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sunshaviMmm. which operator?01:33
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MaxdamantusVodafone NZ. There are basically two providers in NZ (there are actually more, but all of the others depend on exactly one of the two main ones to provide coverage where they don't).04:02
MaxdamantusVodafone supports N900, but they don't have coverage in a place where I normally go on holiday, so I use an N9 instead which is supported by Spark (who doesn't support N900).04:04
MaxdamantusSpark = Telecom NZ (old name). I actually use a different provider for the N9 (Skinny), but I think it's partly owned by Spark and I think they use all of the same infrastructure.04:05
MaxdamantusActually, it's wholely owned by Spark.04:06
MaxdamantusSo just a difference in marketing.04:06
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brolin_empeyRe: discussion months ago about low cost of Core 2 era (desktop) computers: apparently now I can buy a used Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU on eBay from Metro Vancouver, Canada for only 4 CAD each plus 2 CAD shipping.09:58
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enycbrolin_empey: saw cheap thinkpadsof that type10:55
enycbrolin_empey: IME the main limiting factor is  often coming with chipsets/system  that can't take more than 4gb ram (often only 3 to 3.8gb usable)10:55
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luke-jrCore 2 is unpatchable Spectre-vulnerable, right?11:10
enycluke-jr: hrrm good point/question!11:10
deepythe x230 thinkpad is my craptop of choice11:11
deepypractically free11:12
enycdeepy: i'm on an x201t =)11:12
deepyenyc: whoa, does that have the good ol keyboard?11:13
enycdeepy: yes =)11:13
enycdeepy: and use the think pen drawing sometmise11:13
deepythat looks absolutely fantastic11:13
enycdeepy: you can get modded bios/ec whatnot for x230 to fit the x220 keyboard...11:14
deepythat seems like a lot of work and the x230 keyboard is pretty good for a laptop keyboard11:15
enycdeepy: i tihkn the fiddly work already been done11:15
enycdeepy: but if you get on with x230 kb, fine ;p11:15
deepythe beauty of the x230 is that it's cheap and very easy to find11:16
deepySo if worst comes to worst I just shell out $200 and move the HDD/RAM 5 days later when it has shipped11:16
deepythere was no x201t on Swedish ebay :'(11:17
enycdeepy: x220t x230t  etc. exist11:20
deepyx220t and x230t had the not-as-great keyboard though11:20
enycdeepy: i thought x220t good kb too, x230 is the newer11:28
deepyoh, so it is11:28
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Wizzupcan someone add maemo leste to this page?
sicelowish granted. thanks swb12:29
sixwheeledbeastdone yer12:30
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MaxdamantusHmm .. seems that the reliability issues I was having with this N810 battery might have just been due to bad pin contact.15:14
MaxdamantusBent the pins inwards and it hasn't turned off randomly since.15:14
buZzenyc: i dont think you need to mod -any- software to use a x220 keyboard on x23015:28
buZzseems like that anyway .. havent tried15:29
sixwheeledbeastProbably not the best idea to bend pins. I found on the N900 the sprung pieces opposite the terminals in the battery tray can flatten a little causing random reboots after a small fall.15:31
MaxdamantusI just mean pins on the battery itself, not pins on the device.15:32
sixwheeledbeastAh N900 is flat pads15:32
MaxdamantusThe battery contacts on the device seem reasonably solid, not something you'd want to bend.15:32
MaxdamantusHmm .. is it?15:33
MaxdamantusI think N900 has the same style of contacts as N810.15:33
MaxdamantusWhere the contacts on the device are fairly solid pieces of copper that slot into the battery.15:34
MaxdamantusThe battery has bendy pins that wrap around those device contacts.15:34
* Maxdamantus doesn't know the terminology for all this stuff.15:34
sixwheeledbeastOk so apparently I am completely wrong and imagined that15:35
sixwheeledbeastI would think slotted is the correct term.15:38
sixwheeledbeastIt makes sense to have the replaceable part the bit that wears or has flex TBH.15:39
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enycbuZz: humm ... layout different and there si a n issue with voltage for backlight17:08
enycbuZz: "The keys on the seventh row are mostly not working"17:09
KotCzarnynice that the palmrest method is almost trivial17:14
KotCzarnybut i personally love the pg up/down near the arrows block17:15
KotCzarnyits much more convenient17:15
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brolin_empeyenyc: Some of the Intel graphics and memory controllers for Core 2, such as Q35 (DDR2 only) and Q45 (DDR2 and DDR3), officially support up to at least 8 GiB.  At least the Q35 unofficially supports 16 GiB but it requires low-density 4-GiB DDR2 DIMMs that cost around 50 CAD each.22:14
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enycbrolin_empey: hrrm x201t i suspect not22:35
enyceven tho thats i5/i7 etc22:36
enycbrolin_empey: well familiar with similar RAM issues with intel 440BX =)22:36
siceloG-41 chipset takes up to 8GB22:58
brolin_empeyenyc: Intel moved the RAM controller from the north bridge to the CPU beginning with Nehalem (original Core i7 released in 2008 November).  AMD made the same change in 2003 beginning with the Opteron and Athlon 64.22:59
brolin_empeyenyc: I still have an ATX tower computer with Asus P2B motherboard with Intel 440BX and 400-MHz Pentium II.  If I recall correctly, I tried to “max it out” with 3×256 MiB DIMMs but had some problem with 768 MiB so it has only 512 MiB of main memory.23:03
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enycbrolin_empey: =)  you seen the "ultimate P2B-DS" ?  1575mhz, ajusted agtl voltages,  bios, allsorts...?23:48
enycbrolin_empey: I have Gigabytp eequivalent, GA-686BX dual/scsi something or other23:56

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