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sicelobtw, does 0xFFFF accept uImage or only uses zImage for kernel?19:42
sixwheeledbeastdoesn't it detect all images?20:45
sixwheeledbeastTBH I have mostly used the nokia one.20:46
sixwheeledbeast"0xFFFF can detect more image types from file header. If autodetection not working, see syntax of param -m"20:51
PaliNOLO is not able to boot uImage... it can boot only raw (bootable) images, like zImage... uImage is kernel image with u-boot header... zImage is compressed kernel image with executable ARM code which on-the-fly decompress it21:33
Pali0xFFFF automatically detects image types, but uImage is for above reason detected as unknown21:33
Paliit is unusable for NOLO21:33
siceloThanks .21:40
siceloI've just built linux 5.10 using omap2plus_defconfig and loading with with 0xFFFF -m kernel:zImage -l -b "rootwait root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 ro console=tty0 earlyprintk verbose debug." doesn't seem to be working :(21:46
siceloi mean, 0xFFFF is working. but i guess something's wrong with the kernel21:47
Palifor early printk support you need to set some explicit configuration for n90021:59
Paliand "-m /path/to/zImage" should be enough, 0xFFFF should detects that zImage file (by its content) is kernel22:00
siceloi'll remove the earlyprintk then. i'm also trying to check if i missed something else that's important.22:04
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sicelothat's what i did. it's vanilla 5.10 with no patches at all22:29
sicelowhat happens - i get NOKIA screen with no backlight, then after a while (a little less than 1 minute), device turns off22:32
KotCzarnyhave you tried connecting to tv?22:33
siceloyes i'm thinking watchdog, although i would expect to see some console before watchdog kicks in.22:35
sicelounfortunately no tv here - but i'm quite sure the device turns off, because 0xFFFF is able to boot it again without having to press power button to turn it off myself22:36
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KotCzarnyyou can test that by setting r&d flag, no?22:40
siceloah yes. forgot about that (actually i've never used it)22:42
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