IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2007-02-24

maddlerwell I would also be happy to look after your bank accounts...00:00
maddleras well as credit cards...00:00
Superbiathats great :D I'll send all my bills to you then :D00:00
maddlerroot access to all your system would also be apreciated...00:00
maddlerSuperbia: can I send mine to you as well?00:00
maddlerjust got my taxes to pay... 1800E00:01
Superbiahaha wish I has root access to all my systems... forgotten about 4 systems passwords :S00:01
Superbiahaha well I have enough to look after but thanks for asking :P00:01
*** shackan has joined #maemo00:02
maddlerSuperbia: ok... man... drop me a line if you change your mind.. :DDDD00:02
maddlerbetter to drink some beer...00:02
Superbiahaha will do :P00:02
keesjIf you see this guy on fosdem , please offer him a beer
Superbiaone sec rebooting to linux had enough with windows for now :P00:03
*** inode0 has left #maemo00:03
nealhow do I enable the harddware buttons when the unit is closed?00:03
*** Superbia has quit IRC00:03
disqwhat's in that glass? :P00:03
maddlerkeesj: naaa... someone told me he's a Windows user!!!00:03
nealand my application is in the foreground?00:03
*** bhima has joined #maemo00:03
keesjred red wine00:04
disqneal: closed?00:04
neallid on00:04
nealthat sort of thing00:04
disqah. can't.00:04
nealI think I read that you can.00:04
disqmce or osso-systemui handles that, probably mce00:04
nealbut I can't find it.00:04
* maddler would be more than happy to offer good italian red wine to everybody! 00:04
*** sbaturzio has quit IRC00:05
maddler... next time you'll be in Rome :D00:05
disqif there was a way to "not lock the hw keys when the cover is on" then you could. check the control panel first :)00:05
nealI want to do it programmatically00:05
nealfor my application00:05
mgedminis that a good idea?00:06
mgedminoverride the user's wishes?00:06
nealit's an mp3 player00:06
mgedminI noticed that I do press random keys unintentionally when I'm putting it into my coat pocket00:06
maddlermgedmin: ask user if he/she wants to override him/herself! :DD00:06
keesjSuperbia> btw anyone gotten java to run on n800?00:07
mgedminit is a bit annoying to have to slide the 770 a bit out when you want to change the volume00:07
mgedminsomewhat worse with the n80000:07
disqyeah. it is worse on the n80000:07
maddlerkeesj: no... but I know of an N800 running to Java! :D00:07
*** booiiing has joined #maemo00:07
maddlerok... ok... sorry... but... friday night... a hard week...00:07
*** Superbia has joined #maemo00:08
keesjI have the cvm on the n800 but I have no clue what to do next00:08
Superbiathere we go... back in linux00:08
keesjSuperbia: what kind of java do you want?00:09
*** mazzen has quit IRC00:09
*** waite has left #maemo00:09
Superbiaso I can run jar? would like to if possible run mobile apps00:09
keesjso phoneme ..00:09
Superbiayeah I guess :)00:10
keesjthe jvm works but I don't think we have peers for the graphical stuff00:10
SuperbiaI could give jvm a try and see how far I get00:11
keesjthere is patch in mud for phoneme ,00:11
keesjthis is what I get
Superbiahmm so something is missing00:13
*** jamey has quit IRC00:13
keesjNo there are some jars in the system I guess that I just needs env vars to run hello world command line00:14
keesjbut there are other implementation that use classpath and will allow more advanced java00:14
Superbiaokay, think that might work better?00:15
keesjsomebody posted my picture on the net, now I need to get me a new net identity.00:16
SuperbiaI'll give it a try00:16
bhima ?00:17
keesjSuperbia: don't expect to much , there is also
keesjugggggggg nope00:18
bhimakeesj: So, URL? :)00:18
keesjI just posted it here a few minutes ago00:19
bhimaThat's so much less exciting than the weird vampire picture I found.00:20
*** snorkelyd has left #maemo00:20
Superbiaphoneme was incompatible application package so that was a quite quick crash00:20
keesjSuperbia: alright. works4me00:21
Superbiakeesj: strange... can it be that I have that stupid 51-7 build and not 51-6? :S00:22
keesjSuperbia: probabely you are just missing a reposutory00:23
Superbiakeesj: might be... hmm00:24
keesjit looks like there a not much deps
keesjI have to go00:26
Superbiaokay, but thanks for giving me something to work with :)00:27
Superbiaahh there we go.. I was stupid enough to try the built in package manager... dpkg worked better :D00:29
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*** JohnMeacham__ is now known as JohnMeacham00:36
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kakosIs there any way to turn a Maemo machine into a multiuser box complete with login screens and shit?00:41
SuperbiaI been wondering that too... or atleast get another username then user00:41
*** etrunko has quit IRC00:42
*** trenka has quit IRC00:42
*** bipolar has quit IRC00:43
maddleryou can have as many users as you want... but not on the gui...00:43
maddlerthey will only be able to use commandline...00:43
bhimaI have this feeling that if you try to change the name from  'user', things will break in strange places.00:43
kakosWe'll SEE ABOUT THAT!00:43
* kakos goes off to hack00:43
Takit definitely will, particularly if you don't link /home/user00:43
*** andrunko has quit IRC00:44
Superbiastarting to get progress on my .jar files :D00:45
Superbiaonly one error now :P00:45
*** Vudentz has quit IRC00:45
bhimahmm. I have some java console code I want to run on my n800.00:46
*** rev has quit IRC00:46
*** pcfe has quit IRC00:48
maddlerbhima: don't touch "user" related stuff... most likely your device will need to be reflashed...00:51
maddlerbhima: add another user if you need/want to...00:51
*** lsobral has quit IRC00:52
maddlerdum dee da...00:52
*** benzea_ has quit IRC00:53
* bhima gets ready to install a wiki on his n800.00:53
Superbiawhats the fun in another user when you can't flash with it :P00:53
Superbiaif it bitches abut Main-Class attribute missing in Manifest... is it possible to correct without recompiling?00:55
*** matt_c has quit IRC00:55
keesjhmm , try jvm -classpath myjar.jar org.mysite.test.Test00:56
*** __shawn has quit IRC00:56
keesjI cannot type text anymore on my n80000:56
keesjthe popup does not appear even after a reboot00:57
TakSuperbia: yeah, just edit the manifest in your jar and rejar it00:57
Superbiathat I was afraid if Tak... not "my" jar... it's a downloaded cellphone app... last time I started breaking them apart to fix things my girlfriend was mad for weeks... :S00:58
*** ttobin has quit IRC00:59
Taktry keesj's suggestion?00:59
Takor do you not know what class?00:59
Superbiathats I'm trying to figure out00:59
maddlerkeesj: check in control panel...01:00
keesjI had to reboot and remove the battery :p01:01
maddlerremove the battery?01:01
maddlerstrange... but nice to know...01:01
maddleryou weren't charging... right?01:01
maddlerhmmm wait... have you got any alarm?01:02
keesjyes , i was charging . no alarm , I have loaded the uinput module, and played with the jtra xterm01:03
maddlerkeesj: ok... if you were charging then it makes sense... that you had to remove battery...01:03
Superbiatime to start eclipse...01:04
keesjI have had this problem before when just using the btkb + uinput , after a reboot there still was no on-screen keyboard. very funny , It can rember this but not that I want my bt on01:04
keesjSuperbia: on the n800?01:04
maddlerkeesj: hehehehe...01:04
Superbiahaha no... on my mbp01:05
maddlertoday a work mate insisted that would be possible to run Beryl on N800... :)01:05
*** Fabianx has joined #maemo01:05
Takpossible, sure01:05
mgedminat 30 seconds per frame?01:05
Superbiahaha didn't even know it had 3d acc :P01:05
maddlerSuperbia: yeah... it has a couple Cs and a few Ks as well! :DDD01:06
keesjwith some extra batteries perhaps?01:06
maddlerkeesj: yeah dilithium batteries!01:06
Superbiamaddler: hehe01:06
Fabianxeveraldo, you might want to join #nx too.01:07
SuperbiaI just get beryl to work on my stationary today... but it's not really that stable on a 8800 :S01:08
maddlerFabianx: what about #py as well? :D01:08
everaldoFabianx, freenode?01:08
maddlerSuperbia: maybe with 2.0-ND!01:08
maddlerND -> Next Dimension :D01:09
Fabianxeveraldo, yes01:09
*** pvanhoof has quit IRC01:09
*** Fabianx has left #maemo01:09
Superbiamaddler: hehe I think nvidia needs to get their linux drivers in line and start working as they should... 8800 support is a laugh it seems01:09
maddleryep... I had nvidia on my previous laptop...01:10
SuperbiaI like nvidia.. but they could atleast try and make drivers as fast as new cards01:15
maddlerhehehe... to late for last year's xmas gift... and to early for next! ;D01:17
SuperbiaI really miss my "back" button on the mouse while surfing in linux :S01:18
nealFor those interested, I've finished a first version of the mp3 player I was working on. It's at
nealyou need to install it with dpkg -i --force-architecture01:19
nealif you have gpe-calendar installed then you already have its dependencies.01:19
Superbiawork in n800 too? :)01:20
nealI don't have one of those01:20
*** NickDe has quit IRC01:20
Superbiathen we'll just have to try it :)01:20
nealanyways, I'm off for the evening.01:22
maddlerneal: welcome back then! :D01:23
maddler00:23 here :D01:23
nealwelcome back?01:23
maddlerso the evening is over... :D01:23
maddlerhehehe... don't mind... I tend to be kinda idiot at the end of the week...01:24
nealfor me evening = dinner time until I go to bed01:24
Superbiaseems to run fine on N800... will try it out some :)01:24
nealhow does one do multi-select?01:25
nealoh cool.01:25
nealthe hardware buttons are mapped to play, next and previous01:26
*** jacques has joined #maemo01:28
disqneal: ooh, nice. does it have playlist editing? i might send in patches for a fullscreen-n800-operation-mode someday01:39
disqneal: lastfm? cool!01:41
*** dieguito has quit IRC01:42
*** dieguito has joined #maemo01:43
Superbiabah... these jar files drive me mad...01:44
*** __shawn has joined #maemo01:47
mgedminbrain in a jar?01:47
mgedminkind of mad01:47
Superbiastarting to feel like it... trying to figure out mainclass...01:47
mgedminmad scientist :)01:48
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*** garrett has quit IRC01:57
*** RpJ has joined #maemo01:57
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*** benzea has joined #maemo02:09
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dolfunnice neal....02:32
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo02:32
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*** sabotage is now known as sabotage_afk03:29
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*** BrianRice has joined #maemo03:37
revhey folks03:37
revanyone here know how the 770/800 tells between a thumbpress and a stylus tap?03:38
disqhow do 770/800 tells, or how can you tell using an api? which one?03:41
disqsecond one i know03:41
*** benzea has quit IRC03:42
revwell, how does it tell, and can we tell via some api?03:42
revpresumably there is a standard api for this, e.g. the touchscreen driver03:42
disqthere's a hildon-finger.h (but it's basically checks if the pressure reported by the touchscreen >=0.4)03:42
revBrianRice was wondering if pressure data was available, like with wacom tablets03:42
revohhh, so pressure is sensed!03:42
revi thought it wasn't, but i'm glad to be wrong03:43
disqit is. maemopad+ uses it, even.03:43
*** Disconnect has quit IRC03:43
revnow to write a plugin i guess, eh?03:46
* rev idly wonders if the FFI works on the nokia03:46
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo03:46
*** kakos has quit IRC03:52
*** obi has joined #maemo04:16
*** arnnn has joined #maemo04:23
arnnnhow do I install gconf-editor on n800 ?04:23
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC04:28
*** Yamazaki-kun has joined #maemo04:29
*** pdz- has joined #maemo04:31
*** obi has quit IRC04:31
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*** _follower_ has joined #maemo05:06
Takdoesn't it report thumbpress as shift+click or something ?05:08
*** phil|work is now known as philipl05:10
*** _follower_ has quit IRC05:10
*** dolfun has quit IRC05:15
*** dolfun has joined #maemo05:20
*** shackan has quit IRC05:29
disqTak: it does, see hildon-finger.c for details :)05:30
arnnnhow can I change the value in gconf-editor ?05:35
*** jebba has joined #maemo05:36
*** arnnn has quit IRC05:39
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*** yerga has joined #maemo06:10
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dolfuni just left my 770 on for... i don't know how many days... i think 506:25
dolfunmaybe 706:25
dolfunwith cover closed06:25
dolfunand it's still going ?06:25
Takscreen and wifi use most of the power06:26
*** neurocyt1 has joined #maemo06:30
*** pdz has joined #maemo06:42
*** Yamazaki-kun has quit IRC06:46
*** neurocyte has quit IRC06:46
*** neurocyt1 is now known as neurocyte06:46
BrianRicedolfun: even the product page says standby time should be 7 days:,7841,feat:1,00.html06:47
*** pdz- has quit IRC06:55
*** pdz- has joined #maemo06:56
*** pdz has quit IRC07:09
*** pdz- has quit IRC07:11
*** pdz has joined #maemo07:14
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*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:27
dolfunthx BrianRice ... that's pretty amazing stuff.   Almost makes turning it off unnecessary :)07:28
TakI never turn mine off07:29
BrianRiceeh, mine reboots itself on its own more often than 7 days anyway :)07:29
Takit takes way more power to power it up than to let it sit overnight07:29
revdolfun: that's what PDA type devices do... not to burst your bubble, it is handy and all. :D07:32
revthe only time i've turned off my 770/800 was to reboot it07:33
dolfunah, it's my first pda07:33
dolfunactually no, i used a psion netbook for a few months as a portable wlan ssh and vnc terminal07:34
*** vidaroni has quit IRC07:39
revah cool07:41
revhow did you like that?07:41
revi've always wanted one of those, or at least to play with one07:41
revi'm always on the lookout for a cheap Psion, to see if there are any ideas to steal from it07:42
*** abock has quit IRC07:50
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo08:08
*** jebba has left #maemo08:10
*** Disconnect has quit IRC08:18
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo08:19
keesjJaffa: ?08:53
dolfunrev, a bunch of geeks made a linux for the netbook (and the series 5)08:55
inzheh -- I misread: "bunch of geeks made linux for nethack"08:56
*** abock has joined #maemo08:58
dolfunhahahaha which is not so far from the truth08:59
dolfunanybody here know the nethack porter for maemo / nokia?09:00
dolfuni want to get T.O.M.E. running09:01
keesjdolfun: search the irc logs :)09:09
keesjhe is often on irc ,09:09
*** dolfun has quit IRC09:23
*** dolfun has joined #maemo09:27
*** philipl is now known as phil|sleep09:54
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*** sabotage_afk has joined #maemo10:01
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*** Guard][an has joined #maemo11:11
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo11:21
*** Naughty has joined #maemo11:32
Naughtyhi guys11:32
Naughtyi was thinking about buying the nokie N800, is there any putty like apps for it?11:33
nealyou mean ssh?11:33
nealthere is xterm and ssh11:33
*** __shawn has joined #maemo11:34
Naughtythey both have the irssi application?11:34
nealwhat is both?11:34
Naughtyxterm and ssh11:34
Naughtyim just not familiar with linux based applications :P11:35
*** twogood has quit IRC11:36
cosmo_Naughty: irssi usually runs on remote server inside screen, you ssh to it and use it from there11:38
cosmo_but i'd suggest using xchat or gaim on N800, as using irssi with virtual keyboard is a pain11:38
cosmo_or get a bluetooth keyboard11:39
Naughtyi do have screen11:39
Naughtyi just wanna know if i can learn to use any of those apps cause ima girl so :D11:39
cosmo_for example it's not very easy to enter ctrl-keypresses with virtual keyboard and stylus, but it is possible if needed11:40
cosmo_i know a lot of girls who use screen+irssi, so that's not a explanation ;)11:40
nealdo you mean you are a girl figuratively or do you mean you are girl physically?11:40
Naughtywell i have nokia 7710 witch is basically same kinda phone, tho its symbian11:41
neali.e., do you mean it derogatorily or are you using it as an appeal?11:41
Naughtyand i had no trouble at all using putty with stylus11:41
glas5there's hacks to the xterm11:41
glas5you can run irssi even locally11:41
Naughtywell i dont need that :D11:42
glas5naughty: but do take into consideration that 770/800 are not phones11:42
Naughtyhahha yeah :D11:42
Naughtythis nokia 7710 that i have has same features, but not wlan capability11:43
*** twogood has joined #maemo11:44
glas5well, 770/800 don't have built in gprs(or 3g)11:44
Naughtyany other useful apps for n800?11:44
glas5check the application guide11:45
glas5i like fbreader for reading books11:45
Naughtyit had sum messaging app on it?11:45
Naughtydoes it support messenger?11:45
cosmo_Naughty: are you the one in galtsu? :)11:45
Naughtybusted :D11:46
cosmo_very nice :)11:46
cosmo_i think killer apps for maemo are mod player plugin, pengupop, scummvm, and the built-in mahjong11:48
glas5cosmo: you the cosmo from tupsula btw?11:49
glas5i guess so11:49
cosmo_busted ;)11:49
Naughtymahjong :<11:49
glas5for me maemo killer apps currently are fbreader and the browser11:49
glas5i usually just irc from the phone11:49
Naughtyme too11:49
Naughtybut try to use putty with gprs...11:50
glas5well i run a client on the phone itself11:50
Naughtyye i run a java irc client11:50
Naughtybut they crash every other second11:50
glas5i run a native symbian one.. of which there isn't a 3rd edition port11:50
glas5they dont probably crash, they just get shut down by the system11:51
Naughtyoh they crash, and the system crashes11:51
glas5low mem etc etc.. j2me apps can't refuse to die if asked11:51
glas5never had jmirc "crash" on any platform for me11:51
glas5i use wirelessirc mostly though..11:51
Naughtyand usually i get 5-10 errors and :DDd11:52
Naughtyso hope n800 is stable and has stable programs11:52
cosmo_dunno about N800, but my 770 is stable enough11:53
cosmo_earlier IT versions crashed a lot more11:53
*** jonty has joined #maemo11:53
glas5it was fine on the last trip i made11:54
glas5i don't use it that often tbh11:54
glas5only on out-of-town trips11:54
glas5on traintrips etc11:54
cosmo_Naughty: if you travel often by bus or train, get konttori's mediaconverter and encode some movies or tv-series for your N80011:55
Naughtyhaah :D11:55
cosmo_i usually watch dr. who on the bus to work ;)11:56
glas5and couple of nice chunky sd cards for mem11:56
Naughtyi just watch days of our lives ;)11:56
Naughtyand i only travel to school and back11:56
glas5i guess if i went to lectures i'd carry it there11:56
glas5but haven't done that much lately11:57
cosmo_it's excellent for lecture-irc11:57
Naughtyyeah i bet :)11:57
glas5yeah i'd imagine so11:57
glas5used to irc with a phone a lot11:57
glas5from lectures11:57
glas5dunno how wise that was :p11:57
Naughtyand i got to school in helsinki, and even all the bars have wlan ;D11:57
cosmo_it's a pity that in Finland we don't have a lot of open wlans11:58
Naughtyin helsinki there is11:58
glas5cosmo: well, kultanen apina has ;p11:58
Naughtyand just most of the seniors dont even know what wlan is and they dont secure it11:58
cosmo_it's very annoying to go and ask wlan key from bartender (who usually doesn't have a clue)11:59
glas5though, with flatfee 3g(paid by work, too) i don't really give a shit about free wifi anymore11:59
Naughtyhahah i think thats fun11:59
glas5i just use 3g11:59
glas5the latency isn't too bad for ssh12:00
glas5for irssi12:00
cosmo_in Riga for example there were always like 5 wlans available in city center and most were open12:00
glas5sometimes wifi pricing just sucks too much12:00
glas5at 3gsm the pricing was ridiculous, managed to find 1 working free spot though( named linksys no less.. near nokia booth no less.. )12:01
glas5friggin 615e per visitor and they don't arrange working wifi for that even but ask more..12:02
glas5too bad 3g roaming isn't affordable12:02
cosmo_earlier there was discussion if 770/800 could be made a mobile wifi ap with 3g uplink12:03
Naughtystupid question:  what difference is in gprs and 3g12:03
cosmo_gprs=slow, modem speef, 3g is a bit faster12:04
Naughtyyeah that i knew already12:04
glas5different tech12:04
glas53g has better ping12:04
glas5less latency12:05
glas5so less pain in using irssi over ssh12:05
*** jacques_ has joined #maemo12:05
Naughtyye if its faster, naturally12:05
Naughtyso 800 can use it?12:05
glas5if you got a 3g phone12:05
Naughtyhavent had any 3g phones12:05
Naughtywell is it a 3g phone :DDD12:05
*** jacques has quit IRC12:05
glas5800 isn't a phone at all12:05
glas5you need a seperate phone to connect through gprs or 3g12:06
glas5can't make calls with it12:06
glas5well, wifi calls you could..12:06
Naughtyi didnt tought of that12:07
Naughtytought it was a phone like my 771012:07
Naughtynokia sells it as a phone12:08
glas5no they don't really12:08
glas5everybody just expects it's a phone because it's a nokia...12:08
Naughtyno they have it under mobilephones gategory12:09
*** benzea has joined #maemo12:12
glas5ahh indeed they have12:12
glas5never noticed12:12
glas5that's stupid i agree12:12
glas5under phones->multimediacomputers12:12
Naughtyffs i want a phone with touching screen :<<<12:16
*** flatronf701C has quit IRC12:17
Naughtythis nokia 7710 has it, its so fast to type and irc, but its too laggy and buggy12:17
Naughtyand cant use wlan12:17
cosmo_i think ericsson's communicators have touchscreen12:17
plaesP800, P990 have..12:18
cosmo_i like to have separate small phone & large internet tablet12:18
glas5yeah me too12:20
glas5i like a smallish phone for on-the-go irc..12:20
glas5easy to pocket and check and put back..12:20
glas5all uiq devices have touchscreen..12:21
glas5(i'm not too sure about all but all major anyhow and all apps would expect it)12:21
roopeyeah, uiq's are nice, if you want it.12:28
*** Tahitibob has joined #maemo12:28
cosmo_i think it wouldn't be bad idea for nokia to just make a maemo based phone, just to see if it would sell12:30
glas5just latch on a modem12:36
glas5does n800 do sdio?12:36
*** Sulis has joined #maemo12:45
Sulisis there a way that i can use my n800 as a handsfree for my phone?12:48
*** juho has quit IRC12:53
*** Naughty has quit IRC12:56
*** svu has joined #maemo13:14
svucan maemo-mapper use tomtom maps?13:14
*** shackan has joined #maemo13:25
Guard][an"i think it wouldn't be bad idea for nokia to just make a maemo based phone, just to see if it would sell" --> it's funny how people assume that big company are worth wasting money in random projects :)13:33
Guard][anbig companies13:34
cosmo_more than small companies :)13:34
*** trenka has joined #maemo13:35
Guard][ani'm pretty sure the N770 and N800 are not profitable business13:35
Guard][anjust balance the amount of skilled engineers it requires to the number of units sold13:35
nealthe number of units sold is public information?13:36
*** mazzen has joined #maemo13:36
Guard][ani don't think so, and i don't know it, but i would image were talking about 10 000 - 30 000 units13:36
trenkait's not a public information even for the team :)13:36
Guard][angosh i just can't type this morning13:37
nealyou're speculation seems quite ungrounded13:37
nealespecially for such an unqualified statement13:38
cosmo_i think the number of units sold is quite good.. at least here in finland a lot of people have them13:40
cosmo_even non-nokia engineers who got one for free13:40
Guard][ani did not state it wasn't good :)13:41
*** lele has joined #maemo13:42
Guard][anneal: indeed it's only speculation from my part13:42
*** mat__ has joined #maemo13:51
*** mat__ is now known as mat|l13:51
*** mat|l has left #maemo13:52
Sulisanyone know if i can use my n800 as a handsfree device?13:52
Guard][anhandsfree device ?13:53
Sulisyeah, like pair it with my phone and be able to make calls and stuff13:54
trenkaI've heared such requirement already, hmmm13:57
Sulisbut it can't presently be  done?13:59
trenkaI do not know out-of-box solution13:59
*** Superbia has joined #maemo14:02
SuperbiaHello guys :)14:03
Superbiais there any hardware stops for running a linux system on a N800 without heavy modifications? like say sid?14:04
*** jonty has quit IRC14:05
*** jonty has joined #maemo14:06
trenkaSuperbia: disk space14:07
Superbiatrenka; huh? I can get 4gb max with memory cards can't I?14:08
trenkayes, you can14:08
Superbiaso it is basicly possible? :)14:09
Superbiawhy I'm asking is that I found and they seems to have a working sid for armel14:09
trenkaif you have our kernel and initfs, it should be possible, but I did not try14:10
Superbiaahh okay... hmm maybe worth trying on my memory stick... got a 2gb sd14:11
*** jonty has quit IRC14:13
Superbiawould be fun to try to run a linux dist with xorg and gnome or something just to see if it's possible :)14:14
*** jonty has joined #maemo14:14
*** jonty has quit IRC14:16
*** jonty has joined #maemo14:17
*** slomo has joined #maemo14:19
*** mukund has joined #maemo14:32
Superbiahaha they managed to get gentoo working with e17 on a ipaq... hmm think it's time to start reading about the n800 kernel hehe14:34
*** jonty has quit IRC14:36
*** jonty has joined #maemo14:36
*** jonty has quit IRC14:41
*** jonty has joined #maemo14:44
cosmo_i think RAM is the problem.. current Gnome needs about 256 megs. other problem is the input, you need good virtual keyboard integration14:48
Superbiayeah... that is why I was thinking of gnome first as I seen lots of ppl run it on fullsize tablet like le1600 and so...14:49
Superbiaassumed it has good onscreen support nativly... but fluxbox or so would work fine to...14:49
trenkaSuperbia: better use Daniel's xorg anyway :)14:49
Superbiaor that hehe14:50
*** koen|train has joined #maemo14:50
cosmo_i think maemo is much more suitable for 770/800 than any "normal" desktop environment14:51
cosmo_GPE could also work14:51
Superbiaprobably... but I'm having little problems adepting to hildon :P I would like E or something :)14:51
*** jonty has quit IRC14:58
*** koen|train has quit IRC14:58
*** jonty has joined #maemo15:05
*** mazzen has quit IRC15:06
*** mazzen has joined #maemo15:07
disqSulis: i blogged about that in (the pair-with-phone-use-handsfree-etc thing) though i really don't know where to start (where to start reading the docs)15:24
disqi mean, it's not common practice to get linux to emulate a headset15:26
*** jonty has quit IRC15:26
*** jonty has joined #maemo15:27
Superbiaohh I like wmaker ^^15:29
Superbiaand you can use standard themes without hussle... thats great :D15:31
*** Superbia has quit IRC15:33
*** gummibaerchen_ has joined #maemo16:00
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo16:09
*** koen|train has joined #maemo16:10
*** koen|train is now known as koen|fosdem16:11
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saerdnaerwhere can i get this script?16:15
* konfoo yawns16:16
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo16:16
saerdnaerthe subversion repository isn't publicy accessible any more16:17
*** superbia has joined #maemo16:20
Sulisdisq, i've just read about someone doing something with gnokii, buti don't know if that would only support nokia phones then16:20
Sulisanyway, i gotta go16:22
*** Sulis has quit IRC16:22
*** toi_ is now known as toi|fosdem16:36
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*** pbrook has quit IRC16:39
saerdnaerah okay i found a solution, just use mkfs.jffs216:47
*** svu has quit IRC17:02
*** ts0_ has joined #maemo17:02
ts0_is openssh not working on n800?17:02
*** svu has joined #maemo17:03
*** mazzen has quit IRC17:04
*** mukund is now known as muks17:05
*** mazzen has joined #maemo17:06
*** Eerok has joined #maemo17:14
*** superbia has quit IRC17:25
|tbb|how can i surf without the internally connection manager want to connect to a location17:29
disqyou can add a dummy connection in the 77017:38
disqthat won't work with n800 though17:38
|tbb|i would like to  doing a script which connects me with my n800 to any ap i prefer17:39
*** zimmerle is now known as zimmerle_away17:45
*** inode0 has joined #maemo17:46
inode0Playing around I installed ushare on my slug. Using fuse/djmount it works fine from linux but the media streamer on the N800 doesn't seem to find it. Any ideas?17:48
*** jonty__ has joined #maemo17:58
*** tuxperger has joined #maemo17:59
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*** |mk8| has joined #maemo18:30
|mk8|Hi to all ...18:31
tuxpergerHi - how things in Belgium18:34
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl18:35
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jonekhow do I input destinations on street level in the maemo mapper route download dialog?19:57
jonekit works very nicely with city names and ZIP codes19:59
*** inode0 has joined #maemo20:00
maddlerjonek: use same syntax you wound use on Google Maps20:00
maddlerI use something like: 157, Via Nazionale, Roma Italy20:01
maddlerand it usually works :)20:01
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo20:02
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo20:04
jonekmaddler: I used the same syntax as in google maps in firefox on my desktop but get an error message on the n80020:05
maddlerjonek: maybe it's a top secret address? :)20:06
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC20:09
*** inode0 has quit IRC20:11
joneknope: in firefox (usual webinterface to google maps) it worked20:12
*** obi has joined #maemo20:15
*** zorrolero has joined #maemo20:16
ts0_is openssh not working on n800?20:19
jonekts0_: yes it is20:20
maddlerts0_: it's working... afaik...20:20
jonekts0_: sorry I missread your question, I have OpenSSH running on a N80020:24
*** disq has quit IRC20:29
*** disq has joined #maemo20:29
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*** sxpert has joined #maemo21:11
*** Gluz has quit IRC21:15
*** Guardian has joined #maemo21:15
konfooanyone know how to get the /dev/dsp working for audio? i have this in my cat of /dev/sndstat:21:18
konfooCard config:21:18
konfooOMAP24xx EAC with codec TSC230121:18
konfooAudio devices: NOT ENABLED IN CONFIG21:18
*** Gluz has joined #maemo21:18
*** inode1 has joined #maemo21:20
*** sxpert has quit IRC21:22
*** sxpert has joined #maemo21:22
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*** superbia has joined #maemo22:00
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*** slomo has joined #maemo22:04
superbiabah... I hate errors I can't figure out22:06
*** phil|out is now known as philipl22:14
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo22:15
tigertkonfoo: use gstreamer22:19
tigertthere is a gst driver for it afaik22:19
kenderor maybe, dsppcmsink22:20
tigertafaik there is no other driver for the sound device22:20
kenderno, I have tried compiling oss emulation modules for alsa22:21
kenderand they don't seem to work22:21
tigertbut the gst stuff there is very good afaik22:21
tigertso why not just use that?22:21
kenderyes, but in many cases you need to recode 1/3 of a program22:21
kender(my case..)22:22
kenderand know, I have a big problem with it22:22
*** _follower_ has quit IRC22:22
kenderbecause the way that the original program use the oss driver, with gst I can't do that22:22
nealtigert: What do you mean the gstreamer stuff is very good?22:22
kenderneal, you can do great things in a very simple way22:23
tigertneal: its working nicely wiht the dsp22:23
kenderyou only have to catch what you need and use it22:23
nealas far as I can tell, the dspmp3sink doesn't report id3 tags22:23
tigertand its configured for you and it works22:23
tigertjust like you wish stuff was on your regular linux distro :P22:23
nealwhich other plugins do22:24
nealand playbin is completely broken as far as I can tell22:24
tigertwell, this is my _impression_ which may be wrong too22:24
kenderI think I have used it in the N80022:24
kenderbut I'm not sure22:24
nealboth of these things are quite inconvenient22:24
nealbecause it works on other distributions22:24
tigertshould do a simple webcam util with python and gstreamer22:24
nealwhich means that one has to introduce maemo specific hacks22:24
*** booiiing has quit IRC22:25
kenderchange one line of the code22:25
kenderthat's all22:25
kenderand add a mp3 decoder22:25
kendermad or any else22:26
nealkender : are you responding to something I sad?22:26
kender<neal> which means that one has to introduce maemo specific hacks22:26
kenderthat are the specific hacks22:27
nealplaybin is also broken22:27
kenderIf you have an app that works with gst22:27
kenderyes, but better is not to use it in the device22:27
kenderif you use it you don't use mp3 hardware decoder22:27
nealwith playbin?22:28
kenderany way, I don't know why it doesn't work22:28
nealplaybin auto detects the best module22:28
kendermaybe that's not true22:28
kendermine I mean22:28
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo22:29
*** andym has joined #maemo22:30
kenderneal, I think that they use gstreamer because they are using the lastest tecnology22:31
kenderdbus, hal22:31
nealI'm not against gstreamer22:32
nealI'm for it22:32
nealbut it sucks that they use it and still the stuff is not portable22:32
nealit's like with gtk+22:32
kenderyeah, true22:32
*** andym has quit IRC22:32
kenderbut, same things happen with everything :(22:32
kenderand the closed code parts doesn't help very much22:33
*** _shawn_ has quit IRC22:37
maddlerwops :D22:38
*** ab has joined #maemo22:38
*** superbia has quit IRC22:45
*** superbia has joined #maemo22:52
superbiahmm lets see if this works better22:52
*** pleemans has quit IRC22:55
*** Disconnect has quit IRC22:58
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo23:02
*** _follower_ has quit IRC23:17
*** bingo has joined #maemo23:22
bingohi do you know if there is a way to took photos and videos with the N800?23:22
*** kender has quit IRC23:31
maddlerbingo: no, not yet at least...23:34
*** philipl is now known as phil|out23:36
superbiais it easy to brick a nokia tablet? :D23:53
superbiaor can just almost always just reflash it?23:55
*** benzea has joined #maemo23:56
*** ccjoe has quit IRC23:57

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