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luke-jrhmm, I guess it will be time to retire this channel's place on my IRC list :x01:08
sixwheeledbeastyou'll miss all the action...01:09
Wizzupluke-jr: do you know about #maemo-leste?01:39
Wizzup(bedtime now for me)01:40
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luke-jrWizzup: no?03:03
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brolin_empeyTo answer my own question from a few weeks ago, apparently the LG V20 has both an easily accessible and removable battery and integrated 2× optical zoom for at least one of the two rear-facing cameras.  Too bad the display is an LCD instead of an OLED display, though.  I wonder if any smartphone has all of an easily accessible and removable battery, integrated optical zoom, both normal and wide angle rear-facing cameras, and an LED display?  And maybe even06:07
brolin_empeyusing x86-64 + PCI Express instead of the ARM architecture?  Most of the x86 smartphones I have found have an LCD instead of an LED display, though.06:07
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luke-jrwhy would you want x86?06:54
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Wizzupluke-jr: basically maemo with mainline and all parts open sourced (some stuff still wip), runs on n900 and other devices09:42
luke-jrWizzup: I haven't used my N900 for years at this point09:51
luke-jrand I was tbh never a big fan of Maemo itself (ran Gentoo on my N900)09:52
* Wizzup started with gentoo on his n90009:52
luke-jrpretty much entirely migrated to LineageOS on my phone and KDE on my GPD Win 209:52
Wizzupwell, sure, just wanted to let you know09:52
WizzupI use it on my droid 4 with latest linux and it's quite a bit smoother/faster than on the n900, too09:53
luke-jrI didn't recall N900 being slow?09:53
Wizzupluke-jr: it's not slow, but compared to the droid, it is ;)09:54
luke-jrit's a shame the Pyra never happened09:55
WizzupSoC: TI OMAP443009:55
Wizzupclose enough for me :)09:55
luke-jrWizzup: have you looked at the PinePhone?09:56
luke-jrno keyboard, but at least it's real Linux09:56
Wizzupyes, I have one here09:56
Wizzupone of the early devkits too :)09:57
WizzupIt's pretty cool, allwinner soc with lima driver and world wide modem, but power management is a disappointment when you're used to TI09:57
Wizzupwe have maemo (leste) running on it too09:57
KotCzarnywith calls?09:57
WizzupKotCzarny: kinda, it can work with some effort (probably one or two days), but the call UI is being worked on still09:58
KotCzarnynot bad09:58
Wizzup(it can work = CLI calls)09:58
luke-jrbut Maemo had a call UI already09:58
Wizzupyes, it's not open source though09:58
Wizzupit's ~100kB in binary, and 300kB in support library for the binary09:59
luke-jrI'm tempted to use the PinePhone as a thermostat, but I'm not prepared to figure out how to attach relays09:59
Wizzupfwiw if you want to do some further reading on leste -
KotCzarnyluke-jr, usb?09:59
dreamerluke-jr: i2c -> µC -> relay10:00
Wizzupdoesn't the pinephone export i2c on the back?10:00
luke-jrKotCzarny: definitely not USB :P10:00
WizzupIIRC I asked TL to add that, together with the charging pogo pins on the back, early last year10:00
luke-jrWizzup: yeah, but I guess I'd need a 3D printer to use it effectively?10:00
luke-jralso, it's not really ideal aside from being flat10:01
WizzupI'm hoping they will make the keyboard case I envisioned for the pinephone, that's why I suggested the i2c and power pins on the back :)10:01
luke-jrflat w/ a few physical buttons would be better10:01
luke-jrI'm leaning toward finding some PiZero alternative to throw in the existing thermostats and hijack their hardware10:02
Wizzupthat's probably easier10:02
Wizzupwith the pinephone not in deep sleep (with modem wakeup), I don't think you'll get more than 6-8 hours of battery life10:02
WizzupKotCzarny: there's an extra mini core on there that you can use to wake up the main soc, like on modem activity and such, which they use to get 1.5 day or so, but that will obviously rule out doing anything on linux10:03
KotCzarnyif you talk about arisc, yeah10:04
KotCzarnyits for power management10:04
Wizzupyeah, that one10:05
KotCzarnyand luke can program it for his thermostat too10:06
KotCzarnywhich obviously have the bonus of saved battery10:06
Wizzupnot sure why you'd not use a pizero in the first place then10:06
KotCzarnydisplay maybe?10:07
KotCzarnyand integration10:07
KotCzarnybattery, display, case10:07
KotCzarnyall in neat package10:07
KotCzarnyi wonder if one could access modem from arisc10:08
KotCzarnyfor receiving/sending sms for example10:08
luke-jrKotCzarny: I think I want tstat screen on 24/710:08
luke-jrstupid Nest was unable to do it10:08
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sixwheeledbeastpowerbank wiki page?21:15
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