IRC log of #meego for Wednesday, 2011-01-26

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aliquiswho needs jvm after oracle buying sun00:10 became more reasonable in a second ;D00:10
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vgrade1, anyone planning to attend?01:19
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lcukvgrade1, jeremiah is heavily into debian, not sure how close by he is01:20
lcukoooh its another Cambridge event01:21
vgrade1MeeGo is mentioned on the agenda and some access to arm people as well01:21
vgrade1yes, its one hosted and sponsored by ARM01:22
lcukdo they have legs and stuff as well?01:22
lcukor are they just arm people?01:22
vgrade1pity they were not as forthcomming when I asked for a venue for the Cambridge meet01:23
lcukwell perhaps showing enough interest to form one in the community01:23
lcukgives them incentive to also get off their ass ;)01:23
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lcukvgrade1, I also confirmed, the friend visiting London is not coming until a week after the CBG meet01:27
vgrade1I thought you had a meeting in Cambridge that day?01:28
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kikayim using opensuse 11.3 in vmware, and I installed the sdk and runtime but I can't poweron the runtime..03:39
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Alison_ChaikenMeeGo-related interview about Qt/WebKit:
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chris_Does anyone know how to get egl 2.0 on meego emulator?08:21
Stskeepschris_: supposedly they're pushing a swrast based solution08:21
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chris_what do u mean by swrast based?08:22
Stskeepsas in software rendering, for the qemu stuff, just entered trunk:testing yesterday08:22
chris_so what am I supposed to install to use EGL 2.0 functions?08:23
araujoStskeeps, do you know if input is fixed in latest image?08:23
araujohi btw :P08:23
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Stskeepschris_: well, i would wait a little bit for that - what version of sdk are you using?08:24
Stskeepsaraujo: i just woke up ~10 minutes ago08:24
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* araujo just thought Stskeeps kept hacking even while sleeping08:25
Stskeepschris_: ok, so, egl -might- work with your graphics driver but there's a possibility it doesn't08:25
chris_could u tell me more specifically about that possiblity?08:26
Stskeepschris_: so, basically, in 1.2 we switched qt to target egl/gles and it turns out many things dont work with that :)08:26
Stskeepsso working with egl/gles might need a real device for 1.1 development08:26
Stskeepsuntil 1.2 sdks start coming out08:27
chris_I keep getting this compile error08:27
chris_what am I supposed to do if I wanna test this on ARM device?08:27
Stskeepschris_: what compile error?08:28
chris_I get lots of "not declared" messages08:28
chris_I dont know which library I should include08:28
StskeepslibEGL and libGLESv208:28
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chris_I just installed those two packages in MADDE08:32
chris_how do I use those two libs though?08:32
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chris_it doesnt seem like they are installed under QtOpenGL08:33
Stskeepsthe ARM target has those, qtopengl is built towards egl/gles08:34
Stskeepsin 1.2, both x86 and ARM has egl/gles as default08:34
chris_oh I see08:34
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chris_I have one last question08:42
chris_I just run my app on real device08:42
chris_but I got an error "DRI2: failed to authenticate"08:43
chris_any idea on this msg?08:43
Stskeepswhat target device? n900?08:43
chris_no nexus one08:43
Stskeepsah, that doesn't have EGL/GLES support :)08:44
Stskeepsthe port for that one isn't that far08:44
Stskeepsthe people porting it just enabled software rendering for the UI parts using qt08:44
chris_is n900 the only one supporting EGL/GLES?08:44
Stskeepsand beagleboards - it depends on if you have a gles implementation from your hardware vendor08:45
Stskeepswhich is a requirement for meego products08:45
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dnearyraster, Hey there!11:22
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rasterdneary: oi :)11:31
dnearyHow are things in Seoul?11:33
dnearyOr are you in Brisbane this week?11:33
rasteroh no11:34
rasterin seoul11:34
rasterhavent moved my bum anywhere11:34
rasterstill cold11:34
dnearyNot at LCA then?11:34
dnearyThe sons loved the presents11:34
dnearyThomas was surprisingly enthusiastic about the watch, and Sean still wears his Mickey Mouse gloves11:35
dnearyAnd Paul liked his present, but I honestly don't recall what it was11:35
dnearyAnd one of Anne's earrings has fallen apart already :)11:35
dnearyThanks for taking me shopping :)11:37
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rasterdneary: excellent!11:38
rasterdneary: so you're happy at home now?11:39
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dnearyDid I give the impression of being unhappy?11:43
rasteroh no no11:44
rasteri didnt mean that11:44
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dnearyDid I make you feel uncomfortable?11:45
rastermost people are happy to return home and see their family and what not again11:45
rasterafter travel11:45
dnearySo - have you stopped beating your wife yet?11:45
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* thiago_home is quite happy for being home11:45
slainenice recovery raster11:45
dnearyNot to put you on the spot or anything11:45
dnearyActually, we can't sit still here. Just bought a house & sold appartment11:46
rasterhave to go give her a smack-down11:46
rasterjust feelin' in the mood11:46
rasternew house11:46
rastermoving today?11:46
dnearyYeah - lots of work needed on it too11:46
dnearySo that's the next 2-3 years taken care of11:46
dnearyNot today, no11:46
rasterwhen are u moving?11:47
dnearyNeed to convince a bank to lend us some money first11:47
rasterhow did you buy the house then?11:47
dnearyraster, Well, we've currently agreed to buy the house, conditional on getting a home loan11:48
dnearyAnd we've agreed to see the appartment11:48
rasterso not finalised yet11:48
dnearyNo - takes ~2.5 months in France when there's a bank loan involved11:48
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rasterhow long will it take for the bank to give u an answer?>11:49
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dnearyraster, So: 1. You sign an agreement to purchase, then you have 7 days to retract. You have a month from that date to find a bank & put in a loan application, then the bank has a month from that date to agree to or reject your application, then there's a couple of weeks to make the funds available11:51
dnearyI started numbering, then forgot to do it for 2, 3 and 4 :)11:51
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dnearyBut in short, by the time you put in an official loan application, your banker has told you whether the loan will be given or not11:52
dnearyThe rest is just procedural (example: home loans are compulsorally insured in France, and the insurance companies will require a health exam)11:53
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rasterthats slow11:57
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thiago_homeeasier to pay cash11:59
dnearyYou get an in principle agreement quickly, but the notaries include big buffers to allow the banks to be slow if there are any complications12:00
dnearyThe health check can be (metaphysically) painful, for example12:00
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dnearyFor example, if you have recently had general anaesthetic, that triggers a full health check, and you have to send in all of the stuff that things like that generates, and it can be 2-3 round trips sending stuff to a doctor12:02
dnearyAnd if your loan needs an agreement from the commission at the bank, rather than the local branch (which it does if repayments will be over 33% of your monthly revenue, or you're requesting a bridging loan for more than 70% of the valuation of your current home, less outstanding debt, for example) that takes an extra 2 weeks because they really drill down into your credit & earnings history12:04
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Stskeepscan anyone explain me what qt's 'meego graphics system' is about?12:12
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johnxan iconic user experience?12:13
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jarkko^hmm.. is there any off-the-self component available that would check test coverity based on check framework unit tests?12:46
*** ptlo has joined #meego12:46
toninikkanenlcov and a bit of scripting might work12:48
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jarkko^toninikkanen: isn't it so that gcov does not work with shared libraries?12:59
jarkko^so my use case is that i have dll and set of unit tests and i want check their coverage13:00
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toninikkanenwell depends on how your unittests are built I guess, I had it once so that the required parts from the libraries were compiled statically into the unittest binary13:00
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jarkko^yes that would work probably for me also13:01
mirek2_does somebody know how to solve this:13:01
jarkko^i'll probably fallback to that13:01
mirek2_pvr-bin- from non-oss-testing has depsolving problems13:01
mirek2_  --> pvr-bin conflicts with mesa-libGLESv113:01
mirek2_Error: failed to create image : Failed to build transaction : pvr-bin conflicts with mesa-libGLESv113:01
*** kismeter has quit IRC13:02
*** vgrade1 has quit IRC13:02
*** johd has quit IRC13:05
*** schend has joined #meego13:06
*** tackat has joined #meego13:07
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*** abogani has joined #meego13:08
*** sraue has joined #meego13:08
*** abogani has left #meego13:09
*** kuuntelija has quit IRC13:16
Stskeepsmirek2_: why are you trying to put mesa-libGLESv1 and pvr-bin in same image?13:16
*** bhushan has quit IRC13:16
*** bhushan has joined #meego13:17
*** smoku has left #meego13:17
*** smoku has joined #meego13:18
*** cymacs has joined #meego13:19
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*** setanta has joined #meego13:30
*** blitz00 has joined #meego13:31
*** blitz00 has joined #meego13:31
mirek2_I am not13:32
mirek2_it comes from some package from package group13:32
*** spyro has joined #meego13:33
Stskeepsadd -mesa-libGLESv1 in %packages then13:33
*** marcob has joined #meego13:33
*** mardy has joined #meego13:34
*** johd has quit IRC13:36
mirek2_dos not resolve it13:38
*** tekojo_ has joined #meego13:38
*** tekojo has quit IRC13:39
Stskeepscheck how nCDK's .ks'es does it?13:41
*** pvdm_ has left #meego13:42
*** tekojo_ is now known as tekojo13:42
*** tekojo has joined #meego13:42
StskeepsSage: yeah, something's really fishy with qt too13:43
Stskeepser, wrong channel13:44
*** zutesmog has quit IRC13:46
*** tekojo_ has joined #meego13:48
*** tekojo has quit IRC13:49
*** tekojo_ is now known as tekojo13:50
*** tekojo has joined #meego13:50
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*** sorbus has joined #meego14:01
iekkusorbus, are you from Finland? had to ask14:02
*** zutesmog has joined #meego14:03
*** Venemo has quit IRC14:05
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CosmoHillhey dragon15:40
*** yanli has joined #meego15:41
*** tackat has quit IRC15:46
Psi-JackHi, I have an ASUS 1015PE and when I boot it up from the live mode, it doesn't seem to detect my WiFi NIC.15:46
slaineIt's probably a broadcom15:46
Psi-JackActually, no, its not.15:46
slaineAtheros ?15:47
Psi-JackRaLink RT309015:47
*** andredieb has joined #meego15:47
slaineiirc, there was an issue with those in the kernel in 1.1 and it was marked as fixed for 1.1.1, i could be wrong15:48
Psi-JackInteresting. I originally tried Moblin, but then I joined #moblin and found Meego. ;)15:49
Psi-JackI'm gonna go ahead and install this, and see if I can get something to work, I found some guides for it possibly that will work.15:50
slainemy new years resolution was to stop joining #moblin ;)15:50
slaine(I think I recall your nick from way back on #moblin)15:50
slaineThere was psi something or other guy, I helped install moblin on an sd card iirc15:51
slaineAnyway, welcome to the world of tomorrow15:51
Psi-JackHeh. Yeah. So far I like the idea Meego's got on netbooks.. I mean, wow.. Fast as heck, and yet popping eye candy at the same time. Unlike that Unity crap.15:52
*** wasikevin has joined #meego15:52
*** berndhs has joined #meego15:52
*** tekojo has quit IRC15:53
*** tilppis has quit IRC15:54
Psi-JackThat guide I found was for the broadcom.15:55
Psi-JackNot the RAlink 3090. grrr. hehe15:55
*** sinny has quit IRC15:56
sjokkisDawnFoster: do you know when sponsorship applications for san francisco open?16:00
DawnFostersjokkis: corporate sponsorship of the event or sponsored travel?16:01
*** vtinelli has quit IRC16:01
Psi-JackHmm, oddd.\16:02
slainePsi-Jack: check the forums for that laptop model16:02
slaineI'm pretty sure I've seen it mentioned as used ok16:02
Psi-JackI go to Ralink's Linux drivers download, and try to download, and get a 404..16:02
*** diegohcg has joined #meego16:02
Psi-Jackslaine: 2 quick searches: 1015PE, and Ralink 3090, yields no results in the forums.16:03
StskeepsDawnFoster: since i'm on program commitee again and we're starting CfP work, is there any way i can get access to survey results to base off for next CfP?16:03
DawnFostersjokkis: we're already getting corporate sponsorships - Brian Warner is the contact for those16:03
*** sorbus has quit IRC16:04
DawnFostersjokkis: sponsored travel requests should be ready as part of  registration, which will open up in mid-Feb.16:04
sjokkisDawnFoster: sponsored travel/accomodation16:05
DawnFostersjokkis: yeah, that should be part of registration16:05
*** mlpug has joined #meego16:05
*** sorbus has joined #meego16:05
sjokkisawesomesauce. thanks16:05
*** barroca has quit IRC16:05
*** tchan1 is now known as tchan16:06
*** tchan has joined #meego16:06
sjokkisi think we'll be at least two from the team this year16:06
Psi-JackThere we go, I found the RA3090 STA driver.16:06
*** ragner has joined #meego16:07
*** tackat has joined #meego16:07
*** mauricelynch has quit IRC16:09
*** Cope has joined #meego16:09
Copelbt: ping16:09
*** abinader has joined #meego16:09
Psi-JackHow is Meego for internationalism? Like for example, I'd like to get Japanese IME support.16:10
*** barroca has joined #meego16:11
*** kraiskil has quit IRC16:14
*** sinny has joined #meego16:14
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*** sar3th|away is now known as sar3th16:16
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lbtCope:  pong16:29
*** smoku has left #meego16:30
*** smoku has joined #meego16:30
*** KaL is now known as KaL_out16:32
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*** fredy has joined #meego16:42
Psi-JackSeems like now that I blacklisted the rt2890sta and compiled the rt3090sta, it sees the Wifi, but also locks up.16:42
*** DawnFoster has quit IRC16:47
*** Duke_Dux has joined #meego16:49
*** murrayc has joined #meego16:49
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*** kuuntelija has joined #meego16:59
lcukin #meego-meeting now: "Welcome to the first MeeGo L10N meeting of the year."17:02
*** Sqyber has joined #meego17:02
*** uhef has joined #meego17:03
*** sorbus has quit IRC17:04
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lcukalterego, seen on twitter #PushSnowboarding  afaik it makes extensive use of gps tracks and other assorted sensory goodness17:49
*** peisanen has left #meego17:49
lcukthe @NokiaPush guys have been doing it17:49
*** Dr_Who has joined #meego17:50
*** Dr_Who has joined #meego17:50
*** mwichmann has joined #meego17:51
*** x_O has quit IRC17:53
*** sinnykumari has joined #meego17:55
Psi-JackWell, I'd tried upgrading Meego using the zypper up method, and it loaded the rt2890sta driver, but that didn't work. It gave the WiFi option in networking, but wouldn't turn on.17:55
*** sinny has quit IRC17:55
*** yohann has quit IRC17:55
Psi-JackSo, apparently, that's not fixed in 1.1.117:55
CosmoHillfile a bug17:56
slaineI'm downloading the 1.1.90 pre-releast atm17:56
slainemeant to do work on my broadcom tutorial over the weekend but got side tracked17:56
Stskeepsslaine: i'd rather say "woo, another milestone"17:56
slaineI'll try again17:57
Psi-JackI have compiled the rt3090sta driver myself, and it causes lockups, failure to load up meego fully into X, and I've even experienced the lockups also in Linux Mint as well. Which is, rather odd..17:57
*** pavank10 has quit IRC17:57
slaineI'm downloading "woo, another milestone" atm17:57
Psi-Jackslaine: For me, it's not broadcom, it's RaLink 3090. hehe17:57
Psi-JackI had a netbook that I returned that had a Broadcom. Older Acer One model.17:58
slainePsi-Jack: I know17:58
slaineBut they've changed the kernel and package details for 1.2 so I need to have my tutorial ready17:58
*** jpe has quit IRC17:58
Psi-JackI just bought this Asus 1015PE brand new, and like it, but Windows 7 Starter was attrociously stupifying on it.17:58
Psi-JackAhhh, I see.17:58
slainePsi-Jack: You could of course try one of the trunk images17:59
Psi-JackI'm pondering that. Where can I get those?17:59
CosmoHillslaine: qemu image?17:59
slaineCosmoHill: no, going for the real deal17:59
*** qgil has joined #meego17:59
CosmoHillI'll have a mirror up in about 5 mins17:59
slaineI've been so busy lately, I need to try and get motivated again17:59
*** smhar_ has joined #meego17:59
CosmoHillI've not been busy but the motivation bit is the same17:59
*** kimmok has joined #meego18:00
CosmoHillcurrently telling LFS people to leave me be so I can work18:00
*** smhar has quit IRC18:00
Psi-Jackslaine: There a URL you can link me to get the trunk releases to test with? I'd be glad to try it out, see if it's workable, for now.18:00
*** puffin has joined #meego18:01
slainecool, that worked from memory18:01
*** puffin has quit IRC18:01
lcuk also18:01
*** puffin has joined #meego18:02
*** smhar_ has quit IRC18:02
*** abinader has quit IRC18:02
* lcuk vanishes18:03
*** lcuk has quit IRC18:03
*** smhar has joined #meego18:03
*** sinnykumari is now known as sinny18:03
CosmoHillPsi-Jack: you have three choises there :)18:04
Psi-JackThanks guys. :)18:04
CosmoHillif one seems slow try another cos they should be different servers18:05
*** sorbus has joined #meego18:05
Psi-JackI'm getting 1.6 MB/s from the link slaine provided originally. ;)18:05
CosmoHillI can't even get 1.6MB/s on anything :o18:05
slaineI'll download at home I think. I'll be heading shortly and we've a crappy 4Mb link here18:06
Psi-JackI plan to further upgrade my bandwidth capability next month to 50 Mbit/down. ;)18:06
CosmoHillI'm going out for a driver18:06
CosmoHilldrive*, cyas18:06
*** gushov has joined #meego18:06
*** dRbiG has joined #meego18:06
Psi-JackSeems also that the ASUS EeePC's have a LOT of Linux support mostly, too. heh18:08
Psi-JackLinux Mint 10 and Ubuntu 10.10 even has a PPA for jupiter, the Asus SHE support. ;)18:09
*** calvaris has joined #meego18:10
*** perolsen has joined #meego18:11
*** smhar has quit IRC18:12
*** smhar has joined #meego18:12
*** puffin has quit IRC18:13
*** puffin has joined #meego18:13
*** vtinelli has quit IRC18:13
*** andyross has joined #meego18:15
*** puffin has quit IRC18:15
*** Termana has quit IRC18:15
Psi-JackI'm guessing that the Meego desktop environment itself is made using Qt, probably why I like it so much? :)18:16
Stskeepsnetbook isn't, rest of UX'es are supposedly18:16
*** mlpug has quit IRC18:16
Psi-JackHmm interesting.18:16
JaffaStskeeps: "rest"? ;-)18:17
*** blitz00 has quit IRC18:17
Stskeepsand ivi18:17
fiferboyIs the netbook UX going to be Qt going forward? 1.3 or later?18:18
Stskeepsdon't know, there doesn't even seem to be a development team for it18:18
*** smoku has left #meego18:19
*** nicu has quit IRC18:21
Psi-JackIt still loaded the blasted rt2860sta which doesn't work on my rt309018:21
*** halvors has joined #meego18:23
*** lauro has quit IRC18:23
*** lauro has joined #meego18:24
*** MarcA-N has joined #meego18:24
*** jayabharath has joined #meego18:25
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*** mlpug has joined #meego18:30
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*** fcrozat has joined #meego18:32
*** slaine has quit IRC18:33
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*** smhar has joined #meego18:33
*** TibshoOT has quit IRC18:33
*** jlamadon has quit IRC18:35
*** KevinHuang has joined #meego18:35
*** wasikevin has quit IRC18:35
Psi-Jackheh, now that's sad.18:37
Psi-JackI was able to just plug my USB Belkin Wifi adapter and it just worked.18:37
Psi-JackHeh, a netbook, with an external WiFi adapter. How wrong!18:37
*** fcrozat has quit IRC18:38
*** fcrozat has joined #meego18:38
*** schend has quit IRC18:38
*** tackat has quit IRC18:40
*** bergie has quit IRC18:42
*** aleksandar has joined #meego18:43
alteregoPsi-Jack: I'm still confused as to why a lot of netbooks don't even have bluetooth :x18:43
mwichmanncost, and only cost18:43
*** fcrozat_ has joined #meego18:43
mwichmannsad, really18:44
Psi-JackHeh yeah, I know. I have a little bluetooth dongle, but it's stupid. This RaLink 3090 is /supposed/ to be dual mode WiFi 802.11 b/g/n AND bluetooth, but on this netbook bluetooth is obviously disabled.18:44
StskeepsDawnFoster: TSG or not tonight, btw?18:44
*** fcrozat has quit IRC18:45
DawnFosterStskeeps: currently yes :)18:45
DawnFosterStskeeps: still confirming agenda :)18:45
Stskeepshehe, okay :)18:45
alteregoPsi-Jack: I got a Dell Mini 9, has all of that jazz :)18:46
alteregoNot sure if it's a bit dated now, I did get it two years ago.18:46
*** Jefro1 has joined #meego18:46
alteregoI should buy my gf a proper laptop so I can have that back and install MeeGo on it ..18:47
Psi-JackI dunno. I /just/ got my Asus netbook day before yesterday.18:47
Psi-JackLess than $300, and pretty decent setup, minus the lack of bt18:47
Psi-JackAnd apparently the Ralink 3090 issues I'm having.18:47
*** [q^_^p] has joined #meego18:47
*** kst has quit IRC18:48
*** fcrozat_ is now known as fcrozat18:48
Psi-JackSo, 1.1.90 definitely did not fix that issue at all. Which sucks. :(18:48
*** KevinHuang has quit IRC18:49
alteregoI'd quite like one of those lenovos they were giving away in Dublin :(18:49
*** fcrozat has quit IRC18:50
Psi-JackI've never heard anything GOOD about Lenovo, myself.18:50
*** kst has joined #meego18:50
Psi-JackI've heard great with Asus EeePC's, pretty good with Acer Aspires, and not much on anything else.18:50
alteregoWell, from what I can tell the Dell Minis are the best.18:51
*** vtinelli has joined #meego18:51
alteregoAs far as running Linux on them ^.^18:51
toninikkaneni've got an acer aspire one with a dead screen, i googled a bit and seems that could be fixed with 40 euros and a screwdriver. it runs meego fine18:51
alteregoAnd the build quality is amazing, and it's really easy to mod :)18:51
alteregoWhere as the aspires and the eees have always been a b*tch to dissassemble.18:51
Psi-JackYeah, and with Dell's you definitely pay an extreme price for them.18:52
alteregoI got mine about the same price as yours18:53
*** ubIx has quit IRC18:53
*** javiF has joined #meego18:53
Psi-JackYeah, mine was $27018:53
Psi-JackUSD that is.18:53
alteregoThe Dell, when I got it, was 285 USD18:53
Psi-JackThe current line of Dell Mini's, local, I find at about $384 USD18:54
alteregoBut it was an ex-display model from a phone shop.18:54
Psi-JackAnd some kind of Crystal HD Broadcom Media Accelerator for graphics... heh18:54
[q^_^p]fix the camara on kernel-power 4618:54
[q^_^p]any advice18:54
alteregoIt was in perfect nick, except the ass hole took out the 3G module and gave me the wrong power adapter, even though it works ..18:54
alterego[q^_^p]: wrong channel,18:54
Psi-Jackalterego: Heh, yeah, my Netbook I returned was from RAC.. Bad idea, I know, but I got it free for a month. Decent little thing, but Broadcom Wifi that was a pain. They gave me a bad power cable that had bare wire exposed, said they could order me a new one, lied, gave me one that didn't fit it right and snug, had to be in a VERY specific way, and yeaaah. I said, screw you guys.18:56
*** pixelgeek has joined #meego18:56
*** Duke_Dux has joined #meego18:57
Psi-JackWent to Best Buy, picked this up, returned the Acer to RAC, now exploring a new Netbook.. Hoping I can get it to do what I want..18:57
alteregoYeah, I wasn't _that_ fussed about the charger or the 3g module.18:57
Psi-JackI like the battery life of this Asus though, holy crap..18:57
alteregoActually ,that wasn't the only "slight" con, the model (and I checked) was a windows version with 3G module.18:57
Psi-JackThe Acer, MAYBE 2 hours..18:57
alteregoGuess what else it didn't come with? :)18:57
Psi-JackThis Asus, I can get 6 hours at maximum performance.18:57
alteregoHe gave me an ubuntu CD with it ^.^ instead of the windows XP installation disc.18:58
alteregoJoke is on him though, he left the windows license key on the bottom of the netbook18:58
Psi-JackBB gave me Kaspersky Anti-Virus with mine.. I was like. OKay... It's a CD.. How would I install it? LOL18:58
alteregoNot that I need it with the MSDN license I have.18:58
alteregoPsi-Jack: yeah, there's that too :D18:59
dneary_Hi all18:59
dneary_DawnFoster, Ping?18:59
alteregoAloha dneary_18:59
*** Unmensch has joined #meego18:59
Psi-JackSo far there's only one thing about Meego I'm not liking, interface-wise.19:00
Psi-JackThe battery indicator only says percentage, not time remaining.19:00
*** [q^_^p] has quit IRC19:00
alteregoFile a bug report :)19:00
*** jrocha has quit IRC19:00
*** Duke_Dux has left #meego19:00
Psi-JackIf I can manage to use Meego, I will. ;)19:01
DawnFosterdneary: hey19:01
Psi-JackWorse comes to worst, I may just use the Belkin WiFi dongle for a while, file a bug report on that for the rt3090, file a bug report on the battery indicator, and hope the first one gets resolved quickly.. hehe19:02
*** Unmenschlich has quit IRC19:03
*** zutesmog has quit IRC19:03
Psi-JackFew things I really want to be able to use my netbook for, since I'm gonna be traveling to Japan here this year.. in-flight continued study of Japanese. ;)19:03
Psi-JackCause, 12 hours on a plane, gotta do /something/ heh19:04
*** pohly has quit IRC19:04
*** csdb_home has joined #meego19:04
*** smhar has quit IRC19:05
*** TheOneLaw has joined #meego19:06
alteregoPsi-Jack: Nice :)19:07
Psi-JackYeah, my soon-to-be wife is over there. ;)19:08
*** kimmok has quit IRC19:08
dneary_DawnFoster, You mentioned you could get me access to the survey data?19:09
*** bbartek has joined #meego19:09
*** thiago_home has joined #meego19:10
*** tzorvas_ has joined #meego19:13
*** tzorvas has quit IRC19:14
*** ubIx has joined #meego19:14
*** KevinB has quit IRC19:14
*** achipa has quit IRC19:15
*** ysyrota has quit IRC19:16
Psi-JackHmmm, I'm guessing MeeGo doesn't have OpenOffice?19:18
*** tzorvas_ is now known as tzorvas19:19
thiago_homeI don't think we do19:20
*** blitz00 has joined #meego19:21
*** florian has quit IRC19:22
*** kimmok has joined #meego19:22
*** halvors1 has joined #meego19:22
*** zutesmog has joined #meego19:22
*** halvors has quit IRC19:23
Psi-JackHmmm, that's about one of the few things it's missing. ;)19:23
thiago_homethe netbook UX could have it19:23
Psi-JackI'm using MeeGo Netbook19:24
*** halvors has joined #meego19:24
*** unclewerner has quit IRC19:25
*** TibshoOT has joined #meego19:26
*** Mousey has joined #meego19:27
*** toniher has quit IRC19:28
*** smoku has joined #meego19:31
Psi-JackHeh, iiiinteresting. Looking at the ralink drivers you can download directly from Ralink's website, there's specific changelog entries about compatability with MeeGo's network manager!19:32
*** jpetersen has joined #meego19:32
*** smoku has left #meego19:33
*** lardman is now known as lardman|gone19:34
*** sinny has quit IRC19:34
*** dharman has quit IRC19:35
*** smoku has joined #meego19:37
*** pH5 has joined #meego19:38
*** Unmenschlich has joined #meego19:38
*** Unmensch has quit IRC19:38
*** sinny has joined #meego19:38
*** ottela has quit IRC19:41
Psi-JackI got the built-in WiFi Working! I had to get the firmware only, put it into /lib/firmware as rt3090.bin , and voila!19:41
*** liipasin has joined #meego19:43
*** jayabharath has quit IRC19:43
*** Cquad has joined #meego19:43
*** heffer has joined #meego19:44
*** heffer has joined #meego19:44
alteregoPsi-Jack: wicked :)19:45
alteregoPsi-Jack: submit a bug :D19:45
alteregoOR search, there may be a reason they haven't distributed that firmware.19:45
Psi-JackYeah. I think it's because of Ralink's distribution license.19:46
Psi-JackI found that trick here, which wasn't for my specific netbook, but they mentioned rt3090.19:46
Psi-JackSo far. *crosses fingers* It's also stable.19:47
Psi-JackIt's BASICALLy the rt2860 driver with 3090 firmware, that's it..19:47
Psi-JackThe 3090 full has both 802.11n and Bluetooth, this is a lesser hybrid with the same model. Fricken hate when companies do that crap. one model, multiple versions of it.19:48
*** dgc03052 has quit IRC19:50
*** nocturnal has joined #meego19:50
Psi-JackAnd now, it's wonderfully dropping the connection,... sighj19:51
*** gabor has quit IRC19:51
CosmoHillrandom question, if I was zero filling a hdd with dd, would the blocksize affect the speed?19:52
*** nocturnal has left #meego19:53
*** pixelgeek has quit IRC19:56
*** DawnFoster has quit IRC19:57
*** KaL_out is now known as KaL19:58
*** mauricelynch has quit IRC19:58
*** mauricelynch has joined #meego19:58
*** Armi^ has joined #meego19:58
Psi-JackCurious.. MeeGo apparently used to use yum before, now using zypper.. Does that mean that MeeGo is kinda based on OpenSUSE?19:59
*** isolor has joined #meego20:01
*** uhef has quit IRC20:01
CosmoHillMeeGo is based on it's self20:01
* Psi-Jack nods. 20:01
CosmoHillMoblin used yum and that was carried over into MeeGo 1.0 and I think 1.1 by mistake20:01
*** SharonG has joined #meego20:01
dneary_CosmoHill, I think 1.1 uses zypper20:02
Psi-JackWell.. Skype.. Sorta works..20:02
*** Aparna has quit IRC20:02
Psi-Jack1.1 does use zypper.20:02
CosmoHillboth have zypper installed20:03
CosmoHillhopefully yum will not be present in 1.220:03
CosmoHillPsi-Jack: "sorta works" is a very high rating :)20:03
*** pierce has joined #meego20:03
Psi-Jackheh, hey, I like, and use Skype.20:03
*** DawnFoster has joined #meego20:04
*** villev has quit IRC20:04
Psi-JackEven have my own Skype WiFi phone, because $60/yr for unlimited US/Canada calls is friggen good. ;)20:04
CosmoHillI meant on meego20:04
*** villev has joined #meego20:04
CosmoHillthat depends, I don't know anyone's phone number who lives in the US or canada20:04
Psi-JackYeah, apparently banshee was eating the CPU20:04
*** gushov has quit IRC20:05
*** sar3th is now known as sar3th|away20:05
*** arfoll has quit IRC20:06
*** calvaris has quit IRC20:06
Psi-JackWelp, now that banshee's not killing the CPU,, Skype works dang good. ;)20:07
*** sorbus has quit IRC20:09
*** sraue_ has joined #meego20:10
*** vtinelli has quit IRC20:11
*** sraue has quit IRC20:11
*** jpe has joined #meego20:12
*** onen|openBmap has joined #meego20:12
CosmoHilli hate things that kill the processor20:13
* CosmoHill glares at flash20:13
DawnFosterStskeeps: Agenda for the TSG today in 1.75 hours :)
*** Sqyber has quit IRC20:14
*** SunilSaxena has joined #meego20:14
StskeepsDawnFoster: spotted it already :)20:14
DawnFosterah good.20:15
DawnFosterI made one final change a few min ago20:15
*** b0unc3 has joined #meego20:15
* Stskeeps liked bdub's approach of "please bugzilla me"20:15
Stskeepsthat's openness and transparency right there :)20:16
*** pierce has quit IRC20:16
*** tilppis has joined #meego20:17
*** Wellark^ has quit IRC20:18
*** tilppis has quit IRC20:19
*** Wellark^ has joined #meego20:19
*** Armi^ has quit IRC20:20
*** Wellark1 has joined #meego20:21
*** KaL has quit IRC20:21
*** fredy has quit IRC20:22
*** Wellark has quit IRC20:22
*** fredy has joined #meego20:22
*** sorbus has joined #meego20:23
*** liipasin has quit IRC20:23
*** Armi^ has joined #meego20:24
*** mikecomputing has joined #meego20:24
*** SharonG has quit IRC20:24
Psi-JackHmmm, does Sync with Google not do notes, appointments, or tasks, even though I know the google service has all that?20:25
*** rohit00082002 has quit IRC20:25
*** SharonG has joined #meego20:25
*** sar3th|away is now known as sar3th20:28
*** jrocha has joined #meego20:28
*** sorbus has quit IRC20:29
*** SharonG has quit IRC20:29
*** Frye has joined #meego20:29
*** mobs has quit IRC20:30
*** jespada_ has joined #meego20:32
*** dgc03052 has joined #meego20:33
*** fcrozat has joined #meego20:34
*** jespada has quit IRC20:34
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*** mmc has joined #meego20:36
*** cymacs has quit IRC20:39
*** fcrozat is now known as fcrozat|gone20:39
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*** swc|666 has joined #meego20:41
*** sorbus has joined #meego20:44
*** SunilSaxena has left #meego20:44
*** jniq has quit IRC20:46
*** kraiskil has joined #meego20:46
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*** pixelgeek has joined #meego20:53
*** dneary__ has joined #meego20:55
*** Mat_Matan has joined #meego20:55
*** dneary_ has quit IRC20:56
*** dneary has quit IRC20:56
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*** dneary_ has joined #meego21:01
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*** nazgee has joined #meego21:01
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*** Venemo has joined #meego21:15
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*** lupine_85 has joined #meego21:19
*** renatofilho has joined #meego21:21
*** eurisko has joined #meego21:22
Psi-JackEverytime I try to use the Meego menu suddenly it just slides open and shut the entire panel that comes out... On everything.. Applications, network, etc, everything.21:22
*** abinader has quit IRC21:24
*** kraiskil has quit IRC21:25
*** ibrahimhaddad has joined #meego21:26
*** tilppis_ has quit IRC21:26
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*** sorbus has joined #meego21:28
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*** sp3000 has joined #meego21:28
*** abinader has joined #meego21:29
StskeepsDawnFoster: quite nice that we're resolving almost as many bugs as is created, even though i wonder how much of those are related to the policy of "each new package update needs a BMC or FEA#" ..21:29
DawnFosterTSG meeting starting in 30 minutes:
DawnFosterStskeeps: and december metrics are always a little odd, since have the world is on vacation, but I think you're probably right about the policy :)21:30
*** sinny has quit IRC21:32
lardmanfiferboy: ping21:35
Psi-Jackin the Time and Date panel, how do I add a time for specifically HMT?21:35
fiferboylardman: pong21:35
lardmanhow's things?21:35
*** leandrosansilva has joined #meego21:35
fiferboylardman: Good.  Busy.21:36
fiferboylardman: You?21:36
lardmanhow's the "itemdb"-ish app coming along?21:36
lardmanalso busy, waiting for my N900 to re-appear to I can get cracking on mBarcode updates and helping out with "itemdb"21:36
fiferboyI have been refactoring my database project to take on a general library-esque theme21:37
*** johd has joined #meego21:38
lardmanThere's a chap on TMO wanting to scan a load of items before moving house, so I was just touching base to see whether anything was up and running21:38
fiferboylardman: I used mBarcode today to decode a big QR my co-workers BB couldn't handle21:39
* lardman feels happy21:39
fiferboylardman: At the rate I am going it is going to be a while before I have things in a usable state21:39
*** marcob has quit IRC21:39
Psi-JackAnyone? GMT on the Time and Date panel when you click on the time, it brings down that with multiple time zones, appointments and tasks, etc.21:39
*** villev has joined #meego21:39
lardmanOnce I have an N900 back I'll start working on it, do you have the code up anywhere?21:40
lardmansomeone took a message from UPS today, so I guess it's in transit (garbaled tracking number, so not quite sure where it is)21:40
fiferboyNot yet, once I have everything renamed and compiling I will throw it up into a git server21:41
lardmanok, will wait until you're sorted, no rush21:41
* lardman goes to grab some supper21:45
*** kevinz has joined #meego21:48
*** blitz00 has joined #meego21:49
*** blitz00 has quit IRC21:49
*** blitz00 has joined #meego21:49
*** abinader has quit IRC21:49
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*** kimmok has quit IRC21:50
*** naba has joined #meego21:52
*** DawnFoster has quit IRC21:52
*** johd has quit IRC21:54
*** nicu has joined #meego21:54
alteregolardman: I'm having an urge to do a geolocation game with Columbus and QR barcodes :)21:55
*** aleksandar has quit IRC21:58
*** mauricelynch has quit IRC21:58
*** mauricelynch has joined #meego21:58
*** bdub has joined #meego21:59
*** mskarpne has joined #meego22:00
*** DawnFoster has joined #meego22:00
*** sp3000 has joined #meego22:01
*** kraiskil has joined #meego22:02
*** pogma has joined #meego22:02
*** abinader has joined #meego22:02
*** slaine has joined #meego22:02
slaineevening all22:03
StskeepsTSG meeting now in case anyone forgot :)22:03
*** sawe has joined #meego22:03
*** AndChat has joined #meego22:03
*** AndChat is now known as Guest7771422:04
*** leandrosansilva has quit IRC22:04
*** ibrahimhaddad has quit IRC22:05
*** saigkill has joined #meego22:05
*** saigkill has joined #meego22:05
*** saigkill_ has quit IRC22:05
*** Guest77714 has quit IRC22:05
*** onen|openBmap has quit IRC22:06
*** jayabharath has joined #meego22:06
*** liipasin has joined #meego22:09
*** jespada has joined #meego22:09
lbtah... not "MeeGo operations" ... "MeeGo stuff that LF is supposed to deal with"22:10
*** rrix has quit IRC22:11
*** Tili has quit IRC22:12
*** rrix has joined #meego22:14
lbtdneary_: isn't the "be quiet" reminder very unpleasant ... just when you think you've waited for a pause22:14
slainewatching people type is so hard22:15
lbtquite makes you not want to say anything22:15
dneary_Yeah :) I was just saying - there was a lull, and I thought he'd finished22:15
DawnFosterlbt: I will ask for questions22:15
DawnFosterif we don't have a process for these meetings, we can't get to the approvals22:16
*** thiago_home has quit IRC22:16
*** thiago_home has joined #meego22:17
*** panaggio has quit IRC22:17
*** smoku has left #meego22:20
Stskeepsdneary_: at least the issue re naming of projects bug was assigned and taken upon22:20
slaineStskeeps: that's a huge step in the right direction22:21
Stskeepsbdub: btw, +1 on taking the approach of using bugzilla for your work tracking :)22:22
bdubit'll keep me sane (or at least tell me how crazy I am)22:22
dneary_Gotta go22:23
slainelaters dneary_22:23
dneary_Sorry I can't stay longer, interested in Ibrahim's report. I guess I'll see the minutes22:23
slainebugzilla's my crazy metric22:23
*** effchen has joined #meego22:24
lbthey bdub, welcome...22:24
Stskeepsslaine: worse than git commits?22:24
lbtbdub: are you around Portland ?22:24
slaineStskeeps: yes, doing more and more managery stuff these days, so I see everyones bugzilla as well as my own, sigh22:24
bdublbt: I'm actually in Texas, but I'll be spending some time out there for sure.22:25
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:25
lbtOK ... the MeeGo IT team is coming over the last week in Feb and it would be a good idea to meet.22:25
*** NIN101 has joined #meego22:25
bdubNice!  can you send me the details of which days they'll be there and what'll be happening?22:26
Alison_Chaiken Contest winners announced.   Way to go thp, creator of my favorite app, gpodder (plug!)22:26
*** halvors has joined #meego22:26
slainelbt, You relocated to Portland ?22:26
lbtbdub: 20-26 Feb22:26
lbtslaine: no, working visit22:27
*** gouchi has joined #meego22:27
*** dneary_ has quit IRC22:27
Stskeepswe need to find a better word than "companies" that in some way enclose foundations and organisations / projects for these kind of things..22:28
Mouseyfacist contributors22:28
* Mousey isn't helping22:28
* Mousey stfus22:28
* Stskeeps glares22:28
wmaroneI like how intel still as a link to the moblin sdk on the appup developer front page22:28
lbtbdub: we're working on an agenda ...22:28
lbtwmarone: raise a bug and allocate to bdub :) ... technological consistency ...22:29
bdublbt: sounds good.22:30
lbton another note (and nothing to do with today's nomination) ... I was just wondering if any roles have been discussed or opened up before a nomination pops up onto the TSG and is rubber stamped?22:30
effchenyeah! i have managed to install java in meego on my eee1000h :-)-):-)22:31
lbtis there a 'nomination process' ?22:31
effchenits so good22:31
* lbt tries to map "java" to "good" ...22:32
*** kW has quit IRC22:32
*** kW has joined #meego22:32
*** kW has joined #meego22:32
Stskeepslbt: i've seen the QA roles being done like that22:32
effchenlbt: lol22:34
effcheni need it for surfing22:34
*** javiF has quit IRC22:34
lbteffchen: that's a reasonable use for java22:35
*** sawe has quit IRC22:35
lbtStskeeps: OK ... still seems the exception22:35
dm8tbrjava used to be popular for surfing in the 90s...22:36
dm8tbrfphover anyone?22:36
*** sorbus has quit IRC22:36
*** kW_ has joined #meego22:37
Stskeepslbt: a good discussion over a cider or a beer on if job qualifications/experiences outside a project is meritocracy :)22:37
*** kW_ has quit IRC22:37
*** kW_ has joined #meego22:37
*** lcukx200 has quit IRC22:38
*** kW has quit IRC22:38
*** sorbus has joined #meego22:39
lbttrue ... but tends to mean you have to live near someone important :)22:40
*** jevin has quit IRC22:41
*** jevin has joined #meego22:41
Stskeepscapable-to-get-sponsorship-of-meego-position-cracy? ;)22:42
Stskeepsi'm sure we'll come up with a good term eventually22:43
*** MostafaDaneshvar has quit IRC22:43
*** sorbus has quit IRC22:45
*** eurisko has quit IRC22:45
*** dgc030521 has joined #meego22:46
*** felipec has joined #meego22:46
*** dgc03052 has quit IRC22:48
*** SharonG has joined #meego22:49
*** Mat_Matan has quit IRC22:50
*** saigkill has quit IRC22:52
*** saigkill has joined #meego22:52
*** saigkill has joined #meego22:52
*** lcukx200 has joined #meego22:52
*** merlin1991 has joined #meego22:55
mwichmannlbt: I find the nomination stuff a little odd at times too22:55
Stskeepsperhaps a week proposal period now that's we're kinda over bootstrap mode?22:56
*** effchen has left #meego22:56
lbtmwichmann: thanks - glad it's not just me :)22:58
lcukx200slaine, I think theres even more legal stuff regarding medical usage of devices, not to mention the medical data laws HIPA and stuff22:58
*** choppa has joined #meego22:58
Stskeepsthiago_home: isn't it better we're all relaxed by SF? :P22:58
*** mauricelynch has quit IRC22:58
mwichmanne.g. got no problem at all with bdub, quite the contrary22:58
thiago_homeand partying that we've just released22:58
thiago_homeif we release at the end of April or beginning of May, we have the new release starting up22:58
*** mauricelynch has joined #meego22:58
lbtthiago_home: nah... give them time to find hardware that's compatible this time <evil grin>22:59
*** sorbus has joined #meego22:59
* lcukx200 slaps lbt22:59
bdubheh thanks mwichmann ;-)22:59
mwichmannbut he's hired by LF to do a job that is already delegated to LF, kind of odd the project has to nominate/approve that, which should be LF's option, right?22:59
lbtlcukx200: you're not in #meego-bar .... people are going thirsty23:00
lcukx200hiya bdub \o23:00
lcukx200lbt having internet connectivity issues23:00
Stskeepsmwichmann: more interestingily, if nominee moves company, is nominee still in a meego role? :P23:00
lcukx200but since I just opened a Guinness, yes I shall head to #meego-bar23:00
*** halvors has left #meego23:00
lbtlcukx200: :)23:00
*** sivang has joined #meego23:01
bdubmwichmann, yes, the impetus behind this role was that the LF had a bunch of people doing MeeGo part time.  They figured it was going to be much more efficient to have one person handle all of that.23:01
sivangStskeeps: so meegobot is python? :)23:01
Stskeepssivang: yes23:01
lcukx200bah! thats the shortest tsg I have sat in, missing a big chunk was not inmy plan23:01
bdubMuch of what I do will actually be behind the scenes.  I'm practicing my evil laughs as we speak.23:01
sivangsame here23:01
thiago_homebdub: just hope you do have time to do everything23:01
sivangmwichmann: any news on compliance spec work?23:02
dm8tbrsivang: MeeGoBot is perl, but maybe you are talking about something else23:02
Stskeepsand remember that it's OK to delegate out to community members - ie, ask someone if they'd like to head up let's start, beginnings of a policy document or whatever23:02
lbtkevinz: ping ... do you mind discussing here?23:02
*** liipasin has quit IRC23:02
lbtok .. answers that23:03
lardmanalterego: if you need any mBarcode plugins for your geoloc let me know23:03
*** thiagoss has quit IRC23:03
lbtso kevinz.... you want to port meego to another platform and want an OBS account23:03
lbtand this is a commercial activity23:03
lbtso the community OBS is for opensource stuff23:04
*** liipasin has joined #meego23:04
lbtand we don't really have the resource to support a port like that at the moment23:04
sivangdm8tbr: ah, sorry the meeting bot then23:04
mwichmannsivang: yes, sort of, things are starting to roll again and there should be calls for reviews by early next week23:04
mwichmannI may ask some questions before then23:04
bdubthiago_home, I know what you mean!  a lot of stuff.  This (MeeGo in general) is a busy group of people23:04
Stskeepskevinz: out of curiousity, is it another platform or ARM?23:04
lbtso you probably want to investigate getting an OBS of your own setup23:04
*** marciom has quit IRC23:04
*** mlpug has quit IRC23:04
alteregolardman: I was sort of thinking the opposite ;)23:04
kevinznot asking for support much. It's for arm based23:05
alteregoAn mbarcode plugin for columbus.23:05
kevinzjust how to build23:05
lbtkevinz: oh, we want to help  :)23:05
Stskeepskevinz: come by #meego-arm and let's have a talk :)23:05
sivangmwichmann: reviews for a new draft?23:05
lbtkevinz: and you can have a community account too ... just to help learn using the OBS23:06
lbtwhat's your username23:06
sivangmwichmann: okay, are you going to send a notif to ml once draft is on wiki?23:06
sivangmwichmann: together with your questions, I'd like to also read it before to see where we stand :)23:07
kevinzkevinz is my username23:07
ali1234kevinz: if you are looking for instructions how to do a local build of all meego packages... give up now before you go completely crazy23:07
lbtkevinz: OK ... you're enabled23:07
kevinzcool man. Thanks a lot!23:07
lbtali1234: still stuck ?23:08
mwichmannsivang: seeking to clarify issues such as difference between abi vs api promises, things that are known to be changing (arm abi, gl/egl, etc.) and so on23:08
mwichmannyes, of course there will be a note on doc when available23:08
ali1234yeah i can't even successfully compile 1 app using obs, but that's just me23:08
*** bdub has quit IRC23:08
lardmanalterego: feel free to contribute then :)23:09
ali1234i gave up trying to compile all packages months ago, i don't believe it is possible23:09
*** baraujo has quit IRC23:09
ali1234and no new docs have come out since then23:09
ali1234that i have seen23:09
lbtali1234: OBS is not trivial23:09
*** droidbittin has joined #meego23:09
lbtbut it's not *that* hard23:09
ali1234it isn't OBS i have a problem with really23:09
lbtjust start slowly and not "rebuild the entire world" as step 123:09
lbtimport a meego release and rebuild a leaf package against that23:10
ali1234i mean sure it always goes wrong, has downtime that prevents me doing local work, has terrible docs23:10
lbtthen move along23:10
*** JPohlmann has joined #meego23:10
ali1234but i can work around that23:10
ali1234the problem i have at the moment is generating a spec file for a trivial project23:10
ali1234it was recommended i use autospectacle however this doesn't even run properly on meego23:11
*** lizardo has quit IRC23:11
ali1234i'm sure if i could get a spec file done, i could compile my app, assuming i can figure out why osc always says i am not authorized (i fixed .oscrc and i can log in using a browser)23:11
ali1234and then assuming i can figure out why osc co never works, just says "error 2: file not found"23:12
lbthehe... yeah, OK23:12
lbtthis is community OBS ?23:12
lbtand your distro ?23:13
lbtnot supported23:13
* lbt grins23:13
lbtI don't actually run meego anywhere yet...23:14
ali1234sorry, osc co (checkout) works23:15
ali1234it's when i try to commit23:15
lbtcan you use something sane? like Debian ?23:15
*** mlfoster has quit IRC23:16
*** SharonG has quit IRC23:16
sivangmwichmann: okay, great. Feel free to ping me through email as I am no longer holding my irc session.23:16
sivangmwichmann: or the list, for that matter.23:16
sivangmwichmann: *on23:16
slainelcukx200: Yes, there are lots of areas there, but not all of them are laiden with standards etc.23:17
ali1234i can use something sane like debian but only if i am not forced to add external repos that mess up the system for other tasks than "developing for meego"23:17
*** dogi has joined #meego23:18
alteregolardman: it was just a small idea really, basically a geocaching game. But I donmt have experience doing that sort of thing :)23:18
*** dogi has quit IRC23:19
*** rodarvus_ has joined #meego23:19
*** dogi has joined #meego23:19
ali1234thing is, i'm only really doing this to see how easy it is. so i'm not really interested in long winded work arounds.23:20
*** rodarvus has quit IRC23:20
ali1234so don't go out of your way to help me. concentrate on fixing it for everyone...23:21
lbtali1234: most people follow the instructions and, within reason, "it just works"23:21
ali1234i find that difficult to believe, really...23:21
lbtnow sure... they may not be perfect (ie include non debian repos) but they work23:21
lbtit's true23:22
Stskeepssivang: LeeGo? that's two trademark infringements in one :)23:22
sivangStskeeps: I'm sure leinir can find a good name then :)23:22
sivangStskeeps: I will soon need a lawyer eh? :-p23:22
leinir*giggles* well, i wouldn't mind trying ;)23:23
alteregoali1234: you could always make a chroot for your meego stuff so it doesn't interfere with whatever else you're doing.23:23
ali1234alterego: i could do, but it sounds like a long winded work-around to me23:23
sivangleinir: I just recalled our chat about Lego world, and thought about meego hence the idea23:24
ali1234i know i can make it work like that,and  i don't have to try it to know how annoying it would be23:24
*** kevinz has left #meego23:24
*** halvors1 has quit IRC23:25
leinirsivang: Hehe :)23:25
alteregoali1234: well, I don't have your problems, I've got desktop, maemo and meego development environments, several different versions of Qt and nothing interferes.23:25
*** mlfoster has joined #meego23:25
ali1234nothing that you know of :)23:26
*** Jefro1 has quit IRC23:26
sivangleinir: it'd be nice to go back in time a bit, to when I was spending most of my free hours at lego technique but this time combine it with an ARM controller :)23:26
*** Jefro1 has joined #meego23:27
alteregoAll on my ubuntu 10.10 laptop.23:27
leinirsivang: Tehee, yeah, that would be kind of fun :)23:27
alteregoali1234: nothing interferes.23:27
ali1234when i look in the ubuntu repo for osc stuff i see loads of packages that i don't know what they do23:27
sivangleinir: respond on the ML, if you will (sorry for the solicitation)23:27
*** kraiskil has quit IRC23:27
leinir*nods* Sure thing :)23:27
ali1234but i know they're incompatible with the ubuntu versions they replace, otherwise there would be no need to replace the ubuntu versions23:27
alteregoali1234: meego likes to have the latest versions of the build tools.23:28
ali1234now i'm not going to go hunting through the changelog for each one to see what was changed, and if it will affect me23:28
ali1234and i'm not going to just blindly install them either23:28
*** rodarvus_ is now known as rodarvus23:28
alteregoWell don't then23:29
*** andredieb has quit IRC23:29
alteregoDon't do anything.23:29
*** rodarvus has quit IRC23:29
*** rodarvus has joined #meego23:29
alteregoThis is just another thing for you to bitch about :P23:29
ali1234i figured that meego itself would have the right versions23:29
*** ctusar has quit IRC23:29
ali1234but apparently it doesn't23:29
alteregoThe right versions for what?23:30
ali1234the right versions that would allow me to use osc successfully, to use autospectacle successfully...23:30
*** tchan has quit IRC23:30
*** xiyulangzi has joined #meego23:31
alteregoSo, you've installed the required packages from the meego repo for your distro and you cant do what you want/need with them?23:31
*** vgrade has joined #meego23:31
*** lcuk has joined #meego23:32
ali1234i have installed meego, and then installed all the develpment tools from the meego repository for meego23:32
*** tchan has joined #meego23:32
alteregoOh, right23:32
aukewhich should work23:32
ali1234so in a sense, yes i have done that23:32
*** sorbus has quit IRC23:32
sivangali1234: a very dumb question, or you on trunk upates for that meego installation?23:32
aukezypper install -t pattern packaging-tools23:32
*** NIN101 has quit IRC23:32
infobotsivang meant: ali1234: a very dumb question, are you on trunk upates for that meego installation?23:32
ali1234auke: i have all the tools installed, they just don't work :)23:32
*** thiagoss has joined #meego23:33
*** dogi has quit IRC23:33
aukeali1234: do not go to start, go straight to bugzilla, you will not get 200$23:33
*** villev has quit IRC23:33
aukewhat version of meego did you install/update to?23:33
ali1234i reported that ext4 bug btw, along with a tonne of bootloader and installer issues23:33
aukebug numbers?23:34
*** sorbus has joined #meego23:34
ali123412813 - 12817 inclusive23:34
*** dgc030521 has quit IRC23:35
*** dgc03052 has joined #meego23:35
ali1234i'm using atm. i just happened to have it installed after testing all those issues were still present.23:36
ali1234so, which version is good for making the dev tools work?23:36
*** droidbittin has quit IRC23:36
*** kp has joined #meego23:38
kpis touchscreen suppose to work in meego out of the box???23:38
ali1234that's one thing that does work for me, on ideapad23:38
ali1234so yeah... even works in the installer23:39
*** SharonG has joined #meego23:39
kpso which touchscreen driver it uses???23:39
ali1234depends on your hardware23:39
*** hurewitz has quit IRC23:39
kpyeah what was it in your case??23:40
ali1234i don't know, it just works23:40
ali1234it doesn't say which it is using23:40
kpok ... though I have my own hardware running moorestown ...23:40
ali1234is this netbook or handset UX?23:41
kpI made my own image using kernel-mrst and netbook packages23:41
kpnetbook UX23:41
*** choppa has quit IRC23:41
*** sraue_ has quit IRC23:42
*** dogi has joined #meego23:43
*** dogi has quit IRC23:43
ali1234in about 10 minutes i can tell you which driver it is using... after i reinstall 1.1 and while i run all the updates23:44
*** csdb_home has quit IRC23:44
kpok ..23:44
kpthat wud good information23:45
*** Jefro1 has quit IRC23:45
sivangis question regarding the chroot doc go in meego ml or meego-dev or meego-sdk?23:46
*** NIN101 has joined #meego23:46
sivang(It is under SDK in the wiki)23:46
*** choppa has joined #meego23:46
*** Jefro1 has joined #meego23:46
ali1234kp: it appears to be using generic usb hid23:50
kpoh k ..23:50
kpCan you send me your xconf file23:50
ali1234it is empty23:51
*** fiferboy has quit IRC23:51
*** abinader has quit IRC23:51
*** aloisiojr has quit IRC23:55
*** Weasel_ has quit IRC23:55
*** dgc030521 has joined #meego23:56
ali1234"Enabled Russion keyboard" - Russion?23:56
*** sp3000 has quit IRC23:56
*** TheOpenSourcerer has left #meego23:56
ali1234is that a typo or is there really such a thing?23:56
*** dgc03052 has quit IRC23:58
*** sp3000 has joined #meego23:58
*** Weasel_ has joined #meego23:59
*** tomaw has quit IRC23:59
*** SharonG has quit IRC23:59

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