IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-03-04

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maddlerdum dee daaa...00:11
disqwill release rdesktop 0.2, added a 8bpp checkbox00:17
maddlernice... :)00:21
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b0unc3uhm, well idea seem to work fine and I can quit happy tonight :)00:29
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b0unc3yeah ... look here :
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Molagilooks nice00:54
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flyingfred0disq: where can i get your release of rdesktop?01:12
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maddlerb0unc3_: niiiiice...01:17
disqflyingfred0: i updated the maemo wiki applicationcatalog200601:17
maddlerb0unc3_: any working binary?01:17
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disqi think somebody was working on that kind of mac-style launcher01:19
maddlerdisq: yep... but never seen anything working...01:19
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disqthere are very few developers who actually come up with usable maemo softwre01:24
maddlerdisq: sounds so...01:24
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Takdisq: did you update the new app catalog?01:31
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disqthe new app catalog only has .install files and i don't have it on a repo yet01:33
disqapplied for a rdesktop project on the garage tho01:34
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Sulishmm, my n800 takes a long time to start up now, it hangs for a really long time on the nokia screen with the blue bar at the bottom01:53
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disqSulis: maybe a jffs2 problem? did you check dmesg output?01:59
shackan_Sulis, how long?02:01
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Sulisshackan_: it's a couple of minutes02:20
shackan_my boot time has always been more than a minute, don't know if it's normal02:22
Sulisshackan_: it used to be the case that the blue bar would get to the end and it would almost instantly go to the picture of the hands, play the little tune and i'd see the home screen02:24
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Sulishmm, now it's been more than five minutes and it's still on the nokia screen...02:29
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Sulisnow it won't boot at all!03:10
Sulisi've only had this thing for a few can it have gone wrong already???03:10
Superbiajust reflash it and it will be as new again :) or take it back to the store and ask for a new if you think it's hardware failure :)03:15
Sulishmm, so i really will *have* to find out how to flash it03:16
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Superbiatheres a program for it on nokias webpage or if you use linux on :)03:17
Sulisyeah, is there documentation with the linux program?03:19
Superbiahmm don't think it has manpages but there should be some good docs on the download page03:20
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Markovhey. how can i reboot the n800 if it is frozen and i cannot get to the "switch off" option?07:44
derfMarkov: Remove the battery.07:45
Markovderf: is that safe?07:45
derfUnplug it first, obviously.07:46
derfI've had to do it a few times already.07:47
Markovthe battery is hard as hell to get ouit07:47
Markovwhich end do you pry out first?07:47
derfThe side near the outside, away from the leads.07:48
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Markovdo you use a screwdriver or anything?07:54
derfNope, fingers worked fine.07:54
Markovoh i got it07:54
Markovyou have to pick at it in the right spot07:55
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[mbm]yay; suspend script works10:20
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[mbm]derf: yep; actual low power mode11:03
[mbm]softoff doesn't do much more than blank the screen11:04
derfYeah, I noticed that.11:05
derfSince my ssh sessions seemed to have no problem.11:05
derfI don't even have suspend working on my laptop.11:06
[mbm]theres a 64 second hardware warchdog that I haven't been able to figure out11:07
[mbm]it's part of retu11:07
[mbm]so the script is update the watchdog, set a wakeup and then suspend for 60 sec11:08
[mbm]suspend seems to cut power to the screen, wireless and sd cards11:10
derfExcellent. I think except for adding fullscreen support, this port of gjiten is done.11:14
derfAnd maybe figuring out why on earth it shows up in the application menu twice.11:14
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[mbm]needs work; suspends whnever the screen trns off11:19
derfI'd like to figure out how to get it to dim the display when it's unplugged, and change the blank timeouts.11:21
derfWell, presumably I could change all the settings with gconf, if I could just figure out how to detect the event.11:22
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[mbm]you can read/set the backlight either from shell or gconf11:25
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[mbm]in gconf - /sys/osso/dsm/display11:28
[mbm]shell - /sys/devices/platform/omapfb/panel11:29
derfYeah, but how do I find out when the adapter has been (un)plugged.11:31
kulvelisten to dbus messages11:31
derfI don't see documentation for such things anywhere.11:36
kulvelibosso callbacks..11:39
kulvedunno, if there's a DBUS docs somewhere about those. Use dbus-monitor to find them out?11:40
derfI know next to nothing about dbus.11:40
kulveNokia-N800-51:~# dbus-monitor --system11:41
kulvesignal sender=:1.7 -> dest=(null destination); member=charger_disconnected11:42
kulvesignal sender=:1.7 -> dest=(null destination); member=charger_charging_off11:42
kulvesignal sender=:1.7 -> dest=(null destination); member=charger_connected11:42
kulvesignal sender=:1.7 -> dest=(null destination); member=battery_full11:42
[mbm]hmm .. my suspend script triggers a soft lock with the timer irq11:53
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[mbm]non fatal; just annoying11:55
derfHmm, their e-mail program does not deal well with 21,000 messages.12:00
kulvedoes it do well with anything..12:01
derfI have no idea... I just started it for the first time.12:01
derfIs there something better?12:01
[mbm]anyone want to verify my suspend script in non rd mode?12:02
kulvederf: I think not really..12:02
kulvederf: ssh + pine :)12:02
[mbm]my system is prety customized; not sure the script will wwork for anyone else12:03
[mbm]no takers?12:10
kulve[mbm]: I can test.. Just tell me what and how :)12:11
[mbm]open an xterm; run the cript and leave it running12:14
kulveas root?12:14
kulveI don't have root in xterm12:14
kulvejust over ssh12:15
[mbm]ok; run via ssh12:15
kulvewhat should it do?12:15
[mbm]if you have softoff use it, otherwise wait for it to turn off the screen due to idle timeout12:16
[mbm]script should see the screen off and suspend12:16
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kulvehow do I see that it goes suspend?12:17
[mbm]and resume with power12:17
[mbm]leave the screen off for over a minute12:18
kulvestill "wait". I have set the idle times pretty long..12:18
[mbm]then power back up12:18
kulvenow the screen dimmed, not blanked yet12:18
svuis there anyone who's n800 hangs at boot time (when the blue progress bar at the bottom reached the right end)?12:18
[mbm]dmesg should then show the VMMC changed12:18
kulve[mbm]: btw. I have it on charger now.. Does it matter?12:20
kulverefresh, sleep12:21
[mbm]right; leave it that way12:22
[mbm]refresh means it updated the watchdog timers12:22
[mbm]sleep means it's waitng for an alarm12:23
[mbm]it sleeps for a minute at a time12:23
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[mbm]so you see  the cycle repeat12:23
kulveshould I see more "sleep"s ?12:24
spaetz[mbm]: are you creating a better power save mode?12:24
[mbm]spaetz: yep12:24
[mbm]kulve: no; wifi is off12:24
[mbm]when you power it back you may see mmore12:25
spaetzcool, will you post your result to the list (or some other place)? that would be awesome12:25
k-wayI am really happy with the it2007 for n 770.12:26
[mbm]reason i said to keep it off over a min was to see if it'd refresh the watchdog correctly12:26
kulve[mbm]: so, I'll just power it up normally now?12:26
k-waytyping is even beter then with the n80012:26
[mbm]if that fails it actually turns off12:26
[mbm]kulve: power  button should bring it back to where you left it12:27
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kulve[mbm]: so it seems12:27
kulveit just "unblanked"12:27
[mbm]kulve: dmesg show VMMC?12:28
kulvenice, I got the whole output, since my ssh didn't timeout yet..12:29
[mbm]" Setting voltage 'VMMC' to 0 mV"12:29
kulve94576.828216] menelaus: Setting voltage 'VMMC' to 0 mV (reg 0x0a, val 0x30)12:30
kulve[94576.843902] menelaus: Setting voltage 'VDCDC3' to 0 mV (reg 0x07, val 0x01)12:30
kulve[94599.448608] BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#0!12:30
kulve[94599.448638] [<c00284b0>] (dump_stack+0x0/0x14) from [<c0071618>] (softlockup_tick+0x9c/0xc0)12:30
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[mbm]kulve: yeah, same stuff I see here.12:45
[mbm]kernel stuff needs to be cleaned up, but otherwise seems to be working12:46
[mbm]be interesting to look at the current draw from the battery and see how close suspend mode is to actually turning it off12:47
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Unique311any news on gnupaint800?15:49
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hpBluetooth connection to a PC (really: Linux and Bluez, specifically Fedora) using DUN i.e. "just as with a cell phone", is that of general interest?  Main point is that no tinkering (as with PAN) is be needed on the N800, though several steps needed on the PC.16:39
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kkitodo you know if there are any gdb and strace package for the n800?17:44
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k-waykkito: yes there are17:51
k-way bora/free Packages17:52
k-waygdb is in there, I don't know how weel it works.17:53
k-waykkito: are you running from flash?17:53
ptmanaren't those tools best run in the SDK17:59
k-wayptman: sometimes , but not always18:00
k-wayI use the sdk less and less, I try to work on the deskopt and use sb for cross compiling18:00
ptmanI meant sb of course with the SDK18:01
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kkitok-way, thank you, yes i am running from flash18:09
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* kender is away: Busy19:02
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derfGoddamn, bricked the thing again.20:11
derfThis is starting to get annoying.20:11
derfI mean, I didn't even do anything to it.20:12
kenderderf, make a rescue sd partition20:13
kenderderf, maybe update the system?20:13
derfUpdate to what?20:13
derfThe backup program doesn't save any of the useful stuff (like /etc, /usr, etc.)20:13
kenderI mean, you briked your device because you updated the system20:13
kenderyeah, that's true20:14
derfBut I didn't update the system.20:14
derfI just rebooted because the menus stopped working properly and it had become really, really, slow.20:14
derfAnd it didn't come back up.20:15
kendermaybe the jffs2 trash collector is doing something strage20:16
derfI'd also been having I/O errors on mmc1, but I took that out.20:17
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k-wayderf: do you happens to have canola and media streamer installed21:09
derfk-way: No.21:09
k-waybecause they scan the media,21:10
derfI mean, there was nothing on them, except some .debs.21:11
derfBut those .debs kept disappearing.21:11
derfAnd eventually the whole directory they were in vanished.21:11
derfMy favorite was the period of time in which I could ls mmc1, and it would show up empty, and then I could cd into debs, and it would be there.21:12
k-wayI sometimes had to remove the battery but make the thing working again21:12
derfYes, that didn't work.21:13
derfI had to re-flash.21:13
hefneris there some magic I must do to make the dropbear client work? Whenever I try to connect anywhere, it gives a warning about the random source then hangs forever.21:17
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themikester61Has anyone happened to have heard any news lately regarding the usage of bluetooth headsets with the 770?21:22
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gl33b0rgnot i21:29
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florianhi all21:40
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Snelhest anyone here that are developing canola?21:55
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superbiasomething I havn't managed to figure out yet is why isn't there a "large" distro for the n800 when I find alot of armel compiled packages for diffrent distros?22:01
superbiais it some installer problem or am I missing something?22:01
k-waysuperbia: I think that ionly command line programs make sence, there are no tabled based linux distro's around22:03
k-waynot the same thing :)22:03
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k-waybut there was a post about installing debian arm in a chroot a last week check jaffa's blog22:04
k-wayI uses vnc to popup the keyboard when required this is apparently on of the bigest problems22:04
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superbiahmm okay22:06
superbiayeah... I read about the chroot thingie... my N800 has gotten the cute idea that reboot loop is the shit now... so I need to flash it anyhow... would have loved to try something freaky or something... I don't get well along with this hildon thingie and would love to have just a regular old X interface... like windowmaker or fluxbox hehe22:07
k-wayI would like mezzo :)22:08
superbiamezzo? :D22:08
k-wayor enligthemen embeded eem22:09
superbiawow funky :D22:09
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superbiayeah... it's insane that they have E17 with entrance login on ipaq and we can't even get shitty gdm :P22:10
superbialooks nice I must say :)22:11
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k-wayit's just based on xul/firefox22:11
superbiaheh :)22:12
k-wayit's a bit a mix of the maemo "one window" at a time + active borders22:12
*** shackan has joined #maemo22:12
hefnerthat's totally unreadable22:13
hefnerblack on dark blue?22:14
superbiaworks ^^22:14
superbiato bad the onscreen desktop sucks so bad in windowmaker... otherwise I would make that standard and always use that22:16
k-wayi use wmii or kde22:16
superbiakeyboard not desktop... bah.. .still hungover I think... :S22:16
superbiaon your internet tablet?22:17
k-wayno :)22:17
superbiaI mean for my tablet ofc :D I use kde too... starting to experiment with xfce4 but I managed to frall up the localization of my system22:18
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elshadiiI'm trying to install xterm on an N800, when I execute xterm after installation it starts then immediately exits is this a place I can get help?22:38
derfIt is, but I don't know how to help you.22:39
derfOf the many problems I've had, that's not one of them.22:39
BrianRiceelshadii: do you have busybox installed? (dunno if it's standard, but a missing shell might mess with xterm)22:43
elshadiiok that's a good question, I am looking22:46
elshadiiit is not on the installed list or on the list of installable apps22:54
elshadiido you know where I can get a package for the N80022:55
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ptmanThere has to be a shell on the N800 or it won't even boot23:04
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derfWeird. I now appear be to limited to 3 console sessions.23:55
derfI can't open up anymore ssh sessions or xterm tabs.23:55
derf(but if I close one, I can open up one of the other)23:56
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