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Maxdamantusafaik the no-backlight thing is normal. I've always had that when booting.03:27
MaxdamantusIf the device is powered off and I turn it on using the power button, one of the earlier bootloaders (presumably NOLO or something) turns the backlight on.03:28
MaxdamantusOtherwise, if I'm just rebooting, the backlight will be off until something in Linux turns it on.03:29
MaxdamantusDo you know if fbcon and whatever modules required for the display are built-in to your kernel? I would make sure they're built-in, to get console output before mounting root, starting an init system to load modules, etc03:31
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brolin_empeyCatButts: Windows 4.x AKA the Chicago architecture Windows series supports multiple user profiles but without any real security like the Windows NT series has.  “Windows 9x” seems like a misnomer because it does not match Windows Me, which is Windows 4.9 or 4.90 .  Maybe the term “Windows 9x” predates Windows Me but “Windows 4.x” is still the more general and accurate term.05:24
brolin_empeyCatButts: “Documents and Settings” was renamed to simply “Users” beginning in Windows NT 6.0 (marketing names: Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008), same as it was named in Windows NT 4 if I recall correctly.05:50
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bencohwoops :)13:00
CatButtsbut now I forgot what the original discussion was about13:00
CatButtsI had a dream where I had a drawing app on the n900. I updated it to latest version and UI was changed and social functions were included.13:04
CatButtsThe UI didn't quite fit, but thankfully, I discovered I could two-finger multitouch zoom13:04
CatButtsAlso the app had musical functions included in it too, so I made a banger in it and instantly forgot it when I woke up13:05
CatButtsAlso, I accidentally discovered the top quarter of the n900 slides(like the keyboard) separatelly to form a T shape, and reveals a hollow space in the phone13:06
CatButtsmy reaction is to blow air inside the n900 to vent out the heat13:07
CatButtsthen I wondered if two-finger multitouch is even feasible on a resistive screen by measuring alternating quickly alternating "cursor" positions13:09
CatButts*by measuring quickly alternating13:10
KotCzarny2 finger mt is possible on resistive ts13:11
KotCzarnyby some analysis, but possible13:11
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CatButts>“Windows 4.x” is still the more general and accurate term.14:16
CatButtsbrolin_empey: what windowses are NT 3.5 and NT 4, though14:16
CatButtsthe namespace is getting kinda messy!14:18
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Venemohey guys15:15
VenemoI managed to get hold of a new battery and the correct images for my N950, but it seems the eMMC in the device is busted somehow15:15
Venemo"fdisk: can't read from /dev/mmcblk0" --- this is from telneting into the rescue image15:15
Venemois this a HW failure?15:18
KotCzarnyis there mmcblk1 or 2 ?15:18
Venemono, there isn't15:19
KotCzarnyanything interesting in dmesg?15:19
Venemohaven't checked15:19
Venemobut I can15:20
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VenemoKotCzarny: here you go.
KotCzarnyho hum15:27
Venemolots of "onenand_wait: ECC error"15:27
KotCzarnythats nand15:27
Venemoand then15:28
Venemommcblk0: error -110 transferring data, sector 0, nr 8, card status 0x015:28
KotCzarnymaybe bad solder15:28
Venemothe device spent the last 6 years in a drawer, turned off, and it worked before. I don't think I did anything that affect the solder, but who knows15:29
KotCzarnymy guesses is either bad solder or bad silicon15:30
sixwheeledbeastdid the battery swell up putting pressure on something?15:42
Venemoand I already replaced the battery with a new one15:43
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