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l_bratchMerry Christmas to the Maemo community02:23
sunshavil_bratch: Thanks. and Merry Christmas too02:30
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sunshaviCatButts: create is not working on the ""J2ME SDK Mobile". Any tip for trying to de a hello-world on my moto razor20:19
CatButtsno idea, I have not touched that software in ages20:19
CatButtsit came as a curiosity20:19
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sunshaviMmm. ok. Did It work for You on the phone?20:34
sunshaviCatButts: ^^^20:34
CatButtson my SE w800i, it worked hello world20:35
CatButtsit probably helped that I had patched firmware20:35
CatButtsto deal with file permissions20:35
CatButtsbeyond hello world, phone ran out of memory20:36
CatButtstrying to compile20:36
sunshaviok. That is good to know. Did You try it on the emulator?20:37
CatButtsI forgot which emu I used20:38
CatButtskemulator, maybe20:39
sunshaviMmm. The one that comes wyth j2me WTK?20:39
CatButtskemulator is different one20:40
sunshaviok. BTW. Did You happen to have phoneME| openWTK?20:45
CatButtsby openwtk, you mean the emu that comes with 3.x WTKs?20:46
CatButtsI have it, but it probably exists in abandoned state20:47
sunshaviCatButts: my machine is an SBC (opi+2e). j2me dev is not possible cos preverify tool is missing.20:52
CatButtswhat's an SBC?20:52
sunshaviso everytime i want to try an idea i need to fire-up x86 machine20:52
sunshaviSingle Board Computer20:52
sunshaviARM arch20:53
CatButtslike a Pi?20:53
sunshavimore open than Pi20:53
CatButtshmmmmm, preverification...20:53
CatButtscan you do j2se?20:54
CatButtson your SBC?20:54
sunshaviyes. i run java on my SBC20:54
CatButtsProguard for J2ME does preverification20:55
CatButtsbesides optimization and obfuscation20:56
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sunshaviRight. But not available for ARM_arch20:57
CatButtsdo you mean j2se?20:58
CatButtsproguard is full java20:58
CatButtsthough, you might want older version20:58
CatButtsnot sure if recent one still supports j2me20:58
sunshavimmm. when on x86 I use jdk 1.820:58
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sunshaviwith maven and j2me-maven-plugin21:00
sunshavii have tried doing the same with my SBC. But preverification is not completed cos is not available for ARM.21:01
CatButtsI don't know how to integrate it into your setup, but proguard is full java and does preverification21:03
sunshaviI thought "J2ME Mobile SDK" could be used for doing on device development. But As You have told me memory is not enough21:03
CatButtsJ2ME Mobile SDK is more of an insane proof-of-concept application21:04
sunshavion my pom.xml proguard is mentioned21:05
CatButtsall I know is this21:06
sunshaviOh. I see what You meant21:09
sunshaviAnd Yes. It should be integrated with the pom.xml for this to work. :(21:11
sunshaviMy main curiosity today was knowing If You had got "J2ME Mobile SDK" working on device.21:12
sunshaviYou know for sending SMS's. I send from my computer aka SBC the file 'mensaje.vcf'. And I insert content on the field URL. then on the device I just copy the url text from the contact record. and send the sms based on the text written on the computer. But I have a limit of 128 characters21:15
sunshavii have got and basic l2cap server and client working between computer(and also n900) and device (the motorolla razor). I would like to use the j2me-l2cap-client talking to my server for bypassing 128 characters limit. That's the reason I am asking all of this questions. Thanks for the info21:19
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Palihello, just question, has somebody still working nokia n9? I would like to know its usb ids when connected to pc21:57
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MaxdamantusThat's plugging it in before it was turned on.22:14
Maxdamantus(it's now in the charging stateā€”I suspect it would need to be charged to get further, if it has different ids after booting)22:15
Paliperfect, thank you!22:16
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Paliso there are ids/strings for cold flashing (first one), nolo flashing (second one) and mass storage mode (third one)22:21
Palionce it charges and startup, could you also change usb mode to get other ids? (I think there should be pc suite)22:22
MaxdamantusYep, updated the gist, with comments.22:27
MaxdamantusI think "Sync and connect" is probably PC suite.22:28
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* Maxdamantus wonders why a CD-ROM device appears in Sync and connect.22:31
MaxdamantusDoesn't seem to be mountable.22:31
PaliI read about it and CD-ROM should appear with windows (kernel) drivers for other usb functionality22:32
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MaxdamantusMaybe it does something funny so the CD only works on Windows.22:39
* Maxdamantus just gets ENOMEDIUM.22:39
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