IRC log of #harmattan for Saturday, 2011-08-27

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DocScrutinizerthe builtin browser refused to play video on any settings for codec on
djszapi_2fakeroot apt-get update00:04
djszapi_20% [Connecting to]00:04
djszapi_2and nothing happens00:04
djszapi_2What can be wrong ?00:04
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GeneralAntillesjavispedro, well, it crashes on 3/4 of the sites I try to visit.00:05
javispedrothat's true.00:06
javispedrobut, fennec?00:06
javispedrois the launch time still measured in eons?00:06
GeneralAntillesSlightly fewer than on Maemo.00:07
GeneralAntillesYeah, Fennec is impressively shitty00:07
GeneralAntillesI'm not sure what they're testing it on00:07
GeneralAntillesbut it sure aint anything I've run it on so far.00:08
javispedroin the topic of crashing, maps also crashes a lot00:08
DocScrutinizerGeneralAntilles: s/testing it//00:08
javispedroin fact, no way I can actually do pedestrian autorouting using ovimaps, it always crashes somewhere in the process00:09
GeneralAntillesI want retail firmware00:09
GeneralAntillesI thought we were supposed to have N9s this month. . . .00:09
DocScrutinizerGeneralAntilles: there are weeds that make you very patient I've been told00:09
javispedrook, this is funny00:10
javispedroso I'm trying to setup sync on fennec, and I click on "Setup sync", I get a 9 digit code00:10
javispedroI'm supposed to enter that on my desktop firefox00:10
Venemo_N950GeneralAntilles, I'd pick an N950 with final firmware against an N9 any time.00:11
javispedroso I click "How?"00:11
javispedroand the help calmly tells me to ignore the code and click on "I do not have a desktop/ I am not near a desktop".00:11
Venemo_N950javispedro, that part just sux, because you have to scroll down in fennec and tell it you're not near a desktop00:11
javispedroit might be because I'm not on 4.0 in desktop00:12
javispedrojust realized (but obviously it doesn't say that on the help page)00:12
Venemo_N950well, I am, and it still isn't implemented00:12
Venemo_N950yeah, they COULD HAVE fixed this in the past year or so00:12
Venemo_N950lazy bastards00:12
javispedroat least I agree with GAN, launch time is improved!00:13
javispedrosend some champagne in their direction00:13
javispedro(panning is as slow as always)00:13
javispedrodespite virtually 2x the gfx power00:13
javispedroI have 500 MiB of RAM left, it could virtually store a uncompressed bitmap of the entire webpage in RAM..00:14
Venemo_N950yeah, lol00:15
Venemo_N950fennec has degraded a lot, 1.0 was slow, but at least usably slow00:15
Venemo_N9501.1 was a lot slower, and they promised a lot faster 2.0, which never happened00:16
Venemo_N950they jumped to 4.0 or whatever with its versioning, but they still haven't made it perform any better00:17
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* lardman is quite stunned to see that his multicoloured qml interface actually receives data over DBus00:24
javispedrodbus opens its doors to everyone :)00:29
lardmanoi! :p00:29
lardmanI'm more surprised that the commands I was using to update the relevant fields actually worked out of the box00:29
DocScrutinizerjavispedro: ( tells me to ignore the code ) LOL00:32
GeneralAntillesIt wants to warn be about closing multiple tabs when I try to close it from the switcher.00:41
javispedrothese days everytime I read "don't worry about the future of Qt even if Symbian/Harm dies, it will be the API to use if you want to code for Android, iOS, the next billion!", I translate it as "don't worry about the future of WebOS, it will be licensed by Samsung, HTC!"00:46
* lardman hits the sack00:50
lardmannight chaps00:50
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SpeedEvil'this time next year, we'll be millionaires'00:54
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MohammadAGholy shit angry birds is fast on the N95003:02
specialis it in the store now, or?03:03
MohammadAGThat N9 on RDA is useful for something :P03:04
MohammadAGalso got skype, but it opens a white config window03:06
specialI really hope skype will be less annoying than it was on the n900.03:10
special..but skype is annoying everywhere, honestly03:10
specialfor every message you get, you have to go around to all of your devices and read it.03:10
TronicAlso for every messages you SEND :O03:13
TronicOh, I got a new message... From myself... On all my gadgets.03:14
GeneralAntillesMohammadAG, nice.03:16
MohammadAGHA, worked03:21
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GeneralAntillesYou haven't nixed the Developer Edition crap?03:24
MohammadAGso, it's "Checking", I wonder if that means it failed03:24
MohammadAGAug 27 03:24:11 (none) kernel: [159948.925231] Aegis: voicehost verification failed (incorrect hash) javispedro tips?03:25
javispedroyou can disable aegis enforcing these days, you know ;)03:26
npmnice warm n950 after a 20 minute call.. or after recording video....03:26
javispedroomg, vsynced angry birds03:27
* javispedro has orgasm, and I promise it's not related at all to my current hacking session with the vibrator library, I promise!03:27
MohammadAGjavispedro, epic angry birds03:27
MohammadAGsadly, free version is 15 levels without the 5 magic levels03:28
javispedrovsynced bird launching, must see that.03:28
MohammadAGthe swipe's slow when playing angry birds03:28
javispedroI've seen that03:28
MohammadAGsystem UX swipe, not the in game camera one, that's epic03:28
* javispedro suggests capping the frame rate to 30fps when swiping starts03:29
javispedroor even 20fps, 30 fps is already a bit sluggish.03:29
MohammadAGhow do I kill aegis again?03:29
javispedroMohammadAG: you are still using the same kernel we all use03:29
MohammadAGI'm on 22-603:30
MohammadAGjavispedro, should I expect a self destruct?03:31
MohammadAGI replaced voicehost/skyhost03:31
javispedrolemme check03:31
MohammadAGand videohost03:32
MohammadAGwait, videohost, Skype has video calling!!!03:32
javispedronot necessarily; they could have pulled the entire skypesdk but never get the video part working in the UI03:32
javispedronothing about skype or *host is on the mandary list, so you shouldn't get a selfdestruct.03:33
javispedro*mandatory list.03:33
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MohammadAGAug 27 03:24:11 (none) DSME: Got Validator message [ Fail: 4 (incorrect hash) Method: 3 Process: telepathy-spiri File: /usr/lib/skyhost/voicehost ]03:34
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MohammadAGAug 27 03:24:11 (none) DSME: OK, not a mandatory file: /usr/lib/skyhost/voicehost03:34
javispedroif it was mandatory, you'd be in MALF state already03:34
javispedroaka selfdestructed.03:34
MohammadAGjavispedro, thanks, have another complimentary orgasm
javispedrohaha, I need to see that live.03:36
javispedrohm, 864x480?03:37
javispedrosomeone made a typo.03:37
MohammadAGoh and you'll like this /usr/share/policy/etc/pulse/xpolicy.conf.d/angrybirdsfreemagic.conf03:37
MohammadAGxpolicy.conf has a .d folder03:37
javispedroit probably just says [game] or similar.03:38
javispedrooh, the more interesting part is the syspart.conf.d one.03:38
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* javispedro fails to remember what happens when validator-init detects a hash mismatch on a non mandatory file..03:39
MohammadAG"Sorry, can't connect to skype" :/03:40
GeneralAntillesIt's fun watching progress.03:40
javispedrowhat progress? we want a later image! ;)03:40
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MohammadAG* javispedro fails to remember what happens when validator-init detects a hash mismatch on a non mandatory file..03:42
MohammadAGerr, what?03:42
javispedroMohammadAG: that I'm not sure what will happen after reboot.03:42
MohammadAGshould I expect something bad?03:42
MohammadAGthe skype icon is just Exec=dbus-send --session --print-reply --type="method_call"  / string:"skype"03:43
javispedroMohammadAG: think not, but, as usual, backup :)03:43
MohammadAGbackup what? flashing rootfs should be fine :)03:44
MohammadAGactually, bored03:44
MohammadAGBroadcast message from root@RM68003:44
MohammadAG        (/dev/pts/1) at 3:44 ...03:44
MohammadAGThe system is going down for reboot NOW!03:44
MohammadAGI forgot how cute the startup tune was03:45
javispedroso, nothing weird happened, ok03:46
javispedroyou need to do the unseal thing again btw03:46
MohammadAGinsmoding a python file03:47
MohammadAGI need sleep03:47
MohammadAGRM680-22-6_PR_RM680:~# python modhash.py03:47
MohammadAGTraceback (most recent call last):03:47
MohammadAG  File "", line 4, in <module>03:47
MohammadAG    with open(sys.argv[1], 'rb') as f:03:47
MohammadAGIndexError: list index out of range03:47
javispedropython unseal.ko :P03:48
MohammadAGcan't connect to skype03:49
MohammadAGAug 27 03:49:16 (none) SKYPE-ACCOUNT-PLUGIN: Warning:  [16:746] Skype Connection could not be connected03:49
MohammadAGI'm impressed03:50
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javispedroyou might be missing something?03:50
MohammadAGidk, didn't update org.freedesktop.Telepathy.ConnectionManager.spirit.service03:51
* MohammadAG tries again03:51
MohammadAGand yeah, it's still checking :/03:55
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javispedron950 fmrx code in ohm-plugins-misc04:30
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hiemanshuMohammadAG: around?05:15
MohammadAGhiemanshu, no05:15
hiemanshuMohammadAG: lol, so did anything come out of it? I see angry birds :P05:15
MohammadAGdoesn't log in, yet05:16
hiemanshuMohammadAG: PM05:16
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djszapi_2Can someone tell me the link of this package ? opengles-sgx-img-common-dev06:33
djszapi_2javispedro ^06:36
djszapi_2a link pls06:36
javispedrocannot -- it's on the private repo06:36
djszapi_2I guess you have a proper sources.list06:37
djszapi_2in that case, there should be some deb tool for getting the link...06:37
javispedrothe private repo is passworded06:37
djszapi_2could you please share this debian package ?06:38
djszapi_2or hiemanshu, MohammadAG ^06:39
djszapi_2DocScrutinizer or basically anybody ^06:41
djszapi_2link is also fair enough06:49
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rantomQuestion: if I enable landscape for lock screen and applications-list will those be overwritten back to portait in later update, possibly?09:20
kimjuthe landscape mode has annoying redrawing issue, it's not usable09:31
dm8tbrand as portrait is the hype I'd bet it won't be fixed in pr1, maybe never09:32
rantomI have no issus with portrait, I do like it09:41
rantomIt's just a bit odd to have hw-keyboard open and trying to navigate the applications09:41
hiemanshudjszapi_2: link to what?09:43
rantomhiemanshu: 06:33:55 < djszapi_2> Can someone tell me the link of this package ?  opengles-sgx-img-common-dev09:43
dm8tbrsgx, hmm likely closed?09:44
rantom06:36:45 < djszapi_2> a link pls09:44
rantom06:36:56 < javispedro> cannot -- it's on the private rep09:44
hiemanshudjszapi_2: for N950?09:44
rantomSo yes, I'd say09:44
djszapi_2hiemanshu: yep09:44
hiemanshuthe links are all encryptred even in the sources.list :/09:44
djszapi_2what do you mean ?09:45
djszapi_2if it is https://user:password@ then it should be no issue09:45
hiemanshujust a sec09:45
djszapi_2I can put my user, password for sure09:45
dm8tbrencrypted or just containing hashed parts?09:45
djszapi_2thing is that I need to install libqt4-dev in scratchbox09:45
djszapi_2and this is a hard dependency09:45
djszapi_2and I would not like to mess up my internal repository setup with the external just because of one package.09:46
hiemanshudjszapi_2: PMing09:46
hiemanshudm8tbr: seems hashed09:47
djszapi_2hiemanshu: does not really work09:47
djszapi_2copy/paste into the browser bar, I am having got just access denied09:48
hiemanshudjszapi_2: that is what sources.list has09:48
djszapi_2but that is the thing, I would not like to mess it up09:48
djszapi_2that is why I asked for an URL what I can just drop to wget09:48
hiemanshudjszapi_2: apt-cache search only shows a opengles-sgx-img-common09:49
* hiemanshu does a apt-get update09:50
djszapi_2well, there is a separate debian tool for this09:50
hiemanshudjszapi_2: no -dev sorry09:50
djszapi_2I know it is a shame they do not have an url getter option09:50
djszapi_2even my package manager has ...09:51
djszapi_2dget or something like that, I cannot recall the debtool for it09:51
hiemanshuwell, there is --download-only so I could download and upload it for you, if there was such a package09:51
djszapi_2download-only does not return the link09:51
hiemanshuofc, but I could up it for you09:52
djszapi_2there must be such a package since it is the dependency of libqt4-dev09:53
djszapi_2say, hard dependency09:53
radiofreedjszapi_2: there is, it's in a private repository for maemo developers09:53
djszapi_2yes, you already told it09:54
djszapi_2but this is not proceeding :)09:54
djszapi_2hiemanshu: so how about "dpkg -l opengles-sgx-img-common-dev"09:55
radiofreeignore the dependency09:55
djszapi_2sorry, I would not like to ignore a hard dependency...09:55
hiemanshudjszapi_2: 'No packages found matching ...'09:55
djszapi_2hiemanshu: that is utterly odd...09:56
djszapi_2download the libqt4-dev package...09:56
djszapi_2unpack and see the control file...09:56
djszapi_2it is there as a dependency...09:56
djszapi_2and libqt4-dev is a must have for most of things.09:56
djszapi_2the things*09:56
hiemanshudjszapi_2: 'Package libqt4-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package' :/09:59
djszapi_2irc-chatter needs libqt4-dev for instance... just from your area...10:00
hiemanshuyeah, dpkg -l lists it as installed though10:03
djszapi_2where does "libsaveas" come from ?10:04
*** BrettQ is now known as BrettQ|sleep10:04
djszapi_2hiemanshu: so if you accidentally remove libqt4-dev, I can hardly believe you are "dead".10:04
djszapi_2that would be a big fail of Nokia.10:04
hiemanshusadly yes10:05
djszapi_2I am pretty sure it can be installed.10:05
* RST38h yawns10:06
hiemanshudjszapi_2: libsaveas is part of the the rm680 repo10:09
hiemanshudjszapi_2: the one I PM'ed to you10:09
djszapi_2also, libqt4-dev is publicly available10:09
djszapi_2that is how I tried to install...10:09
hiemanshuuhm sorry, its tools10:09
djszapi_2so if the dependency cannot be installed: it well means another broken Nokia package.10:09
djszapi_2not the first one10:10
hiemanshulol, removing libsaveas removes about 99 pcakages :/10:11
djszapi_2yes, that is the thing10:11
djszapi_2and it is not installed in scratchbox, so you can imagine that I need it...10:11
hiemanshuwell the scratchbox SDK is really really broken, atleast what we have access to10:12
djszapi_2well, I could of course re-generate the sb target10:12
djszapi_2but it seems a big fail to me if it is because Nokia packages are rather broken10:12
hiemanshuthe sysroot is also a part of the QtSDK, that seems to work for me perfectly with qemu10:13
djszapi_2also, I could not actually re-generate the target since I do not have access to the internal stuff now10:13
*** artemm has joined #harmattan10:15
* djszapi_2 fails to see the libsignon-ui0 package as well...10:15
djszapi_2 -> referenced here, but cannot be found10:16
djszapi_2hiemanshu: can you find this libsignon-ui0 ?10:17
hiemanshugive me a sec10:17
hiemanshudjszapi_2: libsignon-ui0 - Signon-ui library10:19
djszapi_2right, link ?10:19
* djszapi_2 dislikes the Nokia SDK, it does not even have a basic search engine..10:19
RST38hsearch engines are for sissies!10:20
RST38h(besides, Google does the job better, even for Nokia SDK contents)10:20
djszapi_2not really, nope10:21
djszapi_2quite a few packages google did not actually find10:21
djszapi_2and they were there....10:21
hiemanshudjszapi_2: 'Reinstallation of libsignon-ui0 is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.' :(10:21
hiemanshuapt-get install --reinstall --print-uris libsignon-ui0 would print uirs10:22
djszapi_2thanks N!10:22
djszapi_2except that, you do really no want to install it10:22
hiemanshuwell, its already installed, so reinstallation would not cause a problem really, if it could be access10:23
djszapi_2yes, it does10:23
djszapi_2what you should understand is that, pacman has an option for it without messing up with installation (aka. a getter)10:23
hiemanshudjszapi_2: well, even yum has one, yum-downloader, but I am not really a debian guy10:24
* hiemanshu hugs rpm10:24
djszapi_2so my case:10:24
djszapi_2Reinstallation of libsignon-qt0 is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.10:25
djszapi_2and I do not get any link either10:25
djszapi_2however it /is/ there.10:25
djszapi_2in the public repository.10:25
djszapi_2so this option is really a big no go10:25
hiemanshudjszapi_2: pre-installed, but no link to repo10:25
djszapi_2but it /is/ in the repository.10:25
djszapi_2anyway, I cannot hack anything this way till Monday about Harmattan :)10:26
hiemanshudjszapi_2: but which one?10:26
djszapi_2sorry ?10:27
hiemanshu<djszapi_2> but it /is/ in the repository.10:27
djszapi_2read back10:27
djszapi_2Reinstallation of libsignon-qt0 is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.10:27
* hiemanshu goes to check why WebView wont work10:29
djszapi_2btw, your setup seems to be broken10:29
djszapi_2there is no reason you cannot reinstall libqt4-dev, it /is/ in the public repository.10:29
djszapi_2so at least, your system should try.10:30
hiemanshudjszapi_2: 'E: Package libqt4-dev has no installation candidate'10:30
hiemanshuand I flashed the phone last night, and haven't touched apt-get until now10:31
djszapi_2your setup seems to be broken10:31
djszapi_2it /should/ be able to fetch the public repository if you have that one configured.10:31
djszapi_2I am all kinf of frustrated, libqt4-dev cannot be installed on Harmattan...10:32
djszapi_2so it might be that: "opengles-sgx-img-common-dev" is available, your setup is just broken...would be nice if someone else can confirm this situation..10:33
hiemanshumaybe if anyone else is around and can confirm10:33
djszapi_2I would not like to create a bug internally before making sure.10:34
djszapi_2hiemanshu: you can see why I mentioned from the beginning, I do not have time to help your software, it is such a fuss, you can realize it..10:39
hiemanshudjszapi_2: well thats understood10:49
rantomI hate to ask obvious questions but: 1. Why can't I remove Facebook? I held the icon, tapped the X, it said it was removing and then later, when I tried again, "Can't be removed". 2. Is the N950 16 Gb?10:58
Stskeeps2) yes 1) all your base are belong to us10:59
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan10:59
RST38hand good morning, Stskeeps10:59
rantomOh right, morning11:00
Stskeepsseriously though, i think you can remove in settings -> control panel11:00
rantom..11:01! there is a (free at least) item in ovi store named Foilant, a ebook reader program for mobile phones. guess WHAT is actually there?11:01
rantomNo installed software11:01
Arkenoiit is FSCKING BOOKMARK to a FSCKING BLOG! and the software itself is j2me and won't run on harmattan!11:02
Stskeepscan't you complain about that?11:02
Arkenoiwhy are all that bookmarks there?11:02
RST38hso , is it a bookmark or a software?11:04
RST38hand how much have you paid for it? =)11:04
hiemanshumorning RST38h Stskeeps11:04
Arkenoinothing, but i spend several minutes in frustration11:04
* RST38h hates hates hates Android11:04
RST38hprobably have to hate qml, by extensions11:05
rantomRST38h: You're not the only one here...11:05
rantom(about hating android)11:05
RST38hadding a button to a dialog, after a delay = near impossible11:05
hiemanshuso how can I push a new page in the PageStackWindow as soon another page is opened?11:05
hiemanshu(I want to show a loading page until its completed)11:06
rantomBusybox in MeeGo Harmattan doesn't have reboot/poweroff? :(11:06
hiemanshurantom: nope11:06
rantomWell it has apt-get so that's a plus11:06
RST38hhiemanshu: maybe use a progress dialog?11:06
hiemanshuRST38h: I am using a Loading dialog with a BusyIndicator11:07
hiemanshuI have the made dialog on my own too11:07
*** harbaum-n950 has joined #harmattan11:08
hiemanshubut I dont know how to push that page when its loading ( I can pop it using Connections and a onStatusChange symbol)11:08
sandst1rantom: yes it has reboot11:09
RST38hhiemanshu: does a page have onCreate or onOpen or something like that?11:09
RST38hhiemanshu: onShow maybe?11:09
hiemanshuRST38h: checking11:10
rantomStskeeps: I found Facebook from Control Panel and removed it but the facebook-meego was left there11:10
rantomI assume it's meant to be there IF I decide to reinstall it?11:11
RST38hAndroid = Symbian rewritten in Java11:11
djszapi_2RST38h: Could you please add the public nokia repository to the parsed list by hand ?11:11
rantomsandst1: Ok, thanks. So it has to be run manually from /sbin, right?11:11
sandst1rantom: you can run it as root from anywhere11:12
RST38hdjszapi: I have talked to Adam. He says adding it by hand is no problem, but it requires a token to access11:12
RST38hso he can't index it11:12
djszapi_2RST38h: Could you please add the public nokia repository to the parsed list by hand ?11:12
rantomsandst1: devel-su≠root?11:12
sandst1rantom: both work11:12
djszapi_2RST38h: well, it worked in the past..11:12
RST38hdjszapi: please, refer to my answer above11:12
djszapi_2RST38h: that answer is bogus11:13
djszapi_2it worked in the past.11:13
RST38hdjszapi: if you have a nokia repo that can be freely accessed without a token, give me the url11:13
RST38hthanks, I will tell adam to add it11:13
djszapi_2lol, one person can add it, and others depend on him ? :)11:14
djszapi_2Is that really a good approach ?11:14
djszapi_2anyway, ok...11:14
* RST38h sighs again11:14
RST38hAdam is managing the server hosting PackRat. He has access rights and can add or remove stuff.11:15
djszapi_2yes, this is not a good approach. Say, he has on a long vacation for instance11:16
hiemanshuRST38h: there seems to be Created: Component.onCompleted()11:17
* hiemanshu tries11:18
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan11:19
RST38hdjszapi: Yes, very disturbing thought11:21
RST38hdjszapi: Let us do it this way: you provide me and Adam with reliable hosting for PackRat11:23
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan11:23
djszapi_2RST38h: sorry ?11:24
hiemanshuhey Venemo_N95011:24
RST38hdjszapi: As it is a non-profit service and neither of us has money, it will have to be free hosting, but fast and reliable11:25
Venemo_N950IRC Chatter connects blazing fast on 3.5G11:25
RST38hdjszapi: What?11:25
*** harbaum has quit IRC11:25
djszapi_2RST38h: seriously not sure what you mean...11:25
Venemo_N950and utter slowly on 2.5G11:25
djszapi_2RST38h: from what I can say, I will not host it at all ...11:25
RST38hdjszapi: I mean, if you want the service to be fast, reliable, regularly maintained, you have to do something for it11:26
djszapi_2RST38h: I think you /slightly/ misunderstood, but I am pretty sure a read back help a lot.11:26
villagerhate the capacitive screen11:26
hiemanshuVenemo_N950: well ofc, edge is slow11:26
RST38hdjszapi: If you are not doing anything, and just complaining about things being ""wrong", "unreliable", etc, you probably know where your opinion goes.11:26
djszapi_2RST38h: give me rights then...11:26
djszapi_2otherwise how the earth could I add it ?11:27
RST38hrights to what?11:27
djszapi_2forget it, really.11:27
djszapi_2Venemo_N950L How can I install libqt4-dev for irc-chatter build ?11:28
djszapi_2if I do not have it and nor some of its dependencies.11:29
djszapi_2like: opengles-sgx-img-common-dev11:29
hiemanshudjszapi_2: we built it using Madde11:29
hiemanshuit has everything11:30
hiemanshuor c-obs11:30
djszapi_2c-obs does not have everything, that is unfortunately not true11:30
djszapi_2but yep, I am not using madde...11:30
Venemo_N950djszapi, if you use MADDE (Qt SDK), it is installed by default. if you use the Scratchbox-based SDK, then you can 'fakeroot apt-get install libqt4-dev'11:31
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC11:32
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan11:32
djszapi_2Venemo_N950: no, we could not11:32
djszapi_2its dependency seems to be not available, wanna verify ?11:32
Venemo_N950djszapi, interesting. which SDK do you use?11:33
Venemo_N950sorry, that's djszapi_211:33
djszapi_2djszapi is also get highlighted for djszapi* stuff11:34
djszapi_2at any rate, I do not use sdk, just sb11:34
*** artemm has quit IRC11:34
Venemo_N950djszapi, you mean the "Harmattan Platform SDK" (which is based on SB)?11:35
*** faenil_ has joined #harmattan11:35
djszapi_2I mean sratchbox by scratchbox11:35
Venemo_N950have you added the Harmattan SDK repo?11:36
djszapi_2nope, but that is not the point11:36
djszapi_2why I did not add it is that I have a setup for an internal repository list11:36
djszapi_2would be all kind of awkward to mess up11:36
djszapi_2at any rate, the dependency seems to be missing from the SDK11:36
djszapi_2could you please verify it ? maybe hiemanshu's setup was broken11:37
Venemo_N950well, you need some repo which contains a libqt4-dev... last time I cheched it was preinstalled on both Qt SDK and harmattan SDK11:37
hiemanshudjszapi_2: my setup was from my N950 :P11:37
djszapi_2Venemo_N950: no, I do not. I can use wget11:37
djszapi_2if I have a link11:37
Venemo_N950djszapi_2, I'll check as soon as I get home from holiday... that good enough for you?11:37
Venemo_N950djszapi_2, I can't recall the URL of that repo off the top of my head, sorry :(11:38
*** sivang has joined #harmattan11:38
*** sivang has joined #harmattan11:39
Venemo_N950anyway, I need to leave now11:41
Venemo_N950djszapi_2, I'll catch you later11:41
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC11:41
*** djszapi__ has joined #harmattan11:41
*** djszapi_2 has quit IRC11:42
radiofreedjszapi: how did you end up with a sb without libqt4-dev?11:42
*** djszapi_1 has joined #harmattan11:42
djszapi__radiofree: that is not really the point, seriously.11:42
djszapi__but of course a simple delete is enough11:43
*** djszapi_1 has left #harmattan11:43
radiofreehow do you simply delete it?11:43
djszapi__not sure I understand the question11:43
djszapi__apt-get remove11:43
djszapi__dpkg -P11:43
djszapi__apt-get -f install etc11:43
radiofreeno, i know HOW you would delete it, but it wouldn't be simple due to the dependencies of libqt4-dev11:44
radiofreeso you did it, and ignored the warnings, but why?11:44
djszapi__no, I did not.11:44
djszapi__and, I did not ignore any warnings11:44
radiofreewell how did you end up without libqt4-dev in sb then11:44
djszapi__but seriously, I do not have for this discussion, this goes nowhere.11:44
djszapi__it is not really about proceeding.11:44
radiofreeno, asking for ta package that is in a private repository goes no where11:44
radiofreeit is called scratchbox for a reason you know, it's always quicker to scratch it than it is to try and fix things there11:45
djszapi__I can install it anytime internally seriously....11:45
radiofreesolution: reinstall11:45
djszapi__and that is the proper way.11:45
djszapi__so will I do on Monday.11:45
djszapi__I do not reinstall anything no....11:45
djszapi__reinstallation is way much more time than apt-get install ... on Monday.11:46
radiofreeyou're entire discussion has been pointless then11:46
djszapi__including that I lose /quite/ a few things.11:46
radiofreeyou're finding a problem in the most obscure corner case11:46
Stskeepsah, aegis and scratchbox, my two favourites11:46
djszapi__radiofree: I do not care about what corner case.11:47
djszapi__that is not really the point11:47
djszapi__the point is the proceeding.11:47
djszapi__and the "the most obscure corner case" is rather offensive, very easy to actually reproduce.11:49
radiofreevery easy to actually reproduce, you mean removing libqt4-dev?11:49
djszapi__indeed, just run an update while running out of the space...11:49
djszapi__your restok is damaged11:50
djszapi__and then try to run apt-get -f install11:50
*** leinir has joined #harmattan11:50
djszapi__and there you go11:50
radiofreeok, i can see your point there11:50
radiofreebut again, it's scratchbox, time to scratch if that happens11:51
djszapi__why ?11:51
djszapi__reinstalling and losing everything in comparison with waiting till Monday and run one command ?11:51
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan11:51
*** lcuk has quit IRC11:51
*** lcuk has joined #harmattan11:51
radiofreebecause they you're up and running again in 10 minutes, rather than moan about it on a chat room for 2 hours11:51
djszapi__sorry, but I do not need 10 minutes hack11:52
radiofreeno, you prefer to moan for 2 hours11:52
djszapi__I would like to know what is going around instead of making something quickly in 10 minutes11:52
djszapi__that is not really my approach.11:52
radiofreewell you know what's going on11:52
djszapi__*by now*11:52
radiofreeit's quite clear whats going on11:52
djszapi__no, it was not clear to me at all11:52
djszapi__not even for others, apparently11:52
djszapi__whom I asked.11:53
*** rcg has joined #harmattan11:53
djszapi__to be honest, it is still not clear to me in fact.11:55
djszapi__since libqt4-dev has a hard dependency and there are people said above, they do not have this dependency installed.11:56
djszapi__so actually it is not just unclear, but ambigous to me.11:56
*** rm_you| has joined #harmattan11:59
*** eman has joined #harmattan12:02
faenil_djszapi__: pmed :)12:06
djszapi__I think #qt is a better channel for you faenil_ since I am off soon.12:06
faenil_already trying in #qt-qml12:07
faenil_thanks anyway ;)12:07
faenil_none ever answers there :D12:07
djszapi__well, it is weekend12:07
djszapi__I would actually try #qt with that question, more flow there.12:07
djszapi__hiemanshu: could you please generate me a working irc-chatter package for N9 ?12:09
djszapi__I cannot do it myself because of libqt4-dev xD12:09
faenil_#qt people told me to try at qt-qml XD12:11
djszapi__most of the job is done in the C++ code though12:12
djszapi__but ok12:12
rzrdjszapi: doesnt the one in h:r:h work ?12:13
djszapi__rzr: does not12:13
rzrit does on n95012:13
rzrwhat's wrong tell me12:13
djszapi__I did not speak about N95012:13
rzri am wondering what is the difference12:13
djszapi__rzr: the import...12:14
faenil_yea it is, I have the qdeclarative item, but I don't know how to handle resizegl and initializegl...who's to call them now? and what about glwidget's calls such as BindTexture (which I use in the initialize) or others?12:14
djszapi__rzr: could you please re-generate it if I tell you the one liner fix ?12:14
jktdjszapi__: pong12:14
rzrdjszapi: sure i planned to ask you this12:14
hiemanshudjszapi__: doing it12:14
hiemanshudjszapi__: give me a few12:14
djszapi__rzr: hold on12:14
djszapi__rzr: import com.meego.extras -> import
rzrhiemanshu u fixing the git and i built it ?12:15
djszapi__in the firstrunpage12:15
djszapi__qml subfolder12:15
*** piggz has quit IRC12:15
rzrhiemanshu: let me suggest to test/debug it on a bip server ( apt-get install bip )12:15
djszapi__rzr: make a package like irc-chatter-ng :D :D12:15
hiemanshurzr: I have a lot of un-pushed commits and changes, so well no, not pushing them to git until it doesn't work12:15
hiemanshudjszapi__: lol12:15
djszapi__rzr: sync up with hiemanshu12:17
djszapi__but if it is more than few minutes, regeneration makes sense12:17
djszapi__that is just few minutes12:17
hiemanshudjszapi__: my version has a few extra added stuff, like /msg, and /kick and such working12:17
hiemanshudjszapi__: and you'll need to wget and install it, single click doens't work, (the server I am hosting it on is fucked up)12:19
rzri am on it12:19
djszapi__hiemanshu: I got used to the hard things :)12:19
djszapi__hiemanshu: could you verify it also works on N950 ?12:20
hiemanshudjszapi__: wait12:20
hiemanshuthere seems to be an issue12:20
hiemanshudjszapi__: yes, doing it12:20
hiemanshu(stupid typo in my -dev stuff)12:21
*** Tronic has quit IRC12:22
djszapi__happend ;)12:22
*** hiemanshu_N950 has joined #harmattan12:22
hiemanshu_N950djszapi__, so yes works here12:22
djszapi__so for me no need to wait another package then ?12:23
hiemanshu_N950djszapi__, use the same link now12:23
*** mikhas has joined #harmattan12:24
*** hiemanshu_N950 has quit IRC12:24
hiemanshurzr: let me push my code so you can rebuild too12:25
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan12:25
djszapiN9ok cool ;)12:26
hiemanshudjszapiN9: :)12:26
hiemanshudjszapiN9: try /msg and /query and such12:26
hiemanshuand see if they are ok12:26
hiemanshuor too hard on the vkd12:26
rzrhiemanshu: in your branch or master ?12:26
djszapi__well yes...12:26
hiemanshurzr: master12:26
djszapi__would be easier hiemanshu if I can click on nick names in the channel12:26
djszapi__and it would open up a query12:27
rzrmaster i see it now12:27
djszapi__hiemanshu: I made a "/msg hiemanshu test"12:27
hiemanshuyeah, I got it12:27
hiemanshubut the focus window doesn't chagne12:27
djszapi__ah yes12:27
djszapi__well, this is also buggy...12:28
hiemanshuthats a known issue yes12:28
djszapi__well, not buggy, but not UX friendly.12:28
*** piggz has joined #harmattan12:28
djszapi__the VKB hides the queries12:28
djszapi__at the bottom12:28
djszapi__you should redesign the ui of it12:28
*** NIN101 has joined #harmattan12:28
djszapi__or we need to tap out of VKB12:28
hiemanshudjszapi__: hides queries?12:29
djszapi__anyway, that would be nice feature if I can tap on a name12:29
djszapi__and it would show up the query tab12:29
hiemanshudjszapi__: I'll look into adding that bit12:29
djszapi__and clicking on URLs for sure12:29
djszapi__is it already done ?12:29
djszapi__yes, it works, cool12:30
hiemanshuyeah clicking on URL works12:30
djszapi__I am wondering whether the nick name click would bother the swipe UX12:31
hiemanshudjszapi__: most of this was written in about two weeks, it still has to mature, a lot12:31
djszapi__probably the people list on the channel would also be cool12:31
hiemanshubut for now, it works12:31
djszapi__not by default, but an icon12:31
djszapi__so an icon could show it up or so12:32
djszapi__it would be cluttered if it is shown by default12:32
djszapi__I would even hide the channel list to be honest12:33
djszapi__that could also be an icon in the workflow12:33
djszapi__or at least a configuration whether to show it or not12:33
hiemanshudjszapi__: yes, all that is still being worked on12:34
djszapi__right, so the same import works on N950 ?12:35
rzrgood !12:35
hiemanshuthe default import by QtSDK is com.meego, which is why we used com.meego.extras, and this has been fixed in a later commit as well12:36
hiemanshurzr: built my branch?12:36
djszapi__it is an easy fix then ;)12:36
hiemanshumy version12:36
*** M4rtinK has joined #harmattan12:36
hiemanshudjszapi__: like I said it is an easy fix12:36
rzrit's in the queue12:36
rzri'll ping u12:36
hiemanshurzr: awesome!12:36
*** eman has quit IRC12:36
djszapi__hiemanshu: I am planning to make a dictionary application12:37
djszapi__however I have been planning since last autumn, so :)12:37
hiemanshudjszapi__: isnt there one already being made?12:37
djszapi__not that I am aware of.12:37
djszapi__if you mean QStarDict, I have few issues with that project, I would not like to participate to that.12:38
hiemanshuI remember seeing one in f.m.o12:38
hiemanshudjszapi__: who dont you have an issue with?12:38
* hiemanshu runs12:38
djszapi__hiemanshu: Harmattan in general12:38
djszapi__I think it is a very good platform, also linux kernel, kde etc so many things really :)12:39
rzrkimju: hi, seems obs is stuck on your pkg
sivangdjszapi__: you mean harmattan?12:39
sivangFor all I know, just like Maemo, harmattan is the best thign since sliced bread.12:40
sivangI mean, it is like a jewl being polished to be perfect.(Maemo was a bit rough on the edges)12:40
* sivang wonders if this is hpw you speel this word12:40
rzrkimju: but it appear finished
hiemanshudjszapi__: I was kidding, and that was rhetorical question :P12:41
hiemanshuwas a*12:41
*** sudanix_ has joined #harmattan12:41
*** guruz is now known as mgoetz12:44
faenil_can anybody help me show a qglwidget inside a qml file? :D12:44
djszapiN9hiemanshu copy/pazte12:45
djszapiN9in irc chatter ?12:45
hiemanshudjszapiN9: doesnt, work, that's in the TODO as well12:48
hiemanshudoesnt work*12:48
*** djszapi__ has quit IRC12:48
kimjurzr, known bug. I was trying to debug the aegis-deb-add vs. aegis-deb-util difference.12:49
kimjurzr, luckily it releasses the builder, it's just displayed as still building.12:49
rzrkimju: can you try to disable your repo workers and reenable them to kill that job ?12:50
kimjucan't even trigger rebuild without new source upload12:52
kimjunor cancel the build12:52
*** seif has quit IRC12:54
kimjuas the build job itself has finished and released the worker, it's just listed as still building12:54
rzrgo to12:55
rzrw/ your id12:55
rzr ...12:55
rzrand select disable all12:56
rzrto double check12:56
*** seif has joined #harmattan12:56
kimjuI'll try when I'm in front of computer next time.. (currently only ircing via phone)12:57
djszapiN9hiemamshu mmm the internal nokia network does not wor13:01
djszapiN9rzr sup in malaysia13:02
hiemanshudjszapiN9: you can tab, the button on the left13:02
hiemanshuauto complete nicks13:02
djszapiN9hiemanshu, True13:02
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC13:03
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan13:04
djszapiN9hiemanshu can i connect to more servers from the beginning13:05
hiemanshudjszapiN9: nope, its limited to one server right now, the next version will have more13:05
djszapiN9yep misthave13:06
hiemanshuVenemo is looking at that part13:06
djszapiN9people list is also a musthave13:07
hiemanshudjszapiN9: there is not much space on have that on such a small device sadly :(13:08
infobothiemanshu meant: djszapiN9: there is not much space to have that on such a small device sadly :(13:09
djszapiN9but my advice workd13:09
hiemanshuwell yeah, also the current way also works, with an icon on the toolbar13:09
djszapiN9not for me13:10
djszapiN9i mean i cannot start a query13:11
djszapiN9it should not be msg box imho13:11
djszapiN9just like the internet connections13:11
hiemanshuyou can start a query, just you have to manually do it right now13:11
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan13:13
djszapi_hiemanshu: also, sound would be nice13:14
hiemanshudjszapi_: I am currently working on getting a way to change the font sizes, and getting the notifications in the notification area, ofc with sound13:15
*** djszapi_3 has joined #harmattan13:16
djszapi_how can I leave a channel ?13:16
djszapi_from the Ui without a command ?13:16
*** djszapi_3 has left #harmattan13:16
djszapi_How about the "whois" ui workflow ?13:19
lcukhiemanshu, is the irc client handling most normal stuff now?13:21
hiemanshudjszapi_: /part13:21
hiemanshuor menu, /part13:21
*** djszapiN9 has quit IRC13:21
hiemanshuor menu -> close/part13:21
djszapi_that closed the app13:22
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan13:22
*** djszapiN9 has left #harmattan13:22
hiemanshuwtf, /me tries13:22
hiemanshudjszapi_: menu -> close/part13:23
*** hiemanshu_N950 has joined #harmattan13:23
*** hiemanshu_N950 has left #harmattan13:23
*** hiemanshu_N950 has joined #harmattan13:23
hiemanshuworks for me13:24
*** hiemanshu_N950 has quit IRC13:24
rantomCan someone do me a small favor? Please check if user rantom has been active in:
trxhm, how do i turn off the power saving mode of WiFi adapter (n950)?13:25
*** djszapiN9 has joined #harmattan13:25
rantomI'd just want to confirm whether it's my account, that I've lost the email-address or someone elses13:25
rzrdjszapiN9: will take off in 2 wk13:25
hiemanshurantom: that a link to enter a new bug13:25
rantomhiemanshu: That's all I have, I can't enter listing..13:25
rantomNo account as of yet, unless I've made one earlier13:26
hiemanshurantom: well, you should be able to13:26
hiemanshurantom: but you got a N950 without an account?13:26
*** djszapiN9 has left #harmattan13:26
rantomhiemanshu: I've been helping with the Community Edition for N90013:27
rantomSo yes13:27
rzrkimju: should open on firefox :)13:27
hiemanshurantom: ah, from where?13:27
rantomhiemanshu: From Nokia13:27
hiemanshurantom: I mean, any special program13:27
hiemanshuor something :P13:27
rantomhiemanshu: I'm not sure. I can tell that Makoto sent it to me13:27
Stskeepsrantom's just been useful, so :P13:27
rzri can open that page
hiemanshuStskeeps: ah I see :)13:28
rantomhiemanshu: In short: I'm long-term volunteer helping to test the newest images in MeeGo vanilla handset and N900 CE13:28
SpeedEvilrantom: ask it to send you your password that you've forgotten. See if it turns up on an email address13:28
rantomSpeedEvil: Yeh, did that, nothing in those two that I use13:28
rantomI guess it's lost then or someone else uses it13:29
rantomI'd claim the second one, since that nick is anyways quite popular13:29
SpeedEvilrantom: You're sure it's an existing account?13:29
djszapi_hiemanshu: yep, I probably touched the close previously accidentally.13:29
rantomSpeedEvil: Yes13:29
hiemanshudjszapi_: sausage fingers :P13:29
djszapi_hiemanshu: we need that, bass guitarists, long bund distance.13:30
rantomWell, I'll let it be, I'd rather not have yet another account to use13:30
rantomThanks anyways13:31
hiemanshudjszapi_: you need long fingers not fat fingers, /me is a guitarist too :P13:31
rzrMilhouse: i see you also voted for
djszapi_I do not have fat fingers :)13:32
djszapi_rzr: blol :)13:35
faenil_so now I'm creating the QDeclarativeItem...but gl content is not showing...the clearScreen is executed (everything is blue XD) but the rest is not painted...-.-13:37
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC13:37
faenil_the paint function is correct because it works in a glwidget13:37
*** vladest has joined #harmattan13:37
djszapi_rzr what environment do you use for packaging ?13:41
rzrdebian here why ?13:41
djszapi_how do you make harmattan packages on your debian ? What is the workflow ?13:42
rzrit depends on the package but i build source package i am uploading to obs13:43
djszapi_how do you build it ? (me scratchbox)13:43
rzri hacked a few script shell to avoid repetitive tasks but it's not reliable13:43
rzri use scratchbox sometime but not on my main laptop w/ is a 2003 reliq :)13:44
*** wazd has joined #harmattan13:45
*** ZrZ has quit IRC13:53
*** ZrZ has joined #harmattan13:55
trxis there a file selection dialog in QML ?14:13
mikhastrx, no file selection dialogs in Harmattan, please.14:13
*** spenap has joined #harmattan14:13
trxmikhas why, are they taboo here or what?14:14
leinirtrx: you're not really supposed to expose the filesystem - what do you need? :)14:14
trxi am writing a code editor (porting), so i do need to expose it :)14:15
lcuktrx see khertan he has already gotten far with new version of khteditor14:15
trxis there a "standard" one or do i have to write my own?14:15
lcukmorning mikhas leinir \o14:15
trxty lcuk14:15
djszapi_trx: there was a file manager competition, maybe that is your best bet14:17
leinirAah right, in that case, grab a hold khertan, yeah, you would have the same requirements :)14:17
leinirThere won't be an official component for it, but for this particular purpose, sharing the code would make good sense :)14:17
trxyeah, i figured as much.. doesnt make sense to make 100 diffrent components..14:18
trxfile selection components*14:18
leinir*nods* :)14:18
leinirjust a case of knowing who to speak with, of course ;)14:18
trxyeah, thanks14:18
leinirperhaps this would be something for that Qt catalogue thing that was being discussed at QtCS and the Desktop Summit...14:18
leinirTo have it be not just for larger library type components, but also for smaller components, single QML Components, that sort of thing14:19
*** djszapi_4 has joined #harmattan14:22
djszapi_4trx: the filemanager applications exposed the filesystem quite well, try to pick up the best version you like. QML causes a lot of duplication independently from this matter.14:23
tommaeasiest way could be using QFileSelectionDialog with custom stylesheet14:24
trxdjszapi_4 is there any particular that you found "better" than the others?14:24
trxtomma yeah, but i want to avoid that14:24
djszapi_4trx: I have not checked them all out :)14:24
trxdjszapi_4 :))14:25
trxi'll look arround, thanks14:25
djszapi_4but how about looking at their screenshots and videos ?14:25
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC14:25
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #harmattan14:26
Venemo_N950applauncherd is crap. it displays the portrait splashscreen sometimes even in landscape14:28
djszapi_4Venemo_N950: please let me know when multiple server connections work in irc-chatter :)14:29
Venemo_N950djszapi_4, planned feature for v0.214:31
Venemo_N950djszapi_4, but there IS a workarund if you're interested14:32
djszapi_4I do not follow the releases, just drop me a query when it is done or so :)14:34
Venemo_N950ok, sure14:35
Venemo_N950djszapi_4, in the meantime, you can launch multiple instances of the app with 'irc-chatter &' in the terminal and you can connect to different servers from each.14:35
Venemo_N950djszapi_4, btw, here is what you were looking for:14:36
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC14:38
*** Venemo_ has joined #harmattan14:38
Venemo_djszapi_4, sorry, N950 disconnected me14:39
Venemo_there you can find what you were looking for this morning14:39
*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo_N95014:39
djszapi_4I have not seen it there..14:39
djszapi_4dpkg -l opengles-sgx-img-common-dev14:40
djszapi_4No packages found matching opengles-sgx-img-common-dev.14:40
djszapi_4Venemo_: is that the same also in your environment ?14:40
Venemo_N950that one is a nokia-binary, to which the server kindly doesn't give permission to me14:40
Venemo_N950djszapi_4, not sure, I'm not on my computer now14:41
djszapi_4bit funky, you cannot even get binary packages.14:41
Venemo_N950anyway, libqt4-dev (what you needed) is there :)14:41
djszapi_4yes, we all knew that.14:42
djszapi_4look into its description/control file :)14:42
Venemo_N950does it need this opengl thing?14:43
djszapi_4yes, of course.14:43
*** Stecchino_ has quit IRC14:43
Venemo_N950I see... hmpfh14:43
djszapi_4because "everything" is inside one dev package on Harmattan14:44
Venemo_N950okay, I get it.14:44
*** vladest has quit IRC14:44
Venemo_N950djszapi_4, you can spare yourself a lot of pain if you just use the harmattan platform sdk or madde14:45
djszapi_4hahahah :D14:45
djszapi_4no thanks, it is enough if I just read the bugs about it here.14:45
Venemo_N950both of them have these stuff preinstalled14:45
djszapi_4also, this dpkg wrapper bug can be reproduced there anytime...14:45
djszapi_4it is not really environment specific, it is a dpkg wrapper bug.14:46
*** vladest has joined #harmattan14:46
djszapi_4yes, of course, sb also has.14:46
Venemo_N950what is the dpkg wrapper bug? never heard of it14:46
djszapi_4well, try to install packages while running out of space.14:46
djszapi_4and then make apt-get -f install after freeing up space.14:46
Venemo_N950doesn't sound good14:46
djszapi_4you might get into this issue in /any/ environment.14:46
djszapi_4well, it is not a serious bug, I will propose a "fix" for this on Monday.14:47
djszapi_4I mean easy to fix.14:47
Venemo_N950nice :)14:47
*** cpscotti has joined #harmattan14:48
Venemo_N950djszapi_4, I think I figured out how to workaround the fact that newer software has instead of com.meego.extras. If you can spare me 5 minutes tomorrow, we could test if it works14:49
djszapi_4Venemo_N950: actually I can write a package which will get you into this trouble...14:49
djszapi_4* will put you14:49
djszapi_4Venemo_N950: already fixed14:49 is ok for both.14:49
Venemo_N950oh... good to hear14:49
*** faenil_ has quit IRC14:50
Venemo_N950so the current release of my stuff worksforyou?14:50
djszapi_4Venemo_N950: so I think since I can write a package which can put you into this trouble and see no reason why not distribute binary packages like skype and so forth. I do not understand this situation.14:50
Venemo_N950mhmmm, me neither14:51
hiemanshuVenemo_N950: I fixed it and I tested it, works fine on both14:56
*** seif has quit IRC15:01
*** seif has joined #harmattan15:03
Venemo_N950hiemanshu, nice, thank you15:04
Venemo_N950when I get back from holiday, I'll implement the multi-server capability and will make a new release15:04
*** berndhs has joined #harmattan15:06
*** faenil has joined #harmattan15:07
*** seif has quit IRC15:08
jktdjszapi_4: you've pinged me last night15:08
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC15:08
*** dm8tbr has joined #harmattan15:08
faenilelpuri_: ping15:12
*** wazd has quit IRC15:27
Venemo_N950any news about new software for N950?15:27
SpeedEvilI heard someone was releasing a multi-server capable IRC client soon.15:30
Venemo_N950SpeedEvil, that is me.15:30
SpeedEvilSorry, I'm not properly awake, that was an attempted joke.15:30
MohammadAGI wish skype was redistributable, i wouldn't have spent yesterday trying to get it to work15:35
*** djszapi_4 has quit IRC15:35
faenilI'll give 5€ to the person who'll help me show my stupid qglwidget in the qml file!!! XD Let's see if this works :P15:36
RST38hQuim got a widget named after him? =)15:38
faenilelpuri seems to be the only one who has an answer :D15:44
faenilbut he's afk..15:45
faenilthat's why there are no 3d games made with qml XD15:48
faenil(without using qml3d/qt3d)15:48
faenildoes anyone know at least how to call the swapBuffers() for that item?15:51
Venemo_N950faenil, why would you want to mess a QGLWidget into QML?15:51
faenilbecause I want to use QML for the ui15:51
faeniland QGLWidget for the game15:51
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan15:51
berndhsI did this some months ago, wasn't pretty15:52
faenilbut it seems like none can do this..15:53
RST38hit is trouble. avoidit.15:54
faenilwhat shall I do then?15:54
Venemo_N950faenil, I got an idea for you15:55
faenilI mean15:55
RST38hYOu can switch between qml and native UIs ifyou wish15:55
faenilI'm near to the solution imho15:55
berndhsthe basic problem is that QML is rendered using GL, so it tends to clobber what you draw15:55
faenilin the paintGL() I have QPainter paint the fps15:55
faeniland that works!15:55
faenilthe fps is painted in the qml code too...15:55
faenilbut the code between begineNativePainting and end seems not to be painted15:56
faenilberndhs: but there's begin/end nativepainting for that15:56
faenilthe fps is I think the only thing missing atm15:57
faenilis the call to swapBuffers15:57
faenilbut QDeclarativeItem doesn't have that ofc...15:58
faenilor maybe the problem is not there, I don't know :( but the QPainter thing is painted, while what's between begin/end nativepainting is not15:58
faenilVenemo_N950: what's your idea :D16:00
berndhswhy do you want to use QML for this ?16:02
faenilso that I can embed it in a qml UI16:02
djszapi_berndhs: why not ?16:02
faenilwhich I'll use for menus, on-screen buttons, etc16:02
berndhsbecause it seems QML interferes with the main purpose of his app, seems like a good reason not to use it :)16:02
djszapi_I fail to see why it cannot be a valid use case.16:02
djszapi_faenil: btw, I do not understand why you do not do what I showed you for in-game ui.16:03
RST38hfaenil: When creating a widget, it has got a bunch offlags, including ones that force it into native paint mode16:03
RST38hfaenil: Maybe you are missing these?16:03
RST38hberndhs: Nokia has made it very difficult notto use QML in Harmattan16:03
faenildjszapi_: ehm, I don't remember atm...did you show the GLUON thing? you said it was 2d only16:04
faenilRST38h: could be... but how can I know that?16:04
djszapi_yeah, but the concept is the same for 2 and 3d ...16:04
RST38hberndhs: The only semireasonable way to do it that I found is by creating standard QMenus with a big bad font16:04
RST38hfaenil: BY reading documentation?16:04
faenilI looked it up...16:05
faenilonly found16:05
djszapi_faenil: you can see how painful and useless to reinvent the wheel :)16:05
berndhswell then, use QML for the main control, and spawn off another QWidget window for the real game16:05
faenil    setFlag(QGraphicsItem::ItemHasNoContents, false); ù16:05
faenildjszapi_: please don't bring that discussion up again :D it's painful, but it's not useless16:06
RST38hSetiing with QWidget::setAttribute()16:06
djszapi_faenil: from what I see you are trying to reinvent the wheel instead of just checking out a project which already solved these painful issues.16:07
djszapi_actually, there are more projects who already solved it.16:07
faenilRST38h: setAttribute in the QDeclarativeItem? ...16:07
faenildjszapi_: sure I don't mean to avoid that project, could you please link me again to it?16:08
RST38hfaenil: It is a QWidget function.16:08
faenilyes, but where should I call it? on the dummy QGLWidget which I set as QDeclView's viewport?16:09
RST38hIt is your program, you decide.16:10
faenilwhat's the alternative?16:10
RST38halternative to what?16:11
faenilthey have different effect depending on where they're called, right?16:11
RST38hanyways, I need to go.16:12
faenildjszapi_: I'm looking at gluon's code..16:13
faenilso setAttributes has the same effect if I call it on QDeclView, on QGLWidget, on QDeclItem?....16:16
faenilare they software global attributes?16:16
djszapi_faenil: to be honest, I do not understand why you wanna embed opengl into qml for in game ui, you need the other way around anyways16:17
faenilI need the other way around?16:17
djszapi_I think so, yes.16:17
faenildjszapi_: I want a convenient and fast way to do menus and on-screen there any better choice?16:18
faenilwhat do you mean by "I need the other way around"?16:18
tommahmm... fullscreen glwiget and inside of it declarativeview with ui...16:18
tommamaybe it would work16:18
djszapi_I do not think you need qdeclarativeview16:20
djszapi_sorry, I was wrong, you need.16:20
djszapi_anyway, I would do the other way around. However this one might also be a use case. faenil: btw, fullscreen game is ftw :)16:21
faenildjszapi_: please explain I don't understand what you mean :)16:21
djszapi_faenil: embed the in game ui into the game..16:21
djszapi_but a said, your idea might also make sense...16:21
djszapi_we do this in the creator with qwidgets...I can imagine it can be done the same concept in qml somehow..16:22
faenilbut none seems to be able to help me with that XD all people do is saying "it's hard"16:22
djszapi_with what ?16:22
faenilwith this thing16:22
djszapi_with what thing ?16:23
faenilahaha XD16:23
djszapi_we are now discussing two different use cases.16:23
faenilwith the problem I have, i.e. showing a glwidget as a Item{}16:23
djszapi_I have not done anything like that previously.16:23
djszapi_but I fail to see how it is different to other items.16:24
faenilI mean you have the ui, buttons, lists, etc, and then you have another Item which is the game screen, that sound so straightforwards16:24
faenilthen why don't I manage to make it work?16:24
djszapi_no clue16:25
djszapi_ -> this is how it is done in KPartS which is not a QML approach16:25
djszapi_so I am just showing that with this example, this use case makes sense, but I fail to see how it is different to any other item coming from the widget world.16:26
*** vladest has quit IRC16:26
djszapi_However even if you are persistent with this menu design, you cannot avoid the in game ui16:27
djszapi_this is not in game ui what you were discussing16:27
djszapi_this is just the player Ui.16:27
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan16:28
*** vladest has joined #harmattan16:29
*** seif has joined #harmattan16:30
faenilon-screen buttons16:30
faeniland menus for the rest16:30
djszapi_it is player, it has nothing to do with in game ui16:30
djszapi_and it sounds a simple how to embed a widget into a qml program question16:30
*** willer_ has joined #harmattan16:31
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan16:31
faenilmy question has always been, "how to embed my qglwidget in a qml file?"16:31
djszapi_qglwidget is qwidget16:32
*** rcg1 has joined #harmattan16:32
faenilthen how can I do that? All forum threads say I need to create a QDeclarativeItem16:32
faeniland register it as a type16:32
faeniland that's what I am doing...16:32
*** rcg has quit IRC16:33
faenilI copied paintGL() to paint(...) of the QDeclarativeItem16:33
djszapi_that is it, nothing fancy...16:33
faenilbut what about initializeGL() and resizeGL()? and what about swapbuffers()?16:33
faenilit's not working...that's my problem...16:33
faenilonly the QPainter part of the ex-paintGL is showing16:34
djszapi_first try to make a simple work horse16:34
faenilthe paintGL is correct, because the QGLWidget worked flawlessly16:34
faenilthen, I registered it as "GameWidget" type in QML, but if I set its width and height, it still gets the whole screen16:35
djszapi_ -> would help a lot if you showed your code, really.16:35
faenilbut it's a bit long...16:35
djszapi_so they have crystal ball ? :)16:36
faenilhere's initializeGL and paintGL16:36
faenilI read that this doesn't work16:37
djszapi_Note that widgets with the Qt::WA_PaintOnScreen widget attribute set and widgets that wrap an external application or controller cannot be embedded. Examples are QGLWidget and QAxWidget.16:37
faenilnothing :)16:37
faenilin that thread you can see what was suggested...but in that case he was only drawing little stuff, not animated, etc16:38
faeniland they don't even talk about the initializeGL16:39
djszapi_well, you asked something without a workhorse code.16:40
faenilshall I put that pastebin in there?16:40
javispedrowell, that snippet djszapi_ put explains he "it renders the whole screen part"16:40
djszapi_I suggested it to you as well yesterday imho16:42
javispedromore like glViewport16:42
djszapi_you said it was not okay.16:42
faenilI'm already using setViewport...16:42
faenil? :(16:42
djszapi_when I told you yesterday, you were heavily against it :)16:42
faenillet me look at the logs,16:43
faenilbecause I don't remember saying such things16:43
djszapi_faenil: you told me that, that will render the whole screen16:43
faenilsetViewport was the only thing I was sure of...16:43
faeniloh yes16:43
faenilthat's another problem :D16:43
javispedroyou are calling glViewport(0,0,854,480) and you complain it fills the entire screen?16:43
djszapi_that is a very big problem in your design16:43
faenilnonono :D16:44
djszapi_javispedro: nobody is speaking about glViewport16:44
djszapi_we were speaking about the declarative view's viewport16:44
javispedrobut that WILL make it render to the entire screen16:44
djszapi_yes, we always knew16:44
javispedrowhen ::paint() is called on the QGLWidget you are actually drawing on the QGLWidget  QML uses as backend16:44
javispedroaka that's not "your" QGLWidget, it's QML's (or QGV's), and it always fills the entire screen16:45
faenilokay that's not a big problem because my game is fullscreen anyway16:45
djszapi_javispedro: again, we know and we discussed that :)16:45
djszapi_faenil: ...16:45
javispedroso what's the problem?16:45
djszapi_faenil: please try to make a clear statement, I cannot really follow you.16:45
faenilokay let's start allover XD16:46
djszapi_you said you need menu, "on-screen" buttons and so on16:46
faenilI had this QGLWidget, working, it displayed game and animations16:46
djszapi_you said yesterday when I told you viewport, it is not okay, because it is full screen16:46
djszapi_then you said you were using, I am confused.16:46
faenilI wanted to draw buttons on it16:47
faenillike "rotate game screen" and such, semitransparent on the game screen16:47
faenilAND, I also need to write the rest of game ui (menus, new level screens, etc)16:47
djszapi_wait, I cannot follow you...16:48
faenilI though about using QML to do everything, and find a way to use my QGLWidget (which shows the game) as an Item{} in the QML Code16:48
djszapi_what do you mean by "menus" ?16:48
Venemo_N950faenil, I have an idea for you16:48
faenilmenus means all things you see before playing16:48
faenilSettings menu, New Game menu16:48
djszapi_faenil: have you ever tried gluon ?16:48
faenildjszapi_: lol16:48
djszapi_faenil: because that is what we are doing...16:48
djszapi_so all you need is a big copy/paste as I have been saying from yesterday...16:48
djszapi_I thought after you said fullscreen game is no-go, menu means the real menu, like in an application, and not the game ui, aka. player menu.16:49
faenildjszapi_: I always said my game was fullscreen :O16:49
djszapi_so according to this, no you do not need at all this design you were discussing with more people.16:49
djszapi_wanna me to show the log ? :)16:50
faenilyes please :D16:50
faenilI'm looking it up too16:50
javispedroMohammadAG: there?16:50
*** sivang has quit IRC16:50
*** BrettQ has joined #harmattan16:51
Venemo_N950faenil, what if you try to set the QDeclarativeView as a child of the QGLWidget? then your QML GUI could appear on top of your game.16:51
faenildjszapi_: where did I say that my game is not fullscreen?16:51
djszapi_that only shows the widget...16:51
djszapi_I thought you were referring to that...16:52
javispedroVenemo_N950's approach makes sense if you want to have your qgl content fullscreen16:52
faenilso you thoughy != I said :D16:52
faenilI meant that I want to be able to draw things ON it16:52
djszapi_see my next question few lines below16:52
faenilwhile setViewport atm only shows the qglwidget16:52
djszapi_"wasn't it discussed few hours ago ?"16:52
djszapi_and I was already showing you the working project16:52
elpuri_faenil: ping16:52
djszapi_doing it, few hours ago that16:52
djszapi_please do not complicate it over16:53
djszapi_you do not really wanna embed qglwidget into qml, wrong question16:53
djszapi_you wanna have in-game ui16:53
faenilelpuri_: sorry elpuri_ it didn't let me answer via pm :)16:53
djszapi_rather opposites.16:53
faenildjszapi: let's put it in short terms16:53
faenilI want to be able to do16:53
faenilGameWidget{ width: ; height: ; IMAGE{} BUTTON{} }16:54
javispedrobecause when you share a opengl context, you need to learn how opengl does it to avoid drawing on top of its stuff / prevent it from drawing its stuff because of state or depth testing16:54
javispedros/how opengl does it/how qt does it/16:54
infobotjavispedro meant: because when you share a opengl context, you need to learn how qt does it to avoid drawing on top of its stuff / prevent it from drawing its stuff because of state or depth testing16:54
Venemo_N950so anyway, I gotta go16:54
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC16:54
djszapi_faenil: but at any rate, I am disappointed about qml16:55
djszapi_we could embed qglwidget into a qwidget application without any issue16:55
djszapi_into non-fullscreen mode16:55
javispedrothat's because qml is qgv based16:55
djszapi_faenil: seriously take a look at the existing alternatives. They ship a tested code...16:56
djszapi_javispedro: yes16:56
djszapi_I dislike qgv. a lot :)16:56
faenildjszapi_: let me try with elpuri_ first :)16:56
javispedroif they ever wanted to do a QGLGraphicsItem they would have to a) make it render to a texture so that qgv could rotate, etc. it b ) make it do something else when the graphicsystem is not opengl!16:56
faenildjszapi_: anyway now that I showed a little snippet is what I want to do clear? :)16:56
djszapi_faenil: not about snippet, you were discussing a non fullscreen way to me, by having menus16:57
djszapi_you did not make it clear what type of menu16:57
faenilok, but is it clear now?16:57
djszapi_Hence I asked, and yes, now it is clear, you want what we have achieved :)16:57
faenilok :)16:57
faenilso you also know how to do that :)16:57
djszapi_but still, the "normal" menu would make sense to me, I am disappointed about qgv again16:58
faenilwhat's the "normal" menu?16:58
djszapi_faenil: File, project, help, quit, edit, settings and the like.16:58
faenilNew Game, settings, stop16:59
djszapi_faenil: not really, there are thousand options in a cool player with all the distribution, comment, rate, achievement, highscore and other stuff16:59
faenilsure sure17:00
BrettQjavispedro: any chance you have worked on an Optware bootstrap for the N950?17:00
rantomHow often does the "No installed software"-bug happen?17:01
faenildjszapi_: is it lot of code to do what I want to do?17:01
rantomI've had it now twice and don't know how to fix it, other than rebooting17:01
javispedroBrettQ: on the N950 optification is no longer a requeriment, so even normal Debian packages work.17:02
faenilelpuri_: ping17:02
djszapi_faenil: cat ../engine/components/graphics/uimanager/* | wc -l17:02
BrettQso, just add the debian ARM repos to the sources list?17:03
djszapi_but it contains cmake files and other gluon specific things17:03
faenilso there's no chance I can do what I was doing, i.e. create a QDeclarativeItem and use it in QMl17:03
javispedroBrettQ: no, rebuild them for maemo under sbo17:03
djszapi_for instance we have our own input management for the in game ui as well17:03
djszapi_which was copied from the Q3D project iirc17:03
djszapi_some of it, you do not need that for starter17:03
*** arcean has joined #harmattan17:04
djszapi_you can just keyboard for starter.17:04
BrettQjavispedro: sorry, sbo?17:04
javispedroBrettQ: sbox17:04
djszapi_hahh, the missing tableview code is over 600-1000 lines, hefty :)17:06
djszapi_Does anybody have a shorter solution for tableview in QML ?17:06
javispedroBrettQ: bootstrapping optware should also be easy  if you are more familiar with it (but I don't have plans)17:07
djszapi_faenil: the gluon codebase is over 60K LOC, so you might still need something to copy/paste :)17:10
djszapi_faenil: do you need 3d positional audio for starter ?17:10
javispedrodoes anyone know if mikkov got a n950?17:10
Stskeepscheck the list?17:10
djszapi_faenil: or just the qtmultimediakit ?17:11
javispedrooh, it's nick based :)17:11
faenildjszapi_ : no thanks, I had 25days to learn opengl and make a 3d game, do you think I could do that too? :D17:11
djszapi_faenil: google summer of code, or just independently ?17:12
faeniluniversity exam :P17:12
faenilwasted my summer over it17:12
* javispedro ponders if adding vibration to tuxrace would be worth it17:13
javispedroI am looking for a nice SDL game to test my vibration stuff17:13
javispedrotuxrace does have two potential places where vibration feedback would be nice: while .. uh.. "sliding" over rugged/rock terrain, or when crashing17:14
javispedrothe vibrator supports a "square wave" pattern that maps very nicely to the rocky terrain17:15
sudanix_Hi, I have problem when deploy my application to n950 , it is a dependency problem where I am use Qt 4.7.4 (coming with the SDK)  but the Qt version in the device is Qt 4.7.3 ! How I can solve this problem ?17:15
javispedro~seen mikkov17:16
tommawhat? 4.7.3 on device?17:16
infobotmikkov <> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 64d 3h 58m 13s ago, saying: 's'.17:16
tommado you have some old firmware?17:16
djszapi_tomma: yes17:16
djszapi_sudanix_: --force-all all rebuild the relevant packages after choosing the proper qt version you would like to use.17:16
djszapi_* or rebuild, probably Qt SDK is the proper one.17:16
tommai have 4.7.4 on my n95017:17
sudanix_tomma: is it coming by default or you do some updates ?17:18
djszapi_sudanix_: it was the same for me as you, but which image do you use, week 22 ?17:19
tommait was there when i got it =)17:19
tommamaybe try update?17:19
sudanix_I don't find any updates17:20
sudanix_Should I flash the device ?17:20
djszapi_sudanix_: Could you please first tell the week number ?17:21
sudanix_<djszapi_>: How can I know17:22
djszapiwell, settings/about product17:22
djszapior a prompt after ssh17:23
sudanix_it is 1.2011.15-717:23
djszapi_yes, please update it17:24
sudanix_Thanks but how can I do the update17:24
faenilwait wait17:24
faenilis there any public update after 22-6?17:24
faeniloh lol that was before17:24
faenilgot a heart attack xD17:24
djszapi_sudanix_ there is a one click flasher17:24
javispedrosudanix_^^ click on the link, carefully read the instructions17:25
sudanix_ok I will do the flash ,, thanks very much17:25
javispedro_read_ the instructions17:25
javispedrospecially since you seemingly have an older proto17:25
javispedrodepending on your NOLO version it indicates you to flash something else.17:25
sudanix_Ok , I will read it carefully17:26
sudanix_But can I return back if any problem occur ?17:26
djszapi_sudanix_: what do you mean by "back" ?17:27
sudanix_back to my current version , if there is any problem17:28
djszapi_sudanix_: if you have that image, I guess. However the one click flasher should work oob.17:29
sudanix_Ok I hope that, thank very much17:30
*** Tronic has joined #harmattan17:37
*** BrettQ|sleep is now known as BrettQ_17:42
*** BrettQ has left #harmattan17:53
*** BrettQ has joined #harmattan18:03
*** BrettQ is now known as BrettQ|tPad18:04
*** BrettQ_ is now known as BrettQ18:04
*** smoku has joined #harmattan18:07
thplol @ "#harmattan was a second resource but the Scratchbox – Python – middleware angle of that group is noticeable" (qgil's blog post)18:10
Stskeeps(cough, aegis?)18:10
thpyes, if for some reason someone hostile takes over this channel, we could just relocate to #anti-aegis-squad18:13
* rzr 's n950's camera is not working anymore18:32
javispedroaegis aegis aegis aegis aegis!18:37
faenilI'm very disappointed with the quality of the pictures...18:38
faenilmacros are impossible to shot18:38
javispedrois cobs down? it seems to be completely idle18:44
*** seif has quit IRC18:44
rzrjavispedro: it's stuck18:44
javispedroah well, I guess the server rack will rest a bit for the weekend then :)18:48
TronicThe camera is quite crappy. Hopefully N9 will have something useful.18:48
djszapi_camera is better, yes18:48
javispedrosadly, even local builds are broken18:51
javispedroand stupid ocs client destroyed my buildinfo.xml when the server error'd so I can not even do --offline builds18:54
* javispedro sighs at himself after watching someone else's package go through18:58
DocScrutinizerthp: Stskeeps: sorry?19:00
faenilDocScrutinizer: qtdn keeps misbehaving :)19:01
DocScrutinizerwho or what it gtdn?19:01
faenilhave to delete cache&cookies every 5 mins XD19:01
faenil400 Bad request19:01
DocScrutinizerwell, I'd guess your cookie policies are not set up the way this website expects them to be19:02
faenildamn but I never had any problem with it :D19:02
faenilit all started yesterday xD19:02
javispedroah, this someone else's package is not harmattan.19:02
DocScrutinizerNB the SSO is via another site that's not exactly *.nokia.com19:03
* DocScrutinizer still is puzzled about that "f for some reason someone hostile takes over this channel" chat19:04
*** javispedro has quit IRC19:18
*** piggz_ has joined #harmattan19:18
*** piggz has quit IRC19:18
*** trollet has joined #harmattan19:22
*** trollet has quit IRC19:22
thpDocScrutinizer: it was just a joke :) i think it's good that we have the option to disable aegis (at least that's what i've heard is the latest status?)19:24
faenilthp: official option?19:26
DocScrutinizerthp: well, that's not exactly what I've heard. AFAIK it's still "you could build your won custom aegis-free kernel, and if you're lucky it will even boot and run parts of harmattan system"19:29
faenilis there any free high quality icons generator?19:43
faenilnot javispedro's :) even if that's awesome :D I need different type of icons19:44
berndhsthere's gimp :)19:45
faenildon't have time to learn how to make nice a deadline :)19:46
djszapi_inkscape ?19:46
djszapi_that is how the oxygen-icons author works.19:46
DocScrutinizerfaenil: so what about modifying javispedro's generator to create the type of icon you need?19:46
faenilyeah vectorial icons are nice too...but still, you need time to learn how to draw them19:47
djszapi_DocScrutinizer o/ btw :)19:47
DocScrutinizerfaenil: and why do you need "different type" anyway, what is different with it?19:47
DocScrutinizerdjszapi_: o/19:47
faenilneed to make player ui (djszapi_ :P)19:48
*** wazd has joined #harmattan19:48
djszapi_faenil: sorry ?19:48
djszapi_faenil: we have very good icons in the player, wanna re-use ?19:48
faenilnothing, j/k :) since we had that discussione about player/game ui :D19:49
djszapi_dude, you keep reinventing everything ;)19:49
faenilahhaha I'm not reinventing xD ready icons are much welcome! :D19:49
djszapi_check the touch player out I wrote.19:49
faenilok :) what's its name?19:50
djszapi_very nice icons imho the oxygen-icons author did for us19:50
DocScrutinizerfaenil: why are your icons of "different type"?19:50
berndhswell, you can spend 30 mins learning inkscape or gimp, or you can spend 45 minutes arguing about it :)19:50
faenilberndhs: if it only needed 30mins.... :D19:50
faenilDocScrutinizer: because it's for player UI in a game19:50
djszapi_I agree about that with faenil19:50
djszapi_discussion is not arguing19:51
djszapi_I do dislike jumping into doing something without discussing it19:51
berndhssure but its not like its hard19:51
DocScrutinizerright on right on!19:51
djszapi_faenil: do you have oxygen-icons installed ?19:51
berndhsi love arguing myself :)19:51
faenilehm, nope? :D19:52
djszapi_ok, wait I do a screenshot for you.19:52
djszapi_whether you like it or not19:52
DocScrutinizerfaenil: I still don't see what's different in the "type". If you need a different size, or different color scheme, I'd think that's easy to tweak19:53
faenilthe harmattan background :)19:54
faenilthe rounded base19:54
faenilharmattan style :)19:54
faenilI'll use those for menus19:54
DocScrutinizerif you simply need different icons as in "a new design from a new picture" then I don't see what's wrong with javispedro's19:54
faenilbut not for ingame ui :)19:54
* djszapi_ is confused again about faenil ingame-ui/player-ui misconception.19:55
djszapi_faenil: do you understand the difference between those uiS ?19:55
faenilnope :D19:56
djszapi_they are not the same, but you mutually use them in the same conversation19:56
faenilyes because I really don't know how to call them :D19:56
faenilI have this sokoban level19:56
faenilI want the user to be able to rotate and zoom in/out19:57
djszapi_faenil: simple: in-game ui: ui _inside_ the game19:57
faenilso I'm putting icons over the level19:57
djszapi_player ui: _outside_ the game19:57
*** spenap has quit IRC19:57
djszapi_faenil: typical example for the in game ui: menu19:57
faenilwhy would you call that "player" ui if it's outside the game? XD19:57
djszapi_faenil: typical example for the player ui: game list where you select which game to play.19:57
faeniland by menu you mean the thing that appears if you pause the game ?19:58
faenilbecause I'd call the start menu player ui19:59
faenilgiven your convention :)19:59
djszapi_not sure what you mean.19:59
faenil.when you start a game19:59
djszapi_faenil: let me take you screenshots19:59
faenilyou see "New game" "Load"19:59
faenilthat's a menu19:59
faeniland I'd say that's outside the game...20:00
djszapi_faenil: this is player ui:
faenilok yes20:00
faenilso I need icons20:01
faenilfor in-game ui20:01
djszapi_this is in-game ui20:01
djszapi_because you already play the game, hearing the sounds and so forth20:01
djszapi_so you already clicked on the player "play" button20:01
djszapi_to play the selected game.20:01
faenilyou haven't even pressed new game20:02
faenilwhy should that be in-game20:02
djszapi_that is the menu scene come on ...20:02
djszapi_if you do not use a player, just the game directly, that is the game entry scene...20:02
djszapi_you /are/ inside the game.20:03
faenilnow I get you20:03
faenilyes yes ok20:03
faenilI was not considering the "external" player...20:03
*** hardaker has quit IRC20:03
faenilI was thinking about the player as person who plays...20:03
faenilthat's why I did not get what you mean20:03
djszapi_player application20:03
faenilok right, then it's all clear20:03
*** piggz__ has joined #harmattan20:04
* djszapi_ is wondering what will be the next reinveting question, bullet as physics engine, audio, joystick, what yet ? ;)20:05
*** piggz_ has quit IRC20:05
faenildon't know :P I have to implement touch-moving camera now :)20:07
djszapi_ohh right our camera class, excellent!20:07
faenil:) yeah20:07
faenilwell I already have a camera class20:08
faenilbut it doesn't move on touch event :)20:08
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC20:17
*** rm_you| has quit IRC20:21
*** rm_you|wtf has joined #harmattan20:21
*** djszapi_ has joined #harmattan20:24
*** djszapi__ has joined #harmattan20:24
*** evilJazz has joined #harmattan20:26
evilJazzrzr, I can't install rsync from your repository. I keep getting "rsync depends on base-files (>= 4.0.1); however:  Version of base-files on system is 3.1.osso2+3.1.10.osso45+0m6."  Known issue?20:33
djszapi_why does it depend on base files ?20:35
*** djszapi__ has left #harmattan20:36
DocScrutinizerwhat IS base files?20:43
djszapi_some debian specific thing:
*** seif has joined #harmattan20:45
djszapi_native debian package, it should not be a hard dependency for harmattan...20:45
evilJazzAh, okay. Well I see if I can remove the dep from my package. I would love to use rsync to sync the QML files of my project to the device. Too lazy to cook my own rsync.20:46
djszapi_it is not even a dependency on debian for rsync20:46
*** djszapi_ has quit IRC20:54
*** Venemo_ has joined #harmattan20:55
*** djszapi__ has joined #harmattan20:55
Venemo_hey again20:56
Venemo_djszapi__, Balaton was very nice this week :) do you come home on occasion?20:57
djszapi__Venemo_: not really, but I go everywhere else where there are KDE sprint. :)20:57
Venemo_I guess it's not the same20:59
Venemo_well, I haven't been on a holiday here for years, and it was nice :)20:59
Venemo_going home tonight21:01
*** Venemo_ has quit IRC21:05
rzrevilJazz: the version i run on my n950 worked fine , let me tell the version, else fell free to fork and fix it then we'll replace it21:09
djszapi__rzr: why did you write it there ? Not even, debian has it that way.21:11
djszapi__my proposal is just to drop that, and submit21:11
rzrbut obs is frozen21:12
*** arcean_ has joined #harmattan21:17
*** arcean has quit IRC21:17
*** wmarone has quit IRC21:18
*** harbaum has joined #harmattan21:19
*** harbaum has quit IRC21:28
faenildjszapi_: ping21:35
*** hardaker has joined #harmattan21:35
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:38
*** arcean__ has joined #harmattan21:38
*** arcean__ is now known as arcean21:38
djszapi__so is this "grob" a good browser ? What are the opinions ?21:39
ajalkanecompared to fennec and the unofficial opera... it's quite simple, but fast.21:41
faenildjszapi_: nothing, last time we talked I forgot to tell you I was helped by elpuri to get the glwidget to work and it's ok now ;)21:41
ajalkaneI rather use the grob than the other currently available browsers21:43
djszapi__faenil: the solution is that what I told you21:44
djszapi__for in game ui. You are probably talking about the player ui. Confusion again ?21:44
faenildjszapi__: lol, when will we stop misunderstanding each other? XD21:45
djszapi__just be clear.21:45
faenilyou remember, I needed something to do GameWidget{ Image{} }21:45
faenilwhere gamewidget is the game level :)21:45
faenilit creates the glwidget21:45
faeniland shows the level currently playing21:46
faeniland now I can do that, that's what I wanted to know, have a qml item which let me display the game level as I wanted in the qml21:46
faenilwanted to do*21:46
djszapi__that is not in-game ui21:47
djszapi__"You are probably talking about the player ui.".21:47
faenilyou're in the game, you said, player ui, is the player app, outside the game21:48
djszapi__not really.21:48
djszapi__gamewidget is the game21:48
djszapi__but the qml outside is /not/21:48
faenilmy game has no player.21:49
faenilok? XD21:49
faenilit starts with the "new game" menu21:49
djszapi__so it starts with the game widget....21:49
djszapi__so the in gamu ui should be done as I said.21:50
faenilnope, the game widget is only the currently playing level!21:50
djszapi__and not the other way around...21:50
faenilGameWidget = level, rest in qml = ingame ui21:50
* djszapi__ is completely lost21:50
faenilman, look I just wanted to tell you that I got what I wanted, that is all, I don't understand why you don't understand what I mean :D21:51
faenilGameWidget is not the root element, maybe that's what you're missing21:51
djszapi__again, it is player ui21:52
djszapi__if it is outtermost than the game widget...21:52
djszapi__it has zero to do with in game ui21:52
faenilok if you say that the New game menu now is the player ui, then it's player ui...21:53
djszapi__the game world is inside the gamewidget21:53
faenilI'll make "New game" menu with qml21:53
faenilyou said that menu was ingame ui21:53
djszapi__but your design does not make too much sense to me21:53
djszapi__a game is inside the gamewidget by me, period21:53
faenilnow you say it's player ui21:53
faenilman GameWidget is just a name21:53
djszapi__no it is not21:54
faenilyou can't tell what's inside it21:54
djszapi__it implies the whole game world!21:54
faenilGameWidget in my project is everything I do with opengl (which is not done by qml)21:55
faenilis the game itself,21:55
faenilnot the " menus"21:55
djszapi__it will break at the first occasion when you need to display the game somewhere else21:55
faenilit's the GAME, where you play with the keyboard21:55
djszapi__or showing opengl animation in the background21:55
faenilwhat do you mean? why?21:56
djszapi__you can navigate with keyboards in the game menu as well omh21:56
* djszapi__ runs21:56
faenilman it's a lost battle21:56
faenilplease somebody help XD21:56
djszapi__you effectively eliminated the opengl possibility in the menu22:01
djszapi__good luck with that22:01
djszapi__but that is not in game ui by any mean22:01
faenilwhy eliminated opengl possibility :O everything is drawn with opengl...why should there be any problem...22:02
*** cpscotti has quit IRC22:02
djszapi__I see point of having qml around the open gl widget without any player22:02
djszapi__it makes zero sense22:02
djszapi__no point*22:03
djszapi__and yes, if something is out of the opengl widget, you obviously eliminated the opengl painting there!22:03
faenilso there's no sense in building an application UI with qml..22:05
faenil(which is what it's been created for)22:05
djszapi__I fail to see the reason, yes.22:06
faenil:O what's qml for then?22:06
djszapi__and with full screen, it is just a setViewport as I have been saying from the beginning22:06
djszapi__so I do not really understand why I repeat what I did yesterday22:06
djszapi__same things I told you.22:06
djszapi__you can show up the opengl directly....22:07
djszapi__or having a setViewport with meego look'n feel22:07
djszapi__you do not need more....22:07
djszapi__not sure what you "solved".22:07
djszapi__all the things needed I told you yesterday.22:07
faenilso if you just use setViewport then you can draw with a qml file on it?..22:08
djszapi__that is what I have been saying from the beginning.22:08
faenilhow? because I tried that as first thing22:09
faeniland it didn't work22:09
faenilagain, can we talk via PM? it's hot here22:09
djszapi__I do not have anything to discuss, I sent you the link which works.22:09
faenilI needed something much simpler than 1000LOC system, and it's done now, that's what matters...if you have nothing to say, let's stop it here ;)22:11
djszapi__I told you most of them specific to our project, and the minor part is enough for you, but yes, let us stop it here.22:12
faenilpeace & love :)22:12
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan22:14
djszapi__to be honest, look'n feel is not even needed here. Hence without a player app, I would just show the opengl widget, that is ...22:16
faenildjszapi__:the opengl widget just shows the current playing level, it has not "New game" menu, or anything22:17
djszapi__that is your bad design22:17
*** cpscotti has joined #harmattan22:17
djszapi__the game widget should change the scenes, even if there are more, not just menu and gmae22:18
djszapi__* game22:18
faenilwhy should I do in opengl what I can do in qml?22:18
djszapi__you would not do that in opengl, that is the main point...22:18
faenilhow then?22:18
djszapi__I answered it thousand times, take a look at our uimanager snippet.22:19
faenilit uses a qglpixelbuffer22:19
djszapi__there is a framebuffer rendering using also a qdeclarativeitem, and the /in game ui/ is written in plain qml22:19
faenilframbuffer sorry22:19
djszapi__it does not pb, nope22:19
djszapi__maximum as a fallback, that is22:20
faenilsorry man I can't understand, it's my first time in graphics programming, and that just seems too complex just by reading the code22:21
djszapi__but that is how it is done properly, anyways.22:22
faenilI'm still not sure that you understood what I have in mind as final result, because it seems so intuitive, but still, I know that I could be making bad choices and my design could be bad.22:22
djszapi__you would like to make the menu out of the opengl widget22:25
djszapi__and the opengl widget is responsible only for the "game" scene, nothing more (so 1 scene stuff, not a real game world)22:26
*** Venemo_ has joined #harmattan22:26
faenilwell yeah one scene which changes, depending on the selected level, you can hit pause and let the qml menu appear to change level22:27
djszapi__yes, this design is no-go from pov for couple of reasons22:27
djszapi__my pov*22:27
faenilwhy should there be no opengl out of there? all the ui is drawn with opengl afaik22:28
djszapi__ok, I think we should stop it here since this sentence just confused me even better than ever xD22:28
faenilahahahahaha XD22:29
faenilyou said that this way I eliminate the possibility of opengl out of that widget, that's what I'm referring to ;)22:29
* djszapi__ is out ;)22:29
faenil[21:01] <djszapi__> you effectively eliminated the opengl possibility in the menu22:31
* faenil runs XD22:31
djszapi__yes, you did.22:32
* djszapi__ runs :p22:32
*** Venemo_ is now known as Venemo_N95022:32
* faenil and djszapi__ just got more and more puzzled22:32
* faenil hopes he's not getting into troubles, lol22:36
*** piggz__ has quit IRC22:40
*** piggz__ has joined #harmattan22:43
faenildjszapi__: are Laszlo Papp?22:46
faenilare you*22:46
faenilbingo :)22:47
djszapi__your lottery win is mine, ok ? :)22:47
faenil:D sorry just some commits here XD22:47
*** javispedro has joined #harmattan22:50
*** Arkenoi has quit IRC22:51
faenildjszapi__: do you only use one vbo for rendering by any chance?22:52
djszapi__I do not know by heart, I would also read the code22:53
djszapi__the mesh of course has one22:53
faenilok no problem ;) don't bother looking it up ;)22:54
faenilI was looking at the code22:54
djszapi__and the other place where it is used is the rendertarget22:54
faenilI was looking there22:55
faenilI'm using a QTimer to update the declarativeitem, but it seems like it stops after 2-3 secs22:57
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC22:58
*** lizardo has joined #harmattan23:09
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:10
*** BrettQ|tPad has quit IRC23:13
*** Arkenoi has joined #harmattan23:13
*** MohammadAG has quit IRC23:22
faenilif there's anyone interested, a new NES emulator has been released ;)23:33
faenildjszapi__: you forgot to show me the icons this afternoon :D23:38
djszapi__nope, I told you to install oxygen-icons :D23:39
*** dimitar has joined #harmattan23:40
faenilok xD23:41
djszapi__if it is "too new", just use the VCS for getting it23:41
dimitarhi, is this the right place to ask about the harmattan target on the obs?23:42
faenildjszapi__: is there any win version of the theme?23:43
djszapi__faenil: sorry ?23:43
faenilwhere should I get oxygen-icons from?23:43
faenil ?23:44
djszapi__from your distribution23:45
faeniloh ok, Win7 XD23:45
faenilI'll do that when I'll be on ubuntu ;)23:45
dimitarcool, does anybody know whats wrong with it? i used it a few days ago and was fine, just a bit too much warnings, it says it is broken now23:45
faenilthp: thx23:46
faenilI'll try them when I'm on ubuntu23:46
djszapi__faenil: use VCS23:46
thpStskeeps: about your "opinions please" on twitter two hours ago..23:48
thpStskeeps: i think the world needs several things. from an appdeveloper/user perspective: products. and some standard way of building/installing files.23:49
djszapi__faenil: here you are as well
thpStskeeps: right now, intel's "MeeGo" != nokia's "MeeGo", and intel's meego doesn't have products23:50
djszapi__Intel might drop meego anyways23:50
thpdjszapi__: don't think so23:50
faenilthp: aren't netbooks using intel's meegO?23:51
djszapi__they are pretty unusable.23:51
djszapi__thp: would be quite logical tbh23:51
thpdjszapi__: my assumption would be that they would like to sell some chips for handsets and tablets.23:54
djszapi__they can actually do without meego23:54
djszapi__iirc there have been employees porting Android since last december23:54
djszapi__meego does not simply work which is not an issue as such23:55
djszapi__the problem is that it have not become any mature during the last year which is a lot of time on the mobile market. Without proceeding, hard to stand for a so long time.23:55
lcukthp, :) qw is looking awesome!23:56
lcukwe used to play a game called bally III on the amiga23:57
lcukv similar23:57
lcukhi djszapi__23:57
djszapi__hey :)23:58
thplcuk: i think the original arcade version is called qix23:58
faenilhi lcuk :)23:58
lcukdjszapi__, ? windows questions in pm23:59

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