IRC log of #harmattan for Wednesday, 2011-10-19

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RST38hmoo all08:28
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fluxis anybody working on a fuel usage log application for n9(50)?10:14
nibblerthere is "Battery Usage" in the ovi store (unless you are not looking for something with a fancy UI)10:15
fluxI mean actual fuel, of a motor vehicle..10:15
matrixxI guess fuel this time in cars :O10:15
nibbleroh :-)10:15
fluxlike the 'fueldpad' for n90010:15
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fluxoops, 'fuelpad'10:15
fluxactually I would say BU is pretty fancy, all it lacks is the charting capabilities10:16
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fluxhas someone tried a bluetooth keyboard with N9?11:36
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dm8tbrflux: yes, someone did. supposedly it works but the vkb must be shown for it to work11:41
dm8tbr(I had other problems on the n950)11:42
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hiemanshuis there a decent ePub or mobi reader yet?11:48
ArkanoiD_it shoud handle both iirc11:50
ArkanoiD_depends on what you call "decent"11:50
ArkanoiD_because UI is next to unusable, but you barely see it once you set it up11:50
ArkanoiD_the annoying part is precise taping on the book you need is tricky11:51
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hiemanshuI just want to be able to read while travelling, laptop is heavy, and not planning on a ebook reader any time soon11:52
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rantomIs it just me or does the N9 (black) with the black cover remind you about the N950?13:11
rantomI have to be careful with those two since I've almost taken the N9 again and trying to get Nemo on it :D13:11
rantomGood job from me trying to install something that I can't install yet (due to my skills) :P13:30
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tommais there flasher released for new update?14:18
leinirtomma: nope, it's an OTA update :)14:18
leinirmake sure you've got beta2 installed, and no apps open when you start the update (to avoid out of memory warnings) :)14:19
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tommai need to flash anyway =)14:20
leiniraah right :)14:20
leinirin that case, i don't know, i'm afraid :)14:20
rantomSo OTA is out?14:20
leinirrantom: Yup, mine's updating as i write this :)14:21
leinir61% (taking a while ;) )14:21
rantomStarting WEP ->14:21
rantom(no wlan-router for now)14:21
Kaadlajkthat update probably disables the low memory warnings :P14:21
rantomI've never seen one14:21
leinirKaadlajk: Hehe, nope, it doesn't - i had two apps running, and have gotten three so far ;)14:21
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rantomHow big of an update is that?14:24
leinirsome 260 megs or so :)14:25
Jaffaleinir: I'm up to 48%. God it's slow.14:26
rantomHey, I'm downloading in 3G-wep14:26
rantomDon't complain :P14:26
leinirJaffa: mine got to around 70 and rebooted - just waiting for it to do so now :)14:26
rantomAh, installing..14:26
Jaffaleinir: Shiny14:26
leinirJaffa: browncoat? ;)14:27
Jaffaleinir: You're goram right14:27
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Jaffa57%. Dum de dum.14:30
Summeli"memory low" dialogs constantly poppion out...14:32
Stecchinowhere are backup saved to? Can I copy them off the device before running this OTA update?14:35
Stecchinoalso: are there release notes for this update14:35
Stecchinowould love to know if the GSM instability is solved/worked around so I can actually use this as a phone14:35
specialStecchino: a folder in ~/MyDocs/.backups14:36
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Stecchinospecial: thanks14:37
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rantomDid the N9 get an update too?14:42
rantomOr just the N950?14:42
*** zz_gri is now known as gri14:45
KaadlajkI think that is to update N950 as close as possible to the software N9 has14:45
rantomFinally, installing14:46
leinirrantom: what Kaadlajk said :) This is the update they talked about on the N9 Developers blog :)14:46
* gri waits until someone successfully finished :)14:46
kimjuwhat is the version number of the ota update?14:46
rantomleinir: Doesn't really answer my question but ok14:46
Kaadlajkrantom: just N95014:47
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leinirwell, the direct implication of the fact this brings the n950 up to side by side with the N9 would be that the answer is "no" ;)14:48
KaadlajkI am also curious what is the image version of the N950 update14:48
sandst1the previous one was 34-1, and n9 also has 34-1, so n950 getting a newer one than the n9..?14:49
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grisandst1, n950 was 34-214:50
grinow it's 39-514:50
sandst1gri: ok, nice14:50
Kaadlajk1.2011.34-2 --> 2.2011.39-5 then14:51
Stecchino39, so it probably is over 3 weeks old already14:51
Stecchinothat could be the final N9 release then14:51
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sandst1Stecchino: N9 actually has 34-1, so that one is newer14:52
Kaadlajkit just tells that image was built on later week not what patches went in14:52
Stecchinosandst1: sales release?14:52
sandst1see the version from the settings -> 'information about product' or whatever the row was called14:52
sandst1Kaadlajk: ah14:53
sandst1Stecchino: yes.14:53
KaadlajkI think that release is based on N9 sales release with some stuff, like games, removed14:54
Stecchinohmm, would say that was alter14:54
Stecchinobut I'm probably mistaken, time flies14:54
* gri would be happy to see swype but I don't think so14:54
Kaadlajkswype seemed too hard so did not bother learning it :P N900 hwkb -> N9 vkb was hard enough already14:56
griWith the n900 hw keyboard, I was pretty fast ? with the n950 hw keyboard I'm much slower :(14:56
griwith vkb ? you don't have a clock to measure that :)14:56
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tommahow do i flash so it erases everything from device?... even device lock code15:03
tommacold flash didn't help15:04
w00twith difficulty15:04
w00tyou need to extract flasher and the images out of OCF, and flash with --erase-mmc=secure15:04
tommawell it does that by default15:05
w00ti'm pretty sure it doesn't15:05
tommaand --erase-user-data is disabled15:05
w00tgiven that I had to do it by hand a few days ago :)15:05
tommahmm... atleast installer script inside oneclickflasher has line: ./usr/bin/flasher -a img.bin --erase-mmc=secure || failed=true15:06
* w00t checks his15:06
*** briglia has joined #harmattan15:07
rantomMemory low15:07
rantomI only have the updater on15:07
w00ttomma: you're right, actually.. let me check logs as to what I did15:08
grirantom, at which percentage?15:08
rantomAnd now in 5115:08
KaadlajkI think on N9 the memory low warning is disabled15:08
w00ttomma: when you say erase-user-data was disabled, how did you mean?15:08
griI'm at 2% .. let's see what happens at 50 :)15:08
rantomThe N950 is just bonkers15:08
rantomHow can I close apps since I can't access multi-task15:09
rantomNo need15:09
rantomIt stopped showing those errors, for now15:09
specialrantom: it showed them all the way through for me, worked fine.15:10
rantom55 and climbing15:10
rantomspecial: Yeah, same here15:10
tommaw00t, it says: ERROR: Erase not supported. Use APE flashing algorithm.15:10
tommaERROR: Failed to erase user data using 'secure' method15:10
w00ttomma: you need to give it images15:10
tommaoh ok =)15:10
w00ttomma: --erase-user-data=secure -F emmc.bin -F img.bin -f15:10
w00tor something like that15:10
Kaadlajkthat should work15:11
Kaadlajkmight take really long time depending on how much stuff you have on the device15:11
matrixx57% and the first low mem warning15:12
tommayeah not it seems to be working15:12
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rantom100 %15:18
*** niqt has joined #harmattan15:18
rantom30 mins approx15:18
gri32 here ..15:19
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rantomSwype is awesome15:25
rantomNow get it to the N915:25
griit's there?15:25
rantomTime and Language and set it as active input method15:28
faenilhave been waiting for swype...15:28
*** trx has joined #harmattan15:28
rantomStupid cover15:28
griyay, memory low at 50% ;)15:28
rantomThis is probably fifth time I picked up the N9 when I was supposed to pick up my N95015:28
* rantom curses the similar design15:29
griput a "I am the N9" postit on it15:29
Corsacisn't the n9 thinner and larger?15:29
faenilso, any advice before updating?15:29
rantomAnd btw, vibration seems to be broken still15:29
faenilpros/cons of new fw?15:29
rantomCorsac: yes but I have the black cover that come with it so it looks quite similar to the N95015:30
rantomExtremely slow though to swap from Eng to Fin layout on it15:32
rantomSwype that is15:32
Summeliwhat's new on the N950 update?15:34
SummeliI can only see new youtube icon :D15:34
faenilSummeli: lol :D hi anyway ^^15:35
faenilSummeli: swype for sure ;)15:35
mjagchat without hacking?15:38
mjahaven't updated yet15:38
mjagtalk, I mean15:39
specialmja: looks like it15:39
special"Google" "Mail, chat, and calls"15:39
faenilI have not updated yet, I'm about to flash Nemo on my n950...15:39
mjaspecial: excellent15:39
faenilspecial: good to know :)15:40
mjawill remove my hacks then before updating, just in case15:40
specialtesting now15:40
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specialgtalk works great.15:43
artemman950 update???!!!15:43
gritoolbars now drop a shadow, wow15:43
faenilyes, OTA15:43
artemmaHave they released something just now?15:43
faenilcheck software update ;)15:43
* artemma is looking at his device screen15:44
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faenilI haven't updated yet anyway, about to flash Nemo on my n950 xD15:44
nealWhile updaing "Memory low, please close some apps"15:44
nealbut it's alreadying updating and won't let me do anything :)15:44
artemmaDoes OTA actually work? I mean so that photos and accounts stay intact15:44
infobotneal meant: but it's already updating and won't let me do anything :)15:44
faenilread about that on twitter, I think u're not the only one :D15:44
faenilartemma: don't know...15:44
artemmaok, I give it a try :)15:45
artemmahopefully one click flasher can help in the extreme case15:45
artemmahmm, one click flasher page still mentions beta 2 =
grigreat day: received ups tracking code for my laptop (was two weeks in a repair center), n950 update and only 14 days left until uncharted 3 is released :P15:47
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan15:47
faenilartemma: only OTA atm, afaik15:48
artemmaso if it fails I need to flash back to beta 215:48
griwill qt sdk updates follow?15:48
artemmait's a pity ota update description doesn't tell much about the changes15:48
faenilartemma: yeah..15:49
Arkenoiappears to be not fully compatible with my 32-1, i guess i should reflash with ocf and update -- the question is at which point should i back up and restore?15:49
artemmagri, thanks!15:50
*** dominikb has joined #harmattan15:50
faenilgri, thanks15:50
*** deimos has joined #harmattan15:50
artemmaswype alone is worth the update. Google chat and flickr - yeah15:51
gri* Galaxy on Fire II and Need For Speed Shift are not part of SSU update15:51
gri  download.15:51
griooh :P15:51
artemmathough may diminish the value of my current flickr related project a lot..15:51
faenilgri: lol15:52
*** krandor has joined #harmattan15:52
artemma"* Users may get low memory and connectivity messages during the15:52
artemma  installation process."15:52
elpurihow the hell does one start the ota update15:52
artemmaThese messages can be ignored.15:52
elpurii can't find it15:53
elpurigot beta215:53
faenilelpuri: in software update screen15:53
artemmaSettings -> applications15:53
wazdMeeCast is in the Store btw :P15:53
griLOL for youtube15:53
griYouTube icon opens browser to youtube mobile site15:53
artemmahey, if picasa and flickr and youtube really work, Harmattan starts becoming a good media machine15:54
evilJazzMäh, the OTA update failed on my N950 at around 87%. I am left with a half-updated device. I guess its time to flash again...15:54
artemmacool, wazd !15:54
artemmadoes it show forecast for wind direction/speed?15:55
Jaffawazd: Cool. Is there integration into the widget space at the top right? Looks like it...15:55
* artemma needs that very often for his flying hobby15:55
wazdJaffa: you bet :P15:55
wazdartemma: yep15:55
Jaffawazd: Does that conflict with AccuWeather? (i.e. does that ad-supported shite need uninstalling?)15:56
artemmawill try it after update finishes15:56
wazdJaffa: But you should uninstall Accuweather first.15:56
* Arkenoi wonders if keyboard weird autocapitalization issue was fixed15:56
wazdJaffa: there can be only one and stuff :P15:56
griwazd, 13.9 mb? What did you put inside?15:56
wazdgri: 3 iconsets15:56
Jaffawazd: cool15:56
griwazd, Why are some parts translated and some not - lazy german translator?15:59
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan15:59
wazdgri: I guess so15:59
wazdgri: you can fill the bug and we'll fix it of course16:00
trxhow's the gsm signal reception with the new update?16:00
griwazd, do you host the translation on transifex?16:00
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan16:01
vladestwow, new fw!16:01
vladestwhat software I can use for backup?16:01
faenilvladest: yes, gtalk / swype / picasa / flickr plugins are the main changes16:02
wazdgri: sorry, can't answer you right now, but I'll ask our lead16:04
*** mece has joined #harmattan16:05
meceo/ even16:06
*** deimos has quit IRC16:06
faenilhi mece :)16:07
meceanyone having trouble updating n950?16:07
tomma50% not so far16:07
meceupdating or downloading?16:08
mecehm mine never leaves 0% for some reason16:08
nealmece: Mine took about 20 minutes to leave 0%16:09
wazdmece: it's just damn slow16:09
dominikbhey! how can i localize the labels of QML TimePickerDialog? HR, MIN, SEC16:09
mecewell mine sits there for 10 minutes then says update was interrupted.16:09
* jreznik is downloading, slow rh guest network, should used the faster one (but it means rsa token etc.) - how big the download is?16:09
evilJazzmece, yes, the installation of the OTA update aborted at ~87% on my device, probably because the internal storage is almost full.16:09
faenilmece: you have beta2?16:09
vladestguys, are you updating thru BB or via ssu?16:09
Jaffawazd: FWIW, Meecast isn't showing an icon on the events screen for me; despite uninstalling AccuWeather before installing it.16:09
wazdjreznik: about 250mb16:09
* gri found a way to hangup the messaging application with swype and the hw keyboard :)16:09
wazdJaffa: hmmm16:10
Jaffawazd: Trying a reboot16:10
wazdJaffa: can you try to reboot?16:10
wazdJaffa: :P16:10
jreznikah, it's even slower...16:11
mecehmm looks like it's taking a longer time to get interrupted now. *fingers crossed*16:11
meceah dammit. Interrupted again.16:12
meceis there a way to delete the previously downloaded tmp stuff and download again I wonder16:12
jreznik3g is much more faster than our rh internal wifi, just my fup is screaming :D16:12
Jaffawazd: Reboot didn't help16:13
gri"Swipe Manager" from ovi store does not work anymore after the update16:13
grithe program starts but changing settings does not have any effect16:14
*** radiofree__ has joined #harmattan16:14
*** kkito has joined #harmattan16:14
tommaswipe manager?16:15
gritomma, an application where you can configure what happens if you swipe the screen from a certain direction16:15
* kkito updating n950...16:15
*** radiofree has quit IRC16:15
*** radiofree__ is now known as radiofree16:15
* artemma hopes that email client in the updates won't loose lot's of typed in text anymore16:16
wazdJaffa: :(16:16
tommadid you notice that "closing with swipe from up to down" works ny using device orientation and not application window16:16
wazdJaffa: the last thing I can suggest is uninstall meecast - reboot - install meecast16:16
mecedownload was just 313kB16:16
faeniltomma: yes..16:17
artemmafirmware download completed! Hitting the Continue button16:17
faeniltomma: it has always been so hasn't it?16:17
*** xarcass has quit IRC16:17
wazddamn, the update is really damn slow16:17
meceI did download the whole 278Mb before but now it was just 313kb.16:17
kkitohow much MB is the update?16:17
tommano, it used application window orientation16:17
wazdstill 45%16:17
griangry birds is now localized :P16:18
*** radiofree has quit IRC16:18
kkitothere is oneclickflasher with the new update?16:18
meceshould one update the apps first? I have a bunch of updates waiting from the repos16:18
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan16:19
*** deimos has joined #harmattan16:19
wazdMece: I've skipped them16:20
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan16:20
Jaffawazd: will try that16:21
grithe twitter app now got the cool MList scroller16:21
Stskeepswazd: did you ever get anywhere with that qml-mer-thing btw?16:21
griwonder how they did that with qml16:21
Kaadlajkit might be that you cant update the apps before installing the fw update16:21
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan16:22
Kaadlajksometimes seems to happen16:22
leinirgri: still scrolls down automatically, which makes the app really annoying to use...16:22
Jaffawazd: BTW, since this is going to have me re-enter my stations (I guess); two things: case insensitive matching (e.g. "United kingdom") and trimming spaces (e.g. "London ")16:23
mecewell I haven't tried installing the other updates yet16:23
grileinir, I'm only interested in the scroller which I want in my application :)16:24
leinirgri: scroll decorator? :)16:24
grileinir, The "cool" scroller which shows "yesterday" "last week"16:24
*** radiofree___ has joined #harmattan16:25
grilike now available in "Gallery"16:25
*** radiofree___ is now known as radiofree__16:25
wazdJaffa: I guess it's the problem of data provider's db but we'll try to fix as many mugs as we can16:25
grior did I miss that functionality of scroll decorator?16:25
leinirgri: SectionScroller?16:25
Jaffawazd: No, I'm guessing it's a problem with you matching against the data you've already loaded16:26
grileinir, that might be the thing - haven't seen this before, only knew MList did show this - thanks!16:26
leinirgri: you're welcome :) Do tell if that's actually the one ;)16:27
*** radiofree has quit IRC16:28
*** radiofree__ is now known as radiofree16:28
*** deimos_ has joined #harmattan16:31
*** melle has joined #harmattan16:32
griaccuweather tells me "Tyskland" instead of Germany :)16:33
*** niqt has quit IRC16:33
*** deimos has quit IRC16:34
artemma35% and counting..16:35
wazdooh, it's done16:35
* artemma wonders if twitter supports photo uploads eventually. And lists too16:36
* nibbler is feeling lucky and hits the OTA-update-button.16:36
*** vladest has quit IRC16:36
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan16:36
griartemma, there is a "choose image" button in the "tweet" dialog16:36
artemmaI wonder if I should have a coin around for checking his level of luck before pushing "I am feeling lucky" button :)16:37
artemmasounds totally like photo update, gri!16:37
*** mece has quit IRC16:38
*** niqt has joined #harmattan16:39
*** mece has joined #harmattan16:40
mececan one install with apt instead I wonder16:42
*** wazd has quit IRC16:42
mecemp-harmattan-rm680-pr has broken dependencies, it says...16:43
meceuh oh. I'm guessing this will end in failure and reflash. Oh well.16:46
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:46
meceThos of you with the new firmware could perhaps do apt-get update; apt-get install gof2 :)16:48
leinirgri: certainly an improvement :) a shame about the sharing not being there, but, i'm led to understand that one's coming too :)16:49
leinirstill kind of facepalm about the app itself, mind you, updating posts in the twitter app should /not/ scroll down the list... it just makes reading a twitter stream so inconvenient :P16:50
artemma71% so far..16:50
griwtf, gof2 and nfsshift = 222 MB16:50
*** niqt has quit IRC16:51
faenilgri: what did you think? P16:51
leinirgri: that's mostly gof2 ;)16:51
mgedminlots of textures, eh?16:51
leinirlots of voices :)16:51
mecegof2 is pretty16:51
leinirOh yes, /very/ pretty :)16:51
mgedminand addictive16:51
* gri never heard of it before16:51
mgedminand nostalgic -- I used to play Elite on MS-DOS...16:51
artemmait went to flight mode around 84% and asked for wifi connection in a flight mode..16:51
leinirjust makes me even more sad there's no hdmi out, because that thing on my house mate's 42" telly... awwwyeah ;)16:51
mgedminyeah, the analog video cable doesn't do it justice16:52
meceso as I was failing with stuff I did apt-get install mp-harmattan-rm680-pr16:52
*** radiofree has quit IRC16:52
mecewhich failed, then I did apt-get install libxml2=versionnumberprwanted16:52
meceand then things started happening.16:52
mecelet's see how it ends up.16:52
meceseems to be upgrading some 500 packages at least.16:53
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan16:53
grieven after installing the update, apt-get upgrade suggests: developer-mode develsh devtools-utilities libsocial-contacts-actions sdk-connectivity-tool16:53
mecegri, those show up in the regular manage applications updates too16:54
grioh, for me they didn't - clicked "install all updates" before16:55
*** zarlino has quit IRC16:55
jreznikdownload is failing for me...16:58
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:58
*** rm_work has joined #harmattan16:58
deimos_jreznik:  for me too... trying to delete /var/cache/apt/archive could be a good idea ?16:59
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan16:59
*** djszapi has left #harmattan16:59
meceanyone tried to apt-get install the skype plugin?16:59
*** snowpong has joined #harmattan17:00
*** faenil has quit IRC17:00
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan17:00
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan17:00
artemmaif I add google account via google account, is it the same as via mail for exchange?17:01
*** khertan has joined #harmattan17:01
* artemma wants to continue syncing with google calendar17:01
*** berndhs has left #harmattan17:01
* khertan is ranting about the slow download of the pr1.117:01
khertan1Mb in 10 minutes17:01
mecewow this really takes a while...17:04
alteregodoing update ....17:04
*** radiofree has quit IRC17:04
khertandid you know the size of the update ?17:04
meceI got the download working, but the update failed. Tried several times, so now I'm doing it with apt.17:04
mecekhertan, 278Mb17:04
alteregoMine has already downloaded, it's been stuck on 0% for a while though17:05
khertanoh my god17:05
mecealterego, mine was at 0% 5 minutes or so then was "interrupted"17:05
khertanit ll take 2780 min17:05
jreznikit works now - on 3g, on internal rh wifi it fails constantly17:05
alteregoWell, I'll wait and see then.17:05
mecealterego, but they say it takes a long time at 0% even when successful17:05
mece20 minutes was mentioned before17:05
alteregoHeh, great ...17:06
alteregoShouldn't have bothered with ota then.17:06
alteregoOr waited until I had wifi.17:06
meceis there an alternative?17:06
alteregoOoo, 1%17:06
alteregoWe're moving now!17:07
alteregoStrange that even though it knows it's 2% it's too lazy to fill in the progress bar :)17:07
alteregomem warning :)17:08
alteregoI probably should have closed all the apps first17:08
khertanwouhou 9.1Mb downloaded17:08
khertan... grrr17:08
* alterego makes a cup of tea17:08
khertan9.2Mb ...17:09
mecekhertan, any minute now!17:10
khertanlol ... rollback to 8.8Mb17:10
*** jpnurmi has left #harmattan17:11
khertanmouarf ...17:12
*** baraujo has quit IRC17:13
khertanlol it s faster in 3g17:13
nibblerbeta2 -> PR1.1 via OTA was successful and apparently i didn't even lose data.17:13
*** baraujo has joined #harmattan17:13
alterego25% updating quicker now :)17:15
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan17:16
*** tomhut has quit IRC17:16
*** tomhut has joined #harmattan17:16
*** zarlino has quit IRC17:19
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan17:24
*** faenil has joined #harmattan17:26
*** dominikb has quit IRC17:28
*** vladest has joined #harmattan17:29
*** crevetor has quit IRC17:29
*** ravi has joined #harmattan17:30
*** zarlino has quit IRC17:31
kkitoare there any release notes for the new update?17:32
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:33
*** norayr has joined #harmattan17:33
macmaNwooohaaa its out!?17:33
kkitomece: thx :)17:34
raviI was just checking whether it's out or not!17:34
mecelooks like I have to reflash :(17:34
mecelibarchive version is wrong so I can't install mp-harmatan-rm680-pr and I can't downgrade to proper version because aegis prevents it.17:35
RST38hIs it out folks???17:36
RST38hYes? YES?17:36
raviit's OTA17:36
*** ravi has quit IRC17:37
macmaNits unclear from relnotes whether it clears your device or not17:37
alteregogoes super fast when it hit's 59 pct17:37
kkitodo you know if is it possible to install needforspeed and galaxy on fire ?17:37
tommajust installed devmode etc and now it wants to update them =/17:37
kkitobecause those games are not in the OTA update17:37
alteregokkito: apt-get install gof2 nfs17:37
kkitoaaah nice! :)17:38
tommapkgmgr install17:38
alteregofinished :)17:38
Arkenoitwitter, store, facebook and drive do not upgrade for me, i get message that those are "incompatible with other applications". everything else seems to update fine.. or is it? i installed all available app updates and did apt-get upgrade after that. and my version is still 32-117:38
meceArkenoi, you need to install new firmware first17:39
RST38hLooks like you do not get games when doing OTA17:39
alteregoShould probably do the upgrade first ;)17:39
meceRST38h, apt-get install gof2 nfsshift17:39
RST38hNeed to flash in order to get GoF and NfS17:39
RST38hmece: Really?17:39
*** fiferboy has joined #harmattan17:39
alteregoRST38h: yup17:39
* RST38h yahoos17:39
* mece is backing up his crap17:39
RST38hmoo, fiferboy17:39
RST38hmece: if it is OTA, why back up? =)17:40
meceRST38h, it fails for me, and I messed it up with apt.17:40
*** faenil has quit IRC17:40
* Arkenoi did not get ota from 32-117:40
evilJazzhrmm, Settings -> About product tells me I've got PR1.1 (1.2011.34-2_PR_RM680) installed. That can't be right, can it?17:42
*** faenil has joined #harmattan17:43
alterego39-5 is what you're looking for17:43
*** vadimq has joined #harmattan17:43
macmaNok OTA found updates17:44
macmaN"backup is recommended" so i guess its not mandatory17:45
lfranchiwhat's the version of beta2 that i need to get the OTA update?i'm not seeing it, and about tells me i have 1.2011.34-2_PR_RM680, is that up to date enough?17:45
vadimqHi :-) I'm pondering the N9. I'm told there's something called Aegis on it that restricts what root can do. Can it be disabled? How modifiable is the phone? For instance is it possible to load a custom kernel/modules on it?17:45
ArkenoiRST38h, does keyboard behave ok now?17:45
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan17:46
mgedminlfranchi, yes, that's beta 2 (beta 1 was 22-6, beta 2 is 34-2)17:46
*** norayr has quit IRC17:46
mgedminfor comparison, the n9 final firmware is 10.2011-34-1_PR_00117:46
lfranchimgedmin: cheers. i'll wait a bit for some notification17:46
mgedminthe OTA update for the n950 is 2.2001.39-517:48
*** crevetor has joined #harmattan17:48
mgedminand I also see a bunch of app updates (Twitter, Store, Ovi Music, Maps, Drive, Angry Birds, AccuWeather) that are independent of it, hmm17:48
mgedminlet me try "update all"17:48
lfranchihmm, where should i be seeing updates?17:48
mgedminSettings -> Applications -> Install (I think?)17:48
mgedminthere are two tabs on the bottom: one Applications, one Updates17:49
mgedmingo to Updates, press the Refresh icon on the top-left if it doesn't offer you one17:49
lfranchiaha, i see17:49
mgedminaah, "update all" fails all updates because the base system is too old; I must update the OS separately at the top first, I think17:49
lfranchiman that is deep in there :)17:49
* lfranchi updates 17:50
macmaNhrm. looks like this MeeGo update is pretty big to download in a cafe.17:50
macmaNdoing it at home 4MB/sec sounds a bit better17:50
mgedminthe updater also recommends you to plug in the charger, if the battery isn't full17:51
crevetormacmaN: it's around 200MB17:52
macmaNoh. ok thats manageable ive already got 60MB.17:52
mecehehehe "When you connect the cable, the device switches on automatically and the magical flashing sequence starts."17:52
jreznikquite hot after update but looks like it already restarted17:52
mecemagical indeed :D17:52
khertandownload failed17:53
macmaNoh noes17:53
macmaNat what point17:53
khertan10Ko ... then 12Mo ... then 64Mo17:53
fiferboyHi RST38h17:53
khertani'm trying since 15h0017:53
macmaNmhm, i rememeber 34-2 was a nightmare to download, total cdn fail17:54
khertanworse via wifi at works17:54
khertanand seems now that my phone isp downgrade me to 2G17:55
khertan.... grrrr17:55
khertanthe most funny is that sometime ota can said 9,9Mb and then roll back to 2.7Mb17:56
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan17:56
RST38hkhertan: it is different packages17:56
RST38hit shows you size for each package17:56
* RST38h wonders if apt-get upgrade will do the same thing as OTA17:56
Arkenoihow do i force check for os upgrade? seems that i got all apps update that do not depend on OS, but how do i upgrade the system?17:56
ArkenoiRST38h, nope, just did it17:57
meceArkenoi, settings-applications-manage applications->updates17:57
meceand refresh there17:57
fiferboyThis has probably already been covered, but is ssh disabled for root by default now?17:58
Arkenoimece: only apps updates, no OS17:58
*** zarlino has quit IRC17:58
kkitooh, i get an uknown error when adding a google account :(17:58
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan17:59
macmaNi wonder if skype ui is in 39-5 now17:59
macmaNnot mentioned in relnotes17:59
meceI hear it's not.18:00
mgedminfiferboy, define "now" please?18:01
*** mikkov has quit IRC18:01
kkitoIt seems that it is not possible to add a google account which its username is not @gmail.com18:01
mgedminon all firmwares I've tested, ssh for root was enabled iff the developer mode was enabled in settings -> security18:01
cos^"memory low, close some apps" when updating with 0 running apps18:02
macmaNcos^: i noticed i got that when free disk space ran below 1gb18:02
macmaNi dont think thats a ram issue18:02
tommayeah and those can be ignored18:02
macmaNor theyve dumbed it down for dumbusers18:02
macmaNeverythings is memories!18:02
*** snowpong has quit IRC18:03
mgedminI had "memory low" when I copied a few gigs of files over usb18:03
mgedminthe thumnailer was hungry18:03
mgedminor maybe the indexer18:03
cos^i only have only a couple of extra apps installed.. not sure what's the warning about18:04
mgedminRAM usage18:04
mgedmindid anyone notice that the N9 has over 800 megs of used RAM right after bootup?18:04
mecemgedmin, I'm getting that every 10 seconds now when I'm backing up my files...18:04
mgedmin*all* the builtin apps are running silently in the background with command lines mentioning --prestart18:05
mgedminto make them appear to launch quickly when you use the app launcher, I suppose18:05
khertanyeah ... it s eat all memory18:06
khertanstupid idea18:07
khertanspecially for user which didn't use this prestarted app18:07
khertanthe result is that opening fennec (which eat too much memory too)18:07
khertanprevent you to open other apps18:07
Arkenoimece: so if it is not there i have no option other than reflash?18:08
Arkenoido backups work properly, i mean, everything gets restored including things installed directly via .deb?18:09
meceArkenoi, no idea. I'm reflashing because I messed things up myself with apt.18:09
cos^i wonder why no-one has coded a "smart" preloader which would preload the apps that user really uses18:09
meceArkenoi, I wouldn't bet on it. I'm backing up my MyDocs18:09
mgedminno, if you installed something from a .deb, you won't get it magically back18:09
mgedminyou'll have to reinstall it18:09
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan18:10
mgedminha ha now I'm getting "memory low" every 10 seconds18:11
mgedminno apps are running, just the updater itself18:11
mgedminand it's still downloading18:11
* Arkenoi hates to reflash but seems it won't update without ot18:12
khertancan't download it18:12
khertana real pain18:12
fiferboymgedmin: Since the firmware update today18:12
fiferboymgedmin: I have developer mode enabled, but I haven't rebooted since the developer packages were installed18:13
* mgedmin is still updating to 39-518:13
Arkenoiis 39-5 available via ocf?18:16
Arkenoione click flasher18:17
mgedminI heard it was going to be18:17
mgedminoh joy: update sat at 0% for a long time, and now claims update failed: update interruptede18:17
mecemgedmin, fun times. I had that same thing18:19
mgedminn9 developers blog says: "Currently it is available over the air, withcorresponding oneclickflasher-tools available later"18:19
mgedminoh noes now it is downloading the entire 200 meg monstrocity all over again18:20
macmaNmgedmin: mine is at 8% right now18:20
mgedmin(and fails)18:20
Arkenoiwell, i will probably wait for ocf because i do not want to install beta2 first18:20
mgedminArkenoi, that's why the OTA wasn't offered for you!18:20
fralsyou need beta2 to get it OTA so..18:21
meceArkenoi, yeah you need beta 2 for OTA.18:21
ArkenoimacmaN, i need ocf anyways to install beta2, so it is extra step when something may break18:21
mgedminbut you need to flash beta 2, so waiting for the OCF makes perfect sense18:21
meceouff I'm regretting doing the stupid backup over wlan.. takes ages18:22
*** zarlino has quit IRC18:23
*** melle has quit IRC18:25
nibblerany idea how to use F-keys in terminal? like e.g. F518:28
*** ravi has joined #harmattan18:28
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC18:28
*** achipa has quit IRC18:29
*** harbaum has quit IRC18:30
jreznikfeels much more slower, trying restart18:31
npmjust to make sure, that over-the-air "device update" from today shouldn't be installed on a beta0 device, right?18:32
gritracker has to rebuild indexes, so expect a slow down for 10 minutes after the update18:32
npmreflash to beta1 right18:32
*** ravi_ has joined #harmattan18:33
npmor is that belief a result of cargo-cultism?18:33
*** slaine has quit IRC18:33
*** niqt has joined #harmattan18:33
* npm shakes SCSI-1 cable at angry sea18:34
grinpm, only from beta2 possible18:34
* khertan would like to shakes the 3G cable but ... there is no cable18:34
npmgri thanks for the confirm18:35
macmaNupdate at 46%. still praying.18:35
gri"To enable a smooth upgrade to the new image N950 users should ensure that they have the latest release of the firmware on their devices (34-2 or Beta2) - SSU will fail with Beta1"18:35
* npm is not allowing myself an update until my .deb is in ovi store18:35
*** ravi has quit IRC18:35
npmor at least in validation18:36
mgedmin"update interrupted" again18:36
mgedminok, new plan: I will reboot, then try updating18:36
* npm one of my rules of cargocultism is never update first :-)18:36
*** khertan has left #harmattan18:37
npmwatch everybody else suffer first, then shake my SCSI-I cable at angry sea and say "Hasa Diga Eebowai" ( )18:38
*** mikkov has quit IRC18:38
LilltigerAnyone tried to get the ARM version of XBMC to run on the N9?18:39
macmaNLilltiger: lol, still at it huh18:40
macmaNget scratchboxz and try to build it18:41
LilltigermacmaN: No free time :(18:42
macmaNare there any arm tickets on
Lilltigerthere are some, and there was an N900 version, but not much info about it (and cant find that version now)18:43
*** lardman has joined #harmattan18:44
mgedmincan't update my n950, it always fails -- and no reason is given18:47
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan18:48
macmaNupdating - 100%18:49
macmaNfor some reason at 85% it claimed it was in flight mode and asked if i wanted to turn wifi on18:49
macmaNoh f noes18:49
macmaNupdate interrupted18:49
mgedminI think the updater turns wifi off18:49
macmaN it took it forever to reach 100%18:50
macmaNoh great and now it self-rebooted too18:50
macmaNthis doesnt sound good. i wonder if it can boot now18:50
nibblerhmm. i don't see the status line in the all three main screens with PR. used to be there in beta2. is this intended? does anybody else have one there? i can still "click" it, then it appears and the menu with connectivity/volume/profile slides out.18:51
vadimqOh, another question: IMO one of the biggest problems of the N900 is that part of the root filesystem got moved from the internal flash to eMMC, which doesn't have reliable writes. As a result filesystem corruption is near guaranteed if the battery is removed when on, for instance. Is this fixed on N9?18:51
nibbler(with N950 PR1.1)18:51
Stskeepsvadimq: all of it is on emmc18:51
Stskeepsvadimq: and you can't take out the battery of a n950/n9 that easily18:51
macmaNok circles are spreading now..18:52
macmaNi think its alive18:52
macmaNok youtube app is new18:53
macmaNnfs and gof nowhere to be seen18:53
macmaNwhat the heck is that blue icon in status bar now18:54
macmaNwell at least it thinks it is 39-5 per about screen18:55
trxmeans that you have some updates available i guess18:55
trx(the blue icon)18:55
macmaNok true18:55
macmaNits strange that you cannot react to it from outside lock screen18:56
*** faenil has quit IRC18:56
vadimqStskeeps: I think letting it run out of power sometimes does that too. Here's what results:
macmaNi would expect the status screen to provide some control for that18:56
Stskeepsvadimq: bme will shut down long before that18:57
macmaNis there some fix for twitter not showing up in Home feeds anymore19:00
* Arkenoi wonders if motoactv may be hacked to be used like metawatch19:00
grimacmaN, Settings -> Notifications -> Feed view -> twitter ?19:06
gri(don't know the exact words, my menu is german)19:06
alteregoCan't log in as root since update ffs19:07
alteregoHow am I supposed to apt-get ..19:07
grilog in as user/developer and devel-su does also not work?19:07
alteregodevel-su hrmm .. :)19:08
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan19:08
alteregointeresting :)19:09
alteregoyeah, that works, with the right pw too19:09
*** jreznik has quit IRC19:09
* mgedmin gives up on the update19:10
grialterego, the update might have updated the ssh server which changed default config to permit root login: no?19:12
Kaadlajkmgedmin: you should be able to try update from command line also19:15
Kaadlajkapt-get update and then try what apt-cache policy mp-harmattan-001-pr says19:16
Kaadlajkkillall pkgmgrd before that so apt-get update might actually work19:17
lardmanhey chaps, any ideas on how to work out what's going wrong with a QAbstractItemModel being exported to QML? I've tried displaying the .count property of the object in the QML code and get "underfined"19:19
grilardman, it does not have a .count property by default19:20
griListView has one19:20
lardmangri: ah, I was wondering that19:20
grithat's pretty stupid if you try to use a model without a view19:20
lardmangri: well I have a view, but it displays nothing19:21
lardmanso the question is whether the model contains data or not19:21
griyou also have to add methods for accessing data from certain lines19:21
lardmanso that it can be editted from the QML code you mean?19:21
lardmanI only need to display the model contents19:22
grino, if you want to use it without a view, you have to add some more methods like getContent(int row)19:22
grifor your test, console.log'ing the listview's count property should be enaugh19:23
Milhousejust updated the n950, now can't ssh in as root - anyone got the same? password rootme just gives "Permission denied". can still login as root using devel-su, password rootme... is sshd buggered?19:23
mgedminMilhouse, you're not the only one reporting this19:24
mgedmincan you check if /etc/ssh/sshd.conf has something like PermitRootLogin off or something?19:24
grimy config and login fails19:25
griconfig permits*19:25
Milhousehas anyone had success adding a twitter account to a freshly updated n950?19:25
MilhouseFacebook and Google worked each time at the second attempt (first attempts failed "Can't connect to Facebook/Google respectively), but twitter fails every time (Can't connect to twitter - this is really getting old).19:26
lardmangri: cool, that returns 019:26
grilardman, you can also fetch signals of your model since every model has "onRowsInserted" and "onRowsRemoved"19:27
grior simply introduce a count property on the model by hand :)19:28
macmaNhrm. no skype ui indeed.19:28
macmaNMilhouse: i just ssh-d into my phone as user@ just fine19:28
artemmaHey, no skype in the update yet!19:29
Milhouseuser... hmm... didn't think you could ssh in as user - what password?19:29
macmaNbut yeah root@ gets permission denied19:29
artemmaI wonder if Google account syncs calendar as well (it doesn't look so)19:29
macmaNof course you can, its unix after all19:30
artemmaso I'll probably keep GMail + Calendar coming via Mail for Exchange and use Google account for chat only19:30
mgedminwell, by default the user account is locked19:30
MilhousemacmaN: I've never logged in to user with a password, only cert. no idea what the password would be.19:31
macmaNMilhouse: password is irrelevant, just use pki19:31
grithe password can be set from root "passwd user"19:31
Milhouseand yes, it's always been locked... hence why I tend to login as root with a password19:31
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC19:31
macmaNok since when has firefox stopped putting protocol in urlbar19:31
MilhousemacmaN: i do. so back to root... mines buggered. :(19:31
Milhousereckon it must be sshd19:32
artemmaHave you updated devtools? There are updates19:32
Milhouseartemma: um... ooh maybe not... just did the os update. guess that doesn't update the other apps as well? yes, that *could* be it, i guess... :)19:33
artemmagood luck with it!19:33
*** mikkov has quit IRC19:33
macmaNok apt-get install gof2 seems to work19:33
*** zarlino has quit IRC19:35
merlin1991I kinda like the system that you have to set up a temporary pw to deploy your key, makes more sense when using the device in public wireless19:37
*** freemangordon has joined #harmattan19:37
mgedminthis might be why they finally disabled the default root backdoor with a well-known password19:37
Milhousehas it been disabled?19:38
Milhousethough doing so in non-developer mode would make sense19:38
merlin1991hm but I just logged in into my n9 as root with pw, w00t?19:40
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan19:41
macmaNadding yt account gives unknown error19:41
macmaNtrying to add yt account with google login gives incorrect l/p19:42
*** mikkov has joined #harmattan19:43
Milhouseballs... still can't ssh in as root (rebooted too)19:43
Milhousetwitter is still twatted19:44
*** niqt has quit IRC19:46
mgedminyes, ssh root@n9 works fine (after you enable developer mode)19:48
merlin1991why on earth does sshd refuse my key when the account has an "invalid" pw using passwd -l root?19:48
mgedminpeople are reporting that ssh root@n950 fails with today's firmware update19:49
merlin1991at least according to passwd man login over key should still be possible19:49
mgedminvi /etc/passwd and :%s/^user:!/user:*/19:49
*** krandor has quit IRC19:50
merlin1991strange, seems like the debian man doesn't apply to  harmattan19:51
merlin1991but removing the pass with -d disables pw auth but keeps key auth alive19:51
npmmerlin1991: make sure the directory privs for ~/.ssh and all subdirs are good19:52
merlin1991npm I just stated that it works fine19:52
mgedmin"* Application close by swiping from top to bottom is now always on." say the release notes19:52
mgedminI'm not sure how I feel about that19:53
merlin1991but for some reason the ususal way of locking an account and still using keys didn't work19:53
npmok well never mind then :-)19:53
mgedminI've tried swipe-to-close and disabled it after a few days on my N919:53
mgedminwith random portrait-locked apps it's too easy to accidentally close something you had no intention of closing19:53
*** Smtih has joined #harmattan19:54
npmhow do you activate swipe to close, out of curiosity?19:54
npmi mean what gesture19:54
merlin1991settings, device, display19:55
merlin1991swipe from top to bottoom19:55
npmah, good, i'm safe19:55
merlin1991I got another question though, is there some way to access the power savings option of the wifi chip?19:55
merlin1991on the n900 you could set power saving mode per ssid19:56
Milhouseanyone know why facebook and google presence always fails with "Invalid Password", but works when you manually force it to go online? Been like this since Beta2...19:56
Milhousethinking i might go back to beta2 actually19:56
*** CepiPerez has joined #harmattan19:57
GeneralAntillesMilhouse, Facebook is for chumps. :P19:59
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:00
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:01
merlin1991the qml facebook app locks for me 50% of the time, but as GeneralAntilles said fb is for chumps :D20:02
*** thp has left #harmattan20:05
*** thp has joined #harmattan20:05
MilhouseGAN: I know, but I only set it up to test on the n950! And it don't work... quell suprise.20:06
Milhouseneither does twatter, and google talk isn't looking good either20:07
npmis escape() sufficient to prevent users from doing bad things while storing data to sqlite database?20:07
npm(in QML)20:07
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan20:08
Milhousegotta love the contacts app - trying to add a contact, but it says it's a duplicate of an existing contact, do i want to merge yes or no. click no, it tosses my new contact and i lose all edits. brilliant.20:08
npmwhy users would want to hack their own mysqlite database on their device is beyond me, i just want to prevent errors when i store the results of "edit" and save.20:08
Milhouseplus, it's not a friking duplicate.20:09
mgedminnpm, surely the QML API uses parametrized queries!20:09
mgedminwhat is the API, exactly?20:09
mgedmin                     tx.executeSql('INSERT INTO Greeting VALUES(?, ?)', [ 'hello', 'world' ]);20:10
mgedminyep, parametrized queries20:10
mgedminno escape() necessary here20:10
mgedminI wonder if escape() might be needed when displaying data, though20:11
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:11
mgedmin(besides, HTML-escaping has nothing whatsoever to do with SQL)20:11
macmaNso no way to apt-get skype ui?20:11
Milhousei dread to think this is what shipped on the n9 - can't be, surely.20:12
*** fuz_ has quit IRC20:13
*** scifig has joined #harmattan20:16
*** fuz_ has joined #harmattan20:18
macmaNnfs and gof2 are pretty impressive gfx wise20:18
macmaNor maybe i havent seen a mobile game lately at all20:18
scifigIs there a one click flasher available for PR 1.1?20:18
scifigI messed up my update20:19
macmaNoh  and now gof2 just crashed20:19
ieatlint i'm wondering if the wifi hotspot app now works in 1.120:20
dm8tbrscifig: pr1.1?20:21
Milhousedm8tbr: PR1.1 for N950
scifigyes, for the version that released today. I think I messed up the OTA update.20:22
*** Smtih has quit IRC20:22
Milhousei think I'll be needing the oneclick flasher too.20:22
dm8tbroh, interesting...20:22
dm8tbr39-5 hmmm20:22
scifigdm8tbr: I am surprised you were not already bombarded with PR 1.120:23
scifig* with PR1.1 news and stuff20:23
npmmgedmin: i'm updating a specifici field. the issue is that if the user types a ' then you have a syntax error20:23
npmif user know more, you have a database breach20:23
mgedminhow are you doing the update?20:24
mgedminwhat's your javascript look like?20:24
npmi'll let you know in a minute whether it works. it' just started up20:24
mgedmin"it" being... ?20:24
scifigMilhouse: Unless there a flahser for 1.1, I'll have to flash beta 2 and update to PR 1.1 OTA. Is there any other/better way?20:25
dm8tbrscifig: what's the version string reported?20:25
dm8tbrscifig: that's not going to work20:25
scifigPR 1.1 (1.2011.34-2_PR_RM680)20:26
dm8tbrthe doc says 39-520:26
Milhousescifig: currently, no.20:26
ieatlintbeta2 was 34-220:27
dm8tbrscifig: if you attempt OCF with the beta2 one you'll have a shiny paperweight until you get your hands on the 39-5 OCF (or newer)20:27
*** vladest has quit IRC20:27
dm8tbras in: you can NOT downgrade20:27
scifigdm8tbr: Yep, that's what i have. The applications screen said no updates. I did apt-get upgrade and whole packages including kernel were updated. Now I have "!! Calendar" , "!! Clock" all over the place20:27
Milhousei guess the oneclick flasher will tip up in a day or two20:28
dm8tbrscifig: that's just broken localization :)20:28
ieatlinti never understood why nokia software updates were always one-way20:28
scifigMilhouse: dm8tbr Anyway to fix the localization?20:28
dm8tbrieatlint: you don't want people to downgrade to known exploitable software20:28
*** shentey has joined #harmattan20:29
dm8tbrscifig: no idea, maybe it's some package that needs to be added20:29
ieatlinti don't buy it... it's too catch-all, especially when the software updating tools are not typically available to the public20:29
dm8tbrit's a corporate thing20:30
npmok well JS escape() unescape() is a bit much in this situation20:30
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan20:30
npmgoes for character replacemetns.20:30
dm8tbralso I've seen actually valid reasons for downgrade locks by other manufacturers20:30
dm8tbre.g. in one case the BOM changed (aka newer hardware revision was introduced) and flashing old software to newer hardware would have caused problems20:31
*** djszapi has joined #harmattan20:31
scifigAlso, ssh root@localhost says permission denied. I tried correct password and rootme just in case. I believe reg the localization couple of UI packages were not update because aegis did not want to replace a pkg from* with unknown20:31
djszapiHi! Is there anybody here building packages locally by using "osc build X Y" ?20:31
*** vladest has joined #harmattan20:31
dm8tbrscifig: 'unknown'? did you have other than the nokia repositories enabled?20:32
ieatlintdm8tbr: i've just gotten saddened when i flashed a preview image to a phone and then couldn't return to known-stable20:32
scifigI had SDK repository enabled20:32
*** rcg has quit IRC20:32
scifigdm8tbr: I had SDK repository enabled in beta 220:33
mgedminscifig, why use ssh root@localhost instead of devel-su?20:33
dm8tbris the SDK repository signed?20:33
npmespects a gnarly piece of crap like ut.replace(/^\s*(\S*(?:\s+\S+)*)\s*$/, "$1"));  to emerge shortly20:33
mgedminnpm, seriously!20:33
mgedminSHOW US YOUR CODE20:33
npmsorry that was my last turd20:33
npmcode coming soon. publish first20:34
mgedminone line would be sufficient20:34
mgedminyou're familiar with pastebins, yes?20:34
mgedminlike, oh, say,
* mgedmin hopes not to see something silly like executeSql("INSERT INTO ... VALUES ('" + escape(user_entered_data) +"');")20:35
dm8tbrscifig: what does 'dpkg -l mp-harmattan-rm680-pr' say?20:35
* dm8tbr is interested in the version string20:36
dm8tbrspecifically the first two digits20:36
DocScrutinizerdm8tbr: (old sw on new hw) seems that's typically solved by querying the hw-revision during flashing. No sound reason to generally forbid downgrade20:36
dm8tbrDocScrutinizer: well, call it an oversight or an mistake, they didn't have a field or didn't want to bump the complete device code. no idea, I wasn't there.20:37
dm8tbrstill such a case makes much more sense to me than downgrade lock for 'security' reasons20:38
scifigmgedmin: I just wanted to run apt-get. devel-su works with my password. Thanks. Somehow ssh root@localhost is not working.20:38
scifigdm8tbr: No package found matching mp-harmattan-rm680-pr20:38
dm8tbrdpkg -l *harmattan*20:38
scifigdm8tbr: dpkg -l | grep harmattan also didn't have any such package20:38
Milhousescifig: I think ssh is buggered20:38
dm8tbrscifig: can you grep for 39-5 instead?20:39
DocScrutinizerdowngrade is forbidden purely for security reasons, exactly to avoid e.g anybody going back to beta1 and neuter aegis there or exploit the "better" develsh it had20:39
GeneralAntillesThis thing just doesn't want to upgrade.20:39
mgedminGeneralAntilles, you too? same here20:40
scifigdm8tbr: dpkg -l | grep 39-5 returns blank. But the Settings -> About Product gave PR 1.120:41
* DocScrutinizer pkes N950 with aegis-neutered beta1, fetches some popcorn, and sits back20:41
dm8tbrscifig: thanks for checking though20:41
*** druid23 has quit IRC20:41
scifigdm8tbr: U r welcome. I see some core packages in dpkg -l have week 34 in the version string20:43
*** Frye has joined #harmattan20:43
dm8tbr1.2011 is that BETA branch for the N950 it seems, but I guess not everything got updated as it claims it's still 34-2 :)20:43
*** zarlino has quit IRC20:44
FryeHas anyone managed to figure out how to make N9 browser remember login credentials?20:44
*** artemma has quit IRC20:44
* dm8tbr was just curious if pr1.1 is still from the 1.2011 branch for the n95020:45
shenteyhi all! I can't install an updated libc6 in scratchbox...20:46
*** eman has quit IRC20:46
*** dcarr_home_ has joined #harmattan20:46
*** artemma has joined #harmattan20:46
DocScrutinizerI've never tested, but wouldn't be surprised to find browser login credentials got postponed implementation due to storing those to aegis is way more complex than what browsers usually do. </rant>20:46
shenteyit seems that preinst fails because "uname -r" returns the host's kernel version, which is 3.0 for me20:46
*** elpuri has quit IRC20:47
*** dcarr_home has quit IRC20:47
*** melleb has quit IRC20:47
shenteyany idea how uname uses the kernel installed in scratchbox?20:47
FryeYeah looks like mission impossible to me20:47
FryeThere's no setting etc for it20:48
Fryeno options inside the browser itself20:48
Fryewell I hope it gets implemented20:48
Fryeor a decent browser released ;-)20:48
*** elpuri has joined #harmattan20:48
Fryewithout that capability it's pretty much just annouyance20:48
DocScrutinizerdon't hold your breath20:48
FryeNever done that with Nokia ;-)20:49
Fryewould end up killing me sooner or later. Usually sooner20:49
FryeOther than that I do like N9 a lot20:49
FryeJust has no browser for me as of now.20:49
*** kkito has quit IRC20:50
scifigCan/does opera and/or firefox eventually support flash in harmattan. Is it possible at all?20:50
*** eman has joined #harmattan20:51
*** druid23 has joined #harmattan20:51
mgedminthe n9 browser has no flash, no password saving, no bookmarks and no history20:52
mgedminsurprisingly, I still find it useful20:52
FryeWell for me only thing I really miss is the password saving20:52
merlin1991shentey: scratchbox has no kernel installed20:53
merlin1991it's a chroot system20:53
FryeAnd it makes it useless for my forum browsing20:53
mgedminI want a password safe app for harmattan20:53
Fryeweb pased games etc20:53
FryeIs there a bug tracker for N9 visible somewhere?20:54
*** djszapi has left #harmattan20:55
mgedminit's at, IIRC20:57
shenteymerlin1991: sure, but by installing a kernel and using the harmattan-coreutils, it should be possible to satisfy preinst20:59
shenteymerlin1991: however, coreutils don't install successfully because preinst fails ;)21:00
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:03
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan21:13
*** faenil has joined #harmattan21:15
*** shentey has quit IRC21:15
*** frinring has quit IRC21:16
ieatlintheh, you know it's a good sign when during the update process i keep getting warnings telling me "Memory low" "Please close some apps"... when the only app running is the app manager and the software update itself, and the UI is locked for the update21:17
scifigdm8tbr: Milhouse: I tried beta 2 one click flasher any way and it seems to be re-flashing. Yay21:17
dm8tbrscifig: is it still at erasing?21:18
* mja is digging swype21:18
scifigieatlint: Does it help that the error message was documented in the release notes :)21:18
mjabrowser still doesn't support ssl(?)21:18
scifigdm8tbr: Says success and to unplug + reboot. Let me see21:19
mjacan't log in to forum.meego21:19
dm8tbrscifig: mhm, the bit that your system thought it was still at 34-2 might have saved you :)21:19
ieatlintscifig: not if i don't read them21:21
*** leinir has quit IRC21:21
ieatlinti failed to read the full notes, it seems :)21:22
*** roop__ has quit IRC21:22
ieatlinti guess i saw a loft of kruft... "ooooh, there's a slide-out keyboard on the n950? wow, i hadn't noticed", etc21:23
RST38hIs "Updating" being stuck on 0% normal?21:23
GeneralAntillesOK, has ANYBODY been able to update OTA?21:23
mjawent butter smooth21:23
mjano memory warning or anything21:23
scifigdm8tbr: Yup, that seems to be the case. Now I see 2.2011.39-5 in Updates screen21:23
ieatlintRST38h: was there for about 5min for me it seemed, then moved on and started giving me the warnings21:23
scifigGeneralAntilles: I am trying now. Let me see21:23
dm8tbrscifig: _now_ you can't go back anymore :)21:24
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: i'm doing ota, at 26%21:24
GeneralAntillesand is anybody else's internet super-slow today?21:24
GeneralAntillesNothing's working right.21:24
ieatlinti just had to replace my wifi ap about 30min ago... so yes, it's going to be a day of failures21:24
*** leinir has joined #harmattan21:24
artemmaI updated fine via OTA21:24
dm8tbrscifig: ah, so a new branch it seems, interesting21:24
artemmamails, contacts and everything else stayed21:25
RST38hieatlint: ah ok21:25
ieatlintit's a slow update21:25
ieatlintgo ssh into it, check out /var/cache/apt/archive ;)21:25
scifigdm8tbr: I know (i can't go back). The reflashed removed everything anyway. Nothing that I miss in the last firmware image (except few pictures I took couple of days ago). Meh21:26
CepiPerezhey guys, can't ssh into my n950 after update21:26
scifigCepiPerez: Just curious. Is developer mode enabled?21:27
GeneralAntillesMajor DNS failures or something?21:27
GeneralAntillesI can't get decent return times on anything.21:27
RST38hGeneral: our uplink has been wobblytoday21:27
GeneralAntillesping fails with Unknown host21:27
RST38hno idea if it was the local provider or the net as a whole21:27
scifigGeneralAntilles: No problems here on west coast21:28 is averaging about 4sec latency21:28
RST38hSays "Update interrupted".21:28
ieatlinthaha, i ping and i get interesting results21:29
ieatlintit's cycling through all the localized domains21:29
ieatlint and continuing21:30
*** rcg has joined #harmattan21:32
RST38hOk, anyone else got update hang for 5-10 mins then report update Interrupted???21:32
GeneralAntillesAlso: wont download.21:35
CepiPerez"ssh root@" doesn't works21:36
CepiPerez"ssh developer@" works fine21:36
ieatlintwoo, "update failed", no explanation21:36
ieatlint"Rescuing software update." "Please do not interrupt." on the boot screen21:36
ieatlintgoing to be one of those days21:36
*** radiofree has quit IRC21:42
deimos_RST38h: i give up retrying to update and after a reflash all gone well21:42
RST38hmghm ok21:43
dm8tbrmake sure not to have additional repositories enabled21:43
deimos_I tried removing repositories from community also, but didnt worked21:44
deimos_I tried also to remove apt cache21:45
ieatlintyep, that bricked my phone21:49
ieatlintgood times21:49
*** piggz has joined #harmattan21:50
*** jabis has joined #harmattan21:54
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan21:55
MilhouseCepiPerez: Yes, ssh is buggered by the PR1.1 update.21:57
MilhouseSo what is the consensus, flashing back to Beta2 OK or not OK?21:58
DocScrutinizertell me21:59
DocScrutinizerconsensus seems that's not possible21:59
Milhouseguess i can wait for the PR1.1 OCF...21:59
RST38hWTH is it doing at 0% progress???21:59
Milhousepatience... :) (it is slow as shit though)22:00
deimos_it take aegis22:01
DocScrutinizerRST38h: safe-erasing your whole plethora of 16GB NAND?22:01
*** faenil has quit IRC22:01
*** rzr-mob has joined #harmattan22:01
MilhouseDocScrutinizer: can't be, this is an OTA update... my NAND is still there.22:01
RST38hspent5+ minutes then said update interrupted.22:03
RST38hflash time?22:03
DocScrutinizerooh well, then you probably should pay a 5bucks/month to upgrade to premium share22:04
DocScrutinizerhigher bandwidth, no waits, no queues22:04
DocScrutinizerI knew it, they use rapidshare for their OTA22:05
ieatlintwell, hopefully after a failed update i can put the beta2 image back on it22:06
ieatlintotherwise i have a brick until nokia graces us with a new image22:06
RST38hWhere do I get the flasher for this update?22:07
ieatlintthere isn't one yet22:07
ieatlintjust ota22:07
RST38hOTA fails.22:07
kimjuhmm, "memory low, close some programs" - only the ota upgrade running.22:08
petteridoes anyone have rsync compiled for n9/n950?22:08
kimjustill running after dismissing the popup22:09
scifigkimju: It is a known issue. Press OK and ignore the popup22:10
* RST38h sighsgoe to look for the flash image22:11
*** radiofree has quit IRC22:12
rzr-mobpetteri, i did build it22:13
petterirzr-mob: if it is working, i would love to have copy22:14
rzr-mobit is22:14
petterirzr-mob: thank you!22:14
rzr-mobi am backuping my n950 before flashing it22:14
rzr-mobusing rsync of course22:14
rzr-mobi did not flash b222:15
rzr-mobare there major regressions on b2 and after ota ?22:15
petterii had this setup on my n900 that did automatic rsync of my pictures and videos when I connected to home wlan. I will do the same for n922:15
artemmaAre flickr and picasa accounts only for sharing photos? Or can you somehow sync local collections with the networked ones?22:16
rzr-mobpetteri, i do that too but i didnt setup automatically , do u use dbus for that ?22:16
rzr-mobartemma, look at owncloud22:16
artemmarzr-mob: owncloud?22:17
rzr-mobyes a kde project iirc22:17
ieatlintwell, the flasher is letting me install beta222:17
ieatlintor it's at least letting me erase emmc22:17
petterii haven't looked up how to setup it on n9, yet. On n900 i had just a shell script executed on /etc/network/if-up22:18
rzr-mobhaxor detected22:19
GeneralAntillesAnybody got a link to the N950 firmware download page?22:20
rzr-mobGeneralAntilles, b2 ?22:20
ieatlintbeta2: (not the new "pr1.1" release)
ieatlintmkdir tmp; tail -n +52 "Linux_OCF_34-2_EMMC_RM680-OEM1-916.bin" | tar -C tmp -xf - ; cd tmp ; sed -s s:--erase-mmc=secure:: installer ; ./installer ;)22:22
*** radiofree has joined #harmattan22:24
DocScrutinizer:: puzzled me22:26
DocScrutinizerplus I guess ;) is a syntax error ;-P22:26
*** artemma has quit IRC22:26
ieatlintyeah, i got in the habit of using : as a separator in sed because it's easy to type and rarely conflicts with strings i modify22:27
ieatlintand ;) isn't a syntax error, just the ) is :P22:27
rzr-moburl do use :22:27
GeneralAntillesPR1.1 isn't available as a flash image yet?22:28
ieatlintyeah, apparently i don't use sed on urls much22:28
DocScrutinizerthat's not been the complete problem, the usage of ":" together with :: puzzled me22:28
rzr-mobseems not donno if it planned22:28
ieatlintah, replace with nothing22:28
DocScrutinizeryeah, got that22:29
DocScrutinizerI'n not have to had look twice on //22:29
ieatlintyeah... an old habit now :)22:30
ieatlintgot tired of escaping / on paths22:30
*** apol has joined #harmattan22:30
RST38hok, the update is screwed up.22:30
rzr-mobGeneralAntilles, what makes u think a ocf image will be released ?22:30
DocScrutinizerI love ! for this22:30
RST38hguess I will have to wait for the flasher =(22:30
DocScrutinizerbut also not shellsafe22:30
GeneralAntillesrzr-mob, because two previous flashers have been released?22:31
rzr-mobRST38h, is it so i keep b122:31
apolis it possible to record an application being used in harmattan? how should we do it?22:31
ieatlintperhaps i should switch to @ as a separator? :P22:31
ieatlintwill only conflict with email addresses22:31
rzr-mobany other one on b1 ?22:31
rzr-mobieatlint, use %22:31
DocScrutinizerweird stuff like § is nice though22:31
ieatlintthat's not on a US keyboard22:31
ieatlintyeah, % perhaps22:32
DocScrutinizerrzr-mob: beta1?22:32
rzr-mobieatlint, how to type that \o\ on n950 ?22:32
rzr-mobDocScrutinizer, yes i was away when b2 was released i get used to b122:32
DocScrutinizeralso b1 here22:33
ieatlintb1 became unusable for me22:33
rzr-mobok no need for twitter app i use xmpp for that22:33
DocScrutinizerI'm not all that amazed about updates that don't alow any rollback22:33
ieatlintfor the record, my pr1.1/39-5 update failed, and i can successfully go back to beta222:34
rzr-mobfenix could be a bit unreliable on b1 but i figured out how to use it now22:34
rzr-mobieatlint, who sucessed to update after b2 ?22:34
GeneralAntillesYou guys see that Galaxy Nexus shit?22:35
GeneralAntillesI want 720 on my phone. :(22:35
ieatlintrzr-mob: and type what on the n950?22:35
DocScrutinizerI'm just using 950 for reference and "R&D", doesn't matter much what's the OS rev, it's aegis that's the roadblocker for me22:35
ieatlintGeneralAntilles: too bad, apple and samsung are the only ones22:35
GeneralAntillesWhat are we gonna do when all of our N950s and N9s break? :(22:35
matrixxcry? :'(22:36
ieatlinti'm sure tizen will be out by then22:36
rzr-mobthat weird paragraph character22:36
GeneralAntillesieatlint, haaa!22:37
DocScrutinizerI'll not cry, just curse the ever going up ebay pricetags for N90022:37
rzr-mobwhat about bb qnx platform ?22:37
ieatlintrim is sinking faster than nokia22:38
nealDocScrutinizer: amen22:39
mzanettiis it possible to flash the b2 image but skipping the cert-sw?22:40
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan22:40
*** rzr-mob has quit IRC22:42
*** rzr-mob has joined #harmattan22:43
*** zarlino has quit IRC22:44
*** rzr-mob has quit IRC22:50
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan22:50
*** rzr-mob has joined #harmattan22:51
rzr-mobi think its best to do upgrade one after one22:52
rzr-mobplease take a ticket and head to the waiting room22:52
*** lardman has quit IRC22:53
M4rtinKrzr-mob: hi :)22:53
M4rtinKI have found a weird issue concerning your community repo & libgtk22:54
rzr-mobhi werent u the obs user ?22:54
piggzlo harmattan it possible in QML to have an Audio element playing and a SoundEffect playing at the same time??22:55
rzr-mobM4rtinK, i remember u, how can we help ?22:55
M4rtinKI finally got GTK to build but for some reason the build fails in your project22:55
rzr-mobM4rtinK, is gtk installable now ?22:55
rzr-mobthis is a f good news22:56
M4rtinKbut it build fine in others22:56
rzr-mobwe will tear this issue out22:56
*** ravi_ has quit IRC22:56
M4rtinKshould be installable from home:MartinK:gtk22:56
apolis it possible to record an application being used in harmattan? how should we do it?22:56
kimjuapol, take a camera and point it to the phone?22:56
M4rtinKI tested an older build and it ran fine22:57
rzr-mobM4rtinK, i guess one package do conflict ?22:57
M4rtinKon N95022:57
griapol, you can record the vnc remote connection22:57
apolkimju: i was hoping for something more direct22:57
apolgri: what should I install to start a vnc session from the phone?22:57
GeneralAntillesUpdating 0%!!!!22:57
rzr-mobGeneralAntilles, i think we should wait22:58
M4rtinKrzr: it fails like this:
M4rtinKsomething with immodules22:58
griapol, and record with "vnc2flv"22:58
M4rtinKmight be a wrong package indeed22:58
rzr-mobgri, forget flv?use ogv plz22:58
apolI was hoping it would be possible to record a video by using gstreamer22:59
rzr-mobi used recordmydesktop22:59
apolthey have X11 tools22:59
grirzr-mob, resulted in the same quality for me22:59
grirzr-mob, does recordmydesktop work on the n950???22:59
apolrzr-mob: really? is it possible to install?22:59
rzr-mobflv is for freedom haters22:59
M4rtinKbut I get a similar error in home:MartinK:harmattan where I have removed/disabled all other packages (
griwell, when uploading to youtube it gets flv anyway23:00
rzr-mobgri, not on harmattan yet23:00
rzr-mobgri, do html523:00
rzr-mobgri, do does harmattan23:00
*** vladest has quit IRC23:00
grihe means "so" I assume23:01
M4rtinKrzr-mob: it builds fine in home:MartinK:gtk and home:aaporantalainen which have basically the same packages23:01
rzr-mobharmattan is able to view that video23:01
rzr-mobno youtube23:01
* gri can't see the file using chrome23:02
rzr-mobsorry i am ircing on n95023:02
griah, now23:02
griit just took ages to load23:02
*** etrunko has quit IRC23:02
scifigSo is there a way to get ssh to root working in PR 1.1?23:02
rzr-mobonly a few were able to upgrade23:03
*** CepiPerez has quit IRC23:05
*** harbaum has quit IRC23:06
rzr-mobM4rtinK, i have no time for gtk can we speak about that later or email i am gone23:07
*** zarlino has joined #harmattan23:08
M4rtinKrzr-mob: ok :)23:08
M4rtinKrzr-mob: modrana@gmail.com23:09
*** jreznik has joined #harmattan23:10
*** zarlino has quit IRC23:15
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan23:21
*** vladest has joined #harmattan23:22
apolwhile trying to install x11vnc I get this error:
apolany idea about how to fix it?23:27
apolapparently libssl package is broken?23:27
GeneralAntillesInterestingly I have NO idea where my Nook Color is right now. . . .23:28
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:30
*** javispedro has quit IRC23:30
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan23:30
*** tarantism has joined #harmattan23:33
*** mece has quit IRC23:36
apolis it possible to install gst-launch to harmattan?23:39
javispedropackage gstreamer0.10-tools, you might need to fetch it from SDK repo.23:41
apol-.- gh23:42
apolok thx23:42
ieatlinthah, you can install ipv6 on the n950 now23:42
*** wazd has joined #harmattan23:43
apoljavispedro: yes it was there, gracies23:43
apolwhile trying to install almst anything, I get this error:
apolany clues? :D23:44
javispedrotry purging it and reinstalling23:45
javispedro( dpkg --purge libssl1.0.0 ; apt-get -f install )23:45
apolsame error :(23:46
javispedrowhen reinstalling? package might be broken, I don't have it23:47
javispedro^^ seems to explain the problem23:48
apoli see23:49
apolwell, I won't worry too much about it then23:49
apolthanks again :)23:49
*** fiferboy has quit IRC23:50
wazdI kinda understand why they've changed the way to switch keyboaard layouts but I prefered the last one :(23:51
wazdand that's all because of bloody swype23:52
*** gri is now known as zz_gri23:59

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