IRC log of #maemo-ssu for Monday, 2012-07-09

keriobut it's neater!00:01
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DocScrutinizer05then use it and be happy! don't try to run a crusade to make other users use it too00:05
DocScrutinizer05there's definitely no known reason why we need to purge stock media player00:05
DocScrutinizer05since everybody can run OMP whenever she likes, and hell you even can configure your system to use OMP as primary default for mp3 playback and still we don't need to purge stock mediaplayer00:07
DocScrutinizer05cssu is nobody's birthday party where you can decide what everybody incl you is doing. It's everybody's birthday party in a sense that every cssu user should be free to decide whether to use stock MP or OMP00:09
DocScrutinizer05we'll  purge any subsystem only when it does rogue to system at large, means there are bugs in that subsystem and we expect problems for other subsystems caused by that bug00:11
keriowell i had some problems with pr1.2's media player!00:11
kerioclearly it means that the stock mediaplayer is evil and must be purged00:11
DocScrutinizer05maybe we replace subsystems even when the bug impact is strictly local, if there's absolutely no way to have the better alternative installed concurrently00:12
kerio(is mediaplayer open source? and where would i find a changelog or a bug tracker for it?)00:12
DocScrutinizer05kerio: you're free to purge stock mediaplayer on *YOUR* system any time00:12
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LaoLang_coolI have an issue, not sure if it's belong to cssu. In contacts, after I rename a contact's name, the phone field will be changed to cell field04:06
LaoLang_coolI'm using the lastest testing version of cssu04:06
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merlin1991freemangordon: I'm not mia, I said in advance that I'm in grece this week ;)08:08
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Palifix for operator cbs widget is here:
Palinew config options for osso-xterm are here:
Palipatch which add big warning to /etc/fstab that file is generated:
Paliauto enable usb network in pc suite mode:
kerioPali: i'm not sure the last one is good09:57
Palikerio, what is the problem?09:59
kerioPali: usb networking support is flaky at best anyway09:59
kerioso why is autoenabling it a good thing?09:59
Palikernel module g_nokia.ko is needed for pc suide mode and this module initialize also usb network usb0 interface10:00
Palibut interface is down10:00
keriooh, i see10:00
keriothen ok10:00
keriodoes it autoload g_ether in no-mode?10:00
Palimy patches only do ifup usb0 and start udhcpd if exists in system10:00
Palikerio, no10:00
Palig_nokia has its own usb network code10:01
Paliit not using g_ther10:01
keriothus, me asking: does it also work outside of pc-suite mode?10:01
Palifor usb network you need to have loaded g_nokia module10:01
Paliso if you load g_file_storage (in usb mass storage mode) then usb network not working10:02
kerioyeah but if i don't enable pc-suite mode i need g_ether, not g_nokia10:03
Palikerio, g_ether is only in kernel-power (not in default nokia kernel), but you can use it for usb network too10:03
keriooh, i didn't know it was KP only10:04
kerionvm then10:04
Paliok, next patch for busybox - Add support for portrait mode:
keriowait, for busybox? :o10:09
Palithis git repo is based on + sources from repository.maemo.org10:09
Palikerio, yes portrait mode is working in osso-xterm without problem, but busybox show a lot of empty lines (bash working fine)10:10
keriooh, busybox sucking at terminals10:10
kerioand/or osso-xterm sucking at being a terminal10:10
keriobtw, is busybox-power any good?10:11
kerioi'm just using bash, because fuck that noise, but...10:11
Palikerio, no idea I do not have busybox-power10:11
Palibut patch is really really simple10:11
Palialso see patch for osso-xterm which add more config options to menu10:12
kerioPali: you seem knowledgeable in matters of osso-xterm...10:12
Pali(scroll history, reverse colors, auto scroll on output)10:12
keriocan you find a way to enable support for darkgray?10:12
kerio(bold black "should" appear as dark gray, not black)10:12
Palithis could be problem in vte, not xterm10:13
kerio(and i say "should" because it's far from standard - like anything related to terminals - but still...)10:13
kerioalso, are there plans to get more terminfo data? i always have to set my TERM as xterm-color when i ssh to my n90010:14
kerioit defaults to xterm-256color because, well, it can10:14
kerioPali: ooh, easier thing - can i set my default TERM as xterm-color in osso-xterm?10:14
PaliI have xterm-color, should work10:15
Paliok, next patch is for cssu-enabler, initial script for "uninstalling" cssu:
kerio...oooh, that's definetely a mistake10:15
Paliscript is usefull for devs to testing if installation of cssu working fine without needed to reflash device10:17
keriohmm, you add an extra layer of complexity10:18
keriothere's backupmenu to revert to a previous state :)10:18
LaoLang_coolHi, I have an issue, not sure if it's belong to cssu. In contacts, after I rename a contact's name, the phone field will be changed to cell field10:18
Palimerlin1991, freemangordon, DocScrutinizer, MohammadAG, see today log for my patches for cssu ^^^^^^10:18
kerioPali: also list them now, so they won't miss one10:19
keriojust the name, maybe10:19
Paliok, here are git repos:10:19
Palithats all10:20
PaliLaoLang_cool, applications Contacts is closed so its not part of CSSU and cannot be fixed10:21
kerioPali: the version for operator-cbs-widget became 3.0 instead of what i think should be 0.310:21
Palikerio, no it must be >= 2.x10:22
LaoLang_coolPali, ok, thank you for the info :)10:22
kerioi see10:22
Palibecause it replacing original deb package which contains orignal operator widget10:22
Paliand that deb package has version 2.x10:22
LaoLang_coolContacts is a core function, I think more focus and effect should be on them10:23
keriopatches welcome10:24
kerio(no, *really*)10:24
Palimerlin1991, please create git repos on gitorious cssu for busybox and upstart10:24
tadzikLaoLang_cool: anything in particular that you miss?10:24
LaoLang_coolnot a portrait mode for busybox/xterm? keypad is landscape, it's very limited to use busybox/xterm in portrait mode I think10:25
LaoLang_cooltadzik, many, say display/rearange contacts by company name, support grouping, support custom ringtones by contacts, etc...10:26
LaoLang_coolthe app mycontacts has some functions, I have tried it, not good for the first glance...10:27
Paliyou can still use osso-xterm with external keyboard :-)10:46
Paliah, I forgot modest patch - allow scrolling in both modes:
LaoLang_coolPali, oh, I forgot there is a thing called virtual keyboard! ;p10:57
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freemangordonPali: great, unfortunately both merlin1991 and MohammadAG are nowhere to be found :(12:24
Palifreemangordon, ok12:24
Palineeds testing and if all is ok, pushing to cssu-devel12:24
freemangordonPali: starting tomorrow I am on a vacation, so don't count on me for the next week :)12:25
freemangordonin the meanwhile you may want to push new KP and KPS :P12:25
Paliwl1251-source is now in extras-devel12:26
PaliI updated u-boot12:26
Paliand I will push both kernel-power and kernel-power-settings12:26
freemangordonI was wondering where did you disappear, now it is clear :D12:26
Palidsc packages are prepaired12:26
freemangordonPali: did you try my thumg thingie?12:26
PaliI was without internet connection, so anything was offline :D12:26
Palithumb not yet12:27
freemangordonPali: BTW check the commits in cssu-kernel, there is one more patch needed for thumb, besides errata worksround12:27
freemangordonlemme find it for you12:27
Paliok, but thumb support is not in kernel-power12:28
Paliis there any patch which should go to kernel-power?12:28
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_freemangordon[12:25] <freemangordon> Pali: BTW check the commits in cssu-kernel, there is one more patch needed for thumb, besides errata worksround12:31
_freemangordon[12:25] <freemangordon> lemme find it for you12:31
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freemangordonPali: here?12:33
Paliis there still problem with thumb?12:33
freemangordonno more12:34
freemangordonrock stable, even with xserver thumb-compiled12:34
freemangordonand I was able to finally run thumb-compiled microb engine yesterday, don't know if I will have time today to push a new update or it will have to wait until I am back from vacation12:35
freemangordonBTW thumb-compiled microb FLIES man, its unbelievable how fast it is12:35
tadzikfreemangordon: is there any noticeable speed differe... okay, you were faster12:36
freemangordonPali: but KP is missing that last patch, that is why i pointed it12:36
Palifreemangordon, kp has no thumb patch enabled12:37
freemangordonPali: then cherry-pivk them, there is no problem, neither any visible speed difference12:38
Paliso add thumb support also to kernel-power?12:38
freemangordonbut of course12:38
freemangordonand if anyone is concerned, there is a sysfs value to disable the workaround12:39
PaliI will add patches to debian/12:39
Paliand then I will push kernel-power v51 to extras-devel12:39
freemangordonbut they are in debian/patches :). in kernel-cssu i mean12:39
freemangordonlook at kernel-cssu history for what is needed12:40
freemangordonPali: also don't forget to fix fmtxd echo thingie ;)12:40
Palialready fixed12:40
freemangordonunfortunately won't have time to pull that in kernel-cssu today, but anyway, no hurry12:41
freemangordonif you wish you can do that12:42
Paliwl1251 injection driver, fmtxd fix, added provides: kernel-feature-smartreflex, kernel-feature-video720p, kernel-feature-packet-injection, kernel-feature-charger, added bq2415x_charger driver (blacklisted by default)12:42
Paliand entry /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc/hostdevice which contains speed of connected usb device12:43
freemangordonyou are missing kernel-feature-errata-workaround12:43
PaliI will create new status menu aplet for usb host mode12:43
Palifreemangordon, yes because thumb patches are not in git repo yet12:43
freemangordonI know :). the exact name is "kernel-feature-errata-430973-workaround"12:44
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Palifreemangordon, thumb patches are now in my (local) kernel-power git tree12:56
PaliNow buidling... if everything is ok I will push it to extras-devel12:56
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Palifreemangordon, kp v51:
DocScrutinizer05I'm quite happy about the thumb errata *with sysfs switch* in KP51 now :-D \o/13:22
DocScrutinizer05Pali: congrats!13:23
DocScrutinizer05and (seems we say that way too seldom) many thanks!13:23
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keriowhat's the charger thing?13:52
keriomeh, wrong channel13:52
keriofreemangordon: once KP51 is in -devel, will you change cssu-thumb so it doesn't require kernel-cssu?13:53
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kerioPali: <314:05
kerioPali: what does "Added wl1251 packet injection modules" mean? are they enabled by default, or are they just installed?14:08
Palikerio, kernel modules are just installed14:15
Paliyou need to manually load it14:15
Palimodules are installed into /opt/packet....14:15
kerioPali: :c14:17
keriomake it conflict with the backported drivers package at least14:17
keriois the loading script somewhere?14:17
kerioi mean, cleven uses its own, but still14:17
Palikerio, we will update backported drivers package to be empy and depends on kernel-power14:23
PaliI will write load script later14:23
kerioit will probably break cleven, sadly :c14:27
kerioi suppose i can just change the script it uses14:27
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keriois modest any good now?15:20
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tadzikdid it change recently?15:34
freemangordonPali: which kernel package provides kernel-feat-earrata-... , flasher or bootimg or both15:36
Palifreemangordon, uhm, only bootimg15:37
freemangordonhmm, not good :(15:37
PaliI forgot add also flasher15:37
Paligoing to rebuild15:37
freemangordonpali, wait15:37
freemangordonwe'd better leave that anly for the flasher15:38
keriowhy do we need separate kernel-power and kernel-power-bootimg packages?15:38
Palihere is (untested now written) script for load/unload packet injection driver
freemangordon Pali: you'd better tell that Sc0rpius15:38
freemangordonSc0rpius: ^^^15:39
Palifreemangordon, ok good point, because apt-get and HAM are bad15:39
kerioPali: can't you just copy and from the old tarball?15:39
freemangordonPali: yes, i've already had those kind of problems15:39
Palikerio, this script has 4 options: enable, disable, load, unload15:39
kerioenable what?15:39
Palikerio, enable means - enable by default in system15:39
Paliload - only load drivers now15:39
keriohow does it do that?15:39
kerioblacklist the stock modules?15:40
Paliand it will work with any kernel (with modules15:40
Palikerio, yes blacklist + symlink15:40
Paliah, I forgot blacklist15:40
Palimaybe not? blacklist will not be needed15:40
freemangordonPali: so it is better to only flasher to provide that feature, anyway if you have thumb system installed, you will have at least one of the flashers (KP or KCSSU)15:41
Palineed to know what will do depmod by symlinked modules directory to /lib/modules/<ver>15:41
freemangordonI will ubdate kcssu as soon as possible15:41
keriofreemangordon: more importantly, if you want to dick around with uboot you're good enough to tell apt to stfu by yourself :)15:41
Paliok, I'm going to update debs of kernel-power15:42
freemangordonkerio: no, you are not supposed to be15:42
kerioyou're not supposed to dick around with uboot, i agree15:42
freemangordonit is possible you are just an ordinary adventure user, it does not mean we have to screw you15:42
keriofreemangordon: the thing is, thumb binaries require something in the kernel - but the running kernel is unrelated to what's installed in dpkg15:44
Palifreemangordon, -flasher and -bootimg packages updated15:45
freemangordonkerio: agree, but we don't have 20 kernels to deal with15:45
freemangordonPali: thanks15:45
kerioPali: does -bootimg now not Provide the errata?15:45
freemangordonPali: it provides the errata?15:45
Palionly -flasher15:46
freemangordonPali: remove that from bootimg15:46
freemangordonaah, ok15:46
keriofreemangordon: what if someone is using uboot though?15:46
freemangordon[15:42] <kerio> Pali: does -bootimg now not Provide the errata?15:46
freemangordon[15:42] <Pali> no15:46
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PaliI removed it from -bootimg15:46
keriothey'll have to install extra stuff :(15:46
Palifail, I did not read *not*15:46
freemangordonkerio: what extra stuff?15:47
freemangordonwe have only 3 kernels so far: omap1, KP and KCSSU15:47
keriofor instance, stfu-provides-thumb-errata, a metapackage with no files that has Provides: kernel-feature-thumb-errata15:47
freemangordonwith plans to merge everything in KCSSU, with Replaces:kernel15:48
keriounless they want to install kernel-power-flasher for some reason15:48
keriofreemangordon: nope15:48
freemangordonkerio: you will have either KP or KCSSU if you install thumb thingie15:48
kerioKCSSU is the kernel that's ABI-compatible with the stock nokia kernel that also has the thumb2 patches15:48
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keriothat DocScrutinizer wants :)15:48
*** BCMM has quit IRC15:48
keriofreemangordon: no, you'll have to *run* one of those15:48
freemangordonkerio: don't tell me what KCSSU is, ok?15:48
keriothat's unrelated to what's installed in dpkg15:49
keriofreemangordon: but if kcssu isn't that, doc will be a sad panda :c15:49
freemangordonread what I wrote a few lines above15:49
freemangordon[15:44] <freemangordon> with plans to merge everything in KCSSU, with Replaces:kernel15:49
freemangordonkerio: you should grok that is still WIP15:49
keriofreemangordon: ooh, an omap1-ABI-compatible KP? neat15:49
keriobut what if i *want* to break backwards-compatibility? :(15:51
DocScrutinizer05for that there's hexedit15:51
kerioPali: how did you make the fcam modules work with KP?15:51
Palifreemangordon, I remembered this: I don't think I won't not go to the bathroom :D15:52
Palikerio, I'm not using fcam15:52
keriowell, it works for me15:53
freemangordonkerio: KCSSU is still FOSS, you could grab the source and do whatever you want. But i still think it is easier to use a hammer.15:53
kerioso obviously someone did something15:53
keriogaaaaaaaaah, what the hell is HAM doing15:53
kerioapt-worker is been working for like two minutes15:53
keriocssu request: make HAM not awful plskthx15:53
freemangordonPali: just confirm - we do not do any special treatment of fcam drivers in KP, true?15:53
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PaliI do not know what is state of fcam15:54
freemangordonit just works ;)15:54
keriomaybe fcam-modules also ships modules for kp15:54
freemangordonyes, I think that is the case15:54
keriowould that mean that i lose all my fcam goodness if i install kp51? :(15:55
freemangordonkerio: no, but maybe you will have to reinstall them15:55
freemangordon(fcam drivers)15:55
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freemangordonunfortunately this shit is unmaintained for over an year, and I am not sure we have enough knowledge in the community to fix it if something is broken15:56
kerioaww :(15:57
keriooh well15:57
keriocamera-ui is good now15:57
kerioi just use fcam sometimes so i can feel like a photographer15:57
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Raimu_freemangordon: You've gotten to build microb-thumb?17:14
RaimuThat's pretty cool.17:14
_freemangordonRaimu: yep17:14
*** _freemangordon is now known as freemangordon17:14
freemangordonwill try to push a new update today17:15
RaimuPlease do17:15
freemangordonRaimu: ^^^17:15
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Lava_Croftfreemangordon: heh17:53
Lava_Croftfreemangordon: microb source?17:53
freemangordonLava_Croft: microb-engine source17:53
Lava_Croftstill nice!17:55
freemangordonLava_Croft: from thumb POV much better17:56
keriofreemangordon: did you fix cssu-t?17:57
Lava_Croftfreemangordon: i figure17:57
freemangordonkerio: what?17:57
keriofreemangordon: i'm not sure if it'll need fixes, but KP5117:57
kerioKP51 is good17:57
freemangordonglad to hear17:57
freemangordonhow is that related to cssu-t(humb/esting?)17:58
keriofreemangordon: well, it Provides: kernel-feature-errata-430973-workaround18:01
kerioremember? :)18:01
freemangordonso? what makes you think kernel-cssu does not provide it? and what makes you think all of the packages in -thumb repo does not do Depends: kernel-feature-errata-430973-workaround18:03
*** Pali has quit IRC18:04
freemangordonall I need to do is to remove explicit dependency in mp- thingie, but won;t do that now18:04
freemangordon(dependency to kernel-cssu)18:04
freemangordonmicrob-engine has higher priority in my book18:04
*** Pali has joined #maemo-ssu18:05
keriobut... explicit dependency in the mp- thingie!18:05
keriooh well, kp51 isn't even in the repos yet18:05
kerioi'm just hoping i can install the -thumb stuff by this evening :318:06
* Raimu idly wonders if it's possible to install thumb-capable kernel, then do backup w/ backupmenu, then install different kernel and then restore backup and have all the depends now even though kernel doesn't support them18:06
kerioRaimu: of course it is18:07
freemangordonRaimu: just a little patience, as you (maybe) see Pali is back and we are tweaking the things so you wan't need to do such hackery18:07
keriodepending on kernel-feature-errata-thumb is a dpkg thing18:07
keriothe dpkg things are only vaguely related to the running kernel18:07
freemangordonbut I put that dependency there on purpose18:07
keriofreemangordon: of course you did, and you did good18:08
keriobut you can't make it idiotproof18:08
keriobecause the world will just build a better idiot18:08
keriolike Raimu!18:08
RaimuI hope you implied I was building a better idiot and not providing an example in myself.18:09
kerioof course, of course *pat pat*18:09
Raimufreemangordon: Yeah, I see. I appreciate your work a lot and watch with interest.18:09
*** lizardo has quit IRC18:10
keriofreemangordon: you have to be particularly careful though18:10
keriohaving thumb binaries means you *can't* go back to the omap1 kernel18:10
RaimuThe cssu-thumb thread on tmo is kinda depressing.18:10
keriogranted, the only way to revert to the omap1 kernel is to run the KP uninstaller18:11
freemangordonRaimu: why is that?18:11
Raimufreemangordon: I suppose it's mostly solved its problems now, but it's kind of disheartening how noobs flocked in and messed up their machines.18:11
freemangordonRaimu: yeah :(. And why? Just because they are lazy to read one page. Meh18:12
Raimufreemangordon: You provided top-notch support, by the way, considering the situation. People just don their blackened sunglasses when they read "for experts only".18:12
RaimuAnd after the smoke subsides they recheck the connection. :P18:12
kerioand that's especially stupid, because sunglasses make you see less, in the dark!18:13
RaimuDouglas Adams and the peril-sensitive sunglasses...18:13
freemangordonjust like kerio is not reading, but at least he constantly pesters people on IRC asking questions :P18:13
freemangordonMy favourite book18:13
RaimuAnd slinging quasi-insults. :P18:13
keriofreemangordon: except that i read the top post to that thread18:13
freemangordonkerio: you read it? all the text, not between the lines? I doubt you did :P18:15
freemangordonotherwise your wouldn't comment that "free space on rootfs does not matter"18:15
kerioi didn't say that18:15
infobotfreemangordon meant: otherwise you wouldn't comment that "free space on rootfs does not matter"18:15
kerioi think18:15
kerioif i did, i was wrong18:15
kerioi said "it matters less than free ram"18:15
Sc0rpiusfreemangordon, pong?18:16
keriobecause goddammit nokia, why the hell did you only give us 256mb of ram? ;_;18:16
freemangordonSc0rpius: sorry to bring the bad news, but we (me and Pali) plan to break Cleven once again :P18:18
RaimuThe RAM's on-die on the system-on-chip, right?18:18
RaimuI recall reading the 256mb version was the only one available for them.18:19
freemangordonSc0rpius: but it should be easier now, as KP51 provides kernel-feature-packet-injection, along with modules18:19
ShadowJKraimu: package-on-package. the cpu/soc has balls both on bottom and top, ram soldered to top18:20
RaimuShadowJK, thanks.18:20
freemangordonSc0rpius: And that is an attempt to clean up that wireless-compat mess once and fo all18:20
ShadowJKalso contains the onenand18:20
ShadowJKin same chip as ram18:21
kerioSc0rpius: so you're the one to blame for cleven? >:C18:21
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RaimuShadowJK: Oh, now I get where all the "RAM update" speculation came from.18:21
kerioSc0rpius: in the next cleven update, please add a file in /etc/sudoers.d/ that allows all the commands cleven it's going to run as root18:22
RaimuShadowJK: Well, a lot of folks were speculating over replacing the n900 RAM, but I thought if it's on the SoC I don't see how they thought it would happen.18:22
keriootherwise i always have to rely on the fact that sudo doesn't ask your password for a bit18:22
freemangordonSc0rpius: So cleven should depend on that kernel feature, nothing more. Plus Pali has prepared some script for loading/unloading injection drivers, so you don't need to do any hackery to recognize which kernel you run18:23
ShadowJKraimu: well it doesn't make it any easier than replacing the soc..18:23
freemangordonSc0rpius: as I am mia starting from tomorrow, it is Pali to ask for whatever support you need18:23
RaimuShadowJK: No, but it sounds more plausible if you don't think about it any further. :P18:23
*** taziff has quit IRC18:24
Palifreemangordon, what do you think? Can I push all patches for CSSU to merlin cssu-devel repo?18:24
Sc0rpiusI'm not the "one to blame" for cleven18:24
Sc0rpiusI'm "kinda" the one to blame for modest :P18:24
Sc0rpiusI'm not sure who's in charge about cleven18:24
freemangordonSc0rpius: wasn't you Cleven maintainer?18:24
RaimuSaturn maintains Cleven.18:24
freemangordonaah, yeah18:25
freemangordonstupid me18:25
keriofreemangordon: >:C18:25
keriohrmpf, he's not on irc18:25
*** Estel_ has quit IRC18:25
kerioand that means he's not contactable18:25
freemangordonPali: if you think there are no regressions, why not?18:25
freemangordonkerio: he is, on TMO18:25
keriobut only irc exists!18:26
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keriomerlin1991: ping22:59
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lufmerlin1991: ping23:30
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lufmerlin1991: I sent you new git format-patch for curl. I hope you can receive 4MB attachement :)23:30
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