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Wed, 03 Mar 2010


Sorry for flooding Planet Maemo -- it was a side effect of changing this feed's URL to only include posts tagged "maemo". I'm not sure if the fault is PyBlosxom's or the aggregator's

As a penance, here's a Terminal trick for you:

gconftool -s /apps/osso/xterm/key_labels --type list --list-type string "$LABELS"
gconftool -s /apps/osso/xterm/keys --type list --list-type string "$KEYS"

This changes the toolbar to have three extra keys (Enter, F2, and a key that acts like Enter when the hardware keyboard is open, and opens the virtual keyboard if the hardware keyboard is closed).

Update: added screenshot:

N900 Terminal with new toolbar buttons
Nokia N900 Terminal app with new toolbar buttons

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Why F2, out of curiosity?
posted by Anonymous at Wed Mar 3 20:12:12 2010
I've mapped <F2> to save in vim.
posted by Marius Gedminas at Wed Mar 3 22:56:19 2010
Is there a way to add the ALT modifier to use along irssi or other apps ?

posted by RzR at Wed Mar 3 22:58:22 2010
All terminal applications interpret Esc followed by a key the same as Alt+that key.  So, to press Alt-1, hit Esc in the toolbar, then press Fn+q to get the 1.
posted by Marius Gedminas at Wed Mar 3 23:05:20 2010

do you know who to add the | (=Pipe)?

posted by Jens Kuehnel at Wed Mar 3 23:37:04 2010
The names in the KEYS list are X11 keysyms.  You can find the list on the Internet, e.g. here: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/ucs/keysymdef.h

The vertical pipe is defined as

#define XK_bar  0x007c  /* U+007C VERTICAL LINE */

so you should specify LABELS='[...,|]' and KEYS='[...,bar]'
posted by Marius Gedminas at Wed Mar 3 23:43:14 2010
It was actually quite fun to see someone being excited about getting the good old N800 when N900 is all the rage. Admittedly it was a bit strange, but fun never the less :)
posted by Naranek at Thu Mar 4 08:19:37 2010
what's this code about,guys?
where can i use it & how to start it in Xterminal?
thanks in advance
posted by Medo at Fri Mar 5 00:49:30 2010
Medo: it's a sequence of shell commands that you can type manually in the N900's Terminal (tedious), or over ssh (still tedious, but typing is easier on a PC), or copy and paste into a shell script then run it on the N900.

It changes the toolbar buttons of the Terminal app.
posted by Marius Gedminas at Fri Mar 5 12:45:02 2010

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