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infobotrefer ~flashing; (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):; list of filenames/md5sums:, or
infobot[combined] the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see ~lf which will tell you how to get the latest fiasco image, actually does all the download for you15:44
infoboti heard #maemo lazyflashing is
infoboti heard emmc is is or see ~emmc215:45
infobotrumour has it, emmc2 is, or, or see emmc315:45
infobotfrom memory, emmc3 is
bencohah, is down since yesterday as well ...15:46
bencohwebarchive should have a copy though I think15:46
WizzupI have copies of all of it I think15:48
Pali is also on web archive15:49
Paliso I suggest to check if files are on web archive and replace links to "original" archived files15:49
Wizzupsoftware/maemo/ $ du -sh .15:50
Wizzup3.6G    .15:50
Wizzuphope that's all :)15:50
PaliPR 1.3.1 image is here:
bencohWizzup: I can check once it's back online :)15:50
WizzupI did wget -r15:50
Wizzupwget -r
bencohoh, then you missed the non-apt part15:51
bencohand the ovi part as well15:51
PaliI'm going to check for images which I have on local backup15:51
bencoh(yes, I mirrored ovi - it's password-protected with the same password nokia used)15:51
Wizzupbencoh: ah, annoying15:52
WizzupI made a while ago, so we can stash anything we want there15:52
Wizzup :)15:52
bencohWizzup: do you mean ?15:52
KotCzarnydoes password protecting it even matters today?15:52
bencohKotCzarny: dunno15:53
bencohbut it doesn't really hurt, since it was originally protected15:53
KotCzarnyit hurts mirroring by webarchive at elast15:53
bencoh(hmm, apart from the fact that it won't work as intented, considering that nokia OVI servers are missing)15:53
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infobot[combined] the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see ~lf which will tell you how to get the latest fiasco image, actually does all the download for you16:34
Palithis is my archive:
PaliWizzup, bencoh: if you do not have some files from above list, I can share it so it would not be lost16:43
bencohPali: I'll have to check once comes back, thanks.16:44
PaliI would be happy if there is one place where everything is archived (firmware bin files, flashers, apt repositories, ...)16:44
Paliideally for all devices16:45
bencohwell, for n900 it's almost the case16:45
Palijust today I got email how to download and flash firmware for n90016:46
bencohI mirrored apt repos from nokia, and firmware/flashers from skeiron.org16:46
Paliand I figured out that official steps on are still pointing to non-working tablets-dev site...16:46
bencohI think the status-quo at some point was that couldn't/didn't want to host nokia binaries without authorization16:47
bencohwhich is why it was never mirrored on maemo.org16:48
bencoh(hence we relied on personal community-hosted servers)16:48
bencohoh, and ... I recall a few community members have/had a full backup of pretty much everything, including harm (at least that was the case a few years ago)16:49
Palinow I updated webpage as there were also official unreleased repositories17:01
PaliI hope that somebody has backups of it17:02
PaliTMO is down? Connecting to (||:80... failed: Connection refused.17:15
KotCzarnyhttps works17:15
Paliyes, seems17:15
KotCzarnybut :80 is down17:15
PaliConnecting to (||:443... connected.17:15
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WizzupPali: how big is that archive?17:33
Paliwhich archive?17:33
WizzupI don't think I have any of those17:33
Wizzupthe list on pastebin17:33
Palibut it is unpacked17:38
Paliso I can provide just missing files17:38
WizzupI don't think have any of the PR files in a systematic manner, so if you have a way to get them all to me, would be nice17:41
PaliI have limited upload speed to 20Mbps, but if you give me access to some server with rsync, I can upload them17:49
Palisee this:
Palisomebody has 596GB17:50 to the rescue :p17:54
parazydMaybe it's best to dump it there17:54
bencohI hope they use a dedup-powered filesystem (zfs?) :>17:55
Paliwell, it would be nice to have some hierarchy/structure in backup, ready for http download18:01
Paliif somebody collects all files I could spend some time in this18:02
Palihere is archive of EMMC image:
Wizzupwhich specific image is that?18:09
Palithe only one eMMC which is available on from server18:10
Wizzupwhere does this 'thedead1440' have his files stored?18:10
WizzupI have plenty of storage18:10
PaliI have no idea where thedead1440 has it, I just found this post18:10
Paliyou would have to contact him and ask18:11
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