IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2007-03-02

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maddlerkkito: using VNC?00:01
kkitomaddler, no00:03
kkitoit runs fast!00:03
kkitokde4 :)00:03
bergiehey, anyone here good with dbus? I'm trying to figure out why maemoplazer's service doesn't work00:05
bergie...and #dbus seems quiet00:05
maddlerkkito: kde4 on n800? 1st of april is still away... :)00:06
kkitomaddler, kdelibs running on the n800 not all the entire desktop00:09
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maddlerkkito: hmmm... I'd be happy to give it a try..00:12
maddlerbeside of screen real estate problems... :)00:12
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bipolarkkito: it's working?00:20
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GeeZuZzDoes anyone know how i can make Canola connect to a media server?01:05
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bergieGeeZuZz: It should notice media servers automatically01:42
bergie(at least it does in my network)01:42
GeeZuZzso you mean i should just select "audio library", and it's there? Or do you mean that the web config should find it, and let me configure it?01:45
GeeZuZzCause i've tried with two different server software (listed on their page), and i can't see any files/servers in canola. Both are detected fine in "Media streamer" app01:46
bergieGeeZuZz: Shared audio01:46
bergie"Audio library" is the local music01:46
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GeeZuZzi can't believe i missed that... i was so sure it needed to be configured first, and by "shared" i thought shared as in sharing from my device, so i didn't even try.01:48
GeeZuZzthanks :P01:48
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bergieGeeZuZz: np02:03
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Markovhey'a. is there a way to "toggle" the drag-to-scroll function in the n800 web browser?03:56
Markovso that I can drag to select, or drag items in web2.0 apps?03:56
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Markovt'would be nice if I could hold down the d-button to toggle this off03:57
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mauropmAny of you know how to take a look into the network logs? My n800 is not connecting to any Wifi. :(04:22
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Unique311new n800 user05:47
Unique311anybody home05:47
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Unique311good enough05:48
Unique311do u use the stream player05:49
Unique311accuradio bull05:49
Unique311how do i ad my own stacion05:50
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JaffaMorning, all10:47
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elephantumhi all11:10
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ptmantigert: I get some errors using your theme:11:11
ptmanusr/share/themes/plankton/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:1: Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "../images/qgn_plat_application_chat_background.jpg"11:11
tigerton terminal?11:11
tigertthats missing11:12
ptmanak, just made sure you know11:12
tigertyeah, thanks for the effort :)11:12
elephantumhow should I reconvert video for comfortable viewing on my n800?11:14
Jaffaelephantum: has details (including <plug></plug)11:14
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Jaffaelephantum: but beware of the fact that the N800's video player will stall on long videos.11:14
elephantumJaffa: thanks )11:15
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dev-zerohi everyone12:25
dev-zeroI have a problem when I try to install either dropbear-client or ssh12:26
dev-zero[: ==: unknown operand12:26
dev-zerodpkg: error processing dropbear-client (--configure):12:26
dev-zero subprocess post-installation script killed by signal (Segmentation fault)12:27
dev-zerothis is what I get when I try to install dropbear-client12:27
kulvewhere did you get it?12:27
dev-zerothe package?12:27
kulveand where are you trying to install it?12:27
Fatalbashisms ftw12:27
kulveFatal: yep..12:28
kulveboth should install perfectly on n800 with app installer12:28
kulveapp. mgr.12:28
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dev-zerokulve: well, I'm on N77012:29
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dev-zerokulve: and the dropbear package is the one from the application catalog (2006se)12:32
kulvedev-zero: sorry, I can't say much for 770. And for n800 I would say only: It should install ok..12:35
dev-zerokulve: hmm, doesn't really help :)12:36
dev-zerokulve: except you send me a n770->n800 upgrade patch ;-)12:36
kulveI think many people here have dropbear and ssh running on 77012:37
kulveso there shouldn't be problems..12:37
dev-zerowell, one thing which bothers me is this warning:12:39
dev-zero /bin/sh: /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure: not found12:39
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florian good morning12:51
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inzdev-zero, sorry about the bashism, fixed in -1mh513:01
dev-zeroinz: hmm?13:07
dev-zerokulve: that's the same bug13:07
inzdev-zero, as kulve reported, dropbear-cliet's postinst had a bashism (== instead of =), I fixed that and uploaded new version 0.48.1-1mh5 to repository13:09
hrwinz: 0.49 is released13:09
dev-zeroinz: the prerm-scripts have to  be fixed as well13:14
inzdev-zero, indeed, thanks13:15
inzhrw, true dat...13:15
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dev-zeroinz: where are the config-files for the dropbear-client?13:17
maddlermorning all...13:19
inzdev, should it have config files?13:21
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shackanpvanhoof, the n800 default mail client is already based on tinymail, right?13:23
pvanhoofbut the Nokians have recently opened the Modest source code13:23
pvanhoofthat one will most likely become their default e-mail client for the upcoming releases13:23
shackanoh, that's why their current mail client sucks so much :D13:24
pvanhoofyes :)13:24
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pvanhoofwe  just got push E-mail working with modest13:24
pvanhoofso it's a little party on GimpNET/#tinymail13:25
pvanhoofjoin the fun :)13:25
shackanwow :D13:25
shackanyou deserve the fun, I have no part in it13:25
pvanhoofoh no, join anyway13:25
pvanhoofright, I was going to make a little movie13:26
shackanI was just reading the new "official" roadmap and I found tinymail among the planned features13:26
mgedminpvanhoof: one thing I noticed in your series of blog posts was that tinymail does not do threading for performance reasons13:26
mgedmindo you think it would be possible to add optional threading, or would that break the whole design?13:26
mgedminfor small mailboxes the performance loss shouldn't be too big, I hope13:27
pvanhoofmgedmin, it could do it13:27
pvanhoofbut right now it can't indeed for memory, not performance, reasons13:27
pvanhoofyou would have to change the summary model to be a tree one13:28
pvanhoofand you would have to re-add the references to the summary items13:28
pvanhoofthose would consume 30% more memory13:28
pvanhoofbut, there are some plans to optionally load them, or not load them13:28
pvanhoofbut it's the references of an E-mail who are used to create this tree13:28
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JaffaAnyone tried modest yet?13:46
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spaetzmodest commit list shows last entry in Aug 200614:07
spaetzor is it broken?14:07
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Jaffawould appear to be wrong:
spaetzok, thx14:12
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elephantumargh, cant get normal video on n800, I recode video as said on the wiki page and get desyncronized sound with built-in player and with mplayer...14:55
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Snelhestim trying to install gaim on a n80016:23
Snelhestbut it says i need libau116:23
lardmanis it in the repo?16:24
Snelhesti found this comment at engadget when googling16:26
Snelhestyou will need to also install the protocols for the messengers you want and in my case I had to install maemo mapper first to install the libxau1 files that GAIM is dependent upon.16:26
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mgedminmy n800 knows about libxau0 and libxau616:27
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Snelhestmgedmin: hmm ok, any idea which repo you found them in?16:28
hrwwhere is maemo-mapper for os2007?16:28
lardmanlink from itt iirc16:28
lardmanor there of course16:28
mgedminwrong guess :/16:28
hrwlardman: osso-help is missing (according to application manager)16:29
mgedmin is the right url16:29
mgedminor http:// instead of https://16:30
lardmanhrw: Dunno, sorry16:30
Snelhestfound it :)16:31
lardmanWhat have I missed, I have a file: ~/xcas, it's owned by user in group users and is executable. When I do: ./xcas, I get: sh: ./xcas: not found16:31
mgedminis it a shell script?16:32
lardmanno, binary16:32
mgedminwrong architecture, perhaps16:32
hrwI must admit that finger keyboard is nie16:32
hrwI must admit that finger keyboard is nice16:32
lardmanmgedmin: Would I get that message?16:32
mgedminI'm not really sure16:33
Snelhesti installed gaim + msn plugin16:33
mgedminusually when you try to execute a file that definitely exists, but get a not found error, the cause is a #!/path/to/interpreter line16:33
mgedminwhere the interpreter doesn't exist16:34
Snelhestand started it but it still says im missing the msn plugin16:34
mgedminmaybe if you have some sort of binfmt-misc setup to run non-native apps you'd get the same error16:34
mgedminor maybe if the app uses a wrong version of the dynamic library loader16:34
lardmanyep, it was the wrong version of ld-linux16:36
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ajturnerhi all - I just updated my dropbear-ssh and some other apps, and now my N800 won't finish booting up - just hangs w/ full blue loading bar17:22
ajturnerand holding down pwr button doesn't help17:23
ajturnerI have to remove the battery - what do I need to do to fix it?17:23
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mgedminwhat were those other apps you upgraded?17:30
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ajturnermgedmin - good q, thinking...17:34
ajturnerinstalled maemo-blog, updated dropbear-ssh & server, canola17:34
ajturnernothing 'odd'17:34
JaffaBoth dropbear and Canola insert things into the boot sequence17:35
ajturnerright, that's what I figured17:35
ajturnerno one has had problems with either?17:35
JaffaErr, actually not sure that dropbear does by default.17:35
ajturnerI believe it does, I haven't had to fire up sshd by hand17:35
JaffaFair enough, I just use OpenSSH17:36
mgedminmaybe you just need to wait longer?17:36
ajturneris there a way to boot-up into a "ask me what to start"?17:36
mgedminthe jffs garbage collector that runs at boot can take a while I think17:36
ajturnermgedmin - it was ~5mins before, I'll try it for 10+17:37
ajturnerright, I would think 5min would be enough17:37
mgedminI have to admit that I have no idea17:39
ajturnerno safe-boot option?17:39
mgedminask on the list, someone from nokia might know more17:39
mgedminthere's no safe boot option as far as I know17:39
ajturnerwas hoping tigert or somewhere here would know17:39
X-Fadeajturner: You can boot from flash with the flasher..17:42
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ajturnerX-Fade, and let me guess, there still isn't a Mac OSX flasher, is there :p17:42
X-Fadeajturner: You need a full rootfs on mmc ofcourse ;)17:42
X-Fadeajturner: I think the 2.0 flasher will also work?17:42
ajturnerX-Fade - come again?17:42
bergieajturner: the commandline flasher at least used to work on OS X17:43
X-FadeOtherwise use a linux livecd or vm image ;)17:43
ajturnerwell, the N770 flasher worked17:43
wasabi_Hm. Prez bought a blackjack.17:43
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X-Fadecbb: Can you please keep the quick downloads as top message?17:58
X-FadeArf.. wrong window :)17:59
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disqopensource is the best medicine to depression18:14
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ajturnerdisq - sometimes it causes it though :)18:27
ajturneresp when you try and get a refund on your free software! ;)18:27
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maddlerwell... it was intended to be "yawn" actually...19:11
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mgedminyou must be tired :)19:30
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maddlermgedmin: damn tired, man...20:10
maddlerworking *too* much!20:10
maddlertime to eat something...20:11
maddlerlater, folks!20:11
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b0unc3someone know how to specify an url image in the .desktop file ?20:19
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wasabi_please somebody save me. I've been on the phone with cingular for 30 minutes trying to get a blackjack working with exchange =(21:56
* Juhaz hands out rope21:57
wasabi_only maemo can save me21:57
keesjwasabi_: are you related to the wasabi project Wasabi - Unified Desktop Search- and Metadata Specification21:58
wasabi_i just like sushi21:59
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mgedminmm, sushi21:59
* mgedmin is hungry21:59
keesjI just like king kong22:00
wasabi_yeah anyways im tired of buying these windows mobile things.22:00
wasabi_ya'll should save me.22:00
keesjwhere you from?22:00
keesjsorry I can not save you. you are to far away22:01
s-ndh-chow would we be going to save you?22:01
wasabi_useful contact/dates/email program =)22:02
s-ndh-cbut there is nothing that can be synced with exchange i think22:02
*** mazzen has joined #maemo22:04
s-ndh-ci`d like to have something that atleast supports accessing owa22:04
s-ndh-clike evolution does22:04
s-ndh-cis there any cheap umts/bluetooth capable cellphone? need something for internetaccess when iam on the road22:05
s-ndh-cso i could use that to go online with my n77022:05
wasabi_I think modest might get there eventually.22:10
wasabi_it boggles my mind why nokia isn't paying a team to work on it.22:10
wasabi_it's like, hey... every CEO and marketing person in the world wants one of these with exchange connectivity!22:11
Takomg the owa support in evolution is terrible22:11
wasabi_and they're all buying windows mobile!22:11
Takthere are a million reasons why ceos and marketing people will always buy winmobile22:11
wasabi_Yeah, because they're the best option currently.22:11
Takno, because they're already locked into 100 MS solutions22:12
wasabi_i hate that attitude.22:12
mgedminhey if CEOs and marketing people want it, why don't they pay a team?22:12
wasabi_people buy what works.22:12
Takthat's BS22:12
wasabi_dude. im the one making the purchases here.22:12
Takthe people who control what gets bought don't have any idea what works22:12
wasabi_I decide waht my marketing people use.22:12
Takpossibly excepting yourself ;-)22:12
wasabi_Not in any well run company.22:13
s-ndh-cTak: yeah but its better than not beeing able to access exchange22:13
wasabi_The CTO makes those decisions.22:13
Takbut most companies are not well run22:13
wasabi_Lets argue about something useful22:13
Taks-ndh-c: if exchange is correctly configured, you can access it with any imap client22:13
wasabi_except for contacts and calendars. ;)22:13
Takcontacts are standard ldap22:13
wasabi_not in exchange.22:14
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:14
Takthey are in my exchange...22:14
s-ndh-cthey usualy are22:14
wasabi_... maybe you AD users.22:14
wasabi_Contacts in exchange are stored in Exchange.22:14
*** everaldo has joined #maemo22:14
TakI'm doing the calendaring fine with thunderbird+lightning as well22:14
s-ndh-cbut how would i access the ldap in the internal net? from the internet?22:14
wasabi_A VPN.22:14
wasabi_Same thing you do for exchange. :022:14
s-ndh-cwe only have cisco vpn and i hate the linux client22:15
s-ndh-cit sucks22:15
*** spect has joined #maemo22:15
wasabi_People buy what works. I maintain that. If you can point out another product that gets the job done, cheeper, they'll pick it. But there isn't any.22:15
wasabi_Or if there is, we don't know about them.22:15
wasabi_That's the real problem.22:16
keesjwasabi_: try to look at the bright side of things , use gmail , screw exchange. use rss22:16
wasabi_not exactly the same problem space.22:16
wasabi_and doesn't exactly solve the problems exchange does22:16
s-ndh-cexchange is one of the ms products i realy like22:17
keesjwasabi_: I think the maemo series is really a pioneer in the internet development. It is so far way from the exchange problems you are refering to22:17
bipolarIf you're looking for a linux groupware server, check out citadel. LJ has a nice writeup on it here:
wasabi_keesj: And that disapoints me greatly. Because it is *so close* to solving the problems.22:18
bipolarI use it here at work22:18
wasabi_And in the meantime making a lot of money for N.22:18
*** rkaway1 has joined #maemo22:18
keesjNow I am really kinda used to it,. it feels like you are telling me that you can not connect the fax machine or the modem to your n80022:18
VeggenSomeone recently praised scalix (
wasabi_keesj: So, what do you use as a similar solution for a large company?22:19
bipolarThere is an outlook connector for citadel in closed beta right now. in the meantime, Citadel speaks Groupdav, Kolab1, and Webcal.22:19
*** rkaway1 has left #maemo22:19
keesjI really think the problem is not maemo or n but exchange and such "standards"22:19
wasabi_I don't even care about outlook. The only reason we use it is again, there's no similar competitor.22:19
wasabi_keesj: There are no clients which work properly with "standards" either.22:20
wasabi_If there was, I'd write an Exchange->Standards bridge.22:20
keesjof course you can make a lot of money , but I don't really think this is what the maemo series is really about22:20
bipolarwasabi_: check out Citadel. It's really nice. Works great with Kontact, or Evolution with the Groupdav plugin.22:20
wasabi_The problems I'm plagued with with these devices frusterates me everytime I use them. I'd love to buy boxes of N800's instead.22:20
wasabi_and I do buy boxes of these things.22:21
keesjyou will remain frustrated untill you free yourself22:21
wasabi_the openness of the solution is moot if nobody can get jobs done with it.l22:22
keesjjust let gmail pop your mail22:22
*** behdad has joined #maemo22:22
wasabi_i'm not talking about "my mail"22:23
wasabi_I'm talking about 400 people's mail.22:23
keesjI use dovecot as mail server where i gatter different mails. and google calendar just sends me sms messages where ever I have a meeting22:23
Takexchange and outlook are the only solutions to each other because each one is designed to create a problem only solvable by the other22:23
wasabi_Tak: Pssh. Having 400 desktops across a large distributed organization is not an invented problem.22:24
wasabi_Along with getting the same data to mobile devices.22:24
Takwhat does exchange have to do with having 400 desktops?22:24
wasabi_Tak: The protocol between Exchange and Outlook is not magic. It's very easy to write a client for. evolution-exchange for instance.22:24
wasabi_Also, Exchange can have adapters for whatever standard protocols you want.22:24
Takevolution-exchange is crap22:24
wasabi_crap is fixable.22:25
wasabi_It's buggy.22:25
wasabi_Not because of some magic MS played... but because the software is buggy.22:25
keesjwasabi_: oke, forger it. it is not my problem and I am not frustrated. times change and you can comme up with better solutions22:25
s-ndh-c << that looks nice22:25
keesjaks pvanhoof about what mail server he uses for mail "push"22:25
wasabi_He uses cyrus.22:25
bipolarCitadel is GPL to boot, in case anyone's listning :p22:25
pvanhoofcyrus with idled22:26, u:tnytest p:tnytest22:26
keesjof to the "lost" series22:26
wasabi_I'd use IMAP in a second. I'd love to use it.22:26
wasabi_But it only solves part of the problem. Still no clients.  =)22:26
bipolarwasabi_: what kind of clients are you talking about?22:27
wasabi_Off to solve error 0x80072ee722:27
Takthere are no imap clients?22:27
bipolarwhat platform doesn't have Imap clients?22:27
wasabi_None that come very close to offering all the required features.22:27
wasabi_Yet. =)22:28
wasabi_Oh, Mulberry does.22:28
wasabi_Except for the feature of being usable by humans.22:28
bipolarwasabi_: I'm curious, what kind of features do you mean?22:28
wasabi_bipolar: email push, shared folders, acls, delegation.22:28
*** krau has joined #maemo22:28
bipolarwasabi_: email push for handhelds?22:28
wasabi_uh yes.22:29
wasabi_All the new windows mobile stuff does it.22:29
wasabi_integration with server side filters.22:29
bipolarwasabi_: it's being worked on for citadel using the Funimbol syncml server.22:29
bipolarbut it's not there quite yet.22:29
wasabi_I only ... complain ... here because I know there are people present who can potentially light fires under people's butts to accept my money. :022:32
bipolarwasabi_: I'll take your money... what do you want again?22:36
*** everaldo has quit IRC22:47
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC22:48
*** hrw|gone is now known as hrw22:51
derfI killed it.22:55
derfGot my new N800 stuck in a reboot cycle, flashed it, and it's still stuck.22:55
derf(though it makes much less progress booting noew before rebooting).22:55
*** Mardy_ has joined #maemo22:57
*** xan has joined #maemo22:58
pcfederf: got an SD card in? if yes remove it23:00
maddlertry removing SD and reflashing23:01
maddlerif it start boot process it does not sound like an hardware problem to me23:02
derfNo, it was working great.23:03
derfBut I've only had it for about 16 hours.23:03
*** inode0 has joined #maemo23:04
bstockdid it ever boot properly?23:04
derfI'm seeing how it goes with both SD cards removed.23:04
bstockwhat'd you do last before it was stuck? reflash?23:05
derfNo, same thing.23:05
derfbstock: No, I was installing bash.23:05
maddlertry reflashing again...23:05
derfPerhaps changing root's shell was a bad idea.23:05
bstockyeah a reflash should have fixed it23:05
derfSo I reflashed without the SD cards, and that did not fix it.23:05
maddleryou did after flashng?23:06
derfI did what?23:06
maddlerchange root's shell23:06
derfNo... I haven't been able to boot it successfully since then.23:07
*** koos has joined #maemo23:07
maddlerbtw, in23:07
derfThat was what I did before it got stuck in the infinite reboot loop.23:07
derfWell, immediately before, it'd been a while since I had rebooted.23:07
derfMaybe something else did it.23:07
maddlerok, try reflash (I'd say)23:07
Takso you changed root's shell before or after you reflashed?23:07
derfTak: Before.23:07
derfI did not reflash until it got borked.23:07
Takso reflashing *should* have fixed if that was the problem23:08
derfRight. But it did not.23:08
s-ndh-cmaybe the flash is damaged or something?23:08
derfYou mean the RAM in the unit?23:09
*** nelson has quit IRC23:09
derfmaddler: BTW., fix your vim package.23:10
*** Mardy has quit IRC23:11
derfE484: Can't open file /home/maddler/vim_sbox//share/vim/...23:11
*** BrianRice has joined #maemo23:12
*** flyingfred0 has quit IRC23:13
hrwcan user change which application gets beamed VCard in IT2007? I would like to get vcard into gpe-contacts or OH Contacts instead of default maemo one23:13
*** gnuite has joined #maemo23:13
gnuiteIs the word-completion dictionary available for 3rd party software access? (read-only)23:14
TakI thought all the contacts apps used the same db?23:14
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:15
*** luck has quit IRC23:16
hrwmaybe OH one share with maemo but rather not gpe one23:16
maddlergpe has its own sqlite dbs23:18
derfDamn, there's 5 pages of this thread of people with this problem.23:18
*** inode1 has quit IRC23:19
hrwhm. both maemo and OH contact apps are simple23:20
*** kb7sqi has quit IRC23:20
derfOkay, I think I got it.23:22
derfThe secret was: Flash, enable R&D mode, let it reboot twice, then power it on.23:22
derf(after the second reboot it powered itself off for some reason).23:22
*** krau has quit IRC23:24
*** vivijim has quit IRC23:27
*** nelson has joined #maemo23:30
*** jwb is now known as jwb_gone23:35
*** inode1 has joined #maemo23:36
maddlerderf: there is another (better) package already in repository...23:38
maddlervim was one of my first experiments :)23:38
maddlerright after  got my 770...23:39
hrwmaddler: 'so called repository'23:39
maddlerhrw... ?23:39
hrwmaddler: official list of 'bora' repos on give quite small list of applications. especially when I can compare it to OpenZaurus or Angstrom repositories23:40
derfmaddler: Which repository?23:40
maddlerthere is a post on my MaemoPeople blog... whith my "extended" sources.list23:41
maddlerget that one...23:41
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC23:48
*** __shawn has quit IRC23:49
*** pdz has joined #maemo23:49
*** pleemans has quit IRC23:52
*** inode0 has quit IRC23:53
*** behdad has quit IRC23:55
*** hrw is now known as hrw|gone23:55
*** andrunko has quit IRC23:58

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