IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2012-07-21

chem|stwhat permissions does developer have?00:00
jonnideveloper is alias for user, so it has user permissions.00:00
djszapi_chem|st: why askin' ?00:01
jonnidifference is that developers shell is develsh and user shell is /bin/sh00:01
chem|stwat is the difference between those (shoot links if you are too lazy to explain)00:02
chem|stdjszapi_: am I root or sudoer or dumbUser?!00:02
djszapi_you will have a bit more00:03
djszapi_ofc you can abuse security holes as well, which I would not recommend personally.00:03
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chem|staegis hacks...?00:03
jonnidevel-su; su - user; accli -I;exit su - developer; accli -I; # that will tell you the difference00:04
djszapi_chem|st: check the wiki page00:04
djszapi_developer is pretty much the OVI source stuff00:05
djszapi_user is the "default".00:05
louisdkI've an N950 and when I slide out the keyboard to answer a text msg a get this extra space: - Anybody can know if it can be fixed.00:06
jonnilouisdk: its only software so it can be fixed, but no, currently I dont remember seeing that anyone would have released a fix for it in TMO.00:10
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infobothmm... n950-firmware is The latest OneClickFlasher for the Nokia N950 is available from
chem|stso now I am looking for awesomeness in community repos...00:11
Sazpaimon[16:45] <chem|st> Sazpaimon: steamclient? overrated... better get a password manager compatible with keepass AND pwsafe going!00:13
Sazpaimonsays you00:13
Sazpaimoni have a few friends that only use steam as their IM client00:14
louisdkjonni: Is this bug publicly known?00:16
jonnilouisdk: its not a bug as it only happens on developer device and not on N9.00:19
chem|stSazpaimon: I have a few friends they use whatsapp as their IM client...00:21
chem|stI would never even think about touching whatsapp00:22
Sazpaimonchem|st, the difference here is that steam has an open API00:22
louisdkjonni: Okay. So it's a BSOD = Bug Shown On Devdevice ;)00:22
chem|stSazpaimon: no I am fine with steam but I do not understand how it has become an important msger for anyone00:22
Sazpaimoni really dont know either00:23
SazpaimonI think after the release of orange box, steam became a really popular social platform00:23
chem|stthere is xmpp! for ages!00:23
djszapi_chem|st: +1 on whatisapp -100:24
jonnilouisdk: adding check for keyboard open and adjusting the offset, is most likely just few lines of code and takes 10 minutes, but as its not a bug, then most likely you need to fix it yourself. Havent checked is there is qml file to tweak or on worst case you need to binary patch the offset :)00:25
louisdkjonni: Okay ;)00:27
djszapi_bugs are overrated00:28
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ladogai have few friends using facebook. would never even touch it00:45
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heymaster-laptop << any suggestions?00:46
ladogapeople sell their profiling info to govermenments/corporations so cheaply00:46
heymaster-laptopladoga: why not ?00:47
ladogacome some autocratic regime and people are in jail for what they have said in FB00:47
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ladogaor maybe shot00:48
heymaster-laptopmaybe it's not FB problem ?00:48
heymaster-laptopI don't like FB too, but using it :)00:49
ladogait's problem of people who use services that log and sell profiling information00:49
ladogaand mostly likely it will affect nothing or very little00:50
ladogaso not really problem00:50
ladogaespecially if privacy is of no concern00:50
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ladogaor..well. that's what I think00:51
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heymaster-laptopladoga: I'm not public person I'm using FB to connect with friends00:53
ladogabut it's good atleast to realise everything you say there is public00:54
heymaster-laptopyes, i think so :)00:55
ladogamessages and chats are logged and filtered00:55
heymaster-laptopyes, even pictures with gps cords are logged :)00:55
heymaster-laptopneed to get CD from FB with all data :)00:56
heymaster-laptopyou can request all data from FB (at least in EU I think)00:58
ladogait's very useful for marketing adn advertising purposes and ofcourse for any intelligence service which needs to track down dissidents00:59
ladogayep, so you atleast know what they have stored01:00
ladogabut how can one then verify that this is really all of the data01:01
heymaster-laptopladoga: I think I will suspend my FB account after your talk :D01:01
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chem|staweful calendar bug... all entries entered between 11pm and 12am will get the NEXT day entered..01:02
chem|stit takes the next full hour for starting time...01:03
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ladogaheymaster-laptop: my friends use mostly xmpp though. not that many friends so it's easy. :) I'm not aware of any user controlled social networking platform so probably facebook has no real alternatives.01:10
ladogaand "everyone" is already there01:11
ladogaso not much choice for those who need it01:11
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heymaster-laptopladoga: peoples mosly uses Skype fo IM messages :)01:29
heymaster-laptopI can't make people to switch to xmpp01:30
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ZogG_laptop - hmmm firefox running n902:43
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chem|stheymaster-laptop: as ther is voip too02:56
heymaster-laptopSkype uses 234MB RAM and 26 threads now on my computer :) What's why I hate this program :)02:58
ZogG_laptopskype is propitary02:59
ZogG_laptopand i think all IM should be opensource02:59
ZogG_laptopall communication protocols at least02:59
ZogG_laptopwhat is good at skype is how they deal with p2p02:59
ZogG_laptopchem|st: how is the phone? amazed already?03:00
ZogG_laptopi have terrible timeouts03:00
heymaster-laptopZogG_laptop: Skype is good p2p solution because it's uses supernodes :P03:03
ZogG_laptopi do not understand those things03:04
heymaster-laptopstealing bandwidth and cpu cycles :)03:04
ZogG_laptopok i need to go to sleep. my gf felt asleep here03:04
heymaster-laptopgood to you :D03:05
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DocScrutinizer05~wiki Supernode (networking)11:00
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "In peer-to-peer networking, a 'supernode' is any node that also serves as one of that network's relayers and proxy servers, handling data flow and connections for other users. This semi-distributed architecture allows data to be decentralized without requiring excessive overhead at every node. However, the increased workload of supernodes generally requires additional ...11:00
DocScrutinizer05usually you feel _very_ happy when skype deides your modile is a good supernode¬° ;-P11:01
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC11:06
HurrianDocScrutinizer05, I thought MS was moving Skype away from semi peer-to-peer networks?11:07
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DocScrutinizer05dunno, couldn't bother less about skype. For M$ it wouldn't be the first time they do CSI and FBI and homeland security a favour11:12
*** leinir has joined #harmattan11:13
DocScrutinizer05and routing every skype call via US borne M$ supernodes for sure was a great favour for all those agencies11:13
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vi_I want to flash open mode kernel.11:57
vi_Do I need to flash the eMMC at the same time or can I just flash the kernel?11:58
*** niqt has joined #harmattan12:03
valdur55you can flash only the kernel12:03
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan12:06
infobotmethinks aegis-no-thanks is, or
*** azeem has joined #harmattan12:14
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valdur55Why i need use openmode kernel+12:17
valdur55Aegis isn't blocking anymore?12:17
vi_ERROR: APE algorithm has to be provided to flash all the subimages12:20
vi_^DAFUQ this means?12:20
vi_I am trying to flash open mode kernel12:20
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vi_how do I switch my n9 off?12:47
*** zeq has joined #harmattan12:47
valdur55Hold power button down.12:48
valdur55And then it switchs off.12:48
valdur55it's like computer12:48
vi_I have installed open mode kernel.  Now everytime I boot up I get asked for my email password...12:49
vi_...Is this normal?12:49
vi_ZogG_laptop: ping12:50
DocScrutinizer05yes, it's related to aegisfs got fecked by openmode, and now it's mounted r/o or sth like that12:50
vi_So does that mean I will have to type in my email password EVERYTIME i boot up?12:51
valdur55but... maybe you can manually mount this filesystem r/w :D12:52
DocScrutinizer05there's a particular procedure sequence to get a 'working' aegisfs on openmode. Sth like "flash stock, install openmode, only *then* boot up and first time access aegisfs"12:52
vi_Is this actually documented anywhere?12:52
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DocScrutinizer05I dunno, I gave up on all that shite12:52
vi_Or is it all written in 9 month old meego forum posts?12:53
DocScrutinizer05itsnotabigtruck and jonni should know some details. Others in here as well12:53
vi_DocScrutinizer05: Such hardware wasted on such a shit of an OS.12:53
*** Sniper_swe has joined #harmattan12:54
zeqmany do seem to like swipe ui ???12:54
* zeq is following how vi_ gets on hacking the N95012:55
*** trx has joined #harmattan12:55
DocScrutinizer05well, that's personal preference - I for one don't. But that's not the big bummer of HARM. It's clearly the fuckup by MFFS/Aegis12:56
vi_It is like they have taken the controls out of an apollo moonlander and replaced them with a dildo.12:56
DocScrutinizer05wow, epic statement. Would you mind me quoting you on it?12:56
vi_DocScrutinizer05: It is all yours mate.12:57
trxgood one :)12:57
DocScrutinizer05mobile simplified (SIC!) security (hah!) framework12:59
vi_oh well.  Back in the box with you n950.  I will try again another day when I have a little more patience.13:00
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DocScrutinizer05vi_: ONE nice thing: N900 cmdline binaries working OOTB on N95013:02
DocScrutinizer05just copy over13:03
DocScrutinizer05doesn't solve the "no permission" issue, but well, that's what openmode and develsh and devel-su and opensh and inception are for13:03
DocScrutinizer05took me only two weeks to find out I actually *can* use i2c-tools from N900 on N95013:05
vi_DocScrutinizer05: You did not try to compile i2c-tools with harmattan toolchain?13:05
vi_DocScrutinizer05: Is hostmode theoretically possible on the n950?13:06
DocScrutinizer05only in openmode though13:06
vi_Then there is hope.13:06
DocScrutinizer05and openmode is a bad pun, a PITA, as you've already noticed13:07
*** Sniper_swe has quit IRC13:07
DocScrutinizer05since Nokia promised openmode for HARM but actually never delivered, in that the whole friggin OS still barfs up as soon as you enter openmode13:08
vi_nemo beckons.13:09
Hurrianvi_, wrestling with aegis?13:10
*** valdur55 has quit IRC13:10
DocScrutinizer05round two finished, aegis:2, vi_:013:10
*** beford has quit IRC13:11
HurrianDocScrutinizer05, open mode locks you out of secure storage, and that's about all I noticed13:11
*** valdur55 has joined #harmattan13:12
DocScrutinizer05and locked secure storage nukes half of your system13:12
DocScrutinizer05no more (email) passwords, no more https:// due to missing/fecked certs... etc pp13:13
Hurriancan't you just delete dbs and have the system rebuild them with the open/none keys?13:13
HurrianI read it somewhere on tmo13:13
DocScrutinizer05and the most hillarious obviously ummutible fsckup: lockcode is locked13:14
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan13:14
Hurrianif you can't use any encryption at all, with different encryption keys for openmode, that's a slap in the face for users13:15
DocScrutinizer05sorry I'm off again, saving my mood for the nice weekend. Not feeling like getting another HARM depression13:16
vi_Hurrian: can you point me to this thread?13:17
*** valdur55_ has joined #harmattan13:17
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*** faenil has joined #harmattan13:21
Hurrianvi_, cool, it'd probably take me hours to dig up the post in the openmode thread.13:21
Hurriantime to link to it everywhere.13:21
Hurrianthat's definitely a step towards aegis-free harmattan13:23
valdur55_aegis-fs is daemon.13:24
DocScrutinizer05~aegis-no-thanks is also
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer0513:25
valdur55_so... maybe it is better to remove aegis-fs from services list.13:25
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ZogG_laptopvi_: Hurrian you can always use inception14:03
*** valdur55 has quit IRC14:04
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vi_ZogG_laptop: nah14:30
ZogG_laptopvi_: do you have irc chatter already btw ?14:30
ZogG_laptopvi_: Hurrian
HurrianZogG_laptop, that looks slick. Is it the same one included in Nemo?14:38
ZogG_laptopHurrian: i think they have release for nemo as well14:38
Hurrianif it is, it was the slickest pre-installed app on Nemo14:38
ZogG_laptopsay thanks to Venemo and other devs =)14:38
*** faenil_away is now known as faenil14:45
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vi_Id rather use open mode.15:10
vi_Why tiptoe around the point?15:10
vi_why try to learn to live with aegis?15:10
vi_Just get rid of it.15:10
*** arcean has joined #harmattan15:10
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TronicWhat drawbacks are there in open mode, in addition to that nag on startup?15:16
TronicCan you still buy content from Store etc?15:16
faeniljonni, ping15:18
chem|sthow do I power it off?15:20
Tronicchem|st: Hold power button for 20 seconds.15:21
chem|stnow it stopped and said something about dnsmasq15:21
faenilguys harmattan doesn't boot anymore after I installed latest nemo15:21
chem|stand contact nokia15:21
faenilcan anybody help troubleshoot this issue? :)15:21
chem|stI changed the sshd port and have a copy of original mce.ini in the same fodler with mce.ini...15:22
infobotwell, flashing is
chem|stand I invoked /sbin/reboot ...15:25
chem|stis there a way to just alter the fs?15:26
Hurrianchem|st, not a malf?15:26
Hurrianboot mer, mount root, make changes and done15:26
Hurrianit doesn't use ubifs anymore, iirc. lemme check15:26
Hurriancool, ext4.15:27
chem|stHurrian: you are speaking ???15:28
infobotit has been said that malf is
faenilI don't undesrtand why harm doesn't boot anymore...15:28
chem|stHurrian: ah and yes I installed bash...15:29
chem|stand made it the default shell15:29
Hurrianfor user "user" ?15:29
Hurrianshould be fine15:30
chem|stHurrian: how do I get to /etc/?15:31
chem|stso how do I boot mer?15:31
Hurrian"single boot"15:33
Hurrianwait, whoa15:33
Hurrianit repartitions internal flash15:33
Hurrianwould not touch15:33
Hurrianwhere's the mer ramdisk when you need it15:33
chem|stI do not care if I have to install the apps again if that is the only thing missing afer a reflash of root fs15:35
Hurrianreflash root then ;)15:37
HurrianI was thinking you didn't want to lose your mods15:37
faenilhow can I read harmattan's logs if I can just boot into nemomobile?15:38
*** koe has quit IRC15:38
*** koe has joined #harmattan15:39
chem|stHurrian: is /home/user flashed too?15:39
chem|stor is it just opt and /15:39
Hurrianjust "system"15:40
Hurrianread the N9 flashing guide, it's definitely the way to update/refresh Harmattan15:40
chem|stso navifirm download?15:42
chem|stif you find the mer link to how to boot up real quick and export rootfs that would make my day15:43
*** tom___ has quit IRC15:44
Hurrianthat'll do just fine.15:50
*** azeem has quit IRC15:52
*** wicket64 has quit IRC15:52
chem|stso just that bin? do I need the other files?15:55
chem|stand I should not alter shells....15:55
chem|stthe problem is probably simply by installing bash /bin/sh gets replaced15:56
*** Siosm has joined #harmattan15:58
chem|stfresh start after a week... just like n900 3 years ago15:58
*** Siosm has quit IRC15:59
vi_chem|st: Have you installed open mode yet?16:00
chem|stvi nope16:00
*** Siosm has joined #harmattan16:00
vi_chem|st: are you going to?16:01
chem|stvi_: aegis just killed me16:01
chem|stvi_: after I understand what it does I might16:01
vi_aegis is turning out to be a real ball breaker.16:01
chem|stturned out... well known, but I was lazy and just did like I thought might not interfer...16:06
chem|stneed to read aegis manifest and check mie16:06
infobotwell, mia is missing in action16:06
chem|stgrml may I edit is what again16:07
infobotmayIedit () { grep "`basename $1`" /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist && echo "probably not" && return; echo "edit if you feel venturous"; }16:07
*** faenil is now known as faenil_away16:08
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:08
chem|stbattlestar back alive...16:08
Oni^Blood and Chrome?16:09
*** CreamyG31337 has quit IRC16:11
faenil_awayso, is there any safe way to update N950 to 1.3?16:15
*** faenil_away is now known as faenil16:15
vi_faenil: nope16:22
vi_although it has been suggested that you could *probably* extract some of the updated binaries from the n9 firmware and roll them into a botched N950 firmware.16:23
*** faenil has quit IRC16:23
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*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:25
*** faenil is now known as faenil_away16:25
*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan16:31
*** tonyoy has quit IRC16:33
*** tom___ has joined #harmattan16:34
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*** M4rtinK has quit IRC16:37
arceanvi_: and this option is quite safe16:44
arceanI've tested it with N9 when upgrading from 1.1 to 1.316:44
vi_what programs did you copy across?16:45
*** tom___ has quit IRC16:45
arceanvi_: I've reflashed 1.1, then flashed rootfs from 1.3 using 1.1 cert-sw16:46
*** Andy1210 has joined #harmattan16:46
Andy1210Hi, the Pr1.3 update is available for N950??16:47
vi_arcean: open mode or inception?16:47
vi_Andy1210: NOPE.16:47
vi_Andy1210: And probably never will be.16:47
Andy1210pff, thank you nokia16:47
vi_Andy1210: Ay?16:48
vi_N950 is a non production, obsolete prototype.16:48
Andy1210N950 is developer device16:48
vi_Andy1210: I know, I have one XD16:49
vi_1210 as in the turntables?16:49
*** chouchoune1 has joined #harmattan16:52
*** chouchoune1 is now known as chouchoune16:52
jabiswhat was it - 500 developer devices compared to 20000 lumia dev devices16:54
jabisfair game16:54
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC16:55
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC16:55
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #harmattan16:55
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan16:55
vi_differance is people would gove their left nut to own an n950 and they cannot even give those winphones away.16:57
*** JackaLX has quit IRC17:00
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan17:02
*** qwazix_ has joined #harmattan17:03
*** rashm2k has joined #harmattan17:05
rashm2khaving problems with shared libraries nanyone willing to help17:06
ZogG_laptopAndy1210: vi_ AFAIK n950 was actually planned to be not dev device =)17:09
*** lfranchi has quit IRC17:11
rashm2kwhat port does this run on?17:13
*** lfranchi has joined #harmattan17:14
rashm2kcan't seem to connect using konversation in KDE using port 666717:15
*** rashm2k has left #harmattan17:16
HurrianZogG_laptop, it was the only way they could justify disposing of one whole production run of rejects17:18
chem|stnokia city scene is available again....17:18
*** rash_m2k has joined #harmattan17:19
rash_m2kHow do i set the library path for my application on the Nokia N9?17:20
rash_m2kI have some libraries in the lib folder in my application which need to be loaded.17:21
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:23
*** mehranMicro has joined #harmattan17:23
jabisit's linux, dude17:23
jabisyou would link it as you would with any other linux system17:24
rash_m2klinking is fine - it compiles no problem and packages17:25
rash_m2kbut the libraries are not loaded17:25
rash_m2kbecause they are not in /usr/lib17:25
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan17:26
rash_m2kwhen my app is installed/deployed onto my N917:26
jabisah so dynamic vs static17:27
rash_m2kwell either or17:27
rash_m2kI have both static and dynamic libs17:27
rash_m2kthey are my own libs so not already present in /usr/lib17:27
jabisstatic libs should work oob17:28
jabisN9 uses busybox17:28
*** faenil_away has quit IRC17:28
rash_m2kHow do I force use of static libs?17:29
rash_m2ktrying to figure this out now17:34
jabishave a look at how LD_LIBRARY_PATH works in busybox17:36
jabisalso you might want to build against uclibc when working with libraries17:36
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC17:37
jabisbtw. I've been drinking for few days - so you take my advice with precaution x)17:38
rash_m2kuclibc? Not sure I can change that I'm working with Qt Creator and just use what it uses.17:39
jabishave an echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH to see where to house your libs - on the device I mean :)17:40
*** Hurrian_ has joined #harmattan17:40
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*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan17:41
rash_m2kI can dump them in /usr/lib - but I have to do that manually17:42
*** Hurrian has quit IRC17:42
rash_m2kecho $LD_LIBRARY_PATH returns nothing when run as user17:44
*** tonyoy has quit IRC17:45
*** mschlens has quit IRC17:50
*** mschlens has joined #harmattan17:51
rash_m2kguessing worst comes to worst I can list where each library should be copied to17:53
*** Andy1210 has quit IRC17:55
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jonniwell you dont have to install libs under /usr/lib, I have ovi store app where I installed the libs on /opt/appname/lib19:32
rash_m2khow do I get qtcreator to do that?19:33
jonniI only added INCLUDEPATH = ../lib to .pro file.19:34
jonniso my app is in /opt/appname/bin, and libs are in /opt/appname/lib19:34
jonnisimple :)19:35
rash_m2kyou got to be kidding me!19:36
rash_m2klet me try it19:36
jonniah, and almost forgot, then I also did do another linux kludge... just looked my sources19:41
rash_m2kWhat was that?19:41
jabisjonni: I think that the libs shoould go to library path without exception19:42
jonniI did append -Wl,-rpath,/opt/appname/lib    parameters to LIBS exports :)19:42
*** Shaan7 has quit IRC19:42
jonnijabis: well on N9, no libs are allowed in /usr/*, so all custom libs needs to go under your /opt/application dir19:43
jonnijabis: for ovi store sw.19:43
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan19:43
jabisah - hindrances19:43
jonniso basicly you can just tell linker your custom path with rpath, and your all set19:44
rash_m2ktrying it now19:44
*** dymaxion has joined #harmattan19:45
*** Shaan7 has left #harmattan19:46
rash_m2kAny idea how to increase the size of /tmp19:46
jabisjonni: btw - ld lib path shows /opt/lib/ so shouldn't that be a defacto for apps?19:46
jabisrash_m2k: in tmo there is a topic for resizing partitions :)19:47
rash_m2kit's not in fstab19:47
*** valdur55 has joined #harmattan19:49
jabisI don't understand again x)19:50
jonniits defined in rcS, but its aegis refhashlist protected file.19:52
jonniso you can increase it if you know howto resign refhashlist, if you dont know, then you just brick your device with MALF :)19:52
*** Shaan7 has joined #harmattan19:53
rash_m2kcan I change where Qt Creator uploads the .deb file to?19:54
jonnirash_m2k: yes you can add custom make/deploy steps in qtcreator if you want.19:54
jonnirash_m2k: or if you have installed allcapa opensh, you can just edit tmp size on the fly like: opensh -c "mount -n -t tmpfs -o remount,size=8M,noatime tmpfs /tmp";#this would change 4MB to 8MB :)19:56
*** faenil has joined #harmattan19:57
jabisjonni: btw - I had a question - can I cancel a signal from bubbling?20:05
jonnirash_m2k: there is also a bit more official libs docs in here:
jonnijabis: hmm, what you mean by bubbling?20:05
jabisjonni: cancel the event propagation - like intercept a signal - stop event propagation - do my stuff - resume20:07
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:07
jonnijabis: if you mean to setup custom eventfilter, then yes, and google is full of examples.20:08
jabisjonni: more like cancel the hardcoded events - I couldn't find out anything that can negate a certain event, like pressing vol-up / -down from doing it's default action20:09
*** auser has joined #harmattan20:11
jabisI'm now wondering can I capture certain stuff and reroute a few default behaviours :)20:11
jabis(as a daemon)20:12
rash_m2kthanks guys - I'll take a look at the docs now20:14
*** shanttu has joined #harmattan20:20
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jonnijabis: there is no easy way, you could patch kernel keypad module on kernel level (by making custom twl4030_keypad module) or patch Qt, but it would require hacked capas.20:30
jabisjonni: exactly my question :)20:30
jabisjonni: so it's a no go with qt20:30
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:33
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MohammadAGVol Up/Down is handled by the system-ui plugin20:33
itsnotabigtruckjonni: opensh -c -> ariadne20:34
itsnotabigtruckthe new shiny20:34
*** tonyoy has joined #harmattan20:36
jabisMohammadAG: I know - I can kill and resume, but it's hardly a "best practise" :)20:36
*** Arie has joined #harmattan20:37
jabisMohammadAG: I'd have to disable ~70% of the daemons and that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid :)20:37
MohammadAGjabis, no idea, Fremantle had a DBus signal to kill listening, I wonder if that carried over20:39
MohammadAGactually it did20:39
MohammadAGwhether it's DBus or not is something else20:39
MohammadAGcamera uses vol up/down to zoom20:39
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jabisMohammadAG: if you find me a clue, I'd be glad ^^20:59
*** beford has joined #harmattan21:05
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heymaster-laptopCan't make ListView to update :/21:59
heymaster-laptop2 days trying to do :/22:00
heymaster-laptopEven if i call insert function. return qobject_cast<QObject*>(model) ; << never changed model->rowcount()22:05
heymaster-laptopDo I need to implement insertrows deleterows subclass methods ?22:06
heymaster-laptopand setData ?22:06
heymaster-laptopBecause I haven't implemented them22:07
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