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MaxdamantusMm.. N810 seems to produce a lot more noise on the headphone port than N900.00:10
sixwheeledbeastI assume it's not got the same functionality00:15
MaxdamantusHm, what do you mean?00:18
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sixwheeledbeastav-out? mic? 4pin?00:25
MaxdamantusWhen I say "noise" I mean electrical noise. N900 produces a lot less background buzzing than N810.00:27
sixwheeledbeaston charge at the time?00:55
MaxdamantusNo, off charge.01:01
MaxdamantusI think on charge the N900 will include noise from the charging source, probably the same with N810.01:02
MaxdamantusAnyway, just a random observation. Different devices produce different amounts of electrical noise on the headphone port.01:02
MaxdamantusMy earphones are fairly low-power, so it's noticable.01:02
sixwheeledbeastI have never used anything other than a N900 so wouldn't know. You can get a ground loop when on charge.01:05
MaxdamantusActually, I can't hear any extra noise on the N900 when using various charging sources, though it is currently day time so there's a bunch of ambient noise which makes it difficult to tell.01:13
MaxdamantusI think N900 is probably my second-best device in terms of low electrical noise (it's almost not noticable). The best one being a Sansa Clip Zip, where I can't hear anything.01:14
MaxdamantusAnd worst is probably my laptop.01:14
Maxdamantus(Thinkpad x240)01:15
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mariotomohi all. trying to install mutt on N900:03:38
mariotomofilippo:~# apt-get install mutt03:39
mariotomoThe following packages have unmet dependencies:03:39
mariotomo  mutt: Depends: slang1a-utf8 (> 1.4.9dbs-4) but it is not installable03:39
mariotomois it available somewhere?  or should I use some more up-to-date repositories?03:40
mariotomofilippo:~# cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list03:41
mariotomodeb fremantle free non-free03:41
mariotomodeb fremantle-1.3 free non-free03:41
mariotomodeb fremantle-1.3 free non-free03:41
mariotomodeb  ./03:41
mariotomodeb  ./03:41
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MaxdamantusHmm .. N810/Diablo has native support for connecting to the internet over DUN .. wonder why that doesn't seem to be included in Fremantle.04:21
MaxdamantusI've done it on my N900 using wvdial/ppp in a debian root.04:21
Maxdamantus(over Bluetooth using DUN, that is)04:22
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sunshaviMaxdamantus: good question. I have been asking the same a few days ago04:45
sunshaviI think it should be possible normally (not on chroot ) with wvdial.04:46
MaxdamantusMy usual way of doing things manually is to just do it in the debian chroot.04:47
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ShadowJKMaxdamantus, I think DUN was included because N810 didn't have any cellular connectivity, and at the time, "wifi tethering" didn't really exist, but bluetooth dun was supported by many many many cellphones21:55
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ShadowJKSo that was how you got connectivity to N8x0 when on the move.21:56
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ShadowJKThen came N900 with its own 3G modem so they probably thought bluetooth dun wasn't needed anymore.21:56
sunshaviShadowJK: until modem dies on n90023:00
Maxdamantusor until you go into a remote area where the only reachable cell tower uses frequencies not supported by N900.23:03
sunshaviMaxdamantus: That. Has not happened to me yet. But. It is a possibility indeed23:09
MaxdamantusHappens to me every time I go on holiday.23:10
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