IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-03-03

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maddlerbeer anyone? :)00:04
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maddlerdamn... gotta remember to put more beer in the cooler..00:05
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b0unc3maddler: now I quit to take one :-)00:10
maddlerb0unc3: :)00:10
maddlerb0unc3: oh... I had my scooter back! :D00:10
maddlerfound it yesterday morning...00:10
maddlernear to the place were it was stolen...00:10
maddlerI guess they wern't even able to start it...00:11
maddlerjust broke the lock...00:11
maddlernot a big damage...00:11
maddlerso... CHEERS! :D00:11
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* b0unc3 thinks that maddler has stolen a scooter today :)00:13
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maddlerwell... actually don't even the police believed that I was able to have it back so fast! :D00:14
derfHmm, maybe it was editing the hostname it did not like.00:14
maddlerthe p'liceman said "you reported the theft yesterday at 10pm, and you call us back at 9am next day..."00:14
derfBecause I did it again.00:15
maddlerderf: well... at least you know how to resume it now :)00:15
maddlerb0unc3: btw... this is 2nd time they stole my scooter... and 2nd time I find it... :)00:15
maddler1st time I didn't had time to report the theft... :)00:16
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b0unc3maddler: you are a very lucky person :)00:17
Takmaddler: you must leave the gas tank nearly empty ;-)00:17
maddlerb0unc3: hehehe... sounds so...00:18
maddlerTak: hehehe... it was almost full, instead... :D00:18
b0unc3maddler: in which zone of Rome you stay ?00:21
shackanoh dear, that thief has been really unprofessional :P00:21
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maddlershackan: hehehehe... an idiot I'd say! :D00:22
maddlerbooiiing: close piazza S. Giovanni00:22
maddlerb0unc3: listening to gialappa's :D00:23
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b0unc3ok, now is time to drink.00:31
Suliskeesj: what program did you actually use to send audio to your n800 with esd?00:31
maddlerb0unc3: :)00:31
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derfWell, something I'm doing keeps bricking it.00:56
derfIt isn't setting the hostname.00:56
derfI suspect it's somewith with bash.00:57
derfMaybe I can't even change user's shell... which would suck.00:57
TakI suspect you can't00:58
derfWell, what's the point, then?00:58
Takdid you recover from the infiniboot loop?00:58
derfAnd then re-bricked it two more times.00:58
maddlerderf: changing the shell isn't a good move...00:59
maddlerI ended up defining a new user user ;)00:59
derfWhat do you mean?01:00
maddlersince I prefer using bash as shell... and since it wasn't possible to change users's and root's shell...01:00
maddlerI added a new user and changed shell for that user only...01:00
derfYeah, but then that isn't the user everything runs as.01:02
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ajturnerderf - what's going one with you?01:07
maddlerderf: well... actually... changing user's shell... you simply won't have anything to run... ;)01:07
ajturnerI bricked mine earlier today just from updating an app01:08
ajturnerand I'm waiting to see others run into the same thing01:08
Takupdating which app?01:08
ajturnerTak - not clear if it was due to dropbear-ssh or canola01:09
ajturnerupdated both at the same time, then rebooted b/c bt wasn't working01:09
TakI just updated canola on my 770 with no adverse effects01:09
ajturnernow just loads up (blue bar) and then stops01:09
* Tak nods01:09
maddleroh... is there a way to disable "splash"?01:11
maddlerI was wandering today...01:11
derfThe hands image?01:12
maddlerno... the blue bar... and show boot messages instead...01:12
maddlersince we can't have a console... ;)01:12
Takr&d mode doesn't give you that?01:13
maddlertak... never found anything about that...01:13
maddlerany clue?01:13
Takno, sorry01:13
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Takit's just that that's the *first* thing I would expect out of something called "R&D Mode"01:14
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maddlerTak: true... but nothing...01:15
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* maddler trades 1x512MB DDR2 form some chocolate...01:22
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disqnew sardine-devel list, sweet01:30
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maddlerdisq: hehehe... yep... a new list to read... :D01:45
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* konfoo waves01:51
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* maddler is hungry02:00
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|tbb|hi all02:10
|tbb|anyone have tried whitstork on the Nxxx before?02:10
|tbb|im have download a dictionary from
|tbb|but after unpack that file and copy it to the mmc1, it wont load02:11
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|tbb|it says, there is no dictionary available , confus02:12
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maddlertime to hit the bed!02:28
* |tbb| wishes maddler some spare time 02:29
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neostriderhello tablet people02:58
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Takhowdy neostrider03:11
neostriderhey tak!03:11
neostriderwhats new?!]03:11
Taknot much - considering flashing the 2007on770 image03:12
neostridermaybe be a good thing03:12
neostriderbut consider this:03:12
neostriderwhats your use of the 770?03:13
neostriderdevelop-debug or plain-user?03:13
Taknet radio, chat, games03:13
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neostrideri see03:20
neostriderbut whats your target?03:20
neostrider(sorry about the delay...i was debugging)03:20
Taktarget as in...?03:21
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neostriderusers of your software03:26
neostridermine is IT2006 users03:26
neostriderso im staying with my mistral SDK (and scirroco running on the lazy hehe)03:26
Takah - for me it's 2006 and 200703:26
TakI still use the mistral sdk for 2006 though03:27
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Unique311alot of users in here03:29
Unique311devs or users..03:30
neostriderme dev03:30
neostridertak targeting the 770 mostly03:30
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neostrideras the n800 is fast enough to run normal 3D03:31
Unique311me user03:31
neostriderand my engine is trying to extract every processing juice from the 770 ;-)03:31
Unique311i just brought a n80003:31
neostriderunique...tell me  what software you want03:31
Unique311loving it03:31
neostridermaybe we can do it!03:31
neostrider(thats the power of the open source comunity)03:32
neostrider(we listen to the user)03:32
Unique311its a pcket pc app03:32
neostriderwhat app?03:32
Unique311vspainter is not open source03:33
BrianRicehe seems to mean
neostriderlet me check it out03:33
neostriderwasn't gimp ported to maemo?03:33
Unique311tuxpaint is cool..but not up to par03:34
neostrideri did a little paint app, but tuxpaint is far superior to it =-p03:34
Unique311gimp will do03:34
neostridersomeone was porting it03:34
neostrideri remember that03:34
Unique311googleing it now03:34
Unique311googleing...thhats a word right03:35
neostrider"the gimp maemo"03:35
neostriderthis may show some results03:35
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neostriderwhats happening?03:44
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Unique311hmmm gimp for maemo on hold...03:44
neostriderbut started?03:45
neostriderif the source of the started project is available, I can build it to you03:45
Unique311the porting of the project is on hold03:45
neostrideri guess that maemo does run pure GTK apps03:47
neostrideri will try...03:47
Unique311still looking at links03:48
neostridergood lord...gimp source code subversion repository is a mess03:48
neostrider(just like mine in sourceforge)03:50
Unique311u found it?03:52
neostridernow I must remember who to download it heheh03:53
neostrideri will try a older version03:53
neostrideras it use GTK 1.203:54
neostrider(meanwhile, starting SDK)03:55
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neostriderdoes anyone knows who to checkout GIMP SVN?03:58
neostriderUnique311 , checkout = obtain the souce in a automated way03:58
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Unique311i don't an artist..03:59
Unique311tis my excuse....and a gadget lover04:00
nomisUm, Gimp for Maemo would be a very interesting project, but probably would result in reinventing the user interface.04:00
Unique311i have vspainter on my ppc...04:01
Unique311don't worry about it...pretty sure thats why its on hold anyways..04:01
Unique311could wait for improvement on the sketch app04:03
nomisneostrider: svn co gimp04:03
neostridernomis , and how about gimp 1.0?04:04
nomisneostrider: why would you want that?04:04
neostriderlighter =-D04:04
nomis(I don't know, but it should be in there)04:04
nomisneostrider: well, it requires a totally different GTK+ which might make it heavier on the n800...04:05
neostriderUnique311 , downloading the source04:05
nomisneostrider: but the old tarballs are still at the ftp site.04:05
neostridernomis , where?!?!?!04:05
neostriderit would be great04:05
nomisneostrider: if you want something *really* tiny, go for
nomishas no layers though.04:07
nomisbut compiles in a snap.04:08
neostriderwhat GTK does hildon uses?04:08
Unique311vspainter has no layers also..04:08
neostriderso, no hitch =-P04:08
Unique311but i do amazing work on it04:08
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*** bedboi has joined #maemo04:11
Unique311without the www04:12
Unique311thats the kind of work i put out on vspainter, mind you its on my sprint ppc670004:13 doesnt compile...04:14
neostridernow its compiling =-D04:15
neostridergreat....motif =-/04:15
*** bedboi has quit IRC04:16
neostrideri will try 1.004:17
neostridermaybe 1.0 didnt depend on motif04:17
nomisneostrider: it didn't. It came with its own GTK IIRC.04:18
*** kkito has joined #maemo04:18
neostrider./configure complained about motif04:18
nomisneostrider: for gimp 1.0??04:18
nomis0.54 requires motif indeed.04:19
neostriderim downloading 1.0 now04:19
neostriderwhat IIRC stands for?04:19
nomis0.60 should no longer depend on it, but ship with the very first stages of GTK+.04:19
nomisneostrider: If I Recall Correctly.04:19
nomisneostrider: but if you install lesstif2-dev it should compile.04:20
neostrideri just want to do some quick hack for Unique31104:20
neostridermaybe someone, after seeing this inicial effort will try to resume the project04:21
nomisneostrider: well, I sincerely doubt that using ancient gimp versions will help at all in bringing Gimp to the N800...04:21
neostriderI already have two projects in the queue04:21
Unique311apreciate it very much04:22
neostridernomis , I just have a 770. gimp 2 would be too much for it04:22
nomisneostrider: I am not sure if you understand the implications of using ancient gimp versions.04:22
nomis- you need old libraries on the 77004:23
nomis- those old libraries don't understand the modern window management standards04:23
nomis- they will bloat up the package04:23 are right =/04:23
nomis- they have no clue about font stuff etc.04:24
neostriderwell...lets compile and see what happens04:24
*** k-s has quit IRC04:25
neostriderI can always re-install my ubuntu and spend a week on a gigantic apt on the worst case04:25
neostrideri doesnt detect GTK04:25 im convinced =-P04:25
nomisneostrider: (plus, if you look closely gimp might not be that big as you think)04:25
neostridersorry Unique31104:25
nomisneostrider: what does not detect GTK?04:25
neostrider./configure from 1.004:26
neostridernomis, are you saying that I should try lastest gimp?04:26
nomisneostrider: well, as I said earlier, IIRC Gimp 1.0 shipped its own version of GTK.04:26
Unique311no worries.,04:26
chibiAcydi run gimp off a thumb drive04:26
nomisneostrider: you know that "GTK" stands for "GIMP ToolKit"?  :)04:26
neostrideryeah...but on what CPU? with how many gigas of RAM?04:26
neostriderchibiAcyd , 770 and 800 are a bit different form our systems04:27
neostridernomis , of course =-D04:27
chibiAcydon a 500mhz with 256mb of ram04:27
nomisneostrider: just try it. My guess is, that there are some float operations that will tear the performance down, but if you use reasonably small images it should work. Apart from window management issues with multiple windows.04:27
neostridermy 770 is not so powerful ;-)04:27
nomisneostrider: I don't know exactly when they seperated GTK from the GIMP, my guess would be that this happened somewhen around Gimp 1.2.04:28
chibiAcydi use my 500 as my testbed, specs are about the same once scratchbox is running04:28
*** Biskit has quit IRC04:28
neostriderchibi , I dont have a 800 =-d04:29
chibiAcydi was referring to the 77004:29
neostridercheckin out the reppo04:29
chibiAcydi haven't done any dev for the n800 yet04:29
neostriderchibi... im confused now04:30
nomisneostrider: getting rid of plugins also might help to strip gimp down.04:30
neostriderisnt ARM926  120Mhz?04:30
neostriderits just a quick hack04:30
neostrideri seriouly doubt that i will be able to generate a package04:30
neostriderbut it doesnt hurt to try04:31
chibiAcydcheck the gimp portable binaries, i believe they are streamlined and contain gtk04:31
* nomis heads for the bed instead.04:31
nomisneostrider: have fun  :)04:31
nomischibiAcyd: including gtk+ on the 770/N800 is pointless, they already have a more-or-less-recent version of it included.04:32
neostridernomis , 'good night04:32
neostriderchibiAcyd, indeed sometimes Maemo-games-startup gets a very GTK look04:33
neostrider(i love that look, indeed)04:33
chibiAcydi haven't used that in quite some time. my 770 has been used for site evaluations and such for about the past 6 months04:35
neostridermine for debugging SDL04:36
neostrideri just installed for testing my enviroment04:36
neostrider(generated the package for doom here)04:36
neostridersometimes listening some music or browsing internet04:37
neostriderbut I more a developer than a user04:37
chibiAcydi've also been using it for gaim and irc since my laptop died on me04:37
neostriderif my laptop dies, im fryed hehehe04:38
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo04:38
Unique311u have a desktop?04:39
neostridermy laptop is my sole computer04:39
neostrider(space on the desk means everything to me)04:39
Unique311i have a desktop, and 3 notebooks...04:40
Unique311a collector04:40
neostriderhere in brazil,everything is so expensive that the diference doesnt matter anymore04:40
neostriderUnique311 , what models do you have?04:40
Unique311city of gods04:40
Unique311fujitsu e8020d04:41
Unique311thinkpad t41p04:41
Unique311compaq 2100us04:41
Unique311desktop is a amd athlon 3700+04:42
Unique311not sure collecing dust in the living room04:42
neostridermine is a dell latitude 120L04:43
neostrider(i guess outside Brazil is does have other name)04:43
neostriderwhere do you live?04:43
neostrider(maybe Im a collector too. I have a broken compaq contura 4/25c and a working Casio Cassiopeia A-11)04:43
Unique311new york city04:43
Unique311brooklyn part of it04:44
Unique311not really04:44
neostriderspiderman's neighbour heheheh04:44
Unique311brb, gotta restart my device...application manager is stuck on installing zsh04:45
neostriderare you on the 800 itself?04:46
*** Unique311 has quit IRC04:46
chibiAcydi'm on the n800 as we speak04:46
*** Unique311 has joined #maemo04:47
neostriderim not so fast with it hehehe04:47
neostrideri dont like the recognition system04:47
neostriderso I use screen keyboard04:47
neostriderso, for IM , its not for me04:47
chibiAcydi use the thumbboard04:48
neostridernooooo...thumb marks on screen!04:48
neostriderthat kind of kept me away from canola04:48
Unique311i use the screen keyboard04:48
neostriderme too04:48
chibiAcydi have a ton of screen wipes, and i only notice finger prints when the screen is asleep04:49
Unique311zsh install froze app manager04:49
neostrideri keep the device as new as i can04:50
neostriderUnique311 , you are an artist! why would you want zsh? =-P04:50
chibiAcydi already voided my warraunty04:50
neostriderwhy chibi?04:50
chibiAcydbecause thats what i do04:51
Unique311played around with linux for a while...04:51
Unique311fan of terminal04:51
chibiAcydthe first thing any hacker does when they get something is take it apart04:51
neostridernot me04:51
Unique311i know some basic comands04:51
neostriderwell chibi. im a different type of hacker04:51
neostriderUnique311 , try osso-xterminal04:52
Unique311have it installed04:52
neostriderit does what you want (i use it a lot)04:52
chibiAcydxterm was the first thing i installed04:52
*** k-s has joined #maemo04:53
neostriderchibi, the first thing i did when I powered it on what to point the browser to file:/// hehe04:53
neostrideron it2005 it had /cdrom and /floppy indeed04:53
*** JoshTriplett has joined #maemo04:53
neostrider(here I didnt had wireless at the time. well. i still dont have. Just a usb dongle to connect to my computer)04:53
neostriderso everything relied on the usb connectivity04:54
neostriderthe problem is that I get lazy to enable the dongle04:55
neostriderit only works on windows04:55
Unique311just learned something04:55
Unique311thanks neo04:55
Unique311good stuf04:55
neostriderthe truth has just unfolded in front of you =-P04:56
neostrider(im THAT kind of hacker heheh)04:56
*** lexiyntax has joined #maemo04:56
Unique311need food in my belly04:57
chibiAcydi wear many hats :)04:57
neostriderchibi? hats? not such a old fox04:58
neostriderwhat that mean?04:58
chibiAcydjack of all trades04:59
chibiAcydand i'm only 24, i'm not so old myself04:59
neostrideryeah...but you are a veteran hacker, right?05:00
neostrider(Im 22. since 1998 watching linux from a distance. since 2003 with the penguin)05:00
chibiAcydbeen at it since i can remember05:00
neostriderbut in DOS I was quite a little hacker05:01
neostriderdid some nice stuff for QBasic too ;-)05:01
chibiAcydi have a computer in my room several museams want to take off my hands lol05:02
*** spect has quit IRC05:02
neostridermy older is a 486 laptop05:02
neostriderbut I had a 808805:02
neostriderthis were my first05:02
neostridercirca 199405:02
neostriderwith this, I learned to enjoy every megabyte I have now hehehe05:03
chibiAcydthe one ive got is a 286 made under a limited contract for the government in 1978.05:03
chibiAcydit has the first phoenix bios on it05:04
neostriderwhat screen?05:05
neostriderCGA? EGA? HERCULES?05:05
chibiAcydi enjoy having a piece of history running in my room05:05
chibiAcydthe vid card is as big as my keyboard05:06
neostriderI have a VGA like this05:06
neostridermy 8088 was 4 colour CGA05:06
neostriderthe cvs checkout is stuck...05:06
neostridersvn: Write-lock stolen in 'gimp'05:07
chibiAcydi've ony  got a 3 position monochrome zenith monitor for mine. i can have green, amber, or b/w05:07
neostridermine had green and 4 colour05:08
chibiAcyddoesn't bother me any, i just run unix on it05:09
neostriderunix rocks05:10
chibiAcydi wonder if anyone from the maemo community is going to defcon05:10
neostriderwell..where the hell is the configure script on the gimp source?05:10
chibiAcyddefcon, giant hacker con in vegas every year05:11 i believe05:11
neostrideri dont have money for it =-P05:12
neostridersorry about it,Unique311, but im giving up05:12
neostriderthis source is very confusing05:13
neostriderand im very tired05:16
neostriderim leaving ,friends05:17
neostridergood night05:17
*** neostrider has quit IRC05:17
MoRpHeUzchibiAcyd: I'm thinking about going to defcon..05:23
*** JoshTriplett has left #maemo05:23
chibiAcydi'm definately going, i haven't been in about 3 years05:24
MoRpHeUzI went last year...05:26
MoRpHeUzit's a little bit expensive for me to I'm not sure about going again...but I want to =D05:26
*** Unique311 has quit IRC05:30
*** everaldo has joined #maemo05:35
hefnerscratchbox is so ghetto.06:27
*** __shawn has quit IRC06:34
*** pdz- has joined #maemo06:41
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC06:47
*** lexiyntax has quit IRC06:47
*** pdz has quit IRC06:54
*** pdz has joined #maemo07:01
*** pdz- has quit IRC07:14
*** chibiAcyd has quit IRC07:19
*** |mk8| has joined #maemo08:02
|mk8|Hi to all ...08:02
*** |mk8| is now known as mk808:02
mk8A little question ... this morning my N800 not coming up ... yestarday it was power off normally, an now ... it simple show me the nokia logo.08:04
mk8Can anyone help me?08:04
mk8The system is the original one ...08:04
mk8I have no important data on it so ... i can do a full reset but I not know how to do ... :(08:05
StregI had similar problems - had to take to the service :( You have tried removing the battery for a while, right?08:12
*** philipl has quit IRC08:13
*** philipl has joined #maemo08:13
mk8I try only for a little bit ... 1 minute ... ando nothing happen ... :(08:14
mk8I can make another test .... for more time ...08:15
*** Bipolar has joined #maemo08:15
*** philipl has quit IRC08:17
*** philipl has joined #maemo08:21
*** dolske_ has joined #maemo08:32
*** dolske has quit IRC08:33
mk8Streg: .... now I reinsert the battery in my nokia ... and nothing is changed ... :(08:35
derfmk8: Does it keep rebooting?08:36
mk8you known a method to do a full reset of the device ...08:36
mk8The nokia logo apper .... and the bottom bar scroll to the end ... but after the device still in this state .... I can push the button to poweroff but the device not responding ... :(08:37
*** __shawn has joined #maemo08:38
mk8is too expensive to launch trought a window ...08:38
mk8derf: I not change the original image ... is the original ... simpli I add some software and library ...08:39
derfIf that doesn't fix it, try disabling R&D mode (if it's enabled), flashing it, and then enabling it.08:39
derf(before rebooting)08:39
*** _shawn_ has joined #maemo08:39
derfAlso make sure you take out the SD cards before flashing.08:39
derfmk8: Flashing it will wipe out any software or data you installed.08:40
mk8Ok ... now try ...08:40
keesjJaffa are you subscribed to the mud users list?08:43
*** __shawn has quit IRC08:47
mk8derf:  .... ok ... the device now is started ... thank's....08:54
*** dolske_ has quit IRC08:59
*** shackan has joined #maemo09:06
*** dolske has joined #maemo09:08
*** dolske_ has joined #maemo09:28
*** dolske has quit IRC09:28
*** dolske has joined #maemo09:30
*** dolske_ has quit IRC09:30
*** bergie has joined #maemo09:35
*** philipl is now known as phil|sleep09:39
*** Markov has quit IRC09:40
*** Disconnect has quit IRC09:46
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo09:52
mk8Bye to all ... thank's ....09:57
*** mk8 has quit IRC09:58
*** bergie has quit IRC10:02
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo10:05
Jaffakeesj: yes, although I've been stupidly busy all week so not had time to respond to things10:11
*** dolske_ has joined #maemo10:20
*** dolske has quit IRC10:20
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo10:29
keesjJaffa it's alright to say you hava no time. but if people don't head anything I guess it is a big strange10:37
keesjJaffa: if you could respond to my feedback of about two weeks ago about the workflow i will be able help a lot10:38
keesjI am ready to put more things in svn but that requires to change the workflow to what I have proposed10:38
keesjalso I would setup a few repositories and automated scripts and forgert about the default maemo repository, it is just slowing us down.10:39
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo10:49
*** _acyd_ is now known as acydlord10:51
*** xan has joined #maemo10:51
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo10:56
*** bergie_ has quit IRC11:03
*** Sulis has quit IRC11:19
*** Sulis has joined #maemo11:19
keesjhmm openssh does not install in blue pill mode perhaps it is missing a section?11:26
acydlordopenssh installs in redpill11:35
keesjyes , that is lame right?11:35
acydlordyou can always install it from root in xterm11:36
keesjI already did , but i needed root , and installing ssh would be an easy way of getting root11:37
acydlordi just installed gainroot11:37
keesjacydlord: why is it listed in the
acydlordcause you can install it with redpill mode11:37
keesjI know how to work around the problem . I just wonder if you think it is a problem or a feature11:38
acydlordit's a minor annoyance11:38
acydlordso microsoft would call it a feature11:38
inzSSH server does reveal your device to hackers so there is certain point in not being able to install it w/o red pill11:41
acydlordinz, you know if there is a way to make nginx parse index.php without having to directly point to the page?11:42
acydlordi'm a bit too lazy to check for myself right now =x11:42
inzacydlord, it should be fixed in the latest php5-fastcgi package11:44
inz(you need to restart nginx after installing it though)11:45
acydlordahh, that could have been my problem11:45
acydlordi was trying to rework wordpress a little to not show the sql errors11:45
acydlordand to show the themes on remote machines11:45
keesjinz: alright , but why is it in the application catelogue?11:47
acydlordso people can add it if they want to11:47
keesjyes but they also must know that there is a default password on the device etc right?11:48
keesjI am a bit confused,11:48
acydlordi believe the garage page explains everything11:48
keesjwhat page?11:49
acydlordin the app page click the app name and then click homepage11:49
[mbm]hmm .. anyone know much about retu?11:50
acydlordeither in the descrip or the forums for the app11:50
acydlordhang on11:50
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo11:50
inzkeesj, that I dunno...11:51
keesjno oke , i see , it is a feature:)11:51
*** Sulis has quit IRC11:51
inzacyd, if you get the changes to wordpress done, please send me a patch so I can integrate it11:51
keesj(not a garage page). I have to walk the dog.11:51
keesjinz: do you know if maemo-blog works with maemo-people?11:51
inzkeesj, does it have a xmlrpc interface?11:53
[mbm]standby mode works with the exception of the damn retu watchdog11:53
acydlordpretty much the same for IT200711:53
tkoinz, doesn't mean anything.. has xmlrpc but maemo-blog crashes when fetching old posts11:54
tkoor maybe you just don't like me asking for screenshots all the time11:54
[mbm]don't refresh the watchdog every 60 seconds and it reboots11:54
tkowhich still aren't anywhere btw11:54
acydlordwill do inz11:54
acydlordi'm probably going to do a bit ofwork on it this week, trying to get ahold of one of the developers over at wp11:54
keesjinz: I will have to ask maddler I don't see it right away11:56
inzkeesj, b2evo should support metaweblog API, so it _should_ be supported by maemo-blog11:56
*** bilboed has joined #maemo11:57
*** pcfe has quit IRC11:58
*** Tak has quit IRC12:16
*** Vytas has joined #maemo12:17
*** pwille has joined #maemo12:24
pwilleI'm having a problem with dropbear-server. If I install it and reboot, my n800 get stuck at the white nokia screen - i have only been able to recover by reflashing. is this a known problem?12:26
*** jonnylamb has quit IRC12:26
*** jonnylamb has joined #maemo12:26
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC12:27
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo12:30
*** Tak has joined #maemo12:31
inzpwille, does it happend every time?12:31
*** Tak has joined #maemo12:31
pwilleyes, i've done it 3 time12:31
pwilleinz: dopbear-server 0.49-1mh112:33
pwilledo you guys use dropbear or openssh servers12:35
inzpwille, how long did you wait in the white screen?12:36
inzpwille, I think it's collectring entropy or sth like that and blocking the device startup...12:36
pwilleinz: hmm, 3-5 mins I think12:36
hefnerwhat is /scratchbox/users/foo/targets, a symlink? If so, what should point to? (the installer doesn't appear to have created any such thing)12:37
inzpwille, mine did wake up when I pushed the buttons repeatedly12:37
pwilleinz: in the white screen with the progressbar?12:38
inzpwille, yes12:38
pwilleinz: ah, so it needs random keypresses for some time?12:38
inzpwille, it needs some entropy...12:38
*** keesj has quit IRC12:38
[mbm]umm .. there's a hardware random number generator ..12:39
*** bedboi has joined #maemo12:39
inzis it used?12:39
pwilleinz: does it need to gather entropy after every boot?12:39
pwilleinz: or just once?12:39
*** Guardian has joined #maemo12:39
inzpwille, every time12:39
*** rev has quit IRC12:40
inzpwille, the older version did it in the background12:40
pwilleinz: ok, is this a new thing? I had dropbear running fine earlier12:40
inzpwille, it seems to have come from the upgrade to 0.49 (from 0.48.1)12:40
pwilleinz: ok. thanks alot12:41
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo12:41
inzpwille, I'll make it start up later (i.e. after desktop)12:42
inzpwille, that should circumvent the problems12:43
*** bilboed has quit IRC12:47
*** bedboi has quit IRC12:50
* hefner rtfms12:53
*** bilboed has joined #maemo12:53
pwilleinz: ok, nice12:56
*** _guardian has quit IRC12:57
*** stanlly has joined #maemo13:11
*** maddler has quit IRC13:37
*** shackan has quit IRC13:40
*** trenka has quit IRC13:56
*** maddler has joined #maemo14:03
maddlerg'morning world!14:04
b0unc3ave maddler :)14:10
*** Unique311 has joined #maemo14:14
Unique311gnupaint for n80014:14
Unique311can it be done n 30 minutes14:15
*** Vytas has quit IRC14:16
*** ajturner has joined #maemo14:35
*** keesj has joined #maemo14:41
*** Guardian is now known as Guard][an14:46
*** Guard][an is now known as Guardian14:46
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC14:47
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo14:47
*** greentux has joined #maemo14:47
maddlerb0unc3: ciao bello! :)15:06
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo15:12
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC15:15
*** Sulis_ has joined #maemo15:15
*** sotod has joined #maemo15:16
*** _follower_ has quit IRC15:21
*** ajturner has quit IRC15:25
*** ajturner has joined #maemo15:26
*** sp3000 has joined #maemo15:26
*** jpetersen has quit IRC15:26
*** zimmerle_away is now known as zimmerle15:31
*** glass has joined #maemo15:45
*** [AD]Turbo has joined #maemo15:47
*** Unique311 has quit IRC15:50
*** spect has joined #maemo15:51
*** skodde has joined #maemo15:55
*** saispo has quit IRC16:02
*** saispo has joined #maemo16:05
*** booiiing has quit IRC16:05
*** sbaturzio is now known as TUTTI16:08
*** TUTTI is now known as sbaturzio16:08
*** booiiing has joined #maemo16:08
*** [AD]Turbo has quit IRC16:18
sbaturziowell...let's talk about gpe-calendar...16:18
sbaturzioyesterday was playing with its "import" feature16:19
sbaturziohave made a shell script for importing .ics file: seems it works better than "subscribing" thru a web site16:19
sbaturzioi.e.: the same file "subscribed" made gpe-cal crash, but "imported" works.16:20
sbaturziothe problem is the "activities": they are imported twice if I import the same file two times16:20
sbaturzioanyway, the question now is: is there a way to sync ics files with evolution-data-server with a shell script?16:21
*** greentux has quit IRC16:31
*** koen has joined #maemo16:31
* sbaturzio is away: Busy...16:38
s-ndh-cwhen will modest be released?16:40
*** shackan has joined #maemo16:44
Sulis_all the sounds on my n800 have gone really weird16:44
Sulis_like really loud and kinda like they're being echoed as well16:44
*** skodde has quit IRC16:55
maddlershackan: heya man...16:55
maddlershackan: wanna laugh? I had my scooter back! see? no reason to shout and smash everything! :)16:55
*** mgedmin has quit IRC16:56
*** shackan_ has joined #maemo17:03
*** sotod_ has joined #maemo17:04
*** shackan has quit IRC17:07
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo17:11
*** greentux has joined #maemo17:11
*** koen has quit IRC17:18
*** kender has joined #maemo17:19
derfmaddler: So I came up with a rather horrible solution.17:20
*** sotod__ has joined #maemo17:20
derfI just copied the "user" line in /etc/passwd and changed the user name, to that user has the same PID as "user".17:20
kenderI have ubuntu feisty and the 770-encoder scripts doesn't transform audio correctly, anyone with the same problem here?17:21
*** sotod has quit IRC17:21
*** Sulis_ has quit IRC17:24
kkitokender, did you try ?17:31
kenderkkito, with what options? :)17:32
kenderor maybe, for Gnome user, avidemux?17:32
*** KermitTheFragger has joined #maemo17:34
kkitokender, i encode my videos using mencoder directly, without any frontend, first i look the properties of some videos previously encoded for the n800, and then convert the videos using mencoder and that properties...17:35
*** sotod_ has quit IRC17:36
*** sotod__ has quit IRC17:39
kkitokender, $mencoder -vf scale=240:135 "$input" -o "$output" -of avi -ofps 15 -ovc \17:41
kkitolavc -oac lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=230:acodec=mp3:abitrate=6417:41
kkitochange the scale and vbitrate and abitrate for more quality17:41
*** bergie has joined #maemo17:42
*** neostrider has joined #maemo17:47
neostriderhello tablet people17:48
kenderhey neostrider17:48
neostriderhow is everything going, kender?17:49
kenderfine thanks17:49
neostrideruser or dev?17:49
kender0.5 user 0.5 dev17:50
kenderI'm starting as a developer17:50
neostrider("What are you doing for it"?)17:54
kenderporting an application called shell-fm, it is for listening radio streams17:54! great!!!!!17:54
neostriderwill work with it2006?17:55
kenderI haven't got the N770, but I think yes17:55
neostrideri will test for you17:55
*** muzz2k has joined #maemo17:55
neostriderdo you have any IM?17:55
kenderjabber, email or msn17:56
neostriderwhen you get something to test, let me know!17:57
kenderI'm trying to do it thought gstreamer, but I have to build a new plugin for it and I'm a bit lost17:57
kenderkeesj, =)17:59
keesjthis is a great looking sodoku game
neostriderkender...thats why i like SDL17:59
kendermaybe, finnaly I don't use shell-fm, and using the mediaplayer and the gstreamer plugin it works, I'm not sure18:00
kenderneostrider, hehehe, I have no idea about SDL18:00
neostriderkender , at least you know what SDL is, right?18:00
neostriderkeesj, great visual!18:00
neostriderkender, SDL is very easy18:01
keesjthe program just works18:01
neostrideri was planning to do a funny flash game with a visual just like this18:01
kenderkeesj, hehe18:01
neostriderbut i dont know flash =-P18:01
keesjand the quality is just to high for a normal game18:01
kenderneostrider, you can try to port shell-fm from alsa and libmad to SDL18:02
keesjneostrider: flash is no that bad if you use mtasc you can even program under linux18:02
kendera question, did SDL use the hardware mp3 decode of the dsp?18:02
neostriderkender, where can i get it?18:02
neostriderkender, I guess no18:03
kenderthat's why I'm using gstreamer18:03
neostriderindeed, my app doesnt have sound yet hehe18:03
neostrideri think SDL uses alsa18:03
kenderyeah, I'm talking about player18:03
*** zimmerle is now known as zimmerle_away18:03
keesjneostrider: what is your app?18:03
neostrider3D game engine18:04
s-ndh-cwill there be an itos update with newer gtk?18:04
kenderthis, uses oss, but tecnically, with libao, it can use esd, alsa too18:04
kenderI build but nothing sounds in the device18:04
kkitothe only thing that uses the dsp is the gstreamer mp3 pluging...18:04
kenderthat's why I want to use it18:05
keesjneostrider: I helped youi a time ago right?18:05 music streams are encoded in mp3 format18:05
neostriderkeesj , yeah. I remember. but for this demo running on device I used that little "maemozier" script I did18:07
neostriderbased on bomberman18:07
neostriderit generated the package almost instanly18:07
pahartikkkito: AAC audio content is decoded by DSP...18:08
kkitoah ok18:08
*** sotod__ has joined #maemo18:10
neostriderI discovered I could use my old N-Gage converted files in the 770 just yesterday ehheheh18:11
neostrideri didnt know it support  AAC18:11
neostriderim mostly a developer18:11
neostrideri dont use much the 77018:12
*** neostrider has quit IRC18:21
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo18:24
*** bergie has quit IRC18:25
*** kender has quit IRC18:26
*** Magi has joined #maemo18:27
*** sotod__ has quit IRC18:30
MagiAnyone know how to get function keys with bt keyboard?18:33
MagiI'd like to get F2 to be able to edit cell from keyboard in Gnumeric.18:34
*** mat__ has joined #maemo18:36
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo18:42
keesjthe thumboard on the xterm really should use a real bash with completion18:44
kkitosome kdeapps runs really good on the n800 :)18:48
kkitoi was testing konqueror, and it is fast like xterm...18:49
kkitokonsole not konqueror :D18:49
Bipolarkkito, are you going to post debs somewhere?18:49
kkitoBipolar, a lot of apps doesnt run at all, first i want to solve that18:50
kkitoand its is hard to debug, because kde needs a newer dbus and it doesnt run under the arm scratchbox18:50
Bipolarkkito, ok.. have you tried kontact yet?18:51
kkitonow i am compiling for the x86 scratchbox and debug there...18:51
*** greentux has quit IRC18:51
kkitoBipolar, kontact never finish to start18:51
kkitoit doesnt output any error, but never a window appears18:51
kkitosame with konqueror18:51
kkitoi dont know if it is a dbus related problem or what18:52
kkitoi am working on it... :P18:52
*** mat has quit IRC18:53
Bipolarkkito, i thought maybe uKDE would be a good name... :)18:54
kkitowhat does "U" mean?18:55
*** greentux has joined #maemo18:55
Bipolaru is the preifx for micro18:55
*** Vytas has joined #maemo18:56
kkitoah ok :)18:56
*** Disconnect has quit IRC18:59
*** bhima has joined #maemo19:00
*** muzz2k has quit IRC19:00
bhimaWhen I try to install ssh on my N800 it fails. NO meaningful message, just "I couldn't, sorry"19:05
*** bmidgley has quit IRC19:05
*** bmidgley has joined #maemo19:05
*** pdz- has joined #maemo19:06
MagiAny hint on pressing function keys from keyboard?19:06
*** zorglu_ has joined #maemo19:09
*** ndepetrillo has joined #maemo19:10
*** pdz has quit IRC19:11
*** inode0 has joined #maemo19:13
*** zorglu_ has left #maemo19:16
keesjMagi: perhaps create different key mappings?19:16
disqmmm-mmm. yes i just woke up. and yes it's 7pm here19:17
*** bhz_ has joined #maemo19:17
disqblame open source.19:17
bhz_I will pay $20 via paypal if you DoS someone for 5 hours. will pay $4 every hour. message me if interested19:17
shackan_what the hell?19:19
*** bhz_ has quit IRC19:19
Bipolarget your own bot net.... loser!19:21
shackan_Bipolar, oh yeah, Real Men Have Bot Nets19:24
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo19:24
* shackan_ loses further faith in mankind...19:24
disqre :)19:27
disqwow. if you lock the n800 and then shut it down without unlocking19:28
disqit asks for the code when you turn it on19:28
saerdnaeris there a way of getting error messages during the boot process?19:30
disqkeesj: "when you don't know where19:31
disqyou have put your device , you can ssh to it and play some music" lol :)19:31
disqsaerdnaer: mm, dmesg?19:31
saerdnaerit doesn't boot19:31
saerdnaerso i can't get to xterm19:32
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl19:32
disqthere are pads for a serial console (and probably jtag) at the back of the device but you need to hack/make up a connector to actually use them19:32
saerdnaerthe only way i get to the device's flash at the moment is, by booting a secendary root fs from mmc19:32
saerdnaerdisq: hmm, nice idea19:33
disqyou could try reflashing the device if you want to get it to work and don't care about the error messages but you wouldn't ask it that way if that were the case19:33
disqthe pin layout for the 770 is like this..19:33
* disq looks for documents19:33
disqerm its somewhere in but i have it saved somewhere19:34
*** pogoda has joined #maemo19:35
disqthese are the pins. 9 is rxd, A is txd19:35
disqerm it's here actually
Magikeesj: hmm, I guess I could try something like that19:37
shackan_disq, jtag too?19:39
disqpossibly, there are too many pins there19:39
disqmy 770 has etches in some pins. the 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 A19:41
*** flyingfred0 has joined #maemo19:41
disqso the connector they used in the factory had these pins. some of them should be related to jtag19:41
shackan_I've noticed the serial pins near the N800 battery, there's also another set of pins (4) on the upper-left corner of the device but I don't know what they're for19:41
disqin the n800 there are 7 pins, looks like 3 of them is ground19:43
*** greentux has quit IRC19:44
*** inode1 has joined #maemo19:50
*** inode0 has quit IRC19:51
saerdnaerhmm, i think i will try this with some hard foam and some needles...19:51
disqmmmm.. yeah, polyurethane should probably work19:52
saerdnaeri have a 770, so i don't need the layout for the n80019:52
disqwe don't have it :P19:52
c0ffeethe pin assignment of the 770 is documented on the flasher usage wiki page19:52
saerdnaeryes i already found it19:52
saerdnaerand a serial console cable is availible ;-)19:53
disqbeing a hardware hacker has its advantages :p19:53
*** inode1 has quit IRC19:58
* hefner gives up on maemo tools19:59
bhimahefner: hmm?19:59
hefnera couple packages during the nokia sdk seem to be corrupt and won't install20:02
bhimasaerdnaer: where is a serial console cable available from?20:02
hefnergetting scratchbox installed was also a bit of an adventure20:02
saerdnaeri have used it for getting access to one of my foneras20:03
bhimaI need to install scratchbox on my Mac soon. Any Linux flavor that's suggested? I'll only be using it for maemo, and want minimal effort.20:04
hefnermaybe I'll set up a linux system inside vmware again to try and install this in, but right now letting scratchbox do its things to my main linux system scares the hell out of me20:04
saerdnaerin my case this is just a siemens 35 series data cable this a luncent to 10 pin adapter20:04
Takbhima: debian or something based on it20:07
bhimaTak: Thanks.20:08
* bhima brb.20:08
*** bhima has quit IRC20:08
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:08
*** bergie has joined #maemo20:09
* sbaturzio is back (gone 03:33:01)20:11
*** ndepetrillo has quit IRC20:16
saerdnaerwhy coudn't be foam transparent .-(20:19
*** gpd has quit IRC20:19
disqmake a pin template from paper20:20
disqput it on the foam, and stick the needles from that side20:20
saerdnaernice ide20:20
disqand good luck :)20:20
*** pogoda has quit IRC20:27
*** Biskit has joined #maemo20:30
*** bilboed has quit IRC20:31
Biskitany solution for reading odf files in n800?20:32
*** Vytas has quit IRC20:34
*** pdz has joined #maemo20:34
*** [mbm] has quit IRC20:35
*** pdz- has quit IRC20:39
Biskitanybody with odf on n800 info?20:40
Takthere has to be a libvorbis package for maemo by now...20:40
disquh. another maemopad+ release out the door. that feels good :p20:45
*** tank17218211 has quit IRC20:55
derfTak: I would think Tremor would do much better.20:55
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC20:55
*** tank17218211 has joined #maemo20:56
derfNot that I could get the gstreamer plugin to work.20:56
MagiMaemopad+ shouldn't use some binary format.20:57
TakI thought tremor was just an option for libvorbis ?20:58
*** [mbm] has joined #maemo21:00
derfOption? It's a completely separate library.21:00 about tremor packages then?21:02
derfI thought I saw a gstreamer plugin yesterdy, but I have no idea what repository it was in... it's not in apt-cache now.21:04
Taks'ok - I don't want/need the gstreamer part21:04
* Tak builds from svn21:04
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo21:04
derfWhat do you want it for?21:05
*** pdz- has joined #maemo21:16
*** pdz has quit IRC21:16
*** chrischurch has joined #maemo21:24
Takomfg I hate things that use obscure tools to build21:29
saerdnaerdisq: hmm hasn't worked21:29
saerdnaeri got some interessing strings21:29
saerdnaerbut these were from the initfs kernel21:29
saerdnaerand not from the rootfs kernel21:29
saerdnaerso useless for my problem21:29
*** Unique311 has joined #maemo21:30
saerdnaercan i use this serial interface as ttyS0?21:30
*** sp3001 has joined #maemo21:31
Unique311can someone port gpaint to tge n80021:32
*** flyingfred0 has quit IRC21:33
keesjthis ?
hefnermust be the poster child for mindless immitation of microsoft software21:36
*** sp3000 has quit IRC21:37
*** sp3001 is now known as sp300021:37
*** Whiz has quit IRC21:37
saerdnaeryou coud run this javascript paint in opera ;-)21:37
keesjYou sure have a Unique taste :p21:37
*** pleemans has quit IRC21:38
keesjtry tuxpaint!21:38
keesjI was not very kind21:38
*** zuh has quit IRC21:38
*** kulve has quit IRC21:38
*** kulve has joined #maemo21:38
*** inz has quit IRC21:41
*** inz has joined #maemo21:41
*** Whiz has joined #maemo21:42
Unique311gpaint much better21:44
Unique311but it won't install on my n80021:44
keesjeven gentoo never heard of gpaint21:45
Unique311its ported already21:46
Unique311just for the 77021:46
*** zuh has joined #maemo21:47
Unique3111 sec21:47
Unique311hopefully gnupaint80021:49
saerdnaerah here it ist: ms paint in a browser:
Unique311keej can u emaiil me, if you find anything out..gota head back to work.. unique11210@gmail.com21:52
Unique311incompatible browser for canvaspaint21:52
Unique311later maemo nation..21:53
*** Unique311 has quit IRC21:55
Takomfg, I can definitely see why nobody's built adonthell for maemo yet21:57
disqsaerdnaer: afaik yes, you can22:00
saerdnaernice, so i dont need an usb2seriell converter22:01
disqMagi: it's just a sqlite3 database, you can read it with the sqlite3 client22:01
saerdnaermine hasn't worked either22:01
*** tenshiKur0 has joined #maemo22:01
saerdnaeris one of this pins at the backside +3.3V?22:02
disqpossibly :)22:03
disqi can check with a multimeter if you don't have one22:03
saerdnaerhmm, i could connect a 3.3v to 5v step up converter and dont need an extra battery for usb host22:04
Bipolaris there any way to see the % of charge on the n800?22:05
disqwould require precise soldering though22:05
saerdnaerdisq: yes22:05
saerdnaerbut in case i hasn't all place inside the device i could outsorce the converter into the cable22:06
saerdnaerand this mini usb connecter as one unsused pin22:07
derfWell, now my N800 has developed a very annoying little habit: any time you click on a menu in the main menu, the whole menu goes away; it doesn't bring up the submenus.22:07
saerdnaerso i only need one bridge from 3.3v to this unused pin an then outside the power up controller22:07
saerdnaerhey and then i even can switch it of or on by inserting the min usb jack22:10
saerdnaerhey and then i even can switch it on and off by inserting/removing the min usb jack22:10
disqmmm that would be smarter, yes22:10
disqplease document it with photos :)22:10
saerdnaerif i have time ;-)22:10
Bipolarsaerdnaer, might be a good solution to get cellular internet :)22:12
*** X-Fade_ has joined #maemo22:16
*** tenshiKur0 has left #maemo22:25
*** tenshiKur has joined #maemo22:25
*** keesj is now known as k-way22:30
*** X-Fade has quit IRC22:32
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*** mauro is now known as dientespodridos22:46
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