IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2020-12-05

KotCzarnyi think it's one of the cases where you have to run apt-get install00:02
KotCzarnyor fiddle with package manager to show all packages00:02
CatButtsso, HAM can't save me00:03
CatButtsor whatever it's called00:03
CatButtsoh shit00:05
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CatButtsI had it installed all along00:05
sunshavihow have you guys installed youtube-dl on n900? from repos or with easydebian00:08
CatButtsnappy time00:13
CatButtsfigure tomorrow what do with tcc00:14
Maxdamantussunshavi: I just run it directly from the git repository.00:43
MaxdamantusThough I run it in a debian chroot. I have run it outside in maemo before, but it invokes `ffmpeg` with some extra unknown option. I think you can just get rid of the option somehow.00:44
sunshaviwith  python-2.5?00:44
MaxdamantusNo, 2.7 in both cases.00:45
sunshavii do not remember the exact version of python on n90000:45
MaxdamantusI seem to have both 2.5 and 2.7 installed, but I think youtube-dl requires at least 2.700:45
sunshavilatest version downloads in two parts : first video , then audio and after that it does the merging00:47
MaxdamantusRight, for merging it runs the `ffmpeg` command, but iirc it includes some extra unnecessary argument that maemo's ffmpeg doesn't support.00:48
Maxdamantusffmpeg: unrecognized option '-loglevel'00:53
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MaxdamantusActually, there are other options that it doesn't understand now.00:55
MaxdamantusReplaced a bunch of occurences of `'-c', 'copy'` with `'-acodec', 'copy', '-vcodec', 'copy'` and now it works.01:00
sunshavihave you forked it?. For all the changes You have done01:05
MaxdamantusNo. It's probably better to just make an `ffmpeg` wrapper that swaps the options, since it would be more annoying to maintain a forked version of youtube-dl, which gets updated.01:06
Maxdamantus(maemo's ffmpeg obviously doesn't get updated, which is why it doesn't have the "-c" option)01:06
sunshavii see.   nice job with it01:08
MaxdamantusHm, actually, it doesn't seem to play with the normal maemo media player anymore, though it seems to play smoothly with mplayer.01:21
MaxdamantusI guess it's just random as to whether it works there.01:23
sunshavithe nice thing about cutetube is inspecting aka previewing the videos and downloading it02:02
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sunshavibuilt-in player  equals to better battery life03:34
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clortsunshavi: do you know anyone who could work on davinci accelerated gstreamer or mplayer for omap4?08:08
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KotCzarnyseems down13:29
KotCzarnyxes, warfare ^13:30
CatButtshttp down13:34
CatButtshttps works13:34
clorti get bad-bot-blocked from a lot of places13:36
* clort ponders this13:37
clorti could set up a http proxy on another box i guess. never did that13:37
KotCzarnyor use vpn13:48
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clortvpn is the problem.  one exit point is blocked by site/service A but not by B13:54
clortbut i could set up http proxy just for tmo13:55
t3st3rwell, that thing apparently hates tor anyway as well13:59
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CatButts Anyone happen to know what N900 key layout this is?15:43
CatButtsprobably main reason I don't get along with my N900 is the layout not matching anything that came with my firmware15:44
KotCzarnycant you change key layout in settings?15:44
CatButtsI did, none match it15:45
CatButtsI prbably have to edit mapping file15:45
CatButtsor find matching one15:45
CatButtssuffice to say, I am not eager about editing, without knowing what I'm doing16:01
CatButtsespecially since article warns of phone brick16:01
CatButts*keyboard editing article16:01
infobot1 packet transmitted, 1 packet received, 0.0% packet loss16:03
infobotwell, keyremap is
KotCzarnyyou shouldnt worry, there is always rescueos16:03
infobotsomebody said rescueos was
clortevol: manaworld 30fps on droid4 \o/
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clortis anyone interested in microsd IOPS test results20:45
clorti have over 1000 runs here of over 20 cards20:45
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sixwheeledbeastYou could put the info on wmo with the others?21:14
sixwheeledbeastI am pretty sure there was a tmo thread or wmo page on that.21:15
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clortpretty wild the differences.22:02
clortabout 2150 tests so far, on 28 cards, 6 filesystems and 3 different usb3 sd adapters22:03
clortalong with some tests on internal card reader22:03
clortwhat's a bit dismaying is how far below rated IOPS the new 'A2' cards are22:04
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clortwell actuall 12900 tests22:05
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siceloheh, that's a bit unexpected :p23:36
KotCzarnyclort: google the armbian sdcard benchmarks23:37
KotCzarnyand yeah a2 class is quite a failure23:38
sicelo(for completeness, i was referring to doc's name change)23:41

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