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brolin_empeysunshavi: I have not redd all of the recent discussion but how about using an x86 SBC instead of an ARM SBC?01:22
sunshavibrolin_empey: Hey01:22
sunshaviYes. That could be an option. I would like to have an SBC with freebsd and jaling a lunix-box for cross compilation. that would be a dream come true01:24
sunshavi4 Gb Mem should be the minimum I think for that use case01:26
sunshaviand also I would let me use poudiere for compiling packages for freebsd on my arm SBC. You know arm use less energy than x8601:27
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brolin_empeysunshavi: I do not know if that is still always true that ARM CPUs/computers use less energy than x86 because x86, at least Intel Atom SoCs, is used in some Android smartphones and tablet computers.  Also, Apple is now using ARM for the Mac.07:24
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clortsome risc stuff looks good09:16
clortwhy anyone would run an intel/amd box with undocumented instruction set is beyond me09:17
clortsecret instructions, eh09:17
clortno thanks09:17
KotCzarnyclort: the only way to truly know what your cpu does, is designing and manufacturing it yourself09:56
KotCzarnyotherwise you will never be 100% sure what's inside09:57
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brolin_empeyclort: So use the Via x86 platform instead of Intel/AMD? ;-)11:00
clortcould anyone here deny that there are bad actors in authority positions11:04
clortif anyone here imagines 'all is well'11:05
clortplease say so11:05
clortso i can add you to my ignore list11:05
clortconsider this11:06
clorti could type a few words here11:06
clortthat would be illegal11:06
KotCzarnyfreenode is monitored by nsa11:06
KotCzarnydont worry11:06
clortthe interesting thing, is which sentences are illegal11:07
KotCzarnynothing is illegal, but it can put you on the naughty list11:07
KotCzarnyif you go over some threshold, you can get closer inspection11:07
clortshut your gob KotCzarny11:08
clorti am a whistleblower11:08
clortand i have been jailed11:08
KotCzarnydoesnt change the above11:08
clortyou fucking arrogant basemen t-worm11:08
clortyou are wrong11:08
KotCzarnydepends on country11:08
clortyou never showed courage in your life11:08
KotCzarnydont mistake courage with stupidity11:09
clortcrawl back under your rock, KotCzarny11:09
KotCzarnyits the most common mistake11:09
KotCzarnybeing rude withour a reason is a sign of psychiatric condition tho11:10
KotCzarnyor just emotions11:10
KotCzarnybut if it persists, its the former11:10
clortyou never showed courage in your life11:10
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sunshaviKotCzarny: Merry Christmas13:48
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KotCzarnysunshavi: and a happy new year for you too15:25
sunshaviKotCzarny: Thanks man. Still enjoying Christmas this week. Next Week the new Year is going to be enjoyed15:27
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PaliMaxdamantus: I sent all usb ids and their names which I have for all Maemo devices to linux usbids project20:44
Paliso they can be part of "lsusb" identification output20:44
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