IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2007-02-22

Sulis_Schmots, yes i know that, but wouldn't the people who pored it to the n800 be able to make it do the fullscreen stuff on the 70?00:00
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Takyeah, it won't install00:04
Takand of course there's no source00:05
TakSkyhusker: can we get a 770 build of your xchat package, or the source with your maemo and debian foo?00:07
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SuperbiaHi, I just got me a N800 today and must say I like it alot, but there are somethings that confuse me, is it so that the N800 can't run 770 software?00:09
Takthe N800 will run *most* 770 software00:10
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Sulis_what are the shared things in canola fo?00:12
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SkyhuskerTak you can get both things :)00:20
Takboth would be great00:20
SkyhuskerTak source is at svn:// IIRC00:20
SkyhuskerTak: and i'm uploading the gregale package right now00:21
Takthe fast turnaround is much appreciated00:21
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SkyhuskerTak: gregale free00:24
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Takgreat - are you planning to update the .install on ?00:24
Superbiaahh okay, thanks00:24
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SkyhuskerTak: :wq'ing right now :)00:25
s100useranyone have the pressure sensitive isue on the n800?00:25
SkyhuskerTak: could you please test it?
Takwill do00:26
Skyhuskerbtw, just in case anyone is interested, i'm working on a player for maemo00:27
Skyhuskeralmost all the backend code is ready, i just need to write the frontend :)00:27
s100userSkyhusker: is great...00:28
s100userSkyhusker: I know they send music and artinst info.. i'd be great to see that too...00:28
Takthat's great00:28
Skyhuskers100user: my code reads all the info00:28
Takassuming the source actually gets released, a canola plugin would be perfect for that00:28
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Skyhuskers100user: in fact, i plan to make something similar to the official player00:29
Skyhuskerbut using gtk, of course00:29 is great , because most of their servers use port 80.. so it can bypass firewalls...00:29
SkyhuskerTak: i always release the source :)00:29
Takunable to install maemo-xchat :-|00:29
SkyhuskerTak: which error?00:29
Takdidn't give one00:29
Taktrying again00:29
Skyhuskers100user: also uses http00:30
Skyhuskers100user: both for streaming and metadata00:30
s100userSkyhusker: yes. that's what I meant... :)00:31
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s100userSkyhusker: I notice that, because I'm behind a firewall.. and that's one of the few stations that work...00:32
Skyhuskera screenshot made last week00:33
TakSkyhusker: you might want to add replaces/conflicts for xchat00:33
Takthat was my problem; I had old xchat installed00:33
Takfullscreen isn't working :-|00:34
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SkyhuskerTak: try with a server window00:35
Skyhuskerit won't work in the network list window00:35
TakI'm on a server window00:35
Skyhuskerlet me take my 770 and try, sec00:35
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Takjust weird, because they use the same damn fs key00:36
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Skyhuskerarg, i need to upgrade to gregale first00:37
Skyhuskerwill take some minutes00:37
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Sulis_argh, how do i get root?00:39
s100userIs there a simple and FAST way to connect to a wireless ap?00:41
s100userBy using the icon on the top right (search.. connect) it takes me >>10sec... and that's a bit anoying...00:41
s100useris it possible to issue a command linue command?00:41
pbrooks100user: You should be able to configure it with iwconfig.00:44
disqSulis_: ssh root@127.1 is the safest way. or you could enable r&d mode and "sudo gainroot" afterwards00:45
timelessi prefer ssh root@127.1 :)00:45
disqand i don't trust "gainroot" or other packages like it that modify sudoers, i don't like flashing00:46
Sulis_ok, why is that better?00:46
timelessit uses a standard app?00:46
timelessit doesn't require any evil untrusted unaudited hacks00:46
disqfirst, most people probably already have sshd on their n800 because of various reasons00:47
disqsecond, what timeless said00:47
c0ffeei think gainroot is besr00:47
s100userpbrook: thanks. I tried that.. but it didn't connect... (I was root)00:47
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disqcan anybody enable "dual dictionary use" in input settings? i can't00:47
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s100userpbrook: I think the problem is that my ap ssid is hidden...00:47
s100userpbrook: but connecting from another device takes 1sec...00:48
pbrookThat shouldn't matter.00:48
disqthere's a key in gconf for that but the gconf editor didn't allow me to change it. too lazy to do gconftool-2 bla bla.00:48
c0ffeei have en and de enabled00:48
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disqs100user: connection manager from the "start menu", then from the app menu, tools-connectivity settings. then hit the connections button on the bottom00:49
Sulis_disq, you have to enable the language in the language tab00:49
Sulis_oh no, general tab00:49
disqahh, have to select two languages00:50
disqok, selected english us and english uk. hehe00:50
disqthanks :)00:50
Sulis_disq, why do you want both?00:52
disqbecause i want to use the custom dictionary but i also want my english words00:53
disqie. i selected USe and UKe in the general tab, and chose custom-empty and UKe on the word completion tab00:54
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Sulis_aah, gotcha00:54
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Superbiais it possible to get fully working perl on an N800?01:03
s100userpbrook: I just tried iwconfig again... didn't work... I did:01:03
s100userifconfig wlan0 up01:03
s100useriwconfig mode managed essid my_ap01:03
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Sulis_is there a general sources.list that i can download?01:04
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pbrooks100user: Works fine here.01:08
pbrookI've not figured out how to prod the dhcp client into action, but that's a fairly minor detail.01:08
pbrookAh, there we go. "ifconfig wlan0 up;. iwconfig wlan0 essid myessid; iwconfig wlan0 key xxxx-xxxx-xx; udhcpc -i wlan0"01:11
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JohnMeacham_how is pdf reading on the N800? signifigantly better? I am still wavering about upgrading. perhaps I will sell my 770 to offset the cost.01:12
keesjSuperbia: yes I am pretty sure01:14
keesjthere is a fully working perl in the sbox and the 770 did have a perl01:14
keesjI even tried very shortly to compile parrot :p01:15
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Superbiaahh nice, just need to keep looking then ^^01:15
s100userpbrook: if you can, hide the ssid on the ap.. and try again...01:17
s100userI think this might be the cause...01:17
pbrookOf gourse teh gui doesn't know about teh connection, so eg. starting opera resets everything and kills the connection.01:18
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b0unc3people, there is any way to make an hildon-window transparent ?01:42
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Sulis_why do i have vi, but apparently no escape key?03:15
pbrookSulis_: It's the undo button.03:16
Sulis_oh, that's handy! :)03:17
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Com1<RobHu> Is the N800 fast enough to run a SNES emulator?03:45
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Takan arm-optimized one, maybe03:48
dolfunlots of work03:48
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dolfuni'm curious as to why the genesis emus don't run, since its well... it's c code but... heh... can't even formulate a specific question03:51
Com1it should be easy enough to print to a bluetooth printer from the n800, correct?03:51
dolfuni don't know of any printing for the nokias03:51
Com1driver isn't neccessary....through bluetooth03:52
Com1just like infa-red03:52
Com1only BT drivers03:52
dolfunso the printer knows how to rasterize, say, a pdf file?03:52
dolfunwhat data gets sent to the printer?03:53
Takdolfun: useful output , just 'SDL Parachute deployed...'03:53 the printer will only print photos?03:53
dolfuni don't know anything Com1 , i'm just curious as to how they work03:54
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dolfunsome code has to transform a file into a page description language, and some other code has to rasterize that03:55
Com1the question printers need to have a common language? (PDL) in order to be able to accept BT devices?03:57
Com1or can the BT device run that language itself?03:57
TakI would think you'd need at least cups client software on the device04:00
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ocnarfidARG gpodder.04:01
ocnarfidfreakin keeps loosings the podcasts.04:01
pbrookDoes your printer come with drivers? That should be a fairly good clue whether you need them or not.04:01
Sulis_what program can i use to stream music to my n800 in linux04:06
Sulis_music  or video i guess04:07
inode1I use slimserver for streaming music04:15
Sulis_that'll work with media streamer?04:22
inode1If that is the default internet radio thing on the N770/N800 yes04:27
inode1Doesn't take much horsepower either. I run it on a slug, works nice even with multiple streams playing.04:33
Sulis_good, my laptop should handle it easilly then04:37
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dolfun<victori> what is up with the aolbonics, dospod?04:49
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Toma-is there any way to get the filemanager to acess a samba share?05:26
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dolfuni don't know Toma- sorry,05:29
Toma-thanks :)05:30
dolfungoogle smbmount or mount -t smbfs and maemo05:30
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nickersany word on n800 rhythmbox? i saw today in the cvs files that n800 support was finished in the root trunk06:11
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tigertnickers, sweet07:51
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konfooanyone here been playing with the camera?08:13
*** _follower_ has joined #maemo08:13
konfoodo you know what video input # it uses?08:20
hijakkdang - you all see tonight's woot? That's crazy.. As powerful as my desktop with a bigger display..08:21
konfoohijakk: hmmmmmmm :)08:21
hijakkIt's also 17 pounds, and $1700.. For a refurb.08:22
zuhkonfoo: Humm? I just use the gst plugin, dunno about that... Is that related to the v4l API?08:22
konfoozuh: yeah08:22
zuhHaven't played with that at all then :)08:23
konfoook no worries :)08:23
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konfoowell whaddaya know the motion detector works08:42
konfoomotion detection on n800 with remote browser08:49
*** phil|out is now known as philipl09:01
konfooanyone want to try this motion detector out09:06
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SuperbiaHi, anyone know where I might find fully working perl for N800 or perl device modules atleast?09:28
IrcnetHello, does anyone know where i can find file utility for 770? I need it to be able to see what program makes the core dumps to my memory card.09:32
inzIrc, does the perl from's mistral repository work?09:32
*** Ircnet is now known as sampeson09:33
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*** Whiz has joined #maemo09:34
Superbiahmm if it's 5.8.3 it runs but it's gimped... can't make the perl modules etc... missing
sampesonsorry for stupid nick. Gaim seems difficult for me...09:36
sampesonI know that file program can be found from file utils in linux but has anyone compiled it to maemo?09:38
*** sampeson has quit IRC09:48
Superbiahaha nice09:50
konfooi need to figure out mud builder for all the crap i have compiled09:51
konfooits getting out of hand09:51
Superbiahehe, I'm trying to figure out perl... seems like the perl that come with the n800 is missing some components09:52
konfoogood luck :)09:52
konfootheres a compile of php as well floating about09:52
*** sampeson has joined #maemo09:52
Superbiathanks hehe :) ohh? maybe make my N800 into a webserver then :P09:53
konfooyeah why not ;)09:53
konfoouse with nginx or lighty and youre set09:53
Superbiahehe yeah09:53
konfooyou know we used to host webservers on a 286 back in the day09:54
konfoothis little box is vast milestones ahead of those pieces of crap :)09:54
Superbiayeah that was the good old day when things didn't need several gigs of storage and ram :P09:54
Superbiamy friend is using his old retired palm 515 as a router hehe so this would prolly work fine09:55
pyhimyskonfoo: what did you run on them? iirc minix requred 38609:55
*** Guardian has quit IRC09:56
konfoophy: linux 0.9 ran on a 286, so did minix09:59
konfooi think it needed 8mb minimum ram09:59
pyhimyskonfoo: what a memory hog :)10:00
k-kwaydid the 286 have mmu?10:00
Superbiais it hard to make packages that will run on the n800? I mean if I could compiles my perl modules on a linux box and just make a deb and install them that way10:00
glas5it didn't need a 386?10:00
k-kwaySuperbia: not that hard,10:00
*** sabotage_afk has quit IRC10:01
k-kwaySuperbia: how would you package the perl modules in a debian archive?10:01
*** sabotage_afk has joined #maemo10:01
Superbiagood question k-kway, but there is already a packaged with them just not the right version so I assumed it wouldn't be that hard10:02
konfook-kway: er yeah10:02
konfooall i remember is that it was a step up from the ibm system 36 mainframe :)10:03
konfoonow that, was a pile10:03
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zbenjaminmorning @ all10:10
Superbiawhat is the chance that a debian arm built packaged would work on a internet tablet?10:11
k-kwaySuperbia: checkout the mud project on garage it concentrates on building .debs from various sources10:12
Superbiaahh thanks10:12
k-kwayusualy we build from source, so that is arch idenpendent10:14
k-kwaymy kid just drawn om my resing letter :( need to boot windows to print it again10:14
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JaffaMorning, all10:45
*** b0unc3`away is now known as b0unc310:45
SuperbiaMorning ^^10:47
*** booiiing has quit IRC10:47
Superbiahmm am I missing something, or how is it ment to install apps from's package list if they don't have an installer? mainly nano in this case10:48
*** MacSlow has joined #maemo10:49
JaffaSuperbia: what do you mean by "installer"?10:49
*** booiiing has joined #maemo10:49
inzJaffa, .install file10:49
Superbiamissing .install10:49
JaffaSuperbia: you need to add the repo information manually, or find a .deb to download.10:49
*** sKaBoy has joined #maemo10:49
*** Guard][an has joined #maemo10:49
Guard][angood morning maemo10:50
Superbiaahh how many more repos do I need? :P I got like 10 or so in my sources.list already... :P10:50
JaffaYou need all the ones which cover all the software you want, and no more ;-)10:50
Superbiahaha thanks, that really cleared things up :D10:51
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bedboihi there11:44
lardmanhi bedboi11:46
*** pdz has quit IRC11:50
k-kwayJaffa: I am getting errors when mud is trying to build a depenency11:55
Superbiathis repo stuff is really confusing...11:57
*** pdz has joined #maemo11:58
k-kwayJaffa:  hmm it-s a different problem while building the bc package :  unpacking bc_1.06.orig.tar.gz ,applying ./bc_1.06-20.diff.gz , Set build dir to [/home/keesj/mud-builder/build/dc/dc-1.06], Failed to run build on util-linux: Build dir not set.11:58
k-kwayperhaps aproblem with the -20?11:58
k-kwaybc -> dc?11:59
inzdoh, tried to package drupal with, but install doesn't work12:01
*** obergix[work] has joined #maemo12:02
k-kwayinz what kind of n3w8ie error message to you get?12:04
inzk-kway, I don't really get a error message, I get a failed SQL query12:05
inzk-kway, it seems to try to select before creating any tables.12:05
*** flatronf701C has joined #maemo12:06
k-kway"Skype has just asked the FCC to force wireless phone companies to open their networks to all comers."(slashdot) would that be good news for maemo? how is the skype port comming?12:07
*** k-kway is now known as keesj12:07
Jaffakeesj: I'd need to see a full log.12:15
Superbiais GPE-calendar the best option atm if I want to be able to sync with google calendar?12:21
Jaffakeesj: so you've created a util-linux package, using a deb fetch?12:22
*** neurocyt1 has joined #maemo12:23
JaffaOK, can you `rm -rf build' and try again? I'd like to compare the logs :)12:23
JaffaAh, I think I know what it is.12:24
keesjso how many files are on my home dir on box :p12:25
keesjI should really call it trashcan12:25
JaffaYep, I know what it is. Raise a bug and attach the 4u2.log, I'll try and look at it later.12:26
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*** slomo has joined #maemo12:33
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*** neurocyt1 is now known as neurocyte12:36
Jaffakeesj: ta12:37
*** zbenjamin has quit IRC12:39
*** [1]zbenjamin is now known as zbenjamin12:39
*** kkito has joined #maemo12:40
Handful__tigerT : just read your comment : about speed x volume : I Would REALLY use that ehhehe12:40
Handful__and also some  : noise measurement inside the car =) to adjust it =)12:41
Handful__my car is loud as hell inside, even when moving slow12:41
*** saerdnaer has joined #maemo12:49
Handful__tigert : But what I would really want for Brazil is : to be able to be warned when approaching a speed radar over the speed limit = )12:50
Handful__I think this could also be used here in Finland! At least near by Oulu there's a lot of speed radars : )12:50
ptmanIs there a shortage of N800s? My still hasn't arrived... =(12:52
*** cybergypsy has joined #maemo12:55
maddlerptman: has it been shipped?12:56
ptmanActually I don't quite know... It's not going to be _mine_ actually. A company buys it, and I'll develop some software on the platform. They just told earlier from the company that it should arrive on week 6 and it still hasn't arrived12:57
kkitoyou must to respect the speed limits, driving on a public way it is not a game, you can crash an kill someone, please if you want to run, you can rent a private racing circuit, there you cannot kill innocent people12:58
*** cybergyp1y has quit IRC12:58
*** KevinVerma has joined #Maemo12:58
ptmankkito: while I agree with you, it really would help to know where those radars are, because generally all cars drive a bit over the limit and I have no idea what the threashold on those radars is12:59
tigertHandful__: navicore has that :)13:00
tigertit warns about the automatic traffic cameras :)13:00
tigertif you are speeding13:00
tigertmaemo mapper could do the same with a POI database13:00
ptmanand because all are driving too fast, if I follow regulations precisely there will only be much more overtakes which lowers the safety of the roads much more than just 3% more speed13:00
tigertHandful__: but yeah, using the car telemetry data in canola or other apps might make sense for a car kit13:01
Handful__tigert : that's good13:07
Handful__tigert : I'm installing the plankton theme all around the office here in oulu :)13:08
Handful__I just can't use the black one ehehehe13:08
Handful__and plankton is just **** nice =)13:09
*** luck has joined #maemo13:09
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disqi wish the contacts app had built in transport support13:17
*** tank17218 has joined #maemo13:18
Jaffakkito: also, in the UK at least, many of the speed limits are wrong and anachronistic. Many country roads have a 60mph limit where they should be 40, or even 30. Others are 60mph where they could be 70. Motorways are 70mph blanket, no matter what the whether, despite the 85th percentile of traffic travelling at a speed of 85mph on UK motorways.13:18
Handful__kkito : I had tickets 2 times in roads where the speed limit were 60km/h. you know how fast I was? 66km/h , so I would really love to know that I'm slight above the limit, maybe because I'm trying to pass a truck on the right lane...13:22
*** jobi_ has joined #maemo13:24
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*** MDK has joined #maemo13:35
MDKso what's the story with midgard migration?13:36
MDKis it okay to put the documentation in the existing wiki?13:36
*** jobi has quit IRC13:36
*** everaldo has joined #maemo13:36
disqexisting? old or new?13:43
*** booiiing has quit IRC13:43
MDKexisting == new = test.maemo.org13:44
X-FadeMDK: Scroll down to the bottom.13:44
MDKif I understand this whole thing correctly13:44
X-FadeIt seems that all pages are imported..13:45
MDKso it's okay to edit new wiki? It won't disapper?13:45
X-FadeMDK: I'm not able to edit the pages there.13:47
Superbiaanyone managed to figure out how to get gmail with the default email client? I seen some chat logs from here that seems to indicate it... but might be wrong13:47
*** booiiing has joined #maemo13:48
Superbiahaha thats solid alright :D13:49
*** etrunko has joined #maemo13:50
*** dieguito has joined #maemo13:50
tigertMDK: ask ferenc13:50
*** jobi has joined #maemo13:58
*** jobi_ has quit IRC14:00
inzgtkdoc <314:01
inzI'm compiling libsoup, my laptops stays nice and quiet, until gtkdoc starts running14:01
inzAfter that the cpu fan stars whirring ;)14:01
*** bergie has joined #maemo14:03
kkitowhat is ?14:11
tigertits yet another piece in the puzzle of confusing naming of all things nokia14:13
*** dieguito is now known as dieguito-lost14:18
*** Streg has joined #maemo14:24
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #maemo14:31
*** skandaleras is now known as skanda_out14:31
MDKkkito: it's the public svn repository14:32
*** Andy80 has joined #maemo14:32
*** krau|away is now known as krau14:34
*** lsobral has joined #maemo14:35
Handful__lsobral : hei leo!14:38
lsobralhi Handful__ !14:38
Handful__the picasa web support rocked =)14:39
Handful__but did you do something about the gallery rss and the albums rss?14:40
lsobralI tested both and they worked ok14:41
*** bedboi has quit IRC14:41
lsobralin the galery rss just one photo per gallery is displayed14:42
Handful__is just the link for the full album14:42
*** jwb_gone is now known as jwb14:47
*** mukund has joined #maemo14:47
*** bedboi has joined #maemo14:49
*** MoRpHeUz_ has joined #maemo14:50
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC14:51
*** MoRpHeUz_ is now known as MoRpHeUz14:51
bergiehey, any recommendations for a Linux UPnP server to use with Canola?14:52
koenmediatomb? ushare?14:55
*** chenca has joined #maemo14:55
Handful__linux ?14:55
Handful__twonky was the best one so far in our tests : /14:56
*** Molagi has quit IRC14:57
*** koen has quit IRC14:57
*** Molagi has joined #maemo14:57
*** kpenrose has joined #maemo14:57
bergieHandful_: I'm using this has a home server:
bergiebut twonky is proprietary, isn't it?14:58
Handful__yeah : /14:59
kpenroseanyone have problems downloading maps for maemo mapper?  I get an error trying to download google street maps.14:59
bergiethen again, so is Canola :-/14:59
Handful__we also used fuppes, but empty titles were crashing s14:59
Handful__bergie : we are preparing the sources to release a big part of it14:59
Handful__only the parts that are under heavy dev will not be open, but at least is a beggining..14:59
X-FadeHandful__: Which parts will that be?15:00
Handful__we tried so much to do that... I'm very excited with the possibilities =)15:00
X-FadeHandful__: We will too :)15:00
Handful__X-Fade AFAIK, we will release everything but the ui layer (the smallest part) because has some sdl issues15:00
Handful__and we are porting to other API now15:00
Handful__so, no  sense deploy it now15:01
bergieHandful__: May I blog this? :-)15:01
Handful__wait a little bit more =)15:01
X-FadeHandful__: Evas?15:01
JaffaHandful__: surely opening up the bit which is being worked on most actively is one of the most important, as it lets new developers get a grasp of the direction of the project.15:01
Handful__we are argumenting about afull release15:01
Handful__Jaffa : I also think so, but not every manager in the world : /15:01
Handful__but hey guys, is a start! =)15:02
X-FadeHandful__: Can you tell us more about the business case for indt to develop software like this?15:02
JaffaHandful__: fair enough :-)15:02
X-FadeHow are they making money out of this?15:02
bergieHandful__: How is the web configuration UI done? What programming language?15:02
Handful__send my an email with your question!15:02
bergieit could use a bit of love :-)15:02
Handful__bergie : UI is pure html + mochikit for Ajax15:02
Handful__the backend is a custom made web server + gconf15:02
bergieActually, gconf was answer enough :-) thx15:03
Handful__so, I read luis saying that the worst thing about closed source project.. was that annoying bugs never get fixed15:03
bergieI'm considering that with GeoClue we could have an app that would subscribe to local news podcasts based on location15:03
Handful__now it will be easy to fix them =)15:03
bergieI think I saw a service related to that15:03
Handful__and even create support for more servers..etc15:03
bergiethis would be nice with Canola...
Handful__open the core, willmake possible to implement a lot of ideas, and providem them as downloadable plugins =)15:05
Handful__so we can keep the basic canola very simple (which is my goal) and the users can customize as much as they want =)15:06
bergieBTW, comments on autodownload of podcasts?
*** everaldo has quit IRC15:07
Handful__this is on our todo since the beginning, but we needed to focus on the basic things15:07
Handful__: ( I really wanted that.. but I can run the project thinking of myself... so we set up some priorities : /15:08
*** andrunko has joined #maemo15:08
Handful__but, once it's done.. we will try to make it right =)15:08
bergiewell, you guys are doing a great job with the basic UI things15:08
Veggen...but I'd like a way to cache podcasts. Right now, gpodder is a better alternative for me for podcasts, as I'd like to download podcasts to listen to when on the bus or similar.15:10
Veggen(oh, I see it's what's being discussed ;)15:10
Handful__Veggen : yes..15:15
bergieVeggen: yeah, but gPodder also has the issue that it doesn't auto-download on the background15:15
bergieVeggen: So I always forget to download the stuff when I'm at home and then notice on the bus I have only old podcasts15:15
Handful__we want to provide that..15:15
Handful__but think about the problems on maemo... download on background.. and theres no space left... andyou need to provide also management for the caches...15:16
Handful__I know someone said "let the user delete the cache themselves" but it doesn't work like that15:16
bergieHandful__: set up a maximum (configurable) cache size15:16
bergieand provide possibility to autodelete stuff user has already listened to15:16
bergie(though then a "keep" button would be nice)15:17
bergieHave you seen how Democracy Player handles this?15:17
Handful__yeah bergie, I use it15:17
bergiethat provides a quite nice "just works" experience15:17
Handful__but on the desktop right? =)15:17
bergieif Canola could do the same on Maemo it'd totally rock15:17
Handful__that's the goal, but Maemo is a little bit different =) eheheh15:18
*** herzi has quit IRC15:18
Handful__so I'm hearing everyone's opinion about it15:18
bergieand Canola does a lot more15:18
Handful__and we will make it! now with n800 is easier15:18
Handful__2 memory cards..etc15:18
Handful__I'm very excited about  new versions etc15:18
Handful__being able to do REALLy more stuff15:19
bergieyeah... with two 8GB cards I could actually carry all my music on the N80015:19
disqyou guys should just make your svn public15:19
disqand forget about making a source release etc. if anybody's interested they should get the sources from svn15:20
*** bilboed has joined #maemo15:20
disqand keeping the part that's "very much in development" closed sucks15:21
Handful__disq : thats so much easier, but dude...15:21
Handful__I think the hardest part of the whole project was to convince people to release the sources..15:21
VeggenWhat's INDTs business case?15:22
disqwould it help if i sent some lawyers your way? :P15:22
Handful__: / it's frustating now that we are getting there.. to hear "that sucks" =) but ok... it's your point15:22
bergieHandful__: Are you going to host on Garage BTW?15:23
*** _follower_ has quit IRC15:23
disqthat sucks because.. well, nokia is doing it with most of their exciting developments (it2007, before release?)15:23
Handful__Veggen : we provide development / research in a lot of areas (mechanics, logistics, network, etc) OS is a small stream starting to show things..15:23
Handful__yeah for sure, but as nokia started a lot more "closed" and was slowly opening things up15:23
VeggenHandful: well, yah. But ok, about the N800 development, what's the plan? And what's the goal for INDTs development there?15:24
Handful__I believe we could do the same15:24
Handful__Veggen : I think you email the Office's manager =)15:24
kkitoHandful__, are you changing SDL for another api on canola?15:24
Veggenno, I was just wondering ;) Whether or not they had any closed source-business to speak of, a plan of how to make money, etc. Every company needs to make money, I know that :)15:25
disqimho slowly opening things up usually doesn't work for the outside developers. you can't send in a patch without sources. or you can't make a fork (if it's even possible with the current license, not sure, haven't read the agreement X-| )15:25
bergieVeggen: AFAIK INdT is a research institute funded by Nokia15:25
bergieVeggen: so they have to research stuff not make direct revenue :-)15:25
*** Superbia has quit IRC15:25
Veggengood :)15:26
bergieBrazilian tax stuff if I understood correctly15:26
Handful__Yes bergie15:26
Handful__but for example : we cannot work for nokia for free. That's against the law15:27
disqbtw i looked at the bt-headset stuff (not connecting a headset, rather emulating a headset) but couldn't find where to start15:27
Handful__but know we do generate money through research projects15:27
Jaffadisq: as can be seen why (AFAIK) there haven't been loads of patches submitted externally for Maemo. There's no build environment, no way of getting a handle on the whole thing15:27
Handful__in several areas15:27
* Jaffa 's theory, anyway.15:27
*** koen has joined #maemo15:28
Handful__Veggen I understand you point : like if would create a branded canola or something like that.. and "tie" this to some content-provider bundle15:28
disqyeah sometimes i feel like we're wasting time. also the crappy hardware doesn't help much (touchscreen started to lose sensitivity on the left side too)15:28
*** marciom has joined #maemo15:29
disqand if i send it to the service i know they're going to hold on to it for 2 or 3 months (not that there's a n800 service back here)15:30
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo15:30
Handful__but that happens in a lot of products15:31
Handful__my powerbook is dying15:31
Handful__but if I took to some service center... heheeh bye bye15:31
*** renatofilho has joined #maemo15:31
disqbut you didn't purchase your powerbook 30 days ago, did you :)15:31
Handful__lol ok ok, no15:32
disqor a year (my 770. the touchscreen barely works in the middle, works ok in corners/sides)15:32
*** koen is now known as koen|uni15:35
Handful__funny thing.. mine still works good (no I'm not advocating.. just saying) =)15:35
disqyeah. lucky i didn't have one of those faulty touchscreens/controllers on the 77015:35
disqbut inspect your n800 about the pressure sensitivity problem. just to be sure15:36
Handful__ok I will do that15:37
disqin mine it's apparent in the right side of the screen (scrollbar area) and now where the "start menu" is15:37
*** ajturner has joined #maemo15:37
*** jpetersen has joined #maemo15:37
Veggena wiki page about "known issues" would be good.15:37
Veggenoh, there is.15:38
Veggenbut it doesn't include hardware issues.15:38
Veggenand doesn't look updated.15:38
*** mgedmin has quit IRC15:38
*** spect has joined #maemo15:39
bergiehmm... looks like Canola doesn't notice if your speakers are muted15:40
Handful__we do have the mute signal in the volume bar, but we chose to no control the master volume15:40
Handful__but yeah.. now that you said : we should have a clear indication of that15:41
tigertit kinda sucks though since canola only has fullscreen mode15:41
Handful__that's why is going under redesign15:41
tigertso its awkward to go to the volume control15:41
tigertok, interesting15:41
*** mgedmin has joined #maemo15:41
Handful__tigert : yes tigert and we needed to hear first15:41
Handful__before doing things..15:41
tigertHandful__: where was the suggestions page?15:41
tigertI have two more ideas15:41
cybergypsyHandful__: can you get Canola to recognise .mp2 as well as .mp3 ?15:42
Handful__I'colleting everyone ideas =)15:42
tigert1) for photocasts, please *rotate* the slideshow15:42
tigertI want to use this as my "flickr friends photos" photoframe on my work desk :)15:42
Handful__cybe : send a email to k215:42
tigertso it should just loop infinitely, but periodically (every 15 mins?) check for updates in the feed15:42
Handful__tigert : yeah, to use better the screen right?15:42
tigertand should just drop off N older ones in the slideshow15:42
Handful__yeah. the photoframe thing15:42
tigertI dont know if we have enough performance,15:43
tigertbut it would be sweet to always scale (keeping aspect ratio) to *fill the whole screen* (no black bars)15:43
Handful__I really would like to do that ehehe15:43
tigertand then slowly scroll the "overlapping" side accross15:43
tigertjust do it very very slow15:43
Handful__and also if possible the "ken burns" effect15:43
tigertyea, but scaling is too much15:43
disqHandful__: "lock/unlock screen" mode like iphone to prevent unintended touches. but keep the volume keys working, even add key combinations.15:43
Handful__yeah.. but we tried in the 770 -> no way15:44
tigertbut just the sliding will do LOTS15:44
tigertbut it can be very slow15:44
Handful__just moving sides..yeah15:44
Handful__but's possible...15:44
tigertjust like 1-2px / sec15:44
andrunkocybergypsy: to make canola recognise mp2 files you can change /apps/canola/extensions_audio gconf key and add mp2 there15:44
disqlocking/unlocking the whole device is not practical on the road/bus etc15:44
Handful__not VERY good, but possible15:44
tigertjust increase the time per slide15:44
tigertits kinda fast now, for photoframe use it does not need to be that fast15:44
andrunkocybergypsy: or use canola-conf-set_extensions_audio.sh15:44
Handful__tigert : we tought of placing a configure tool for slideshows..15:44
Handful__yeah.. sometimes takes times to download the pics15:44
tigertHandful__: configure tool, or maybe just in the slideshow view, when you start it,15:45
tigertat the same time with the arrows,15:45
tigertyou can just have 3 buttons in the bottomish center15:45
Handful__yeah, I think we can solve that.. with a better set of options15:45
Handful__but I'm with you in those suggestion15:45
tigert[ 3s ] [ 10s ] [ 20s ]15:45
tigertfor example15:45
tigertjust ad-hoc setting15:45
Handful__I see, like the ratings stars15:45
tigertsince it depends on the situation what you want15:45
keesjI want bookmarks15:45
Handful__that's what we 've planned for a lot of features15:45
Handful__buttons on the rating / bar15:46
tigertHandful__: do you have a wiki for this?15:46
*** skanda_out is now known as skandaleras15:46
cybergypsyok , thanks andrunko - that`ll save me renaming15:46
Handful__but I think it's a good idea to start one know15:46
tigertHandful__: would be fun to have a hackfest for this in some conference, but we'd need to get this freed first :P15:46
Handful__let me request it =)15:46
Handful__tigert : our dream =) some guys here in the channel (andrunko, chenca, Ks) would love that =)15:47
andrunkosure :)15:47
Handful__tigert : i will open a wiki, and ask people to try to propose the at least a detailed "sequence" for any requested features.. like you did briefly here15:47
Handful__so others users can really "vote" on it15:47
tigertHandful__: yea, a small "storyboard" plus some use cases15:48
Handful__that's right15:48
tigertperhaps it could have a template to copy for each entry15:48
Handful__I will work on that..15:48
Handful__because now that is redesign time...15:48
tigertUse case: "user is doing foo, and wants to do bar, by doing..."15:48
tigertProposed solution: blah blah15:48
disqif only somebody were to port mpd, i will hack mpc for my needs btw :)15:48
tigertAdditional comments:15:48
Handful__its the time to see all possible features really "integrated"15:48
tigertmaybe something like this?15:48
tigertquestions: perhaps too15:49
Handful__sometimes now... I feel like (we are pushing something into somewhere we shouldn't )15:49
tigertso you get a bit more unified entries there15:49
Handful__and I think there's a lot =)15:49
tigertbut we should not make it a mess with everything possible15:49
tigertits quite good now, but it already is kind of complex to navigate sometimes15:49
tigertwhen you forgot where something was15:49
tigertso it needs to stay consistent15:50
Handful__but people should know..that there's only 3 developers on the project now , 1 ui + 1 intern of graphics =) so we SHOULD REALLY choose well15:50
Handful__a lot of small things could have been done better15:50
Handful__but as requirements evolves...we need to follow15:50
Handful__and for me, there's nothing better to see people using and hear them15:50
Handful__for example, there's a lot of changes for multiple selection on list, but now that the "remote control" need is down.. it's going to be redesigned to work correctly with that15:51
Handful__and I also have some other thumb projects on lot's of new interaction ideas are being "tested" for the n800 screen15:52
Handful__one thing that I really don't like : is the menu on the first screen (actually when it has more than 3 items15:52
Handful__I'm planning to really organize features better, make a more consistent  home screen15:52
kpenroseHandful__:  Just came on, what application are we talking about here?15:53
Handful__have a nice "play now button" =) that can take you straight to the player15:53
Handful__kpenrose : canola player15:53
*** skandaleras has quit IRC15:53
Handful__but tigert : I will do the wiki thing =) maybe on garage itself?15:54
Handful__I just hope my lap top stay alive for the next weeks , because I don't think there's a apple support place here15:55
Guardianouch gtk drives me crazy :)15:55
Guardiani can't get rid of the empty space between a button and it's child label15:55
Guardianwhatever i might try15:55
Guardianxthickness, border width, etc15:56
Guardiancan't make it :(15:56
tigertHandful__: yeah, on garage15:58
keesjperhas radio and webcam support would be nice in calona , together with music /webcam vidjee screensavers15:58
tigertHandful__: while you are at it, move the code there too *cough* :^)15:58
*** bstock_ has joined #maemo15:58
tigertHandful__: but yeah, the garage project lets you have wiki and stuff15:58
tigertI need to put plankton there too15:58
Handful__I can do that =) and become a homeless unemploeyed  guy here in Oulu15:59
Handful__I planning to create also using that template, I have also a very simple neutral gray theme that I did for some gtk project..15:59
keesjHandful__: that does sound very atractive, no need to work , Oulu15:59
tigertHandful__: but seriously, canola would really be one of the big maemo opensource app projects getting lots of interest16:00
Handful__its not as close to be good like plankton but we should get more themes from the people =) eheh16:00
tigertjust food for thought, although I bet you have a mouthful already :)16:00
tigertHandful__: yeah16:00
Handful__yes.. that's exactly what we use as argument internally16:00
tigertMDK and I are writing a google doc about using the theme tools16:00
tigertactually let us share the url16:00
Handful__because we think people would really like to thinker with it16:00
tigertsince its not secret16:00
tigertjust not finished16:00
tigertHandful__: yeah16:01
GuardianGtkButton has style properties that are read only like "child-displacement-x" "default-border" etc, why the hell is this hardcoded ?16:01
tigertHandful__: stuff like the "control volume with car speed" stuff16:01
Handful__I was almost doing a slidesheet on photoshop ahahaha16:01
tigertand using canola as a car mediacenter16:01
Handful__yeah =)16:01
Handful__Canola Car Edition =)16:01
tigertthere would be lots of stuff that is simply impossible because you can not hack it16:01
tigertbut lemme ask mdk to make the doc public16:01
Handful__but still I don't want to be a homeless guy here in oulu16:01
Handful__too cold nowdays lol16:02
*** everaldo has joined #maemo16:02
Handful__and the food today.. NO WAY16:02
*** chenca has quit IRC16:03
*** chenca has joined #maemo16:03
inzdisq, just commited maemo-blog that doesn't require xmlrpc-c anymore16:04
inzdisq, and all the dependencies are in repository16:04
timelesshello world16:05
timelesshas anyone here ever seen a PDF with a web link?16:05
kpenroseso, how long before canola is out of beta for the 800?  I hear many good things about it.16:05
disqinz: good to hear. though my intentions was inspect the gtktextview code :p16:06
tigertHandful__: you can move to spain and work for fluendo or something :)16:06
disqinz: btw you should use wpeditor as the editor widget, it's really cool16:06
*** Disconnect has quit IRC16:06
tigertinz: woot16:06
tigerttimeless: often16:06
tigertkpenrose: use the beta16:06
inzdisq, I'm considering that -- although it probably doesn't support anything else than html, nor does it support inline images (I suppose)16:07
Handful__tigert : I like potatos and meatballs thanx ehehe16:07
timelesstigert: if you use pdfviewer on your n80016:07
inzdisq, but it would at least be a "good" starting point for a fork16:07
*** Disconnect has joined #maemo16:07
timelessand load a pdf w/ such a link, what happens if you trigger the link?16:07
disqinz: no it doesn't but yeah you can fork it16:07
timeless page 75 has a web link in case you don't have one handy16:07
tigertHandful__: they got them there :)16:08
inzdisq, I checked the source a bit, it didn't look too nice -- better than my current though ;)16:08
tigerttimeless: not sure in that16:08
tigerttimeless: I bet you already know what happens? :)16:08
timelesstigert: not this time16:09
disqwell i kinda liked it, i don't think it can be cleaner than that given how gtktextbuffer works16:09
timelessmy devices are charging for my trip to fosdem16:09
bilboedHandful__, he, we have potatos and meatballs in spain too :)16:09
timelessand i need to read a stupid spec and see how often it's lying16:09
timelessoh, and i need to find my name tag16:09
timelessit says "timeless", but i can't remember where it is16:09
tigerttimeless: I should do chargers from some prototype units :)16:10
tigertone really eats battery fast when REALLY starting to like the device like I do16:10
Handful__hei bilboed : how are you dude? coming to bossa ?16:11
disqtigert: did the rx34 prototypes had "n800" written on the case? (or, can you reveal this information? :P )16:11
bilboedHandful__, no, wim is going instead16:11
Handful__I like -30 =)16:11
bilboedHandful__, you're insane :)16:11
tigertdisq: protos probably can be anything16:11
Handful__heheh I know that16:11
Handful__I like avanto16:11
bilboedHandful__, 14C here... and i'm freezing16:12
mgedminHandful__: idea/wishlist for canola: when you change the volume, do a smooth slide over 1 second instead of changing it abruptly16:12
Handful__slide in the bar you say?16:12
tigertEFHF 221350Z 01005KT 320V100 CAVOK M12/M19 Q103416:12
tigertoh, the temperature warmed up drastically16:12
Jaffadisq: according to Karoliina's blog, her prototype didn't.16:12
tigert-12 only16:12
partit's still too cold16:13
timelesstigert: just fly to brussels16:13
disqi like cold outdoors and really warm indoors16:13
tigerttimeless: nah16:13
tigertits fine like this16:13
mgedminHandful__: not a visual effect, but an audio effect16:13
Handful__-15 here It's good enough16:13
tigertbetter this than +2 and wet and sloshy16:13
Handful__I see it16:13
disqJaffa: oh. i was just wondering :)16:13
mgedminthe user interface is very smooth, and these sudden volume jumps are a bit jarring16:13
Handful__tigert : agreed16:13
Handful__Andrunko : is that possible dude?16:14
andrunkoHandful__: sorry, let me read the bl16:14
Handful__to smoothly increase / decrease the volume.. not jumping to the new one16:15
disqHandful__: feature request - really easy: listen for dbus messages to pause/next/prev and volume. also provide the "current playing filename" and/or "current playing title/artist" via a dbus service?16:15
tigertdarn. sucks to miss fosdem16:15
tigertall the cool kids are going16:16
disq(i also mailed the osso-mediaserver's maintainer for this but haven't got any replies yet)16:16
Handful__Andrunko ; your problem hehehe16:16
tigertbut I hope to go to LGM and guadec16:16
tigertHandful__: if you do the template btw, use Inkscape and the SVG16:16
andrunkoHandful__: yeah, it's possible16:16
tigertits much nicer to edit16:16
tigertHandful__: one thing I need to try some day, is to get a projector, project the template to a wall, and sketch it with a thick pencil :)16:16
tigertor finger paints or such :)16:16
Handful__ok =)16:16
tigertand then photograph it and scale to correct size again16:17
tigertthat'd make a sweet theme :)16:17
andrunkodisq: yeah, this is in my TODO list since the beggining, provide a player dbus interface, so you can control canola using dbus16:17
Handful__paint with your toe!16:17
andrunkobut we have a lot of things to do first16:17
tigertHandful__: :)16:17
tigertwhat would ROCK is aboriginal style theme btw16:17
tigertholy crap that would rule on the high res screen16:17
disqandrunko: yeah, makes it possible for new stuff like a now playing desktop applet, or an audioscrobbler ( plugin to report back played tracks16:17
Handful__aboriginal? I can make some "xingu" style16:17
disqandrunko: now, i could do it if you guys opened the source :p16:18
andrunkodisq: yeah, that's the idea16:18
tigertlike that ^^^16:18
tigertwould at least be different :)16:18
andrunkodisq: hehehe, but i can do it :P16:18
disqi know you can, but you have a lot of things to do first :p16:19
andrunkothe code will be opened soon or later, you can bet16:19
andrunkobut we can't do much16:19
disqhopefully :) anyway thanks for the response16:19
X-Fadeandrunko: Start leaking certain files ;)16:19
Handful__andrunko : if we could decided that it was open already for a year =) like Carman =)16:20
andrunkoyeah, for eg the mplayer plugin, i did it in one day, it's not optimized, and it could be improved if the source was opened16:21
andrunkobtw, i will release the package for it today16:21
Handful__let's update the website also16:25
*** Ryback_ has joined #maemo16:25
Handful__andrunko tell me the hour.. I need to cut my hair, and things close early here =) I'm always facing the closed door! ehehe I'm almost a jackson five member16:28
andrunkoHandful__: ok i will tell you, go cut your hair, i need to finish some things first :)16:30
Handful__hehehe =) I also need to ask some finnish guys with beard out there.. how to prevent you beard to freeze =)16:30
pyhimysHandful__: it's impossible, you just have to wipe it clean with your mittens when you go inside16:31
RobHuI just tried to tar -xf a 3.0 GB tar on my N800... I got a 'file too large' error. Does anyone know if there is a simple work around for this (other than not using the tar ;-)16:39
disqit might be related to the filesystem16:42
disqie some don't allow files over 2gigs16:42
disqor it might be related to binutils16:42
pyhimysRobHu: split it with an another machine?16:42
RobHudisq: It's ext216:43
pyhimysthen cat foo.tar.* | tar xf -16:43
RobHuooh, that's a good idea16:43
RobHuI get16:44
RobHucat: ../music.tar: File too large16:44
RobHuI can't use another system as I'm here at work and don't have sufficient control over my desktop16:44
Handful__pyhimys : thanks =)16:44
pyhimysHandful__: you have mittens, don't you?16:45
||cwwas the n800's libc compiled with large file support?16:45
||cwI'm guessing not given the target market16:46
Handful__yes =) of course!16:46
pyhimyshmm, does n800 have head or tail?16:46
disqmmm, large file support..16:47
disqpyhimys: it has both16:47
*** bedboi has quit IRC16:47
RobHuWhat are your head / tail thoughts?16:47
*** inode0 has joined #maemo16:48
pyhimyswc -l foo.tar16:48
pyhimysdunno if it can be done though16:48
*** rev has quit IRC16:49
||cwRobHu: just curious, where are doing this at?  isn't a SD card only 4 gig max?16:49
pyhimysthen you have how many lines the tar-file has16:49
disqthat would be painfully slow16:50
RobHu||cw: Nope. I have a 8GB one here.16:50
RobHuI have a 8GB and a 1GB card in my N80016:50
disqi only have a 2gb. using two cards increase battery usage16:50
*** hanno has joined #maemo16:51
*** Handful__ has quit IRC16:51
||cwdisq: yeah, that's was one benifit of the rs-mmc, lower power draw, like half that of SD16:51
*** dandrader has joined #maemo16:51
disqi'm using my 2gig rsmmc :p16:51
bergieis there a bittorrent client for Maemo (bora) now?16:52
disqand currently my 770 doesn't have a memory card in, because now i only use it to test new builds of software16:52
disqthere is a soulseek client.. well.. no, i guess.16:52
*** hanno is now known as zulla16:52
bergiethis looks promising but I can't find released software...
bergieand there is this, but OS2006...
*** keesj has quit IRC16:55
||cwdoesn't a lot of 2006 stuff work on newer releases as well?16:55
*** cybergypsy has quit IRC16:56
bstock_RobHu, did you ever get a chance to try out the raid0 thing?16:56
tigertbergie: try it16:56
tigertat least maemo mapper worked16:56
RobHubstock_: sadly no :/16:58
disqbergie: looks nice16:58
RobHuI don't actually get any free time at home until friday16:58
bergiectorrent deb doesn't install on OS200716:58
RobHuSo I'm doomed over this 3GB tar basically?16:58
bergieoh well, would've been nice to try getting a movie from publicdomaintorrents16:59
bstock_you could split it16:59
RobHubstock_: What do you mean?16:59
bstock_if you're running linux on your desktop, you can use the split command to split up a file into multiple parts17:00
RobHuTar won't work on a split tar file though will it?17:01
RobHuAnyway, I don't have control over my desktop here.17:01
RobHuI'd have to download the file to my desktop, alter it, then upload it, then download it to my n80017:01
RobHuGiven that all of this would have to happen over the network too (they're on different networks) this doesnt seem feasible17:01
RobHuI was hoping there would be some way of persuading tar to work with the file through some clever magic17:01
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo17:03
MDKdoes extras upload queue try to build package from sources17:03
pyhimysRobHu: well, you could try to split it using head/tail17:03
pyhimysRobHu: but it could be filesystem issue17:03
*** zumbi has joined #maemo17:04
*** bilboed has quit IRC17:04
||cw"file too large" is a libc LFS issue not just a file system issue17:05
disqJaffa: now, if only mud cached the downloaded files somewhere :p17:05
partmdk: afaik no17:07
*** zumbi__ has joined #maemo17:07
disqMDK: no17:07
* lardman hates debian 'rules'17:08
partlardman: what, you got the NIH syndrome?17:09
*** zumbi has quit IRC17:09
partnot invented here17:09
Jaffadisq: it's in the TODO; feel free to submit a patch ;-)17:10
lardmanI just find them rather confusing, certainly when compared with bitbake .bb recipes17:10
*** zumbi_ has quit IRC17:10
lardmanI've also done my fair share of cursing apt-get and dpkg this afternoon ;)17:10
JaffaMDK: no, it doesn't; best you'd get is MUD and, hopefully, maddler's build server he's building for it.17:10
*** MDK has quit IRC17:10
partlardman: it's a makefile17:11
lardmanpart: But it generally calls things from here there and everywhere17:11
*** keesj has joined #maemo17:12
partlardman: mostly from build-essential, and if not there, then there's a build-dependency17:12
keesjhow do I remove each trace of canola (is the metalayer-crawler part of canola?17:12
*** ttobin has joined #maemo17:12
partkeesj: flash again? :)17:12
keesjI never flased my n800!17:13
*** bilboed has joined #maemo17:13
lardmanpart: I'm just suffering from annoyances - octave builds using configure & make, but dpkg-buildpackage somehow screws up the LD_LIBRARY_PATH; fltk refuses to build using dpkg-buildpackage; Mesa assumes that you want to build all sorts of x86 rubbish, etc.17:13
keesjthe crawler just shouw run with less priority it renders my systemunusable17:13
keesjI had the same problems with the 770.17:14
lardmanAre things like debhelper available in the maemo repo?17:16
lardmanOr does it come with v5 installed....hmm?17:16
keesjfor realy security I guess you need something like the java sandox, apparmor?17:16
disqwow.. building mpd via mud. hope it works17:18
disqkeesj: were you able to test libmad, how's the cpu usage?17:18
*** ocnarfidW has joined #maemo17:18
keesjI only ran top while the system was idle (a few minutes after booting)17:19
mgedminkeesj: I think metalayer-crawler is part of the standard n800 image17:20
keesjOk thanks , makes me wonder. do you feel like I am bashing canola?17:21
*** matt_c has quit IRC17:22
*** X-Fade has quit IRC17:23
*** X-Fade has joined #maemo17:23
*** slomo has quit IRC17:29
*** jacques has quit IRC17:31
*** behdad has quit IRC17:32
Jaffalardman: even if you don't use mud, you might want to look at the number of hacks it does to get existing debian packages compiling for Maemo17:32
Jaffa(e.g. debian/compat, debhelper versions etc.)17:32
*** bedboi has joined #maemo17:34
lardmanJaffa: I think I will take a look at MUD when I get home this evening17:39
lardmanatm I'm looking at having to manually package about 1/2 the deps for giac/xcas, which sounds like a pita17:39
lardmanand those that did build, have probably got the wrong deps anyway as they all need the -d flag to ignore the random bits that I don't have in scratchbox17:40
*** Eloi has joined #maemo17:41
*** skandaleras has quit IRC17:45
keesjlardman: what toolkit does is use?17:45
keesjis = it17:45
keesjwhat resolution whould I expect from the webcam?17:46
lardmanand it (giac/xcas) needs openGL17:46
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo17:47
keesjlardman: and you want to run mesa or tinygl?17:47
*** matt_c has joined #maemo17:47
*** skandaleras has quit IRC17:47
lardmanYes, mesa - tinygl doesn't have the required functions, though it builds fine. As does Mesa for that matter17:47
keesjwhat resolution can I expect from the cam vga = 640x480? is the rgb or yuv?17:48
lardmansomeone posted some specs to the dev ml17:48
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo17:48
* lardman needs to work out which of the 6 or so Mesa packages that the debian config trys to build are actually needed17:50
lardmanJaffa: Is there a way, with MUD, to specify extra CFLAGS, or does this need to be done by patching?17:51
*** hs` has joined #maemo17:52
*** lardman is now known as lardman|afk17:53
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo17:53
keesjlardman|afk: there is a build-env check the mud package format documentation17:54
keesjthis one it's called <env>17:54
keesjbut I did not yet have to use it , I would like c flags and such to be configured somewhere else17:55
keesjso we can build thumd and normal binaries17:55
hs`Hi, could anyone please point me to where handling of dial-up happens in the 770?  I can't dial-up through the phone from a laptop and I'd like to grab the config from the 770 (which works).17:55
*** skandaleras has quit IRC17:57
Guardianfrom, "$ sudo ./"  you do it and you get "E: This script should NOT be run as user root"17:59
Guardianhow to report that efficiently (without opening a bug on the public bugzilla that nobody will ever read)17:59
*** skandaleras has joined #maemo18:00
*** phil|sleep is now known as philipl18:00
c0ffeeby opening a bug in the public bugzilla that will be read18:01
Guardianunfortunately i'm afraid it won't18:02
c0ffeethen keep the bug a secret18:02
c0ffeeif everybody has this attitude, we can stop the whole bug reporting thing18:02
Guardiani already tried to open bugs, and already mentioned that any sign of life from nokia/maemo would just have been basic politeness18:02
Guardianand about THIS attitude, please consider i'm offering to take the necessary time to report this small error in a detailed way, i just don't want to send it to bugs@blackhole.com18:04
keesjGuardian: I had the same problem I thing you need to add the path component to make it work18:04
Guardiankeesj: the install script, well launching it without sudo just seems to work18:05
c0ffeeif you stop to use the bugzilla, it won't improve the situation18:05
c0ffeebecause then you can't even complain for nobody reading your bugs18:06
*** booiiing has quit IRC18:06
Guardiankeesj: strange, i just launched it as user and at the moment it's unpacking rootstraps18:07
disqkeesj: btw most of the webcam questions you asked in the list are already answered there somewhere, i suggest you run a search :)18:08
*** behdad has joined #maemo18:08
keesjand don't file it in the installer but sdk->installler :p18:09
bergiecool, Canola seems to work very nicely with TwonkyMediaServer18:10
keesjdisq: I did try , I tryed my google mail since the maemo list is not searchable , I tried google emgaget  nokia770.com18:10
disqlemme find some threads for you :)18:11
*** Eloi has left #maemo18:11
Guardiani just reinstalled everything using the install scripts18:13
Guardianand under scratchbox, osso input method is not working/enabled18:14
Guardiani have no virtual keyboard, thus i can't test the hildon im plugin18:14
Guardianany idea please ?18:14
disqany ideas why mud would hang doing "/scratchbox/tools/bin/chown -R -f 0:0 gdb-6.4.90.dfsg.orig.tmp-nest/gdb-6.4.90.dfsg.orig"? it's been 15 minutes or so18:14
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo18:15
*** hs` has quit IRC18:15
keesjCamera is vga. So that means 640 x 480!18:18
Guardiancan you use the virtual keyboard from scratchbox ?18:18
disqi sometimes have problems with it, though not sure when18:19
disqlet me try18:19
*** Handful__ has joined #maemo18:19
*** koen|uni is now known as koen18:20
disqGuardian: it works, but enter won't work. neither on the vkb nor the real one18:21
*** zbenjamin has quit IRC18:21
Guardianhere it does not work18:22
Guardianand right clicking a text widget, and looking at the input methods list does not show any OSSO input method entry18:22
disqalso here stop won't kill all the processes18:23
disqi have to kill a few manually18:23
disq(arm target)18:23
*** elephantum has quit IRC18:26
*** zimmerle_away is now known as zimmerle18:27
*** garrett has joined #maemo18:28
*** bergie_ has quit IRC18:30
*** bergie has quit IRC18:31
Guardiandisq: whatever the target i selec, x86 or armel, i just don't have the hildon input method sdk :( even after a fresh install18:31
keesjdisq:  it used to work on the old targets ,perhaps you need the maemo-explicit thing?18:32
disqGuardian: i meant, i didn't try the x86 target, i rarely use it18:32
Guardianwell :( don't know what to try next18:33
keesjhere is the proof that it once worked
Guardiani tried to browse the dev mailing list archive without success18:35
Molagihmm what is a good media server for media streamer?18:35
Molagin800 media streamer18:35
disqi use windows media connect, works for me18:35
Molagiis it only for winxp?18:35
Molagiim using windows 2000 pro18:36
kkitodid someone try to compile and run firefox on the n800?18:36
*** lardman|afk is now known as lardman18:36
disqyeah, somebody compiled a second x server, and ran firefox and other stuff there, connecting to it (locally) via vncviewer18:37
Molagidamn its only for windowsXP18:37
Guardianfirefox can't open a page in less than 30Mb on a desktop18:37
Guardianand you want to use it on the tablet :)18:37
lardmankeesj: Thanks, will take a look18:37
disqMolagi: afaik FUPPES works, though can't be sure18:38
*** sabotage_afk is now known as sabotage18:39
Molagido i need canola for it?18:39
*** koen has joined #maemo18:39
matt_cushare works great for media streamer too18:41
Molagigotta try it18:41
Molagiim installing that FUPPES now18:41
matt_cIIRC ushare also worked with Canola, but Itunes 7.0.2 did not18:41
matt_c(there should be a ticket for that)18:41
Molagithat fuppes is pretty strange18:42
Molagitheres no UI18:42
matt_cMolagi: there more servers than clients.  For ushare you just point it to a directory for your media at the commandline and it does the rest.  I think FUPPES is the same.18:43
lardmanAnyone here with a maemo 2.1/2.2 scratchbox in front of them?18:44
kpenroseanyone know where the settings for things like phones etc. are kept?  I want to edit one manually to use pulse for connecting to a blackberry18:44
Molagioh yeah i got it working18:50
lardmanI'm confused, using my 2.1 scratchbox/toolchain, I have g77 available, but it's not in the same location as the other toolchain components. g77 isn't in the bora scratchbox/toolchain. I'd like to work out whether I installed it myself18:50
devMolagi: do you want to try Coherence?
*** Handful__ has quit IRC18:54
devboth the server and the mediarenderer backends work with Media Streamer18:54
devsome issues with the MediaRenderer are still open18:55
cosmo_anyone familiar with gnome-vfs?18:56
*** bedboi has quit IRC18:56
inzcosmo, what of it?19:00
cosmo_i'm trying to learn it, sorry for stupid question.. but how do i list files in a directory?19:00
cosmo_or maybe gnome_vfs_directory_list_load?19:02
inzwhile (gnome_vfs_directory_read_next(dir, &file) == GNOME_VFS_OK) would be my guess19:03
inzBut list_load works too19:03
*** MDK has joined #maemo19:03
inzI think, the documentation isn't the best ;)19:04
cosmo_i agree on the documentation19:05
cosmo_i found only one short tutorial about gnome-vfs19:05
*** renatofilho has quit IRC19:11
*** renatofilho has joined #maemo19:11
*** philipl is now known as phil|work19:11
*** sKaBoy has quit IRC19:12
*** bilboed has quit IRC19:14
tkoinz, do you have a screenshot of maemo-blog yet? I'm not touching any GUI thing that doesn't have screenshots :-P19:16
inztko, you would touch it even less, if you saw screenshots19:16
*** snorkelyd has joined #maemo19:19
inztko, see tigert's pretty mockups:
inztko, they're not how the app looks like though ;)19:19
tkoinz, exactly19:20
tkoI've seen blue sky ideas, but where's the current UI?!19:20
inztko, in the stone ages19:20
tkomaybe I should start kicking out all GUI apps without screenshots from the application catalogs :)19:20
*** KermitTheFragger has quit IRC19:21
lardmanno-one has an old scratchbox they can try typing 'g77' into?19:21
tkoif g77 exists in sbox then it's even more scary than I originally thought19:22
tkolardman, define 'old' ?19:22
matt_c./configure --please-don't-check-to-see-if-I-have-g7719:23
lardmanfor maemo 2.119:23
lardmantko: It exists in my one19:23
tkomatt_c, you mean g77 or the ten different variants? :)19:23
lardmanah, but they're all called f77 ;)19:23
lardmanor indeed maemo 2.0, as they all use the same toolchain tarball19:24
tkobut it seems g77 comes elsewhere .. no idea why19:25
lardmanso you have it too?19:25
tkoI have a big mess of sbox installation, but the tools are from 2.0 era19:25
tkog77-3.4 package etc19:25
lardmannot in the same location as the main gcc install19:26
tkomaybe it's there just to make configure script run faster? :)19:26
lardmanno, it does work, Octave certainly compiles19:26
lardmanIt's just missing from the bora scratchbox/toolchain setup19:26
*** [AD]Turbo has joined #maemo19:27
lardmanOff home to see whether I can copy g77 to the bora setup, and look at mud19:29
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:29
*** [AD]Turbo has quit IRC19:32
*** bedboi has joined #maemo19:34
*** obergix[work] has quit IRC19:39
*** zulla has quit IRC19:42
konfookees are you here19:47
*** ndepetrillo has quit IRC19:48
*** bilboed has joined #maemo19:48
cosmo_inz: do you know any good gnome developer irc channel?19:50
disqcosmo_: they probably won't help you, try the mailing list archives, or if not, posting to a mailing list19:50
*** ndepetrillo has joined #maemo19:50
tkohmm, no one seems to have found sardine-developers list yet19:51
tkocosmo_, #gnome-hackers on gimpnet19:51
tkocosmo_, or if it's gtk then #gtk+19:52
*** cosmo_ has quit IRC19:52
*** bedboi has quit IRC19:53
b0unc3there is any way to make an hildon-window transparent ?19:54
*** BCOW has joined #maemo19:54
BCOWhi ppl19:54
BCOWim in a bit of "trouble" :D after updating canola i got my device in a weird state.. weird meaning that everything works well (os and kernel) but nothing can be seen from the screen19:55
BCOWonly some mild variations of colors19:55
tkob0unc3, you can think of it as GtkWindow and go from there19:55
BCOWi tryed reflashing my 770 but it wont fix the problem19:56
BCOWideas? =)19:56
BCOWim fresh out :D19:56
||cwclassic bad screen issue?19:57
*** vivijim has joined #maemo19:57
BCOW||cw: wouldnt know.. never happened before19:58
*** trenka has joined #maemo19:58
BCOWto me atleast19:58
BCOWso all information and fixes are greatly appreciated19:58
b0unc3tko: I do that. But the same transparent GtkWindow, that work fine on my linux desktop, don't work on nokia :-(19:58
||cwhappened to quite a few devices when it was first released, usualy after 3-4 reboots19:58
||cwthe "fix" was to send it to nokia for warentee repair19:58
BCOWgreat :D19:58
BCOWso just pack the thing in a box with a lots of fluffy and soft stuff and post it back to nokia, argh..20:00
Whiz"no more pr0n at the toilet of my workplace"20:00
tkob0unc3, and how are you trying to make the window transparent?20:01
BCOW||cw: its kinda obvius it needs to be a hardware issue since the bootldr wont even show up..20:02
BCOW||cw: but mayby i just package the thing up then and post it to Nokia..20:03
Whizyou wont last a day.. tomorrow I see you ordering a n800 :)20:03
BCOWno prob20:04
BCOWWhiz: you told me about canolas new version day before yesterday? ... i just remembered the damn thing today ;D20:04
Whiz:) kjiah20:04
*** trenka has quit IRC20:04
*** trenka_ has joined #maemo20:04
BCOW||cw: any idea will the authorized nokia repair shops take these in or do i really need to ship this somewhere and see how postal service misplaces the package for the next decade.20:05
b0unc3tko: with the use of pixmap and the gtk_widget_shape_combine_mask method20:06
Whizbuy an insurance for the package?20:08
BCOWyeah .. i have to pay THEM the money THEY are going to pay ME when THEY loose the package. :D whats the point? :D20:08
Whizbut YOU broke the damn thing :D20:08
BCOWno i didnt :D20:08
BCOWthe small hairy hands in a some german assembly plant did20:09
Whizyeah yeah :D20:09
tkob0unc3, interesting. other than matchbox doing something funny I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work20:09
BCOWor the injuneer who designed the damn thing in a first place did20:09
*** skandaleras has quit IRC20:10
*** pleemans has joined #maemo20:10
||cwBCOW: don't know, there's no show anywhere near me20:14
*** cosmo_ has joined #maemo20:16
*** greentux has quit IRC20:16
b0unc3tko: but you have nerver succesfully used some transparent window on nokia ?20:17
tkob0unc3, depending on the theme the menus are slightly transparent (rounded corners)20:18
*** BCOW has quit IRC20:22
*** dape has quit IRC20:22
*** user_ has joined #maemo20:24
b0unc3tko: which theme do that ?20:24
*** trenka_ has quit IRC20:24
*** trenka has joined #maemo20:25
*** fab_ has joined #maemo20:26
*** user_ is now known as melmoth_kebab20:27
*** bergie has joined #maemo20:31
tkob0unc3, plankton does, and possibly all the non-default themes20:32
*** lele has joined #maemo20:35
b0unc3tko: interesting, I'll try plankton theme.20:36
tigerttko: also the OS2006 theme had rounded menu corners on 77020:36
*** neal has joined #maemo20:37
nealosso_initialize is failing for my application.  Any tips for getting more verbose output?  The tutorial just fails in this case.20:38
*** ljp has quit IRC20:38
tigertoops :)20:38
*** kkito has quit IRC20:38
*** greentux has joined #maemo20:40
*** Lacken has joined #maemo20:50
*** melmoth_kebab has quit IRC20:52
*** ljp has joined #maemo20:53
*** florian has joined #maemo20:55
florianhi all20:56
*** bergie_ has joined #maemo20:58
*** bergie has quit IRC20:58
*** lardman has joined #maemo21:01
lardmanevening all21:01
lardmanAnyone got latex to work inside scratchbox?21:01
lardmanmine moans about missing latex.fmt21:02
*** Lacken has quit IRC21:08
tigertmaybe scratchbox has latex allergy? :)21:08
*** cybergypsy has joined #maemo21:08
saerdnaerdoes the bootmenu also work for initfs 3.2006 ?21:10
*** ocnarfidW has quit IRC21:11
*** Guardian has quit IRC21:17
*** lele has quit IRC21:17
*** svu_ has joined #maemo21:18
svu_How could I ask maemo-mapper for directions to some particular place (so it would tell directions me using flite)? It is not evident from UI21:19
Pioroute -> download iirc21:20
*** bergie_ has quit IRC21:22
*** luck has quit IRC21:22
*** luck has joined #maemo21:22
svu_Pio, download .... from where?21:22
mgedminthere's a cgi script on gnuite's web server that asks google for directions and converts them to the format maemo-mapper wants21:23
koensvu_: route -> download21:24
koensvu_: or tap&hold on the place you want to go21:24
koen(took me a while to figure that out)21:24
svu_koen, thank, I'll try21:24
svu_something has to be done, usability-wise21:24
lardmantigert: You may be right ;)21:28
*** Molagi has quit IRC21:28
lardmantigert: certainly making me allergic to packages that expect documentation to be built!21:28
*** florian has quit IRC21:29
*** benzea_ has joined #maemo21:30
*** Molagi has joined #maemo21:32
*** benzea has quit IRC21:38
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* pahartik does have "gcc 4:3.4.4-7osso2", "libc6-dev 2.3.5cs2005q3.2-4osso18" and "kernel-source-2.6.16 2.6.16.rel-osso29" available in "Application manager" of Maemo 2.2... Are they up-to-date for building latest Linux kernel image?22:12
*** X-Fade has quit IRC22:12
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cosmo_inz & others thanks for hints, i coded my first gnome app today ;)22:28
*** MacSlow has quit IRC22:30
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lardmanMessing about with mud, how is build > env used?22:38
lardmanor rather <build><env>22:39
*** marciom has left #maemo22:40
lardmanI tried setting CFLAGS in there, but it doesn't appear to have carried through22:41
lardmanOther than that, it looks very useful (doesn't seem to pick up the description for some reason though)22:42
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inzcosmo_, congrats ;)22:53
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MDKhmm, anybody has a clue how to access the extras config in garage?22:56
MDKI need to update my ssh key22:57
maddlerMDK: lemme see...22:58
*** dieguito-lost is now known as dieguito22:59
*** tzz has joined #maemo22:59
MDKI remember it was somewhere...23:00
maddlerthere should be a link in the invitation email...23:01
maddlerbut can't find it...23:01
MDKthe link leads (now) to "you have no contributions" page23:03
disqyeah you have ask ferenc to reset it, then you'll receive the invitation again23:06
maddlerhmmm... I was pretty sure I changed it... hmmm23:06
disqthat's what i did before. couldn't find it myself either23:06
*** tuxperger has quit IRC23:06
MDKactually, I'm not really sure why it doesn't work23:06
maddlerno... true... I wasn't able to use my first non-rsa key...23:07
MDKI think I put the right ssh key there23:07
MDKbut somehow I get permission denied23:07
disqmy pgp key was bad the first time. apparently pgp8win32's version string was too long, had to shorten it23:07
*** KermitTheFragger has joined #maemo23:09
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MDKkoen: I released nflick 0.4.0, it has fullscreen hw-keys navigation23:14
koenMDK: cool23:15
*** jwb is now known as jwb_gone23:15
koenMDK: my nXXX's are at the bottom of my bag, so I'll install it at fosdem :)23:16
* pahartik installs packages in order to attempt building custom Linux kernel image on Nokia 77023:16
koenMDK: any .debs yet?23:17
MDKkoen: ah, so you're coming too? Cool, let's meet there.23:17
MDKkoen: in garage for bora and scirocco23:17
* koen downloads23:18
*** Tahitibob has quit IRC23:20
Suliscan i rearrange where the programs are listed in the little...prgram listy thing...?23:20
Piocontrol panel -> task navigator -> organiz23:20
Pioor something to that effect23:20
Sulisahh, thanks23:21
*** pdz- has joined #maemo23:24
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