IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2007-02-25

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bingo_the chess program in the N800 is open source?00:02
jtrakeesj: how do you like xterm with on screen keyboard?00:02
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konfooso what games are actually worthwhile on the n80000:52
konfooanyone done some mini-reviews? ;)00:52
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konfoo(besides scummvm)00:52
superbiathe nokia tablet used gtk2 right?00:53
superbiathat means that pictosniff should be fairly easy to port I guess00:55
superbiaif the wifi card works for it ofc00:55
konfoohas anyone compiled ffmpeg for os200700:58
superbiabah... ofc it's fbsd code...00:59
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konfoowhats the name of that simple audio player?01:07
Takis there a way to get a .desktop file on the n800 that sets the sdl wm class but doesn't show in the menu?01:22
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Takit works for me on os2006...01:25
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maddlersuperbia: about your question about bricking ITs... beside hardware specific problems... no one until now (at least) ever managed to brick his/her device...01:57
|tbb|heya maddler01:57
maddler|tbb|: heya... :)01:57
maddler|tbb|: yep damn busy! :D01:57
|tbb|anything allright?01:58
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superbiamaddler: good to hear :D I found some intresting things I would like to follow up... and if I just can reflash it I don't see why not :)02:01
maddlersuperbia: yep... a reflash will solve...02:04
superbiamaddler: now a lost a few of them.. but I found something that looked like a "real" distro for the n800... and ofc matchbox seems intresting02:05
maddlersuperbia: nice... nice... let me know if you manage to get something useful out of it...02:05
maddlerbeing able to use window maker on N800 would be kinda nice...02:06
superbiamaddler: yeah I will, atm I'm trying to get sratchbox setup so I can have at look at converting some apps02:07
superbiawindow maker I got already :D02:07
superbiajust downloaded a tarball and voila :D02:07
maddlerlast time I tried I got some problems...02:07
maddlerwith permissions...02:07
superbiaohh? my only problem is the onscreen keyboard... if you miss a key and hit the fram it disappers..02:08
maddlerand needed to reflash... so I decided to wait until next ITOS release before trying again...02:08
maddlersince at that time I'll have to reflash anyway... :D02:08
superbiahaha smart move :D02:08
* maddler is encoding "V for Vendetta"02:09
superbiaon linux?02:09
maddleryep... using Jaffa's 770-encode script02:10
maddlerthe only time when I can find some spare time to whatch a movie is while I'm in bed...02:10
maddlerand N800 helps ;)02:10
superbiaahh... I need to get lucky number slevin from vob to dvd or divx in linux... seems to be harder then I thought :P02:11
maddlertry dvdrip02:11
maddlernice app02:11
|tbb|does the 770encode script supports a best setting for the n880 ?02:12
maddlersuperbia: you could use mplayer to encode to mpeg anyway...02:12
maddler|tbb|: I'm using "average" preset right now... I'll tell you in 10 minutes :)02:13
superbiamaddler: hehe okay... installing dvdrip now... lets see what it goes for... I got the vobs ripped but I need to get them to a video dvd now... havn't found a app for that02:13
maddleryou can use dvdrip's transcode02:13
maddleror as I said use mplayer to convert dvd->mpg02:14
superbiatheres not a app for just adding vobs to a video dvd as they are? they are decoded and all... just need to reburn so to say ^02:14
maddlersorry... can't get your question...02:15
maddleryou mean rip and then burn on a non protected dvd?02:15
superbiain windows I can just to go nero and tell it to burn a video dvd and tell it where the cracked vobs are on my harddisk...02:15
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maddleroh... yep... use dvdrip for ripping and k3b to burn your dvds...\02:16
superbiaI have nonprotected vobs on my harddisk.. but want to burn them02:16
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maddlerk3b is your choice then... :)02:16
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maddlernice app...02:16
superbiachecked it out... but it said "No not gotta happen... but a data dvd is fine" :P02:16
maddlergreat interface... :)02:17
maddleryep...  as long as you have the video_ts folder on it...02:17
maddlera data dvd should be fine...02:17
superbiaohh.. didn't know that... :D02:17
superbiathought a video dvd and data dvd was two diffrent protocols or something02:18
maddlerwell at least you could try... :D02:18
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superbiatrue :D02:18
superbiabah... to big for a dvd... need to lower quality... :S02:20
maddleruse dvdrip then... it will allow you to only rip main movie...02:20
superbiaI got only the main movie02:21
superbiabooting my mac now... it has a reencode to fit a dvd function ^^02:21
maddleras well as compressing,,,02:21
maddlerbtw... "average" preset is good enough...02:24
maddlernot so fluid...02:24
maddlerbut good enough to watch a movie while you wait for Orfeo to come... :D02:24
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superbiabig deal to have gbit lan when harddisk can't handle the speeds02:30
maddlerI've just bought a couple SATA2 and have to admit the speed isn't bad at all...02:35
superbiano it's nice... but my laptop disk is a little slower... sata2 7200rpm but still slower then 3.5" disks :S02:36
dolfunsuperbia, correct02:38
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dolfuni need a case of Wolfgang Pucks artichoke heart pizza02:39
konfoodolfun: good stuff02:39
dolfunthe jerk comes from austria and you can't buy his frozen pizza in germany.   what is this world coming-to02:39
maddlerdamn... it's taking more to copy on SD than to encode!02:39
dolfun7 years i haven't had a puck pizza... it's ... a biblical drought02:40
dolfunheh maddler, should have piped or put on a nokia share02:42
maddlerdolfun: yep... only considered that after...02:43
maddlerdolfun: if you wanna taste some _real_ pizza... come visit me! :D02:45
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dolfunheh where in italy maddler?02:55
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maddlerdolfun: Rome...02:57
maddlercaput mundi! :D02:58
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maddlerdamn... still working to copy to SD!03:00
maddlerit's about half an hour...03:00
dolfunTutte le strade conducono a Roma03:02
dolfunlots of italian pizzerias in germany, so i assume one can get fairly authentic italian pizza here03:03
dolfunif you ever go to the USA, try the wolfgang pucks artichoke frozen pizza though... best frozen pizza i have ever had03:03
maddlernaaaa... if you want to eat _real_ italian pizza... you have to come here! noway!03:05
maddlereverything else is only a copy...03:05
superbiahmm dvdrip is being a bitch...03:06
superbiathink it's time for sleep before I do something stupid :P03:06
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superbiawell good night03:09
maddlersuperbia: bye...03:09
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maddlerok... time to hit the bed!03:12
maddlersee you all next time...03:12
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dolfunbuenos noches maddler04:03
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guerbyoff to brussels for FOSDEM09:03
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keesjso who can i meet@fosdem?09:45
keesjwhere are the developer hiding?09:46
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cesmanhello hello11:11
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Toma-whats the story with python2.4 packages and -runtime? i cant install maemofuse-gui without python2.4 but its nowhere to be found :/11:19
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manaPirathi guys11:40
manaPirateveraldo: hey eve, you'11:40
everaldomanaPirat, Yes, I am... I need sleep, but I am here :)11:41
manaPiratoh then i wont bother you.11:41
manaPiratjust a link
everaldomanaPirat, its ok.. shot11:42
everaldooh... I see it11:42
everaldothe guys invited me to see the project11:42
manaPiratgood. i bothered them on the mailinglist to contact you *rofl*11:42
manaPiratwell not exactly ..11:43
everaldois a gtk client... but uses qt-core libraries11:43
manaPiratso go, get your sleep, its just in the late morning here .. going to slap arround slaxbox11:43
everaldoI am using glib/gtk11:44
manaPiratyes i see that11:44
everaldomanaPirat, have I nice day :011:44
manaPiratwell different aproaches are a good thing for quality11:44
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manaPirathehe sleep well11:44
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guerbyanyone at fosdem right now?11:58
manaPiratnot me guerby.12:04
manaPiratbut i read that goerge wright is there12:04
manaPirat <-- third entry12:05
spidergoatNX client I’m now working on for the 770,12:09
manaPiratyou work on the glib based or on the qtlib based client?12:10
guerbymanaPirat, ok listening to X guyes right now12:10
manaPiratwhy dont we try a third toolkit? :P12:10
manaPiratcool guerby!12:11
manaPirathmm .. N800 has ca cam, hasn't it?12:11
* manaPirat shouts: livestream!12:11
spidergoatis george wrigt famous manaPirat ?12:12
spidergoatmanaPirat, no i do not12:12
guerbymanaPirat, ii'm not set up for that...12:12
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manaPirati dont know spider12:18
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manaPirati just read it in his bliock. he writes an nxclient port for mameo12:18
manaPiratas everaldo does12:18
manaPiratblick = blog12:19
manaPiratguerby livestreaming i allways an issue at geeky conferences ;)12:19
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keesjguerby: i willl be there at 14.0014:05
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guerbykeesj k ping me here14:27
guerbyon irc14:27
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superbiais it possible to change startup sound on the n800 like on the 770?14:44
suihkulokkisuperbia: ofcourse it is possible14:44
suihkulokkisuperbia: do you think the sound is burned into the ROM of something?14:45
superbiasuihkulokki: why not? it is on many phones...14:45
superbiaand the reason I ask is that I have changed the wave file but it doesn't play it... it's just silent now...14:46
suihkulokkisuperbia: it's a hardlocked cellphone, it's a general purpose linux computer. just follow the trail of starup scripts where the sound is played from.14:47
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superbiasuihkulokki: I have done that... I have changed it and it is silent... thats why I asked if it was just to change it like it is on the 770 or if you need some special settings on the file... like 22k 16bit mono etc...14:48
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superbiabut then I can assume that the ugly Nokia bootup screen (no not the hands) is not hardcoded either then?14:53
superbiahi :)14:53
ZmanuIs it possible to use scirocco  instead of mistral, and is there a doc to make that, i find nothing about this on website14:54
ZmanuOn nokia 770 os200614:54
guerbykeesj are u arund ?14:54
superbiaI don't know to much about the tablets... but I would assume you just changed in the /etc/apt/sources.list to scirocco instead and do apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade and it will change it for you..14:55
superbiathats atleast the debian way ^^14:56
nealunlikely to work14:56
nealyou'll trigger a life guard reset14:56
superbialife guard reset? that sounds evil...14:56
ZmanuWhat's life guard reset ?14:57
superbiathis is why I really want a live debian on it instead of maemo ;P14:57
ZmanuAt this time maemo is good for me, i only need to be sure i can update and how do that14:58
nealit's a watch dog which resets the device is an essential component is seen to fail.14:59
nealthis includes restarting14:59
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superbiaahh okay... so it stops any changes to dist-upgrades14:59
neale.g., the desktop14:59
Zmanuneal, so can  i update to scirocco or not ?15:00
nealyou can reflash15:00
nealbut go to gergale15:00
nealI found scirocco particularly bad15:00
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ZmanuHave i need scratbox to do that or i can do that from nokia directly15:01
ZmanuGergale is not only for n800 ?15:01
ZmanuOk, is there doc that explain how to reflash ?15:04
nealplease use google15:05
nealor hire someone15:05
ZmanuOk ok15:05
ZmanuThanks for answer15:05
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superbiayou can build the rebuild the kernel on the tablets right?15:16
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manaPiratso you later guys15:57
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superbiais there any gain on using RD-mode on a n800?16:10
disqpossibly not16:12
superbiahavn't seen any gain from it so far... as root can be attained without it...16:12
superbiajust checking the flasher options so see what fun it can do... :)16:13
superbiajffs2 images come in tgz mode... hmm16:15
superbiaor ahh... think I got it now16:15
superbiaI'm starting to understand more about the maemo system now... but what I can't figure out is how to get that blasted scratchbox installed :P16:17
keesjanybody currrently@fosdem?16:18
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disqkeesj: i think so. i was just looking for fosdem2007 pictures16:24
disqerm, photos.16:24
keesji don't know what they look like16:25
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keesji saw guerby !16:26
guerbykeesj yep16:27
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superbiagah.. girlfriend is playing wow so I am not allowed to download scratchbox so I can fix a typo in a app I download... :S17:13
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maddlercoffee time!17:33
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mlpugI have a file in Images directory. where an earth is that in filesystem. not in /home/user? nowhere in /media/mmc?17:58
c0ffeeMyDocs/.documents/.images or something like this17:59
c0ffee~/MyDocs even17:59
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mlpugc0ffee, tnx.   It was MyDocs/.images in this case18:02
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rhsanbornAnyone know if there is an n800 compatible port of unzip? Gunzip can't handle .zip files...18:15
kenderyes, there is18:16
kenderthe same that for the n77018:16
rhsanbornSomewhere on maemo garage?18:17
kenderI think that it is in the maemo repo18:18
kenderbut not sure18:18
rhsanbornSweet, found it18:19
c0ffeedoes xmame support super mario land?18:20
rhsanbornIt should...18:21
c0ffeehm nice18:22
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filip_hi people18:29
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filip_I'm getting annoying error when I want to install ssh in scratchbox18:29
filip_"/scratchbox/tools/bin/chgrp: changing group of `/usr/bin/ssh-agent': Operation not permitted"18:29
filip_I didn't find much information on google about it18:30
filip_Only one hit - some log from this irc channel ->
filip_some guy with nick jose__ asked about the same thing but didn't recive answer18:33
kenderfilip_, for what do you want ssh in scratchbox?18:36
filip_I don't really want ssh, the problem is when I install other packages I get this error18:38
filip_is it normal?18:38
kenderno idea18:39
kenderI'm going to check if I have the same problem18:39
filip_thanks :)18:39
keesj~check if you have enough disk space18:40
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*** skodde has joined #maemo18:40
kenderInconsistency detected by rtld.c: 1192: dl_main: Assertion `(void *) ph->p_vaddr == _rtld_local._dl_sysinfo_dso' failed!18:41
kenderI have updated to feisty18:41
*** pdz- has joined #maemo18:42
kenderand now it doesn't login18:42
filip_too bad :-)18:42
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* sbaturzio is away: Dinner time...20:44
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Sulishow do i play the game efp once i've installed it from the application manager20:47
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* sbaturzio is back (gone 00:38:43)21:23
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jeepershey folks...22:30
jeepersi am extremely scared. I may have a dead device.22:30
Sulischarge it up22:30
Sulisyup, very important point22:31
jeepersI tried apt-getting last night and it caused my n800 to reboot then it ended up in an infinite reboot loop22:31
jeepersreflashing has not changed this although the flash seemed to work22:31
*** X-Fade_ has quit IRC22:32
jeepersIf the device is plugged in it continually flashes the "Nokia" boot screen22:33
jeepersIf I unplug it it will flash the screen once when you try to turn it on then it will turn off22:34
*** muks has quit IRC22:34
jeepersany ideas would be appreciated...22:34
*** benzea has joined #maemo22:34
maddlerjeepers: that's kinda strange...22:34
jeepersmaddler: quite22:34
*** kpel has joined #maemo22:34
maddleronce reflashed anything you may have done before should have been overriden...22:34
jeepersand all this from an apt-get upgrade22:35
kpelhi all22:35
maddlerjeepers: have you tried to reflash again?22:35
jeepersmaddler: you mean a second reflash?22:35
jeepersmaddler: no, but i will right now22:36
*** gnuite has joined #maemo22:36
gnuiteHas anyone else experienced weird problems with dialog boxes that initially have the focus on a GtkEntry and are then destroyed (the dialog is destroyed, that is, with gtk_widget_destroy)?22:37
jeepersmaddler: when flashing it all looks good. the screen stays stable. the progress bar moves ok. then when it finishes, the screen does this weird degradation thing and then the flashing "Nokia" screen starts anew22:38
jeepersmaybe i'll just ask again tomorrow when some of the other folks are more attentive. i'm at a loss.22:39
maddlerjeepers: really no idea...22:43
maddlerjeepers: never heard of anything like that...22:43
maddlergnuite: no... nothing...22:44
*** mlpug has quit IRC22:50
jeepersmaddler: no problem... it's either dead or not... i'll see if anyone has any idea tomorrow22:52
*** emyp has joined #maemo22:54
jeepersnew news... just for completeness sake... if i hold down the middle button on the toggle and the top button in the menu button stack then the "Nokia" screen freezes for a while but then the flashing restarts23:02
*** ajturner_ has quit IRC23:03
*** ajturner has joined #maemo23:03
jeepersok... maybe not. it was unrepeatable23:04
*** inz has quit IRC23:05
*** inz has joined #maemo23:05
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guerbygnuite, there are a few things about GtkEntry there
*** spidergoat has quit IRC23:53
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