRC00:08
erstazisp3000: thank you, I will use that as well00:09
qgilerstazi: looks *very* good now00:09
erstaziqgil: yes, you are much faster than I am00:10
erstaziqgil: you must have a very large resolution or such, are you greater than 1280x1024?00:10
erstaziqgil: I end up reading some of these orphaned articles... some are quite worth keeping00:10
qgilerstazi: that's my resolution - but if I'm fast I guess it's because I know better what can be deleted00:10
qgilerstazi: I'm not thinking, whatever is worth goes to the main page , ikn case of doubts WikiReorg, the rest... aftermath00:11
qgilerstazi: and indeed, there are many more interesting pages than I thought, this cleaning is very almost enlightning to em00:11
erstaziqgil: same here, as I said, I would really like to work on a section on the main wiki page about porting00:12
erstaziand maybe have some fellow scratchboxers help out with some information00:12
qgilerstazi: I'm going to pick from N800DeveloperDeviceProgram to OS2007 Tested Applications since they look like semiofficial, you pick the rest?00:12
erstaziI am not completely knowledgeable about scratchbox like I would like so it would be very expanding for me00:13
timelE610.2005.40 = 1.0 ?00:13
erstaziqgil: definitely, I can do more if you like00:13
qgiltimelE61: yes, my dear party animal00:13
zwnji get post-install errors on installing openssh-server.  i'm fixing them by hand, but is it a package problem?00:14
erstazizwnj: what are the errors?00:15
zwnjerstazi: one was about the 'sshd' user00:15
*** ekim|irc has left #maemo00:15
zwnjand the other one is on sshd_config00:16
erstazizwnj: it might be or you missed a step00:16
_Monkeyopenssh is a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools that technical users of the Internet rely on.
zwnjwell, i tried to install openssh-server, before removing dropbear-server00:16
erstazizwnj: that might be a conflict then00:17
*** alex-weej has quit IRC00:17
*** kupesoft has joined #maemo00:17
*** user_ has quit IRC00:17
sullyhmm, am I not supposed to use my Garage account to edit the Wiki?00:17
zwnji removed dropbear, but i get errors on --reinstall yet00:17
zwnji'm trying to clean-up things00:17
zwnjjust wanted to check if others have same problems...00:17
erstazisully: not sure about that one00:18
erstazisully: are you attacking the orphans as well? if so please tell me or qgil, I don't want a submit conflict issue00:18
sullyerstazi, I'd like to but I can't seem to log in and find the edit view00:18
erstazisully: do you have javascript enabled? make sure its https:// and not http://00:19
qgilsully: your garage account should work - when did you created it, now or a wgile ago?00:19
sullyI just created it ~5 minutes ago00:19
qgilsully: then wait - but we will get rid of the orphans before00:19
qgiltimelE61: 5.2006.13==? no idea, but sounds = IT OS 2006 and that's it00:20
qgiltimelE61: are you talking about maemo versions?00:20
timelE61itos2006se had its own listing :/00:20
*** timelE61i has quit IRC00:21
qgiltimelE61: sorry I don't know the ruight answer then00:21
sp3000can you do "OS2006 5.2006.13" or something repetitively silly like that? or does that run into too much truncation00:22
timelE61sp3000: any idea what it is?00:23
timelE61qgil said x.y00:23
timelE61maybe 2.1?00:23
sp3000 has one list to match to00:23
sp3000# maemo 1.0 (Nokia 770) # maemo 1.1 (Nokia 770) # maemo 2.0 'mistral' (Nokia 770) # maemo 2.1 'scirocco' (Nokia 770) # maemo 2.2 'gregale' for Nokia 770 development00:24
qgilsp3000: I'd say the idea for non-maemo (development= components i.e. apps is to point to IT OS 200* without getting into much details00:25
*** pdz has joined #maemo00:26
erstaziqgil: I got 3 left00:26
infoboterstazi meant: qgil: I got 2 left00:27
qgilerstazi: I think I stepped on one edit sicne I still see 3  :)00:27
*** tso has quit IRC00:27
erstaziqgil: /me thinks so too00:27
qgil is for power users00:28
erstaziqgil: surprisingly, thats the only second time that this has happened00:28
erstaziok moving that00:28
qgilwell, I had to do some re-edits  ;)00:28
* sp3000 tries to figure out if qgil was making a pun, there00:29
erstaziqgil: my mistakes? heh00:29
qgil needs editing, I can do this now - it is for normal users00:29
qgil for power users00:30
erstaziqgil: putting into normal users00:30
qgilsp3000: I wish I could remember who are you in real life  :)00:30
*** ChrisJTortoise has quit IRC00:32
*** slomo has quit IRC00:33
erstaziqgil: its done00:33
erstaziqgil: oprhans is cleaned... do you want me to start working on the re organized part? editing some articles?00:34
erstaziqgil: btw, I manage a few wiki's myself, two business ones and a few personal/channel ones00:34
sp3000qgil: tuukka tolvanen is my secret identity00:35
infobotsp3000 meant: qgil: tuukka tolvanen is my superhero identity00:36
sp3000or, uh, something00:36
_Monkeyrumour has it something is wacky here00:36
kupesoftCan I download maps for offline browsing with Maemo mapper?00:36
erstazikupesoft: its in the menu of MaemoMapper00:36
kupesofterstazi: Can I download like all of North America?00:36
kupesofterstazi: I'll check it out, I left me n800 in the car ;p00:37
sp3000it'll probably fit on a floppy with the rest of the internet :)00:37
qgilerstazi: edited the multimedia card table page00:37
*** pdz- has quit IRC00:37
* qgil sent no pun to sp300000:37
erstaziqgil: ok, do you want me to start working on the re organized part? editing some articles?00:37
* Jaffa catches up on the logs, post-Ocean's 13.00:38
qgilerstazi: so, I'll tell you my plans as maemo guy with this wiki00:38
qgilerstazi: 1. Now that we know the useful pages that currently the wiki has - I wanted to organize them in a different way, by topic: multimedia, connectivity, etc00:39
*** dsiemon has joined #maemo00:40
erstaziqgil: do you have a purposed outline structure?00:40
qgilwe are going to implement these topics across the maemo official documentation as well, to leave behind the organization by content type00:40
qgilmaking the latter work with the tags00:40
qgilerstazi: yes, I have, but in the office - I will apply it on Monday since I don't trust my memory on weekends00:41
qgil(nor I do the rest of the week, btw)00:41
erstaziqgil: ok, well I can start rewriting some articles and creating articles00:41
qgil2. needs a narrow look now to see what we really want to save00:41
qgileither as official docs under Development/Documentation00:42
qgilor updated wiki pages00:42
qgilwhat we do with the pages in non-English00:42
qgiland all the rest---> delete00:42
erstazianything else?00:43
qgil3. the need to be actually deleted, a monkey's work for a monkey with admin rights - I will find a volunteer in-house00:43
JaffaYay, my proper response has appeared on Gustavo's blog :)00:43
qgiland from this point to me the wiki content is done by the maemo-core side, leaving totally the rest of the initiative to the community00:43
erstaziqgil: isn't midguard have its content/data in databases?00:44
qgilerstazi: then, before you write/improve anything in the wiki seriously00:44
erstaziqgil: nix that last statement, I am not with it right now00:44
*** pdz- has joined #maemo00:44
qgilerstazi: make sure you get a grasp of the good content at
* erstazi listens00:44
qgilnot to repeat work00:44
erstaziqgil: good point00:45
qgilerstazi: midgard is like a CMS put on top of a database and a control system - why you ask?00:45
erstaziqgil: is it acceptable to copy the content and note it came from there?00:45
qgilerstazi: don't ask me, ask itt00:45
qgilerstazi: if you ask the community wiki editor in me I would tell you that if a page is good, better link to it00:46
erstaziqgil: the statement about midguard, just ignore, I wasn't thinking (I develop CMS/DBMS) and my point was if its not linked in the wiki anymore, you could just delete the data00:46
erstaziqgil: right00:46
erstaziqgil: figured so00:46
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC00:47
qgilerstazi: I'm going to blog about this - and then sleep00:47
erstaziqgil: have a good sleep (:00:47
*** pdz has quit IRC00:47
qgilerstazi: I see a lot of enthusiasm between your lines - are you aware of and the capacity to push news to the top - and making them stay there more days00:47
qgilthis is my next battle now that the wiki (and hopefully bugzilla) are in better shape00:48
*** melmoth has joined #maemo00:48
erstaziqgil: yes, and news is a good platform for this project00:48
erstaziok, I got some more svn commits to attack00:50
*** ZenGeist has quit IRC00:50
erstaziqgil: keep me informed with anymore I will attack the rest later probably tonight00:51
qgilerstazi: I have no more recommendation for volunteers as for today  :)00:51
erstaziqgil: then monday night I will be awaiting (:00:52
qgilerstazi: really, about the wiki you can push wherever you feel without anybody telling you  :)00:53
erstaziqgil: I understand, thats part of collaboration00:54
erstaziqgil: could I use the for testing?00:54
qgilerstazi: mmmno, that's dead - what do you want to test?00:54
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo00:55
kupesoftThe n800 is so flaky when it comes to powering it on when the A/C is plugged in00:56
*** pdz has joined #maemo00:56
erstaziqgil: well, nevermind, I just wanted to test my articles but its  cool01:00
erstazikupesoft: you just got to hold down the power button for a few seconds01:00
qgilerstazi: test them in the new wiki instead of using the old, no?01:01
erstaziqgil: correct01:01
erstaziqgil: I mainly have to collect my thoughts, not too many *good* implementations brb01:01
*** pdz- has quit IRC01:07
erstazikeesj_: take a look at this:
*** setite has joined #maemo01:12
*** ekim|irc has joined #maemo01:15
*** metratron has joined #maemo01:16
qgilerstazi: there we go, good night and thanks again01:17
*** adaml__ has joined #maemo01:17
erstaziqgil: no problem, sleep tight01:17
*** Luria_ has quit IRC01:18
*** qgil has left #maemo01:18
ekim|ircwhere ddo you guys get your themes from01:20
ekim|ircI can only seem to find 401:20
ekim|ircwhere do I find ones like this01:21
erstaziekim|irc: there is an article about getting OS2007HE themes01:22
ekim|ircCan somebody get me this theme ?01:25
*** timelE61 has quit IRC01:27
*** pdz- has joined #maemo01:27
*** spect has quit IRC01:28
*** matt_c has joined #maemo01:29
erstaziekim|irc: thats adria01:37
*** pdz has quit IRC01:38
erstaziekim|irc: thats the default theme for the n800 anyways01:40
*** richieeee72 has left #maemo01:40
*** metratron has quit IRC01:41
ekim|ircbut I have a 77001:46
ekim|ircDo you have an n800 ?01:46
erstaziekim|irc: no, that was my next point to be made if you responded01:48
erstaziekim|irc: if someone has OS2007HE or OS2007 you could grab that theme01:49
erstazior just find it online01:49
*** ekim|irc- has joined #maemo01:50
ekim|irc-You were saying ?01:50
ekim|irc-Do you have an n80001:51
erstaziekim|irc: you could either find it online or someone can give you that theme01:51
ekim|irc-Whats it called again01:52
*** melmoth has quit IRC01:58
erstaziekim|irc: adria02:05
*** ekim|irc has quit IRC02:05
jufodo you have somewhere maemo 3.2 SDK easy-to-use vmware image?02:05
ekim|irc-Cant find it02:18
*** bilboed has quit IRC02:20
*** pdz- has quit IRC02:24
*** pdz has joined #maemo02:26
ekim|irc-dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 1300 package `telepathy-voip-engine':02:27
ekim|irc-Whats up with this02:27
ekim|irc-I got this trying to install mplayer02:27
*** unique311 has joined #maemo02:28
ekim|irc-there are ONE HUNDRE NINETY NINE PEOPLE HERE02:28
ekim|irc-cant someone say something02:28
ekim|irc-Will somebody please answer my question02:31
ekim|irc-I want to play my vids02:31
zwnjdo i need both of these to make apps for 3.x? scratchbox-toolchain-cs2005q3.2-glibc2.5-i386 & scratchbox-toolchain-cs2005q3.2-glibc-i38602:37
*** vivijim has joined #maemo02:42
*** saiam has quit IRC02:43
timelyekim|irc-: brother02:44
timelyi'm busy moving 1900 bugs02:44
*** N800 has quit IRC02:44
trevarthansitting in mellow mushroom. typin,02:52
trevarthantoo bad i got nothin to say.02:52
MCCobMaemo 2007 HE on 770, it is stable ?02:55
*** unique311 has quit IRC02:57
*** rhys_ has joined #maemo02:57
*** rhys_ is now known as rhys02:58
*** rhys has quit IRC03:19
*** ekim|irc_ has joined #maemo03:22
*** kikka has quit IRC03:25
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo03:27
pupnikMCCob: is there a new one?03:27
pupnikekim|irc_: still around?03:28
pupnikyou should use a google search03:28
*** ekim|irc- has quit IRC03:40
trevarthanangry bar chicks are annoying.03:47
trevarthanslap them with my n800.03:47
*** pdz- has joined #maemo03:49
*** LuizArmesto has joined #maemo03:54
*** pdz- has quit IRC03:59
*** pdz has quit IRC04:01
*** pdz has joined #maemo04:03
timelysp3000: ping, bug 231 was that ever valid04:13
_MonkeyBug 231 might be found at
timelyor was the reporter merely unable to *hold* the escape key?04:13
sp3000maybe it was/is a bug in the de help04:14
sp3000can't say I recall if that didn't work once upon a time, I never really close with that button04:16
sp3000oh, cool, the fi help doesn't say hold the button04:17
timelydo we have a component for docs/help?04:18
timelycheck the wiki04:18
timelyit's quite likely whichever thing either doesn't exist, or is closed to bugs04:18
timelyso you probably can't move the bug to the right place :)04:18
sp3000yeah I don't see one04:20
sp3000I like the severity adjustment on that bug04:21
timelysorry, i'm busy making a mess04:21
sp3000minor -> enh :)04:21
sp3000help lies? enhancement!04:21
timelybtw, impersonate user *rocks*04:22
timelyui has one bug, but i'll file it when i'm done04:22
*** dolske has quit IRC04:23
*** emh5945 has joined #maemo04:25
emh5945does anybody know of a .deb file for gnash or swfdec for the nokia 77004:26
*** LuizArmesto has quit IRC04:32
*** emh5945 has quit IRC04:33
ekim|irc_Can someone get me the adria theme ?04:35
ekim|irc_I have a 77004:35
ekim|irc_and I want it :)04:35
timelyekim|irc_: it's probably not legal for them to give it to you04:37
ekim|irc_I disagree04:37
ekim|irc_whats the license04:37
ekim|irc_Does maemo *Belong* to nokia04:38
ekim|irc_or did maemo exist before nokia04:38
timelymaemo doesn't04:38
ekim|irc_and is maemo opensource04:38
timelywell, technically it does04:38
timelybut ignoring that04:38
timelyadria != maemo04:38
ekim| made it...04:38
ekim|irc_but what license was it put under04:38
*** dolske has joined #maemo04:39
MCCobno pupnik04:40
_Monkeyi guess no pupnik is editing in ~/.osso/menus04:40
timelyhate to ask, but how do i check?04:40
MCCobno new OS 2007 HE04:40
timely_Monkey forget no pupnki04:40
_Monkeytimely, I didn't have anything matching no pupnki04:40
timely_Monkey forget no pupnik04:40
_Monkeytimely: I forgot no pupnik04:40
ekim|irc_wait a sec04:40
timely_Monkey no pupnik is <reply>04:40
_MonkeyOK, timely.04:40
timely_Monkey no pupnik04:41
_Monkeytimely: huh?04:41
*** bipolar has joined #maemo04:41
ekim|irc_is 2007 hacker edition legal ?04:41
timely_Monkey \no pupnik is <reply>04:41
_Monkeyi already had it that way, timely.04:41
timelyekim|irc_: yes04:41
ekim|irc_then the adria them can be destributed too04:41
ekim|irc_because it comse with 2007 hacker edition04:41
timelydoesn't follow04:41
ekim|irc_why not ?04:41
timelyjust because nokia ships an <x>04:41
timelyand <x> includes a <y>04:41
timelydoesn't mean you can distribute <y> w/o <x>04:42
timelyheck it doens't mean you can redistribute <x> at all04:42
ekim|irc_Can't someone just send me the theme04:42
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo04:42
ekim|irc_I don't support piracy (I only *BROWSE* thepiratebay)04:42
ekim|irc_but seriously04:42
dick-richardsonI have a phone w/bluetooth and it's paired successfully w/my n800...can someone help me setting up internet access through the phone? I do have a data plan04:43
ekim|irc_you have an n80004:43
dick-richardsonclicking the globe and choosing 'select connection' it only shown wlan connections04:43
ekim|irc_then can you send me the adria theme please :)04:44
dick-richardsonyou tell me how and I'll do it :)04:44
ekim|irc_I dont remember :)04:44
dick-richardsonbut then you have to help me figure this bluetooth thing out, too :P04:44
* timely chuckles04:44
ekim|irc_What are the tar arguments...04:44
timelydick-richardson: go to control panel04:44
dick-richardsontimely: kk04:44
ekim| know how the 770 comes with busybox04:45
ekim|irc_but its a cut-down version04:45
timelyhas general instructions for rebuilding a package04:45
ekim|irc_is there any way to install the FULL version of busybox04:45
ekim|irc_I dont want to build a package04:45
timelyanything is possible04:45
ekim|irc_just a tar archive :)04:45
ekim| dont understand my language04:45
ekim|irc_lemme translate04:45
ekim|irc_"I AM LAZY , Someone please build the full version of busybox for the 770 , KTHXBYE"04:46
timelydon't be lazy04:46
ekim|irc_Lazy is the wrong word04:46
dick-richardsonekim|irc_: how ever will you learn?04:46
ekim|irc_Impatient is more like it04:46
ekim|irc_I dotn feel like downloading the entire dev environment04:46
dick-richardsonekim|irc_: impatience is the enemy of the hacker :P04:46
ekim|irc_then having it run realyl slow on my machine04:46
ekim|irc_then try to figure out how to build it04:46
dick-richardsontimely: what should I be doing in the control panel?04:47
timelydick-richardson: try the app menu key04:47
ekim|irc_timely, do you HAVE a n800 ?04:48
timelyekim|irc_: one 770 and one n80004:48
timelyboth right in front of me04:48
ekim|irc_Which do you like better ?04:48
ekim|irc_more numbers doesnt necessarily mean better04:48
timelyi like it when you aren't bothering me04:48
timelyi'm trying to move 1900 bugs04:48
timelyand you're being thoroughly distracting04:48
ekim|irc_I didn't know ... geez04:48
timelydick-richardson: from the app menu, tools>cellular provider wizard04:48
dick-richardsontimely: cellular provider setup wizard?04:48
timelyor whatever the first menuitem says04:48
dick-richardsontimely: perfect, thank you!!!04:49
*** timely is now known as timeless_reorgan04:49
*** timeless_reorgan is now known as _bugs_maemo04:49
dick-richardsonwent through the wizard, have a connection between the phone and the n800, but it still doesn't show up when I 'select connection'...04:54
*** mat has quit IRC04:55
dick-richardsonit should show up there, correct?04:59
*** vivijim has quit IRC05:00
*** LuizArmesto has joined #maemo05:01
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC05:05
* sp3000 breaks a wiki05:07
sp3000oh, for future reference, don't apply a -w patch on python code :D05:07
_bugs_maemobtw, pieces of are slowly disappearing :)05:12
_bugs_maemohrm, sp3000: remind me that some people misspell "int-" as "in-" :(05:15
* sp3000 unbreaks things and naps05:20
*** sp3000 has quit IRC05:21
*** jacques has joined #maemo05:30
* _bugs_maemo ponders05:31
dick-richardsonany other ideas on this bluetooth phone05:34
*** Tapsa has joined #maemo05:37
MCCobMinimo avaible for N770 :)05:38
MCCobwith Flash 9 !05:39
_bugs_maemominimo? where?05:39
_Monkeyminimo is (Mini Mozilla) Web browser, a slimmed down version of mozilla browser aiming resource reduced devices.
_bugs_maemooh shut up05:39
MCCob :) :) :)05:42
_bugs_maemothat's not minimo05:42
MCCoboh ?!05:42
_bugs_maemo_Monkey microb05:43
_Monkeymicrob is the nokia sponsored gtk2-cairo hack of gecko for use by /usr/bin/browser via eal on n800 (4.2007)05:43
MCCobit is differend one !05:43
MCCobok ok05:43
_bugs_maemo_Monkey really timeless?05:43
_Monkey_bugs_maemo: i haven't a clue05:43
_bugs_maemo_Monkey timeless really?05:43
_Monkeysomebody said timeless really was a browser developer working for nokia on the maemo browser (microb). also a mozilla contributor05:43
MCCobwhat is the difference between maemo & microb ?05:43
_bugs_maemomaemo is a platform05:44
_bugs_maemomicrob only really works on maemo05:44
_bugs_maemoyou really meant to ask how minimo and microb differed05:44
_bugs_maemobut you didn't05:44
MCCobyes ?05:45
MCCobmaemo is a platform for different portable device ?05:45
MCCobor small device05:46
_bugs_maemo_Monkey maemo05:46
_Monkeyhmmm... maemo is at or Open Source Software05:46
_bugs_maemoboy, _Monkey is really helpful05:46
MCCobI want to say minimo05:46
_bugs_maemomiinimo is a gecko derivative written in xul designed for portable use on small devices05:47
*** inz_ has joined #maemo05:47
*** inz has quit IRC05:47
MCCobin microb, there is part of minimo or no ?05:47
MCCobonly gecko ?05:47
_bugs_maemothey use approximately the same gecko, minus differences05:47
_bugs_maemobut, i'm kinda busy using geckos (whichever versions) to attack bugs.maemo05:48
_bugs_maemoi'd like to get back to that05:48
MCCobthank's for explain ;)05:50
*** mat has joined #maemo05:50
*** inz_ is now known as inz05:51
ekim|irc_can someone please send me the adria theme05:51
*** Luria has joined #maemo05:51
MCCobit is os 2007 theme ?05:54
erstaziMCCob: it is05:57
MCCobI have 770 'n os 2006 ;)05:58
MCCob failed in buffer_write(fd) (8, ret=-1): backend dpkg-deb during `./usr/lib/microb-engine/': No space left on device ! :) i found the problem :)05:59
ekim|irc_MCCob, yeah05:59
ekim|irc_but you can run it on the 77006:00
MCCobMicrob need a big space !06:00
MCCobI try ekim|irc_06:00
MCCobit is 5 AM here !06:01
*** Tapsa has quit IRC06:01
MCCoband I try to install microb :)06:01
MCCobamazing for me06:01
*** kupesoft has quit IRC06:01
dsiemonAnyone know if there is a setting to get the email app on the n800 to validate SSL certificates?06:06
dsiemonThat and I'm having some SMTP auth problems if anyone has ran into problems in this area before :)06:06
*** MCCob has quit IRC06:10
*** Sho_ has quit IRC06:19
*** LuizArmesto has quit IRC06:20
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC06:23
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo06:23
*** Yaco2 has quit IRC06:29
ekim|irc_How can I automatically start the ssh server when the device turns on06:33
*** zodman has joined #maemo06:37
_bugs_maemoekim|irc_: any decent .deb would add the proper scripts to the startup system06:41
ekim|irc_I am trying to install this06:41
ekim|irc_and it says something about not being able to repalce wget06:41
ekim|irc_but /usr/bin/wget doens't exist06:41
_bugs_maemoanyone here familiar w/ impl details of the maemo platform?06:42
_bugs_maemospecifically, what handles long press? is it the window manager? task navigator?06:42
ekim|irc_here is the full error message06:43
ekim|irc_how do I fix this ?06:43
ekim|irc_come on guys06:46
ekim|irc_anyone ?06:46
*** setite has quit IRC06:47
*** pdz has quit IRC06:53
*** philipl has joined #maemo07:07
dick-richardsonso, the phone is paired and connected to my n800. I went through the cellular provider setup wizard, but it's not showing up in my list of connections. any suggestionss?07:10
dick-richardsonwhen I click the globe at the top and choose 'select connection' all I see is wifi networks07:11
*** jacques_ has joined #maemo07:13
ekim|irc_how cool is it that I can have nmap/aircrack/kismet ... in the palm of my hand07:16
ekim|irc_linux ftw!!07:16
ekim|irc_Ohh ... and dick-richardson ...I don't have a bluetooth phone...nor a data plan ... so I can't help you07:16
dick-richardsonekim|irc_: np, just trying to figure out if there's something I'm missing :/07:16
*** DaniloCesar has joined #maemo07:16
ekim|irc_not sure07:17
sullyAnyone remember the US college that MS uses for all its speech software07:17
ekim|irc_I still get get my email to work :)07:17
ekim|irc_what college ?07:17
ekim|irc_for what ?07:17
sullyFor text-to-speech software and the like07:17
ekim|irc_I can install nginx07:20
ekim|irc_this is one of those "Because you can" things07:21
dick-richardsondoes it need to be set in the control panel under phone? or bluetooth? both?07:24
*** rkaway has quit IRC07:27
*** jacques has quit IRC07:28
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:29
_bugs_maemodick-richardson: what's phone say in control panel?07:31
_bugs_maemoit needs to match the name of your paired phone07:31
_bugs_maemoif it's "none", you won't be able to select your connections in the connection thing07:32
dick-richardsonthere's nothing doesn't see the phone07:32
_bugs_maemowell, um, "new" :)07:32
dick-richardsonyeah, it doesn't find it07:32
_bugs_maemoum, what kind of phone?07:32
dick-richardsonsamsung sch-u42007:33
ekim|irc_How can I setup gmail with the built-in mail app07:35
_bugs_maemoekim|irc_: you're nuts :)07:36
_bugs_maemobut gmail supports pop307:36
_bugs_maemoand the built-in mail app claims to support pop307:36
_bugs_maemoa match made in ****07:36
ekim|irc_are you implying that the build in mail app sucks ****07:36
_bugs_maemonah, the word i had in mind was a relative of heaven07:36
_bugs_maemoi'd just go out and say what you're thinking :)07:37
ekim|irc_What do you use for email07:37
ekim|irc_if anything07:37
ekim|irc_I want to use a client07:37
ekim|irc_if you were to use a client...what would it be07:37
ekim|irc_I have claws mail07:37
_bugs_maemoi'd kill myself07:37
_bugs_maemobefore my client killed itself07:38
_bugs_maemoYou are currently using 2789 MB (96%) of your 2892 MB07:38
ekim|irc_well mine says07:38
ekim|irc_you are using 36 MB of 2892 (0%)07:38
ekim| not crazy...its a new account :)07:38
_bugs_maemo1 - 100 of 54621307:39
* _bugs_maemo eyes _bugs_maemo07:39
* _bugs_maemo eyes _Monkey07:39
dick-richardsongotta agree with bugs...better to use the web07:39
dick-richardsonI tried using the built-in app..only nice thing was notification - formatting was hell. just use the notifier07:39
dick-richardsonso I assume this phone won't work?07:39
_bugs_maemodick-richardson: i can't find anything about it07:39
_bugs_maemodick-richardson: when i'm done rearranging this bug tracker, file a bug :)07:40
*** dick-richardson has quit IRC07:40
*** dick-richardson has joined #maemo07:40
_bugs_maemodick-richardson: when i'm done rearranging this bug tracker, file a bug :)07:40
ekim|irc_I cant even get it to download my mail07:40
dick-richardson_bugs_maemo: I can do confident are you that it will work07:41
dick-richardsonI just got it today and can take it back if need be07:41
dick-richardsonekim|irc_: that will help if you decide you want to do it anyway07:43
erstaziekim|irc_: is that a gmail account you are talking about?07:44
ekim|irc_I want to use claws mail07:47
ekim|irc_I got it07:48
*** jjazz has joined #maemo07:48
ekim|irc_claws mail works beautifully07:49
ekim|irc_is that a word...07:49
ekim|irc_I think so yeah07:49
_bugs_maemodick-richardson: we have people who expense buying phones to fix compatibility07:49
dick-richardson_bugs_maemo: ok, so you'd be comfortable keeping it07:49
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo07:51
ekim|irc_Ok guys , im going to sleep07:52
_bugs_maemooh, if i just bought the phone and could return it, and i cared about my n80007:53
_bugs_maemoi'd file the bug and return the phone :)07:53
*** philipl has quit IRC07:56
dick-richardsonyeah, I certainly care about the n800 more than the phone, but if it will work (even if it takes a couple weeks) I'll hang on to it08:05
dick-richardson_bugs_maemo: where would I file a bug report?08:06
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC08:06
_bugs_maemodick-richardson: i haven't made that component yet :(08:07
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #maemo08:07
*** k-s has joined #maemo08:07
_bugs_maemoit'd be product=Connectivity component=Phone08:07
_bugs_maemobut well, i guess i should do that now...08:07
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo08:08
dick-richardson_bugs_maemo: no rush, I'll post it tomorrow08:08
dick-richardsontake it easy, have a beer :D08:08
*** jacques_ is now known as jacques08:12
*** rhys has joined #maemo08:13
*** philipl has joined #maemo08:13
*** rhys has quit IRC08:13
_bugs_maemodick-richardson: file the bug08:15
_bugs_maemohold on actually08:15
_bugs_maemoyou using 4.2007? 5.2007?08:15
_bugs_maemouse that link to file your bug08:18
*** philipl has quit IRC08:20
*** netx has quit IRC08:22
dick-richardsonI'm using 5.200708:31
*** mbuf has joined #maemo08:31
* _bugs_maemo nods08:32
_bugs_maemoit occurred to me that the question wasn't very useful, you're lumped into 3.x for now08:33
_bugs_maemobut do include a note that you're using 5.2007 in one of the fields08:33
_bugs_maemoif possible, please include the exact firmware version for your phone08:33
_bugs_maemoif you happen to have other devices that can/can't pair w/ them, they'd also be good datapoints08:35
infobot_bugs_maemo meant: if you happen to have other devices that can/can't pair w/ it, they'd also be good datapoints08:35
*** DaniloCesar has quit IRC08:35
dick-richardsonI have paired a holux gps receiver to it08:35
dick-richardson5.2007 was the release w/skype, right?08:37
dick-richardson_bugs_maemo: it's bug have a sec to make sure it looks right?08:42
_MonkeyBug 1904 might be found at
*** _bugs_maemo is now known as timelyx08:49
*** unique311 has joined #maemo08:49
timelyxdick-richardson: in bluetooth what icon does your phone have?08:50
timelyxum, i suppose i should give you some samples...08:50
timelyxi need to go08:50
timelyxi'll be back in ~90mins08:50
timelyxanyway, i'm almost done reorging bugzilla08:50
timelyxi kindly ask people not to file bugs in components not listed in the reorg pages08:50
timelyxas i'll just have to move them later08:50
dick-richardsonit's got a little computer behind the bluetooth logo08:52
timelyxespecially don't file bugs in applications:utilties, that's been replaced by applications:{whichever}08:53
timelyxhrm, that's probably the problem08:53
timelyxanyway, i'll be back later to help you report the exact filename or something08:53
*** k-s has quit IRC08:55
*** philipl has joined #maemo08:55
*** netx has joined #maemo08:56
*** jacques has quit IRC08:57
*** netx has quit IRC09:00
*** netx has joined #maemo09:00
*** philipl has quit IRC09:38
*** rocketman has joined #maemo09:45
rocketmanHas anyone been able to order a replacement N800 stylus from Nokia ever?09:45
*** tko has joined #maemo10:02
rocketmanWow, talkative bunch10:11
rocketmanSo, anyone heard any good jokes lately?10:11
*** setite has joined #maemo10:16
*** vidarino has quit IRC10:16
timelyxdick-richardson: ok, i'm back10:17
timelyxso, things to do:10:17
timelyx1. get the specific firmware version from your phone10:17
timelyx2. get the phone to indicate which bluetooth profiles it supports10:17
timelyx3. ask the n800 to tell you what it knows about the bluetooth device10:18
timelyx4. lemme see if i can find the icon info10:18
*** bipolar has quit IRC10:19
*** bipolar has joined #maemo10:20
timelyxekim|irc_: looks like adria is in sardine, at least, looks an awful like adria10:20
_Monkeyniihau, sbz10:21
timelyxekim|irc_: note the copyright statement10:21
timelyxin fact, that pretty much precludes me including it in my cross reference10:21
timelyxpretty nasty license, but hey, i didn't write it :)10:22
sbzthere is a way to admin the n800 via ssh with usb wire ? because the wifi connection is to low to transfert :/10:22
timelyxsbz: yes10:22
*** rocketman has quit IRC10:23
timelyxyou need to read some wiki docs about usbnet10:23
sbzdo you have a link ?10:23
timelyxno, you have google?10:23
timelyxdick-richardson: browse through the qgn_list_btno_ and tell me which matches10:25
sbz okay i found, thanks timelyx10:25
*** keesj has joined #maemo10:31
*** tso has joined #maemo10:38
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC10:41
*** melmoth has joined #maemo10:44
*** keesj_ has quit IRC10:47
*** netx has quit IRC10:47
*** amr_ has joined #maemo10:59
*** AD-N770 has joined #maemo11:03
*** mbuf has quit IRC11:04
*** amr has quit IRC11:11
*** booiiing has quit IRC11:13
*** zodman has quit IRC11:15
*** booiiing has joined #maemo11:16
*** netx has joined #maemo11:16
*** unique311 has quit IRC11:25
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC11:42
*** yllus has joined #maemo11:46
*** Pinguozz has joined #maemo11:50
*** setite has quit IRC11:56
timelyxusers ask for way too many features11:59
dolskeIf only there was a feature to prevent that.12:00
*** sully has quit IRC12:03
timelyxsomeone a while ago complained about mnotify and gmail http v. https, bug 1173 covers it12:04
_MonkeyBug 1173 might be found at
timelyxoh great12:07
timelyxthere's pr0n in bugs.maemo.org12:07
timelyxand not just pr0n, but really offensive stuff12:07
*** amr_ has quit IRC12:10
`0660which bug is it? :)12:10
`0660request for improvement of the sample images provided with the firmware?12:12
* timelyx waits for `0660 to load it :)12:15
`0660access denied :)12:16
`0660so it's some sort of private stuff from the admins for the admins? :P12:16
timelyxno, it's from a random account12:16
timelyxand it has, well.. pr0n12:16
timelyxor rather, links to pr0n12:17
timelyxi've burried it12:17
timelyxsorry, you can probably find the same pr0n on most bugzillas12:17
timelyxi haven't checked to see if it's the same guy for each bugzilla, but i have heard about it12:17
`0660free hosting! :)12:18
timelyxno actually12:18
timelyxthe host offsite12:18
timelyxthey merely attach html pages that have redirects12:18
timelyxit's basically a clever way of working around black/white lists12:18
timelyxat least, that's what i've heard about it, i haven't checked this specific instance12:18
timelyxwhich has um... something like 30 attachments of the same file12:19
timelyxi'll use a different non html aware browser (aka view-source: ) when i want to fix the files12:19
*** Gigabites has quit IRC12:20
* timelyx curses12:20
timelyx849 is annoying12:20
*** kikka has joined #maemo12:20
timelyxit has no business living in utilties12:20
kikkagood morning.12:21
timelyxbut, we don't have a place for it to live in yet, so i can't kill utilities until i find it a nice new home :(12:21
*** Gigabites has joined #maemo12:24
`0660wouldn't it be easier to just fix it? :)12:24
timelyxbugs need homes12:25
timelyxfixed or not, they still need homes12:25
`0660cannot xterm disable auto complete?12:25
timelyxboy, the user experience of backup in os2006 sucks12:25
sbzthere is a way to do a video screenshot ? it seems osso-screenshot-tool doesn't support video screenshot ? any have an idea ?12:25
zuhExternal video camera :)12:26
sbzi have juste a green square insted of image12:26
timelyxsbz: use a for loop and osso-screenshot-tool12:26
timelyxthen use ms gif animator :)12:26
timelyxuse "sleep 5" between interations :)12:27
timelyxpost the script when you're done12:27
timelyxanyone here speak german?12:28
* timelyx is too lazy to pretend atm12:28
melmothi wish i did...i m learning it :)12:28
timelyxthat might do12:28
sbzhi melmoth12:28
melmothhi there sbz12:29
timelyxthere's a bug in "Nokia 770:Utilities" that talks about backup and german12:29
timelyxcan you try to reproduce what the reporter describes?12:29
timelyxi suspect it's a localization bug12:29
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo12:29
timelyxor feature12:29
melmothif i understand what he says, and can play with it on the n80012:29
melmothurl ?12:29
melmothbz 225 and 247 ? about the time zone ?12:30
timelyxit's about backup12:31
melmothno, so it s nto those one .12:32
melmoth293 Restore resource is wrong in backup application.12:32
devtimelyx: I do12:33
timelyxsee melmoth's bug number12:33
* timelyx grumbles12:34
timelyxthere's no busybox component12:34
melmothok, can i swtich this tablet in german ? :)12:34
timelyxopen control panel12:34
melmothhilfe hilfe12:34
timelyxfind the flag (language & region)12:35
melmothgot it12:35
timelyxchange the first drop down (device language)12:35
_Monkeytimelyx: that doesn't look right12:35
*** _Monkey has quit IRC12:35
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo12:35
timelyxdie _Monkey12:35
*** sully has joined #maemo12:35
*** yllus has quit IRC12:36
* timelyx sighs12:36
timelyx653 asks for gestures12:36
timelyxchange the first drop down (device language)12:36
_Monkeytimelyx: that doesn't look right12:36
*** _Monkey has quit IRC12:36
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo12:36
timelyxcool, now i can kill _Monkey whenever i feel like it12:36
timelyxbad _Monkey12:36
devtimelyx: I think you can close this one12:37
melmothworks for me (the label is wiederherstellen)12:37
timelyxcan you guys fill in precise steps to reproduce12:37
timelyxthat includes the os version you're using12:37
timelyxi'll follow them at work and figure out which version fixed it or something12:37
melmothohh, i just relaise that Wiederhestellen (backup) share a word with Wiederhsen (see you again/good bye) :))12:41
melmoththanks for the german lesson maemo :)12:41
*** vidar has joined #maemo12:43
* timelyx frowns12:43
timelyxso, where do i put invalid bugs about products not hosted by maemo?12:43
*** konttori has joined #maemo12:55
*** edistar has joined #maemo13:04
edistardoes anyone know what the middle pin of the battery connection is?13:05
*** muzero has joined #maemo13:06
muzerohi to all13:06
muzeroi have a little problem installing packages on nokia 770... "dep package for armel and not for arm" and "i need maemo package for requisites"13:08
timelyxmuzero: you understand that arm and armel aren't compatible, right?13:09
muzerowhere i can find "maemo" package to resolv dependencies?13:09
muzerobut i downloaded a nokia 770 deb package13:09
muzerosry for noob question13:09
sbzpoint on .install link when you can, it's more easier to install, link like that for example to install an xterm13:13
*** yllus has joined #maemo13:13
*** sully has quit IRC13:13
muzerook thx13:14
muzeroi dont understand why i'm missing maemo package...13:15
sbzmuzero: otherwise to resolv dependencies you can use "apt" on your shell13:15
timelyxmuzero: could you possibly specify the 770 deb's url13:15
timelyxwe don't understand what you're saying13:16
timelyxand if we could read the actual deb, life would be a lot clearer13:16
muzeroi'm trying to install Cacao jvm13:17
muzerocacao depends by classhpath, and classhpath by maemo13:17
timelyxsbz: i don't suppose you can look?13:18
* timelyx doesn't really feel like finding a .deb aware platform13:18
*** veli2 has quit IRC13:25
*** booiiing has quit IRC13:29
timelyxmuzero: atm i'm wearing a hat that says "i reorganize bugs" it doesn't include "i speak debian"13:38
timelyxi have a newbie hat at work which says something like "i can almost vaguely understand how to hurt myself with debian packages as tko can attest", but it's not quite the hat you're looking for13:39
muzerook thanks anyway13:41
*** konttori has quit IRC13:43
*** booiiing has joined #maemo13:44
timelyxis itt usually painfully slow to load?13:45
*** muzero has quit IRC13:48
roopeIt varies.13:51
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo14:10
*** edistar has quit IRC14:16
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:17
*** ChrisJTortoise has joined #maemo14:23
*** slomo has joined #maemo14:25
*** Andy80 has left #maemo14:28
*** ZenGeist has joined #maemo14:28
ZenGeisthi all14:28
ZenGeistI think there is many Linuxers14:28
ZenGeistAnd my question is...14:29
ZenGeisthow I can convert avi for N800 by Linux14:29
*** booiiing has joined #maemo14:30
melmothi use 770-encode14:33
*** Sho_ has joined #maemo14:35
*** red-zack has joined #maemo14:38
*** konttori has joined #maemo14:39
*** booiiing has quit IRC14:46
*** konttori has quit IRC14:53
*** vims0r has joined #maemo14:55
*** VimSi has quit IRC14:55
*** Zword_AFK is now known as Zword15:20
*** tso has quit IRC15:27
*** MCCob has joined #maemo15:28
*** mlpug has quit IRC15:31
*** pupnik_ has joined #maemo15:32
dick-richardsontimelyx: you still on? your link isn't working for me:
timelyxyeah, sorry, someone complained that my server contained content it shouldn't have had15:34
timelyxwhich means we'll have to get you browsing the file system, got a working web browser on your device?15:34
dick-richardsonhere's the info on my phone:
dick-richardsonon the phone I just have the15:36
dick-richardson  Supported Profiles: HSP, HFP, DUN15:36
dick-richardsonversion 2.015:36
timelyxok, open web browser on device15:36
timelyxin the location bar, type /usr and tap the go button15:36
timelyxscroll to and tap in order:15:37
timelyx share, icons, hicolor, 26x26, hildon15:37
timelyxappmenu>tools>find on page15:37
timelyxbtno (tap find go button)15:38
timelyxopen each btno file in turn until you find the one that matches how bluetooth shows your phone15:38
dick-richardsonkk, looking at 'em now15:38
timelyxshould hopefully get you your firmware version15:40
dick-richardsonI'm telling you which one matches the icon for the phone on the n80015:40
timelyxthe goal is to provide as much information as you can in advance of someone actually getting your phone15:40
dick-richardsonin the bluetooth section...the key...qgn_list_btno_authorized_new.png15:42
dick-richardsonthat's what I see when I click control panel --> bluetooth --> devices15:42
*** pupnik has quit IRC15:44
dick-richardsongo to that url on the phone?15:44
timelyxno, any web browser15:44
timelyxit's instructions15:44
timelyxsorry, i should have specified15:44
dick-richardsonthe bluetooth profiles look right?15:45
timelyxum. sorry, i'm a browser dev15:46
timelyxi only know bluetooth profiles when i read them in devices :)15:46
dick-richardsonnp, you want software version? hardware version? both?15:46
sp3000speaking of which, the mangle to width mode really likes to scroll to top a lot15:46
sbz, really fun15:46
timelyxi take as much information as i can get, so "both" is always the right answer15:47
dick-richardsons/w: u420.zh0915:47
timelyxnote: you don't really need to tell me in the channel, it's sufficient to collect the information15:47
timelyxand then add all of it to an additional comment in the bug15:47
timelyx(one comment, all the information)15:47
dick-richardsongotcha...add to the bug...little slow this morning15:47
timelyxit's nearly 4pm here, and i've been reorganizing bugzilla since 10:30pm last night15:48
dick-richardsonthat's dedication15:52
dick-richardsonSupported profiles with a link to the phone specs, the icon listed in the bluetooth control panel, and the s/w and h/w versions of the phone - anything else?15:55
timelyxoh right, other devices/platforms you have that do work w/ it15:55
timelyxespecially linux related creatures15:55
dick-richardsonalright, only thing is a holux gps receiver15:56
timelyxif you have such things, figure out which library/version is providing that compatibility15:56
timelyxnah, i mean, does your laptop pair w/ the phone15:56
timelyxor your desktop15:56
dick-richardsonahh, nothing else I have has bluetooth :(15:56
*** juco2 has joined #maemo15:58
timelyxok, i can't think of anything else15:58
timelyxthe regional list is bigger than the Localization list16:04
sp3000hmm, microb 1.0.1 (per about:), microb-browser 0.0.8-3 (package) o_O16:07
*** matt_c has quit IRC16:08
timelyxyeah well, um. bug romaxa16:09
* timelyx tries to remember which things Norske/Norge are16:10
timelyxthey're the fun ones, right?16:10
sp3000I presume the 1.0.1 is the less useful one, since things probably require 0.0.8-3 to increment16:10
sp3000norwegians? dunno, haven't tried really16:11
timelyxsp3000: i don't suppose you remember if we ship bokmal or nynorsk?16:11
timelyx(question's open to everyone)16:11
sp3000oh, darn, gotta rescue laundry, brb16:11
whaqhey guys, is there a way to set Claws email to replace the default osso mailer?16:18
sp3000wee, fx decided to swap to death on google :D16:21
timelyxwhaq: well, nokia is replacing claws16:22
timelyxso it must be possible16:22
*** dragorn has quit IRC16:22
*** dragorn has joined #maemo16:23
timelyxyou can look at how they did it16:23
timelyxdon't ask me the name, i can't remember :), i think it's modest (tinymail)16:23
timelyxsp3000: so, any idea where localizations would be?16:23
whaqtimelyx: what do you mean? Is Nokia replacing the default email w/ Claws?16:24
whaqoh yeah, i read that (tinymail)16:24
timelyxoh sorry, replacing whatever w/ i think tinymail16:24
timelyx*shrug* point is it's being replaced16:24
timelyxso it must be possible :)16:24
timelyxit's all gconf / .desktop magic16:25
* timelyx frowns16:25
whaqWell yes, it's possible to code anything on an open platform that they're developing :P16:25
timelyxisn't no-no the incorrect thing?16:25
timelyxafaik we can currently swap mailers16:25
whaqcan? so that it reposponds to the 'new mail' shortcut on the home screen menu and also new-mail indicator there?16:26
timelyxi'd assume so16:28
timelyxpersonally, i've never really used either of them16:28
timelyxthe most i got w/ the old one was a bug in the account setup wizard16:28
timelyxand w/ the new one, i just pointed out that the details dialog was narrower than the message window for content that was wider16:29
timelyxthat's as far as i got16:29
timelyxi haven't even bothered to give either mail accounts16:29
whaqI've installed claws, and it acts like a completely independent standalone mail apps. It does not affect the default mail at all.16:30
erstaziwhaq: do you have a 770 or n800?16:30
whaqerstazi: n80016:30
erstaziwhaq: ok, nevermind16:30
whaqerstazi: ok16:30
erstaziI was going to say something pertaining to OS2006 but I don't know if it holds true for OS200716:30
whaqerstazi: i wouldn't mind knowing that, do share please16:31
erstaziwhaq: nah I don't want to brick your device!16:31
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo16:31
erstaziwhaq: and if you edit the gconf and .desktop, it should do the trick16:31
whaqerstazi: ooh, now u gotta tell me what that was :P16:31
whaqerstazi: i'm going to set sd-boot within this week. I'll be able to afford to mess things up more afterward.16:32
erstaziwhaq: well, I think gconf and .desktop take higher presedence over applications.menu16:32
infoboterstazi meant: whaq: well, I think gconf and .desktop take higher precedence over applications.menu16:33
whaqthe bot makes a useful retype monkey too, eh16:33
whaqok, will try that out16:34
erstaziwhaq: yeah I would focus on the gconf and .desktop16:34
erstaziwhaq: timelyx knows more on that information than I do (:16:35
timelyxi really don't16:36
timelyxunless happens to index modest16:36
timelyxin which case, anyone here could look16:36
timelyxyippee, lightning16:37
* timelyx considers going to a movie16:37
sp3000wonder if I'm going to run out of router ports tonight :P16:38
* timelyx grins16:38
* sp3000 waits for the kernel on the laptop to take a moment from paging and ho reboot16:39
sp3000go even16:39
*** mlpug has joined #maemo16:39
JaffaMorning, all16:39
erstazimorning Jaffa16:40
whaqis there any particular online documentation about gconf & .desktop to consult? (I haven't googled yet)16:41
timelyxsp3000: can you find a place for bug 191 to die in16:42
_MonkeyBug 191 might be found at
timelyxwhaq: personally browse through .desktop files :)16:42
whaqtimelyx: thakn you, will do16:42
timelyxi think find isn't working16:42
timelyxnot sure, maybe it does16:42
timelyxoh, it's /gnome/ that doesn't work16:43
timelyxgarage should, so yeah, use find?string=\.desktop :)16:43
timelyxif you're curious about a certain line, try:16:43
whaqyup, got it16:44
timelyxthe sources aren't necessarily current, but there should be links at the top of each source file to something like VC Log16:45
timelyxor VC Blame16:45
timelyxwhich should get you to the svn system16:45
*** dick-richardson has quit IRC16:45
sp3000timelyx: desktop / user interaction is the closest I can think of16:47
whaqisn't .desktop used for desktop applets?16:48
sp3000or system / general16:48
whaqhow does it affect the menu items? (Web & Contacts, in particular the email related entries in Contact)16:49
*** Pinguozz has quit IRC16:50
timelyxsp3000: i'll buy the former16:50
straindAnyone have any information on connecting to bluetooth devices (other than phone or gps)?16:52
* sp3000 gives the laptop the power key16:53
Jaffatimelyx: definitely liking watching the ripple of Bugzilla notifications during your re-org. Making a lot of sense :)16:54
*** kikka has quit IRC16:55
sp3000what the heck16:55
sp3000does ubuntu disable cad somewhere?!16:56
timelyxJaffa: cool16:58
timelyxi'm at the sucky parts now16:58
timelyxi might actually call it a day, go out for a movie and ask for help16:58
MCCobanyone manage to install recent Micro-B for Maemo 2006 (Nokia 770) ?16:59
timelyxJaffa: actually, instead of that16:59
sp3000for a moment there I thought there was smoke coming out of my ears but turns out it was just lunch16:59
timelyxcan you look through  and figure out what i'm missing?16:59
timelyxso far, help application, documentation, and input methods are missing17:00
*** jumpula has quit IRC17:00
Jaffawill do. Just got to get to my desk ;-)17:00
Jaffa(in the middle of dramatic sorting of our study)17:00
*** Andy80 has left #maemo17:01
timelyxoh, i'm looking for suggestions about where those should live17:02
timelyxi've put help into applications17:02
timelyxbut documentation and input methods, um..17:02
*** Wodger has joined #Maemo17:02
JaffaDocumentation should either be top-level or under "Web site"17:02
*** lmoura has joined #maemo17:02
JaffaInput Methods: top-level (not best), or System Software?17:02
timelyxi'll go w/ top level for documentation17:03
timelyxsystem software is where i was leaning for the other17:03
JaffaAgreed. That's best, I think.17:03
MCCobAnyone have Nokia 770 ? :)17:04
timelyxMCCob: i'm running 2.2006, microb requires 3.200617:04
timelyxi haven't gotten around to poking romaxa enough or trying to fix it17:04
MCCobwhat is 3.2006 ?17:04
timelyxi'm running 3.2007 w/ microb (microb requires 4.2007)17:05
timelyxlatest :)17:05
MCCobMicro-b not longer require 2007 !17:05
MCCobsee :
timelyxyes, that's for 2006, not 200717:05
MCCobyes :)17:06
timelyxbut it requires 3.2006, and i have 2.2006, so no microb for me17:06
MCCobwhere we can see that ?17:06
_Monkeythat is probably something that no one else has done yet17:06
MCCob3.2006 or 2.2006 ?17:06
timelyxcontrol panel>device>about product17:06
timelyx_Monkey forget that17:06
_Monkeytimelyx: I forgot that17:06
timelyx_Monkey that is <reply>17:06
_MonkeyOK, timelyx.17:06
timelyx3 or 717:07
timelyx2 or 117:07
_Monkeyrumour has it 3.2006.49-2 is the last (final) version of OS 2006 so you're up to date17:07
timelyxchange the first drop down (device language)17:07
_Monkeytimelyx: that doesn't look right17:07
*** _Monkey has quit IRC17:07
* timelyx doesn't like _17:07
*** ryanfaerman has joined #maemo17:08
timelyxsp3000: ok, how about things like 2317:08
MCCob<timelyx> change the first drop down (device language) it is for manage to install micro-b ?17:08
timelyxMCCob: how to kill _Monkey in one easy step17:08
MCCobok lol17:09
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo17:10
timelyxsp3000: how do herring/sardine relate to 3.0?17:12
timelyxoh right...17:13
timelyxJaffa, if you have time, pick a js enabled browser, load
erstazi_Monkey became intelligent!17:13
_Monkeyerstazi: excuse me?17:13
timelyxerstazi: he learned how to run away from me, yes :)17:13
erstazitimelyx: heh17:13
Jaffatimelyx: on a Maemo device?17:13
timelyxclick each product in turn and figure out which products have versions that are inconsistent17:13
timelyxJaffa: no, any browser will do17:14
JaffaAh, cool17:14
erstaziugh, not a good day today17:14
sp3000timelyx: no idea, it's all fish to me17:14
erstazitimelyx: how are the bugs going?17:14
timelyxerstazi: slowly atm17:14
timelyxthey refuse to have good places to live17:15
erstazitimelyx: if you would like help, I can assist17:15
timelyxerstazi: i think at this point i'll take it17:15
timelyxa few notes:17:15
timelyx1. don't comment in bugs17:15
erstaziI need some Guinness17:15
timelyx2. before you start working, edit prefs17:15
sp3000timelyx: 23? dev plat / rootstrap I think17:15
timelyxclick permissions17:15
erstazitimelyx: heh17:16
timelyxmake sure you have editubgs17:16
timelyxif you don't, tell me17:16
timelyxsame goes to the rest of you living people17:16
timelyxyou dead people can stay dead for all i care :)17:16
Jaffatimelyx: dosfstools, installer, other have inconsistencies and shouldn't be there anyway (IMHO). sdk-* shouldn't be there either. Not sure about "herring" and "sardine" in "System software". Shouldn't all the products go up to the announced 5.0 series?17:16
erstazitimelyx: btw, just curious, how many bugs are there total? (don't have to look, just wondering if you knew off the top of your head)17:16
timelyxslightly over 190017:16
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo17:16
timelyxi filed 1900 on friday17:16
erstazitimelyx: thats not bad at all considering the amount of people who use these devices17:17
erstazitimelyx: I was expecting more (:17:17
timelyxwe have ~530 bug reporters17:17
erstazitimelyx: does that include back when OS2005 was alive and common?17:17
timelyxand <90 assignees17:17
timelyxerstazi: this includes everything17:18
erstazitimelyx: thats about the ratio of what other large projects have17:18
erstazibut having more assignees cannot hurt (:17:18
timelyxoh, i need to create dummy accounts for applications17:18
timelyxi should do that next17:18
*** _guardian has joined #maemo17:19
erstazihi _guardian17:19
timelyxoh right17:20
timelyxone thing i need to do when i'm done is make a bunch of the old qa contacts watch the new ones17:20
timelyxooh, there is an "im"17:22
* timelyx sighs17:22
timelyxwhat a clever name for a component17:22
erstazitimelyx: what server-side language does bugs.* use?17:22
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo17:23
timelyxbugzilla = perl17:23
erstazihi alex-weej17:23
erstazitimelyx: ah we had this talk then, I was verifying that its so17:23
erstaziwell I am going to relax17:25
* sp3000 sets some vm ulimits17:25
*** alex-weej has quit IRC17:26
roope   :)17:26
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo17:26
*** Firehand has quit IRC17:27
*** Firehand has joined #maemo17:27
*** WhisperingVoices has joined #maemo17:27
erstaziroope: heh17:28
erstazisp3000: vm as in virtual machine?17:28
WhisperingVoicesHey all. Any Nokia N800 users have time to talk to me privately?17:28
timelyxvirtual memory17:28
sp3000erstazi: memory, such that fx doesn't dos my laptop with swapping when it goes for a loop17:29
erstazisp3000: heh17:29
erstaziI understand virtual memory, just got my brain on virtual machines at the moment17:29
timelyxerstazi: see, sp3000's laptop doesn't have 4gb of ram17:29
erstazieasy portability with them and thin clients make life easier in some aspect17:30
timelyxso he can't do what i do when firefox wants 4gb :)17:30
erstazitimelyx: neither does mine17:30
timelyx(i.e. i ignore firefox)17:30
erstazitimelyx: heh17:30
timelyxerstazi: fwiw, on linux, you don't actually get 4gb firefoxes (2gb limit)17:31
erstazitimelyx: I am on Linux (:17:32
timelyxoh right...17:34
timelyxJaffa/ sp3000: i'm considering moving all the tableteer stuff to their own product17:34
jufowhere i can find vmware easy-to-use maemo 3.2 sdk image?17:36
*** guardian_ has quit IRC17:36
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo17:36
*** Andy80 has left #maemo17:37
jufothis one is latest version?
*** adoyle_ has joined #maemo17:37
ekim|irc_I cant decide17:37
ekim|irc_red Pill or Blue Pill17:37
*** adoyle_ has quit IRC17:37
ekim|irc_Thats a cdoes blue pill do anything , or is it just there to be funny17:37
timelyxundoes redpill17:38
*** adoyle has quit IRC17:38
timelyxhow else do you expect to get out of the rabbit hole?17:38
*** adoyle has joined #maemo17:38
ekim|irc_Why would I want to get oout of therabit hole17:38
ekim|irc_I would never catch the rabbitr17:38
ekim|irc_maybe he could teach me how to type :)17:38
ekim|irc_red pill is soocool17:39
whaqrabbit teaches reading..17:39
erstaziekim|irc_: having fingers first helps (:17:39
ekim|irc_so thats where all those packages are17:39
whaqit's mavis beacon if you need typing help17:39
timelyxthere were a couple of competitors to mavis17:39
ekim|irc_twust mee I kan tyez gud17:39
timelyxi can't remember their names, but i do remember using them17:39
ekim|irc_Like regular linux packages17:40
ekim|irc_like gcc and automake17:40
ekim|irc_the "Good Stuff"17:40
erstaziekim|irc_: is your speech good? you could always use speech to text17:40
ekim|irc_Not just the safe stuff17:40
ekim|irc_Ahh...text to speech never works for me17:40
whaqwell, mavis beacon is quite closely related to aunt jemima17:40
erstaziekim|irc_: thats because you cannot type, try speech to text heh17:40
*** kikka has joined #maemo17:40
ekim|irc_they both need to go get stuck in that rabit hole...17:41
ekim|irc_although...I do like waffles :)17:41
ekim|irc_Here we go17:41
ekim|irc_a bash package17:41
whaqthey're both imaginary characters..17:41
ekim|irc_nice , nice17:41
* erstazi like waffles, also17:41
ekim|irc_I cant believe this17:41
ekim|irc_canolia doesn't have an i18n package or esperanto17:42
ZenGeistzengeist@spectre ~ $ ./ --preset=best 28.nedel.spustja.DVDRip.avi 28.nedel.spustja.n800.avi17:44
ZenGeistFailed to get movie info.17:44
*** kikka has left #maemo17:44
*** kikka has joined #maemo17:45
ZenGeistWhat's wrong?17:45
*** konttori has joined #maemo17:47
JaffaZenGeist: what happens if you do mplayer 28.nedel.spustja.DVDRip.avi ?17:47
JaffaSimilarly, `which mencoder'17:47
Jaffatimelyx: happy for me to move #1695 to the "User interface" component?17:48
timelyxdon't forget to select reassign17:49
timelyxwoohoo, my n800 rebooted17:49
Jaffatimelyx: it's currently unassigned, so no issue there ;). What about "QA contact" (currently (and shouldn't that really be an @nokia or @opera (ideally) address)?17:50
*** jonty_ has joined #maemo17:51
timelyxJaffa: select the (*) reassign to defaults17:51
timelyxbugzilla will do the rest17:51
timelyxi'll explain in a blog how the reorg works when i'm done17:51
Jaffatimelyx: only got "leave as new", unless I'm being particularly blind.17:51
timelyxbut in short if you load
timelyxJaffa: what's your bugmail account17:52
timelyxremember my earlier request17:52
timelyxif you don't have editbugs, tell me your account name17:52
Jaffaah, no. andrew@bleb.org17:52
JaffaBugzilla's permissions model is seriously broken in the UI dept if it has enabled drop-downs for something you're not allowed to do.17:53
timelyxok, reload permissions and the bug17:53
Jaffa<mutter />17:53
JaffaTick, tick. Ta :)17:53
timelyxnewer versions show you fewer drop downs when you can't change things17:53
timelyxnot sure if it's perfect17:53
timelyxbut bugs.maemo is fairly old17:53
timelyxand i'm usually a fairly powerful user17:54
timelyxi intend to remove canconfirm from normal users too, i haven't yet17:54
timelyxw/o canconfirm, people will see the enter_bug.cgi?format=guided instead of what you see17:55
timelyxanyway, new qa contacts are "watchable", they get no mail of their own, but you can fill their names into the field in the email tab url to get the mail they would get according to your preferences17:56
timelyxcan someone w/ microb try loading...
*** Pinguozz has joined #maemo17:58
timelyxmy devices don't seem to like my phone17:58
Blacksitoxbuenos dias :)17:58
_Monkeyque tal, Blacksitox17:58
*** b0unc3_ has joined #maemo17:58
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC17:59
Blacksitoxhey _Monkey hablas espaƱol ? :O17:59
Blacksitoxspeak spanish ? xD18:00
timelyxno, nosotros no hablamos espanol18:00
sp3000garage isn't talking to me18:01
sp3000heh, funny feature in the browser ui18:02
Blacksitoxtimelyx, de donde eres ?18:02
Blacksitoxes que poco o nada se ingles, por eso ni escribo :P18:02
* Blacksitox tiene que entrar a clases de ingles mas seguido :p18:02
timelyxde los estados unidos ...18:03
sp3000while it's 'connecting', tap the, 'go' button again18:03
*** Pinguozz has quit IRC18:03
Blacksitoxtimelyx, pff yo soy de Bolivia18:03
*** Pinguozz has joined #maemo18:03
sp3000the indeterminate progress for 'connecting' goes faster each press :D18:03
timelyxfile a bug :)18:03
* timelyx sings ~another one bites the dust~18:06
*** Cwiiis has joined #maemo18:06
* timelyx ponders18:07
timelyxsp3000: think connectivity would mind if i gave it a DNS component? :)18:07
*** NetBlade has joined #maemo18:09
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC18:13
timelyxooh, i can make my own ICD component18:15
*** zumbi_ has joined #maemo18:15
timelyx"This component is here so that timeless can complain about it sucking"18:16
sp3000Bluetooth for problems recognizing, detecting, interoperating with bluetooth devices?18:17
*** b0unc3_ is now known as b0unc318:17
sp3000s/Bluetooth for problems //18:17
infobotsp3000 meant: recognizing, detecting, interoperating with bluetooth devices?18:17
timelyxthink i'm missing an "and" somewhere?18:17
*** pupnik_ is now known as pupnik18:17
sp3000s/, inter/, and inter/18:17
infobotsp3000 meant: Bluetooth for problems recognizing, detecting, and interoperating with bluetooth devices?18:17
sp3000infobot: you silly bot, you don't do subsequent substs?18:18
*** Wodger has quit IRC18:18
* timelyx tries to remember how to kill infobot's\18:18
timelyxinfobot: change the first drop down (device language)18:18
_Monkeytimelyx: that doesn't look right18:18
*** _Monkey has quit IRC18:18
infobotthat doesn't look right18:18
timelyxdarn, it only kills one18:18
*** _Monkey has joined #maemo18:20
*** matt_c has joined #maemo18:23
*** cambba has joined #maemo18:23
*** zumbi has quit IRC18:28
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo18:28
*** matt_c has quit IRC18:33
*** philipl has joined #maemo18:34
*** veli2 has joined #maemo18:37
timelyxoh, that's funny18:39
timelyxwe have Rhapsody and Camera, but not Skype18:39
* timelyx sighs18:39
timelyxok, poll18:39
timelyxis Skype Communications?18:40
*** X-Fade has quit IRC18:40
JaffaYes. I tshould be.18:41
timelyxwe have Applications and Communication18:43
timelyxshould it be Communications?18:43
Jaffa"Applications" contains application X, application Y and application Z; so it's plural. "Communication" is describing an activity18:44
timelyxit's about time for me to go18:46
timelyxtodo list for you guys:18:46
timelyxempty (nokia 770/applications):(core/desktop/hardware/ User interface and graphics and style)18:47
*** kikka has quit IRC18:48
*** setite has joined #maemo18:48
timelyxalso nokia 770:(browser/connectivity/messaging/utilities)18:48
timelyxmessaging goes to communication18:48
timelyxutilities go to applications:{whichever app}18:49
timelyxconnectivity and browser are products18:49
timelyxdesktop is a product18:49
timelyxcore is either desktop or system-something18:49
timelyxhardware, um, good luck18:49
setitehow do i assort my apps18:50
setiteon an n80018:50
setiteall of them being in extras is annoying18:50
timelyxopen control panel18:50
setitei'd like to make some new categories18:50
timelyxopen naviation18:50
timelyxclick organize18:50
setitebingo.. thanks18:50
*** lmoura has quit IRC18:52
timelyxfkb and vkb now live in system software18:52
timelyxhopefully that's enough for you guys to play w/18:53
* timelyx will be back in 1-6 hours18:53
*** konttori has quit IRC18:55
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo18:57
_Monkeyhi, Tahitibob18:57
Tahitiboblittle question about the N800 :18:57
Tahitibobare the card slots hotplug ?18:58
setiteseem to be...18:58
setitenot sure what you mean though18:58
setiteive never heard of memory cards not being hotplug18:58
Tahitibobcan i add and remove mmc cards whem the N800 is on18:58
setitean mmc card that has the OS you booted too?18:59
setiteor just an mmc with media or docs on it18:59
Tahitibobonly for data18:59
setiteactually either way im not sure.. i use SD... and i dunno if mmc is somehow different18:59
setitei know i can pull sd cards out at will18:59
setiteand put new ones in and canola will sense and read them... as does the nokia itself19:00
setiteis mmc different?19:00
Tahitibobok, I try now19:00
* sp3000 takes a knife to a microsd adapter19:00
setiteanyone having vnc problems19:00
sp3000I need to make a groove for a fingernail :)19:00
setitei cant tell which end im having problems on19:01
setitei cant get into my main rig through vnc even with teh ports forwarded19:01
setiteok a port check shows the port is closed19:02
Tahitibobok, i see messages (wihtdmesg) when inserting the mcc19:02
Tahitibobbut the N800 does not recognize it19:03
setitenot showing int he file manager?19:03
setiteso it senses the card... but doesnt append the card to the list of devices in teh file manager19:04
setite.... car is confirmed to be formatted in a linux friendly FS?19:04
*** kupesoft has joined #maemo19:05
red-zackwitch file manager do you guys use?19:05
Tahitibobit an old mmc card, 32 Mo19:05
kupesoftI've noticed a bizarre connectivity issue with the n800. When connected to a Atheros (madwifi) / WPA access point, the connection is completely flaky and barely works (I can't even ping the n800 from the network) because it constantly disconnected. Then when I connect to a OpenWRT router (broadcom) with WEP, it works as expected. What's wrong here?19:06
kupesoftBoth networks work fine with other computers,19:06
setitei use the default red-zack is there a better one19:07
*** philipl has quit IRC19:07
setitei want one that shows my /bin and shit19:07
setiteopenwrt is good.. madwifi is shite?19:08
setitewell computers are a great deal more forgiving than portable hardware19:08
*** _guardian has quit IRC19:08
setitenothing on the forum about atheros connectivity issues?19:09
*** ChrisJTortoise has quit IRC19:09
setiteman i love ddwrt but someone in the irc channel needs to wake the hell up19:09
setiteive been having port forwarding issues that are driving me nuts19:09
setitei need vnc19:09
sp3000ah well, as usual, the head of a refillable pencil turns out to be a superior grooving tool19:10
kupesoftI turned off hostapd on the madwifi network, with WEP + madwifi, same problem.19:13
kupesoftI think it's a hardware issue?19:13
kupesoftAtheros + n800 = :(19:13
setitewhy use wep anyway19:14
setitei like wpa19:14
setitei think wpa can be cracked too though... now19:14
kupesoftsetite: Only if jack the ripper can guess your passphrase19:14
* sp3000 had this issue with a few laptops that wouldn't really find an ap at one end of the available channel spectrum, moving to the other end helped19:15
setiteya your right... i just read up on the wpa crack19:16
setitei feel safe again19:16
*** Pinguozz is now known as Pinguozzz19:16
setitei use wpa and mac filtering19:16
setiteand i dont broadcast my ssid19:16
setitewhich seems to be makign my sirius stilletto angry19:17
setiteit seems unable to see unbroadcast ssid19:17
setiteeven if configured already19:17
setitejack the ripper eh19:17
sp3000ahh, someone's packaged netcat19:19
* sp3000 hugs19:19
setiteso im reading that radius is harder to crach than psk19:20
*** timelE61i has joined #maemo19:20
setiteanyoen familiar with radius19:20
setitemy router supports it.. should i enable it19:20
timelE61ido you have a radius server?19:20
melmothkjbad are you here ?19:21
sp3000hrm, I can't have netcat keep listening on a port after a connection ends can I :\19:21
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC19:22
setiteradius server?19:22
timelE61iyou should be able to...19:22
setitewhat do you mean by radius server19:23
melmothis it me or there are lots of issue about install manager telling an already installed package is not installed recently ?19:23
setitebrb im gonna reboot my router to see if that fixes my nat19:23
*** setite has quit IRC19:24
*** setite has joined #maemo19:24
setitek back19:25
setitelets hope vnc works now19:25
setiteis my port forwarding failing?19:25
setitemaybe the only forwarding working is the upnp19:25
*** guardian has joined #maemo19:29
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo19:32
WhisperingVoicesDoes anyone here have an N800 and a few minutes to spare to field some really basic queries?19:32
sp3000hmm, should we have a bugzilla announce bot for triage fun?19:32
sp3000considering the colume of changes on a regular day it should not exactly be disruptive19:33
sp3000volume, even19:33
melmothWhisperingVoices, ask anyway, people may reply (as far as  i m concern, i only have 10 mn)19:33
* sp3000 is so very accustomed to firebotspam ;)19:33
WhisperingVoicesOkay. I'm considering buying an N800, but I haven't used Linux much before. How much of a hassle is it to keep upgraded, also there appear to be two expansion cards with slightly different appearances. Does this mean there are two slots of different types and I get one slot per card? Is it purely aesthetic? These are questions I haven't been able to answer from reviews or Googling. Thanks.19:35
WhisperingVoicesJust two really simple questions :)19:35
melmothkeeping it upgraded is a bit of a hassle, compared to regular linux distribution19:36
melmothyou have to "reflash" the machine from scratch, and then reinstall all the application you like.19:36
melmothplus reset things to your liking.19:36
WhisperingVoicesOh :/19:36
melmothI have 2 slot on mine, same card format. one external (near the usb port), another internal.19:37
melmothexternal one behave funny sometimes. :-(19:37
WhisperingVoicesIn that case, one additional question - I use WINE to run a PC application called "Brainstorm" which I find really useful, one of my laptops. Is the N800 likely to be able to do that? I would ask if there were any Linux Brainstorm-like applications but I don't know how to classify it19:37
melmothno, do not hope that much.19:38
melmothi mean to use wine on the n80019:38
melmothwindows binary are for i386, this is an arm, i doubt it may work .19:38
melmothwhat is brainstorm doing ?19:39
*** konttori has joined #maemo19:40
WhisperingVoicesIt's an organisational software. I'll send you the website in query so I don't get hit for advertising or something.19:40
WhisperingVoicesBasically you can just type stuff in headings and directories and it ends up organised.19:41
melmothi do not know of a similar program... But may be the GPE set of tools has a similar stuff ?19:41
melmothif you dont find it in GPE , search freshmeat.net19:41
melmoththen , try to port it :)19:41
melmothyou may try that out without the tablet, by using scratchbox and so on?19:42
*** Tu13es has quit IRC19:42
*** matt_c has joined #maemo19:42
WhisperingVoicesThanks, I'll look into that19:42
sp3000timelE61i: was there something you wanted to do about bugs alias=in-*? I only see one atm19:44
timelE61ichage to int-19:45
timelE61ialso nb- or nb#-19:45
timelE61iwe should have a wiki page documenting these practices19:48
setiteok this vnc shit is pissing me off.. anyone use RealVNC???19:49
* sp3000 makes some bugspam documenting the practice19:49
*** truent has joined #maemo19:52
*** zwnj has quit IRC19:54
*** konttori has quit IRC19:56
*** eichi has joined #maemo19:58
pupnikmelmoth: it would be theoretically possible to run wine with bochs19:58
*** b0unc3 has joined #maemo20:08
ekim|irc_Can you guys help me get flash9 installed20:15
ekim|irc_I was looking here20:15
*** alex-weej has quit IRC20:16
ekim|irc_but I dont understand where to put it20:16
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo20:16
ekim|irc_PLEASE :(20:19
ekim|irc_Is it a secret ?20:22
*** oil has quit IRC20:24
* ekim|irc_ is growing impatient20:24
ekim|irc_will someone please tell me ?20:26
*** ZenGeist has quit IRC20:27
* ekim|irc_ is growing frustrated20:27
ekim|irc_is anyone here ?20:28
setiteflash9 is not installed?20:28
truentanyone know if there is still a gnail notifier maintained for the n800? i cant find anything but past posts about it20:32
*** philipl has joined #maemo20:32
truenterr gmail20:32
sbzekim|irc_: it seems mozilla-engine support flash 9
kaltsitruent: I think you can find it in the site (with the N800)20:34
truentk i'll check it out thx20:34
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo20:35
ekim|irc_I only have the 77020:39
ekim|irc_also...I can't get openssh to work20:39
ekim|irc_I instaleld both the openssh-server and client packages20:39
ekim|irc_what now ?20:39
*** timelE61 has joined #maemo20:39
_Monkeynow is probably 6.00 a.m20:39
timelE61_monkey forget now20:40
_MonkeytimelE61: I forgot now20:40
ekim|irc_what now ?20:40
timelE61_monkey now is <reply>20:40
_MonkeyOK, timelE61.20:40
ekim|irc_what now ? ...20:40
timelE61anyone know a finnkino in helsinki still showing hp?20:42
pupniki haven't tried flash on microb20:42
pupniki would like to help ekim|irc_20:43
ekim|irc_Do you have an n80020:43
ekim|irc_or a 77020:43
pupnikdid you reboot after installing openssh-server?20:43
sbzkaltsi: the name of the package with apt is mnotify20:43
pupnik(i'm not sure that is necessary)20:44
*** timelE61i has quit IRC20:44
*** jonty_ has quit IRC20:44
ekim|irc_I dont get it20:44
ekim|irc_I do /etc/init.d/ssh start20:44
ekim|irc_and it starts the server20:44
ekim|irc_I can access it from localhost20:44
kaltsisbz ok good to know20:44
ekim|irc_but not over the network20:45
ekim|irc_whats the deal ?20:45
ekim|irc_also...when I run sshd it gives me an error20:45
ekim|irc_whats up with that20:45
*** ZenGeist has joined #maemo20:45
pupnikthere is a problem20:45
ekim|irc_"sshd re-exec requires execution with an absolute path"20:45
ekim|irc_what does that mean20:45
inztimel, tomorrow tennispalatsi9 12:30, 16:00, 19:30 / kinopalatsi5 13:30, 17:00, 20:0020:46
inzdoh, he left already20:46
pupnikekim|irc_: i haven't seen it - have you pasted that error into a google search?20:46
ekim|irc_duoh :(20:46
ekim|irc_of course20:46
ekim|irc_fixed it :)20:47
ekim|irc_I  needed an absolute path (duh)20:47
ekim|irc_so instead of typing sshd ,  I needed to type /usr/sbin/sshd20:47
ekim|irc_but still nothing20:48
_Monkeynothing is hsowing up on the protocol list20:48
ekim|irc_I think its bound to
pupnikgood grief... dropbear is plug-n-play20:49
*** slomo has quit IRC20:50
*** zodman has joined #maemo20:50
timelE61_monkey fl20:51
_MonkeytimelE61: excuse me?20:51
timelE61_monkey forget nothing20:51
_MonkeytimelE61: I forgot nothing20:51
timelE61_monkey. Nothing is <20:51
pupnikbtw timelE61 i'd fixed it in PM already20:52
pupnikto keep the noise down, lets train the monkey in private message20:52
ekim|irc_pupnik, ... your right20:52
ekim|irc_forget openssh20:52
_Monkeyekim|irc_: I forgot openssh20:52
ekim|irc_not you monkey20:53
ekim|irc_remember openssh20:53
timelE61_monkey: nothing is <reply>20:53
_MonkeyOK, timelE61.20:53
ekim|irc_monkey sucks20:53
pupnikthat global forgetting needs to be fixed20:54
ekim|irc_you know how you can add plugins to the status bar20:54
ekim|irc_or whatever you call it20:54
ekim|irc_how many of them are there ?20:54
timelE61you can write your own...20:55
ekim|irc_I mean how many of them are there already made...20:55
ekim|irc_how can I upgrade a package20:55
ekim|irc_with dpkg20:55
timelE61how would anyone know?20:55
ekim|irc_I want to upgrade busybox20:55
timelE61you don't want to20:56
ekim|irc_why not20:56
ekim|irc_there is an upgraded version20:56
*** philipl has quit IRC20:56
ekim|irc_but when I do dpkg -i UpgradedVersionOfBusybox.deb20:56
ekim|irc_it gives me an error20:56
timelE61quoteth yoda: that is the path to the dark side20:56
ekim|irc_Why not ?20:57
ekim|irc_Tell me20:58
whaqis it possible to run Zaurus apps on N800?20:58
ekim|irc_why does it take like 10 minutes for a response...20:58
ekim|irc_is there bad lag20:59
whaqI'm hoping to run Picsel Viewer on the N800.. that'll fit real nice with IT concept. Just a very capable viewer for office files (and bunch of other formats), but not full-blown office suite.21:00
pupniki think evince runs on nokia21:00
*** truent has quit IRC21:00
pupnikekim|irc_: when i don't know an answer i generally don't bother typing it out21:01
ekim|irc_it does , yeah21:01
*** philipl has joined #maemo21:01
pupnikand no, zaurus binaries do not run on nokia tablets21:01
ekim|irc_whaq , zaurus apps probably wont run very well on the n800 because they need to be hildonized21:01
ekim|irc_They wont run at all ?21:01
ekim|irc_its the same archetecture isnt it ?21:01
timelE61sp3000: seems i forgot versions for docs21:02
whaqpicsel is like evince on crack21:03
ekim|irc_drugs are bad21:03
*** qgil has joined #maemo21:03
whaqin the good hyperactively workable state.. not the addict phase afterward21:03
sp3000timelE61: who/when is supposed to use versions? I can't resolve x.y to product releases without a decoder ring21:05
sp3000I'm not sure if that's necessarily a problem21:06
timelE61we can set the roadmap link21:07
timelE61year-2004 = major21:08
ekim|irc_I dont get it21:08
ekim|irc_why do all requests to my 770's ip time out21:08
timelE61Prefix - 1 = minor21:09
ekim|irc_the correct ip *MIGHT* help21:09
*** Vytas has joined #maemo21:10
timelE61could you copy describecomponents.cgi for nokia 770 / browser?21:11
timelE61ok, bourne is starting21:11
sp3000Web browser (includes Opera and MicroB engines, Bookmarks, UI, and Flash)21:12
timelE61K, i'll grab from log21:13
qgiltimelE61: hi! well congratulations - this look *so* good now21:13
*** colinl has quit IRC21:13
qgilI'm filing my first bug in the new configuration21:13
timelE61is there a component for xserver?21:14
timelE61qgil :)21:14
ekim|irc_has anyone tried to run an alternative window mansger ?21:14
timelE61i'm about to watch bourne21:14
qgiltimelE61: I believe this default description is *too* thick, it scares people21:14
timelE61bye all21:15
sbzyeaaaah i get back my opml from google to n800 without any problem21:17
*** tso has joined #maemo21:20
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC21:31
melmothanybody has an idea why the application manager would tell a given package is missing although it s present in the repository ?21:40
melmothand even on the tablet ?21:40
*** solmumaha has joined #maemo21:43
*** Blacksitox has quit IRC21:45
cambbaanyone used catota?21:49
*** slomo has joined #maemo21:51
*** Pio has quit IRC21:51
cambbaI'm trying to play a mythtv stream, but I'm running into strange error, like I'm missing some python module. Complains about call to "parse_qsl".21:53
*** Pio has joined #maemo21:53
kulvemelmoth: try checking the AM logs or try with apt-get21:54
melmothi do not have the problem, but 3 people reported it already :(21:55
red-zackhi all21:56
*** Blacksitox has joined #maemo21:56
red-zacki am searching for an ftp client for my 770 os 06. anybody know one?21:57
qgilred-zack: would sftp work as well?21:58
red-zackrepo? or where to find?21:58
red-zackmh, openssh. sure..thanks..21:59
erstazired-zack: yeah use ssh and not ftp (: much more secure21:59
qgilred-zack: also - all I'm doing is... using the search at  :)  a tip for you next time22:00
red-zacklol. i havent found ftp things at all. my foolniss.22:00
erstazi_Monkey: openssh-client is the portable version of OpenSSH, a free implementation of the Secure Shell protocol. This package contains client side utilities: ssh, scp, sftp, ssh-agent, etc...
_MonkeyOK, erstazi.22:01
*** qgil has left #maemo22:01
erstazi_Monkey: tell erstazi about openssh-client22:01
_Monkeyi guess openssh-client is the portable version of OpenSSH, a free implementation of the Secure Shell protocol. This package contains client side utilities: ssh, scp, sftp, ssh-agent, etc...
erstazithat didn't work ugh, its suppose to message me22:02
zuhYou could privmsg it too I guess22:13
*** zwnj has joined #maemo22:14
*** slomo has quit IRC22:20
*** NetBlade has quit IRC22:21
*** matt_c has quit IRC22:25
*** snorkelyd has left #maemo22:28
*** ChrisJTortoise has joined #maemo22:34
*** TheGame has joined #maemo22:35
*** Ciapo has joined #maemo22:41
Ciapohi to all22:41
*** Ciapo is now known as Muzero22:41
Muzeroi have some troubles with jalimo, repository doesn't works!22:42
*** Muzero has quit IRC22:45
TheGameIn the logs there's alot about palms, is that stuff still discussed?22:54
erstaziTheGame: Palms as in the devices? or software?23:00
TheGamedevices, palm treo 65023:01
*** zodman has quit IRC23:02
*** roope has quit IRC23:04
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC23:11
timelE61Qgil: you sleeping yet?23:12
*** ryanfaerman has quit IRC23:13
*** roope has joined #maemo23:15
*** javamaniac has quit IRC23:24
*** amr has joined #maemo23:27
*** Luria_ has joined #maemo23:28
*** adaml__ has quit IRC23:28
*** acydlord has quit IRC23:29
*** konttori has joined #maemo23:31
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo23:33
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo23:36
*** javamaniac has joined #maemo23:36
*** Yaco2 has joined #maemo23:36
*** Yaco2 has quit IRC23:37
*** alex-weej has quit IRC23:38
*** alex-weej has joined #maemo23:38
*** melmoth has quit IRC23:42
*** TheGame has quit IRC23:42
*** philipl has quit IRC23:45
VReIs there some quick way to change default font size smaller?23:47
*** philipl has joined #maemo23:57
*** Luria_ has quit IRC23:59

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