IRC log of #harmattan for Thursday, 2011-10-20

ieatlinthow do you enable swype?00:00
ieatlinti mean, i have it turned on, but the old keyboard is all that comes up00:01
kimjuieatlint, swipe left/right in the vkb area00:04
Milhouseswipe from the right to the left on the keyboard - it should change to swype00:04
ieatlintah, indeed00:05
ieatlintthanks :)00:05
ieatlintweird no skype00:07
DocScrutinizermoo javispedro - how's life?00:07
javispedrowell, as usual...00:07
ieatlintalso, it's not the least bit confusing i'm using a keyboard called swype in a ui called swipe and complaining i don't have skype00:07
javispedroWas reading this
ieatlintthere needs to be a skipe00:08
javispedroieatlint: ok, I will see to fix that ASAP00:08
ieatlintplease post the cease and desist when you get it00:08
mjahw kbd + terminal + swype vrt kbd not working great00:09
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan00:09
mjastart terminal with hw keyboard, then close it and I'm not seeing swype kbd pop up00:09
mja(close hw kbd I mean)00:10
scifigDoes mounting N950 filesystem via sshfs work? Now that root login disabled in PR 1.1. Sorry, I am not at home and don't have a linux box to test.00:10
ieatlintmja: i can confirm this behaviour00:11
crevetorAfter upgrading my N950 I get this :00:11
crevetorRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# /usr/sbin/rdc_cert_verify00:11
crevetor/usr/sbin/rdc_cert_verify: Could not read RD cert (-3)00:11
crevetorSo no root access via ssh00:11
mjaieatlint: great, I'll look into reporting it tomo unless you make it first00:11
ieatlintif you use the hkb with terminal, you can't get the vkb back00:12
*** zarlino has quit IRC00:12
mjaieatlink: that pretty much sums it up00:12
javispedrocrevetor: I have to ponder which kind of diagnosis path made you deduce that? =)00:12
ieatlintmja: if you press the menu key, it fixes it00:12
ieatlintpress menu key, close menu, vkb pops up00:12
ieatlintreport the bug :)00:13
ieatlintbut at least there's a workaround that doesn't require exiting terminal00:13
mjayeah seems to fix it00:13
mjabut leaves only top 7 rows in operation00:13
mjaand I'm not seeing the toolbar w/ hkbd00:14
crevetorjavispedro: "ps ax" see that ssh daemon was started with permitRootLogin=no check /etc/init/ssh.conf and check why that was00:15
crevetorjavispedro: is there something wrong with that thought process ?00:15
mjahm OK, hit menu button to disable screen and then pop out hkbd, seems to work00:15
apoldoes anybody know what package is supposed to install gstreamer's theoraenc in harmattan?00:17
javispedrocrevetor: post the new ssh.conf00:17
crevetorjavispedro: hold on00:18
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scifigWas just looking at that file ssh.conf. Dumb question, does modifying the file /etc/init/ssh.conf brick the device?00:23
javispedronot that sure about /etc/default/ssh, feel free to brick yours.00:23
crevetorjavispedro: what do you mean ?00:24
javispedrochanging /etc/default/ssh wouldn't break beta2.00:25
crevetorbut changing it in /etc/default/ssh won't fix anything anyways00:25
Milhouseediting /etc/default/ssh won't have any impact. what about this /usr/sbin/rdc_cert_verify - that seems to be the key...00:25
crevetorMilhouse: yeah and I pasted the output of that command earlier here00:26
crevetorI'm wondering ig enabling r&d mde through flasher would fix that00:26
scifigMilhouse: I am wondering who get's to have that certificate. Just the Nokia devs may be00:26
javispedroyou really should rethink whether changing /etc/default/ssh does not have an impact00:26
Milhouserunning it outputs "Could not read RD cert (-3)" - R&D mode?00:27
javispedroI'm not going to say anything more in case SOMEONE and I'm not pointing fingers to anyone tells me again that because of my fault exploits are being found everywhere00:27
crevetorjavispedro: we could move this discussion to an unlogged channel...00:27
javispedroI really hope that SOMEONE is reading the above discussion, will point it to him when he tells me it's my fault again...00:29
crevetorjavispedro: did someone at nokia say anything to you ?!00:30
javispedrono, not from nokia.00:30
crevetorjavispedro: so who cares ?00:30
ieatlinti can guess what you're suggesting00:31
ieatlintit depends on the behaviour of sshd as to whether that works00:31
javispedroin the meanwhile, I'd never think I'd say this, but Blackberry now raises as a viable opensource friendly company too..00:31
javispedroI cannot believe they ported OpenTTD00:31
crevetorok it doesn't seem to be related to r&d mode :(00:32
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crevetorI'm gonna try and trace /usr/sbin/rdc_cert_verify00:34
*** Frye has joined #harmattan00:34
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*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan00:35
Milhouseswiping from the swipe key to the +!= key brings up an interesting keyboard00:37
rm_workso, is there already a wiki entry all about the SSU that went out today (2.2011.39-5)?00:37
Milhousesorry, swyping00:37
Milhouseand swype key00:37
ieatlintMilhouse: oooh00:39
ieatlintnice tip00:39
Milhousefound it by accident, then took several minutes to work out what i'd done. :)00:39
ieatlintcrevetor: the stuff is all in /usr/lib/
Milhousestill no help files in this build, it really does seem to be some kind of frankenstien build00:40
crevetorieatlint: so it seems00:40
ieatlintand it's definitely looking for a cert00:40
crevetorand bb5 might refer to some hardware component00:41
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*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan00:41
wazdMilhouse:  hmmm00:41
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*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan00:41
wazdMilhouse: easter egg for geeks? :)00:41
Milhousecrevetor: bb5 base band 5, locking system on nokia phones00:42
crevetorI don't know it seems to be looking on the MTD partition00:43
ieatlintwell, there's a potential hole... rdc_cert_verify links against /usr/lib/, which is a symlink to
ieatlintand while rdc_cert_verify is protected by aegis, and is, it does not appear the symlink is00:44
ieatlintso you could in theory replace libbb5... but that's a lot of work and risk for root access on ssh00:45
*** javispedro has quit IRC00:45
SpeedEvilIsn't filesystem level replacement pointless if you can't match the hash of libbb*00:45
ieatlintSpeedEvil: yes, but if you leave alone, and just update the symlink of, it should work methinks00:46
SpeedEvilDoesn't it verify what's loaded?00:46
* SpeedEvil should try to understand this in detail at some point.00:47
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan00:47
DocScrutinizerheh, you're about to hack bb5 now? XD00:48
ieatlintno, i'm not :P00:48
DocScrutinizergood luck00:48
crevetorI'm sure there's a sane explanation to all this00:48
DocScrutinizercrevetor: BB5 is the modem00:49
crevetordocScrutinizer: I know that but maybe they forgot to tell us something...00:50
ieatlintwhich means that replacing libbb5 might get rdc_cert_verify to be happy, but would make a lot of other things very very unhappy00:50
ieatlintunless you did some horrible proxying, which is simply unrealistic00:50
SpeedEvilCan you go back to the current image?00:51
DocScrutinizer...or just get a sane OS, possibly on a sane good hardware ;-P00:51
DocScrutinizernope, I bet you can't00:51
crevetorcould it be an R&D flag &00:51
ieatlinti think you can, because you didn't flash a new image, but updated an existing image00:52
ieatlintbut not sure, and not going to try right now00:52
ieatlintcrevetor: it's checking an actual certificate00:52
DocScrutinizerit's checking the R&D cert that only Nokia devels' devices have00:53
DocScrutinizerwhich allows then to do things on their devices that we mere mortals mustn't do00:53
ieatlintis /etc/default/ssh monitored by aegis?00:53
DocScrutinizerieatlint: see my function for this00:53
* ieatlint wonders what you get from that cert beyond the ability to install internal images and ssh as root00:54
javispedronot on beta2.00:54
javispedroieatlint: on beta1 it was the only way to enter open mode00:54
ieatlintthere was an open mode on beta1? that disabled aegis or what?00:55
*** druid23 has quit IRC00:55
crevetorieatlint: seems it's not, I can modify it00:55
ieatlintcrevetor: uh, write permissions doesn't mean it's not checked00:55
ieatlintcheck if the file is in /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist00:55
DocScrutinizerfor your convenience I'll repeat: may-I-edit () { grep `basename $1` /var/lib/aegis/refhashlist && echo "probably not" || echo "edit if you feel venturous"; }00:55
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ieatlinthaha, yeah00:55
ieatlinti'm not logged in on my phone this second00:56
ieatlintdamn, the wifi hotspot app is still unusable :(00:57
crevetorieatlint: it's not in there...00:57
ieatlintthen see doc's comment00:57
ieatlintand it's an issue of sshd behaviour00:57
* javispedro tries to remove the frigging update available notification00:58
crevetorI might try something but I'll have to backup my data first00:58
macmaNhrm. why does 39-5 all of a sudden say account disabled for facebook00:58
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: tell me how you did it, I'm annoyed by mine as well00:58
rm_workDocScrutinizer: you know what happens if I try to do an OTA upgrade to 2.2011.39-5 that popped up on my device today?00:59
rm_workGeneralAntilles / RST38h: ^^00:59
DocScrutinizerrm_work: I guess you bricked the device?01:00
rm_workhaven't tried it yet :P01:00
rm_workmy rule is, always ask here first!01:00
ieatlinti bricked, had to reflash beta201:00
DocScrutinizerrm_work: I'm on beta1 still01:00
rm_workyeah i'm also still on beta101:00
javispedroIf you try to do an OTA, a grue eats you, and then you die. An offscreen voice asks if you want your possessions identified01:00
* rm_work was *not* eaten by a grue.01:01
* SpeedEvil is on 2.01:01
rm_workis there any actual news / blog post / etc about this update going live?01:02
*** wazd has quit IRC01:02
* SpeedEvil ponders the most important question. Is Angry Birds available on 3.01:02
DocScrutinizerOMG AB01:02
rm_workor is it just "magically available" with absolutely not a word?01:02
javispedroSpeedEvil: you actually also have some of the EA games01:02
SpeedEvilOh - there are new versions of lots of things, which seem to install.01:03
DocScrutinizerthere's been that "prepare for update! update" blog somewhere01:03
javispedroprepare for update .... do update ... revert update ... prepare for new update ...01:04
DocScrutinizerI'm not even curious enough to check that release_notes for any word about paegis again got worse. I don't care if it's listed or not, I bet it got worse no matter what01:08
ieatlintit doesn't say01:11
ieatlintthere, i ruined it for you01:11
lbtare there any issues about using the beta1 n950 as mass storage on linux?01:11
*** dominikb has quit IRC01:11
javispedrolbt: do not remember a problem, what kind of issues?01:11
lbtwell, it appears in dmesg as usb 5-4: Product: N95001:11
lbtscsi 18:0:0:0: Direct-Access     Nokia    N950             0316 PQ: 0 ANSI: 201:12
lbtsd 18:0:0:0: [sdh] Attached SCSI removable disk01:12
lbtbut won't mount01:12
lbtno partition table01:12
lbtand cfdisk says it can't open it01:12
javispedroit's superfloppy, no partition table01:12
macmaNright ive experienced that01:13
lbtnever heard of superfloppy ... will look - does it need a module?01:13
macmaNbut reconnecting it always made it visible01:13
javispedrolbt: teoretically no, mount -t vfat /dev/sd?  should make it work01:14
lbtmount: special device /dev/sdh does not exist01:14
* lbt is wondering if udev is sad ....01:15
lbtah ... try using the right console...01:15
lbtmount: no medium found on /dev/sdh01:16
javispedrodid you hit "USB Mass Store" on the popup menu in the N950?01:16
lbtI did01:16
DocScrutinizermuhahaha superfloppy01:16
javispedrothat shows up when I don't hit it01:16
javispedroweird, maybe a n950 reboot is in order...01:18
lbtjavispedro: OK - ta....01:18
DocScrutinizerlbt: I'm about to check01:19
*** baraujo has quit IRC01:19
lbtOK - would be interested...01:20
lbtrebooting though01:20
lbtit thinks the time is "3: 0"01:20
DocScrutinizerlbt: no problems at all here: plug in, unlock to get to "mass storage" selector, on PC KDE select "open in filebrowser" from requester popping up01:21
crevetorjavispedro: what was your idea on what to put in /etc/default/ssh ?01:21
javispedrolbt: "minor" font rendering issue01:21
DocScrutinizerlbt: 23:2001:21
DocScrutinizertoday the "2" is your luccky digit01:22
javispedrobeta2 is virtually mandatory maily because eventually you'll not be able to invoke the dialer01:22
lbtI want to boot Nemo01:23
lbtI've spent far too long doing community and infra work without playing on the devices01:23
lbt"not enough power to charge" now01:25
lbtand won't even appear as a usb device :)01:25
lbtyay .. .plug into laptop and it's there :)01:26
*** faenil has joined #harmattan01:29
faenilevening! :)01:29
faenilpast midnight actually xD01:30
DocScrutinizerhah, same here on my T900, not even repeated stoping starting of bme and replugs to charger did help. Plug into PC and *voila*01:30
DocScrutinizerfaenil: UGT01:30
infobotit has been said that ugt is Universal Greeting Time. Created in #mipslinux, it is a rule that states that whenever somebody enters an IRC channel it is always morning, and it is always late when the person leaves. The local time of any other people in the channel, including the greeter, is irrelevant.
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macmaNsup guys02:07
faenilntn? XD02:07
macmaNwho's still on 34-2 and has some twitter and fb items in his feed screen? id like to know something about an issue02:07
macmaNa "add ability to choose custom background image to home screens" idea won first week and n9 device, ridiculous02:11
*** artemma has joined #harmattan02:11
artemmaSo N9 has got Skype and N950 hasn't?02:12
pinheiroartemma: its has02:12
pinheiroit has02:12
pinheiroworks fine02:13
macmaNyeah im running skype too, but the damn account ui would be nice02:13
*** jylan has joined #harmattan02:13
pinheiro artemma02:13
artemmahmm. I've heard there's skype engine, but no UI without magic02:13
pinheirolook in the botom02:13
macmaNMohammadAG copied UI package files from N9 RDA device02:14
artemmaoh, I though it's about skype chat only02:14
artemma*I thought*02:14
pinheirowell the missing ui bit is rely just the hadding the acount02:14
macmaNi was really hoping for skype ui in this fw update02:14
pinheiroafter you do that it works02:14
pinheirolike the n9 i think02:15
artemmafunny, I wonder what the reason for not including UI is if MohammadAG  was able to just copy files02:15
pinheiroaka no video calls02:15
pinheiro"Note that this is a temporary hack as these services will be properly integrated in future firmware. "02:15
artemmapinheiro: you mean after I do ?02:15
pinheirocontacts work call work im works02:16
artemmadoes it add the same stuff as in UI?02:16
artemmajust wondering02:16
artemmasame UI stuff as in N902:16
pinheirothin so02:16
macmaNbad thing there's no icons and no nothing for the entries02:16
pinheiroi dont have an n902:16
macmaNthere are just some seemingly random usernames in the call dialog02:17
artemmaaha, I am reading about limitations02:17
artemmayeah, probably it will look a little differently02:17
artemmawell, I'll give it a try :)02:17
artemmaprobably it won't support group chat02:17
pinheiroduno havent tried that02:17
artemmaaha, the limitation seems to be that you won't see the online contact status in contacts02:18
macmaN~ # apt-get install account-plugin-skype02:18
macmaNReading package lists... Done02:18
macmaNBuilding dependency tree02:18
macmaNReading state information... Done02:18
artemmaso you need to guess if somebody's online or not02:18
macmaNPackage account-plugin-skype is not available, but is referred to by another package.02:18
pinheiroartemma: nope that i se02:18
pinheiroit tell me if teh contects are online or not02:19
* artemma fires the terminal02:19
pinheiroartemma: best thing to do is to try it02:19
artemmamacmaN: what was that? Were you able to install it via apt-get?02:19
macmaNno, it doesnt find the package02:19
macmaNi also cant find the package that it says refers to account-plugin-skype02:20
macmaNbut im not a apt wizard02:20
pinheiromacmaN: it alrady there02:20
macmaNif it was emerge, i would be game02:20
pinheiroand im a silly dsigner02:20
macmaNiat already there?02:20
pinheiroit is02:20
artemmasilly designers can't start apt-get :)02:20
pinheirofire the terminal and do "mc-tool add spirit/skype skype string:account=skypename string:password=secretpasswordhere"02:21
pinheiroas root02:21
macmaNtelepathy-spirit is already installed also..02:22
macmaNi have no idea why the account-plugin-skype package isnt available02:22
pinheiroreapeat after me02:23
pinheiroit is alrady there02:23
artemmahmm, I ran the mc-tool commands02:24
artemmaworked and.. what's next?02:24
pinheironothing its done02:24
pinheirocheck availability02:25
pinheiroor contacts02:25
pinheironew contacts shoud appear02:25
artemmait took a biy of time02:26
pinheirowecome to skype02:26
*** jylan has quit IRC02:26
pinheirocaling the skype test numbr does not work02:26
pinheirobut regular contact work fine02:26
artemmafck! it started showing today's chat messages in nitifications! :)02:27
pinheiroskype is like that you can be online in multiple devices02:27
pinheiroso a chat will pop up in your phne02:28
macmaNartemma: separate mobile account is the only way for skype02:28
macmaNotherwise you get killed02:28
pinheiroexageration :D02:28
artemmahmm, I can't see how to call or chat from contacts02:28
pinheironot from contacts02:29
macmaNyes from contacts02:29
pinheirochat from the chat app02:29
artemma? :)02:29
pinheirocall from the phone app02:29
macmaNwait no, i take that back, yes from the phone app02:29
pinheiroyes that part is also missing02:30
artemmafound it02:30
artemmathanks guys02:30
artemmaI wonder if there's a way to fliter just skype or just google contacts02:30
artemmaI've got quite many :)02:30
pinheiromerge them all :D02:31
pinheirothst what i do02:31
pinheiroso i dont care if im caling from skype or gtlak or whatever02:31
macmaNartemma: tap settings -> show02:31
macmaNin contacts02:31
artemmapinheiro: most of my skype contacts don't wnat to see on mobile :)02:31
macmaNalthought in can only choose pb, sim, facebook from there02:31
artemmaand then i have not many skype contacts02:31
artemmaand even if phonebook could filter skype, you still can't call from it02:32
artemmawell, the full integration was not promised by the methof02:32
artemmait's a pity official skype isn't here yet02:32
artemmaseparate skype account for mobile is handy and not handy. I tried this way, takes too much of notification about your too contacts to everybody02:32
artemmaand then again sometimes you are into work stuff on mobile sometimes not02:33
macmaNyep. depends on your contact and multichat count.02:33
artemmareal proper way for skype would be twitter-like lists, So that I could enable/-disable  some lists for desktop/mobile02:33
macmaNno phone can probably handle my main account very well02:33
pinheiroyou guys got alaxy on Fire app on the update?02:34
macmaNunfortunately their sync protocol is the simplest thing ever created02:34
macmaNpinheiro: apt-get install gof202:34
artemmaor N9tish hack could create two "skype filtered" accounts to put on/offline separately :)02:34
artemmawhat's gof2?02:34
macmaNsomething that crashed for me02:34
artemmaBTW, skype group chats seem to work02:35
artemmaHoly Cow: New messages: 30102:35
artemmathat's lock screen note after starting with skype :02:35
macmaNbut i have to say, nfs and gof2 gfx are impressivez02:35
pinheirodid the root pass changed?02:35
* artemma installed that skype under devel-su/rootme02:37
pinheiroshh root@ip no longuer works02:37
*** hardaker has quit IRC02:38
macmaNaight, im out02:42
*** rncbc has joined #harmattan02:44
*** trx has quit IRC02:44
rncbci need some help please, re. todays n950 device update02:44
pinheiromaybe we know02:45
rncbcmy n950 got stuck in flight mode and i can't get out of it02:45
rncbcdid restart several times now02:46
pinheiro8second reset?02:46
DocScrutinizerwon't change anything02:46
rncbcalways starts in flight mode. ah. lets try that 8second trick...02:46
DocScrutinizereither the modem is "dead", or the setting got stuck in gconf or whatever is storing it persistently02:47
DocScrutinizerthere's nothing special in 8s-"trick"02:47
DocScrutinizerit just shits down the hw hard way, if OS is frozen02:48
rncbcthe modem is not completely dead. it can do voice calls and receive02:48
DocScrutinizershuts, mut meh, matches as well02:48
DocScrutinizermut beh, but meh02:48
DocScrutinizeryou can do voice calls in flight mode???02:48
rncbcyes, emergency calls as it says02:49
DocScrutinizerso wtf is flight mode then?02:49
*** deimos_ has quit IRC02:49
DocScrutinizerit SAYS that02:49
DocScrutinizersounds to me like missing SIM, or SIM PIN not correctly entered02:49
*** trx has joined #harmattan02:50
rncbcyes it says "emergency call" and just tried and it receives calls too02:50
DocScrutinizerit mustn't receive calls in flight mode02:50
DocScrutinizerthere's something thoroughly messed up02:51
rncbcdoes anyone know the default/factory security code of flight mode? i'm stuck with a n950 asking for it02:51
DocScrutinizerI've seen a similar thing for SIP calls, when the account got nuked by apt02:51
DocScrutinizerno idea, I'd try 1234502:52
DocScrutinizernever knew flight mode needs a security code to unlock02:52
rncbcno. 12345 doesn't work. i've tried that several times now02:52
DocScrutinizersounds again like SIM card issue, or account messed up02:53
DocScrutinizeryour problem is not locked up flight mode, that's not flight mode at all02:53
rncbci don't think so, the sim pin code gets accepted alright02:53
DocScrutinizercould somebody check if for disabling flightmode you normally need a code, please?02:54
rncbcand i can do calls and receive, but always through the emergency call dial pad only02:54
ieatlintDocScrutinizer: you do not02:55
ieatlintunless that was just added02:55
DocScrutinizerthought as much02:55
ieatlintrncbc: have you tried removing the sim card and booting the phone?02:55
ieatlintsee if it's still in flight mode?02:55
DocScrutinizercheck this, compare if your problems are faintly similar:
rncbcieatlint: i'll try that...02:56
ieatlintif you turn the phone off in flight mode, it should prompt you on boot whether you want to stay in flight mode or return to normal02:56
pinheirowhat is the name of the pacage for needfor spped02:57
rncbcieatlint: booting now w/o sim card...02:58
rncbcno luck. it kepps asking for damn security code. :(02:59
DocScrutinizerhmmm, apt-cache search account-plugin02:59
DocScrutinizerno plugin for GSM or whatever it might be called03:00
DocScrutinizerSECURITY code?03:00
DocScrutinizeris it actually exactly that?03:01
rncbc"Enter security code" is what it says03:01
DocScrutinizerhmm, what does it say when you lock your device with a device lock code?03:02
*** faenil has quit IRC03:02
rncbcDocScrutinizer: how can i know? i can't get out of this "enter security code" thing anyway :(03:03
DocScrutinizersettings -> security -> Device Lock -> <check all that>03:03
ieatlinti suggest you go to munich on monday and look for the scrawniest guy with an n950 who doesn't have a lot of people around him and get a replacement phone03:03
DocScrutinizerso it's not the flight mode, it's simply your device got locked?03:04
DocScrutinizerthis would actually explain why you can receive calls and make emergency calls03:04
DocScrutinizerdevice locked is supposed to act that way03:05
rncbcDocScrutinizer: probably, but during the device update it briefly said that it was turned into "flight mode" somehow03:05
DocScrutinizeryeah, it always does that03:05
ieatlintit might enter flight mode during update03:05
DocScrutinizerit stops modem when updating the cellmo fw03:06
DocScrutinizeryou're facing a "simple" device lock03:06
DocScrutinizerlemme check how this actually looks, never used it03:06
ieatlintyeah, i remember there was a way to reset it on the n90003:07
ieatlintmight be similar03:07
DocScrutinizerfor sure not03:08
DocScrutinizersee aegis03:08
ieatlintbut aegis is more about stopping you from fucking with the root system03:08
ieatlintyou're probably right though03:08
rncbcthe screen is divided in 3 parts: top is blue asking "Enter security code", mid is black with a little phone+ button on the left (emergency call), bottom showns a keyboard pad03:09
DocScrutinizersame here, just without phone as I got no SIM03:14
DocScrutinizerthat'S pretty standard device lock03:15
DocScrutinizeras in settings -> security -> Device Lock ->03:15
DocScrutinizerI heard device lock will hit triggered on some conditions during update03:16
DocScrutinizerforgot what it was though03:16
DocScrutinizerand for sure it's pretty bad if you never have set a security code03:17
DocScrutinizera silly question, you ever tried to hit OK without entering *any* code?03:17
DocScrutinizerwasn't MALF enabling device lock?03:21
DocScrutinizeraah, and swapping SIM allegedly triggers device lock03:22
rncbcDocScrutinizer: ok is disabled when no code is entered03:27
DocScrutinizeryeah, thought as much03:28
DocScrutinizeryou're sure you never have set a device lock code?03:29
rncbci'll have to leave now. i guess tomorrrow i'll try to reflash the n950 ...03:29
DocScrutinizeryour only option I guess03:29
*** rncbc has quit IRC03:30
Milhouserncbc - did you enable track & protect?03:30
DocScrutinizerplease come back and tell what was the end of the story03:30
DocScrutinizerieatlint: grep lock_code /dev/mtd1 -> nuttin03:32
*** rm_you has quit IRC03:32
*** mike7b4onN9 has quit IRC03:33
* DocScrutinizer wonders if you could swipe away the dialer on inbound calls, to get to the settings app03:34
DocScrutinizerI guess that's a bug they fixed some time ago03:35
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC03:41
*** Scifig has joined #harmattan04:01
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan04:12
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan04:32
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*** Smtih has joined #harmattan04:39
*** briglia has quit IRC04:41
*** crevetor has left #harmattan04:44
*** leinir has quit IRC04:53
*** Smtih has quit IRC04:58
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*** wmarone has joined #harmattan05:00
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*** pcfe has joined #harmattan06:02
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*** artemma has quit IRC06:27
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan06:31
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*** rayyen_ has joined #harmattan07:04
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*** w00t has joined #harmattan07:06
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*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC07:46
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #harmattan07:46
*** lizardo has quit IRC07:49
* npm wonders if that was *the* rncbc ( )07:50
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan07:53
hiemanshuanyone tried the OTA as of yet? what seems to be added?07:53
nibblermany small things and what's in
*** artemma has joined #harmattan07:57
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan07:58
*** mcfrisk has quit IRC08:00
*** berndhs_meego has quit IRC08:01
*** rantom has quit IRC08:01
*** lizardo has quit IRC08:01
*** mcfrisk has joined #harmattan08:02
*** rantom has joined #harmattan08:03
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan08:15
*** trx has quit IRC08:26
*** ericlr has joined #harmattan08:26
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan08:28
djszapi~seen wazd08:28
infobotwazd <> was last seen on IRC in channel #harmattan, 7h 46m 56s ago, saying: 'Milhouse: easter egg for geeks? :)'.08:28
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC08:30
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan08:30
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan08:30
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC08:33
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan08:33
*** jpnurmi has joined #harmattan08:33
*** trx has joined #harmattan08:34
*** maxw has joined #harmattan08:36
hiemanshunormal for 'Low Memory, Please close some apps' when updating via OTA?08:38
dm8tbryes, see notes08:38
dm8tbr* Users may get low memory and connectivity messages during the installation process. These messages can be ignored.08:39
hiemanshuI see08:39
Scifighiemanshu, FYI - ssh root access is removed.08:39
hiemanshuScifig: dont need that :P08:40
dm8tbrit's a sane thing not to log on as root08:53
dm8tbrI bet devel-su still works08:53
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan08:54
*** djszapiN9 has left #harmattan08:54
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan09:03
KypeliIt's just a shame how badly this removal of root login was communicated by Nokia09:05
KypeliIt's like they never learn anything.09:05
fralssomeone fucked up in that build then09:06
fralsbecause i still have it on mine running a very slightly different build09:07
hiemanshuI get a 'maximum rescue count exceeded' in red font :(09:07
hiemanshuyay, 'Device not working properly' :D09:07
*** djszapi has left #harmattan09:09
hiemanshuBattery Level is 40%, wonder what went wrong, flashing to 34-2 now09:10
ScifigI can't set a password for "user". I can't run "su - user" from devel-sh. So how can I run a command as user via ssh?09:16
hiemanshuyou cannot IIRC, you can only do it as developer now, and pass from that comes from SDK tool09:18
ScifigThere are some dbus commands I would like to run as user. Don't know if developer account is "very" similar to user.09:21
*** Kiranos_ is now known as Kiranos09:27
*** Scifig has quit IRC09:32
*** vladest has quit IRC09:33
*** freemangordon has quit IRC09:36
*** psycho_oreos has joined #harmattan09:54
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan10:01
*** slaine has joined #harmattan10:01
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan10:01
*** druid23 has quit IRC10:26
*** tarantism has quit IRC10:26
Hq`ah great, a spotify client is available10:31
Hq`meespot seems to support also offline playlists, nice10:31
*** rcg has joined #harmattan10:32
Hq`the ui is a bit sluggish sometimes, but otherwise seems to work great10:34
djszapidid not expect to hear good words for harmattan here ;)10:34
Anssi138considering spotify, i have found 'new' coding music genre lately10:34
Hq`it's in ovi store10:35
petteriok, thanks10:35
xarcasscoding music genre? what it might be?10:35
Anssi138it's blues.10:35
Anssi138maybe i am just getting old10:36
Anssi138music to listen while coding10:36
* xarcass is desperately trying to swallow his puke :)10:37
djszapigetting yound!!10:37
iekkuif it's blues, can't start coding ever10:37
Stskeepsbest coding music is crap 90's dance10:37
Stskeepsthere's absolutely nothing there for your brain to process10:37
Stskeeps=> more processing power for your mind10:37
iekkuStskeeps, :DDDDD10:37
xarcasslast coding music genre i've found was TXDM, and I'm 42 btw10:38
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan10:38
djszapior one can just sing while coding =)10:38
Hq`that would be... interesting (at work)10:38
fralswhat is more annoying then singing is the guy next to you bouncing like he's on acid10:39
* xarcass tries to reproduce guttural growling and pig squealing while coding10:39
fralsmy bh-905i solves noise but cant do anythign about what i see in the corner of my eyes :<10:40
djszapiHq`: not coding in the dark corner alone ? Shame on you ;)10:40
Hq`I will be if I start singing10:40
xarcassalas, all dark corners are already occupied by superiors10:41
djszapiat any rate ... anybody experience with osc build locally for Harmattan target ?10:42
dm8tbrHq`: people will lock you in the phone closet. It's sound proof and has ethernet. ;)10:42
* matrixx lolling here10:44
Anssi138Hq`, and i would throw vi manuals at you ;)10:44
matrixxtries to read this conversation with a poker face10:44
matrixxdm8tbr: :D10:44
dm8tbrmatrixx: we all know you fail to do so, don't pretend ;)10:44
matrixxdm8tbr: yeah, gone already :(10:45
matrixxI listen reggae or ska when coding10:45
matrixxand try hard not to sing with it10:45
djszapi"singing" black and death metal would be fun :D10:46
djszapiif anybody has an idea how to make the "osc build" properly locally, I will thank:
*** spenap has joined #harmattan10:48
spenaphi, I've upgraded to 1.1 using the SSU, and now I cannot login as root via ssh. I read the tweets about login as user / developer, but... What if I just want to keep login as root? Can it be restored?10:49
dm8tbrspenap: login as user and devel-su?10:50
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan10:50
dm8tbrlogging in as root leaves you in an bad position anyway as root can't e.g. read user files and does not have the same credentials as when running from devel-su. AFAIU YMMV10:51
spenapdm8tbr, yes, that's a valid workaround. But I checked the sshd_config, and it still says PermitRootLogin yes10:51
hiemanshuwait what, still no Jabber? :(10:51
spenapbasically, I just login as root to install .deb files, and then su - user10:52
dm8tbrhiemanshu: I don't think there will be unless someone finally goes and writes an account plugin...10:52
spenapso previously, scp stuff root@device:; ssh root@device was really handy10:52
hiemanshudm8tbr: ah, damn, gotta pester someone now10:52
dm8tbrhiemanshu: most of the SSO code is open sores anyway10:53
hiemanshuyeah, have seen it, will meddle with it when I can10:54
*** frinring has joined #harmattan11:02
hiemanshualso anyone that updated to 39-5, dont forget to apt-get install gof2 nfsshift11:02
jabissomeone mentioned a spotify client - which repo is it in?11:04
hiemanshuovi store11:04
jabisdidn't see it there yesterday o.O well have to dig deeper I suppose ^^11:05
*** dominikb has joined #harmattan11:05
hiemanshujabis: its called meespot or something11:05
jabisthanks :) anyone here managed a pptp vpn setup? I saw some discussion about hacking a bluetooth-dun or something but haven't figured out how to apply this11:06
RST38hSo, any solution to firmware update hanging and then stopping at 0%?11:10
*** djszapi has left #harmattan11:10
*** leinir has joined #harmattan11:11
*** meegomy has joined #harmattan11:11
meegomyhi guys11:12
rantomhiemanshu: I think you mean Qspot?11:13
hiemanshurantom: someone said meespot above11:13
jabismeespot it was - only works with premium, and I've forgot our firm's password X)11:14
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC11:14
rantomSpotify always works only with Premium outside of desktop11:14
infobotrantom meant: Spotify always works only with Premium outside of desktop-client11:14
jabisoh - didn't know that :)11:15
meegomywhat is the ssh root@localhost password for n950?11:15
sandst1_meegomy: rootme11:15
*** seif has joined #harmattan11:16
meegomythats weired11:17
rantomjabis: (ignore the "fi", they've yet to translate the site from English to Finnish)11:17
meegomy"Permission denied, please try again."11:17
rantomWasn't the ssh to root removed in newest OTA?11:17
rantommeegomy: You could also try as a command: devel-su11:18
rantomSame password11:18
meegomyi got the ota update this morning11:18
hiemanshumeegomy: then you have to ssh as developer and run devel-su to get root11:19
meegomyis that anyway to make the menu as landscape mode?11:20
*** xsacha_ has joined #harmattan11:20
hiemanshuso best thing to do would be copy over the ssh keys and use those to do anything you need to do as user and devel-su for root11:20
xsacha_ok, so n950 has pr 1.1... when does n9 get it?11:20
meegomycoz i was refering to this:
xsacha_only update for n9 i can see is something for developer11:21
xsacha_if i update that do restrictions get better or worse?11:21
lkslawekmeegomy: the menu? applications list in home screen?11:22
hiemanshuthere is no difference except that you get a terminal and a sdk connectivity app11:22
meegomylkslawek: yes11:22
lkslawekmeegomy: it is11:22
lkslawekmeegomy: the orientation is locked in .css file for meego touch home11:22
meegomyhow i can edit the file?11:23
lkslawekwith you favourite editor on your phone11:23
lkslaweke.g. vi11:23
meegomyyea.. i was trying this approach11:25
rantomIf I recall correctly though it was not recommended since it had stability(?) issues?11:25
lkslawekdid not crash for me, only some drawing problems11:26
JaffaMorning, all11:26
rantomJaffa: morning11:26
rantomWould someone know where the .ts files for Harmattan are?11:27
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC11:29
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan11:29
sandst1_hmm..interesting. 'apt-get dist-upgrade' on n9 shows 603 packages to update :)11:31
*** sandst1_ is now known as sandst111:31
rantomsandst1: indeed...11:32
rantomswype? :)11:32
xsacha_sandst1: dist upgrade? thx11:32
xsacha_last time i tried that it had 1 update11:32
sandst1rantom: no swype on the list11:33
xsacha_doesnt mean it's not in repo11:33
xsacha_by the way, what is the repo it dist-ugrade's to?11:33
xsacha_   beta 2 still newest here11:34
sandst1xsacha_: it's getting stuff from
xsacha_gosh feels like such a chore to type on my n9.. even though it's fast11:35
meegomyi think i saw swipe in the setting11:35
xsacha_i usually just ssh in11:35
xsacha_ok, you must have some special n911:35
rantommeegomy: Swipe is for the UI, Swype is the input-method11:35
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan11:36
xsacha_i get 10 upgraded, 1 to remove11:36
rantomJust a clarification11:36
xsacha_7 of them are just the standard ones11:36
meegomyrantom: opes my bad11:36
hiemanshuhmm, installed gof2 and nfs shift11:36
rantommeegomy: It's ok :)11:36
Kaadlajkdist-upgrade might mess up your SSU if it removes mp-harmattan-... package11:36
xsacha_yeah it offers to remove the mp-harmattan-299-pr11:36
meegomyhiemanshu: where u get these games?11:37
Hq`I hate every input method which tries to guess what I meant :P11:37
hiemanshumeegomy: apt-get install gof2 nfsshift11:37
hiemanshumeegomy: they are free with 39-511:37
Hq`unless it can read thoughts its not good enough :P11:37
xsacha_sandst1: am i doing something wrong? i dont have the dist-upgrade11:37
sandst1Kaarlajk: well. there's always the option to flash againn :)11:37
xsacha_just 3 new packages and it wants to remove mp-harmattan, like it wanted when i first got phone11:38
hiemanshuxsacha_: first update, and then try dist-upgrade11:38
sandst1xsacha_: ran apt-get update first? (and as Kaadlajk said, it might mess your SSU :)11:38
hiemanshuit probably doesn't have newer data11:38
xsacha_sandst1: yeah i did11:39
sandst1xsacha_: strange...11:39
meegomyi jz got this device 2 days ago11:39
xsacha_is there a non-standard repo you had to add?11:39
meegomynot very familiar11:39
hiemanshumeegomy: the N950?11:39
xsacha_meegomy: have you used any debian-based linux before?11:40
sandst1xsacha_: nope.11:40
hiemanshuhow did you get it 2 days ago?11:40
meegomylate for the class tho11:40
meegomyxsacha_: not really11:40
hiemanshumeegomy: open terminal, devel-su, enter password, and then apt-get install gof2 nfsshift11:40
meegomyhave to start from scratch11:40
meegomyhiemanshu: thx its running now11:42
hiemanshuit should download around 220M11:42
meegomy15min to go11:43
xsacha_sandst1: well my update says ./Packages.gz The requested URL returned error: 40411:43
sandst1xsacha_: that's strange..11:44
meegomyso the aegis can be disable now?11:44
xsacha_sandst1: the harmattan/sdk/free harmattan/sdk/non-free all download correctly11:45
sandst1Kaadlajk: not so sure how Seamless the current upgrade thing is though. Got some update notifications about Facebook/Twitter/Drive etc, but they all failed to download due to some conflict w.r.t some installed packages x) which is a bit strange since all i've got installed is a couple apps from ovi store11:45
*** dominikb has quit IRC11:47
*** zarlino has quit IRC11:47
hiemanshusandst1: those update with the new image, so they will fail, and will auto install when the new one updates11:47
hiemanshus/new one/image/11:47
infobothiemanshu meant: sandst1: those update with the new image, so they will fail, and will auto install when the image updates11:47
*** djszapi has left #harmattan11:48
sandst1hiemanshu: ok. just a bit confusing to get an app update notification that doesn't work :)11:49
hiemanshusandst1: yeah, I tried that, and it failed telling me it needs the image update to install, and when I did the install, it all auto updated11:49
hiemanshuam on N950 though11:49
sandst1hiemanshu: ok, good to know11:50
xsacha_so just no updates for my n9? :(11:50
xsacha_didnt know repos can discriminate based on product code or whatever11:50
artemmaIs there a way to restrict swype languages to just a few?11:51
* artemma is tired to push language switch button ten times, when really using only 2-3 languages11:51
meegomyn950 not support skype yet?11:51
xsacha_Nokia FiRE still only has firmware 10.2011.34.1 for N911:52
artemmameegomy, I installed skype this way:
artemmaoh well, enabled actually11:52
macmaNartemma: you can select languages in settings11:52
artemmayou can't make calls or send messages right from contacts, but you can call or send messages from Call/Messgaes11:53
artemmamacmaN: I can't see how11:53
artemmaI know how to choose lang for built-in keyboard11:53
artemmabut not for swype11:53
xsacha_why n950 have less features than n9?11:53
meegomythx artemma11:53
* artemma finds PR 1.1 to be a little (but noticeably) slower than Beta 2 nearly everywhere. Anybody got similar feelings?11:55
rantomartemma: Similar feeling. Seems to lag a bit11:55
xsacha_by the way, on n9 (still original firmware), i have 30MB ram free on boot11:56
xsacha_is that normal? 970MB used11:56
artemmaI have very similar situation with N950 and PR 1.1 (not sure if it has 30 or 130MB free rigth after boot, but it's anyway not 20011:57
xsacha_yeah 100MB buffer, 30MB free11:58
kimjuartemma, IIRC you might need to select the supported languages separately for swype and non-swype. then swiping left/right in vkb changes between all selected modes/languages11:58
artemmakimju: I tried, but failed to find how to do it11:58
xsacha_the weird thing is.. i ran 12 apps (including 3 games) and RAM usage dropped so that I had 200MB free + 100MB buffer11:58
artemmakimju: swype settings seem to allow to choose the *current* language only11:59
Hq`well my desktop is "using" almost 4GB of memory with just a few apps open... one should not obsess too much over the reported figures12:01
meegomyhow you check the free rams & processor speed? its that any apps for that?12:03
*** roop__ has quit IRC12:05
xsacha_cat /proc/cpuinfo for processor12:05
xsacha_free for ram12:05
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan12:05
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan12:07
Hq`or cat /proc/meminfo12:07
*** rcg has quit IRC12:07
meegomycurrently we dun have monitor apps for ram & processor?12:07
Hq`you'll also see that a lot of it is probably "cached"12:07
*** vladest has joined #harmattan12:08
meegomyHq`: i see12:08
xarcassmeegomy: you can try mem-cpu-monitor12:10
meegomyxarcass: its that available in store?12:10
xsacha_meegomy: 'top' is a console monitor12:10
xsacha_meegomy: you want a GUI app?12:11
xarcassmeegomy: it's in 'developer mode' pack, don't know where exactly. it was on the N950, i'm sure.12:11
xarcassmeegomy: and it's command-line utility, btw12:11
meegomyi installed everything in the developer mode12:12
xarcassthen try to type it in the terminal12:12
meegomythe only gui apps similar i see is energy profile12:12
xsacha_just type 'top' in to terminal12:13
xsacha_that's good enough for me :)12:13
*** xarcass has quit IRC12:14
*** xarcass has joined #harmattan12:14
meegomyxsacha_: cool12:14
meegomybut i hoping a monitor similar like conky in n90012:14
meegomybtw, how to install input languages?12:22
*** rcg has joined #harmattan12:27
fluxmeegomy, checked out settings/language?12:31
fluxhow do I setup ssh login for user? it appears I cannot set its password and while I have copied ~root/authorized_keys to ~user/authorized_keys (and the new file is user.uers 600), I still cannot log in12:31
*** faenil has joined #harmattan12:32
hiemanshuthe new update is sloooooow12:34
hiemanshuflux: login as developer, devel-su and su - user12:35
jreznikhiemanshu: how do you mean "slow" - update process or system after update? I feel the whole phone is much more slower with PR1.112:36
hiemanshujreznik: the phone being slower12:37
jreznikhiemanshu: yep, I agree completely12:37
fluxhiemanshu, final step: su: can't set groups: Operation not permitted12:37
fluxaccli -I doesn't say CAP::set_uid12:38
hiemanshuflux: develsh after devel-su?12:38
fluxsame thing12:38
fluxbut I do have a lot more capabilities, though12:38
fluxbut no set_uid12:39
hiemanshuthats odd12:39
fluxbut hey, iptables works now, that was going to be my other question :)12:39
meegomyflux:finally found the language i want12:39
hiemanshujreznik: I think the animations are slow which the phone seem slow as well12:39
meegomyafter the ota update12:39
sandst1people. do NOT apt-get dist-upgrade your n9 :D12:39
fluxsounds like sandst1 learned something the hard way :)12:39
sandst1ohyeah xD12:40
*** mikkov has quit IRC12:40
jreznikhiemanshu: not only animations, for example it takes ages before keyboard appears in unlocking dialog etc.12:40
hiemanshuyeah that too12:40
hiemanshusandst1: you were warned :P12:41
Stskeepsjreznik: remember that media is getting reindexed after update12:41
Stskeepsjreznik: it can be a bit brutal at times12:41
jreznikStskeeps: yep, it was brutal, now it's getting better but still not as fast as beta 212:42
xsacha_sandst1: but how come yours can dist-upgrade and mine can't? :(12:42
Stskeepsless media ;)12:42
jreznikand I don't like the new toolbar shadow - breaks look of my apps - would make sense to have also the page header to have shadow12:43
hiemanshuthe screen isnt reacting at all12:43
sandst1xsacha: lucky you :P12:43
xsacha_sandst1: anyway you can just reflash your n912:43
hiemanshuno matter what, its still stuck :/12:43
sandst1xsacha_: yep12:43
*** fuz_ has quit IRC12:44
xsacha_sandst1: when you dist-upgrade, isn't there a way to keep the pm-harmattan-299-pr aoo?12:44
hiemanshuI dont think so12:45
hiemanshuits like a meta package telling you at what version you are12:45
sandst1xsacha_: nope12:45
sandst1xsacha_: and the fact that there are 603 packages in the repo waiting to be updated tells that it'll come through OTA sometime soon anyway12:46
hiemanshuStskeeps: aegisfs using 60% CPU12:46
xsacha_other phones only update on a carrier-by-carrier process.. will n9 be like this?12:46
Stskeepshiemanshu: heh12:46
sandst1oh btw. Is there a flasher for n9 yet? xD12:46
xsacha_sandst1: Phoenix works12:46
hiemanshuStskeeps: tracker doing that?12:46
sandst1a public image i mean12:47
*** dominikb has joined #harmattan12:47
Stskeepshiemanshu: indexing media12:47
xsacha_sandst1: Nokia FiRE has PR 1.012:47
RST38hhiemanshu: It is protecting you against evil programs using your CPU12:47
xsacha_sandst1: you can use NaviFIRM to download it12:47
meegomyhi stskeeps12:47
hiemanshuStskeeps: oic, I have like 600 songs on there12:47
hiemanshuand SIM hot swapping not working?12:47
sandst1xsacha_: ok thx12:48
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan12:49
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan12:52
djszapiHi! It is not possible then to get the root ssh work after the ssu update from 34-2 ?12:53
hiemanshudjszapi: nope, no root ssh works after ssu12:53
djszapinot even if you change the password behind devel-su ?12:54
xsacha_develsh and developer-mode update.. what do they do?12:57
faenildjszapi: hey :)12:57
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan12:57
djszapifaenil: hey there ;)12:57
sandst1soo what's the password for 'user' in n9...?13:00
djszapinothing iirc13:00
djszapibut you can change it later13:00
xsacha_hey i tried updating develsh and it says "Update failed and application is now unusable"13:01
xsacha_ah, wha/>!13:01
sandst1yup, changed13:01
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan13:02
*** zarlino has quit IRC13:03
*** artemma has quit IRC13:03
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan13:04
xsacha_anyone have this update? 0.2011.21-513:04
*** druid23 has quit IRC13:06
hiemanshu21-5 isnt an update13:07
meegomyanyone try this?
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan13:08
xsacha_hmm what's with all these devtools13:08
djszapihiemanshu: ok, so it is false :p
hiemanshudjszapi: that was *before*13:09
hiemanshunot anymore13:09
*** druid231 has quit IRC13:09
jabishrm - can't get rid of tnpclient - why has it got to be a hard-dep :/13:09
hiemanshuor maybe it doesn't work over wireless13:09
djszapihiemanshu: well, that is the public documentation now I can see.13:10
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan13:15
fluxvia develsh I was able to change user passsword as well, and now ssh works fine (with keys)13:15
*** druid23 has quit IRC13:15
jabiswhere can I fiddle with package dependencies - I seriously want to remove track and protect but it's deps prohibit me from removing it -.-13:15
fluxjabis, you cannot remove mp-harmattan-001-pr?13:16
flux(which appears to be its only dependant)13:17
jabisnup - dpkg and apt-get both error out13:17
djszapifaenil: how are you ?13:17
jabisboth in devel-su and in develsh13:18
faenilfine ;) getting ready for devdays :) actually working on a uni project which is driving me mad :D13:18
faenilwhat bout u?13:18
Stskeepsdjszapi: what command do i use to list what credentials a command has?13:19
*** druid231 has quit IRC13:20
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan13:20
meegomyany workaround for flash player for browser?13:21
sandst1phew. reflashed ^^13:21
xsacha_meegomy: yeah13:22
djszapiStskeeps: accli -I -p `pidof your_command`13:22
xsacha_vnc viewer -> windows laptop -> chrome + flash 1113:22
djszapispenap: "...But I checked the sshd_config, and it still says PermitRootLogin yes..." -> really ?13:24
spenapyes, really13:25
hiemanshuStskeeps: down to 1% but still slower than Beta213:27
hiemanshuit seems to be ignoring sshd_config, maybe hard coded in13:28
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan13:32
*** druid23 has quit IRC13:34
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan13:34
*** druid231 has quit IRC13:36
meegomyxsacha_: sorry i dont understand13:37
meegomyu mean i cant install flash in the device itself?13:38
xsacha_well not a hardware accelerated one13:38
xsacha_technically there may be a way to get the n900 one in there13:38
faenilis there any info about OCF with 39-5?13:38
xsacha_flash is proprietary so you cant exactly recompile it13:38
meegomyanyone done the flash migration from n900?13:39
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan13:41
*** druid23 has quit IRC13:41
*** meegomy has quit IRC13:43
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan13:45
*** etrunko has joined #harmattan13:46
xsacha_nokia shares up 11.5% lol13:46
Stskeepsstill far to go13:46
Stskeeps4.91eur, reach 8.48 and we're talking ;)13:47
*** artemma has joined #harmattan13:47
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan13:47
Summeliover 5EUR13:48
*** niqt has joined #harmattan13:48
*** druid231 has quit IRC13:51
*** niqt has quit IRC13:55
*** maxw has quit IRC13:56
* artemma is thinking if new PR 1.1 features are worth the slow down or not..13:59
*** wazd has joined #harmattan14:00
faenilartemma: so should I update or not XD14:01
artemmait depends :)14:02
artemmaslow down isn't great, so if you like swype and taking skype with you, you can give it a try14:02
djszapi'lo wazd o/14:03
artemmayou can always use onclickflasher to go back to beta214:03
Corsacis the reason known?14:03
Corsac(for the slowdown)14:03
djszapiwhat slow down btw ?14:03
artemmamaybe they just pushed to many fixes14:04
faenilyou can go back to beta2?14:04
Corsacno idea, I don't own a device :/14:04
artemmadjszapi: to me everything is slightly slower on pr 1.114:04
artemmafrom messaging to opening Settings14:04
Corsaccouldn't get an n950 and wondering about a n9 since 650€ is a bit expensive14:04
*** juergbi has quit IRC14:04
djszapiartemma: weird.14:05
*** juergbi has joined #harmattan14:05
* artemma is going to reboot. Somehow Nokia Multemedia Transfer stopped detecting the device14:05
artemmaI have many apps installed, so maybe it's e.g. MyMoves daemon that causes slow down14:05
artemmabut somebody else on this channel also reported decreased speed14:06
artemmaok, to reboot now14:06
* xarcass wonders whether there will be vibration level slider in the next fw update for the N914:07
*** artemma has quit IRC14:07
jabisaegis fucked up my libssl update with no post-script blech...14:09
*** druid23 has quit IRC14:09
djszapiwhat was the exact error message ?14:10
djszapifaenil: btw, are you a Qt Ambassador ? There will be some embassy meetup at the qt dd..14:11
djszapiand do you seriously say it is aegis ? :)14:12
Corsacsh -x /var/lib/dpkg/info/libssl1.0.0.postinst14:13
*** faenil has quit IRC14:13
jabis djszapi well the first warns came up with aegis-NOT-installing prior to those errors14:14
jabis(putty log wouldn't scroll up to that point), just got them last lines14:15
djszapijabis: well, it sounds like a simple installation issue14:15
djszapinothing to do with aegis.14:15
djszapiaegis will complain about any installation and stuff like that issue even for general debian installation issues14:16
Corsacwell, the postinst fails, at least. no indication why, that's all14:16
djszapigo and blame dpkg14:16
Corsacso it might be related to aegis but nobody can be sure before you're able to debug that postinst14:16
djszapiI mean dpkg.real14:16
Corsacnot dpkg14:16
Corsac/var/lib/dpkg/info/libssl1.0.0.postinst is what is failing14:16
djszapigo and blame dpkg.real14:17
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan14:17
Corsacdpkg isn't responsible for postinst failures14:17
djszapiyes, of course it is14:17
djszapijust modify the hashbang in a maintainer script and try to use dpkg on that14:17
djszapion *any* dpkg powered systems.14:17
Corsacdpkg just runs the script, if they fail it can't do anything more than report back14:18
djszapiso how could aegis report if dpkg cannot do that itself ?14:18
CorsacI'm not saying it's aegis related14:18
Corsacthe only thing we know from the paste is that the script failed14:19
djszapifirst sentence: "aegis fucked up ..." :)14:19
Corsacso what jabis needs to do is to debug the script14:19
Corsac(using the command line)14:19
djszapinot from you tho.14:19
Corsacyeah but it's not mine14:19
CorsacI'm just giving info on how to progress14:19
CorsacI can't say it's aegis, but I'm not able to say it's not aegis either :)14:19
djszapiI can say for sure.14:20
Corsacif libssl postinst wants to mess with stuff aegis-protected I guess it could be aegis-related :)14:20
djszapiwhich would be complained ...14:20
Corsacyou're more knowledgeable than me on this, I trust you :)14:20
djszapiwell, jabis can check out the syslog :)14:20
djszapihe can go through the postinstall script14:20
djszapiI found similar issue for instnace when somehow the hashbang was wrong.14:21
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan14:22
djszapiCorsac: do you have experience with c-obs ? There is a compiler crash :P14:26
*** druid23 has quit IRC14:26
*** leinir has quit IRC14:26
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan14:27
jabisthe package was borken it seems - I downloaded it locally and no errors & got it up and running - coolness14:28
djszapiaegis changed ? :)14:28
jabisthis time aegis-installing instead of aegis-NOT-installing ^^14:28
*** druid231 has quit IRC14:31
Corsacdjszapi: c-obs?14:32
*** druid23 has quit IRC14:32
*** wazd has left #harmattan14:32
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan14:32
djszapiCorsac: yup.14:33
Corsacnever really investigated how it works14:34
Corsacbut a compiler crash isn't directly related to OBS, is it?14:34
CorsacI mean, does it only happen in OBS?14:34
Corsacwith same environment (same installed packages etc.)?14:36
djszapisb works, local "osc build" fails before trying to build, remote c-obs fails by crashing compiler (gcc)14:37
Corsacdo you have log?14:39
pinheiroguys trying to use the sdk to port a few apps14:43
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan14:43
pinheirobut for exmaple the defoult example looks very wrong after yesterdays update14:43
pinheiroaka the hello world example apears inside a window14:44
Corsacbuild logs ending on kernel panic, nice14:44
pinheirowith a shadow14:44
Corsacdjszapi: fun with C++, too14:45
djszapiCorsac: local "osc build"
djszapiCorsac: no worry about kernel panic, c-obs always goes to that :p14:45
djszapithe point is the compiler crash during/afterthe moc generation.14:45
Corsacfun with c++14:46
Corsacafraid I can't really help you on this14:46
Corsacfor local build it seems you have issues with perl dependencies14:47
Corsacreordering...Data::Dumper object version 2.130_02 does not match $Data::Dumper::VERSION 2.128 at /usr/lib/perl5/core_perl/ line 213.14:47
M4rtinKCorsac: I have one crashing Queumu :)
pinheiroQt Creator 2.3.0  not recent enough?14:47
*** druid23 has quit IRC14:47
M4rtinKand it also builds fine in some projects and fails horribly in similar others :)14:48
Corsacfor the same package?14:48
* RST38h yawns, moos eerily14:49
M4rtinKyep, see
djszapiM4rtinK: that is not a "real" crash. Actually your package creation went fine.
djszapiyou can see the generated debS below..14:51
M4rtinKyeah, I know - it works in my project (home:MartinK:gtk) but fails in yours (home:rzr:harmattan)14:53
M4rtinKsee the first link14:53
*** druid231 has quit IRC14:54
djszapiunfortunately, my package works nowhere apart from sb.14:55
M4rtinKhave you tried disabling the OBS parallel build ?14:56
*** niqt has joined #harmattan14:57
M4rtinKthat fixed a few packages building in sb but not on OBS for me14:58
djszapiwhat is the exact entry in the rules ? I do not know by heart :p14:58
djszapibut yeah, sb works here, c-obs is the culsprit.14:59
*** artemma has joined #harmattan15:02
*** briglia has joined #harmattan15:02
M4rtinKdjszapi: .NOTPARALLEL:15:03
M4rtinKand I have been adding it on the end of the rules file, btw :)15:04
djszapicannot these segfaults be manipulated somehow by obs settings ?15:05
M4rtinKI have a theory you might want to try out :)15:07
djszapi -> another segfault, mmm15:08
M4rtinKthat older project are somehow different from the new ones15:08
djszapithere are many segfaults on c-obs recently. I have never really had so many.15:08
svuorelatry export C_OBS_NO_SEGFAULTS=115:08
M4rtinKmaybe try in a new & clean project first and then in the old one ?15:09
M4rtinKjust an idea :)15:09
djszapiI tried in my repo (not rzr)15:10
*** apol has joined #harmattan15:10
M4rtinKso that concludes my theory in this case :)15:11
djszapihave you ever made local "osc build" ?15:12
*** Smith has quit IRC15:14
djszapiM4rtinK: well, could you please try to import soprano and its dependencies into your tree pls ? Your repo might have some magic :)15:15
M4rtinKok :D15:15
M4rtinKwhich source project ?15:15
djszapifor instance mine, but it is also good if you try to either build it locally or if you have idea what is wrong about my local "osc build".15:16
*** faenil has joined #harmattan15:20
M4rtinKlooks like something's wrong with the COBS interface...15:24
faenilm4rtinK: it's unreachable15:27
M4rtinKnice :)15:27
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan15:28
*** aenbacka has joined #harmattan15:28
M4rtinKoh, seems to be working again15:28
djszapiwhat where when ? :)15:29
M4rtinKCOBS api :)15:29
djszapido you mean I should re-try the "osc build" or .. ?15:30
*** aenbacka has quit IRC15:31
M4rtinKnope, I meant there was just a COBS outage15:32
M4rtinKI have imported the package15:32
rcguhm did anyone notice quite significant battery drain since the last update?15:32
rcgon n950 that is15:33
rcgtop shows /usr/bin/messageserver running constantly with ~60% and /sbin/syslogd with ~40%15:33
rcgis this a known issue?15:33
M4rtinKand I'm now working on importing its many dependencies :)15:33
M4rtinKbtw, any way of importing a package with its dependencies or at least more packages at once ?15:34
*** jkt has joined #harmattan15:34
jktso it seems I got hit by One-click-flasher restored the brick, but I made a spectacular failure by not saving the backup to an off-phone media (duh).15:35
jktright now, I'm downloading the OTA image once again. Actually, it's installing now.15:36
jktanyway, I have an old backup from late August. When I tried to restore it, the calendar worked, but I did not get my contacts back -- is that expected?15:36
rcgapparently messageserver is gone berserk and keeps spamming syslog with: "[Warning] QAbstractSocket::waitForBytesWritten() is not allowed in UnconnectedState"15:36
djszapiM4rtinK: I think you better checkout the repo there, and try to build locally.15:36
jktI know, it's a developer device which comes with no warranty. It's also clearly my fault for not creating a proper backup. Still, I'm rather disappointed now :(15:39
*** deimos has joined #harmattan15:39
M4rtinKdjszapi: well, I'd rather try to build it in the context off all the other packages in my various repositories first :)15:40
*** pinheiro has quit IRC15:42
*** pinheiro has joined #harmattan15:42
M4rtinKdjszapi: btw, which package from your project provides librdf0-dev ?15:46
djszapilibraptor ?15:47
djszapior redland ? dunno by heart, sorry.15:47
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan15:48
djszapi -> there you go, redland15:48
M4rtinKok :)15:48
*** faenil has quit IRC15:56
M4rtinKdjszapi: well, this is getting crazier and crazier :) libiodbc2 fails to compile in all my projects (home:MartinK:gtk/harmattan/testing)15:59
*** Smtih has joined #harmattan16:00
M4rtinKalways: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault16:00
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC16:00
djszapiokay, so probably regressions in c-obs ...16:01
M4rtinKlooks like it16:02
M4rtinKor incorrectly declared dependencies16:03
*** faenil has joined #harmattan16:03
*** aenbacka has joined #harmattan16:12
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:13
faenilI'm hating N950 antenna...16:13
faenilIt always loses signal, I'm never reachable, people start hating me!16:13
Stskeepsdid you upgrade to beta2 + ssu?16:13
faenilI have beta2 atm...just flashed this morning after trying CE yesterday (where I could not receive smses, calls, and stuff :D)16:14
hiemanshuthats odd, I speak for hours at a stretch on the phone without an issue16:14
faenilhiemanshu: I'm starting to think it's just a matter of network status refresh timing issue...16:14
aenbackahello everyone; anyone know that could be the problem when receiving error "debian/rules clean" fails in the Harmattan COBS? The build succeeds in Harmattan SDK (scratchbox).16:14
faenilif I wait for some minutes, it goes from 0 to like 5!16:15
faenil(signal bars)16:15
faenilbut I can't wait 5 minutes to see if there's signal in that zone...16:15
faenilI'll make a comparison video with my N8 and my gf's C5-0316:15
faenilit's unbelievable...16:15
djszapiM4rtinK: does the "osc build" work for you in general ?16:16
faenilanyway, Stskeeps, does 39-5 address antenna's issues?16:16
hiemanshufaenil: a little slow in refreshing I can agree yes16:16
djszapiM4rtinK: have you seen my error about that, and do you have an idea what can go wrong ?16:16
M4rtinKI even get the same libgtk error with it16:16
faenilhiemanshu: I'm really having a hard time...I always have to keep it in the same spot on the desk, otherwise I know I won't be reachable...16:16
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:17
faenilwhat I have noticed is, it refreshes fast when there is signal..16:17
hiemanshufaenil: works with other phones?16:17
faenilbut once it goes to "no network", it takes ages to come back to life, even if there's signal16:17
faenilhiemanshu: yes16:17
djszapifaenil: maybe aegis ? :p16:17
* djszapi hides16:17
faenildjszapi: lol :P16:17
M4rtinKI would say it is probably an C-OBS issue16:17
hiemanshudjszapi: ofc, if nothing works, blame aegis16:18
faenildjszapi knows it well :P16:18
hiemanshufaenil: thats odd, I got perfect network everywhere, except I missed calls before the pocket made the phone silent16:18
faenilargh :(16:19
faenilI'll make a comparison video :P16:19
M4rtinKdjszapi: for example, yayjl finished building in on project, triggering raptor2 rebuild, that now fails :)16:19
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan16:19
djszapiM4rtinK: I see. What bugs me is that, I cannot even build any packages locally by using "osc build".16:20
djszapiwhat distribution do you use ?16:20
faenilfirst try16:20
faenilunreachable, just put on desk16:20
djszapifaenil: as a workaround, try to relocate :)16:20
hiemanshufaenil: update and see if that fixes anything16:20
faenillet's see how long it takes to get signal again16:21
*** aenbacka has left #harmattan16:21
M4rtinKim off, will look at it again when I get back :) bye16:21
faenilhiemanshu: I will, when I get home16:21
faenilsignal back...about 1 minute and a half16:21
*** radiofree_ has quit IRC16:22
*** tomhut has quit IRC16:22
hiemanshufaenil: and also keep spare phones :P the sim in my N950 only has a data plan, and no one has that number, so its never an issue really16:22
*** aenbacka has joined #harmattan16:23
hiemanshuI carry around 3 phones, not including the N950 in my bag16:23
faenilgood for you :P16:23
faenilI have N8, but it's not quite the same UX as the N950 :D16:24
matrixxat the beta1 software time I had to carry both N950 and N816:24
matrixxto ensure that I have at least one phone which works for calling :D16:24
faenilmatrixx: lol :D so you agree :D16:24
djszapiso that is why Nokia gave out n8s to Qt Ambassadors recently ... :)16:25
matrixxI don't have had problems with signal, but with call-ui16:25
faeniloh, ok16:25
matrixxsometimes it didn't come up and I couldn't answer the phone16:25
faenildjszapi: I had to pay for my N8 :D actually, people who visited my website did :D16:25
matrixxand sometime green/red buttons disappeared during a call and I couldn't hang up :D16:26
djszapifaenil: was just wondering why Nokia gave out recently N8 gadgets to Ambassadors..16:26
faenildjszapi: yeah ;)16:26
matrixxbut sure I haven't have any of these problems with even beta216:26
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC16:26
faenildjszapi: are you leaving today?16:28
djszapiat 04:00 am tomorrow :p16:29
hiemanshudjszapi: probably because they had extras lying around :P16:30
djszapifrankly, I would be happier with 2 Ambassador T-Shirts than one shirt and one N8 :p16:30
hiemanshuand swype is so awesome on this phone, and with the proper width, its easy to use as well16:30
faenilhiemanshu: yeah I'm looking forward to updating...I have been for swype for ages :D16:31
faenilbeen waiting*16:31
djszapifaenil: can join the Gluon team on Sunday if you wanna. We will be at the Munich Nokia office.16:31
faenildjszapi: that's great! :)16:32
hiemanshufaenil: yeah, swype is much faster when you want to use only one fingure16:33
faenilhiemanshu: it's definitely faster than physical kb too imho16:33
* jreznik has also Nokia C0 too but it has not very usable ui16:33
hiemanshufaenil: I use the phy keyboard when i want to talk and type together16:34
faenilonly me at notebook is faster than me at swype :D16:34
hiemanshuI am learning to swype without looking to, and later fixing mistakes16:35
* faenil hopes to be able to code using his N950 one day :) with external monitor and kb16:35
faenilhiemanshu: that's difficult :)16:36
djszapifaenil: btw, what do you use in your game(s) for audio ?16:36
xsacha_faenil: that's what tablets are for ;)16:36
hiemanshufaenil: not impossible :P16:36
faenildjszapi: haven't done anything on the game since beginning of september...Busy on another uni project (one of the two exams missing)....16:36
xsacha_i plan to make my playbook a coding machine. it has 1080p output with micro hdmi. and it works with bluetooth keyboard16:36
faenildjszapi: anyway, I used SoundEffect and Audio from Qml, and both sucked :D16:37
faenilSoundEffect did not play, Audio could not be repeated :D16:37
faenilxsacha_: but that requires a tablet, which is way bigger than a phone :)16:37
xsacha_well at least get a phone with hdmi out16:38
faenilxsacha_: I know, I know :P16:38
xsacha_this tv out (via headphone jack) is just weak.. reminds me of a 580016:38
faenilxsacha_: which is not that bad :)16:38
djszapifaenil: I started writing a QtOpenAL module for 3d audio.16:38
xsacha_in fact, i still have the 5800 cable so i can use tv out with this n916:38
hiemanshuxsacha_: get an Asus transformer, install Meego on it, ????, PROFIT :D16:38
faenildjszapi: wow :)16:38
xsacha_hiemanshu: i already have an asus transformer :) why meego on it?16:38
hiemanshuxsacha_: damn you rich people, and meego because its awesome16:39
faenilhiemanshu: exactly xD student life is hard xD16:39
hiemanshuprobably Mer + Plasma Active16:39
xsacha_doesnt bring me any closer to getting an IDE16:39
hiemanshufaenil: yeah16:39
xsacha_yeah i'm a poor uni student16:39
xsacha_with free wares to lure me away from study/research16:40
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan16:40
xsacha_is there an IDE on any mobile platform?16:41
xsacha_how hard would it be to say, port QtCreator (written in Qt)? I don't care about the UI since I'll be using kb+mouse16:41
*** malkovian has quit IRC16:42
faeniljust received 3 smses which were sent 2 hours ago....:(16:42
hiemanshuxsacha_: all you need is a compiler and an editor16:42
hiemanshufaenil: haha, time to get another extra phone :P16:43
xsacha_hiemanshu: all i need.. sure.. gcc and vim..16:43
xsacha_but i want a damn good IDE16:43
*** radiofree_ has joined #harmattan16:43
faenilhiemanshu: I'll first try updating to 39-16:43
faeniland then will decide16:43
xsacha_unpaid US students loans >$1 trillion  ... wow!16:43
xsacha_in my country, the government lets you study for free (but takes some money back later if you work in the country and earn enough)16:44
hiemanshuthere you go16:45
xsacha_cool thanks!16:45
hiemanshuI am pretty sure other distros will have them too, or you can use that as a base, see the patches if any, and compile a later version yourself16:46
faenilhere it depends on your family economical status16:46
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan16:46
hiemanshuI paid like $650 a year, only college fees, stayed at my own place, scholarship16:46
faenilI'm paying 350€ a year...16:47
faenilbut I have to pay rent and food :D (money from parents, atm, and some earned with the website)16:47
faenilmy own place is 600Km from here, so no way :D16:48
hiemanshuah, I stayed like a km from my college16:49
*** druid23 has quit IRC16:49
hiemanshuso I could walk to college every day16:49
faenilI see...16:50
faenilisn't college high school?16:50
*** deimos has quit IRC16:50
faenilor is it same as university? I don't remember the namings :)16:50
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan16:51
xsacha_hiemanshu: is it possible to use that version directly?16:52
hiemanshufaenil: same as uni16:52
hiemanshuxsacha_: should be, if you all the deps for it16:52
faenilhiemanshu: ok :)16:52
*** druid231 has quit IRC16:53
faenilnow imagine yourself taking out your n950 from the pocket, connecting it to the monitor, and start coding :D16:53
hiemanshufaenil: college is more divided in the sense, they are affliated to a specific uni, and you dont really have to go to the Uni (which might be in a different city or even state)16:53
faenilhiemanshu: o_O16:53
xsacha_i had to pay $0/year.. government paid me about $10k/yr in undergrad (no scholarship) but i had scholarship too16:54
xsacha_hiemanshu: apt-get install qtcreator          23 upgraded, 56 newly installed, 470 to be removed...16:55
xsacha_hiemanshu: "After this operation, 1, 025MB disk space will be freed"16:55
hiemanshuxsacha_: haha, lol, what is it removing?16:56
xsacha_you know all the packages that come with the phone?16:56
faenilremoving 1Gb?XD16:56
xsacha_yeah those16:56
hiemanshuxsacha_: expected :P16:56
faenilyou have to sacrifice the phone if you want qtcreator16:57
fluxmaybe only half of them16:57
fluxmy device has 1061 packages installed16:57
xsacha_y/N? Y16:57
faenilis anyone coming to Qt Dev Days?!!? :)16:57
hiemanshufaenil: if you will pay for me to come, sure :)16:57
hiemanshuxsacha_: DO IT! :D16:57
faenilhiemanshu: I'm not paying for myself, lol16:58
xsacha_yeah what's the worst that could happen?16:58
*** Tuju has joined #harmattan16:58
faenilhiemanshu: how can I pay for you :D16:58
xsacha_having to set up 10 email/social networking/messages accounts again? no probs16:58
xsacha_backup :)16:58
*** jkt has left #harmattan16:58
faenilhiemanshu: sponsors love young people :P16:59
hiemanshufaenil: I know, I cant get any more leaves though16:59
faenilhiemanshu: oh well, if you're working, that's another thing ;)16:59
*** tomhut has joined #harmattan17:00
hiemanshufaenil: well I barely get any money, so cant afford, I have to give up FUDCon next month just becuase of the leave issues17:00
faenilhiemanshu: no problem ;)17:02
*** zz_gri is now known as gri17:08
*** berndhs has left #harmattan17:09
grifaenil, I don't have a ticked for dev days, but we could meet at some burger king next to it :P17:12
faenilgri: ahahha have you got an N950?17:13
griof course17:13
faenilgri: so you could try sneaking in...none will ask, lol17:13
griI don't think they accept this as entry ticket :)17:14
faenilyou have to avoid the reception desk of course :P17:15
faenildo you live in Munich?17:15
gri60 km next to it17:15
djszapimmm...there is no wi-fi at the airport ..17:15
faenilif I were you, I'd contact the Developer Outreach Manager for your country, that's how I got my ticket :)17:16
faeniland it's not late17:16
Tujuso, i bricked 950 - any fast way to reflash it in fedora 15?17:16
faenilTuju: use flasher and flash 34-2 image?17:16
*** druid23 has quit IRC17:17
faenilgri: looking for his email? lol17:18
GeneralAntillesAnybody figured out the trick to OTA updates yet?17:18
xsacha_forcing ota updates on n9?17:19
djszapifaenil: actually I had two ticket options :p17:19
GeneralAntillesActually getting the N950 to update17:19
GeneralAntillesOr has there maybe been a flasher released?17:19
grifaenil, problem is I have university at these days :(17:19
faenildjszapi: screw you :P17:19
faenilgri: me too...but who cares?? It's 3 days of lectures vs 3 days of Qt Dev Days!!!17:20
faenilare you kidding? :P17:20
RST38hGeneral: Flash to beta2 then OTA17:20
djszapi+ many new business cards :)17:20
RST38hGeneral: [have not tried it, getting beta2 now]17:21
djszapi+ fun and everything =)17:21
grifaenil, I have compulsory attendance on wednesday, but I could ask to skip this17:22
faenilgri: I see...well I have given you the hint, now it's your turn, you'll find the way if you care about it ;)17:22
djszapifaenil: sounds like you act as a Qt Ambassador ;)17:23
hardakerGeneralAntilles: I have beta2 (as of a few days ago): I assume you're talking about the OTA you get prompted for after that?17:23
GeneralAntillesPR1.1, yes.17:24
hardakerif so, doesn't work for me either.  Always stops with "interrupted, retry?"17:24
faenildjszapi: but I don't have the badge nor free N8s (yet) :D17:24
grifaenil, how to find out the contact person? what language does he/she speak? :)17:24
rcghardaker: did so for me too.. but it rebooted and it seems to have been updated17:24
hardakerrcg: I did reboot once, so I doubt that's the case for me.17:25
faenilgri: look for it :) Developer Outreach Manager for Nokia Germany17:25
grifaenil, so I should write german or english?17:26
*** ravi has joined #harmattan17:27
faenilgri: if he's working in Nokia germany... :P17:27
griwell, there are also nokians in finland who don't speak finnish :)17:28
djszapiI would write English.17:28
djszapiyep, that is why ^17:28
faenilgri: ok :)17:28
*** ravi has quit IRC17:29
*** wmarone has quit IRC17:30
djszapifaenil: I would highly recommend you the unconference day btw17:30
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan17:31
GeneralAntillesI wish the damn thing would give me a real error message.17:31
faenildjszapi: sure, I'm letting my nerd and city-museums souls fight ;)17:31
GeneralAntillesThere must be some reason why it fails every time.17:31
djszapifaenil: uncoference day is a qt contributor day ..17:31
djszapiin an unconference style..17:31
faenildjszapi: great :)17:32
faenildjszapi: that's not a problem, I guess that's better than visiting the city xD17:32
*** harbaum has quit IRC17:32
Tujufaenil: thanks, i look into it later.17:33
*** lardman has joined #harmattan17:33
*** lardman has joined #harmattan17:33
faenilTuju: ask if you need ;)17:33
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan17:37
*** druid23 has quit IRC17:39
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan17:42
*** joejoe_ has quit IRC17:42
*** zarlino has quit IRC17:44
*** artemma has quit IRC17:44
djszapifaenil: I am off soon for a sleep before the traveling, see you in Munich ;)17:44
faenildjszapi: ok, cya ;) send me an email with some contact details please :D17:45
djszapidjszapi@freenode :)17:45
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan17:45
faenilgot an email there too? lol17:45
djszapiI will be there at my company booth during the dd17:45
*** druid231 has quit IRC17:45
faenilanyway, I meant something less internet-depending :P17:45
djszapiand I will be at the Qt Embassy meetup, plus at the unconference style..17:46
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan17:46
djszapiplus I can send you tomorrow the room number at the Nokia, Munich office on Sunday too17:46
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan17:47
faenilok :P17:47
*** druid23 has quit IRC17:48
*** infobot has quit IRC17:49
*** niqt has quit IRC17:59
*** druid231 has quit IRC18:01
*** infobot has joined #harmattan18:10
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot18:10
*** snowpong has quit IRC18:11
*** spenap_ has joined #harmattan18:18
*** spenap has quit IRC18:19
*** faenil has quit IRC18:19
*** faenil has joined #harmattan18:23
*** seif has quit IRC18:25
*** tjaalton has quit IRC18:25
*** tjaalton has joined #harmattan18:25
*** apol has quit IRC18:27
*** rcg has quit IRC18:33
*** dominikb has quit IRC18:34
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan18:35
*** jreznik has quit IRC18:35
*** leinir has joined #harmattan18:39
*** faenil has quit IRC18:40
*** dominikb has joined #harmattan18:41
*** faenil has joined #harmattan18:42
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan18:46
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone18:48
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan18:51
pinheiroguys so im doing this qml app and i cant get rid ot the bottom bar18:52
*** druid23 has quit IRC18:53; ?18:53
*** briglia has quit IRC18:53
xsacha_in the main.cpp18:53
pinheiroin the qml main18:53
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan18:53
xsacha_there is more than one show option :P18:54
pinheirodouugh my c++ knonage = -25618:54
pinheiroqml fine18:54
xsacha_art = genius ;)18:55
pinheiroc++ nooooo18:55
pinheiroso were in the c++?18:55
xsacha_love your icons18:55
djszapipinheiro: after the view construction for instance before the event loop18:55
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan18:56
pinheiroand in english?18:56
xsacha_is there a line with view.showSomething();  ?18:56
xsacha_probably before app.exec()18:56
merlin1991Just pastebin and we can point fingers18:56
pinheirome was more hoping for somthing... you can do it all in qml :D18:58
pinheirothst what i know18:58
djszapipinheiro: where is your main function ?18:58
djszapiwhere is the event loop (app.exec()) ?18:58
pinheirolike i would know that :D18:58
djszapipinheiro: what do you need c++ for ?18:58
pinheiroi just want a blank qml canvas18:58
djszapiyou could test that with qmlviewer for now18:59
*** faenil has quit IRC18:59
pinheironaaaaaaa i want to do a working aplication18:59
djszapiyes of course, you can add the C++ at the end18:59
pinheirowas almost working before the update yesterday18:59
*** druid231 has quit IRC18:59
pinheironow ist wird18:59
pinheirome takes a screnshoot19:00
djszapibut anyway, all you need is the simple helloworld schema above :)19:00
*** faenil has joined #harmattan19:01
*** seif has joined #harmattan19:01
djszapiuse your view instead of the gameWindowManager19:02
xsacha_pinheiro: that's not your project main.cpp?19:02
xsacha_yours will look like that link above19:02
pinheiro[16:58] <djszapi> pinheiro: what do you need c++ for ?19:03
*** druid231 has joined #harmattan19:03
*** druid23 has quit IRC19:04
*** slaine has quit IRC19:04
xsacha_pinheiro: the showExpanded();   change that to show();19:04
*** druid231 has quit IRC19:05
djszapixsacha_: it is his own class, and he handles the show properly, see the first link19:05
djszapipinheiro: btw, what bottom bar do you mean ?19:06
xsacha_that coloured bar at the bottom in fullscreen mode19:06
pinheiroalso sftp stoped working :(19:07
djszapipinheiro: #if defined(Q_OS_SYMBIAN) || defined(MEEGO_EDITION_HARMATTAN) || defined(Q_WS_SIMULATOR) showFullScreen();19:07
djszapithat is the reason probably.19:07
xsacha_yes if you just use show() directly, it works fine19:07
djszapiI am sorry, xsacha_ was right19:07
pinheirothst defoult made by qt creator code btw19:07
xsacha_yeah i know, it does that on symbian and meego19:07
xsacha_annoying :P19:08
djszapipinheiro: 11th line -> viewer.showExpanded(); ->;19:08
djszapi#ifdef Q_OS_UNIX19:10
djszapi#ifdef Q_OS_MAC19:10
*** briglia has joined #harmattan19:10
djszapiwow ^ :)19:10
*** vladest has quit IRC19:11
faenilI hate raypicking, lol19:12
pinheiroviewer.showExpanded(); ->; make sno difrence19:12
djszapipinheiro: did you rebuild the project ?19:13
xsacha_do you have a ToolBar in your QML?19:14
*** infobot has quit IRC19:15
pinheironope and you guys can try this just start a blank qml app for meego19:15
xsacha_are you using simulator?19:16
xsacha_i dont get the bar with blank qml app with
pinheirodeploing on the device19:17
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan19:18
xsacha_pinheiro: try viewer.showFullscreen(); ?19:18
xsacha_although that's what default should be19:18
*** wazd has joined #harmattan19:19
pinheirowird think the app shows perfectly wen its on the tumbnail vertsion19:20
xsacha_if not working, you must have a StatusBar or ToolBar element in your qml19:20
xsacha_(that's what that bar is)19:20
rantomI noticed in Contacts/Addressbook that you can import contacts from CalDAV19:21
pinheirome needs to show you guys the screenshot19:21
rantom(N9, retail)19:21
rantomHow would one export contacts to CalDAV since I think it's for calendars, CarDAV is for contacts?19:22
piggzhelp, how can i force oneclickflasher to downgrade by bricked n950....wouldnt turn on after a reboot this morning, installed pr1.1 yesterday!?!?!?19:22
djszapipinheiro: where do you plan to arrive at Munich ?19:22
pinheirothis wen rotating the thing19:23
pinheirodjszapi: late realy late19:23
pinheirolike 11:3019:23
djszapion Sunday ?19:23
pinheirostaright to bed the rise and shine for 6 hours of traning19:23
pinheirodjszapi: see the bug?19:24
pinheirothe top bar is displayed twice19:24
xsacha_oh it's grey and big19:24
xsacha_doesn't look like statusbar19:24
pinheirowird right19:24
xsacha_and it blocks off the notifications too19:25
xsacha_i mean, it goes on to your notification bar19:25
pinheirook that one is with my example messy code but the same thing is valid with the automatic code from qtcreator19:25
pinheirothe hello world buton exmaple19:25
xsacha_and the app isnt fullscreen either19:25
pinheiroit bacame worse after esterdays update19:26
xsacha_oh maybe related to update then19:26
xsacha_im still using qt sdk 1.1.3 on pr 1.019:26
pinheiroit used to be bad but the only thing you would see was the batery icon19:27
pinheirobu now its the woole thing19:27
xsacha_sorry, i have never seen that before :\19:27
pinheirosnif snif19:28
xsacha_try continue with your app and pretend it's not there? :)19:29
xsacha_until you find out what it is19:30
*** zarlino has quit IRC19:30
*** xsacha_ has quit IRC19:30
djszapipinheiro: qtcreator is hassle, you could try vi ;)19:30
* djszapi hides19:30
*** wazd has quit IRC19:30
faenildjszapi is a bitch, lol19:30
pinheirome not gona meacs coment on that19:31
*** infobot has joined #harmattan19:31
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot19:31
*** druid23 has quit IRC19:32
pinheirobtw viewer.showFullscreen(); = error has no member nembed showFullscreen19:32
djszapicapital S19:33
pinheiroit works19:34
*** apol has joined #harmattan19:34
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan19:34
pinheirodough i dont mind the top bar19:35
*** apol has quit IRC19:42
*** apol_ has joined #harmattan19:43
*** dominikb has quit IRC19:43
djszapipinheiro: time to write a multi-threaded application ;)19:43
pinheirodough qml in 5.0 will do that for me right ?19:44
pinheiroits all magic19:44
pinheiromore pargamaticly how do i chage the traget build to the device19:45
pinheironever mind found it19:45
pinheiroperfecto works like a charm19:47
pinheironow a but more features and think i can put it on the store19:48
pinheiroits real a nice clock for wone is doing presentations19:48
kulveare there any working open source examples for the meego sharing framework plugins in harmattan? I'm trying to create my own but could use some help with it..19:49
*** aheinecke has quit IRC20:08
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:11
*** faenil has quit IRC20:13
*** radiofree has quit IRC20:14
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC20:14
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan20:17
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan20:17
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*** radiofree has joined #harmattan20:26
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*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:43
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:45
*** Venemo has joined #harmattan20:45
*** rayyen_ is now known as rayyen20:49
*** Smtih has quit IRC21:16
*** druid23 has quit IRC21:16
djszapiVenemo: o/21:21
Venemohey djszapi :)21:23
*** fuz_ has quit IRC21:31
*** Termana|rdlBNC has quit IRC21:32
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan21:36
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan21:36
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*** Guest56043 has joined #harmattan21:47
*** awallin_ has joined #harmattan21:53
*** spenap_ has quit IRC21:54
awallin_on an N9, is it possible to have STARTTLS on port 587 as outgoing smtp-settings? I tried a few settings but couldn't send email21:56
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan21:58
Hq`hey, anyone interested in trying an alternative terminal, check this out
griwow, arrow keys ;)22:12
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan22:12
griHq`, any way to scroll up?22:16
Hq`nope, not yet :)22:17
Hq`it saves the buffer but the ui lacks the means to scroll22:17
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan22:25
*** gri is now known as zz_gri22:29
*** zz_gri is now known as gri22:30
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan22:30
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC22:34
RST38hGentlemen, what is the password to "developer" ssh account???22:41
nealask jack ;)22:44
NIN101not owning a harmattan device, but I read it was "rootme".22:45
nealthat's for root22:45
Hq`open "sdk connection" on the device and it will randomize the password for you22:45
RST38hHq: Got it!22:52
*** mike7b4onN9 has joined #harmattan22:53
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan22:53
ieatlintas a note, it will remain that password until sdk connection is run again22:58
*** Venemo has quit IRC23:01
*** lardman has joined #harmattan23:02
*** lardman has quit IRC23:02
*** lardman has joined #harmattan23:02
lardmanevening chaps23:02
lardmanmore qml questions23:02
lardmandoes one have to use a Q_PROPERTY construct to retrieve a value from a C++ extension?23:02
lardmanI see that e.g. slots can be called directly, or functions with Q_INVOKABLE, do the latter have a void return type?23:03
djszapia slot is a simple function, it can have anything that a simple function can.23:03
djszapiQ_INVOKABLE does not change it either.23:03
lardmanin which case does one need to use Q_PROPERTY to return a value from C++ to QML?23:04
lardmanor does that just mean you don't need to add the () in the QML code? ;)23:04
djszapiI do not understand what you mean, can you give an example, please ?23:04
lardmansure, I would like my C++ code to return a number of strings to the QML code: title of page, email address, email subject and email body23:05
Hq`if you want the value to automatically update in qml, then the property is probably a better choice23:05
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:05
lardmanmy plugin is instantiated as a QML item, and I want to call either methods or read properties to get these strings back23:06
lardmanHq`: auto updating isn't an issue, though I'd be interested to know how that works on the C++ side23:06
djszapieasy, just one setting inside the Q_PROPERTY macro23:07
djszapiNOTIFY somethingHappened23:07
djszapilardman: isn't it what you look for ?
lardmannot sure, certainly I'm looking at that, but equally one of the examples calls a function directly (with Q_INVOKABLE and also mentions that a slot is callable)23:10
lardmanoh I see, how the updates are performed, cool23:11
*** juergbi has quit IRC23:20
M4rtinKdjszapi: btw, various packages still randomly segfaulting the (C++) compiler23:24
M4rtinKfor example:
djszapiM4rtinK: :(23:24
M4rtinKthis one builds fine in your project :)23:24
*** juergbi has joined #harmattan23:25
djszapibecause it build many weeks ago, I think.23:25
djszapiif I tried to rebuild it, it would probably fail the same way as for you. I do think it is regression as I said in the morning.23:26
M4rtinKanyway, this just should not happen - the package should be either unresolvable or fail23:27
M4rtinKnot fail depending on unrelated packages and/or randomly...23:27
djszapiyeah, does it also fail for a local build ?23:28
M4rtinKI'll check it out23:30
RST38hTo clarify: the last Harmattan update comes without Skype connectivity?23:34
griswipe, swype but no skype23:34
*** juergbi has quit IRC23:35
*** juergbi has joined #harmattan23:35
*** crevetor has quit IRC23:43
*** gri is now known as zz_gri23:44
*** trx has quit IRC23:48
*** seif has quit IRC23:49
*** vladest has quit IRC23:50
*** trx has joined #harmattan23:53
*** seif has joined #harmattan23:56
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:56
djszapiis there an alarm application for Harmattan ?23:56
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #harmattan23:57
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan23:59
*** druid23 has quit IRC23:59

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