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brolin_empeyluke-jr: It is simpler/easier if my mobile computers use the same architecture as my stationary and portable computers.  I cannot use ARM for my stationary and portable computers in practice but I can use x86 for my mobile computer in practice but I currently use ARM for my mobile computer because I insist on having an easily accessible and removable battery.  I may have chosen the Asus ZenFone 2 x86-64 + PCI Express Android smartphone from 2015 if its04:41
brolin_empeybattery was easily accessible and removable.04:41
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luke-jrbrolin_empey: completely possible to use ARM for everything06:10
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brolin_empeyluke-jr: Please note how I said “in practice”.  I need to use Windows NT on x86 instead of GNU+Linux (or Windows NT) on ARM on some of my stationary and portable computers, which is why I prefer to use x86 instead of ARM on my mobile computer.07:10
brolin_empeyIn other words, using ARM for everything is possible but not feasible for me.07:13
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gobianyone here ?19:07
gobii used to work on tizen at my last work. that was a shitshow. wasnt it somehow derived from maemo19:13
bencohit's hardly related nowadays19:14
bencohI mean, the systems aren't really close19:14
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bencohaww, I didn't really mean to make him go, though :(19:16
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sicelo /part #maemo bencoh made me go19:35
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sicelohaha, maybe he left for other reasons. it isn't like you said anything offensive19:45
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