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N9 Hackathon in Vienna

Last weekend I attended the N9 Hackathon in Vienna. Nokia kindly sponsored all food and accommodation costs and, at the very end, surprised me with an entirely unexpected gift of a N9 phone. Vienna: great transportation system, delicious food (either that, or I was always extremely hungry when I ate), huge portions, restaurants open until midnight. Shame I didn't have time to see the city itself. The N9 is a gorgeous phone; much more so in real life than in pictures.

Porting FBReader to Meego 1.2 Harmattan

Andrew Olmsted built the first FBReader packages for Harmattan, after tweaking the build system a bit. The desktop version of FBReader already used Qt 4, and ran almost unmodified, but with some bugs (segfault on task switch) and ugly UI. I started with the Ubuntu packages for FBReader, since they used a more sane build system for .debs (compared to upstream's funky shell script). Some tweaks were needed to make it build in Scratchbox: since GTK+ and Hildon libraries aren't available on Harmattan, I had to disable the building of -gtk and -maemo versions of libzlui.

Nokia N950

Last Thursday I received a package containing something called the Nokia N950 development kit. Sweet sweet hardware, shame it's not going to be sold to end users. The software is visibly an unfinished pre-release version, but shows great potential. There are almost no 3rd-party apps, which is why Nokia is loaning these N950s to random developers. I intend to port GTimeLog to it. Although my more immediate need is to have FBReader, so that I can stop carrying both this one and my N900 with me everywhere.


Sorry for flooding Planet Maemo -- it was a side effect of changing this feed's URL to only include posts tagged "maemo". I'm not sure if the fault is PyBlosxom's or the aggregator's As a penance, here's a Terminal trick for you: LABELS='[Tab,Esc,Enter,PgUp,PgDn,F2,VKB]' KEYS='[Tab,Escape,KP_Enter,Page_Up,Page_Down,F2,Return]' gconftool -s /apps/osso/xterm/key_labels --type list --list-type string "$LABELS" gconftool -s /apps/osso/xterm/keys --type list --list-type string "$KEYS" This changes the toolbar to have three extra keys (Enter, F2, and a key that acts like Enter when the hardware keyboard is open, and opens the virtual keyboard if the hardware keyboard is closed).