IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-09-15

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pahas anybody tried rawcam on n9?01:54
pai have rzr repos enabled, and it kinda conflicts with a rawcam package that is in there01:55
djszapi_huh ?02:03
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befordisn't it the same package?02:05
djszapi_yep what?02:05
befordfrom the same author I mean02:05
djszapi_your claim does not make too much sense to be honest.02:05
pawell what happens is : i installed rawcam 0.0.8 from tmo02:05
pasoftware update pops up, with a rawcam update02:05
paand wants me to install rawcam0.0.2xxxxx-rzrsomething02:05
pai did02:06
paand it doesnt start anymore02:06
paso i had to revert02:06
djszapi_no clue what you are talking about...02:06
befordoh, well I guess its not the same02:06
paso they conflict02:06
beford0.0.8 should be newer than 0.0.202:07
pai guess i should ask rzr02:07
befordso it shouldn't offer an upgrade02:07
djszapi_I guess you make clear what you are actually doing02:07
djszapi_rzr will not have a magic ball.02:07
djszapi_he is not a mind reader either02:07
padjszapi_, i said.02:07
djszapi_who cares about tmo?02:07
djszapi_if one wanna mess up the system he can02:07
djszapi_we cannot defend against stupid messings.02:08
djszapi_also, not sure what "software update pops up".02:08
djszapi_it usually pops for system softwares or ovi packages.02:08
djszapi_so you should better take a breat02:08
djszapi_and try to collect what you are doing.02:08
djszapi_and then describe.02:08
payes, system soft, coz, as i said, i added rzr repos02:09
pabut oh well, it's not urgent02:10
paso no worries02:10
padjszapi_, i'll rather bug you soon about qml plugins :)02:10
panow i should probably get to bed.. night!02:11
djszapi_I think you are confused02:12
djszapi_and you do not know what you are doing02:12
djszapi_or you cannot describe02:12
djszapi_also, it is not rzr's repo02:12
djszapi_how many times will we need to say this again, again, and again?02:12
djszapi_it is the community repository.02:12
djszapi_that currently me and rzr are maintaining.02:12
djszapi_and what you describe really do not make sense.02:13
djszapi_you will not get update without ovi or system software.02:13
djszapi_rawcam is definitely not system software02:13
djszapi_and tmo is not ovi either.02:17
ZogG_pa, it's coz of version numbering conflict02:18
ZogG_pa, and not all apps on rzr repo passed manual testings02:18
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djszapi_all apps passed the manual testing02:20
djszapi_(of course)02:20
befordits not rzr repo :@:@02:22
befordZogG_: i'm thinking about making the QML client ui more similar to the Web one02:23
befordwhat do you think about it?02:23
ZogG_djszapi_, rawcam wasn't build right,  iwas one who helped to make proper build and no they didn't pass testing02:24
djszapi_yes, they did.02:25
djszapi_I do install application for testings.02:26
djszapi_too bad if you have a bogus environment where it is a problem, but not in mine.02:26
djszapi_please do not claim things about the repository you do not know how it works.02:26
djszapi_also no package comes in without proper build.02:26
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djszapi_that is the whole point of the clean c-obs.02:27
djszapi_especially now with our quality level for testing and unstable.02:27
ZogG_djszapi_, and if i prove you are worng02:31
* djszapi_ updates the rawcam package from tmo02:32
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ZogG_oh i can't you update the package :P02:33
ZogG_and half of apps from repo are missing02:33
ZogG_because i remember it had my app02:34
ZogG_wich was broken02:34
ZogG_beford, sup dude02:35
ZogG_beford, do i have bad attitude and not thankful?02:35
befordabout what02:35
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djszapi_M4rtinK2: hey, have you received any responses for the gtk software?02:36
ZogG_beford, in general02:40
ZogG_M4rtinK2, sup02:40
ZogG_M4rtinK2, where is M4rtinK1?02:40
ZogG_beford, ok, thanks :P02:40
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ZogG_beford, i was told i'm disrespectful02:42
M4rtinK2djszapi_: nope, nothing02:42
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befordwhere? tmo?02:43
M4rtinK2after they asked about why are we building bonobo02:43
M4rtinK2they returned to their previous conversation topic02:43
djszapi_beford: me02:43
djszapi_beford: I helped ZogG_ in the past a lot of times without saying any thank you.02:43
djszapi_and the log proves that well.02:44
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djszapi_and he tried to say I never helped him.02:44
ZogG_beford, ^02:44
M4rtinK2anyway, time to sleep :)02:44
M4rtinK2nite :)02:44
djszapi_M4rtinK2: that is not their topic.02:44
djszapi_M4rtinK2: it is not their scope.02:44
djszapi_it is irrelevant to the gtk question.02:44
ZogG_and i said "maybe few times with qml"02:45
djszapi_not to mention, he got help on other channels as well02:45
djszapi_he was mostly arguing with the helper.02:45
befordi've asked for help on qml on several channels and never got any answer02:45
befordso you were lucky02:46
ZogG_but yes he helped me once or twice not qml related simple questions as well (where actually i got other help/solved other way) and than i didn't say thank for him in few lines conversation. so i'm not greatful person :P02:46
djszapi_1-2 times?02:46
djszapi_and the log is a liar?02:46
ZogG_read again02:46
djszapi_let us post it here then02:46
ZogG_okay :P02:47
ZogG_beford, i let people make fools of themselves :P02:47
djszapi_ -> this is not any relevant to qml02:48
djszapi_and a recent happening02:48
befordyou didn't answer my question, do you think a UI similar to the webui would be ok ZogG_?02:48
djszapi_after a LOT of poking to help him and reply.02:48
ZogG_beford, not really02:48
djszapi_he even poked me on gtalk...02:48
ZogG_it was made for big screens02:48
befordthe mobile ui02:48
befordthe one on the screenshots02:48
ZogG_it's shitty02:49
ZogG_i used it and thant's why i asked for client02:49
ZogG_i think your ones is good02:49
befordbut I mean the toolbar at the top? being able to stop/resume on the same list with the top buttons02:50
djszapi_another non-qml from the near past:
ZogG_beford, u can d it02:50
ZogG_with bottom menu02:50
beford <- like that but with QML :P02:50
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ZogG_or u can make if you click on torrent it would add buttons above torrent02:50
ZogG_below i mean02:50
ZogG_djszapi_, so i asked you who is this person and you find it help?02:51
ZogG_maybe i need to bow for you everytime i talk to you?02:51
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djszapi_ -> another totally irrelevant to qml02:53
befordI want to be a Qt ambassador02:54
djszapi_ZogG_: you do not really see other people say thank you when they get help?02:54
djszapi_beford: hmm, perhaps a bit late.02:54
djszapi_iirc quim, maria, and knut are mostly gone.02:55
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befordyea quim is gone02:55
djszapi_not sure if anybody handles that anymore02:55
djszapi_but you can ask.02:55
befordwas that one of the things he handled?02:55
ZogG_djszapi_, second one is about you telling me about votes?02:55
djszapi_we also got an obsolete Symbian last year.02:55
djszapi_beford: it was handled by a marketing woman from Oslo.02:55
djszapi_and recently by Knut Yrvin.02:55
ZogG_beford, thank him now, he helped you02:56
ZogG_you wanted to be ambasador and he posted info in the conversation, you got heped :P02:56
befordthanks djszapi_ for giving me no hope :<02:56
ZogG_we need this TV show02:57
ZogG_you got helped :P02:57
befordwell I expect Digia continues the program02:57
ZogG_beford, there is wiki on Qt project sit02:58
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ZogG_how to become and what to do02:58
ZogG_try it02:58
djszapi_ -> another02:59
djszapi_but I will stop posting all the zillion instances.02:59
djszapi_the log is there, anybody can check.02:59
djszapi_it is not just about not saying thank you which is a natural habit from people.03:00
djszapi_it is also about denying I ever helped you as you claimed.03:00
djszapi_beford: why would you become a Qt Ambassador btw?03:00
ZogG_still don't see it :P03:01
djszapi_ZogG_: btw, not just gtalk ignore, but here now as well03:02
ZogG_you actually did help me but all the links you paste are not relevant03:02
ZogG_ignore me everywhere03:02
ZogG_on gtalk you added me :P03:02
djszapi_beford: I think I finally fixed the orientation issue for the qtquick2 examples.03:03
ZogG_thank to everyone who ever hightlighted me here or talked to me for you time, i need to go and i would say thanks in advance :P03:04
djszapi_oh yeah, and ZogG_ of course also tried to explain to use what the topic is supposed to be in #qt-qnx :)03:04
djszapi_to us*03:04
djszapi_when we said it is off-topic, he said it is not. :)03:04
djszapi_no matter he got help and went off-topic.03:04
ZogG_yeah i did :P03:05
ZogG_djszapi_, you talking offtopic now here.03:05
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beforddjszapi_: do you want me to reinstall it?03:11
djszapi_beford: not yet because I will still have a beefy fight with c-obs. :)03:12
djszapi_I have just had few patches in qt5, and all of them got integrated.03:12
djszapi_the problem was that the meego context plugin was not built.03:12
djszapi_in qtbase, means unfortunately the qt5 stack has to be rebuilt on c-obs which is at least half a day job for the c-obs if everything goes right. :/03:13
djszapi_so perhaps in 12 hours or so.03:13
djszapi_beford: the touch input issue weird, but cannot be reproduced in a helloqt5 application, so that is probably just an example bug.03:16
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befordI see, all those warnings are probably related03:20
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djszapi_beford: oh btw, and there is no need for LD_LIBRARY_PATH, not QML_IMPORT_PATH.03:32
djszapi_that is a great achievement in my opinion.03:32
djszapi_so you can just run your binary without specifying /opt/qt5/03:33
djszapi_I think that is quite handy.03:33
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* vladest shocked. raspberry pi delivery 14 weeks09:27
djszapi_vladest1: you mean for ordering?09:28
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vladestdjszapi_: yep09:32
djszapi_vladest: that is not that bad09:34
djszapi_3.5 months09:34
djszapi_my friend waited 5-6 :D09:35
vladestordered 3 weeks ago. thought it was 13 days, but now rechecked and realized it 14 weeks!09:35
beforddjszapi_: if an app crashes several times the phone will reboot?09:35
djszapi_beford: why this question?09:35
befordwell my phone just rebooted itself09:36
djszapi_vladest: looks like you are playing with many platforms :D09:36
befordand my app is crashing so I thought it was related09:37
vladestdjszapi_: yep. stuck with embedded. at work I'm working with Atheros SoC09:37
djszapi_yeah, I am also an embedded guy09:38
djszapi_+ windows09:38
djszapi_I leave linux desktop to others since there are many people for that in KDE.09:38
vladestmy previous project was desktop win+macosx09:39
vladestdj software09:39
djszapi_I have never played macosx sadly.09:39
vladestlucky you :)09:40
djszapi_I would love to.09:41
vladestand before that it was Flex OS on Freescale coldfire09:42
djszapi_I was thinking of porting qt to sysbios09:42
djszapi_to this texas instrument os we use for texas instrument cores.09:42
vladesthmm. never heard09:43
djszapi_but I did not get budget for that yet09:43
djszapi_I am busy with other algorithms.09:43
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* djszapi_ hates c-obs09:53
djszapi_ -> qt5-base~20120914... built few hours ago09:53
djszapi_but did not get distributed at all09:53
djszapi_still the qt5-base~beta1 is in the repository.09:53
djszapi_very weird. :/09:53
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pais the bootloader of harmattan in some disk area that is not accessible via standard /dev/sdx?12:03
paah okay, thanks :)12:03
djszapi_pa: isn't that logical?12:04
djszapi_you do not have to have a partitioned disk of course to be able to boot a partitioner...12:04
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djszapi_vladest: it is a real time os for texas instrument socs12:08
djszapi_davinci, etc.12:08
djszapi_the only big problem with that, is it does not have gpu support. :/12:08
paso, another thing:  i would like to import a plugin that is in /opt/somedir/someotherdir/ , which also contain a qmldir file. I tried to do it by  first adding the path to the import path (QDeclarativeEngine::addImportPath()), and then by importing the plugin named in the qmldir file, in qml12:14
pabut it doesnt seem to work12:14
djszapi_huh, that is a very dirty hack...12:14
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djszapi_and apparently not working...12:14
djszapi_there is QML_IMPORT_PATH for a reason, BUT12:14
djszapi_1) It depends on which Qt version you use12:15
djszapi_2) More importantly, you should just use rpath, and be done.12:15
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt12:20
pawhat do you mean rpath? what is it? :)12:21
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ZogG_laptopmorning :P13:51
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* djszapi_ is updating portaudio14:31
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djszapi_cannot remove file on c-obs now... sigh14:48
djszapi_wonderful c-obs again blocks the packaging..14:49
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rashm2khow I set a white busyindicator??15:01
djszapi_invert the theme...15:03
djszapi_read the documentation15:05
djszapi_it is well written.15:05
rashm2kmy backgrounds are already dark15:05
rashm2kso i dont need to invert theme15:05
rashm2kCan I do it without inverting?15:06
djszapi_sorry, but you lost me15:07
rashm2kI want I white busy indicator without inverting theme15:09
djszapi_good luck to that15:10
djszapi_rashm2k: please let me know after 2 days you asked this tons of times, and ended up what I suggested15:16
djszapi_enjoy the asking in the meantime what you could already nicely solve. :D15:17
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rashm2ki done it!15:19
rashm2kset busyindicator style15:19
rashm2kspinnerFrames to15:20
djszapi_you should really read the documentation first, and then ask. :D15:20
djszapi_it is in there on a not too long page.15:20
rashm2kthe docs were confusing15:20
rashm2kI only figured this out by looking at the sourcecode for BudyIndicator15:21
djszapi_by not teleporting the knowledge into your mind?15:21
djszapi_spinnerFrames : string15:21
djszapi_Property default value: "image://theme/spinner"+__invertedString15:21
djszapi_Image name prefix. This will be used to show the busy indicator frames. For custom busy indicator image filename must be in next format: spinnerFrames + "_" + busy indicator width + "_" + index.15:21
djszapi_right in the documentation...15:22
djszapi_in a fairly short page...15:22
djszapi_anybody having time to help with the portaudio update?15:25
paok, this is probably a stupid question because i didnt understand much how it works, but how can i create a qml-networkinfo item that as mode has "data over cellular network"? essentially i want to know if the cellular internet connection is on or off15:32
pawith WlanMode it works fine, for wlan15:32
djszapi_this would be my best bet.15:36
djszapi_unsure if that works though, but I could not mention a better place for this than either dbus calls or libcellular-qt15:38
rashm2kAppreciate you bearing with me though - sometimes I do ask really easy questions15:40
*** beta4 has quit IRC15:40
djszapi_rashm2k: feel free to send patches to me about documentation15:41
djszapi_I do not know how to make it better, but if you have I will integrate if makes sense.15:41
djszapi_any ideas*15:42
pai think the best way to check if connectivity is on is after all ping15:51
djszapi_I do not think so...15:52
djszapi_cellular-qt exists for this very reason.15:52
djszapi_if it is incomplete for whatever reason, the relevant class can still be subclassed.15:52
djszapi_also, ping will really not help.15:53
djszapi_since any other network can be under operation anyways.15:53
pawhat i want is checking if there is connectivity or not15:53
djszapi_why not use the API designed for this?15:53
pais there one?15:54
pai didnt know..15:54
djszapi_have you checked the link above?15:55
pai yes15:55
pathats for libcellular15:55
djszapi_so all fine15:55
paas you point out, there can be other connectivity types enabled15:55
djszapi_you need to check cellular functionality.15:55
djszapi_you were asking about cellular!15:55
papa> what i want is checking if there is connectivity or not15:55
djszapi_13:32 < pa> ok, this is probably a stupid question because i didnt understand much how it works, but how can i create a qml-networkinfo item that as mode has "data over cellular network"? essentially i want to know if the  cellular internet connection is on or off15:56
djszapi_you mean I wasted my time because you did not know what you wanted? :/15:56
pawell okay, i was not specific enough :)15:56
djszapi_well good luck15:56
djszapi_perhaps you are not this time either15:56
pai'll go with ping, i think15:57
djszapi_please if you ask next time think more what you want.15:57
djszapi_otherwise it is time waste for both of us.15:57
djszapi_I can help if you know what you want.15:57
*** tom__ has quit IRC15:59
pawell i want to test if the phone has any kind of internet access16:00
pa(already enabled and turned on)16:00
djszapi_yes, you wanna know this16:01
djszapi_let us see in 10 minutes :D16:01
djszapi_so good luck16:01
djszapi_I will not investigate again.16:01
*** jaywink has quit IRC16:03
djszapi_pa: there is an internet connectivity library anyway16:08
djszapi_should not be hard16:08
djszapi_read the documentation.16:08
pai found qnetworkconfigurationmanager, but i read it doesnt do what one think it does.. now i check other options16:10
pain general it will be anyway a very suboptmal workaround to qml map element, that demand connectivity all the time16:11
pa(and which will nerver be fixed on harmattan)16:11
djszapi_I do not understand the problem with the aforementioned class.16:11
djszapi_it seems to do what it was supposed to do16:12
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan16:12
djszapi_it manages the network configuration16:12
djszapi_unsure what you mean by "what one think it does".16:12
djszapi_also unsure what you said afterwards.16:12
pait has a method isOnline() that migbht return false, even if there is an active network connection, because it seems it checks if there is some ongoing connection between two hosts16:13
djszapi_nor about workaround, nor about what will not be fixed.16:13
djszapi_I do not understand the problem?16:14
paat least this is what others reported16:14
djszapi_"Returns true if the system is considered to be connected to another device via an active network interface; otherwise returns false.16:14
djszapi_to me that short description looks clear.16:14
djszapi_what it does.16:14
pai can try again16:14
palet see16:14
djszapi_ -> anybody having any ideas for this?16:17
djszapi_works fine locally.16:17
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan16:18
pae-yes, hello. how comes no updates on NITDroid N9 status page since Jul 04? :)16:21
e-yespa, hi. I'm too lazy/busy to update16:28
paah okay :)16:29
djszapi_anybody having a device at hand for testing?16:42
valdur55yea. give a shoot'16:42
djszapi_valdur55: do you have the community repository added according to the description?16:43
djszapi_ -> see description16:43
djszapi_apt-get update && apt-get install qt5-base16:43
valdur55ok . i update my package list now16:46
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:50
valdur55Ok. Installed16:57
djszapi_valdur55: can you check if the package installs this file for you? /opt/qt5/plugins/generic/libqmeegointegration.so16:58
valdur55Yep. It is there16:58
valdur55djszapi_, ^16:59
djszapi_nice :)17:00
valdur55and that is all ? :D17:01
valdur55ok. No problem :)17:03
djszapi_I will ask another test for the qt5 example once c-obs builds the stack17:04
djszapi_may be by tomorrow.17:04
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC17:13
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan17:14
*** hardaker has quit IRC17:17
*** tonyoy has quit IRC17:18
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan17:32
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan17:32
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC17:37
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #harmattan17:37
*** tom___ has quit IRC17:38
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #harmattan18:00
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan18:02
*** tom__ has quit IRC18:08
*** hardaker has quit IRC18:20
*** Guest47748 has quit IRC18:29
*** acidjunk- is now known as acidjunkie18:35
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC18:35
*** e-yes has quit IRC18:38
*** Natunen has quit IRC18:42
*** natunen has joined #harmattan18:45
*** louisdk has joined #harmattan18:52
*** majia321 has joined #harmattan18:56
*** majia321 has left #harmattan18:56
*** majia321 has joined #harmattan18:56
*** majia321 has left #harmattan19:17
*** pinheiro has quit IRC19:19
djszapi_valdur55: now you could install the qt5-components package, please? (after an update)19:22
valdur55djszapi_, ok19:23
*** faenil has joined #harmattan19:23
valdur55djszapi_,  ok?
valdur55anyway... downloading and installing :P19:26
valdur55djszapi_, installed. Log:
djszapi_faenil: please spam a test channel XD19:28
djszapi_valdur55: can you run the /opt/qt5/bin/QmlComponentGallery binary or how it is called?19:29
*** faenil has quit IRC19:29
djszapi_valdur55: yes, the log is fine.19:30
*** faenil has joined #harmattan19:30
djszapi_did not know you are Finnish though. :-)19:30
valdur55Yes. And output : qrc:/main.qml:42:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "": Module namespace 'MeegoPlugin' does not match import URI ''19:30
*** faenil has quit IRC19:30
*** faenil has joined #harmattan19:30
valdur55djszapi_, i live in Estonia19:31
*** faenil has quit IRC19:31
*** faenil has joined #harmattan19:31
*** faenil_ has joined #harmattan19:31
djszapi_valdur55: ah yeah, those languages resemble...19:32
djszapi_been there for aKademy by the way.19:32
djszapi_in Tallinn.19:32
valdur55i was volunteer :)19:32
djszapi_great :)19:32
*** rashm2k has quit IRC19:32
*** faenil_ is now known as faenil19:32
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan19:32
djszapi_valdur55: we had this talk over there:
djszapi_valdur55: so it would be nice if you could test the orientation change with the example.19:33
djszapi_if it rotates automatically.19:33
*** louisdk has quit IRC19:34
valdur55djszapi_, look my error.  plugin cannot be loaded ...19:34
djszapi_valdur55: that is expected.19:35
djszapi_so you are getting a white screen now?19:35
djszapi_I would suggest run a sed19:35
djszapi_on the binary19:35
djszapi_jpnurmi: ping19:38
*** natunen has quit IRC19:39
jpnurmidjszapi_: pong19:40
djszapi_I have ported the harmattan components to that idea with this patch:
djszapi_but the problem is that I do not yet know which schema to use19:41
djszapi_import FooBar or import, etc19:41
djszapi_I would need to stick with one of those.19:42
djszapi_I personally prefer the FooBar schema.19:42
djszapi_and that is also how I read the bugreport and gerrit change.19:42
djszapi_However initially it was for the qmldirs.19:42
*** Natunen has joined #harmattan19:45
jpnurmii like the FooBar schema more as well19:45
djszapi_fit better to import QtQuick and so forth as another advantage.19:50
*** beford has joined #harmattan19:52
*** jesuschrist_ has joined #harmattan19:53
djszapi_this is also what the desktop components project uses: module QtDesktop19:53
djszapi_in the qt5 branch, so I think it is safe to stick with that schema.19:53
djszapi_valdur55: I will fix it now then, and I will let you know when updated.19:54
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan19:55
jpnurmidjszapi_: yeah, and QtWebKit, QtSensors, QtSystemInfo...19:57
djszapi_jpnurmi: sounds good19:58
djszapi_jpnurmi: one metric to consider still is that if this should be MeegoPlugin or HarmattanPlugin19:58
djszapi_or perhaps even QtMeego or QtHarmattan19:58
djszapi_this is now only supposed for harmattan19:59
djszapi_but perhaps we can just keep the meego term.19:59
djszapi_since it was written for meego in qt419:59
djszapi_before my fork19:59
jpnurmior something like ?19:59
jpnurmijust throwing in ideas :)19:59
djszapi_that is good :)20:00
djszapi_the symbian components will not be ported to qtquick220:00
djszapi_that is for sure20:00
djszapi_since qt5 itself dropped the symbian support20:00
djszapi_so it is mostly a matter for harmattan/meego and desktop20:00
djszapi_as of now, at least.20:01
djszapi_but I agree about that QtDesktop is a bit vague20:01
djszapi_since it does not refer to that it is the qtquick components.20:01
djszapi_it could be any other qt desktop scope :)20:01
djszapi_I will go for something now, and it can be fine tuned later.20:03
djszapi_it is mostly a find -exec sed command to replace everywhere for clients.20:03
valdur55 sed -i 's/' QmlComponentGallery  :P20:04
valdur55Gives seg fault...20:05
djszapi_valdur55: then just relax, and I will assert. :D20:06
*** faenil has quit IRC20:15
ZogG_laptopbeford, sup20:44
ZogG_laptophow ya doing?20:58
ZogG_laptopi finished school project20:58
befordgood :D20:58
befordhow did it go20:58
ZogG_laptopit's shitty code but sent it as it is :P20:58
ZogG_laptopit worked20:58
ZogG_laptopi hope it worked20:58
befordZogG_laptop: oh you want to see the changes I did t othe ui?20:58
befordto the*20:58
ZogG_laptopwgy not20:58
ZogG_laptopbtw did u fix active only bug?20:59
befordno but I think I know why it happens now21:00
ZogG_laptopi think i know that i don't know :P21:01
*** piggz has quit IRC21:15
ZogG_laptopbeford, new design is nice21:15
befordI forgot21:15
ZogG_laptop(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻21:16
*** tom__ has joined #harmattan21:16
ZogG_laptoptom__, hey tom21:16
*** tom__ has quit IRC21:22
djszapi_valdur55: can you reinstall now?21:27
djszapi_apt-get update21:27
djszapi_apt-get install --reinstall qt5-components21:27
djszapi_--reinstall is important.21:27
valdur55 yea. i know ;)21:29
djszapi_I have not updated the packaging number iirc21:31
djszapi_this time21:31
djszapi_so without that, update will not be detected21:31
valdur55yea. then it gives : .. package is already up to date21:32
djszapi_yeah, so either remove and install21:33
djszapi_or --reinstall if allowd.21:33
djszapi_--reinstall was not allowed for me in case qt5-base apparently.21:33
valdur55 . I see menu and i can't rotate it21:34
djszapi_ok great21:38
djszapi_can you start the application with this:21:38
djszapi_-plugin meego21:38
valdur55yep. No rotation.21:39
djszapi_alright, thanks.21:40
djszapi_at least it seems to be only that type of issue.21:40
djszapi_valdur55: what if you specify QML_IMPORT_PATH21:40
djszapi_and LD_LIBRARY_PATH?21:40
valdur55djszapi_, how ?21:41
djszapi_QML_IMPORT_PATH=/opt/qt5/imports LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/qt5/lib /opt/qt5/bin/QmlComponentGallery21:41
djszapi_ok, that sucks. XD21:42
valdur55This app should be fullscreen ?21:43
valdur55I can't fully see menu icon21:43
valdur55Toolbar buttons.21:43
djszapi_because the toolicons do not work21:44
djszapi_see your error output21:44
valdur55yep... it doesn't know screen resolution and shows toolbar buttons closely to screen edge21:47
djszapi_well I have done enough commits in this project for today21:47
djszapi_I will move on.21:47
djszapi_thank you for testing.21:47
valdur55thank you for asking21:48
djszapi_it is going to be interesting when it is all working.21:48
djszapi_people can port their applications to QtQuick2.21:48
djszapi_pretty much with almost no effort21:49
*** louisdk has joined #harmattan21:53
*** piggz has joined #harmattan22:03
*** shanttu has quit IRC22:07
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC22:09
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan22:10
djszapi_valdur55: so did you like the KDE summit?22:12
valdur55i don't remember ...22:13
valdur55djszapi_, do you mean those two days ?22:23
djszapi_a week22:24
valdur55oke. It was my first time.22:24
djszapi_valdur55: btw, you can try my kde application ports in Ovi store if you wish: kanagram and khangman22:25
valdur55And it was nice :) .22:26
*** e-yes has joined #harmattan22:27
*** suy has quit IRC22:27
*** pawky has quit IRC22:30
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan22:31
*** pawky has joined #harmattan22:31
valdur55Oh :) Localised app :D22:31
djszapi_I can localize khangman22:32
djszapi_but the problem is the alphabet with that22:32
djszapi_I would need to re-design that22:32
djszapi_and for certain languages it would not work with that space I design with.22:32
djszapi_kanagram is simpler22:32
djszapi_it is using the KDE localization system22:32
djszapi_so if you have compatriots translating KDE into estonian.22:33
djszapi_it could be shown in there.22:33
valdur55khangman have bug. Tip notification is lower than timer22:36
djszapi_btw 29/59 reviews22:37
djszapi_or so22:37
djszapi_feel free to leave a bad or good review :)22:37
djszapi_to round the number up22:37
djszapi_oh, someone left a review22:37
djszapi_with one star :D22:37
*** npm has quit IRC22:38
djszapi_the person left "Deconcentration and irritates" in Spanish22:38
djszapi_interesting feedback22:38
*** npm has joined #harmattan22:38
*** npm__ has quit IRC22:38
*** ced117 has quit IRC22:48
*** qwazix has quit IRC22:48
*** npm1 has joined #harmattan22:53
*** elfurbe has quit IRC22:53
*** furikku has quit IRC23:02
*** pawky has quit IRC23:04
*** pawky has joined #harmattan23:05
*** virtuald has quit IRC23:11
*** orfix has quit IRC23:12
*** orfix has joined #harmattan23:13
*** Pali has quit IRC23:14
*** jaywink has quit IRC23:14
rzrhave tested kernel+23:16
jonniif I would have extra time in my hands, I would also be playing with custom kernel builds, but unfortunately my free time has been quite liimited lately.23:18
rzri can understand23:20
djszapi_jonni: why would you do that?23:21
jonniI did do a quick diff against kernel+ vs my custom version and they seemed almost the same, kernel+ sources just nukes the debian directory23:21
rzrtmo suggested to also support nitdroid23:22
jonniI have this backburner project to make a kernel which has the injection drivers + pnp wifi for nexus723:22
*** npm1 has quit IRC23:22
rzrthis is already the case isnt it ?23:22
*** npm1 has joined #harmattan23:22
*** louisdk has quit IRC23:23
jonniactually I have one custom kernel built in my sb, but I havent had time to test it yet.23:23
*** louisdk has joined #harmattan23:24
djszapi_jonni: why are you still so attached to Harmattan?23:24
djszapi_I mean isn't it easier to do that type of experiment for nemo or so?23:24
jonnidjszapi_: well nemo is not suitable for daily use23:24
*** npm1 has quit IRC23:24
djszapi_fair enough23:25
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan23:25
djszapi_but if everybody thinks so, it is never gonna be :D23:25
*** virtuald has joined #harmattan23:25
djszapi_Venemo: sup23:25
Venemohey djszapi_23:25
*** louisdk has quit IRC23:26
Venemodjszapi_, I'm fine, thanks for asking! :) you?23:26
djszapi_Venemo: alright23:26
*** louisdk has joined #harmattan23:26
djszapi_qtquick2 is coming to harmattan23:26
djszapi_in small steps23:26
djszapi_a bunch of issues resolved.23:26
jonniwell anyways Monday is my last day working with Nokia, still have to write somekind of goodbye email to ex-collegues.23:26
rzru're on this arent u ?23:26
rzrjonni: are there any left?23:27
djszapi_rzr: yes, I worked 10-12 hours today on this.23:27
Venemodjszapi_, awesome news!!!! :) :) :)23:27
jonnirzr: heh after monday, there still are windows phone people still left :)23:27
*** sahib_ has quit IRC23:28
Venemojonni, thanks for all the great work you've done :)23:28
rzrthx for staying that long too23:28
djszapi_jonni: what would you like to achieve with your custom kernel?23:28
jonniand anyways I plan to idle here even after my Nokia career.23:29
rzrbuilt in modu23:29
piggzcould it be that basic QML apps cant be debugged/profiled?  Does it have to be based on QMLApplicationViewer?23:29
jonnidjszapi_: wifi injection drivers, pnp wifi + hostapd&nat.23:29
jonnithose are the only things that I'm currently missing vs stock kernel.23:30
Venemojonni, any plans on what's next? :)23:30
Venemojonni, jolla perhaps?23:30
djszapi_jonni: cannot you do that with inception?23:32
djszapi_btw, jolla does not pay that bad.23:32
djszapi_regarding the current situation.23:32
jonniVenemo: well on Tuesday I'm starting my new job. But I decided to test my wings in non-phone releated ict company.23:32
jonnidjszapi_: nope, inception does not help, since nat requires changes in kernel that cannot be solved with module loading.23:33
djszapi_jonni: I see.23:33
rzrbtw any news of mr itsnotabigtruck23:33
Venemojonni, I wish you luck :)23:34
rzrdoes the man ever existed ?23:34
*** jaywink has joined #harmattan23:35
jonniVenemo: thanks23:35
djszapi_jonni: yeah, good luck we had lots of fun in Harmattan I believe despite it did not succeed!23:36
djszapi_I am still having with Qt5. :-)23:36
jesuschrist_good luck jonni23:36
*** louis_ has joined #harmattan23:37
rzreconomic failure but technical success23:37
jonniwell it 'succeed' on small scale, since we still are in this channel, but its a shame that it didnt make a breakthrough success.23:37
Venemodjszapi_, depends on your point of view. in my opinion, considering the circumstances, harmattan succeeded quire well.23:37
jesuschrist_what about jolla23:37
jesuschrist_any news?23:37
Venemojesuschrist_, there was a hackday at Devaamo23:38
rzrthey recruited some pple23:38
rzrand mer is still active23:38
Venemoit was awesome, shame I couldn't attend23:38
Venemothanks to them, the Mer guys are now paid to work on Mer. :)23:38
rzri guess its evolving as expected23:39
rzrslowly but surely23:39
rzrno major news on tizen or bb10 ...23:40
jonniheh, my latest project is to attach sdcard to my old Amiga :)
Venemoblackberry is evangelizing devs very agreesively, so I guess we'll see something from them23:40
rzrjonni: great23:41
rzrjonni: have u tested aros release ?23:41
djszapi_Venemo: actually they are helping devs23:41
djszapi_they are not agressive :)23:42
djszapi_they are rather progressive23:42
djszapi_which is cool23:42
Venemoyou could say that, yes23:42
djszapi_they even offered their office for a KDE Blackberry sprint23:42
piggzhmmm: QDeclarativeDebugServer: Ignoring "-qmljsdebugger=port:3768,block". Debugging has not been enabled.23:43
rzrdjszapi_: like active on playbook?23:44
ZogG_laptoprzr, Venemo sup23:46
jonnipiggz: you need to make clean rebuild after enabling the debugging23:47
VenemoZogG_laptop, I'm having a relaxing day23:47
ZogG_laptopVenemo, :P23:47
ZogG_laptopVenemo, finished my project, so me too :P23:47
piggzjonni: ok, i'll try...23:47
ZogG_laptopjonni, sup pal23:47
jonniZogG_laptop: hi23:47
ZogG_laptopjonni, long time no see23:47
djszapi_jpnurmi: The <ModuleIdentifier> is the (dotted URI notation) identifier for the module, which must match the module's install path.23:47
ZogG_laptopjonni, how are you23:48
ZogG_laptopjonni, finished at nokia?23:48
jonniZogG_laptop: I'm fine, last day will be on monday.23:48
djszapi_rzr: active is a different category...23:48
rzrno nokia is finished without jonni23:48
ZogG_laptopjonni, still can't tell about new job?23:48
VenemoZogG_laptop, :)23:48
ZogG_laptopjonni, btw didn't see backupmanager in competition, did i miss it? :P23:49
jonniZogG_laptop: I didnt submit it, as that competition was really non-organized without a decent submit pages, so figured that maybe I'll just release it later when I have tweaked it a little more23:51
ZogG_laptopjonni, waiting for it :P23:52
djszapi_jonni: will Qt be relevant to your daily professional work?23:53
parzr, you there?23:54
*** khertan has joined #harmattan23:54
pamay i ask you something? in your repos there's a package "rawcam". what is it?23:55
ZogG_laptopkhertan, sup man23:55
khertanZogG_laptop, sup23:55
ZogG_laptoppa, it was old version of rawcam23:55
ZogG_laptopi think djszapi_ upgraded it, but ask him23:56
pathen it's strange that software updates wants to use that version over the 0.0.8 released for the mcc23:56
pamaybe repo should be fixed?23:57
djszapi_maybe you should fix what you are saying?23:57
djszapi_because it is still unclear?23:57
djszapi_like said yesterday, the same can be said again: there is no "software update" UI for the community repository23:58
padjszapi_, so, apt-get upgrade wants to upgrade the rawcam-0.0.8 i got from tmo, that was the latest23:58
djszapi_and apt-get install will not know a third party forum attachment23:58
paclearer? :)23:58
jonniZogG_laptop:   I'm thinking of makeing somekind of bigger release at some point, like releasing all my different kind of tweak codes, like my custom warrantly.rle maker.23:58
djszapi_so it is unclear what you mean in the first place.23:58
djszapi_pa: you should learn how apt-get works23:58
djszapi_nothing wrong with the repository.23:58
djszapi_I mean nothing to fix.23:59
djszapi_the package could be updated, but someone needs to volunteer23:59
djszapi_so it is not broken, but maximum outdated.23:59
ZogG_laptopjonni, what about keys? :P23:59

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