IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2007-02-23

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keesjmmcqd and metalayer-crawler are always on top in "top" and my average load is > 2 , is that normal behaviour?00:07
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mgedminnot after metalayer-crawler stops indexing your mmc cards00:09
mgedminif you've just booted or just inserted a card, then it is normal00:09
keesjuptime 50 minutes00:10
maddlerkeesj... bug 97800:11
maddlerI think it may also be caused by symlinks abd crawler recursively trying to index...00:12
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mgedminit would be interesting to see what it crawls00:16
mgedminstupid x clipboard00:16
mgedminls -l /proc/`pidof metalayer-crawler`/fd00:16
* mgedmin yawns and goes00:16
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keesjmaddler: thanks00:21
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jtrahas anybody else who tried encountered some issues which are not described in "known issues" section?00:24
Suliswhat should the links for internet radio stations actually look like for media player? the ones from don't get it's really quite hard to tell what they are00:25
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keesjjtra: I downloaded the sources but did not try yet, you are not making it easet to test00:28
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jtrakeesj: what would help?00:33
keesjfor hacker to put the different debs in one file, for users to put them in a .install. for me to put it in mud00:34
keesjand perhaps remove the -doc deb if not necerary,00:36
jtrayou don't have to install -doc deb00:37
keesjbut your website points to an apache directory , I can't even read the full file names00:38
jtraI will correct that00:39
keesjI am testing on the n800 , is the osso-xterm the right command to start? if so I get osso-xterm: error while loading shared libraries:
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jtrathe command is right00:42
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keesjand with apt-get update /upgrade the osso-xterm is replaced by the bora version00:45
keesjlibxau6 is installed om the n800 not 000:45 is in libxau0 package on 77000:46
keesjI guess that a source rebuilt would be a better solution :p00:46
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jtraseems so, I don't have scratchbox for any other version than maemo2.100:47
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keesjjtra: why?00:51
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keesj2.1 plays nice with 3.000:52
keesjI created a dsl based qemu image that does 2.1 and 3.0 but I have not tested it much00:53
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neal doesn't contain an arm rootstrap01:09
nealand the link,, on is broken01:10
* pahartik notices that document at "" suggests to "apt-get source su-18-kernel", but does not tell where that source can be fetched from01:14
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keesjare many people going to fosdem? I might go01:20
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SuperbiaHello, how come I keep getting permission denied when trying to execute code on my n800? doesn't really matter if it's a python or perl script.. still same01:23
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b0unc3the battery of 770 and n800 are the same ?01:24
disqSuperbia: maybe it's because /media/mmc*/ are mounted as noexec? :)01:24
disqb0unc3: yes.01:25
b0unc3disq: ok, thanks01:25
Superbiadisq, hehe might be :D so I might need to change that first hehe01:25
disqor copy the scrips over to ~ :)01:26
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Superbiais there a fstab I could edit like on "larger" linux systems or is it some special thingies here? :)01:26
maddlerSuperbia: look @ /etc/fstab01:27
Superbiathanks... man I really need to get nano or something...01:28
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b0unc3argh... my n800 dosen't boot more... ;(01:32
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disqSuperbia: there's a mc package somewhere. in fact i think maddler compiled it :)01:40
Superbia oh? hehe I can't seem to get vi to work as I want it on the onscreen keyboard... :P01:41
disqyou could apt-get install ssh and ssh from your desktop box01:42
disqyou'll have to login as root first (default password is rootme, change it) and change "user" 's password (which is locked by default i think) too01:42
Superbiadone that... but it keeps disconnecting at random and then I need to restart the n800 for it to work again...01:43
Takanyone know what's the deal with the latest canola release ?01:43
disqthere's a latest? lemme check01:43
disqoh, probably it's mplayer-enabled?01:44
Takyeah, I just noticed when updating my apt sources01:44
Superbiastarting to wonder if it's possible to put debian on the n800 and use the default ARM build of all packages... hehe finding repos for everything is more the half the work in getting it to work :P01:46
Takhmm - I don't see anything about mplayer01:47
disqthere's a guy who installed debian-armel in mmc, ran a second xserver from there (chrooted) and used vncviewer to connect01:47
disqdetails in or in maemo-(users|developers) mailinglist01:47
Superbiahaha okay, that sounds a little complicated too... :P I was more thinking of doing a total backup and reflashing... must be possible right?01:48
disqTak: there was some talk about it here today01:48
TakI see01:48
disqi don't either01:50
disqtime for bed, look in the irc logs, tak :)01:51
Superbianight ^^01:51
maddlerTak: I checked an hour ago and no canola news...01:54
maddlerlemme see...01:54
maddlerdamn techies!!! you can't leave them alone not even for a second!01:55
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Superbiathanks ^^01:57
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Superbiahehe net techs? :P01:57
Superbiais there something wrong with the script or am I missing something again? I got not found and the scrupt I run it on?02:00
* maddler is an happy techno geek! :D02:00
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TakSkyhusker's port of xchat rocks02:01
maddlerSuperbia: dunno...02:08
Superbiamaddler: I think I need to start with understanding why I need it and work from there... ^^02:09
maddlerTak: any special difference with inz's one?02:09
maddlerSuperbia: yep... sounds like a good strategy?02:10
Takwhich one is inz's one?02:10
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Superbiamaddler: yeah... I furst thought it was just python but after some googling it seems I need to run for it to work... need to figure out why..02:11
Pioheh im trying to figure out which one i have now02:11
Piowhich xchat port02:11
Takthis one is maemo-xchat 2.8.002:11
Piohmm thats not the one i have02:12
Superbiawhy doesn't bluetooth start on boot on the n800?02:13
maddlerTak: where from?02:14
maddlerSuperbia: known bug02:14
maddlerif you dare you could add an rc.local script to your boot sequence...02:15
maddlerI have: haciconfig hci0 up02:15
maddlerso that my BT is enabled by default at boot...02:15
* pahartik manages to get "make config" of "linux-source-2.6.16" done on Maemo 2.2 and starts "make"02:15
Superbiaahh thanks :)02:15
maddlerSuperbia: np02:15
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Superbiahaha your making a kernel on the internet tablet or in a sandbox?02:16
Superbiamaddler: should I make the /etc/rc.d dir too or is it placed somewhere else here?02:17
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Piothe version of xchat i have can't auto-join channels, the options are not in the server list dialogs.. is that different in skyhusker's by any chance?02:18
Piothank god02:18
Pioim switching right now heh02:18
* pahartik assumes that "/home/user/kernel-source-2.6.16/scripts/ 59: Syntax error: Bad substitution" means it wants "bash" or something02:18
Takin the old one, the dialogs run off the screen02:18
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Toma-Yellownotes is the  bomb ;)02:19
maddlerSuperbia: having it in /etc/init.d/ is higly suggested...02:20
Piohmm no mistral builds?02:21
Pioor scirocco02:21
Superbiamaddler: hehe02:24
maddlerTak: it's not showing in available apps...02:24
maddlerTak: and the repository looks empty as well...02:24
Takunder m?02:24
* konfoo scratches chin02:24
maddlerTak: ok... ok... was lookig for ^x02:25
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maddleroyes... working pretty nice...02:28
maddlerping maddlero02:28
maddlerTak: I really miss full-screen btw...02:30
Takditto - supposedly it works on n800...02:31
maddlerbeide beside I still prefer using irssi over an ssh/screen session :)02:31
* Tak shrugs 02:31
maddlerTak: no... it's not working on N800...02:31
* Tak shrugs again02:31
com1has Fceu been updated yet for maemo?02:32
* com1 waits02:32
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maddlerArchitecture: armel02:32
maddlerVersion: 0.98.12-402:32
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Takcom1: not quite yet02:33
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Takstill tweaking02:33
* pahartik gives up with Linux kernel source as "bash" package conflicts with "busybox" package02:33
maddlerpahartik: use m-bash instead...02:34
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com1tak, whaat u think of oqo?02:34
com1ver 202:34
pahartikmaddler: What is that?02:34
maddlera working bash port02:35
com1thought ya knew02:36
Takeh - I am supremely unimpressed with any winbased umpc02:37
Superbiais it possible to reset a n800 to factory settings?02:38
pahartikmaddler: Document at "" does not know it, AltaVista did not show anything relevant02:38
maddlerSuperbia: you need to reflash...02:38
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Superbiamaddler: yeah I was about to use the flashing tool... but it was older then the version I got with it as new...02:39
maddlerpahartik: it should be in maemo-hackers's repo... IIRC02:39
maddlerSuperbia: user flasher-3.002:39
Superbiamaddler: okay, that one is better then nokias own? :)02:40
maddlerSuperbia: sorry... my fault... flasher-3.0 is for linux based systems...02:41
* maddler is linux-centric02:41
maddlerI should remember that there are some other OSs users around...02:41
SuperbiaI got a linux box too so that is okay... just want to get it back to factory settings so I can make a clean backup and boot from sd from now on :P02:42
pahartikmaddler: Document at "" does not mention "m-bash"...02:42
Toma-Can you run mistral apps on gregale?02:43
maddlerpahartik: wait... lemme check...02:43
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maddlerpahartik: bash-m02:45
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pahartikmaddler: And... Based on "", "flasher-3.0" is only available for Linux on wintel platform02:45
maddleron deb mistral user02:45
maddlerpahartik: yes... I already said that...02:45
maddleron that other gui you need to use Nokia's official flasher02:46
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Toma-How do you find out what version you have?02:47
pahartikmaddler: Oh, now AltaVista pointed me to relevant document for "bash-m"02:47
Takof what?02:47
Toma-Of maemo02:48
Toma-I got a 2nd hand 770 and the guy said he updated it02:48
Takcontrol panel -> device -> about product02:49
Toma-Cool  :>02:51
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Superbia2.2006.51-7 hmm02:52
maddlerSuperbia: on N800...02:53
Superbiayeah... latest flash I found is 51.602:54
maddlerhere that 51-7 comes from?02:54
Superbiafinland if you mean country02:54
maddlerno... I mean... you have 51-7 on your device?02:55
maddleror whas that a typo?02:55
SuperbiaI got 51-702:55
maddlerso a new build...02:55
Superbiaseems so02:55
Superbiabut not even the nokia flashing tool finds it... it says I would downgrade if I continued...02:56
maddlerthat would be nice to have a changelog...02:56
Toma-God damn default browser keeps crashing ;/02:57
Superbiahow can I get you one?02:57
maddlerhave you got xterm?02:59
maddlerdpkg -l > packages.txt02:59
maddlerand then mail me packages.txt02:59
juhobtw do you have any information when new upgrade comes for n800 os03:02
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juhomaybe in few days03:02
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Superbiait should to trying to send it now03:06
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* pahartik manages to install "bash-m"03:07
pahartikmaddler: Thank you03:07
maddlerjuho: it should be here in the next few weeks I'd say...03:14
maddlerjuho: even if I'm kinda curious about that 51-7 release...03:14
juhohmm so long, i thought that it would be released very soon03:15
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Superbiait can't be that new... it's mentioned in a artical from 020207 ^^03:16
pahartikmaddler: However, it still fails at same point... I do not know what it wants03:17
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maddlerSuperbia: any link?03:19
Superbiatried to get a flash from there... but 404 ofc03:20
zanshinhello everybody, I'm new to developing maemo applications. I've setup the develop environment, and did some experimenting with creating debian packages. The next thing I would like to try is to cross-compile for the arm cpu and test the program on the nokia 770. What is the best way to do this?03:22
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paoloI got the nokia 77003:25
Superbiamaddler; think I found the 51-7 flash if your intrested03:26
paoloAnd i need to install ssh.deb.armel03:26
maddlerand download dropbear deb package03:27
paoloAnd many others, but i dont know where to search03:27
maddlerSuperbia: link?03:27
maddlerpaolo: can be a nice start...03:27
Superbiait seems like they just renamed the files and didn't update the artical03:28
maddlerhehe... it happens... :)03:29
paoloHow can i solve the problem of keyboard ?03:29
Superbiayeah :D downloading it now and will give it a try and see or hmm think I will try it tomorrow... starting to get late here :P03:29
* pahartik feels frustrated due to lack of custom kernel image, but refuses to sleep03:31
Superbiahehe yeah... I was a little surprised that there wasn't more "non maemo" flashes for it03:32
maddlerpahartik: there is a howto about building custo kernel images... on maemo.org03:32
paoloThan i see that near the battery there is something that is similar to a serial port rs232 but it is not possibile to have the cable, i just asked to nokia and they said me that is only to flash and only they can use it have solved in any way the problem ?03:33
maddlerare you working with that?03:33
maddlerpaolo: problem with keyboard?03:33
SuperbiaNight guys :)03:33
maddlerthe "serial" close to the battery is supposed to be something like a service stuff... or something like that...03:34
maddlerSuperbia: bye dude!03:34
paoloTo use an external keyobard than to use the virtual of nokia03:34
maddlerpaolo: you need to use a bluetooth keyboard...03:35
maddler*maybe* in the future it will also possibile to use usb keyboards...03:35
paoloBut it is expensive something as 100 euros in italy03:35
maddleras of now a BT keyboard is your only chance...03:36
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maddlerpaolo: try on ebay... on keep using on screen keyboard... :)03:36
maddlercheaper keyboards tend to be low quality as well...03:37
paoloSome hacking to use the wifi on a cable sucoflex and connector sma ?03:38
maddlerwifi on a cable?03:39
paoloSo could be possibile to use an external antenna more efficent than nokia03:39
maddlersorry... but I can hardly see what you mean, dude...03:39
maddleroh... you mean adding an external antenna?03:39
maddlerdunno... maybe... but I'd say internal antenna is working pretty good...03:40
maddlerno need to have a hole in N800 case...03:40
paoloPossbly where are living but in italy there are not many hot spots and many people left them open without connection or they use wep03:42
pahartikmaddler: I did read document at "", but I do not really know if I missed something important, as it assumes that one can use "Scratchbox"03:43
maddlersorry... can't understand you... what an external antenna would change?03:43
maddlerpahartik: if you cannot use sbox you cannot build :)03:44
com1bleh, opera always crashes03:44
paoloWe have realized the here in italy, we buy connection and then we give for free and gratis, but at the moment the MAN is not complete in Rome03:44
maddlercom1: tried enablig virtual memory?03:45
com1ok, let me try03:45
maddlerpaolo: yes, but, what's the deal having an external antenna?03:45
pahartikmaddler: "Scratchbox" seems to require wintel architecture, I tried to build on Nokia 770 with 1 GiB MMC as "/" filesystem03:45
maddlerpahartik: no... it works on a Linux box...03:45
maddlerpahartik: no other OSs :)03:46
paoloTo have  more gain (db)03:46
pbrookpahartik: AFAIK there's nothing x86 specific about scratchbox. It's certainly not windows based.03:47
maddlerpaolo: I can tell you it works amazingly...03:47
paoloI need to to update the kernel and i was thinking to take the complete kernel03:48
shackanmaddler, but not when you're stealing your neighbour's wifi, which is what I assume paolo means03:48
pbrookBuilding stuff on the device itself is going to be painful at best.03:48
pahartikmaddler: That sounds good...03:48
maddlershackan: hehehe...03:49
maddlerpahartik: yep... if you have a linux box it won't be too hard to have sbox installed...03:50
maddlercompiling on N800 would take a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time...03:50
pahartikpbrook: I do not see any big problems with building on Nokia 770 other than that it is apparently difficult to set up03:50
maddlerpaolo: complete kernel?03:50
paoloI would remove all the not free software of nokia and use more possbly free software (gnu gpl)03:51
paoloYes,  that available on maemo.org03:51
pbrookpahartik: It's also going to be pretty slow. The cpu issn't that fast, you've got very little ram, and the storage subsystem (mmc cards) are also fairly slow.03:51
maddlerpaolo: good luck... since you won't be able to use may "proprietary" devices...03:52
maddlerpaolo: that *could* be (maybe) in the future...03:52
pbrookpahartik: You're starting with a fairly stripped down system, so you're likely to have to replace a lot of that.03:52
paoloI need of ping, traceroute, nat and many others i just mounted the wireless tools to use iwconfig03:53
pahartikpbrook: I am not worried about time, my old Alpha workstation easily takes 10 hours while building native image of Linux kernel03:53
maddlerpaolo: I suggest you to spend some time looking at already available software...03:53
pbrookn800 is unlikely to be much/any faster.03:53
* konfoo kicks windows03:53
pahartikpbrook: And my Nokia 770 came with "charger", so battery would not run out of power03:53
konfooi love the fact that adapter 0 = 6553903:54
*** zanshin has quit IRC03:55
pbrookpahartik: Apart from anything else, you have to start by cross-building a native toolchain...03:55
maddlerpahartik: btw, ping and mtr have already been ported...03:56
maddlersorry... I meant paolo03:56
*** _follower_ has quit IRC03:58
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo03:58
pahartikpbrook: I have got this dual-CPU PowerPC 7455 workstation with plenty of RAM and disk space... And want custom kernel for Nokia 770 (I have built many Linux kernels for various architectures during almost 10 years, but only native binaries for architecture)... Which document should I look at?04:00
pbrookCross compiling a kernel is dead easy once you have the toolchain (ie. compiler).04:01
maddlerok... time to hit the bed here...04:01
maddlerpahartik: following the maemo's howto should give you everything you need... imho...\04:01
maddlerI mean... see you all later... :)04:02
paoloThan i would like to know from nokia why they said that use embedded gnu/linux debian, and then left people to theirself, no ping, no traceroute,no iwconfig, no iwpriv, no iwspy, no iwlist, no shell why a community must work for free and gratis, and pay 378 euros and to help ourself when they could release just complete without create problems to us ? At the and no ssh and more bad thing is that usb is 1.1 when just was available the usb 2.004:02
paolothe mmc is a 16bit, and usb is not in host but you must write strings on shell to active it04:02
pbrookmaddler: Doesn't the howto basically say "install the x86 scratchbox binaries"?04:02
maddlerpaolo: simply because the tablet is not intended to do all that...04:03
maddlerpbrook: yes...04:03
maddlerpaolo: did you bought a PC?04:03
pbrookmaddler: Not terribly helpful if you've only got ppc boxen...04:04
maddlerpaolo: when you buy a PC you install Linux on it... and start doing whatever you want...04:04
maddlerpaolo: you can't complain with Nokia about that...04:04
maddlerpaolo: I'd be happy to have _everything_ released under a GPL license... but that's another story...04:04
maddlerpaolo: and also, it only takes less than 1 hour to have a "fully" working N800...04:05
maddlerpbrook: there is keesj vmware virtual machine...04:06
pbrookmaddler: Still no use on ppc boxen.04:06
pbrookI guess you could run it under qemu if you're really patient.04:06
maddlerpbrook: I can sell you a nice Intel or AMD box :)04:07
maddlerpaolo: by the way you just gave me the feeling that's easier to complain... instead of acting...04:08
maddlerok... and now... bed!04:08
pbrookIt's pahartik that's got harware beyond his capabilities, not me. I already have fast amd boxen and am the person that built the sb/maemo arm toolchains in the first place ;-)04:08
maddlerwell... I could sell you a couple PCs anyway... :)04:09
maddlerI will also give you a for free the OS! :D04:10
paoloNot all the people are able to do cross-compiling, me for the first one, could be better to use a mini gcc for armel. Flashing the nokia all the softwares deb.arm are not anymore good, and it is necessary to find or write software .deb.armel little endian until .deb.arm big endian, then i don't know the difference from big and little endian and why if you flash the nokia, the cpu think as little endian than big, things i never known04:11
pbrookpaolo: You aren't making sense.04:11
* pahartik notices that "" and "" mention "x86 platform" as requirement04:12
pbrookThat's what scratchbox it for. You don't need to know/care that you're building for a non-native target.04:12
maddlerpaolo: are you some kind of robot?!04:13
* pahartik does not want wintel hardware, Alpha/PowerPC/SPARC (and many others) are quite nice04:13
*** rev has quit IRC04:14
paoloNo, i am writing now, and04:14
maddlerok... then... better to take a good breath... focus on what you want to say... and say that...04:14
maddlershort sentences...04:14
paoloI am in the middle of a street04:14
maddlerit will help...04:14
maddlerwatch out for cars...04:15
paoloTo sniff wifi, this because at home04:15
*** idefix has joined #maemo04:18
*** NickDe has quit IRC04:19
*** NickDe has joined #maemo04:19
idefixAnd this why at home i have not dsl, so now i am sniffing in the middle of a street04:19
*** Snelhest has joined #maemo04:19
idefixgood night04:20
*** idefix has quit IRC04:20
maddlerat 3.20am?! in the street? man... you really haven't anything better to do?04:21
maddlerok... gone for real now...\04:21
Milhousepaolo: you don't know the difference between big and little endian? i mean, that's like computer 101... ;) Always like MC 68Ks myself (big endian)...04:21
Snelhestive ordered a nokia n800 2days ago and im wondering a small thing04:21
Snelhestis the operating system stored on the memory card?04:21
pbrookYou're also completely wrong about the differece between arm and armel debs. They're both little-edian, just different ABIs.04:21
Takwhat is this, flame the noob?04:22
pbrookSnelhest: No. It's got 256Mb flash built in.04:22
Milhousewas only joking - bad joke. sorry. :(04:22
Snelhestpbrook: ok, thanks :)04:22
Snelhestif i manage to break it installing some package etc is it easy to recover?04:22
Milhousepretty much - just reflash it, effectively a factory reset04:23
pbrookIt's fairly easy to reflash the whole thing, yes.04:23
Snelhestok :)04:23
Milhousepretty hard to "brick" it under normal circumstances04:23
pbrookYou can also boot off a flash card if you want to.04:23
Snelhestgot a dell axim x51v now04:23
pbrookDoesn't do that out the box, but it's a fairly easy hack.04:24
MilhouseSnelhest - stepping up in the world, eh? ;)04:24
Snelhestok, well i just wondered because i got a 2gb SD and a 1GB04:24
SnelhestMilhouse: :)04:24
Milhouse4GB SD is supported despite what Nokia say, SDHC (8GB+) is also supported with a custom kernel (and you'll need a Linux PC to install the custom kernel, very easy if you have the PC)04:25
Snelhestgot 2linux computers at home so thats not a problem04:25
Snelhesthmm AAC support?04:26
Snelhestdo i need mplayer for that?04:26
MilhouseAnyone wonder if this $1.5B fine for Microsoft will focus Nokias attention on OGG support?04:26
Snelhestits not any protected music04:27
Snelhestbut currently at my axim i got everything in aac04:27
MilhouseSnelhest - AAC Audio is supposedly supported out of the box, never tried it though04:28
Snelhestok, nice04:28
MilhouseAudio: AAC, AMR, MP2, MP3, RA (RealAudio), WAV, WMA04:28
MilhouseVideo: 3GP, AVI, H.263, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, RV (Real Video)04:28
Snelhestwhen i was thinking about buying a 77004:29
Snelhestthere was a whole list of all applications04:29
Snelhestdoes there exist anyone now?04:29
MilhouseThat's out of date04:30
pahartikSnelhest: AAC is supported, but only as ADTS, not inside MPEG-4 container (apparently)04:30
Snelhestpahartik: hmmm ok04:30
pbrookMost of the 770 binaries will also work on the n800. Fixing the few that don't is usually fairly straightforward.04:31
*** rev has joined #maemo04:31
Snelhestpbrook: ive been converting all albums with foobar using nero's mp4 application04:31
Snelhestoops wrong person04:32
MilhouseWhy did you choose AAC?04:32
*** rev has quit IRC04:33
Snelhestsaving space, i got everything left in mp3 of course04:33
Snelhestbut at my pda i only had 2gb space before04:33
MilhouseNot that you have an awful lot of choice for the N800, in terms of compressed formats. Maybe when they update the firmware in a few weeks they'll add additional formats04:33
*** paolo has quit IRC04:34
Snelhestgaim it says for os 200604:34
Milhouseyeah, works fine with the N80004:34
Snelhestok :)04:35
Snelhestdoes anyone feel like testing a mp4 file? ^^04:36
MilhouseIf you have a problem with GAIM, check the Internet Tablet forum - there is a thread on there specifically for GAIM/OS 2007. I think it may be dependent on a missing library, which may be installed when you install Maemo Mapper so possibly install the latter before GAIM if you have a problem.04:36
MilhouseGo on then04:36
Snelhestif it doesnt work i should start converting music to ogg right now04:36
Snelhestok 1sec04:36
Snelhestuploading.. 2mb bifg04:37
Snelhestgot any link for that forum?04:37
Milhousegot it - coming down now...04:39
Snelhestconverted over 60albums so i hope it works...04:39
MilhouseBill Ray Cirus - Akey Brakey Heart... you sure? ;)04:40
MilhouseI think this may traumatise my N800... just transferring it over now04:41
*** MDK has quit IRC04:41
*** MDK has joined #maemo04:41
Snelhesthmm, when you connect the n800 it appears as a standard UMS drive?04:41
*** bipolar has quit IRC04:41
Snelhestno drivers right?04:42
*** bipolar has joined #maemo04:42
*** bipolar_ has joined #maemo04:42
Milhousecorrect - just a mass storage drive04:42
*** ocnarfid has quit IRC04:42
Snelhest3,5mm sdcard mini-usb UMS, it cant get any better04:43
MilhouseComputer says... Yes04:44
MilhouseIt plays fine on the N80004:44
Snelhestahh :)04:44
Milhouse(the test.mp4)04:44
MilhouseNo offence, going to delete it now! ;)04:44
Snelhesthaha ;)04:44
MilhouseNot my cup of tea - who are they? death metal or something?04:44
Snelhestyes, arch enemy04:45
pahartikMilhouse: So Maemo 3.0 default audio player does play audio inside MPEG-4 container as well?04:46
MilhouseYou can't beat Perry Como04:46
MilhouseIt played that file04:46
MilhousePicked up the tags as well04:46
MilhouseUsing the standard media player04:46
Milhouseall looked fine04:46
Snelhestgoing to stick with mp4 then04:47
MilhouseSounded terrible, but that wasn't due to technical issues. :)04:47
pahartikMilhouse: (I have only tried with Maemo 2.1 so far, it did not want to do anything with MPEG-4 AAC)04:47
MilhouseDo you have a 770?04:48
pahartikMilhouse: Yes04:48
MilhouseLet me give that mp4 a spin on OS 2007 for 770 v204:48
Snelhestv2 = the latest?04:48
*** Andy80 has quit IRC04:48
Snelhestbtw are there any way to connect a standard USB keyboard etc?04:49
Snelhestwithout modifying inside it ^^04:49
pahartikMilhouse: Now my Nokia does have Maemo 2.2, but I have not tried AAC on it yet... Content got wiped out from MMC as I did "mke2fs" to copy new root filesystem on it04:50
pahartikMilhouse: "Nokia" as in "Nokia 770"04:51
Milhouseis AAC supported by OS 2006?04:51
MilhouseMP4 not working in OS 2007 on 770 :(04:53
pahartikMilhouse: Maemo 2.1 Audio player does play AAC just fine (using DSP), but does not understand MPEG-4 container04:53
MilhouseIt's pulling out the tags OK, but won't play it ("File format not supported")04:54
Milhousecould be a gconf issue04:54
pahartikMilhouse: I would think it is "gstreamer" issue... Version they used probably did not have MPEG-4 demultiplexer code04:55
Milhousethat, or the decoder isn't registered - Markku provided me with a gconf patch to get streaming to work (needed to register the correct gsteamer plugin)04:57
pahartikMilhouse: But it is good to know that it has been fixed on Maemo 3.0... For example iTunes always encodes (and wants) AAC content inside MPEG-4 container, does not even look at ADTS AAC04:58
Snelhestthe camera in n800, how good are the quality?04:59
Snelhestbetter than a camera phone?04:59
MilhouseSnelhest - awful04:59
Snelhestok :/04:59
Milhouseit's only a VGA camera - 640x480. Lots of noise when inside05:00
pbrookSnelhest: No. It's cheap webcam quality.05:00
Snelhestok, are there any sample clips somewhere?05:00
pahartikSnelhest: Good enough to recognize person on other end of video call within few seconds...05:00
MilhouseNeeds a lot of light before the pictures become OK - in a dark room, reaaaaly bad quality05:00
Snelhestcan you record with it?05:01
shackanevince on my n800, I'm an happy man now05:01
shackan..if only I could find a decent calendar app05:02
shackanwhat do you people use to manage your schedule ? (google calendar or any internet based thing is not an option)05:03
MilhouseSnelhest - not yet, there is a motion detector app available, and a snapshot app05:04
*** dolfun has quit IRC05:08
*** Toma- has joined #maemo05:08
Toma- :D05:09
MilhouseSnelhest - try this link for a video of a video phone call05:09
SnelhestMilhouse: ive actually seen that05:09
MilhouseUnfortunately because it's flash, it reduces the quality even further :)05:09
MilhouseToma- nice!05:09
Toma-thx :D05:10
Toma-gonna get it running full screen soon.05:10
*** Zer0HiT is now known as Zer0Her005:10
*** Yamazaki-kun has quit IRC05:13
*** __shawn has quit IRC05:16
*** phil|work is now known as philipl05:16
*** dolfun has joined #maemo05:16
*** spect has quit IRC05:17
pahartikshackan: PalmOS device... But I do not really have schedule05:19
shackanpahartik, but I 'm looking for a maemo calendar app obviously :P05:20
pahartikshackan: Me too05:21
Toma-someone needs to port abuse to maemo05:23
Toma-it would be perfect05:23
pahartikshackan: I expect GPE environment to be available and good enough someday05:24
shackanpahartik, me too, but I need something to write my lecture hours on _now_ :)05:25
*** _follower_ has quit IRC05:37
*** Toma- has quit IRC05:50
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo06:02
*** _follower_ has quit IRC06:04
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo06:14
*** rev has joined #maemo06:14
*** ferulo has quit IRC06:15
*** behdad has joined #maemo06:19
*** soleblaze has quit IRC06:25
*** desrt has quit IRC06:25
*** neurocyt1 has joined #maemo06:30
*** com1 has quit IRC06:37
*** _follower_ has quit IRC06:41
*** MacSlow has quit IRC06:45
*** neurocyte has quit IRC06:46
*** neurocyt1 is now known as neurocyte06:46
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo06:48
*** shackan has quit IRC07:17
*** bergie has joined #maemo07:18
*** isrra__ has joined #maemo07:19
*** rkaway has quit IRC07:26
*** rkaway has joined #maemo07:29
*** dolske has quit IRC07:33
*** dolske has joined #maemo07:34
*** Knowledge has quit IRC07:35
*** philipl has quit IRC07:46
*** bergie has quit IRC07:58
*** philipl has joined #maemo08:00
*** _follower_ has quit IRC08:04
*** ccjoe has joined #maemo08:10
*** philipl has quit IRC08:38
*** philipl has joined #maemo08:38
*** kb7sqi has joined #maemo08:42
*** trenka has joined #maemo08:56
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo08:59
*** dieguito has joined #maemo09:00
dieguitoI have a really weird mess going on here09:01
dieguitoI have my discount code for n800, I have a friend on spain ready to bring it to me as soon as I buy it, but now I realize my discount code is for america not europe (the email said it was for europe!)09:02
dieguitoso, if you by any reason are: a) coming to peru from usa, b) unwilling to buy your n800 and you have an europe code, c) you just moved to usa from europe and you got the code for europe and are in a similar problem than I am09:03
dieguitoplz contact me09:03
tigertdieguito: mail quim09:13
tigertand request another code of course if it doesnt work09:13
dieguitotigert: actually I know about this confusion because of quim answering my mail to team@maemo.org09:14
tigertbut its not like he cannot make you a new code that works for europe?09:14
dieguitohe says it's highly probable that since non-european people gor american codes, I also got an american code09:14
dieguitohe says it was possible while the program was still open, but now it's not easy09:14
tigertah ok09:14
dieguitowell I sent an email to maemo-developers, let's see if by any chance someone is in the same situation or maybe is not going to buy the n800 and can swap with me and give away my code to someone09:20
*** k-way is now known as keesj09:22
keesjI would really love a linkedin kind of service to map irc-nicks to open source software, companies and pictures of people09:23
*** slomo has joined #maemo09:25
*** guru3_ is now known as guru309:34
*** kb7sqi has quit IRC09:35
parthow paranoid are airport security these days?09:37
*** kb7sqi has joined #maemo09:38
partcan one take normal stuff like toothpaste in carry-on luggage?09:39
*** koen has joined #maemo09:40
keesjpart: I would not take the gamble, I heard that event water bottles where rejected but that was a few month ago, toothpaste definitely is a good place for plasic bombs09:41
roopePlanning on brushing your teeth while in the plane?09:45
keesjor meeting a nice girl09:46
partno, taking just one bag09:46
keesjpart: your going to FOSDEM?09:46
roopeWater bottles are still being rejected. I just came back from Barcelona.09:46
partkeesj: mine going to fosdem, yes09:47
keesjI plan to go but I am not really active enough in any community, so I don't have much to discuss :(09:50
keesjI see that there is a lot of java stuff. was it the same last year before the GPL licenced code?09:51
*** philipl is now known as phil|sleep09:59
*** dwd has quit IRC10:00
*** sabotage_afk has quit IRC10:01
*** sabotage_afk has joined #maemo10:01
*** Guard][an has quit IRC10:11
*** Superbia has quit IRC10:20
*** tko has quit IRC10:21
*** rev has quit IRC10:24
*** rev has joined #maemo10:25
*** trenka has quit IRC10:30
JaffaMorning, all10:30
*** mazzen has joined #maemo10:34
koengood morning mister Flegg10:36
*** b0unc3`away is now known as b0unc310:37
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo10:38
*** Superbia has joined #maemo10:40
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo10:43
*** tko has joined #maemo10:45
Jaffakoen: awfully formal for a Friday morning ;-)10:46
*** Superbia has quit IRC10:46
koenJaffa: do we have casual friday on #maemo?10:47
*** zbenjamin has joined #maemo10:48
zbenjaminmorning @ all10:48
zbenjaminwhere does maemo-af-desktop store the desktop applets settings?10:49
Jaffakoen: that'd imply every other day is *not* casual...10:57
keesjkoen, Jaffa  are you going to fosdem?10:59
* Jaffa is not.11:00
koennflick 0.4.0 is cute11:01
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo11:04
*** tko has quit IRC11:05
koencould use some preloading, though11:05
*** tko has joined #maemo11:13
Veggenhmmf. Does anyone else think that the home screen is too small, and could use some way to easily switch between applet sets? a la virtual desktops?11:14
*** slomo has quit IRC11:15
maddlermorning all...11:15
maddlerVeggen: hmmm... that could be nice...11:15
maddleras well as being able to have something like the Palm "main screen"11:16
maddlerwith application's icons on a matrix...11:16
maddlerand organized by tabs...11:16
maddlerVeggen: have you ever used a Palm handheld?11:16
VeggenI get sort of "the palm feeling" with some of Maemo ;)11:17
*** slomo has joined #maemo11:17
Veggen(but not all)11:18
maddlerI think it's kinda useful to have the most N common used apps always ready to be launched...11:18
maddlerVeggen: beside the launcher... I have to admit that I feel more comfortable with maemo... :)11:18
Veggenwell, it's definitely easier to develop for/port to.11:18
VeggenComing from a Linux background, at least ;-)11:19
* Jaffa finds the 770 and N800 *both* more stable than the Palm handheld I briefly had as a Psion replacement.11:20
*** Rp1 has joined #maemo11:22
*** KermitTheFragger has joined #maemo11:23
maddlerJaffa: Palm and 770/N800, I think, are too different to be compared...11:25
maddlerPsion was a great device...11:25
maddlerI had a 3c/5/5MX11:25
maddlerand they were all gread devices...11:25
maddlerand netbook was nice too... but TOO expensive...11:26
maddlerI think N800 could be compared to Netbook... somehow...11:26
maddlerbeside N800 is *smaller*11:26
*** jacques has joined #maemo11:27
maddlerI was reading latest "netbook" specs... it's using Winblows Mobile... :(11:29
*** pdz-_ is now known as pdz11:30
*** benzea has joined #maemo11:30
maddlerbtw... having a Palm launcher like on N800 would be nice...11:30
AD-N770good morning11:30
maddlerit shouldn't be too hard to write... at least with a minimal set of function...11:30
maddlerAD-N770: hi...11:30
inz24057 inz       17   0  165m 133m  964 R  0.0 53.4   1:29.28 vim11:32
tigertyou vi is bigger than mine :(11:33
maddlertigert: you are not using enough... :)11:34
maddlerthe more you use it... the bigger it becomes...11:34
maddleryou know...11:34
inzCan you guess when I started the vim:
*** Guard][an has quit IRC11:36
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo11:37
*** Magi has joined #maemo11:37
*** lele has joined #maemo11:38
*** kkito has joined #maemo11:42
kkitohello :)11:42
maddlertigert: no "buy" link... :D11:47
*** bergie has joined #maemo11:56
Guard][anmorning maemo11:59
*** mukund has joined #maemo12:00
Jaffamaddler: I've had S5, S5mxes, Revos and still use my Netbook as a serial console for headless boxes. USB serial on my N800 would alleviate that use and I could sell it.12:01
*** lardman|gone is now known as lardman12:12
lardmanJaffa: Aren't the OBD car guys using bt-serial?12:12
koenI can't find the charger for the netbook pro12:13
koenand it's some damned 15V one, so I can't re-use a regular one12:13
lardmangf tidying?12:13
lardmanI have similar problems, normally with bills though12:14
koenwe moved my desk and toys into one room and I piled all chargers on one big heap12:14
koenexcept the nbp one12:14
koenah well12:15
koenenought toys left to bring to fosdem12:15
*** booiiing has joined #maemo12:18
lardmanI see g77 is in the pool for maemo2.1, I'll try installing that in the bora scratchbox and see12:20
lardmang77 is also listed in the installed packages list for 2.1, is there such a list for 3.0 (obviously it's not there, but just out of interest)?12:21
lardmanAny mud experts about?12:26
*** koen has quit IRC12:28
*** fab has joined #maemo12:29
inzgrr, maemo-launcher in sardine-experimental still uses hildon-libs012:33
tigertmaddler: I guess Real Men know how to get it? :)12:34
*** booiiing has quit IRC12:36
zbenjaminhn i have problems with the terminal for it2006 i can not use backspace12:52
zbenjaminanyone here who has the same problem?12:52
*** chuller has joined #maemo12:53
*** chuller is now known as crux12:53
*** manaPirat has joined #maemo12:53
maddlerJaffa: if you'll ever decide to sell the Netbook drop me a line...12:53
manaPirathi guys :)12:53
maddlertigert: lol!12:54
manaPirathey roope, your there? ;)12:54
cruxanyone an idea or link to docs on how i can load additional modules on the n800 upon bootup - I'd like to have the ext3 module loaded, but can't find any place beside writing an own init script for that - which would be a bit overkill i guess12:54
maddlercrux: create /etc/init.d/rc.local12:55
cruxah, ok12:55
*** greentux has quit IRC12:55
maddlercrux: and use insmod to load modules you need,,,12:55
cruxi was looking for *local* :), did not think of having to create it12:55
maddlercrux: hehehe... lesson 1) if you don't have it, create it12:56
*** cybergyp1y has joined #maemo12:56
cruxyeah, not yet used to such a stripped down system :)12:56
*** cybergypsy has quit IRC13:01
*** sbaturzio has joined #maemo13:04
manaPirathi sbaturzio13:05
sbaturziomanaPirat: Ciao13:05
manaPirathey did anyone of you went through the struggle of compiling nomachines nx-librarys for ARM/Maemo? ;)13:05
cruxmh, i added an /etc/init.d/rc.local and added insmod lines for all needed modules, if i run /etc/init.d/rc.local in xterm as root, all the modules get loaded fine, however - doing a reboot does not get the modules loaded - do i have to add an S* link to some runlevel dir for the rc.local  as well ?13:06
Jaffamaddler: will do13:06
Jaffalardman: yeah, bt-serial's an option - but I've already got a USB serial adapter :)13:07
cruxor is entering "reboot" not initiating a real reboot of the machine - it felt a bit fast too me - faster than the startup after inserting a battery13:07
Jaffalardman: how can I help with mud, btw?13:07
lardmanJaffa: I just sent an email summarising my questions13:08
cruxlets switch it off and take out the battery - to make sure i do a full boot :)13:09
maddlercrux: yes... use update-rc.d13:09
*** Guard][an has quit IRC13:09
cruxi see13:09
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo13:10
cruxthere are  BP-5L batteries with 1500mAh and with 1300mAh - amazing they completely look the same, beside the capacity they are identical :)13:10
cruxjust saw it ...13:10
sbaturziocrux: If N800 works as a Debian, rc.local should be placed in /etc13:11
cruxmh, i don;t have a debian system at hand right now, is it really in /etc there ?13:11
sbaturzioat least, mine is in /etc/rc.local13:11
cruxmh, i'll try with update-rc first and then move it over there, stil have to wait until the battery is charged a bit so it boots :)13:12
kkitoanyways if you want to load some modules on bootup you must to edit /etc/modules13:13
cruxmh, there was no /etc/modules - i looked for that as well :)13:13
cruxso both ways are valid - rc.local and /etc/modules - but if /etc/modules works i'd expect this the way its supposed to be set up13:13
cruxlets see :)13:13
crux"/usr/sbin/update-rc.d: shift: 177: can't shift that many"13:17
disqmmm multiple virtual home screens, eh? yeah that would be useful13:17
sbaturziocrux: wait...actually in Debian sid /etc/rc.local is called/executed thru /etc/init.d/rc.local13:18
*** balor has joined #maemo13:19
sbaturziolet me paste the content of /etc/init.d/rc.local somewhere13:19
Jaffalardman: ah, cool.13:20
balorFrom the Lakia user docs I'm using the script, however Eclipse throws the error that "Xephyr cannot open host display.  Is DISPLAY set?".  Starting Xephyr as my user on a clean xterm works.  Where should I set the DISPLAY variable?  Should I need to set it?13:20
cruxsbaturzio: yes, /etc/init.d/rc.local i also still had in mind13:20
cruxah i guess update-rc.d need arguments :)13:22
*** Eloi has joined #maemo13:22
sbaturziocrux: this is what I see in /etc/init.d/rc.local:
cruxargllll, someday I'll pack all man pages in a package for maemo ....13:22
sbaturziocrux: update-rc.d is quite complex...there should be a frontend called rcconf13:23
lardmanJaffa: Make sense?13:23
lardmanJaffa: my email that is13:23
cruxmh, i guess writin a simple start/stop script would have been as much work :)13:23
cruxupdate-rc.d rc.local defaults seems to create sane links13:26
lardmanJaffa: Mud seems similar to bitbake, did anyone try this (or has this conversation already taken place)?13:27
balorHas anyone seen my Xephyr error before?13:27
cruxas the frontend semms not to exist as well ... I wonder - if i add some original debian arm sources, how much would i screw up my system by adding all the stuff i miss :)13:27
maddlercrux: try... :)13:28
cruxbalor: DISPLAY can be simply set by "export DISPLAY=<you display stuff>13:28
balorcrux: thanks, I think it was failing because I was running it inside scratchbox13:29
cruxdoes the n800 have some kind of watchdog running - i sometimes get strange reboots if i don;t use it at all, as long as interact with it no reboots occur ...13:30
cruxmaddler: yes, works now, got my memoy card automounted on boot finally :):)13:30
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo13:30
*** krau|away is now known as krau13:32
sbaturzioBTW of watchdog....yesterday my N800 was off and recharging....and it rebooted! :-/13:33
cruxyeah, i had some strange reboots, i just realise it when it happens by hearing the nokia bootup sound13:33
bergiecrux: I see a bunch of them too13:33
bergieabout 1-2 per day13:34
cruxsometimes after 4h just laying around it reboots out of nothing13:34
cruxif i use it for 5 hours, never ever rebooted at all13:34
sbaturziocrux: that's right...but I never supposed it can reboot when it's off/recharging ;)13:34
cruxthats why i wondered about some watchdog functionality going nuts13:34
cruxmh, i had the impression it does not really switch off13:34
lardmanthe kernel has to run to charge it13:35
cruxif i take out the battery, and put it in again, its definatly in another state as if i select "shut down"13:35
lardmanso it's not off if charging13:35
balorSo I've started Xephyr and MAEMO AF Desktop, but I still don't see the desktop in my Xephyr screen.  Any ideas on what might be going wrong? (I did start Xephyr before Maemo)13:35
lardmanunplug it, then switch off, and it's really off13:35
cruxyes, after you plug in the chargere, it does some kind of "half boot" :)13:35
*** florian has joined #maemo13:36
Jaffalardman: the email did make sense, and the bitbake comparison discussion has not taken place (unless I've forgotten)13:36
balorOr should I actually see a Hildon desktop if I start Xephyr and Maemo from the Lakia plugin? (that's what I expected)13:36
cruxwhat i also had 2 times now was the state of constantly booting, i got the nokia bootupscren, after some time it flickers and seems to start over, so never ever comes back to the desktop, had to reflash the whole system to get it useable again, i wonder what could have caused it13:37
lardmanJaffa: Interesting. The advantage of bitbake is that all of these recipes already exist13:37
sbaturziobalor: which command have you used to start xephyr?13:37
cruxnot that i complain - i know i try out a lot, so i expet things like that to happen, just would like to know what might trigger it (to not cause it again :)13:38
balorsbaturzio: the start-xephyr script from the docs "Xephyr :2 -host-cursor -screen 880x480x156 -dpi 96 -ac"13:38 in scratchbox , after the login execute: $ export DISPLAY=2:13:39
cruxnot DISPLAY=:2 ?13:39
mgedmin:2 is correct13:40
sbaturzioyes, it's correct. then start $ start13:40
sbaturzio:2 is correct13:40
*** hp has quit IRC13:41
balorsbaturzio: Excuse my n00bness, but I'm just clicking the "Start Maemo" button in Eclipse.  Where should I set the DISPLAY=:2 variable?13:41
sbaturzio(this keyboard doesn't follow my fingers)13:41
balorsbaturzio: given that i've set that in the plugin preferences13:41
sbaturziobalor: after logged in scratchbox, create a file called .bashrc and place it in your home13:41
balorsbaturzio: I get it now.  But will that file be picked up from my normal X session?13:42
sbaturzioinside that file write :  export DISPLAY=:213:43
sbaturziobalor: I hope...don't know if eclipse start a bash in scratchbox13:43
cruxbalor: it will get started whenever the user with the .bashrc in the home starts a new bash13:43
cruxso if eclipse starts a bash, it should be set13:44
*** luck has joined #maemo13:44
*** pvanhoof has joined #maemo13:47
*** Eloi has left #maemo13:50
*** jamey_ has quit IRC13:53
cruxi bought this second battery, and when i put it in and attach the charger the screen just gets grey and i cant start the device at all - however, if i take it out and put it in again with no charger attached i can boot the system and afterwards charge it without any problems ...13:55
sbaturziocrux: maybe the n800 need at least a minimum charge inside the battery to boot and to start the charging process13:57
cruxyes, but thats the strange thing, it boots from the almost empty battery when no charger is attached13:57
cruxif one is attached it does not boot13:57
cruxbut after it booted without the charger, i can charge it13:58
cruxmy logic is not compatible to n800 logic13:58
cruxi guess i don;t have to ask here if somebody got voip with video running from nokia to windows/macos/linux ...13:59
* sbaturzio is away: Lunch time...13:59
cruxi just don;t want to try out the quadrillion voip tools that exist out there ...13:59
*** lele has quit IRC14:00
*** _follower_ has quit IRC14:01
zbenjamininz, are you here?14:02
zbenjamini want to create a commandline utility that prints me the wlan statistic every 20 seconds. But it seems that the callback never get called (or g_print not works in the callback) here is the code can someone have a look at?14:06
*** koen has joined #maemo14:09
*** hp has joined #maemo14:09
keesjzbenjamin: I think there is a iphome applet that shows the traffic ,14:18
zbenjaminkeesj, i'll have a look. Thx but i think i have found the bug atm14:19
*** sgbirch has joined #maemo14:19
sgbirchI have just bought a N800, how can I find out which version of the OS it is running, or are all N800 on OS Edition 2007?14:20
cruxmh, is there a gcc existing for the n800 itself or do i always have to crosscompile stuff on another machine ?14:20
mgedminsgbirch: control panel -> device -> about14:20
cruxsgbirch: yes, its running os200714:20
mgedminall N800 have some version of OS200714:20
mgedminI think there are two revisions of it14:20
mgedminmaybe I'm wrong14:20
*** Superbia has joined #maemo14:21
mgedminmine already had the second one when I got it14:21
cruxoh, yes that brings up my other question, i saw that the mplayer for the n770/n800 has some video out module called "n770"14:21
*** koen|train has joined #maemo14:21
cruxi assume it uses the dsp part of the cpu, however, using -vo n770 on the n800 gives me a "device not found" or similar14:21
sgbirchAhhh ... ok, Internet Tablet OS 2007, version 2.2006.51-614:21
cruxI could not find anything about the difference tof n770/n800 there and if there will be a patch for mplayer on n80014:22
sgbirchThanks guys.  Another (hopefully) simple newbie Q, where can I find the IP address assigned to it by DHCP?14:22
cruxas with all the other vo modules, mplayer is considerably slower than the buildin media player14:22
b0unc3sgbirch: ifconfig14:22
cruxif you have xterm installed ...14:23
cruxmaybe under connection manager, not sure14:23
sgbirchb0unc3: I havent managed to find a command line yet :-( Is that via ssh?14:23
cruxsgbirch: not by default14:24
cruxsgbirch: you need to install osso-xterm14:24
cruxthen you got a terminal14:24
cruxalso possible to install an ssh server, but then i think you'll also have to enable root mode to set passwords for the user if i remember correctly14:24
keesjis there a gtalk client for the 770 with video support?14:25
cruxso for playing around i found it easier to first install an xterm14:25
b0unc3if you install an ssh server, you can login as root without flashing14:25
sgbirchb0unc3: Sorry to hit you with noob q, I know linux (debian) very weel, just having some trouble getting past the "user friendly" programs on the N800 so I can actually start to use the beast :-)14:25
cruxkeesj: for the n800 the build in is for jabber/gtalk, the 770 doea not have a camera ?14:25
sgbirchIs there a "getting started" howto or faq for ppl that already know linux?14:26
mgedmincrux: xv is the right choice for mplayer on n80014:26
cruxmgedmin: really ? its amazingly slow with the sample video that the internal player plays very well14:26
mgedminI'm not an expert in these matters14:27
kkitothe mplayer is optimized for the 77014:27
kkitonot for the n80014:27
lardmancrux: n770 does the image doubling I think, this is specific to the chip in the 770 iirc14:27
cruxscroll down a bit, there is the documentation section, i got all my knowledge from there :)14:28
sgbirchcrux: perfect, thanks14:28
cruxactually, the documetation is amazing, never started with some device and got so much info14:29
cruxmh, i guess i have to play around with codecs, bitrates and resolutions to find the perfect combination for mplayer/n80014:30
*** jwb_gone is now known as jwb14:30
sgbirchAhh ... found the repositories.  Can I assume a "New Catalogue" is the form for adding an entry to /etc/apt/sources.list?14:33
*** Superbia has quit IRC14:33
lardmancrux: the huge mplayer thread on itt explains about the n770 module14:33
b0unc3sgbirch: right14:33
*** Superbia has joined #maemo14:33
*** manaPirat has quit IRC14:35
kkito i dont know why nokia didnt release a webkit build for the n800...14:35
kkitoand for the 77014:35
kkitothey prefer to pay opera14:36
kkito... and now, 770 dont have browser updates...14:36
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lunch14:36
* sbaturzio is back (gone 00:37:58)14:37
Superbiamaddler: have you checked out the new build? havn't had time myself yet :)14:37
*** koen has quit IRC14:38
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC14:38
*** b0unc3 is now known as b0unc3`away14:38
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo14:38
sgbirchcrux: I have the X Terminal running, thanks.  How do I become root?14:39
*** Superbia has quit IRC14:39
cruxsgbirch: there is a "howto become root really easy" doc14:41
sgbirchcrux: found it, cool14:41
cruxbasically you either have to flash the device into rd mode, wich works with some tools called "flasher"14:41
cruxor you install the becomeroot package which i think does the same changes in somee /etc file to allow doing14:42
cruxsudo gainroot14:42
*** JohnMeacham__ has joined #maemo14:42
sbaturzioif I remember red pill mode I've installed the ssh server, then to become root from inside the n800 is easy:  $ ssh root@localhost14:43
mgedminsgbirch: or you install an ssh server and ssh root@localhost14:43
mgedminpassword: rootme14:43
*** Superbia has joined #maemo14:43
*** renatofilho has quit IRC14:43
*** Rp1 has quit IRC14:46
maddlercrux: you don't need to use R&D mode with
*** JohnMeacham_ has quit IRC14:57
cruxmaddler: yes, i meant there are two ways to get root, both work and are not depending14:58
maddler3 ways... :)14:59
maddlerto be precise... :)14:59
cruxi did not think about the ssh approach14:59
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo15:00
*** etrunko has joined #maemo15:01
cruxI'm try to get a voip call with video running, n800 <-> macbook (ichat)15:02
cruxwith googletalk accounts15:03
cruxand ichat just tell me that the other logged in accounts capabilities are only text (no audio, no video)15:03
cruxdid anyone get a connection n800 <-> win/mac/lin with audio(maybe video) with googletalk/jabber accounts working ? I mean am I just too stupid to find the right button to click or is it just not (yet) working15:04
cruxat all15:05
kkitocrux, not working15:05
cruxdamned :(15:05
cruxyou talk about ichat or in general15:05
kkitocrux, only works with the nokia client15:06
disqcrux: it won't work with ichat. neither audio nor video15:06
kkitoand for audio you can use gizmo too15:07
*** koen|train has quit IRC15:07
cruxok, and also not with any other jabber client that uses the googletalk libj[something] library15:07
*** fab has quit IRC15:07
cruxi had the impression the build in client was heavily inspired if not the reason by/for
AD-N770hello all15:09
AD-N770for those that love play nethack on their devices15:09
AD-N770I uploaded a new build that fixes the problem related to inventory and the context menu feature15:10
AD-N770almost I think that this should be fixed now on the N80015:10
MagiNobody I know has n800 so haven't been able to even try the voip or video calls. 8-(15:10
AD-N770enjoy with the game15:10
cruxanyone ever tried this to use in combination with the n800 ? I id not yet built it but want to try on the weekend, if its known not to work just tell me now to help me save my time ;)15:11
cosmo_do gtkmm c++ apps compile & work nicely on maemo?15:11
cruxi just stumbled across it from some report which said that this landell is actually developd by nokia developers and it looks like the build in voip aplication uses this telepathy framework as well15:12
kkitocrux, the gtalk/jabber nokia client doesn't support voip15:12
cruxwhat is the definition for "voip" in this case ? sip/h323 or anything ?15:13
kkitocrux, ah but there are a tapioca client for the 770, perhaps it will run ok15:14
cruxyes, just also saw it, no sip support yet15:14
cruxso maybe its deveolped by nokia guys but independant of the built in client15:14
cruxi have to poke around the file of the built in thinggy to find out more ...15:15
*** florian has quit IRC15:15
kkitocrux, but you can do voice calls with the tapioca15:17
kkito <-- here says: Voice calls can be done by tapping the green phone button.15:18
cruxyes, anyone knows how the gtalk voice calls work, what is this xmpp stuff - i up to now only used h.323 and slowly started moving to sip, all this weird new stuff is still confusing me ;)15:18
cruxas the n800 video calls also have to somehow get the video and audio to the other device ...15:18
cruxi mean the calls with the built in client15:19
*** manaPirat has joined #maemo15:19
*** lsobral has joined #maemo15:19
*** Guard][an has quit IRC15:20
cruxi also was able to make a audio call between the n800 and a linux box using jabbin (, however - audio only and the call duration was 1 sec - then jabbin decided to crash ...15:20
sgbirchMagi: Me too, dont know any n800 users. Want to try a call?15:21
cruxbut it was jabbin2.0 - which is only beta yet, i still have to file the bugreport somewhere on their page15:21
MagiI'm magi42@gmail.com15:21
cruxoh, i have a n80015:21
cruxjust call, but maybe later, right now not so good :)15:22
cruxI guess i'll come here more often :)15:22
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo15:22
sgbirchMagi: I am sgbirch@gmail.com15:23
sgbirchMagi: I am trying to connect to you ...15:23
sgbirchMagi: Are you currently logged in on your n800?15:24
Magiyeh, is there a problem?15:25
manaPirateveraldo: hey are you there? :)15:25
sgbirchMagi: Probably just noob, I only got my n800 recently, trying to connect ...15:25
everaldomanaPirat, Yes15:26
devhi, I'm trying to get MaemoMapper to get me some maps for Bruxells this weekend15:26
manaPirataah well hey this seems to be my lucky day :D15:26
*** jamey has quit IRC15:26
manaPirati read your blog15:26
manaPiraton simos.org15:26
everaldowhat post?15:26
manaPiratthe recent entyr about nxclient on N770 ;D15:26
devI've set autodownload15:26
devshouldn't it not start zooming in?15:26
manaPirati am BURNING to know how you did it ;)15:26
manaPirati emailed you about the thing, not knowing that you hang out here15:27
*** jobi has quit IRC15:27
everaldomanaPirat, well... I compile NX for nokia and create an script using expect to control NX15:27
everaldomanaPirat, I am working on a hildon/gtk client15:28
manaPirataah, good to hear15:28
everaldobut the problem is that NX make all calls to  X Window15:28
manaPiratwell i am using NX for 3 years now or so .. but i am rather new to N770, having the device for 1 day only15:28
everaldoand for a moment I dont have sucess to embed X under gtk15:29
manaPiratbut it seems to work eve, the rendering part i mean, seeing your screenshots15:29
everaldoyes.. this works15:29
everaldoI use for some time here15:29
manaPiratand tha calls that cant be established are needed for .. ?15:29
everaldowell... we need a gtk/hildon client15:30
manaPiratwell, i perosnally would be happy with any solution at all, crappy or not, with gui or not :D15:30
cruxhehe, a true linux user speaks :)15:31
Magisgbirch: it was nice to try it out, not very good quality though15:31
everaldomanaPirat, I will release a version and create a project at maemo garage15:31
manaPiratwell, guys .. nx is THE powerfeatuzre for _any_ embedded linux15:31
sgbirchDoes anybody else have a n800 and want to try a video call (
manaPirat*g* eve .. the well known "lets bother him"-question is: WHEN? :D15:32
manaPirati'd be a willing tester though i have not tried any crosscompiles yet15:32
MagiI can't say that the voice reception was "crystal clear"...15:33
*** chenca has joined #maemo15:33
sgbirchMagi: both voice and video were broken15:33
tigertthe voip?15:34
everaldomanaPirat, You are Christoph or Uwe ?15:34
tigertit depends a lot on the network quality15:34
*** __shawn has joined #maemo15:34
manaPirathehe, i am Christoph15:34
Magisgbirch: yeah. It's not a big problem that the video is a bit blurry, but voice shouldn't be.15:34
manaPiratso well .. if you need help at anything that speedup the process or provide more dokumentation & stuff, i might be able to take that duty15:34
everaldomanaPirat, You are not the only one interested on it ;)15:35
sgbirchMagi: yeah, I agree - getting the voice through is most important.15:35
cruxsgbirch: i can try in about 3 - 4 hours, before that its not the best idea15:35
cruxstill at work15:35
*** hp has quit IRC15:35
Magisgbirch: I may also be that the mic is too insensitive, so speaking more loudly might make it better.15:35
manaPirateve thats for sure eve :)15:35
cruxbut my girlfriend also has a n800, so i can confirm taht n800 <-> n800 video calls via umts dialup work fluently and clear15:35
manaPiratyou are from portugal right?15:35
everaldono... Brazil15:35
cruxi hiope tht the crash of jabbin was related to its beta status and not a generic protocall problem15:36
manaPirataaah, thats where nomachine is to hm?15:36
*** balor has quit IRC15:37
manaPiratok so we know each other now and you know there should be some (unskilled) support if you need it15:37
manaPiratrelease often, release early. should provide some fun ;)15:37
everaldomanaPirat, well... on weekend I will work on a better documentation... keep looking at maemo planet or my blog15:37
manaPiratokay :) .. and you provide the source to your nxrunner? :D15:38
everaldotomorow I will write the procedure and try with last NX (1.5 I think)15:38
*** zbenjamin has quit IRC15:38
everaldomanaPirat, yes... I will provide all15:38
manaPiratlast NX? that is 2.1 i think15:38
manaPiratcool, you are the man everaldo :)15:38
everaldothen I really need update15:38
manaPiratare you wathcing the freenx-mailing list?15:39
manaPiratsometimes there are client-relevant things to. alot to learn it seems15:39
manaPiratwell but older clients shpuld be supported by servers15:39
everaldomanaPirat, no, is better wath15:40
everaldoI will subscribe15:40
manaPiratdont feel bothered by me :)15:40
cruxwhats the advantage of nx to vnc, i'm only used to vnc up to know15:40
cruxyes and its enough to give me some link with the advantages :)15:41
everaldonx is much more fast15:41
manaPiratcrux it is liek cmparing jpg and svg15:41
cruxok, thats enough :)15:41
cruxand that explains it :)15:41
manaPirathehe nx tunnels through ssh, compresses, caches, tunnels sounds, printing, filemounting .. this thing is a beast15:41
*** jamey has joined #maemo15:42
cruxboah, i see, no more vnc ...15:44
*** neal has joined #maemo15:44
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC15:45
manaPiratif you like a testdrive on that visit or if that doesnt work ask me. I'd provide you with a limited time session on a server15:45
nealWhen extracting Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.2_i386-rootstrap.tgz, I get the following errors: tar: ./dev/kmem: Cannot mknod: Operation not permitted15:46
nealanyone else seen this?15:46
mgedminhow do you extract it?15:46
cruxno, its ok, i was just hearing it alot in the background noise here and when reading it in the channel now i thought i want to know whats the difference15:46
cruxbut i guess i get the picture, if i like to try it out i'd set up an own server i think15:46
nealsbox-config -er /scratchbox/packages/...15:47
manaPirati use nx-sessions like 90% of my time at PC's ..15:47
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo15:47
* manaPirat goes afk for some real work15:48
mgedminneal: maemo 2.2 needs scratchbox 1.0, which uses 'sb-conf rootstrap' instead of 'sbox-config -er'15:48
nealI see.15:49
cruxhaha, i have to work with tools right now that are so slow that i have to chat in order not to go insane while waiting for the browser to wake up again :)15:49
neal2.2 is for the 770, right?15:49
mgedminneal: yes15:49
nealgood, thanks.15:49
mgedminneal: apps built with maemo 2.0 should work on all three os2006 revisions15:49
mgedminapps built with 2.1 or 2.2 sometimes not work on earlier os2006 revisions15:49
mgedminjudging from the posts on the mailing list15:49
devanybody here using maemomapper without a gps? and can help me dl some maps for bruxelles for the weekend?15:50
nealsure, makes sense15:50
cruxyes, i use it with a gps15:50
cruxbut you dont need that to get maps of bruxelles15:50
cruxi usually donwload a map of the world15:50
tigertdev: yes15:51
Veggendev: you just have to zoom into the area you go to, then somewhere in the menu you have a choice to download manually, and can choose zoom levels etc. for an area.15:51
cruxthen select the area i want, zoom in while downloading every 3rd resolution until i have the city in the screen, then i download resolutions 1 - 5 for it, was about 50mb for prague15:51
tigertdev: just tap to browse around the area with certain zoom levels15:51
tigertthere is also an area download tool15:51
Veggen(and if you have the actual area you want on the screen, it's not so difficult)15:51
tigertbut its just easier to fool around there15:51
*** bedboi has joined #maemo15:51
devhmm, but I can zoom15:51
tigertdo this for the zoom levels15:52
tigertbut there is the batch download thing too15:52
devI'm missing obviously something important :-)15:52
devI start it, and have google street and a world map15:52
cruxyes, and selecting all resolutions of the map while watching the whole globe is just funny - i mean the announcement that you are going to download something around 30TB or so :)15:53
manaPirathmm 30TB ...15:53
cruxdev: in the menu, maps -> manage maps15:53
manaPiratheard that the N770 can act as a USB host .. maybe attach a USB-storage to the thing?15:53
devcrux: a there15:53
cruxthere you can select eitehr to download maps by the route or by the area that currently is displayed15:53
devok, have area15:54
Veggencrux: you can zoom, surely?15:54
cruxon the next tab you can select the resolutions you like to download, and clikcing ok fetches them15:54
nealmgedmin : says to still use sbox-config -er15:54
devthere is 15 selected15:54
cruxVeggen: using the zoom buttons of the device15:54
cruxlike fullscreen/zoomin/zoomout15:54
Veggencrux: ah, that one was to dev.15:54
cruxi used gpsdrive alot and maemo mapper is such an improvement15:54
devcrux: thanks, the buttons15:55
cruxyeah, took me also some minutes to realize15:55
mgedminneal: maybe I'm wrong then15:55
mgedminI assumed 2.2 was for scratchbox 1.015:55
devI tried the stylus and everything else, thx!15:55
mgedminbut I wouldn't be surprised at all if it is a bug in the tutorial15:55
mgedminfwiw I used 2.1 in scratchbox 1.0 successfully15:56
nealthe tutorial says to get scratchbox 1.0.x15:56
mgedmin says to get for maemo 2.215:56
mgedminthis is just crazy15:56
nealI'm looking at
nealwhich is linked from
nealunder maemo 2.2 documents15:57
*** ajturner has joined #maemo15:59
tigertsome patience  there, I say15:59
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:59
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo15:59
cruxso, this weekend is going to be fun, wanna try maeme :)16:00
cruxand i ordered a bluetooth gamepad, so i need to find some nice games :)16:00
manaPirati wonder when the first snes emulater gets ported :)16:01
manaPirati allways loved hehe, guess what, "secret of mana" .. i think this is ideal for gamepad usage16:01
cruxisn't there one ? i thought i read it - but maybe i mixed it up - so many emus available already ///16:01
manaPiratall i saw was NES not SNES16:02
Jaffatigert: I reckon they cheated - note the orange square at the bottom-right of the left hand side.16:02
cruxI'm not a console player at all, just started to love mame since i have this samsung Q1 - perfect gaming device with mame and freevo16:02
kkitomanaPirat, it can be ported but with poor compatibility and bad framerate :(16:02
everaldois easy create a maemo garage project?16:02
cruxah, maybe NES - as said, consoles are nothing i know much about16:02
kkitomame is slow on the n80016:03
cruxi thought it might depend on the game16:03
manaPiratyes kkito, i dont doubt that :-/16:03
everaldomanaPirat, "mnx" is a good name for project?16:03
everaldo"MNX" = Maemo NX16:03
cruxI don;t want to run the bloated 70mb roms ...16:03
tigertJaffa: yeah16:03
tigertJaffa: I noticed the same16:03
manaPiratbut i wonder .. snes emulation was smooth on my 166 Pentium (MMX) 7 years ago *lol* so why shouldnt it on an N770?16:03
manaPirateve yes that sounds good :D16:04
mgedmineveraldo: minx?16:04
cruxalso the mame emulator on my palm Tungsten is really amazingly fast16:04
mgedminmore pronounceable16:04
manaPirator .. well how "gnereal" will your projetc will be?16:04
cruxso if its only half its speed i'd be happy16:04
mgedminthough probably harder to google16:04
manaPiratit will probably run on other plattforms as well .. so .. hmm16:04
everaldomgedmin, minx ?16:04
mgedmin"mnx" is sort of hard to pronounce16:05
*** spect has joined #maemo16:05
manaPiratok but it is a specific package, then yes, go with minx :)16:05
manaPirator .. maenx :D16:05
cruxmgedmin: in german it sounds cool16:05
everaldogood... I like it16:05
manaPiratlol really?16:05
manaPirathehe mge16:05
manaPiratmakes me remamber the good old mailbomber .. ænima16:06
* mgedmin wonders how many people can see utf-8 in irc channels16:06
everaldoI can see16:06
manaPiratmge we are using linux, don't we?16:06
cruxi can - have to be able to get chinese letters ...16:06
cruxor glyphs ... whatever they might be called16:06
manaPirathave you guys yet tried to stream video to maemo over your lan?16:08
MoRpHeUzusing vlc..16:08
manaPiratand? :) works?16:08
manaPirat... but?16:08
MoRpHeUzactually I could stream using gstreamer and vlc16:08
MoRpHeUzeverything depends on what kind of codec you want to use16:08
MoRpHeUzjust a minute ;-)16:08
manaPiratuhun .... hmm16:09
manaPiratno problem16:09
cruxok, finally weekend, have fun :)16:09
*** crux has quit IRC16:09
manaPirati admire how easy kaffeine makes streaming for you .. but it is not documented at all what kidn of stream that actually is and which clients might udnerstand it16:09
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: if you want to use vlc you can check the command lines I've tested here:
MoRpHeUzit's the second post16:10
manaPiratman you guys blog-alot :D16:10
MoRpHeUzI'm going to write a post about using gstreamer but here is the line:16:10
MoRpHeUz(assuming the video source is an mpeg2 - if it's not, you might want to change things in this pipe)16:11
MoRpHeUzserver: gst-launch-0.10 -v filesrc location=dvb.mpg ! flutsdemux name=d ! queue ! ffdec_mpeg2video ! videoscale !video/x-raw-yuv,width=240,height=144 ! ffenc_h263p ! rtph263ppay !udpsink   d. ! queue !  fakesink silent=true16:11
manaPiratoh nifty16:12
MoRpHeUzclient: gst-launch-0.10 udpsrc uri=udp:// caps="application/x-rtp,media=(string)video, payload=(int)96, clock-rate=(int)90000,encoding-name=(string)H263-1998, ssrc=(guint)2572236931,clock-base=(guint)1217098624, seqnum-base=(guint)3621" ! queue !rtph263pdepay ! ffdec_h263 ! xvimagesink sync=false16:12
manaPirati copy that16:12
MoRpHeUzIMHO, vlc is easier to use.=)16:12
manaPiratmybe i can try it out tomorow16:12
*** Artiach has joined #maemo16:13
manaPiratall this video-streaming is pure magic to me :D .. yet16:13
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: then please, post your results as a comment in my blog, so we can keep getting better results =)16:13
manaPiratyes OK i will16:13
everaldook... time to eat... tomorow I will blog about my NX progress... after blog about my Mono under N770 progress16:13
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: but what you said about kaffeine ?16:13
*** everaldo is now known as everaldo-food16:13
manaPirati said that it is so f**n easy to stream with it16:13
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: I thought kaffeine was just able to receive streams...16:14
manaPiratbut that i dont knwo which clients are compatoble with its stream16:14
manaPiratnope, you can send broadcast streams too16:14
MoRpHeUzlet me take a look....16:14
manaPirati can have a DVB-T device on the one PC, running kaffeine and broadcasting, while i watch it on another PC with kaffeeine recaiving16:15
manaPiratforgive my typos .....16:17
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: must be some "kaffeine's protocol"....16:17
MoRpHeUzI was not able to play the stream using mplayer...16:17
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: the problem is that kaffeine does not transcode the video, so you'll not be able to watch the video on n770/80016:17
manaPiratyeah so ,.. it is "pure" i guess16:17
MoRpHeUzdo you use mythtv ?16:18
manaPiratnope, .. but i think i will have to try it tomorrow :D or this evening16:18
manaPiratis it as easy as kaffeine? with tuning DVB ...16:18
manaPirat<-- noob16:19
cybergyp1ymythtv is far superior to 'just' a desktop app like kaffiene16:19
sgbirchCan you suggest an ffmpeg line for optimal conversion for the 770/800?16:19
cybergyp1yit even appears in the mediaplyer server list , but mediaplayer doesnt stream the recordings as they are (for me) mpeg2 streams from the satellite16:19
manaPiratah so mythtv does upnp hm? nice16:20
MoRpHeUzcybergyp1y: it's due the resolution and format...16:20
sgbirchI mean, if you have a (say) video downloaded from youtube, how best to prep it for the 770/800?16:20
manaPiratwell morpheuz is the one to ask, read his blog16:20
cybergyp1ybut its possible to have a transcode script that converts any captured programme to 'n800' format after its recorded :)16:20
cybergyp1yMoRpHeUz: yea16:20
sgbirchcybergyp1y: That would be a very useful tool16:21
manaPirathm cyber but i want to watch my DVB-Streams life as they come form the broadcasting stations :) without big delay16:21
MoRpHeUzsgbirch: there is a line from ffmpeg also16:21
cybergyp1ysgbirch: have a look for the script - - i think16:21
MoRpHeUzyou can use the same options I used for vlc..16:21
cybergyp1ymanaPirat: yea - me too :)16:21
MoRpHeUzcybergyp1y: yeah, that's a good script to to what sgbirch wants....16:21
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: I'm working on a solution for this =)16:22
sgbirchThank you, found it16:22
*** obi has joined #maemo16:22
manaPirat:) .. something like a package for the streamingserver would be cool "stream2maemo.deb" :D16:23
MoRpHeUzcybergyp1y, manaPirat: probably you will be able to watch your DVB-streams using mythtv + vlc on the computer side and some application + gmyth on 770/80016:23
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: ..16:23
MoRpHeUzwe are able to stream livetv already...but we are having some problems regarding DVB cards yet..16:23
*** Eloi has joined #maemo16:24
manaPirati loked for gmyth .. it is source only :-/ .. will have to setup crosscompiling aht R&D first i guess16:24
MoRpHeUzwill do some work with Captain_Murdoch (the guy from mythtranscode) to try to solve this inside mythtv or we'll use this solution regarding mythtv+vlc (wich already works for low resolution mpeg2, but for high resolution it doesnt)16:24
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: maybe we'll have some application using gmyth in a near future ;-)16:25
manaPiratso the transocing woukld occur on maemo hm? ok but think about cpu-load, batterylifetime and so on *g*16:25
MoRpHeUzthe transcode will be done in your computer16:26
manaPiratah :)16:26
MoRpHeUzyou'll just watch the videos on the maemo side =)16:26
manaPiratok, now i have 2 maemo projects i will try to follow and test :)16:26
*** Eloi has left #maemo16:26
MoRpHeUzmanaPirat: please, keep in touch about wishes, bugs, etc.. =)16:27
manaPiratthis device is a great toy :D16:27
manaPiratyes morphoys i willt ry to provide good feedback16:27
*** bilboed has joined #maemo16:28
manaPiratman, i write like i speak .. just ignore this ;D16:29
MoRpHeUzthat's ok16:29
disqmgedmin: erm, utf8, i can't see utf8. last time my client updated is 1997, that's 10 years back :p (ok, late response)16:30
manaPiratso much to try and so fews time .. i have to try that usb-host hackup ..16:30
manaPiratlol disq what are you using?16:30
*** b0unc3`away is now known as b0unc316:30
disqxircon, for win3216:30
disqhas tcl scripting :)16:31
disq(i even added capab-identify support yesterday but don't think i can add utf8)16:31
manaPiratsome people say that linux is a relict ...16:32
manaPiratbut when i look at the mayority of small software on windows .. i feel like unpacking my win95 floppy disks16:33
manaPiratand that doesnt mean old software is bad16:33
* manaPirat shuts up16:33
Jaffasgbirch/cybergyp1y: specifically16:34
manaPirataaah nice16:35
manaPiratgood aproach, idiot safe value-ranges :D16:36
manaPiratand it can be piped to a socket?16:36
*** Artiach has quit IRC16:37
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo16:37
sgbirchJaffa: I have it, 770-encode is working. Thanks.16:38
Jaffasgbirch: Cool, let me know if you have any problems.16:38
sgbirchJaffa: Well .... I didnt find ssh in the repositories mentioned on maemo16:39
JaffaIt's in bora free IIRC16:43
*** everaldo-food is now known as everaldo16:44
nealmaemo-launcher/scratchbox/tools/bin/misc_runner: : No such file or directory16:44
nealany clue what that could mean?16:45
manaPirateeeh something is missing? ;D16:45
nealwould seem so16:45
*** dape has joined #maemo16:46
wumpusthe emulator is missing , I think16:46
wumpusmisc_runner is used to run arm binaries16:47
nealyeah, that may be it16:47
nealit doesn't show up in sb-menu16:47
nealbut I have it installed on the host.16:48
VReMmm.. voip with this might be nice ..
sgbirchJaffa: It looks to me like 770-encode uses mencoder, which then calls ffmpeg.  Do you know why it doesnt use ffmpeg directly, what does mencoder add to the mix?16:48
manaPiratlol VRe looks like "We are the Borg, resistance is futile .."16:49
*** chenca has quit IRC16:50
*** Toma- has joined #maemo16:53
nealanyone know what I have to install to get the qemu transparency methods?16:53
*** Rp1 has joined #maemo16:53
Takmencoder doesn't call ffmpeg, although they do share some libraries16:54
Jaffasgbirch: mencoder binaries are more prevalent than ffmpeg ones, I already knew mencoder when I started 770-encode16:55
Takmencoder gives you more control in general imo16:56
Toma-is gregale worth the download? whats are the "enchancements"?17:00
mgedmin"wifi bugfixes"17:01
Toma-ahh super.17:01
nealos2006.2 was really unstable for me.17:01
nealos2006.3 is back to the regular problems.17:01
nealas far as I can tell17:01
Toma-regular problems?17:02
nealsporadic reboots17:03
nealbut less frequent17:03
nealworking alarm17:03
neal.2 would not work consistently for me17:03
nealfor whatever reason it wouldn't go off17:03
nealfigured out the problem17:04
nealI had to install scratchbox-devkit-cputransp17:04
*** Superbia has quit IRC17:04
nealwhich isn't mentioned in the tutorial17:05
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:06
Toma-well ive got scirocco now and i do get alot of whacky wifi behavior17:06
Toma-can you run the osso apps from terminal like 'browser.launch'?17:06
mgedminyes, but I do not remember how17:07
mgedmincheck the mailing list archives17:07
*** bipolar_ is now known as bipolar17:07
*** lardman|lunch is now known as lardman17:08
*** mlpug has joined #maemo17:10
*** avs has joined #maemo17:14
*** Moytres has joined #maemo17:25
nealI should be able to install the arm packages into my arm scratchbox17:32
nealbut I'm getting the following error:17:32
neal package architecture (armel) does not match system (arm)17:32
*** bergie has quit IRC17:32
nealdid I set up something incorrectly?17:32
pbrookSounds like you're trying to install regular debian packages, not maemo packages.17:33
pbrookThey use different ABIs, so are not compatible.17:33
nealit may sound that way17:33
nealbut it seems like its the reverse17:33
nealI'm trying to install some of these:
nealthey are armel17:34
nealand work on the device17:34
pbrookYou are using a maemo scratchbox setup, right?17:34
pbrookdpkg apparently thinks otherwise.17:35
nealI'm using qemu-arm-0.8.1-sb2 for transparency17:36
neallike the bora tutorial suggests17:36
nealand  cs2005q3.2-glibc-arm17:36
mgedminsame here17:38
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone17:38
nealmgedmin : Can you install packages?17:39
mgedminfakeroot dpkg -i *.deb17:39
mgedminor with apt-get17:39
mgedminI've seen this problem reported on the maemo mailing list17:40
mgedminI do not remember how it ended17:40
nealwith apt-get, it wants to remove lots of packages17:40
nealwhich can't be a good thing.17:40
mgedminor maybe I saw it here on IRC a while ago :/17:40
mgedminI currently have the 2.1 sdk installed in scratchbox 1.017:40
mgedminpreviously I had 2.0 in scratchbox 0.9.817:40
mgedminI also have 3.0 in the same scratchbox 1.017:41
mgedminI haven't tried 2.2 yet17:41
*** zorrolero has quit IRC17:44
*** behdad has quit IRC17:44
*** garrett has joined #maemo17:45
*** inode0 has joined #maemo17:45
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:46
*** Moytres is now known as Eerok17:50
*** avs has quit IRC17:50
*** zorrolero has joined #maemo17:51
*** ccjoe has quit IRC17:51
*** ccjoe has joined #maemo17:53
*** kkito has quit IRC17:56
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl17:57
*** kakos has joined #maemo17:57
kakosQuick question: Is there any way to add new input methods into Maemo?17:58
kakosWell, obviously there is, but is there a easy and elegant way of doing it17:58
mgedminI guess that depends on your definition of "easy and elegant"17:58
kakosmgedmin: Is there a framework already in place to do it, like making new toolbar apps or the like?17:59
kakosAnything lik ethat in... ummm, not bora?18:00
* kakos is still in the stone age of the 77018:00
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC18:00
nealI'm waiting for the 880 before I upgrade.18:00
kakosOr does that work in 770 too?18:00
*** garrett has quit IRC18:00
mgedminI think it does, but I don't really know18:01
mgedminthe document says it's been "reviewed for maemo 3.0"18:01
mgedmindoes that mean it was written for maemo 2.x first?18:02
kakosOkay.  The HIM framework does exist on 2.x18:02
kakosCool.  thanks  <318:02
*** ttobin has joined #maemo18:02
kakosBTW, on a quick tangent, anyone with the N800 think it is worth the upgrade?18:02
mgedminyes, absolutely18:03
kakosmgedmin: Any particular reasons for saying that?18:03
mgedminmore ram, faster, integrated stand18:03
kakosIs there some aspect of the N800 that makes it a slam dunk as far as upgrading?18:03
*** garrett has joined #maemo18:03
kakosMore RAM for storage or more RAM for application usage or both?18:04
mgedminfor application usage18:04
Toma-what the mencoder/ffmpeg options to encode a video to 770 compatible format?18:04
mgedminI haven't created a swap partition yet18:04
mgedminI usually have at least 4 apps open18:04
mgedminI haven't run out of ram yet18:04
kakosI've never ran into memory problems on my 770, but I've always had a swap on it18:04
kakosAnd speed has never been a huge issue on it18:04
mgedmin2 full-size SD card slots are also very nice18:04
maddlermgedmin: 2 SD are GREAT! :D18:05
kakosI will admit that is one part that is really tempting me18:05
kakosI could use it as a storage unit for my camera pics18:05
maddlerhaving 8GB in my pocket isn't that bad...18:05
TakIs that 8GB in your pocket...18:06
*** Eerok has quit IRC18:06
maddler2x4GB SDs18:06
kakosHe's just happy to see you18:06
maddlerkakos: hahahahahahahaha18:06
* Tak ^5s kakos 18:06
nealwhat do you store on 8GB?18:06
kakosneal: Lots of porn18:07
maddlermy N800 (a.k.a. Godot) loves me!18:07
nealin an "internet tablet"18:07
kakosneal: The internet is for porn18:07
maddlerkakos: yeah... high quality pr0n! :D18:07
maddlerneal: I keep with my mp3s... docs... and whatever...18:07
kakosNokia would sell a lot more of these things if they marketed it as a "porn tablet"18:07
nealis there even a good mp3 player for it?18:07
tzz8GB = 1% of my music collection or 10% of my comics collection :)18:07
maddlerinstead of having my USB disk... MP3 player...18:08
kakosMaybe they can sell a porn flavored version: The Nokia XXX80018:08
nealthe supplied audio player is horrid18:08
maddlerneal: Canola is nice...18:08
kakosCanola is sweet18:08
nealvery non-free18:08
maddlertzz: 8GB are enough for a journey...18:08
kakosneal: Canola is non-free?18:08
mgedminthe builtin media player is also very nonfree, afaiu18:08
nealkakos: free as in beer18:08
nealkakos: but not free as in freedom18:08
kakosTrue enough18:09
nealbut it has the double disadvantage of sucking a lot18:09
*** Eerok has joined #maemo18:09
obraneal: is the issue codecs? or are other parts of canola also not-free?18:09
mgedminyes, it has that strange half-unfinished feel18:09
Takyou must be an optimist18:10
keesjit does18:10
nealobra : You can't get the source to the player.18:10
obraah. I hadn't realized. I'd thought it was sitting in svn on garage. alas.18:10
nealQ: Is Canola Free? Is it also Open Source?18:11
nealA: Yes and No. Canola is free, and will continue to be free but it's not YET open source. We have plans to release the source or at least a big part of it, which will allow users to create custom plugins.18:11
keesjdoes canola use the gstreamer-sdl project?18:11
mgedminI don't quite like the "at least a big part" part of it18:12
kakosmgedmin: It could be a case that they are just covering their ass in case they feel compelled to do it in the future18:13
*** Toma- has quit IRC18:13
disqkakos: late response i know, but, n800 is about 500 times faster than the 770. although not having the slip-on cover makes it worse as a portable music player (unlocking is cumbersome, requires access to most of the buttons etc)18:13
kakosdisq: 500 times faster with a 100MHz jump in core speed?18:14
disqthere's only 100mhz difference but the fpu and increased memory really makes it a lot faster18:14
disqnot just one third faster, but a lot18:14
disq(though not much apps use the fpu right now afaik)18:15
kakosEr... fpu?18:15
disqin other words, i, having used the n800 for a month or so now, can't _stand_ to use the 770. it's painfully slow to me18:15
keesjso nobody managed to create a real "lock" button?18:15
s-ndh-cfloating point unit18:15
kakosI wasn't aware they had added a FPU to the ARM processor18:15
keesjs-ndh-c: from the mailing list I understood that code is not compiled to use the fpu in favour or the thumb intrustion set18:16
manaPiratthat should make the porting of emulators more promising heh?18:16
disqkeesj: yeah. i'll try to come up with a concept mp3 player design (by design I mean a kinda-working prototype app) soon18:16
X-FadeOn the other hand, the n800 doesn't have hardware support for pixeldoubling so it is actually slower when playing movies..18:17
Takthat plays hell with emulators too18:17
kakosInteresting.  The VFP is a fully compliant floating point unit18:17
manaPirathell or well? :D18:17
*** behdad has joined #maemo18:17
disqif course it's not "500 times" faster but much more than one third faster. i could say twice the speed, i think.18:17
X-FadeAnd the vsync detection in X is not present, so tearing is bad in movies too.18:17
TakI feel comfortable saying that it's at least 8 billion times faster18:18
*** ocnarfid800 has joined #maemo18:18
JaffaVideo playback sucks on the N800, with the pausing bug (Xv?) and tearing.18:18
mgedminI dunno... I would agree with "somewhat faster"18:18
manaPirataha, nice to know18:18
Takthe pausing bug is the dsp, not xv18:18
Takit doesn't affect mplayer18:18
s-ndh-ciam happy with my n770 but 16gb removable storage would a nice, i think iam going to buy a n800 soon18:18
kakosI can upgrade to the N800 for free anytime, but my 770 is just doing fine for me.18:19
s-ndh-cthen i would have enough space for my music18:19
JaffaTak: mplayer's still so patchy on the N800, I wouldn't be convinced. As I heard it, it was ssvb himself who suggested it was Xv...18:19
nealfor free?18:19
nealkakos: how's that?18:19
Takmplayer's patchy, but it doesn't hang18:19
kakosneal: CompUSA's extended warranties18:19
manaPiratin fact, aren't we all waiting for the next offspring?18:19
*** jacques has quit IRC18:19
nealI'm curious18:19
kakosneal: CompUSA's extended warranties are more replacement thingies than anything.  If your device breaks, they replace it.18:20
Takandrunko: speaking of mplayer...18:20
kakosneal: There is a clause in there that if they can't replace it with the same thing, they give you full credit for the purchase cost.18:20
Jaffawrong window18:20
manaPiratnah not fair breaking your device ;)18:20
kakosneal: I bought my 770 when it was $400.  So, once all the 770s are gone, I go in, say it doesn't work.  They give me $400 credit18:20
manaPiratdont you loose warrenty when replacing certain software components? ;)18:21
obrahaven't nokia said they'll continue to sell the 770?18:21
kakosmanaPirat: I lose the extended warranty, but it cost me $50 for a free upgrade.  Whoopee doo18:21
manaPirattse ...18:21
kakosI used this with my video card.  I started off with a $200 nVidia card and am now using whatever the top of the line bullshit is and I've only paid maybe $50 extra at each iteration.18:22
manaPiratwell no need to upgrade for me .. i got my n770 for 130 EUR, cant complain18:22
nealmy generated debs are for arm and not armel18:22
disqi had paid 360eur for mine :/18:22
manaPiratand they take your stuff back without checking?18:22
nealbut they run18:23
kakosmanaPirat: Yeah.  They're lazy.  If they do check, I go round back, punch a hole in the screen, and return18:23
manaPirathadn't bought it if it whernt priced like that .. so .. happy to be here guys :)18:23
disqbtw texrat in ITT forums was sending out extra/$1 slip-on covers. got mine a few minutes ago. nice. my original one had so many scratches18:23
manaPirathmm what is the difference between arm and armel?18:23
kakosOne ends in -el18:24
manaPirathehe, i think .. a wesnoth port would also rock18:24
*** jon1012 has joined #maemo18:24
manaPiratis there something like a "mostw anted" list? .. i saw one but that gave me 40418:25
jon1012hey I've seen that os2007 on 770 it's great :) I hope it will become stable one day18:25
*** Eerok has quit IRC18:25
s-ndh-ci think there is some appcatalog wishlist on the wiki18:25
manaPiratinz so that is what "armel" stands for?18:25
Takisn't chaos strikes back supposed to be wesnothlike?18:25
disqi need interface advice. who feels like talking ui? :)18:26
manaPirathmm no tak i dont think so18:26
inzmana, yeah18:26
manaPiratwesnoth is as well verry big .. not easy to slim down i think18:26
manaPiratthank you inz. i think i understand18:27
manaPirathave to go guys18:27
manaPirathapyp weekend18:27
*** manaPirat has quit IRC18:27
Takdisq: shoot?18:27
disqTak: i'm going to add checklist/todo type of memos to maemopad+18:28
disqTak: each item will have one (or two) checkbox at the left side18:28
disqmy problem is with the right side. i don't want to use item_count times GtkEntryBox to implement it18:29
mgedminhave you considered a GtkTreeView?18:30
disqone option is to add a "checkboxed" type to wpeditor (the text editor widget i use) and use that, like how it handles bulleted lines, but with checkboxes18:30
disqwpeditor is also the widget osso-notes uses18:30
disqmgedmin: no. gtktreeview is messy, i would prefer the gtkentrybox approach instead :p18:31
nealgtktreeview is great.18:32
mgedminunrelated question about maemopad+: is there a way to enable word wrapping for text notes?18:32
disqmgedmin: the latest version has a word wrap toggle in tools menu18:32
* mgedmin starts Application Manager and checks for updates18:32
disq0.30 is the latest, which also uses wpeditor18:32
TakI recommend treeview as well18:33
disqdid you get what i'm trying to do? like a shopping list, or a todo list, etc18:34
mgedminthat naturally translates to a gtk tree view with two columns and editable rows18:34
mgedminwith checkboxes in one column and text in the other one18:35
disqif each item was a leaf in the treeview, it would still limit the user, because you could only enter one line per item18:35
disqbut dunno, maybe limiting is good18:35
mgedminit was enough for palmos I think...18:35
mgedminor could you attach notes to todo items?18:36
mgedminI don't remember18:36
mgedminI never did18:36
disqhmmm.. like a two-pane view? notes on top, if you select one, there's a description box at the bottom which you can enter whatever, or just don't use that option18:36
* mgedmin is waiting for a maemo port of open hand's Tasks18:36
*** __shawn has quit IRC18:37
*** saerdnaer has quit IRC18:37
*** __shawn has joined #maemo18:38
mgedminnomis: my patch for statusbar clock color selection is buggy18:41
mgedminlast night my clock turned back into black, dunno why18:42
mgedminI still use the plankton theme18:42
mgedminmaybe the string data returned by gdk_property_get is not null-terminated?18:43
mgedmindisq: is dragging and dropping of nodes of the tree in the todo list for maemopad+?18:47
disqmgedmin: yes.18:47
mgedminand renaming too? :)18:48
disqshould be18:48
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo18:48
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo18:48
*** Vudentz has quit IRC18:48
*** Vudentz has joined #maemo18:49
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage18:49
*** epx_ghost has joined #maemo18:56
*** ab has joined #maemo18:58
*** zimmerle_away is now known as zimmerle19:04
*** Guard][an has quit IRC19:08
nealwhat's the right gstreamer sink to use for maemo?19:09
mgedminxv for n800, dspsomethingIdontrememberwhat for 77019:11
*** fab has joined #maemo19:12
*** __shawn has joined #maemo19:14
*** __shawn has quit IRC19:15
mgedminactually, I don't remember the name of the video sink that uses xv19:15
disqneal: you could search in maemo-developers :)19:16
disqprobably every thread that includes webcam-recording-talk has the gstreamer sink name19:16
*** __shawn has joined #maemo19:16
*** garrett has quit IRC19:19
*** garrett has joined #maemo19:20
*** __shawn has quit IRC19:20
*** bilboed has quit IRC19:21
*** kpenrose has joined #maemo19:22
*** philipl is now known as phil|work19:22
*** inz has quit IRC19:23
*** trenka has joined #maemo19:23
*** inz has joined #maemo19:23
kpenroseAnyone gotten subscription working in gpe-calendar on 800?19:24
Takapparently someone has19:26
*** ocnarfid800 has quit IRC19:27
disqme want screenshots19:35
*** zorrolero has quit IRC19:36
mgedmininteresting bug on my n80019:36
mgedminthe task navigator and statusbar are not redrawn after it woke up from display blanking19:36
disqnever had it19:37
mgedminhowever lifeguard doesn't reset it19:37
mgedminfirst time for me19:37
mgedminthe application in the foreground (fbreader) works fine19:37
mgedminhome key does nothing19:37
*** __shawn has joined #maemo19:37
mgedminpower button works19:37
mgedminminimize button works19:38
mgedminand now I have an empty desktop and cannot do anything19:38
mgedminsadly I'm offline so I can't ssh in and take a look19:38
mgedminI suppose one of the applets blocked maemo_af_desktop19:38
mgedminbut did not crash it, so lifeguard thinks everything is still hunky-dory19:39
* mgedmin reboots19:39
disqdo you have custom home applets running?19:40
mgedminyes: omweather19:40
disqit's probably one of them19:40
mgedminand two statusbar applets: load-applet and statusbar-clock19:40
disqah. didn't try the weather applets in bora yet19:40
mgedmin(both with my own small patches)19:40
mgedminthe size of omweather changed, now it is too wide19:42
* mgedmin disables it and reenables it19:42
mgedminI installed it yesterday, I think19:42
disqthe old omweather without the tabs looked better btw. the tabbed version doesn't look that good19:42
mgedmincaused no problems until now19:42
mgedmintabs? what tabs?19:43
trenkatabs? what tabs?19:43
disqmine had tabs19:43
disqyou could add multiple cities19:43
disqif you had only one city it would still display them though (the "/CITYNAME\" is a tab)19:44
trenkaBTW, Vlad accept ideas about customization19:44
trenkaOk, I'll tell him19:44
mgedminpretty, but I see no tabs19:45
mgedminunless those < / > arrows are meant to represent tabs19:46
disqoh i think that's the new version19:46
disqi think the arrows are buttons to switch cities19:46
disq(or days?)19:46
mgedminand the screenshot catches me lying: I installed omweather on wednesday19:47
dieguitohey people, weird question, anyone remember the weight of the n800 box?19:48
disqi still have the box (and the contents obviously) but no way to weight it19:49
*** inz has quit IRC19:50
*** bedboi has quit IRC19:52
*** __shawn has quit IRC19:55
*** inz has joined #maemo19:55
*** slomo has quit IRC19:57
*** qgil has joined #maemo19:58
*** KermitTheFragger has quit IRC19:58
dieguitonevermind, both ups and fedex ask for $100> usd for sending anything19:59
*** __shawn has joined #maemo20:02
keesjjtra i am now running the translucent keyboard xterm20:03
*** epx has joined #maemo20:04
*** Rp1 has quit IRC20:06
*** behdad has quit IRC20:07
*** benzea has quit IRC20:07
*** mazzen has quit IRC20:07
*** mazzen has joined #maemo20:07
*** benzea has joined #maemo20:08
*** AD-N770 has quit IRC20:08
obrakeesj: is that a feature in the latest build of osso-xterm?20:10
*** behdad has joined #maemo20:13
bipolaris anyone here using any PIM apps? I'd like to see what others are doing. I need something that syncs with my server (citadel, which supports groupdav, kolab1, and ical over webdav), or syncs with my desktop (kontact, I might use evolution if I have to).20:16
nealgpe can sync via opensyn20:17
nealso if you can run opensync on your host you could use that20:18
cosmo_gpe can read webcals, but not write20:21
nealthat's not true20:22
nealwhat's a "webcal"?20:22
bipolarneal: ical file over http (webdav)20:23
nealit can do that20:23
nealbut it can't synchronize; only publish20:23
bipolarneal: when I try to set it up, gpe crashes on startup20:24
nealworks for me20:24
nealat least on my 77020:24
bipolarcrashes on n80020:24
nealand my laptop20:24
nealI don't have one20:24
nealso, someone needs to debug it20:24
cosmo_neal: by publishing it means it overwrites the full file on server?20:25
bipolarneal: are you a gpe dev?20:25
cosmo_it would be great if it could do full sync. i'm currently using a webcal with mozilla sunbird..20:25
nealcosmo_ : Sure.20:25
nealcosmo_ : Use gpesyncd20:26
bipolarneal: if it will help, I'll work with you on my 800 to get it working.20:26
bipolarneal: I'll donate a couple of hours starting now :)20:26
nealyou need to start by figuring out where it crashed20:26
nealso, try gdb20:26
bipolarlet me get my 800... its in the car, charging.20:27
*** dape has quit IRC20:27
bipolarinstalling gdb20:30
*** Ryback_ has quit IRC20:32
bipolarneal: do you have a gpe repo that has debuging symbols?20:32
nealI asked florian last week to create one20:33
nealI don't think he has20:33
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:33
nealhe's the one that builds the packages for maemo20:33
bipolar(gdb) bt all20:33
bipolarNo symbol table is loaded.  Use the "file" command.20:33
bipolarmaybe just an executable I can copy over?20:34
nealI don't have an n80020:34
nealand I don't have a bora environment set up20:34
nealso, I can't help you20:34
nealin that regard20:34
bipolarhmm... how hard would it be for me to setup a build enviroment?20:35
neala few hours20:35
bipolarwhat if I've already installed the debs? :)20:35
nealanyways, you can still figure our where gpe-calendar is crashing20:36
nealwe just won't get so much information20:36
nealso it might be prudent to start there20:36
bipolarneal: ok. you'd need to walk me though how to do that. I've only ever used gdb to get a full backtrace20:36
nealsame deal20:36
nealjust run with gdb20:36
nealthen when it crashes, you'll get a gdb prompt20:36
nealthen you type bt20:37
nealand we hope for the best20:37
bipolargot it... right after "Updating My Calendar"20:37
bipolar#0  0x41208a90 in pthread_create () from /lib/
bipolar#1  0x410316b8 in ?? () from /lib/
nealso it is crashing in libsoup20:37
nealthat means we are either sending libsoup shit20:38
nealor, libsoup is borked20:38
nealalso possible20:38
nealwhat's the URL that you've input?20:38
nealit it a good url?20:38
nealproperly prefaced with http://?20:38
bipolarneal: where can I get that info besides inside gpe? is it stored in a config file somewhere?20:41
nealwhat did you enter?20:41
*** ajturner has quit IRC20:41
bipolarI beleve I entered it correctly, but I want to double check20:41
nealI haven't check malformed urls20:42
nealso that might be the problem20:42
bipolarI can't start gpe to check, it just crashes.20:42
nealok, sqlite ~/.gpe/calendar20:43
*** fab_ has joined #maemo20:43
bipolarinstalling sqlite20:43
bipolarI'm in20:44
nealselect url, username, password from calendars;20:44
nealobviously don't show me your password :)20:44
*** __shawn has quit IRC20:45
bipolarthat looks right20:45
nealare you pushing or pulling?20:45
nealsubscription or publish?20:45
bipolarI think I set it up to publish... is there a way to check for that too?20:46
nealsure but let's just start by disabling it20:46
nealupdate calendars set  mode=0;20:47
nealthat will disable all the calendars20:47
nealthen we start gpe-calendar again to verify that this really is the problem.20:47
*** benzea has quit IRC20:47
bipolarneal: it's not crashing20:48
nealso that was the problem.20:48
*** Sulis has quit IRC20:48
nealit sounds to me like libsoup needs to be recompile or we built against one version of libsoup and then another is installed20:48
*** benzea has joined #maemo20:48
bipolarneal: I have installed: libsoup2.2-8   2.2.93-120:49
andrunkoTak: canola mplayer support is there, just add experimental to the components in application manager20:49
bipolarneeds to be built for os2007?20:50
andrunkoor add -> "deb bora user experimental" to your sources.list20:50
Takandrunko: very cool - I'll give it a whirl tonight20:50
andrunkonote, it's experimental, most bugs are mplayer related, slowness for eg20:50
Takyeah, I expected that20:50
andrunkothe default player is faster, but it supports less formats20:50
Takis the configuration self-evident?20:51
andrunkoafter installation go to canola configurator/plugins/mplayer20:51
andrunkothere will be an option to enable mplayer as the default player20:51
Takawesome - great work20:51
andrunkoTak: you will need the latest canola, update it first if you haven't done it yet, refresh packages list and check for updates20:53
Takiirc I have -indt720:53
andrunkoyeah, this is the latest one20:54
nealbipolar: According to some people recompile has fixed some problems20:55
nealand a .deb is provided20:56
nealit would be nice to know if that fixes your problem as well20:56
bipolarohh... cool. I'll try it.20:56
nealand if so, it sounds like something needs a recompile20:56
*** Lawlerskates has joined #maemo20:56
*** Lawlerskates is now known as glj1220:57
glj12Anyone know if aireplay works on the n770?20:57
*** jon1012 has quit IRC20:57
*** fab has quit IRC20:58
*** mgedmin770 has joined #maemo20:59
mgedmin770my  n800 is trying to make me angry20:59
mgedmin770it just refused to unlock20:59
bipolarmgedmin770: thats becouse you havn't changed your nick! :)20:59
mgedmin770I had to pull out the battery21:00
mgedmin770it plainly ignored d-pad presses21:00
glj12so no one knows if aireplay can work without the driver being patched?21:00
trenkamgedmin770: yes! found the same with maemo-mapper21:02
trenkaafter some kind of timeout21:02
*** mgedmin770 is now known as mgedmin80021:05
sgbirchhas anybody expereinced crashing problems when copying files to the n800 using the USB cable?  I am trying to copy large video files from an Ubuntu (edgy) box.  Every so often the n800 crashes and reboots. Strange! Any ideas?21:10
TakI experienced similar issues with the 77021:10
*** __shawn has joined #maemo21:11
Takartificially slowing the copy process seemed to help21:11
sgbirchHmm .. not good. I end up with a corrupt SD card which has to be cleaned using fsck.vfat21:11
TakI eventually just bought a $10 card reader21:11
sgbirchTak: I could issue a 'sync' between each file, maybe that will help.21:12
sgbirchTak: I already have a SD card reader but I was hoping the days of pulling the SD for updates would be over.21:12
mgedmin800never did copy large files over usb21:12
mgedmin800flash writes eat cpu a lot on the n80021:13
mgedmin800could be the watchdog resets it because of that21:13
sgbirchmgedmin800: Ahhh ... yeah, that would explain it.21:14
Takyou could try running a niced scp from the n80021:14
mgedmin800report it to bugzilla?21:14
bipolarneal: it works :)21:14
sgbirchTak: I havent managed to get ssh up yet, only had the machine for a couple days21:14
* Tak nods21:14
bipolarneal: I was able to publish to my server21:14
nealwould you be so kind as to briefly summarizes this in the ltg bugzilla?21:15
bipolarneal: btw, how does it handel 'offline' access? is the calendar cached localy?21:15
bipolarneal: sure. can you provide a link to the bug?21:15
nealall calendar data is stored locally21:15
neala link to the bug or the bugzilla?21:15
bipolarthe bug. I want to be sure I get the right one21:16
nealactually, someone already posted that21:17
bipolarneal: it looks like someone alrady...21:17
nealwell, I guess florian just needs to be whack to recompile it21:17
bipolarneed a bora repo21:17
bipolarnow... on to contacts....21:17
nealto sync gpe-contacts, you need gpesyncd21:18
bipolarneal: and it syncs with opensync or something else?21:18
nealwith opensync21:18
bipolarok... I wonder if opensync has a groupdav plugin...21:19
glj12Anyone know if aireplay works on the n770?21:23
glj12or if the conexant wireless needs to be patched first for it to work?21:25
bipolarneal: how does gpe-calendar handle offline items? in other words... if I'm not connected, and I add an event via gpe, and I add an event on my server somehow, what happens the next time gpe gets internet access?21:25
nealthe problem with publishing is it is not syncing21:26
nealso you only publish; you never download21:26
neali.e., you simply overwrite changes21:26
bipolaroh... crap.21:27
bipolarthats not going to work then....21:27
nealit was enough for my use21:27
nealnamely, me seeing my wife's calendar21:27
nealand she seeing mine21:27
bipolarneal: ok. that functionality is fine. does gpesyncd do calendar syncing too?21:28
nealopensync does syncing21:28
nealso, yes21:29
glj12So... no one knows. Spiffy.21:29
bipolarneal: ok. good. is gpesyncd a seperate package?21:29
nealI think so21:29
nealI haven't used it myself21:29
Takglj12: sorry, no21:29
bipolarneal: I don't think it's in the repo :\21:30
glj12i wish there were forums even discussing this21:30
Takthere may be - have you tried ?21:31
glj12oh yeah, definitely21:31
glj12i've searched that, and all up and down google21:31
glj12some spanish sites discuss it, but don't seem to mention any progress21:32
Takyou're a pioneer ;-)21:32
glj12the spanish was a bit hard to understand, (slang and all)21:32
glj12 Posted by me. :)21:32
*** kakos has quit IRC21:34
*** benzea_ has joined #maemo21:35
*** sgbirch has quit IRC21:36
*** cybergypsy has joined #maemo21:36
*** mlpug has quit IRC21:42
*** benzea has quit IRC21:42
*** kakos has joined #maemo21:43
nealhmm, gst-launch-0.10  -v playbin uri=file:///home/user/... doesn't work for me.21:46
nealI get Pipeline is PREROLLING ...21:46
nealand then nothing21:46
*** __shawn has quit IRC21:48
*** glj12 has quit IRC21:50
*** __shawn has joined #maemo21:51
*** cybergyp1y has quit IRC21:52
*** __shawn has joined #maemo21:53
*** __shawn has joined #maemo21:54
*** mukund has quit IRC21:55
bipolaris there a doc somewhere showing how to get started with scrachbox? I have it installed, and have maemo-explicit installed on both targets, but I don't know where to go from here.22:08
bipolarwtf can I do with this thing? :)22:08
*** greentux has joined #maemo22:09
*** ab__ has joined #maemo22:10
*** ab has quit IRC22:11
*** ab__ is now known as ab22:11
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo22:13
nealit's a build environment22:14
nealif you don't want to build, it is not very helpful22:14
*** __shawn has quit IRC22:14
bipolarI do want to build. I just need to know how. I'm starting up xephyr now.22:14
*** __shawn has joined #maemo22:17
bipolarI guess it's just a normal debian enviroment?22:18
bipolarI need to figure out how it works... the last build system I used was an old version of openembedded22:19
Takjust like building anything on a linux system22:22
bipolarTak: what about building the armel binaries? if I'm in SDK_ARMEL target, does it run everything though a cpu emulator like qemu?22:23
bipolaroh... well that makes it simple.22:24
bipolarTak: thanks! that helped a lot.22:24
Takalthough if you're building for bora, qemu apparently doesn't implement all the ARMv6 instructions22:24
bipolaroh... crap. I am building for bora.22:24
Takit may only matter if you use the -mcpu=arm1136ej-s cflag, I'm not 100% sure22:25
*** greentux has quit IRC22:29
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo22:29
mgedminseriously, wtf?  now my n800 won't go online22:29
mgedminit refuses to show the "select connection" dialog22:29
mgedminI don't mind a bug every now and then, but not all within minutes of each other!22:30
* mgedmin reboots again22:31
*** __shawn has quit IRC22:32
disqafaik yes, it only matters if you optimize for arm5/arm622:32
disqthen you have to set up cpu transparency and connect your n800 via usb etc, details in maemo.org22:33
disqi didn't do that because my vmware won't recognize the usb ports22:33
*** __shawn has joined #maemo22:41
nealplaybin doesn't work for me; it just hangs22:44
nealgst-launch-0.10 -v file:///ho... ! dspmp3sink works22:44
nealanyone have an insight into this?22:44
nealthis doesn't work: gst-launch-0.10 -v playbin uri=file:///ho...22:46
keesjall software that starts with the letter g is are badly documented22:46
nealwhat about h?22:46
nealor m?22:46
*** maddler has quit IRC22:46
*** maddler has joined #maemo22:46
keesjm is already much better22:46
*** trenka_ has joined #maemo22:47
keesjthe letter g an h are very close one to a ohter22:47
*** mgedmin800 has quit IRC22:48
cosmo_mod player gsrtreamer plugin is the bestest22:50
*** trenka has quit IRC22:50
disqmodest announced!22:51
cosmo_i wish someone ported a sid player next ;)22:51
keesjdisq: is that you secret project?22:52
cosmo_looks good.. well, anything is better than the nokia mail client22:52
disqno i just saw it in maemo-devel22:52
disqi'm not affiliated with nokia :)22:52
keesjneither is modest is it?22:53
keesjI think tinymail is22:53
keesjthere is a talk about tinymail on fosdem22:53
keesjI better stop typing now , no much interesing information , but... I will go to fosdem tomorow and sunday22:54
*** jpetersen_ has joined #maemo22:54
disqmodest is affiliated with nokia, and afaik so is tinymail22:55
Takhah - "Permission Denied"22:57
disqyep :)22:58
*** trenka_ has quit IRC22:58
*** trenka has joined #maemo22:58
MoRpHeUzneal: playbin just doesnt work hehe22:58
mgedmintinymail is not affiliated with nokia22:59
mgedminit's an incredibly flexible component-based email library22:59
nealMoRpHeUz : What do you mean?22:59
mgedminmodest is based on tinymail22:59
keesjgarage really needs some love from somebody22:59
nealMoRpHeUz : As you find that funny or you know that it does not work?22:59
disqkeesj: it's just the modest project that's problematic in garage, probably because they were in a hurry opening it, and everybody's on their way to fosdem?23:00
MoRpHeUzneal: in every test I did it didnt work. regarding what I know it just works with wav files23:00
nealvery evil.23:00
disqhow well do imap wrappers for gmail work?23:00
TakI didn't know there were imap wrappers23:01
disqthere are little python scripts :)23:01
keesjdpkg-source: warning: ignoring deletion of directory doc ... sure go a ahead...23:05
disqdocs, who needs em23:05
*** Superbia has joined #maemo23:05
konfookeesj: about the motion app - i didnt modify a lot at all except tune the config and remove some exit(-1)s23:06
konfoomotion has always been sort of unstable so im waiting until its fully out of svn before wasting time with patching for n800 compat23:06
keesjkonfoo: konfoo I just would be very happy with some working code to start with.23:08
disqyou guys have gdb for armel?23:08
disqi tried compiling it with mud but it hung somewhere at dkpg-source, didn't have the time to debug23:08
keesjdisq: I even have it on the device (n800 that is)23:09
keesjbut I did not compile it , perhaps you are missing some repos?23:09
disqapt-get gdb won't install it23:09
disqand my repos should be fine :)23:09
keesjI know it was kind of  broken on the 77023:10
*** jpetersen has quit IRC23:10
Takyeah, I had issues with gdb and gave up23:10
Superbia I wonder where the sim goes and how you get it to vibrate ^^23:10
keesj apt-cache policy gdb -> bora/free Packages23:11
keesjSIM-free as "with not sim"23:12
mgedminTri band!23:12
keesjtri-band as in bleutooth wifi and fm-radio23:12
mgedminmust mean 802.11b, 802.11g and BT23:12
Takrofl wow!23:12
mgedminor maybe fm23:12
SuperbiaI sure don't have a clue... but in sweden they many times write "sim-free" when there is no subscription...23:13
mgedmin"Included Accessories: 1 Nokia N800 Phone"23:13
Superbiathe vibration then? :)23:13
konfookeesj: i'll put the source on my site23:13
mgedminwhat's AVI cable?23:13
maddlerSuperbia: you could also get an unlocked n800 on ebay at 500€23:13
Superbiahaha think I will be okay with mine :P23:14
Superbiacan always shake it a little and pretend it vibrates :P23:14
maddlerbut youu'll also get battery23:14
* Tak writes a tutorial on unlocking your n800 and enabling vibration23:14
Superbiawhats a AVI-cable? :S23:15
keesjthat would be wiibration since I can vitrate the wiiremote from my n80023:15
konfooah but can you move the n800 with the wiimote23:16
keesjAVI-over WIFI support23:16
Takdoes it come with a bottle of wifi spray?23:16
keesjkonfoo: yes , I play snooker , and the n800 is the ball23:16
maddlerinsmod g_wificable23:17
Superbiahmm hehe oh well... still curious why nokia makes a device like this, have linux on it and does even have a slight resemblance of a manual in the box :P23:18
maddlerSuperbia: man man23:18
keesjmaddler: :p23:18
Superbiamaddler: didn't they remove man from the n800? :P23:19
*** ab has quit IRC23:19
maddlersure they did... that's why they gave you the flyer...23:19
Takthe manual's on the device23:19
disqkeesj: thanks. i was missing that :)23:20
keesjIf you close that xterm with irssi , you wil find that there is a deskopt behind23:20
Superbiaohh... hmm don't think I seen any pdfs around... need to have a look23:21
maddlerI have a desktop behing my laptop as well23:21
mgedminn800 has a bunch of them in many languages23:21
keesjSuperbia: I just disoverd them today whe I used the file manager for the firt time .23:22
mgedminI moved them all to a mmc card to make backups smaller23:22
TakI just deleted all the not $LANG ones23:22
maddlerwhere are them? /var simething?23:23
keesj17.6M ...23:25
Superbiabtw anyone gotten java to run on n800?23:25
dolfun"the n800 doesn't have hardware support for pixeldoubling"  <<<< is that true?23:26
Takyes afaik23:26
*** behdad has quit IRC23:26
*** dolske has quit IRC23:27
*** __shawn has quit IRC23:28
maddleroh... you meant PDFs... deleted them already... ghgh23:29
*** dolske has joined #maemo23:29
disqlooks like modest garage page now works23:30
* mgedmin is unable to consciously delete information23:30
disqmgedmin: yeah that's a curse23:31
maddlermgedmin: I only saved englsh one23:31
*** luck has quit IRC23:32
maddlermy finnish is not good enough to read manual23:34
*** krau has quit IRC23:34
*** qgil has left #maemo23:34
TakI could probably read the spanish one, but there's no sense in keeping two presentations of the same info23:35
*** epx has quit IRC23:38
*** jwb is now known as jwb_gone23:40
*** behdad has joined #maemo23:41
disqi just asked the mpd guys: it doesn't support gstreamer and would require a lot of changes23:45
*** __shawn has joined #maemo23:45
Superbia why you need my wlan number? :)23:55
Superbiaor they maybe I should say...23:56
konfooSuperbia: so they can track your every move23:58
Superbiacool... could they atleast give latest build? :S23:58
maddleruse mac changer to generate random mac! :D23:58
Superbianah... now I know that alteast someone cares for what I do :P23:59

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