IRC log of #meego for Wednesday, 2011-07-27

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ReffyWhat's up, guys00:51
ReffyIs anyone able to get the Facebook option while using ShareUI?00:52
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rm_workFatalSaint: ah hey00:55
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antman8969lbt, you got a sec?01:03
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lbtantman8969: v. qiuck01:06
antman8969if you're familiar with the invoker application for launching apps (probably..)01:07
antman8969I've built my application on the harmattan obs01:07
antman8969but it seems the MDeclarativeCache class can't be found01:07
antman8969despite listing applauncherd-dev as a depends01:07
antman8969so I couldn't build with the cache to launch with invoker01:07
antman8969known issue or something on my part01:08
lbtno, sorry, I'm not familiar01:08
antman8969lame, well i guess tldr is it seems to be slightly mis configured...01:08
lbtwhere's your git repo and package though?01:08
antman8969home:antman8969:harmattan qtweather01:09
antman8969not git01:09
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antman8969the version on there obviously doesn't have include the mdeclarativecache01:11
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lbtsvn .... hmmm ... seem to recall coming across that ... seems like decades ago01:12
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antman8969needless to say, it builds in scratcbox / creator just fine01:14
antman8969the more recent MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan creator target01:14
lcuklbt, svn was once used to maintain source code on clay tablets01:14
rm_work<_< am i the only one who doesn't like git? :/01:15
rm_workI am far more comfortable with the way svn behaves01:15
antman8969not to mention01:15
antman8969osc is very svn like :)01:15
lbtantman8969: I'm not the right person ... but I'll see if I can look at it tomorrow01:15
lbtlcuk: :)01:16
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antman8969alright. Is there someone I should bring it up to?01:16
lcukantman8969, just discuss it tomorrow whilst people are awake01:16
antman8969lol ok01:16
antman8969usa here01:16
lbtI do wish we didn't have #harmattan too01:16
lcukin a room of 400 people there must be more than one with the answer01:17
antman8969for this issue?01:17
antman8969out of our hands lol01:17
lcukany issue01:17
rm_worklbt: yeah i wasn't a huge fan at first, but i feel otherwise the spam factor would be HUGE in here or in #maemo for the harmattan talk01:17
antman8969well, I'm guessing the target needs to be changed in some way, not my package01:17
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antman8969honestly, these #meegoites need to talk a little more, it's dead in here!01:18
lcukyou are asking the wrong questions01:19
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rm_worki mean, would you WANT this channel spammed by people talking about harmattan all the time?01:19
lcuki once tried to ask about windows phone and plenty of people woke01:19
rm_workand having to start each conversation with "this is about <distro X> by the way"01:19
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lcukthat happens anyway01:19
lcuk"netbook or tablet or handset?"01:20
rm_workin #harmattan I safely assume we're talking about harmattan01:20
rm_workhere... eh01:20
lcukmeego is already diverse01:20
antman8969that actually brings up a question I had01:20
rm_workthen i guess it would just be people talking about harmattan always assuming everyone is talking about harmattan and confusing everyone :P01:20
lcukrm_work, time to start diluting harmattan then :P01:20
antman8969actually no i doesnt01:20
rm_worklol antman896901:20
antman8969rm_work why the name change?01:21
rm_worki'm at work :P01:21
rm_worksoon i'll be at home01:21
antman8969lol so what does the "you" represent?01:21
rm_workyou :P01:21
rm_workthat's my normal nick01:21
rm_worki modify it based on things01:21
* lcuk soiled harmattan01:21
rm_worklol lcuk01:21
lcuki mentioned symbian01:21
rm_workyou soil a lot of things :P01:21
* lcuk speaks his mind01:22
rm_worklcuk: what's the next conference?01:22
rm_worklooking forward to having *a* beer with everyone again :P01:22
rm_workit's been a while01:22
lcuki suppose it would be when the throng of conversation around meego warms up :P01:22
rm_workand i don't remember a couple of them01:23
rm_worklcuk: did you come to the meego conf in SF?01:23
lcuktracy was very heavily pregnant01:23
lcukand she said "you cannot go past newyork unless you bring me"01:23
rm_workyou're due for a USA conference then :P01:23
lcukI will come over as long as I can afford to bring the family01:24
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aukeStskeeps: new uxlaunch version while you're at it...01:28
aukeStskeeps: big change in how we start up autostart stuff btw01:28
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FatalSaintsup rm_work01:59
FatalSaintor rm_you for that matter02:00
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rm_youFatalSaint: hey02:33
rm_yougot redirected to the kitchen for cooking when i got home :P02:33
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rm_youmy computer chair was a 307 code >_>02:37
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Chrissihello room02:50
realsportcarshello Chrissi02:50
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Chrissido u think Nokia will produce another celly with Meego or will it be the one and only cellphone ?02:51
realsportcarsNokia is crazy, and also people that develop on meego :P02:52
Chrissisilly question ?02:52
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aukeChrissi: wrong place to ask. only Nokia can answer that02:53
realsportcarsperhaps yes,perhaps not...why this question?02:53
aukeChrissi: if you want specilation, please ask in #meego-bar instead02:53
Chrissiso do u develop applications for MeeGo?02:54
realsportcarsI'm trying02:54
realsportcarsbut it is hard02:55
realsportcarsmore than maemo02:55
Chrissii see02:55
Chrissibut its all linux derivates ?02:55
realsportcarsyes but...this doens't mean so much02:56
Chrissii am no software engineer, sorry if i ask some stupid questions02:56
* CosmoHill is whatever title he wants02:57
Chrissii am not sure if i should bye that new Nokia phone and would love to know if there is a big enough community who will provide us with applications, and if there is a future for MeeGo02:57
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realsportcarsChrissi, I don't know that. community is not big like maemo one atm and I think that a good amount of apps will be selled in ovi02:59
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Chrissido u think it is possible to jailbreak later phone 7 Nokias and install MeeGo instead ?03:01
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Chrissikk i see i am asking to many stupid questions03:06
Chrissisorry for bothering u03:07
TSCHAKeeeChrissi: in short, no.03:07
Chrissisee ya later03:07
realsportcarsnot stupid but without an answer03:07
realsportcarsno problem...I'm only a bit tired after a day looking for something taaht doenst exists03:08
Chrissiits ok03:08
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Chrissisometimes i can be a "asking stupid questions" person03:08
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realsportcarseheh no problem :)03:09
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FatalSaintrm_you what was for dinner/lunch/breakfast? :)03:22
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rm_youenchiladas :)03:28
rm_youwhich I just finished eating03:28
rm_youso... back to coding03:28
berndhshey I made the top 5 in IRC verbosity in June03:28
rm_youjust stole the MPlayerBackendd from mediabox and i'm going on a commenting spree, ripping out stuff left and right that's not necessary03:29
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rm_youFatalSaint: awesome, segfault T_T03:33
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rm_youFatalSaint: any luck?03:46
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FatalSaintstill segfaulting with gst03:51
FatalSaintI will package it up now03:51
rm_youstill segfaulting with mplayer :/03:51
rm_youwith the one from mediabox03:51
FatalSainti coded in the Mplayer peice but haven't tested it03:51
rm_youyeah i clipped out a lot of it03:51
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rm_youbut it is still segfaulting :/03:52
rm_younot sure what's triggering that03:52
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CosmoHillnight ngiht03:54
FatalSaintI had a *ton* of problems using gobject and gst within a QT app03:54
FatalSaintthey don't like each other03:54
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rm_youyou sure GST is recommended and not QMAFW?03:55
FatalSaintMAFW is closed and not included in MeeGo.  I do not know if MAFW made a come back in Harmattan as I don't have one :)03:55
FatalSaintif MAFW is in there then did you try the MAFW backend that the N900 uses?03:55
FatalSaintby default the old code would have loaded OSSO unless you changed the if statement03:55
FatalSaintnow I've modified that to load mplayer by default so you could mess with it03:56
rm_youi modified it so it would detect N950 and use MAFW03:57
rm_youand i compiled the fremantle mafw source against harmattan and installed it03:57
rm_youbut it segfaults when it tries03:57
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FatalSainti need to google gst/gobject and qt4 again03:59
FatalSaintthere was some stuff I had to add that made it play nice.. like gobject.thread_init() or something03:59
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FatalSaintthat stopped the segfaulting04:03
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FatalSaintbah.. nvm04:03
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rm_youit may be segfaulting in mplayer due to bad links somehow...04:04
rm_younot sure how that04:04
rm_youis possible04:04
rm_youbut even with just console mplayer i can't run the links it is making04:04
FatalSaintthe audio-sv5 ?04:05
FatalSaintthe links are good.. i can play them on my computer04:05
rm_youme too but not mplayer04:05
FatalSaintwell you have to replace all &'s with \&04:06
rm_youbut if i switch it back to my other mplayerbackend, it works04:06
FatalSaintor the command line will think the &'s are background process04:06
FatalSainti just ran mplayer http://yada from the command line04:06
rm_youjust quotes04:06
FatalSaintI'm listening to shitty brittany spears (daughters station..)04:06
rm_youit's STRANGE04:06
rm_youif i swap back my own mplayerbackend, it prints the URI, and i copy/paste it straight to console mplayer, and it works04:07
FatalSaintim telling you the problem is the use of GTK stuff inside a QT4 app04:07
rm_you*don't see any difference in the links04:07
rm_youwell yes04:07
FatalSaintI had this problem before.. at least with gstreamer but I noticed the Mplayer backend also includes gobject04:07
rm_youbut i already stripped MOST of that...04:07
rm_youyeah had to leave gobject, but mine has that too04:07
FatalSaintso did my old one04:07
FatalSaintthere was a combination of like 3 lines that made it finally work04:08
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FatalSainthold.. let me find a super old pyradio04:08
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rm_youi know what you're talking about04:09
rm_youloop - gobject.MainLoop(); gobject.threads_init()04:09
rm_you*loop =04:09
FatalSaintyes but in my case it also mattered where I put it04:10
rm_youah yeah got it04:11
rm_youso it runs now04:11
FatalSaintthat was always sooo ugly to me04:12
rm_youfailing to properly get the time04:12
rm_youit is pretty gross04:12
rm_younot getting time properly04:12
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FatalSaintwhich one you using, yours or mediabox?04:13
rm_youmediabox now04:14
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FatalSainti also had context = loop.get_context() in mine04:14
rm_youi was too lazy to type it04:15
rm_youbut yeah adding those in the INIT right before the super() call fixed that04:15
rm_youi don't know how to replace gtk.MainLoop04:15
rm_youso i switched those to "pass", which just makes the UI laggy as @&*$04:15
FatalSaintI never found a way04:15
rm_youin my own mplayerbackend, i was using threading04:16
FatalSaintMediaBox was a GTK app04:16
FatalSaintbut apparently he's working a QML port04:16
FatalSaintmine is still seg faulting04:16
rm_youwonder if we can get in on the beta :P04:16
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FatalSaintwhich super() call you talking about?  And we should probably be in #meego-arm or PM's..04:17
rm_youlol k04:18
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*** acydlord is now known as TheMoonMonster10:08
*** TheMoonMonster is now known as acydlord10:09
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*** s-andy has joined #meego11:01
arfollping X-Fade11:06
*** gbraad__ has joined #meego11:07
X-Fadearfoll: pong11:07
arfollhey, if you have a minutes I wouldnt mind asking you a few OBS questions11:07
*** murrayc has joined #meego11:08
arfollbasically I'd like to know wether you'd recommend using virtual servers for OBS if I only have one machine11:08
*** gbraad has quit IRC11:10
X-Fadearfoll: Are you going to allow other untrusted users/sources on it?11:10
arfollX-Fade, no it's going to be closed11:11
*** slaine has joined #meego11:11
arfolland reasonably trustworthy users11:11
X-Fadearfoll: As builds run as root and they can mess up your system :)11:11
*** Wellark^ has quit IRC11:11
arfollX-Fade, it'll mostly be me building for now so i'm not too worried11:12
*** anderco has joined #meego11:13
bonbinkerwake up system11:13
X-Fadearfoll: Well then on one system is probably a bit faster. But once you want to scale it up, it is easier to have it in multiple vms.11:13
X-Fadearfoll: And then the transition is harder when it is all on one system.11:14
bonbinkergo off work11:14
*** jpetersen has quit IRC11:14
bonbinkersee you tomorrow11:14
*** bonbinker has quit IRC11:14
*** _wolf_ has quit IRC11:15
arfollX-Fade: so really it's just for scaling? I'll skip it for now then11:15
*** _wolf_ has joined #meego11:15
X-Fadearfoll: and security.11:15
*** stefanoP has quit IRC11:18
*** kuzak has quit IRC11:18
*** goutam has quit IRC11:18
arfollX-Fade: also are meego still on 2.1.6 like the wiki says and is it any problem for me to be on 2.1.9 (latest stable i gather)11:18
*** goutam has joined #meego11:18
*** kuzak has joined #meego11:18
X-Fadearfoll: I haven't looked at that lately.11:18
*** jumpula has quit IRC11:19
*** swc|666 has quit IRC11:19
X-Fadearfoll: for cobs we went to the latest in 2.1.11:19
*** stefanoP has joined #meego11:19
arfollX-Fade: I'll do that as well then. cheers11:20
*** veli has quit IRC11:20
*** frade has joined #meego11:21
*** gbraad has joined #meego11:21
*** gbraad has joined #meego11:21
*** DawnFoster has joined #meego11:21
*** seif has quit IRC11:22
* arfoll goes to buy some hardware11:23
*** ssvb has quit IRC11:24
*** gbraad__ has quit IRC11:24
X-Fadearfoll: always a fun thing to do :)11:24
arfollX-Fade, not in Malta where no one stocks decent CPUs11:25
X-Fadearfoll: UPS delivers there too no?11:25
arfollX-Fade: yeah but scan malta have told us they'd have the CPU by monday and it's wednesday. Apparently they're still unpacking the shipment11:26
arfollonly in malta...11:26
X-Fadearfoll: Nobody is in a hurry in the southern countries, you must know that by now :D11:27
X-FadeIf not today, then maybe tomorrow.11:27
*** gabor has joined #meego11:27
arfollX-Fade, that's definately true. down south coffee breaks count as work ;-)11:28
X-FadeHmm billable coffee hours, me likes...11:29
arfollnothing quite like it... but the best is playing with a boat at work ;-)
*** veli has joined #meego11:31
*** jumpula has joined #meego11:31
*** andre__ has joined #meego11:32
*** andre__ has quit IRC11:32
*** andre__ has joined #meego11:32
arfollwe were driving it from the exopc on monday11:32
*** DrGrov has left #meego11:32
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC11:32
*** florian has joined #meego11:34
*** florian has joined #meego11:34
slaineWe've a pretty old installation in Malta arfoll, trying to get them to upgrade atm11:34
*** aleksander_m has joined #meego11:35
X-Fadearfoll: Hehe, cool stuff.11:35
*** gbraad__ has joined #meego11:35
*** murrayc has quit IRC11:35
*** goutam_ has joined #meego11:37
*** goutam has quit IRC11:37
*** kuzak has quit IRC11:37
*** kuzak_ has joined #meego11:37
*** gbraad has quit IRC11:38
*** jpetersen has joined #meego11:39
*** stefanoP has quit IRC11:42
*** kuzak_ has quit IRC11:42
*** goutam_ has quit IRC11:42
*** kuzak has joined #meego11:43
*** goutam has joined #meego11:43
*** stefanoP has joined #meego11:43
*** seif has joined #meego11:45
*** Yangtse has joined #meego11:47
*** Yangtse has left #meego11:47
*** zgyarmati_ has joined #meego11:47
*** murrayc has joined #meego11:48
*** IonutGavaz has joined #meego11:49
*** pmccarty__ has quit IRC11:50
*** pmccarty__ has joined #meego11:51
*** tasdave has joined #meego11:51
*** shalamov has quit IRC11:53
*** shalamov has joined #meego11:53
*** ScriptRipper has quit IRC11:55
*** lucianv has quit IRC11:57
*** wilehorse has quit IRC11:57
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*** samaclacda has joined #meego11:59
*** OviQ2G_ has quit IRC12:00
*** gbraad has joined #meego12:02
*** gbraad has joined #meego12:02
*** M4rtinK2 has joined #meego12:03
*** huge_ has joined #meego12:03
huge_Someone has a working kickstart to build meego img for pandaboard?12:03
huge_i'wasn't able to done with mic succesfully12:04
*** pierce2 has quit IRC12:05
*** anderco has quit IRC12:05
*** jasonhu has quit IRC12:05
*** jussi has quit IRC12:05
*** gbraad__ has quit IRC12:05
*** shaunm has joined #meego12:05
*** jussi has joined #meego12:06
*** trupheenix has joined #meego12:06
*** jasonhu has joined #meego12:06
*** anderco has joined #meego12:06
vvaltonehuge_, ?12:06
vvaltoneoh, that's missing it12:08
*** samaclacda1 has joined #meego12:10
*** samaclacda1 has left #meego12:11
*** pavank10 has joined #meego12:12
*** samaclacda has quit IRC12:14
*** foolano has joined #meego12:15
huge_vvaltone ... i was trying it12:16
huge_but is necessary to update repo12:16
huge_and with repo that i was trying to use mic fail12:16
*** MSM has quit IRC12:16
huge_however ... someone can provide me another working ( updated ) kickstart for any arm architecture ... becouse i want be sure that is not a mic problem12:18
Stskeepshuge_: check the n900 ones12:18
huge_to old vvaltone12:18
vvaltonenot sure why you'd want to run it on a panda tho :P12:19
vvaltonenetbooks are easier12:19
huge_becouse i've pandaboard :)12:19
*** siddvicious has joined #meego12:20
*** akira_tsukamoto has joined #meego12:20
huge_Stskeeps ... handset for n900 is not updated12:20
huge_this repo doesn't exist anymore
Stskeepshuge_: that's 1.3, we're working on the low levels of that for ARM still12:21
siddviciousoh btw will i be able to send/receive calls and sms ?12:21
*** johd has quit IRC12:21
Stskeepssiddvicious: yes12:21
*** the-light has joined #meego12:22
*** lescrooks has joined #meego12:22
siddviciousStskeeps: i should try meego 1,2 or 1.3 ?12:22
vvaltonehuge_, testing isn't good enough?12:22
Stskeepsjust grab the CE summer release12:22
siddviciousStskeeps: and what you reccomend on mmc or directly on n900 ?12:23
huge_ does not contain armv7hl platform12:23
huge_so witch repo to use??12:24
huge_for arm platforms??12:24
Stskeepshuge_: use 1.2 release12:24
Stskeepstrunk is 1.3 and is broken at the moment12:24
vvaltonetesting isn't too bad on the N900 either12:25
huge_ ... this one??12:26
*** vasvlad has quit IRC12:26
huge_can be?12:26
vvaltonethat's testing12:26
*** vasvlad has joined #meego12:26
*** goutam_ has joined #meego12:31
*** goutam has quit IRC12:31
*** kuzak has quit IRC12:31
*** kuzak has joined #meego12:31
*** smoku has joined #meego12:32
*** wasikevin has joined #meego12:34
*** smoku has left #meego12:35
*** smoku has joined #meego12:35
*** wmarone_ has joined #meego12:36
*** wmarone has quit IRC12:37
*** Unmensch has quit IRC12:38
*** foolano has quit IRC12:39
*** Unmensch has joined #meego12:39
*** stefanoP has quit IRC12:42
*** goutam_ has quit IRC12:42
*** kuzak has quit IRC12:42
*** goutam has joined #meego12:42
*** kuzak has joined #meego12:42
*** stefanoP has joined #meego12:42
*** vdv has quit IRC12:43
*** siddvicious has quit IRC12:43
*** jonwil has quit IRC12:43
*** tbf has quit IRC12:44
*** juliank has joined #meego12:45
*** amarsman has quit IRC12:47
*** otep has quit IRC12:50
*** vdv has joined #meego12:52
*** amarsman has joined #meego12:53
*** gbraad__ has joined #meego12:54
*** yanshuang has quit IRC12:54
*** gbraad has quit IRC12:55
*** otep has joined #meego12:56
huge_Error: Failed to run mic inside bootstrap environment. Return code: -412:57
huge_i'm flithing with this error12:57
*** CosmoHill has joined #meego12:57
huge_i took handset  from here:
huge_what's this Return code -4??? :(12:58
huge_please help help12:58
Stskeepsmeans interrupted system call12:58
*** gbraad has joined #meego12:59
*** gbraad has joined #meego12:59
*** gbraad__ has quit IRC13:01
huge_it is an exception from mic13:01
huge_i'm watching into the code13:01
Stskeepswhat does /usr/bin/qemu-arm* say?13:01
Stskeepser, ls13:02
Stskeepser, ls /usr/bin/qemu-arm*13:02
*** stefanoP has quit IRC13:03
*** goutam has quit IRC13:03
*** kuzak has quit IRC13:03
huge_ ls /usr/bin/qemu-ar* /usr/bin/qemu-armeb-static  /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static13:03
*** goutam has joined #meego13:03
*** kuzak has joined #meego13:04
Stskeepsand mic-image-creator --version?13:04
*** stefanoP has joined #meego13:04
huge_mic version 0.24.1213:05
huge_are you thinking about qemu-arm problem??13:08
huge_or what can be ?13:08
Stskeepsuname -a13:08
huge_is possible that noone had this error ... :(13:08
Stskeepssomething like that is always possible :P13:09
huge_Linux fabio 2.6.32-33-generic #70-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jul 7 21:09:46 UTC 2011 i686 GNU/Linux13:09
Stskeepsand cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep ssse313:09
*** NIN101 has joined #meego13:09
*** helia_co has left #meego13:09
Stskeepsthat might be a reason13:10
Stskeepsthe x86 of meego is built for atom and ssse313:10
huge_so i need a ssse3 processor to be able to build an image???13:11
Stskeepsit is doing bootstrap mode, ie, it unpacks the meego x8613:12
Stskeepsand yes, i agree it's crazy and i don't like that decision either13:12
huge_i'm going to buy a new pc ...13:13
huge_is there some trick for non ssse3 processor??13:13
Stskeepsmmmmm. maybe fedora install and editing rpm configs to add armv7hl definitions13:14
vvaltonedoes qemu support ssse3?13:14
*** otep has quit IRC13:14
*** liyan has joined #meego13:15
*** continue has quit IRC13:15
*** helia_co_ has joined #meego13:15
*** helia_co_ is now known as helia_co13:15
*** Unmensch has quit IRC13:16
*** Unmensch has joined #meego13:16
huge_so what to do??? 1) Fedora 2) if not work ... New PC???13:16
*** Unmensch has quit IRC13:18
*** yanli has quit IRC13:18
*** Unmensch has joined #meego13:18
*** ysss has quit IRC13:19
*** ysss_ has joined #meego13:19
lcukmorning \o13:19
*** Wellark^ has joined #meego13:19
lcuktimoph, is your app repository building for both handset/n900 and tablet?13:25
timophfor some packages yes13:26
lcukyour repository is not listed on here13:26
timophyep. for a reason :)13:26
lcukit seems to be obs/deb repos13:27
lcukis that why?13:27
timophI don't have any useful stuff for harmattan yet13:27
timoph1 broken package :)13:27
*** ysss has joined #meego13:28
timophI need to do some coding before building packages13:28
lcukthis packaging lark is frustrating to many people13:28
timophI can understand them13:28
* lcuk nods13:28
* timoph has been fighting with ots packaging the whole day :/13:28
*** inz has quit IRC13:29
* lcuk slides coffee over (in an rpm package)13:29
* vvaltone alienates lcuk13:29
* lcuk notices the coffee becoming debified13:29
*** inz has joined #meego13:29
lcukspeaking of alien, does it feasibly work for most packages?13:30
*** ysss_ has quit IRC13:30
vvaltonedepends on how complex the setup scripts are, and if the paths match13:32
lcukvvaltone, what are yoworking on?13:32
lcukyeah vvaltone13:32
*** lainwir3d has joined #meego13:32
vvaltoneusb gadget stuff13:33
lcukon the handset?13:33
vvaltoneon n900 atm, because I'm missing some hardware13:33
*** otep has joined #meego13:34
lcukvvaltone, host mode usb is not a default on the n900 at least around maemo,  are you modifying kernel to try and get it in?13:34
vvaltoneno.. usb gadgets are slaves13:35
*** kuzak has quit IRC13:35
*** stefanoP has quit IRC13:35
*** goutam has quit IRC13:35
*** stefanoP has joined #meego13:35
*** kuzak has joined #meego13:35
*** goutam has joined #meego13:35
lcukvvaltone, ah didn't know13:36
*** povbot has joined #meego14:37
x29ahey there folks. quick question: is meego on the n900 stable for qt development?14:38
Stskeepsi'd say so14:39
* timoph agrees14:39
Stskeepsa lot of youtube video out there using it for interesting experiments14:39
x29aim having trouble with the scratchbox/qtsdk, so i thought why not give meego a chance14:39
*** mirek2 has quit IRC14:41
lcuki just installed personal-lexicon on n900-ce :)14:42
lcukfrom fiferboys repository14:42
lcukit thinks maemo and meego are invalid words14:42
lcukbut Community is valid :D14:43
lcukit knows of harmattan o_O but not fremantle14:43
lcukfrals, what is the jabber address?14:44
*** thiago has joined #meego14:45
*** kuzak has quit IRC14:45
*** goutam has quit IRC14:45
*** kuzak has joined #meego14:45
*** goutam has joined #meego14:45
* lcuk goes sitting in garden reading14:45
*** CosmoHill has joined #meego14:47
*** YanLi has joined #meego14:51
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo14:51
*** stefanoP has quit IRC14:51
*** kuzak has quit IRC14:51
*** goutam has quit IRC14:51
*** kuzak has joined #meego14:52
*** goutam has joined #meego14:52
*** stefanoP has joined #meego14:52
*** trupheenix has quit IRC14:55
*** liyan has quit IRC14:55
lcukflat battery on my ideapad14:56
lcukpaper books do not run out of batteries!14:56
SpeedEvilThey do get bit-rot though.14:56
SpeedEvilI've got ~100 books with actual woodworm holes in14:57
*** jussi01_ is now known as jussi14:57
vvaltoneI wonder why the usb fifo on the n900 suddenly stops working with functionfs14:58
x29ai just stumbled upon the meego image creator, is this kind of a meego from scratch approach, where everyone adds packages he might need to get a stripped down to the purpose version?14:58
lcukx29a, the image creator is indeed how you make your own images14:59
lcukso that not just stripping down to minimal, but also adding your own packages14:59
lcukand creating customised image thingies for installation14:59
lcuksupposing you wanted meego with a set of extra apps installing on your 100 work machines15:00
lcukthen make an image and install on all of them15:00
*** raster has quit IRC15:00
x29aah, i see. what about: i dont want to tinker with the internals of meego, just use the most stable version/approach for porting a qt application which took way too much time already with scratchbox/maemo sdk?15:01
*** tasdave has quit IRC15:01
lcukx29a, so you already have a qt based app?15:01
lcukand you want to use it on meego?15:01
x29ai want to use it on the n90015:01
x29amaemo failed (or i failed with maemo), so this is my next try15:02
lcukwhat happened with maemo?  lots of people manage to create qt apps there15:02
*** stefanoP has quit IRC15:02
*** kuzak has quit IRC15:02
*** goutam has quit IRC15:02
*** kuzak has joined #meego15:02
*** goutam has joined #meego15:02
*** briglia has joined #meego15:03
x29alcuk: it heavily relies on qwt, boost and some long double stuff, scratchbox versions were out of date and the qt sdk seemed a lot of hazzle to get everything working15:03
*** stefanoP has joined #meego15:03
*** arkub has joined #meego15:03
*** skrrr has quit IRC15:03
x29athatd be my next question: how is the crosscompiling done? is there a stable toolchain?15:03
x29aill just go through the meego creator steps to see my options, then decide. since i want to do an mmc install anyways, i might as well get the default-build later15:04
*** mtux_ has joined #meego15:04
lcukx29a, the image creator might be too far for your thinking15:05
*** Ans5i has quit IRC15:05
x29atoo advanced?15:05
lcukwhat people use is OBS/ocs to allow the builder to generate required binary packages for installation15:05
*** stefanoP has quit IRC15:05
*** kuzak has quit IRC15:05
*** goutam has quit IRC15:05
*** ucomesdag_work has joined #meego15:05
*** kuzak has joined #meego15:06
lcukx29a, I am using n900-ce image now15:06
*** goutam has joined #meego15:06
lcukI have just been testing a qt app written by fiferboy15:06
lcukI did not recreate a whole image (mic2 approach) to test his app15:06
lcukI just added his repository and installed his app15:06
*** stefanoP has joined #meego15:06
*** stefanoP is now known as stefanoP_15:06
x29aok, you lost me at n900-ce, whats that15:07
x29asorry about the difficulties, but im totally new to this15:07
lcukthat is ok15:07
lcukthe n900-ce is the Community Edition MeeGo n900 build :)15:07
x29asounds nice15:07
x29aah, mer, i remember that from my n810 times15:07
*** mtux has quit IRC15:08
x29ai was able to remove the "it" part ;)15:08
x29alots of good entry points, thanks for now15:08
x29ajust good uboot setup, im going meego soon ;)15:08
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC15:08
x29aill just ping the channel with questions when they bubble up15:09
*** CosmoHill has joined #meego15:09
lcukmorning CoderForLife15:09
lcukCosmoHill too :P15:09
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC15:10
CosmoHillsat down on the sofa, forgot to plug in the power cable so the battery died15:10
lcukCosmoHill, lol I was just heading to the garden to read book when  found same15:10
*** huge_ has quit IRC15:10
*** ucomesdag_work has quit IRC15:10
CosmoHillthis is my home battery so only lasts 20 mins15:10
*** Stskeeps has joined #meego15:11
lcukmeego ideapad lasts for hours15:11
lcukbut I turned off suspend on lid close15:11
* lcuk thinks perhaps suspend after lid closed for 5 minutes might be acceptable15:11
CosmoHillchannel 5 must hate it's viewers15:12
CosmoHillBig Brother 201115:12
lcuki noticed last night @att on twitter did an interview with some major league soccer bloke15:12
lcukthey lost followers by the end of it15:12
lcukCosmoHill, BB was awesome at first15:13
CosmoHillstill not my thing but it started reality tv15:13
*** ucomesdag_work has joined #meego15:13
lcukand still has big following15:13
lcuknahh there was reality shows before15:13
*** lynxis has joined #meego15:13
CosmoHillthe average IQ of the follower has dropped over the years15:13
*** otep has quit IRC15:14
lcukyour age has changed15:14
thiagoCosmoHill: because of the following?15:14
vvaltoneso the conclusion is: Watching BB lowers the IQ15:14
* CosmoHill is looking at ford stuff >.<15:15
thiagopost hoc ergo propter hoc15:15
*** DavidTalmage_ has quit IRC15:15
TermanaCosmoHill, I thought the UK Big Brother was being axed?15:15
*** mtux_ has quit IRC15:15
thiagoit could be the other way around: the IQ has lowered, therefore BB has continued to exist15:15
CosmoHillChannel 4 got rid of it and channel 5 dug up it's corpse15:15
TermanaIt got axed here in Australia15:16
TermanaI got bored of it and didn't really watch the last couple of seasons. On the other hand, I didn't want it to end :p15:16
CosmoHillspeaking of Australia TV, home and away is on tv15:17
vvaltoneCosmoHill, Ford stuff? You need to choose a car based on the principle that it has MeeGo IVI15:17
TermanaLike a BMW15:17
CosmoHillI know you can fit a 7" touch screen in a ford15:17
*** jpetersen has quit IRC15:18
CosmoHillI like some but they're either driven by wankers or drug dealers15:18
CosmoHillyou own a BMW doesn't you...15:18
TermanaCosmoHill, your just jealous15:19
Termanano I don't, I'm only a student at the moment15:19
CosmoHillrear wheel drive + roundabouts should be fun15:19
Termanabut when I start bringing in the real moolah I want to own one15:19
TermanaIf that makes me a wanker... well that's fine! :P15:20
vvaltonea M series?15:20
*** mtux_ has joined #meego15:20
CosmoHillM1 looks nice15:20
Termanavvaltone, the M series is nice, but I like the 3-series as well even though they are the second to bottom range15:21
*** leinir has quit IRC15:22
TermanaWe get a major luxury car tax here in Australia, so no BMW is "cheap" so to speak.15:22
*** stefanoP_ has quit IRC15:22
*** kuzak has quit IRC15:22
*** goutam has quit IRC15:22
*** goutam has joined #meego15:22
*** kuzak has joined #meego15:22
*** stefanoP has joined #meego15:23
*** jpetersen has joined #meego15:23
TermanaHave to "protect the local brands" e.g. Holden and Ford. Both companies being owned by overseas companies15:23
Termanaand mainly being driven by bogans here15:23
*** otep has joined #meego15:24
* Ronksu is taking notes on words to remember: moolah, bogan...15:24
CosmoHillDad saw a Holden Ute last week, looks cool15:24
* CosmoHill wonders if he's the main cause of off topic chats15:25
*** leinir has joined #meego15:25
*** cymacs has joined #meego15:25
*** murrayc has quit IRC15:26
*** otep has quit IRC15:28
*** otep has joined #meego15:28
*** javiF has quit IRC15:29
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC15:32
*** DavidTalmage_ has joined #meego15:34
*** jargon- has quit IRC15:34
*** deus_ex has joined #meego15:35
*** CaCO3 has quit IRC15:36
*** Wirta has quit IRC15:36
*** vasvlad has quit IRC15:36
*** marciom has joined #meego15:36
*** vasvlad has joined #meego15:36
*** marciom has left #meego15:36
*** stefanoP has quit IRC15:37
*** kuzak has quit IRC15:37
*** goutam has quit IRC15:37
*** goutam has joined #meego15:37
*** kuzak has joined #meego15:37
*** stefanoP has joined #meego15:37
*** mtux_ has quit IRC15:39
*** vasvlad has quit IRC15:40
*** mtux__ has joined #meego15:40
*** vasvlad has joined #meego15:40
lbtauke: ping (important)15:40
*** mwichmann has joined #meego15:42
*** javiF has joined #meego15:43
*** boiko has joined #meego15:43
*** Wirta has joined #meego15:44
*** vasvlad has quit IRC15:44
*** dspeed has joined #meego15:45
*** foolano has joined #meego15:45
*** vasvlad has joined #meego15:45
*** stefanoP has quit IRC15:45
*** kuzak has quit IRC15:45
*** goutam has quit IRC15:45
*** ayanes has quit IRC15:45
*** kuzak has joined #meego15:46
*** goutam has joined #meego15:46
*** dspeed has quit IRC15:46
*** kavacha has quit IRC15:46
*** dspeed has joined #meego15:47
lcukStskeeps, if you want to assign the bug 13084 to me fine15:47
MeeGoBotBug maj, Medium, ---, carsten, ASSI, [n900] Horizontal tearing with xvimagesink15:47
lcukbut I don't know how to fix it15:47
lcuksince the only demo video on n900-ce has this bug15:48
*** kavacha has joined #meego15:48
lcukthought it would be given some more priority15:48
*** schend has quit IRC15:48
*** javiF has quit IRC15:48
Stskeepsthe guy who wrote xorg-x11-drv-fbdev-sgx isn't with nokia anymore and it isn't exactly clear code15:48
*** stefanopi has joined #meego15:48
lcukStskeeps, I don't even know how to get the pristine code15:49
*** berndhs has joined #meego15:49
lcukthat is the 1.2 branch version15:49
lcukbut it has patches inside15:49
lcukrather than just being a tar.gz15:49
*** mirek2 has joined #meego15:49
* lcuk confuddled with levels of abstraction15:50
Stskeepsit has a tarball which is equal to what was in harmattan and some patches on top15:50
lcukyeah, so how do I apply those patches?15:50
Stskeepspatch -p1 .. ?15:50
Stskeepspatch -p1 < patchname15:50
*** ayanes has joined #meego15:50
lcukStskeeps, ubt then after I have done some tweaking15:51
lcukwon't I need to remake those patches?15:51
Stskeepsnot really, just make a patch on top15:51
Stskeepsi usually have a dir-patched and dir-patched-mypatch15:51
Stskeepsand then diff on top15:51
lcukthis level of workflow is what shoulder surfing others doing same would help15:51
* lcuk still misses office life :)15:52
Stskeepsuntar tarball, name it directory-orig, apply patches on top, cp -r directory-mypatch, cd directory-mypatch, tinker, cd .., diff -urN directory-orig directory-mypatch15:55
Stskeepsor use git15:56
*** kuzak_ has joined #meego15:57
*** kuzak has quit IRC15:57
*** goutam has quit IRC15:57
*** goutam_ has joined #meego15:57
*** haseeb has joined #meego15:58
lcukStskeeps, where is the git repository for the pristine sgx source?16:00
Stskeepslcuk: you're assuming there's one, just use the tarball16:00
*** hugopl has joined #meego16:01
vvaltoneI'm sure it exists, but it's unlikely to be pristine, nor freely available :P16:01
Stskeepsin this case, xorg driver :P16:02
*** wasikevin has joined #meego16:02
thiagonor is it guaranteed to be Git16:02
*** mtux has joined #meego16:02
*** fiferboy has joined #meego16:04
lcukok Stskeeps assign it to me, it may take a while but I will do best with this, it annoys me each day so will fix it16:05
*** luck_laptop has joined #meego16:05
lcukand indirectly fix harmattan build too16:05
*** mtux__ has quit IRC16:06
*** kimmok has quit IRC16:06
*** haseeb has quit IRC16:09
*** jargon- has joined #meego16:10
Kiranosnice! would love to have meegon on my optimus2x16:10
vvaltoneI don't think nvidia has wayland plans, so it might get nasty with meego 1.316:11
vgradeKiranos, post it to me , i'll see what I can do16:11
*** CosmoHill has joined #meego16:12
vgradevvaltone, what support do you need in the driver for wayland over and above gles216:12
Kiranosvgrade: :P it's my main phone therwise you'd get it..16:13
vvaltonevgrade, well, openwf/drm/kms I guess16:13
*** gbraad has quit IRC16:13
*** dchaverri26 has joined #meego16:13
*** kW_ has joined #meego16:13
vvaltoneI don't think it's fully stabilized yet16:14
Stskeepstechnically you only need hardware buffer sharing16:14
*** baraujo has joined #meego16:15
vvaltoneI could imagine nvidia supporting openwf I guess16:15
*** gbraad has joined #meego16:15
*** gbraad has joined #meego16:15
CosmoHillTermana: how much for a holden commodore SS V-series redline with a manual gearbox?16:16
x29ais "dd"ing the raw image onto my sd card the only thing i have to do in order to install meego? whats the vmlinuz for?16:17
*** kuzak_ has quit IRC16:17
*** stefanopi has quit IRC16:17
*** goutam_ has quit IRC16:17
*** goutam has joined #meego16:17
*** kuzak has joined #meego16:17
Stskeepsx29a: for those unfortunate enough to not want/have uboot16:17
x29aah i see16:18
*** stefanopi has joined #meego16:18
TermanaCosmoHill, If your a South Australian Member of Parliament, $7000 AUD. Otherwise a 2011 Holden Commodore VE Series II SS V Redline seems to be about $50,000 AUD16:19
*** Frye has quit IRC16:20
CosmoHillokay that's about £33K16:20
vvaltoneDo you have to go to prison to become a South Australian Member of Parliament?16:21
* CosmoHill was looking at Vans yesterday at about £27K16:21
Termanavvaltone, lol16:21
TermanaJUST ABOUT16:22
berndhsCosmoHill: buy an RV, save on rent16:23
*** MSM has quit IRC16:23
*** MoRpHeUz has joined #meego16:23
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC16:26
*** stefanopi has quit IRC16:26
*** kuzak has quit IRC16:26
*** goutam has quit IRC16:26
*** stefanopi has joined #meego16:26
*** kuzak has joined #meego16:26
*** goutam has joined #meego16:27
TermanaCosmoHill, but you can get new lower-model Holden sedans for $30,000. Personally, if I was buying Holden I would probably either go for the lower model or go all out and buy an HSV (Holden Special Vehicle, which is the performance vehicle brand)16:27
*** aleksander_m has joined #meego16:27
* CosmoHill just speced up a Ford Modeo Titianium X sport for £31K16:29
CosmoHilladmidantly I could do without the dog guard16:30
TermanaIt looks nice from Google Images. But I wouldn't buy Ford16:31
TermanaOn principal16:31
TermanaWhen I show my boganness I am a Holden supporter.16:31
*** meegoexperts has joined #meego16:31
CosmoHill(when I say ford I mean Ford EU)16:31
*** Zahra has joined #meego16:31
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC16:32
CosmoHillIf I were to get a holden I'd replace the vauxhall badges with holden badges16:32
TermanaWhat's the difference, it's all Ford?16:32
TermanaCosmoHill, it that the brand they are sold under there?16:32
CosmoHillyeah but there's only one or two holdens for sale16:33
CosmoHillthere are fords like the ford falcon that you can only get in austraila16:33
*** otep has quit IRC16:34
*** gbraad has quit IRC16:34
* CosmoHill goes to take the dog for a walk16:34
*** gbraad has joined #meego16:34
*** gbraad has joined #meego16:34
*** mtux_ has joined #meego16:34
*** aleksander_m has joined #meego16:35
*** hugopl has quit IRC16:36
*** shahinghazinouri has joined #meego16:36
*** mtux has quit IRC16:38
*** hugopl has joined #meego16:39
*** hugopl has quit IRC16:40
*** hugopl has joined #meego16:42
*** notmart has quit IRC16:45
*** stefanopi has quit IRC16:45
*** otep has joined #meego16:45
*** kuzak has quit IRC16:45
*** goutam has quit IRC16:45
*** kuzak has joined #meego16:45
*** goutam has joined #meego16:45
*** stefanopi has joined #meego16:45
*** notmart has joined #meego16:46
*** shahinghazinouri has left #meego16:47
*** fredy_ has joined #meego16:47
lcukStskeeps, you mentioned the sgx pulled the m6 version then made some patches16:48
lcukdoes this imply backwards that if I use scratchbox and my n950 that fixing it there will also allow it to be fixed on meego?16:48
*** mitsutaka has quit IRC16:48
*** otep has quit IRC16:49
lcukthe source does not look massive which is a blessing but as you say it is quite convoluted16:49
*** otep has joined #meego16:53
*** mtux_ is now known as mtux16:54
*** tbf has quit IRC16:54
*** timeless has joined #meego16:54
timelessDawnFoster: pong me when you wake up16:54
*** Wirta has quit IRC16:54
* lcuk makes a clean testcase app first 16:55
lcuktimeless, Yo!16:55
* CosmoHill returns16:56
timelesslcuk, et al: what does this mean:
MeeGoBotBug 18038 nor, Low, ---, kevron_m_rees, VERI WONTFIX, Bluetooth icon should either not be present or clearly indicate it won't work when no bluetooth adap16:58
*** MooseTheBrown has left #meego17:00
timeless[ crickets ]17:01
*** pavank10 has quit IRC17:04
*** x_O has quit IRC17:05
*** ysss has quit IRC17:05
*** javiF has joined #meego17:06
*** x_O has joined #meego17:06
*** rm_work has joined #meego17:08
*** rm_work has joined #meego17:08
*** realsportcars has joined #meego17:09
*** khertan1 has joined #meego17:09
khertan1Hi, does there is problem currently with the community obs ? package doesn't seems to be moved to the repo17:09
khertan1rpc timeout17:09
realsportcarsDoes someone know where is located telepathy ConnectionManager in meego?17:10
*** wasikevin has quit IRC17:12
Robot101realsportcars: where in what sense? on the filesystem?17:12
realsportcarsin the source code17:13
*** gbraad__ has joined #meego17:13
realsportcarsI'd like to understand how it works17:13
*** achipa has quit IRC17:13
*** mtux has quit IRC17:13
realsportcarsreally, I'd like to understand how "kill" a SMS before system-ui catch it17:14
*** mtux has joined #meego17:14
*** ysss has joined #meego17:14
*** jpetersen has quit IRC17:15
timelessrealsportcars: what do you mean?17:15
realsportcarstimeless, I'm trying to write a message-blocker for meego, but atm I'm unable to block "silently" incoming SMS17:15
*** gbraad has quit IRC17:16
timelessare you looking for source code?17:16
timelessfor client apis17:16
timelessfor ...?17:16
realsportcarsuhm...this could be helful17:17
realsportcarssourcecode onyl for understand how it works17:17
*** jpetersen has joined #meego17:17
realsportcarsI tryed with telepathy client approvers, but this isn't the right way17:17
realsportcarsapprovers works quite good on maemo, but not on meego17:18
* timeless shrugs17:18
timelessthere's plenty of stuff floating around17:19
lcuktimeless, crickets were a mistimed cup of coffe17:19
timelessthere's also iirc an or something17:19
timelesslcuk: ok, lemme know if you want to chirp17:19
realsportcarsty timeless!17:20
lcukit seems that part of the bug has been resolved or not encountered17:20
lcukin latest image17:20
lcukbut it certainly isn't clear17:20
timelesslcuk: i'm pretty sure that the person didn't read the steps to reproduce17:20
timelessbut i can't be confident about that17:20
timelessbecause i have *no* clue what that person did encounter17:21
timelessmy guess is that upon turning off bluetooth (which means the device isn't proper)17:21
lcukperhaps he has not got an exopc17:21
lcukand is also trying to help17:21
lcukbut testing it how he can17:21
timeless... the bluetooth icon disappeared from the status line at the top of the screen17:21
berndhssend me an exopc and I'll check it out17:21
lcuklol berndhs17:21
timelesswhich means he totally failed to read the steps to reproduce17:21
timelessberndhs: where are you?17:21
timelessas in near the CA/US border?17:22
timeless(this is doable)17:22
berndhsright, a little west of the falls17:22
timelessI've been as far west as Hamilton of late17:22
*** jrocha has quit IRC17:22
berndhshalf way between N.Falls and Hamilton17:22
timelessif you happen to head toward YYZ anytime, lemme know17:23
timelessi can easily let you grab mine...17:23
*** UltraDM has quit IRC17:23
berndhsok, will keep that in mind17:23
lcukor just have a meetup and chat about other stuff17:23
timelessor that17:23
timelesslcuk: anyway, it'd be good if someone slapped that guy17:24
*** tommim has quit IRC17:24
timeless(and the previous guy for that matter)17:24
lcukyou should be able to install maliit or configure it to work by the way17:24
ali1234timeless: i know... seems like nobody ever reads the steps to reproduce before they post "works for me"17:25
timelessali1234: pretty amazing17:25
lcukali1234, do you have any other examples?17:26
lcukactual bug numbers?17:26
ali1234slow bugzilla is slow17:26
lcukworks for me17:26
ali1234bug 1430717:26
MeeGoBotBug nor, Medium, ---, kai.chai, REOP, kernel build with rpmbuild fails during prep17:26
ali1234oh, someone replied17:27
timelessali1234: you mean ?17:27
*** jlamadon has quit IRC17:28
ali1234timeless: that bug has been closed "works for me" about 3 times17:28
ali1234and i just keep reopening it17:28
ali1234because it really does not work17:28
timelesstechnically it only looks like twice
*** lizardo has quit IRC17:30
ali1234this guy is telling me to do "sudo zypper si kernel" even though that doesn't work and isn't even supposed to work17:30
MeeGoBotBug 19153 nor, Undecided, ---, qiang.z.zhang, VERI INVALID, zypper si does nothing.17:30
timelessali1234: please click on a comment link and then copy that url17:32
timelessit makes my life easier :)17:32
* leinir thinks it's very silly that the tablet ux doesn't have any way of putting the device to sleep...17:32
*** Dan_Mihai_BU_RO has quit IRC17:32
MeeGoBotBug 19153 nor, Undecided, ---, qiang.z.zhang, VERI INVALID, zypper si does nothing.17:33
timelessleinir: the power button on the back!17:33
ali1234basically the whole bug is "sudo zypper si kernel does nothing" "well, it's not supposed to" "oh, ok then"17:34
timeless(ok, it shuts off the exopc, but that's a very very very deep sleep!)17:34
leinirtimeless: that's sort of my point ;)17:34
*** lauro has joined #meego17:35
timelessali1234: impressive17:35
timeless(reached comment 10)17:36
* timeless sighs17:36
timelessthat bug is braindead17:36
*** qgil has joined #meego17:36
timelessthe report has more than sufficient info for the QA to file the new bug17:36
timelessand it *should* be the *job* of QA to file the new bug17:36
timelessasking a random reporter to do it is mean and stupid17:37
timeless(and prone to failure)17:37
ali1234which bug?17:37
MeeGoBotBug 19153 nor, Undecided, ---, qiang.z.zhang, VERI INVALID, zypper si does nothing.17:37
ali1234oh, yeah17:37
timeless> Hi, ali1234 , if you get more info ,you can file new bug for warn info!17:37
*** stefanopi has quit IRC17:38
*** kuzak has quit IRC17:38
*** goutam has quit IRC17:38
timelesswhat more info does he need? he has steps, he has logs, and he did the ****'ng analysis17:38
*** goutam has joined #meego17:38
*** kuzak has joined #meego17:38
timelessjust write up the bug, assign it to the right person, cc the original victim, and comment in the old bug indicating the new bug number17:38
*** stefanopi has joined #meego17:38
timelessrm_work: please remember that i've been using bugzilla for >10 years17:39
timelessand i've watched good QAs work17:39
rm_workyeah, not that17:39
timelessand i've watched groups lose volunteers or potential volunteers17:39
infobottimeless meant: and i've watched groups lose volunteers and potential volunteers17:39
rm_workmy comment was going to be, did ali1234 go back and retry the original bug using root instead of sudo? :P17:39
rm_worknothing about what you said17:39
rm_workwhich is correct IMO17:39
rm_workthat was the first thing i noticed when comparing working to not working -- one had # and one had $ :)17:40
*** ayanes has quit IRC17:40
rm_worksudo does strange things sometimes17:40
rm_workit *shouldn't*, don't get me wrong, but it *does*17:40
rm_workso it is a bug, but maybe a slightly different one (like he says at the end of 1430717:41
timelesswhich he should file!17:41
rm_workno doubtr17:41
timelesswhich is my point17:41
timelessit shouldn't be the reporter's job17:41
rm_workbut i was wondering if ali went back and tried to reproduce again using root17:41
timelessonce you as QA discover a bug and determine it isn't the original bug17:41
timelessyou file the new bug17:41
rm_workas followup to the original bug 1430717:42
rm_workoh i meant:17:42
MeeGoBotBug nor, Medium, ---, kai.chai, REOP, kernel build with rpmbuild fails during prep17:42
*** pavank10 has joined #meego17:42
rm_work so it is a bug, but maybe a slightly different one (like he says at the end of 19153)17:42
timelessali1234: there's a reason i have a .rpmbuild which sets home to something other than /root :)17:43
timelessit gave mxr a chance to do stuff17:43
rm_worki have a feeling 14307 might work if you take the advice from 19153 (not that it's not a bug)17:43
rm_workjust do the whole thing as root, proves it's a permissions issue, which kinda makes sense17:43
timelessrm_work: that isn't really intersting17:43
rm_workand then see timeless' .rpmbuild :P17:44
timelessall of these bugs are really that the error reporting is terrible (and absolutely broken)17:44
timelesseach bug should result in a fix to some error reporting instance17:44
rm_workyes, sorry, getting sidetracked by trying to assist with the ACTUAL problem, which i realize in this conversation wasn't the point (which was that people suck when they use WFM all the time)17:45
rm_workI assume you've seen Texrat's article on the matter (and probably linked it a few times)17:45
*** x_O has quit IRC17:46
ali1234rm_work: i've tried everything with root, sudo, normal user for both those bugs17:48
ali1234the only thing i haven't done is opened that new bug for the warning17:48
rm_worklol k17:49
ali1234rm_work: i haven't tried 14307 using sudo when i'm already root17:49
ali1234but that seems pointless17:49
ali1234i mean, if that did work, it would be a bug in itself17:49
*** achipa has joined #meego17:49
ali1234how can sudo make you more root than root?17:49
*** achipa has quit IRC17:49
*** achipa has joined #meego17:49
ali1234anyway if you read the logs you'll see the very first thing i do is "su -"17:49
ali1234(or the comment i just added)17:50
*** lizardo has joined #meego17:50
*** mirek2 has quit IRC17:50
*** mlfoster has joined #meego17:51
CosmoHillhmm, £540 for a set of alloys17:51
*** Ans5i has joined #meego17:51
aleksander_mif I launch a custom meego-core-ia32-base image with kvm... shouldn't I get at least a shell or something? getting a black screen here17:52
pebcakon which cpu?17:53
aleksander_mpebcak, intel i517:53
*** calvaris has joined #meego17:54
pebcakgo to qemu shell and look what#s happening17:54
*** cymacs has quit IRC17:54
*** Beineri_ is now known as Beineri17:55
*** calvaris has quit IRC17:58
*** reed has quit IRC17:59
StskeepsUlf^: hmm, why the downgrade of gtk?18:00
Stskeeps(out of curiousity)18:00
Ulf^Stskeeps, for nautilus-2.30 and other gtk2 based packages to build in Trunk:Testing in an effort to the restore the clutter UI based Netbook image18:01
*** mtux_ has joined #meego18:01
StskeepsUlf^: ah okay18:01
Stskeepsyeah, i ran into the nautilus issue earlier, gvfs is unresolvable18:02
Ulf^Not the issue I've been seeing18:02
Stskeepswell, it was unresolvable because of nautilus failing ;)18:02
*** stefanopi has quit IRC18:02
*** kuzak has quit IRC18:02
*** goutam has quit IRC18:02
Stskeepson arm18:02
*** goutam has joined #meego18:03
*** kuzak has joined #meego18:03
Stskeepsbut sure, would be good to get the stack validated, after all the systemd changes18:03
Ulf^I had to enable deprecated symbols in GDK for the linker to be happy only to run a signal that wouldn't be resolved because it was deprecated in the GTK2 API18:03
*** stefanopi has joined #meego18:03
*** mitsutaka has joined #meego18:04
*** mtux has quit IRC18:05
Ulf^Stskeeps, How is Wayland with QT5 coming along?18:05
StskeepsUlf^: great :) and for my side of things18:06
Stskeepswe're continually improving the qt5 packaging and using same codebase both on intel and arm18:06
Ulf^Stskeeps, Way to go!18:06
Stskeepsso i have good faith in this working out for 1.318:07
thiagoit's a victory to get it compiled at all :-)18:07
Stskeepsyes, indeed18:07
Ulf^thiago, hehe18:07
Stskeepswe should really get 4.8-beta into trunk:testing18:07
* Stskeeps checks when markus is back18:07
slaineCreated a tablet image for my bedside unit here18:08
slainenot bad18:08
slainemost works out of the box18:08
slainepity the UI requires a hard button to get back to the menu stuff18:08
*** jpetersen has quit IRC18:09
*** lbt_hel has quit IRC18:09
*** kavacha has left #meego18:09
Stskeepsyeah.. but such are designs18:09
*** tomeu has quit IRC18:10
*** mwichmann has quit IRC18:10
*** mwichmann has joined #meego18:11
ali1234Stskeeps: how come wayland screenshot i see, there's never a window manager?18:11
ali1234(serious question)18:12
*** andyross has joined #meego18:12
thiagousually, the wayland server is the window manager too18:12
*** mtux__ has joined #meego18:12
ali1234well ok, so, where is it?18:12
Stskeepsali1234: in this particular case i don't think i had any logic associated18:12
Stskeeps is with qml-compositor18:12
*** gbraad has joined #meego18:13
ali1234is it simply that no one got around to writing a real WM for it yet?18:13
ali1234ok, so where's the window decorations/title bar?18:13
thiagowho says we need them?18:13
Stskeepsnoone's bothered to make them i guess ;)18:13
ali1234i do18:13
*** arkub has quit IRC18:14
ali1234when i see screenshots and there's no window borders and other stuff, i think "oh great, still another couple of years away from being done"18:14
thiagotablets and handsets shouldn't have visible windows anyway18:14
thiagoall applications should be maximised or fullscreen18:15
ali1234if wayland is going to replace X then it needs to run on a little bit more than tablets and handsets18:15
ali1234now my perception is probably wrong, but there itis18:15
thiagosomeone needs to write a wayland-WM with window decorations18:15
*** gbraad__ has quit IRC18:15
pebcakthiago very limited view on what tablets should or shouldn't have18:15
thiagoI think martin grässlin is working on it with kwin18:16
*** mtux_ has quit IRC18:16
pebcaksplits can be very useful, especially copy&paste, marking books etc.18:16
SpeedEvilLarger tablets can certainly with profit use windows.18:16
thiagopebcak: the current UX doesn't call for it.18:16
*** lynxis has quit IRC18:16
berndhsthe fullscreen-only policy should be based on physicla screen size, not whether there is a keyboard or not (tablet)18:16
fiferboyIf I remove source files from OBS does it removed the binaries that were built from them?18:16
SpeedEvilI note that when I had a 640*480 10" laptop, I wasn't using one window only always18:16
*** miksuh has joined #meego18:16
pebcakthiago that#s not what you said, you said "they shouldn't"18:16
Stskeepsfiferboy: you can do osc wipebinaries, too18:16
Ulf^fiferboy, nope18:17
*** kaitlin_ has quit IRC18:17
thiagopebcak: right. (MeeGo UX) Tablets and handsets shouldn't have it.18:17
pebcakI think devs and users should be free to decide that for themselves18:17
fiferboyStskeeps: I wasn't intentionally intended for the binaries to be removed :)18:17
thiagopebcak: shouldn't need it, I mean18:17
*** zgyarmati_ has quit IRC18:17
Stskeepsfiferboy: ah..18:17
thiagopebcak: because our UX guidelines don't call for them.18:17
fiferboyUlf^: Does triggering a rebuild on newer source remove the old binary?18:17
pebcakthiago there are always usecases when it would make sense18:17
Stskeepsand there's possibility to make like that if you want that18:18
thiagopebcak: sure. but our UX guidelines don't call for them or allow them now.18:18
pebcakthiago well, I won#t comment that18:19
Ulf^fiferboy, yep18:19
fiferboyUlf^: Ah, that explains it then :)18:19
*** mwichmann has quit IRC18:19
fiferboyAlthough it makes the package unavailable for install while the new one is building18:19
fiferboyAnd what happens if the build fails?18:19
ali1234well, i don't care about window decorations in meego, but i just want to see wayland screenshots with a "traditional" window manager :)18:19
* lcuk notes that wayland looks like liqbase18:20
timelessrm_work: i probably haven't seen the article, i'll take a link :)18:20
ali1234unfinished? :)18:20
*** gri has joined #meego18:20
lcukali1234, it may be unfinished but I am actively using the completed bits18:21
* lcuk tinkers with his garden as required18:21
*** phako has quit IRC18:21
*** phako has joined #meego18:21
* SpeedEvil is seiving rocks.18:21
Stskeepsali1234: with qml-compositor you can basically treat a window as an element in qml, so you can do small dancing penguins around it if you so desire.. so it's just that engineers have no sense of art ;)18:22
Ulf^Stskeeps, Due to lack of imagination? ;)18:22
ali1234Stskeeps: ok for drawing decorations... what about resizing/minimize/dragging logic?18:22
ali1234i'm excited about wayland but i won't really believe in it fully until i see these things actually working :)18:23
Stskeepssimilar, but look at the wayland shell protocol18:23
*** CaCO3 has joined #meego18:23
*** Al_Cho has quit IRC18:23
ali1234what was the name of that really early compositing window manager? it was named after an artist i think...18:24
ali1234(early for X)18:24
*** kraiskil has quit IRC18:25
rm_workreally early, as in waaay before compiz?18:26
rm_workdunno, compiz was the first i played with :P18:26
ali1234it had loads of pointless features like corner peeling, and you could rotate windows18:26
ali1234but it was basically just a tech demo18:26
Stskeeps ?18:26
*** anderco has quit IRC18:26
lcukeverything is just a tech demo18:26
*** gabor has quit IRC18:26
*** maitrey has quit IRC18:26
rm_workStskeeps: i was thinking that, but that was a java thing wasn't it?18:26
ali1234it was way before that18:26
ali1234it was in like 200318:27
ali1234found in "see also" on that wiki page18:27
ali1234anyway i feel like wayland is about at that stage - nice demo, but i can't actually use it yet18:28
*** wmarone_ is now known as wmarone18:28
*** gbraad__ has joined #meego18:28
*** Zahra has quit IRC18:29
rm_worklcuk: rofl18:30
* lcuk creating project_4218:30
slaineDawnFoster: I got the me ego tablet ux running on our bedside hardware,
*** gbraad has quit IRC18:31
*** tomaw has quit IRC18:31
Stskeepsthe one for hospital?18:32
slainejust goofing around18:32
*** goutam has quit IRC18:32
*** stefanopi has quit IRC18:32
*** kuzak has quit IRC18:32
slaineBut part of my plans of IBI (InBed Infotainment)18:32
lcukget the patients into meego and producing code fixes whilst being fixed themselves :D18:33
*** kuzak has joined #meego18:33
*** goutam has joined #meego18:33
*** MooseTheBrown has joined #meego18:33
*** gbraad has joined #meego18:33
*** stefanopi has joined #meego18:33
*** gbraad has quit IRC18:33
*** gbraad has joined #meego18:33
lcukslaine, when you are making movies, and showing touchscreen, do you look through the camera view to tell where to press?18:33
StskeepsIn Bed Infotainment could be so misunderstood..18:33
* lcuk always gets mixed up18:33
* Stskeeps goes clean the kitchen18:33
slaineStskeeps: true18:34
*** tomaw has joined #meego18:34
*** DawnFoster has quit IRC18:34
berndhswith some of the drugs in hospital patients, you might get a new wave of psychedelic UIs18:34
slainelcuk: bit of both, it's hard to know where to look, I know it's a bit shaky cam but it's my first post ;)18:34
lcuklet you off then :P18:34
berndhsin-bed infotainment, shaky cam, I don't know...18:35
lcukright, time to have a meego break and do some pruning around liqbase18:35
lcukback later \o18:35
lcuksomebody please remind me not to reflash n900-ce18:35
lcukat least until I remove the source code from it18:36
rm_worklcuk: don't reflash n900-ce18:36
*** gbraad__ has quit IRC18:36
rm_worki wish i could script that to repeat every 15 minutes or so :P18:36
*** andyross has quit IRC18:37
lcukrm_work, tomorrow I will put the source onto repo but I CBA right now18:37
lcuki am making a testcase for bug 1308418:37
MeeGoBotBug maj, Medium, ---, liquid, ASSI, [n900] Horizontal tearing with xvimagesink18:37
*** andyross has joined #meego18:38
*** amarsman has quit IRC18:38
*** schoenemann has quit IRC18:40
*** Shapeshifter has quit IRC18:41
*** Shapeshifter has joined #meego18:41
*** mtux__ is now known as mtux18:43
*** reed has joined #meego18:43
timelessrm_work: :)18:43
ali1234i love the meego-troll on that page18:48
rm_workyeah lol18:50
rm_workwhere does all the meego-style art come from T_T18:50
Stskeepswasn't there a tool for it?18:51
Stskeepsand texrat, mostly18:51
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:51
Guest33764hello, I try compile basiclayouts example with Qt creator but got error MApplication: No such file or directory18:51
Guest33764How can fix this?18:51
*** pavank10 has quit IRC18:51
Guest33764Was installed Meego SDK 1.218:52
pebcakrm_work ?18:52
*** himamura has quit IRC18:55
*** himamura has joined #meego18:55
*** IonutGavaz has quit IRC18:55
*** otep has quit IRC18:57
*** stefanopi has quit IRC18:57
*** kuzak has quit IRC18:57
*** goutam has quit IRC18:57
*** kuzak has joined #meego18:57
*** goutam has joined #meego18:57
*** stefanopi has joined #meego18:58
*** spenap has quit IRC19:01
*** kontio has quit IRC19:02
*** stefanopi has quit IRC19:03
*** kuzak has quit IRC19:03
*** goutam has quit IRC19:03
*** vulp has quit IRC19:03
*** kuzak has joined #meego19:03
*** goutam has joined #meego19:03
*** stefanopi has joined #meego19:04
*** stefanopi has quit IRC19:05
*** kuzak has quit IRC19:05
*** goutam has quit IRC19:05
*** mlfoster has quit IRC19:05
*** kuzak has joined #meego19:05
*** goutam has joined #meego19:05
*** sergiusens has joined #meego19:06
*** stefanopi has joined #meego19:06
*** monoceros has joined #meego19:07
*** otep has joined #meego19:08
ali1234rm_work: Stskeeps: there's a few tools including one by me:
*** otep has quit IRC19:13
* slaine wonders what MeeGo UX would look like using Harmatten style components19:15
*** gbraad__ has joined #meego19:15
*** otep has joined #meego19:16
leinirslaine: well... arguably, swipe /is/ a meego ux... some of the underlying system's not meego, but the swipe bits would work just fine on top of meego-core...19:17
*** johd has quit IRC19:17
leinirso it'd look the same ;)19:17
slaineleinir, Isn't the Harmattan components style different to the MeeGo UX style ?19:18
*** helia_co has left #meego19:18
*** gbraad has quit IRC19:18
slaineOr is it that the MTF apps on Harmattan just look better :)19:18
*** Shanita has quit IRC19:20
leinirslaine: Oh, you mean the Intel MeeGo Tablet UX?19:20
*** otep has quit IRC19:20
slaineleinir: Yes19:20
slaineThat's confusingly called MeeGo UX19:21
leinir*nods* Yeah19:21
leinirnot very happy about that situation19:21
slainethere's a history of confusing names here19:21
slaineI'm guessing that the End Game is for MeeGo UX to be the reference UX for all form factors, netbook, tablet, IVI, which tweaks per form factor19:22
slainewild speculation19:22
*** qgil has quit IRC19:22
slaines/which tweaks/with tweaks19:22
*** Moku has joined #meego19:23
*** ivanich has joined #meego19:24
*** smoku has quit IRC19:25
gabrbeddslaine: leinir: There was a discussion about this about 1-2 mos. ago on the dev ML.19:25
*** t_s_o has joined #meego19:25
*** mtux has quit IRC19:25
leinirgabrbedd: it comes up every so often ;)19:25
*** otep has joined #meego19:26
gabrbeddslaine: leinir: I think the "conclusion" was that MeeGo never /really/ want's to provide a production/stable out-of-the box UX.19:26
gabrbeddThey want a good proof of concept, and for vendors to provide their own.19:26
slainegabrbedd: Yeah, that's always been the case, even back to Moblin19:26
slaineI think it's a pity19:26
gabrbeddBut you can never get anyone to commit to one or the other... but I think it's clear that this is the priority/marchin orders.19:27
gabrbeddslaine: I tend to agree.  It makes app development MUCH more complex.19:27
slaineIt doesn't take much more effort cost wise to push the reference design over the barrier of being good enough to prove a point to being really nice and compelling.19:27
*** javier has quit IRC19:28
gabrbeddslaine: The problem, they say, is that if the reference UX is too good -- it will hinder adoption.19:28
gabrbeddslaine: the ability to totally re-do the UX is one of the chief things that distinguishes MeeGo.19:29
*** otep has quit IRC19:30
*** otep has joined #meego19:31
*** ced117 has joined #meego19:32
*** ced117 has quit IRC19:32
*** ced117 has joined #meego19:32
lcukvgrade, what did you say?19:32
slaineIf you look at all the MeeGo netbook announcements, they are variations on the stock UX, so I can't see that being a valid complaint19:33
*** ceyusa has joined #meego19:33
*** CosmoHill has joined #meego19:34
*** tchan has quit IRC19:35
berndhsslaine: it depends on the company and the business. Car companies and phone companies probably want their own brand19:35
*** jrocha has joined #meego19:35
slaineberndhs: that's my point I guess, any of the netbook release coming out are branded variants of the stock ux. So the stock ux has to be good enough for them to use and rebrand in the first place19:36
slaineAs opposed to say Audi doing a whole different UX design for their IVI product19:37
slaineSomething like that would be a minority19:37
gabrbeddslaine: FWIW, I saw some new UX concepts at... what was it?  computex?19:37
*** lynxis has joined #meego19:37
berndhsminority in what terms? in terms of number of platforms or in terms of number of chips sold?19:37
gabrbeddslaine: And they were meego.19:37
*** vblazquez has quit IRC19:38
slaineberndhs: minority in terms of number of totally new ux implementations19:38
*** bergie has quit IRC19:38
vgradelcuk, ?19:38
gabrbeddslaine: However... my PERSONAL opinion is... when I get a phone I am really not interested in your crummy vendor-specific UX.19:39
*** TheOpenSourcerer has left #meego19:39
slaineberndhs: So far, the majority of UX's in shipping products have been variations on the stock19:39
berndhssure, but to what extent are those interesting to Intel ?19:39
gabrbeddslaine: I think the DIY-UX feature is a huge benefit for IVI and TV... and I think it's a hinderance for handset and tablet.19:40
*** vblazquez has joined #meego19:40
slainegabrbedd: I'd agree19:40
*** CaCO3 has quit IRC19:41
gabrbedd...and that seems to be the way things are playing out, too. :-/19:41
*** dailylinux has joined #meego19:41
*** florian has quit IRC19:41
andyrossAmen.  In the android world, compare the UX experience of a Nexus S to *any* of the "customized" Galaxy S variants (there are now dozens), which are all basically the same hardware.  The Google UI is just plain better in every way.  All the vendor stuff is trash.19:41
*** tackat has quit IRC19:41
*** jpetersen has joined #meego19:42
slaineberndhs: You're not getting the point I was making. I was simply saying that given the investment that Intel are putting into MeeGo and the development of the UX reference, it's not much of an expense to take them from three quarters of the way there to all the way there in terms of polish19:42
slaineandyross: I'd disagree there. I think HTC's SenseUI is a huge improvement over the stock UI on android19:42
berndhsslaine: sure that's very likely correct19:42
*** stefanopi has quit IRC19:42
*** kuzak has quit IRC19:42
*** goutam has quit IRC19:42
*** siddvicious has joined #meego19:43
*** goutam has joined #meego19:43
ceyusahi! is there a madde-config for meego-ia32-core-1.2.0 ???19:43
*** kuzak has joined #meego19:43
berndhsand for tablets and netbooks and such, I would prefer to see that it's MeeGo19:43
*** aleksander_m has quit IRC19:43
*** stefanopi has joined #meego19:43
berndhsin fact I would like a MeeGo desktop UX as well19:43
*** tackat has joined #meego19:44
andyrossTo be clear: I've never used Sense, I was talking about the Samsung+Carrier enhancements to the Galaxy S phones, which I've dealt with.  They contain such gems as a modal dialog box which tells you (no joke) that "the battery is done charging, you may now remove the charger".  It gets bonus points for lighting the phone up and vibrating at 2am to tell you this.19:44
slaineberndhs: There was talk of that in the VERY early days19:44
berndhsactually, I look at it more as big-screen, rather than desktop19:45
slaineandyross: ouch19:45
*** mlfoster has joined #meego19:45
andyrossAlso: the camera won't shoot video when the batter is <15%.   Because the app knows better than the user does how the user wants to spend their battery energy.19:46
slaineberndhs: MeeGo did introduce to enhancements over Moblin (they where due for Moblin 2.2's release) for large screens, but I don't think that UX worked well enough on a large screen19:46
slaineandyross: if your stuck on that phone and interested, I've heard very good things about the CM7 rom for it.19:47
*** deimos has joined #meego19:47
berndhsslaine: maybe it works well enugh just with xfce19:47
andyrossI'm already on a custom ROM, so no big deal.  Was just mentioning it as an example of the idiocy manufacturers and carriers inject into the process.  Basically gabrbedd is right: "custom" UIs are always a misfeature.19:48
dm8tbrberndhs: I know people using meego as a base for their desktop/laptop with e.g. xfce19:48
slaineYeah, it's possible to do branded enhancements properly though, the HTC Desire was a good example of that.19:48
slaineIs xfce still in the repos ?19:49
berndhslast week it was there19:49
slainecool, was there but broken early in the meego cycle, I used to use it on moblin.19:49
*** calvaris has joined #meego19:49
slainenot tried it since the move to meego19:49
berndhsactually let me correct that statement, it is in a devel: repo19:50
arfollslaine, auke has put it back in MeeGo19:51
*** ivanich has quit IRC19:51
slainearfoll: happy days19:51
*** otep has quit IRC19:51
arfollslaine: I missed you earlier but you said you had offices in Malta?19:52
arfollI see you said installation19:52
*** belkiss has joined #meego19:53
slaineYeah, we've got a few units with Melita Cable in the MAtre Dai hospital (spelling ??)19:53
arfollslaine, I was there just last week. the hospital is nearly brand new though19:54
thiagoslaine: "mater dei" probably19:54
slaineBrand new in building terms is not the same as brand new in PC terms19:55
slainethiago: thats it19:55
arfollslaine, was just about to say that...19:55
arfollthiago, spot on, your maltese is better than mine!19:55
slaineOur older 600Mhz Celeron hardware19:55
*** mdfe has quit IRC19:55
thiagoarfoll: probably not :-)19:55
Stskeepsysss: see, i was ahead of the times :)19:56
arfollthiago, if you know more than 10 words you are...19:56
yssssts: haha you know everyone had the same thought19:56
thiagoI don't think I know any19:56
arfollslaine, thats probably high tech for them... I visited their IT department - not exactly state of the art19:56
*** stefanopi has quit IRC19:56
*** kuzak has quit IRC19:56
*** goutam has quit IRC19:56
*** kuzak has joined #meego19:57
Stskeepsysss: just click "report post" on every single problematic thing and that should do the trick19:57
*** goutam has joined #meego19:57
*** otep has joined #meego19:58
*** stefanopi has joined #meego19:58
aukeslaine: devel:xfce19:58
aukeit's entirely up to date, including zypper patterns to install easily19:58
ysssi think the wheels are already turning for his exit ever since that love letter he wrote to chemist19:58
* arfoll wonders why anyone bothers since there is openbox for meego....19:59
slaineauke, that's made my day. Thanks20:00
aukearfoll: I've been involved with xfce since before moblin existed...20:00
*** meegoexperts has quit IRC20:00
*** phl0x81 has joined #meego20:00
aukeslaine: it's building against both 1.2 and trunk, so, should be usable without any problems20:00
*** dazo is now known as dazo_afk20:01
*** stefanopi has quit IRC20:01
*** kuzak has quit IRC20:01
*** goutam has quit IRC20:01
*** goutam has joined #meego20:01
*** kuzak has joined #meego20:01
arfollauke, i know. i actually use some of it with openbox on meego :-)20:01
*** johd has joined #meego20:02
*** stefanopi has joined #meego20:02
*** otep has quit IRC20:02
*** Guest33764 has left #meego20:06
*** otep has joined #meego20:06
*** MooseTheBrown has left #meego20:06
*** tackat has quit IRC20:07
*** realsportcars is now known as realsportcarsAwa20:11
*** jrocha has quit IRC20:14
*** qgil has joined #meego20:15
*** kuzak has quit IRC20:15
*** goutam has quit IRC20:15
*** goutam_ has joined #meego20:15
*** kuzak has joined #meego20:15
qgillbt X-Fade may I request an account for the COBS?20:15
lbtof course20:15
lbtopen source ... right ?20:16
qgilthen I request is lbt  :)20:16
*** gbraad__ has quit IRC20:16
qgilgreat, thanks!20:16
* auke waves to qgil 20:16
qgilhi auke !20:16
qgilauke: I spent a week in Zeeland, and I was impressed by the interaction between the sea, the tide... and the rain in July20:17
*** gbraad has joined #meego20:17
*** gbraad has joined #meego20:17
qgilauke: I didn't know there were seals in Europe (out of a zoo, that is) ... and I didn't know either so much rain could fall in July in Europe - still we had lots of fun20:18
qgiland now back to topic20:18
lbtauke ... msg?20:18
*** thiagoss has quit IRC20:19
slaineqgil: we have sharks, dolphins too20:19
qgilslaine: I knew about sharks, dolphins and even the couple of whales lost in the mediterranean sea - but no seals20:20
*** dwmw2_gone__ has quit IRC20:21
* gabrbedd is reminded of the movie "Roan Inish" ...20:22
*** dwmw2_gone__ has joined #meego20:22
*** calvaris has quit IRC20:23
* slaine has snorkeled with dolphins, seals and saw a basking shark from a distance, all in the irish sea20:24
slainewell, the dolphin was in the atlantic20:24
*** gbraad__ has joined #meego20:26
*** Armi^ has joined #meego20:27
*** johd has quit IRC20:27
*** SatanR1 has joined #meego20:27
*** psycho_oreos has quit IRC20:28
*** gbraad has quit IRC20:28
GeneralAntilleslbt, while you're handing out free accounts . . . can I get in on it? ;)20:28
lbtyep ...meego account name20:28
lbtbut c.obs is down ... looking at it20:28
*** mwichmann has joined #meego20:30
*** ssvb has joined #meego20:32
*** boiko has quit IRC20:36
*** boiko has joined #meego20:36
*** t_s_o has quit IRC20:37
lbtc.obs is back20:39
lbtdisk full20:39
lbtsorry .... monitoring system clearly not doing its job20:39
lbtGeneralAntilles: done :)20:39
*** khohm has quit IRC20:40
lbtqgil:  ^^ back20:40
qgiljust logged in thanks!20:40
*** antman8969 has joined #meego20:40
*** slaine has quit IRC20:40
*** DawnFoster has joined #meego20:43
*** Amarant has joined #meego20:43
*** wdouglas` has quit IRC20:44
*** ivanich has joined #meego20:44
*** wdouglas has joined #meego20:45
qgillbt: should I expect a MeeGo Harmattan target at or is that precisely the part that is missing?20:45
*** slonopotamus has joined #meego20:46
*** smoku1 has joined #meego20:48
*** Atarii has joined #meego20:49
*** javiF has quit IRC20:49
siddviciousi get error usb0: unknown interface: No such device20:51
siddviciouson fedora 15 64 bit20:51
qgil... oh my oh my... why did I decide to learn the basics of Qt Creator, Qt Quick, git and now OBS in the same week?20:52
deimosqgil,  I feel like you with only Qt Quick :)20:53
siddviciousStskeeps: can you help ?20:53
lcukqgil, because actually walking the path any new developer must go through is invaluable if documented and discussed and processed and hopefully streamlined20:53
lbtindeed ... the week before the weekend I finally get round to updating the tutorials too20:53
siddviciousi have my n900 connected to notebook and its turned off20:53
siddviciousis installer script20:53
qgilis there a doc somewhere explaining step by step how to upload the files I got with Qt Creator to the COBS?20:54
siddviciousbut when it runs it says usb0 unkown interface20:54
lbtno :(20:54
lcukqgil, the best starting point appears to be: which is a collaboration between jaffa and lardman mostly20:54
lcukit includes a section on publishing to harmattan20:55
qgilthanks lcuk20:55
*** lardman has joined #meego20:56
lcukevening Simon \o20:56
*** swc|666 has joined #meego20:56
lardmanhi lcuk20:58
lardmanbeen a busy day, fixing run away immersion heater, then internet arriving so been rebooting Windows machines for ~4hours while they download updates20:59
*** dneary has joined #meego20:59
*** dneary has quit IRC20:59
*** dneary has joined #meego20:59
*** SatanR1 has left #meego20:59
antman8969So has any one else tried building against the Harmattan target in OBS and noticed that you can't include MDeclarativeCache21:01
*** gbraad__ has quit IRC21:01
qgillcuk: this is exactly what I was looking for. Linking it visibly from - which is the first result I got21:02
*** Venemo has joined #meego21:04
*** gbraad has joined #meego21:06
*** gbraad has joined #meego21:06
siddviciouscan anyone help please21:07
siddviciousi am trying to install meeg 1.2 on n900 f15 x64bit21:07
CosmoHillmaybe, ask another question and we'll see21:07
siddviciousinstalled flasher 3.5 and its in /usr/sbin21:07
siddviciousnow i use installer script to install meego 1.2 ce on n90021:08
siddviciouskept image and kernel file in the same folder21:08
siddviciousstarted script when device was off it was connected to usb21:08
siddviciousthen it asked to shut off network manager i did yes21:09
Stskeepssiddvicious: i would recommend you to use microsd instead21:09
siddviciousand it asked for "after enter please turn on device"21:09
siddviciousi did turn on21:09
siddviciousSuitable USB device not found, waiting.21:09
siddviciousUnable to enumerate USB buses!21:09
siddviciousflashing done21:09
siddviciousSIOCSIFADDR: No such device21:09
siddvicioususb0: unknown interface: No such device21:09
siddvicioususb0: unknown interface: No such device21:09
*** t_s_o has joined #meego21:10
Stskeepssiddvicious: sudo su21:10
siddviciousStskeeps: i ran it from root already21:10
*** dneary has quit IRC21:11
*** otep has quit IRC21:12
*** calvaris has joined #meego21:13
*** Guest79639 has joined #meego21:13
*** gbraad has quit IRC21:13
*** stefanopi has quit IRC21:13
*** kuzak has quit IRC21:13
*** goutam_ has quit IRC21:13
siddviciousso i should try on mmc then ?21:13
*** goutam has joined #meego21:14
*** kuzak has joined #meego21:14
Stskeepsyes, microsd21:14
*** stefanopi has joined #meego21:15
*** gbraad has joined #meego21:16
*** gbraad has joined #meego21:16
*** Guest79639 has quit IRC21:17
siddviciousStskeeps: then only thing i need to do is put car inside phone, and rest is same, right ?21:17
*** wh|rL has joined #meego21:19
*** wh|rL has left #meego21:20
*** gbraad___ has joined #meego21:21
*** Armi^ has quit IRC21:21
*** gbraad has quit IRC21:22
*** otep has joined #meego21:24
*** timeless_ has joined #meego21:24
*** timeless_ has joined #meego21:24
*** lostinmirkwood_ has joined #meego21:24
*** timeless has quit IRC21:25
*** timeless_ is now known as timeless21:25
*** lostinmirkwood has joined #meego21:25
*** lostinmirkwood has left #meego21:25
*** poly__ has joined #meego21:25
*** nielsslot has joined #meego21:26
*** Armi^ has joined #meego21:26
*** berndhs has quit IRC21:26
*** lostinmirkwood has joined #meego21:26
*** ware_ has joined #meego21:27
*** otep has quit IRC21:28
*** lostinmirkwood_ has quit IRC21:29
*** otep has joined #meego21:33
*** calvaris has quit IRC21:34
antman8969qgil any luck with the harmattan target?21:34
*** javiF has joined #meego21:35
qgilyes, I added it to my COBS project antman896921:35
antman8969qgil have you attempted a build?21:36
lcukgood stuff qgil21:36
Venemohey qgil, thanks for your good work on the N950 device program :)21:36
qgilI'm in the point of adding files antman8969 - trying to figure out what is the best way to sync that process with the folders and files created by Qt Creator21:36
antman8969hmm, I'm assuming you want to change the files it creates as little as possible?21:37
antman8969i mean, if the qtc_packaging/harmattan dir instead was ./debian it wouldn't really require any change21:38
qgilantman8969: I don't even know what files are needed since Qt Creator manages to build the package on the go - I'm missing that magic button in the OBS context  :)21:38
antman8969well if you uploaded your QtCreator src as .tar.gz  with a debian directory on the top level, after uploading a package.dsc file it would build correctly21:39
qgilantman8969: Ideally I wouldn't need to touch a thing: build locally for my testing and then build remotely in COBS for sharing packages publicly21:39
Venemoqgil, Qt Creator puts files to qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan, and it copies this directory to the root and names it 'debian', then runs dpkg-buildpackage (as far as I understand it)21:39
qgilok, lemme try this21:39
antman8969obviously making sure you uncomming dh_shlibdeps in the debian/rules file too21:40
antman8969i usually have a different debian directory that I maintain myself out of QtCreators watch21:40
*** kraiskil has joined #meego21:41
Venemoantman8969, and the evil Qt Creator can't make a package if you have your own debian dir21:41
antman8969lol sure it can, you just need to leave the one it likes there too21:41
Venemoit will say "alien debian directory detected" or sth like that21:42
Venemono, the word it uses is 'foreign'21:42
antman8969well idk what to say to that... it doesn't say that for me21:43
antman8969right now I have a debain dir, AND a qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan21:43
antman8969it finds it just fine21:43
antman8969don't add the new debian dir to your .pro file21:43
antman8969if you are21:43
*** ceyusa has quit IRC21:43
Venemowell, I had a project which already had a debian dir. then I added the harmattan target, and at first build, this is what it said.21:43
*** sergiusens has quit IRC21:44
qgilVenemo antman8969 my Qt Creator project is called testdef and parallel to the /testdef folder there is a /testdef-build-harmattan that contains the deb package, some files, and some more under a /debian subfolder - but I'm not sure if these are all the source files21:44
Venemoqgil, what exactly are you trying to achieve?21:44
*** monoceros has quit IRC21:45
antman8969automating the upload process I assume21:45
qgilbefore "automating" I would like to learn what files I'm supposed to upload to the COBS21:46
antman8969the testdef-build-harmattan doesn't contain all of what you need21:46
antman8969the source isn't in there (or it shouldn't be)21:46
antman8969what IS in there is the deb and .changes file21:46
antman8969but what you need is the .dsc file21:46
Venemoyeah, antman8969 is right.21:46
antman8969looking for it now... I don't see that qtcreator saves the .dsc file21:47
timophdeb file to obs?21:47
timophI thought you're supposed to upload your sources there21:47
timophand it makes the deb for you21:47
antman8969along with a .dsc21:48
wmaronehey venemo21:48
Bostikthe spell to invoke for .dsc generation is "dpkg-source -b $srcdir"21:48
timophat least that's how the main obs works21:48
*** timeless has quit IRC21:48
*** timeless has joined #meego21:48
antman8969Bastik, have you  tried getting QtCreator to generate a .dsc?21:49
Bostikantman8969: not really, I used the older prototype version which blindly called dpkg-buildpackage (which in turn did the dpkg-source step)21:49
timophand more than that I like to create rpm and deb packages from the same source tar ball21:50
antman8969well qgil, scratchbox definitly will do this for you....21:50
qgilno way I get into scratchbox21:50
*** ljp has joined #meego21:50
antman8969well all you're missing right now is the .dsc file21:51
BostikI know that feeling :)21:51
RST38hqgil: QtSDK fails running an empty Harmattan QtQuick project though21:51
RST38hsomething about dh-* scripts failing21:51
qgilI have a folder with many files and /qml subfolder - I just want to know which files wants the OBS21:51
RST38hInstalled right out of the box, empty project, etc. Epic fail.21:51
qgilthe project works, the packages are build locally and I can run them in my device - I just want to share the package through the cmmunity OBS21:52
antman8969qgil the obs wants testdef.tar.gz and testdef.dsc21:52
antman8969where testdef.tar.gz is you project folder compressed, and the .dsc is made during the packaging step21:52
antman8969BUT idk if qtcreator generates the .dsc... still looking to see21:52
qgiloook, then this looks like - only that it's unclear where to get this .dsc from21:53
Venemoby the final release date, this process should be fully supported by Qt Creator21:54
antman8969you DEFINETLY get it from dpkg-buidlpackage21:54
qgilok, I'll try21:54
VenemoQt Creator does not generate a .dsc21:55
antman8969where can you configure the packaging process?21:55
antman8969don't see many options in the projects tab21:55
Venemoantman8969, I don't think you can, but maybe you can in the projects tab/harmattan/run/create package21:56
antman8969thats where I would have thought too21:56
*** berndhs has joined #meego21:59
*** t_s_o has quit IRC22:00
*** sergiusens has joined #meego22:01
*** thiagoss has joined #meego22:01
*** lizardo has quit IRC22:01
qgilI don't know how to use dpkg-buildpackage & I was so happy when Qt Creator just generated a deb package alone - I have a tar.gz but still no .dsc22:02
antman8969aah got it22:02
antman8969what you have to do is22:02
qgilbut I understand this is uff-topic here, so I'll continue in #harmattan22:02
qgil"uff-topic"  :D nice typo22:02
antman8969oh no! I just got the answer22:02
qgilok  :)22:02
antman8969you need to add a custom build step22:03
antman8969in your project tab22:03
qgilI'm liking this...22:03
antman8969here are the arguments22:03
antman8969Command: /home/anthony/QtSDK/Madde/bin/mad22:03
antman8969except you arnt anthony lol22:03
antman8969but it's the path to mad22:03
antman8969woroking directory: %{buildDir}.......... that is good as default22:04
antman8969Command arguments: -t harmattan-nokia-meego-api dpkg-buildpackage -sa -S -uc -us22:04
antman8969assuming you are using the MeeGo 1.2 harmattan target22:04
antman8969that generates all the files you need paralell to your project dir22:05
*** balor has quit IRC22:05
*** gri has quit IRC22:05
antman8969actually, now I won't have to build in scratchbox anymore.... this is pretty nice22:06
Venemoantman8969 :)22:06
*** foolano has quit IRC22:06
*** DawnFoster has quit IRC22:06
Venemoantman8969, in the meantime, I've just figured out how to get Qt Creator _NOT_ to make packages every time :)22:07
*** RhymeswA has quit IRC22:07
antman8969lol great, we can be as careless or careful as we want now22:07
qgilantman8969: does this custom step go after qmake and Make?22:08
Venemonah, my train arrives in a minute so I need to leave now22:08
antman8969have fun22:08
antman8969yep qgil22:09
antman8969the last one22:09
antman8969not that it matters actually22:09
antman8969i'ts a standalone dpkg command that just generates the files you want22:09
antman8969but last is safe22:09
antman8969was there a problem with it qgil?22:10
qgilantman8969: no, I rebuild and everything seems to work fine in the package, the device, etc Now... what has changed?  ;)22:11
*** shalamov has quit IRC22:11
antman8969lol now parallel to your testdef direcotry you should see 3 new files22:12
antman8969not inside of it22:12
qgilah yesssssssss22:12
*** Venemo has quit IRC22:12
antman8969that should be all you need to upload22:12
qgilwith version number and everything: beautiful22:12
antman8969does your application use the invoker to launch?22:13
qgilgood that I refused to go for scratchbox22:13
qgiler... what is the invoker22:13
antman8969lol maybe not then. Well does you main.cpp file have #include <MDeclarativeCache>22:13
antman8969well then no worries!22:14
antman8969the harmattan target on OBS doesn't seem to have the file, thats why I asked22:14
qgilok, so I'll try now22:14
*** [XeN] has joined #meego22:15
antman8969you will also need to add the harmattan target to your obs project22:16
*** wicket64 has joined #meego22:18
*** lizardo has joined #meego22:18
antman8969oh wait lol, you packaged the testdef-build-harmattan dir as a tar.gz22:19
antman8969should have uploaded testdef.tar.gz22:19
qgilantman8969: you seem to be watching behind my neck - I'm adding the repo but for some reason it doesn't "stick" - let me look again22:19
*** lauro has quit IRC22:20
siddviciousokay got it working on mmc card :)22:20
qgilI'll delete files locally and build again22:20
siddviciouscan i use wifi with it ?22:20
*** MoRpHeUz has quit IRC22:20
*** lauro has joined #meego22:20
*** MoRpHeUz_ has joined #meego22:20
*** MoRpHeUz_ has joined #meego22:20
*** renatofilho has quit IRC22:21
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC22:21
*** setanta has quit IRC22:21
*** hugopl_ has joined #meego22:21
*** hugopl has quit IRC22:21
*** briglia has quit IRC22:21
*** luck_laptop has quit IRC22:22
*** setanta has joined #meego22:22
qgilantman8969: what can I do? the custom build is compressing the testdef-build-harmattan folder indeed22:22
qgillet me look again under projects...22:22
antman8969yea I see that22:23
antman8969i'm building mine now to test something22:23
*** stefanopi has quit IRC22:23
*** kuzak has quit IRC22:23
*** goutam has quit IRC22:23
*** goutam has joined #meego22:24
*** kuzak has joined #meego22:24
qgilantman8969: I see, this is exactly what Qt Creator was told to do. This was the directory selected already22:24
antman8969yea we told it to use builddir22:25
*** briglia has joined #meego22:25
antman8969should instead be the path to your project22:25
*** stefanopi has joined #meego22:25
antman8969not sure exactly what you have to put into the custom step to make that happen tho22:26
*** jrocha has joined #meego22:27
antman8969oh ok22:27
qgilantman8969: mmm I justb selected the22:27
antman8969its just the path to your source22:27
qgilfolder through the UI, but now I get plenty of complaints22:27
qgiltail: cannot open `debian/changelog' for reading: No such file or directory dpkg-buildpackage: failure: tail of debian/changelog gave error exit status 1 The process "/home/qgil/QtSDK/Madde/bin/mad" exited with code 1. Error while building project testdef (target: Harmattan) When executing build step 'Custom Process Step'22:27
antman8969I was just able to do it by setting  "Working Directory: " to /home/anthony/Desktop/linkedup22:28
antman8969my project atm is linkedup22:28
antman8969and it is in /home/anthony/Desktop/linkedup22:28
antman8969setting that in the custom build step22:28
antman8969that's because I have a debian driectory in there22:29
antman8969you would have to copy your qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan directory to testdef/debian22:29
antman8969for it to work for you, because dpkg expects a debian dir to exist along with your src22:29
qgilooohh we were almost there22:30
*** javiF has quit IRC22:30
antman8969fifer boy had a good solution, making a link to the directory with ln (if you're on linux)22:31
qgilantman8969: I'm in Linux but I can't find this qtc_packaging dir22:32
antman8969should be inside of testdef/22:32
antman8969the one that QtCreator makes22:32
qgilantman8969: I see, so I just need to copy it one level up?22:33
antman8969and rename it "debian" instead of "debian_harmattan" or w/e22:33
antman8969ALSO, you need to go into the rules file22:33
antman8969and make sure dh_shlibdeps is not commented out anymore22:33
*** luck_laptop has joined #meego22:34
antman8969or it won't build on the obs22:34
*** renatofilho has joined #meego22:34
qgilok... done, let's see22:35
*** aloisiojr has joined #meego22:35
arfollis there a way of getting arch differences in yaml?22:35
antman8969I made my .spec file by hand :/22:36
*** asher_ has joined #meego22:36
*** kuzak has quit IRC22:37
*** stefanopi has quit IRC22:37
*** goutam has quit IRC22:37
*** goutam has joined #meego22:37
*** kuzak has joined #meego22:37
*** asher_ has quit IRC22:37
*** asher_ has joined #meego22:38
*** stefanopi has joined #meego22:38
qgilantman8969: do you mind continuing in #harmattan - this is getting to deb here22:38
*** asher_ has quit IRC22:38
Stskeepsarfoll: in Patches: you can do arm:patchname.patches22:39
Stskeepsfor instance22:39
Stskeepsor ix86:22:39
arfollStskeeps: that's cool but I need to do it for a configure option22:40
*** poly__ has quit IRC22:40
Stskeepsarfoll: hmmm..22:40
arfolli could patch the configure file in case of arm but thats ugly22:40
*** smoku1 has left #meego22:40
Stskeepsarfoll: yes it is22:40
*** antman8969 has quit IRC22:40
Stskeepsi wonder if that's possible22:41
*** antman8969 has joined #meego22:41
*** antman8969 has quit IRC22:41
Stskeepsarfoll: i think you can do arm: there too, give it a try?22:42
Stskeepsin ConfigOptions22:42
arfollStskeeps, ok sec22:42
*** fsntation has quit IRC22:42
arfollStskeeps, cool :-) Thanks alot22:43
*** antman8969 has joined #meego22:43
antman8969dc'd rather22:44
Stskeepsarfoll: np22:44
*** stefanopi has quit IRC22:45
*** kuzak has quit IRC22:45
*** goutam has quit IRC22:45
*** goutam has joined #meego22:45
*** kuzak has joined #meego22:45
*** stefanopi has joined #meego22:45
*** _wolf_ has quit IRC22:48
jedixis there any reason rc.local wouldn't be executed after booting?22:49
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC22:49
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC22:50
*** kraiskil has quit IRC22:50
*** antman8969 has quit IRC22:50
*** phl0x81 has quit IRC22:50
*** antman8969 has joined #meego22:50
gabrbeddjedix: what version of meego?22:51
jedixgabrbedd: 1.222:53
arfollis c.obs being funny again?22:53
arfolli can't seem to commit my changes to my pkg, the upload fails with a broken pipe error22:54
*** rdqfdx has joined #meego22:54
*** kraiskil has joined #meego22:55
*** sergiusens has quit IRC22:56
andyrossLast I remember checking rc.local wasn't wired in meego init.  Certainly it's unlikely to survive in systemd in any case.  The official startup hook is a sysv init script.22:56
jedixI thnk it's because I was touching a file in a dir that didn't exist22:57
jedixso it exited before finishing22:57
gabrbeddjedix: I can't say.  I recall it worked in 1.1, and I'm pretty sure it's replaced by systemd in
jedixiirc, rc.local does that sort of thing.. but none of my systems seem to have the man page22:57
* jedix googles for the man22:57 page22:57
gabrbeddhee hee22:58
CosmoHillkeep away from google images :p22:58
andyrossrc.local is just a shell script invoked from /etc/rc or /etc/rc.sysinit or wherever.  It's not a core feature really, just a 4BSD compatibility holdover (albeit a useful one -- much simpler than the alternatives)22:58
*** gbraad has joined #meego22:59
*** gbraad has joined #meego22:59
jedixbut it exits on a failure, right?22:59
jedix/bin/sh -e22:59
andyrossIn the sense of "set -e"  you mean?  Pretty sure no, it should run to completion22:59
*** siddvicious has quit IRC23:00
*** KMFDM has quit IRC23:01
*** gbraad___ has quit IRC23:01
*** foolano has joined #meego23:01
jedixit seems to behave in the `set -e` way23:03
*** gbraad__ has joined #meego23:04
jedixmaybe osmething I'm calling sets it23:04
*** gbraad has quit IRC23:06
*** _wolf_ has joined #meego23:06
*** jrocha has quit IRC23:08
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC23:09
*** jrocha has joined #meego23:11
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*** pohly has quit IRC23:21
lcukfrals, whatever does your last tweet mean? :P23:22
*** otep has joined #meego23:23
*** ketas-av has quit IRC23:24
*** piggz has joined #meego23:25
*** gbraad__ has joined #meego23:26
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo23:26
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