Things I've taken up to do in the nearest future:

  • Read and review Python Testing: Beginner's Guide and Grok 1.0 Web Development for Packt. (The links are trackable to my blog, but I'm not getting anything out of it. Other than free copies of the e-books, which I already received, in exchange for a promise to review them on this blog.)
  • Help Reportlab folks set up continuous integration (most likely Hudson, since Buildbot, while powerful, has a steep learning curve).
  • Think about becoming the buildbotmaster for Zope. Originally I intended to volunteer to set up a few buildbots for various Zopeish projects (ZTK, BlueBream, Grok, Zope 2) since half of the existing ones were down or broken. Then various people fixed some of the broken ones and other people chimed in mentioning existing buildbots that nobody else knew about. There is a need for somebody to coordinate all this activity: make sure we have up-to-date test results for all kinds of projects, aggregate them in one place, chase up build slaves for exotic OSes (i.e. Windows)... I don't think I'm well suited for this kind of organisational activity.
  • Push along the various scratch-my-itch open source projects (GTimeLog, irclog2html, zodbbrowser).
  • No idea what, but I've been wanting to do something for Maemo. Something small, given the copious amounts of free time I have.
  • Then there's the paying work. On the plus side, there are opportunities for fun there (today I slashed functional test run time by a half, by adding a small caching decorator in front of a single function. RunSnakeRun and cProfile rule!)
  • You know what, scratch the Zope buildbotmaster idea. Maybe I can do something technical there, e.g. a cron script to ping the various buildbot, scrape HTML/parse emails and aggregate build results. Maybe.
  • I hope I don't get burnout again. Because that would suck. Again. Been there, done that, didn't even get a T-shirt.

I really ought to read Getting Things Done. Reading it has been on my todo-list for years.