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buZzenyc: ah >00:07
buZzUnless you also reflash the Embedded Controller firmware, some keys won't be detected at all and others will have different functions.00:07
buZzdidnt know there was such a option ;)00:07
Wizzupsixwheeledbeast: thanks00:08
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brolin_empeyenyc: No, I was not aware of it.  Is P2B-DS another Asus model of motherboard?  I only have the plain Asus P2B, without any suffix.02:54
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buZzbrolin_empey: dual scsi04:49
brolin_empeyenyc: On your Gigabyte 440BX motherboard, assuming it has at least one ISA slot, is the connector for the ISA slot all one piece of plastic (for both the 8-bit part and the 16-bit extension) like on the Asus P2B?  I cannot install some 8-bit ISA cards, such as a CGA, because these cards only physically fit in an 8-bit ISA slot, not a 16-bit ISA slot, due to the shape of the card and I cannot just remove the 16-bit part of the connector from the motherboard04:50
brolin_empeybecause both of the ISA slots on the Asus P2B use a connector that is all one piece of plastic for both the 8-bit and 16-bit parts.04:50
buZzso, dual slot1 , and onboard scsi controller04:50
brolin_empeybuZz: OK.04:51
buZzif you want to put a 8bit isa card in a 16bit slot and it doesnt fit, maybe just get a 8bit isa riser?04:55
buZzperhaps you could just desolder the last pins aswell :D04:55
brolin_empeysicelo: Apparently the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R Socket T/LGA775 (Core 2 era) desktop motherboard with Intel P45 north bridge officially supports up to 16 GiB of main memory but I have not tried using it with more than 8 GiB.05:11
brolin_empeysicelo: The user manual for this model of motherboard explicitly says it supports up to 16 GiB.06:12
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brolin_empeybuZz: Do motherboards with multiple slots or sockets for CPUs work with only one CPU slot or socket used?  I think almost all of the multi-processor x86 computers I have have only one socket or one physical package for the CPU and use a multi-core CPU so I have little to no experience with motherboards with multiple slots or sockets for CPUs.  The exception that comes to mind is the Dell PowerEdge 2950 x86-64 server computer at my office but we have never06:18
brolin_empeytried to remove nor replace the socketed CPUs in that computer since we received the computer in 2013 or 2014 so that does not really count.06:18
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brolin_empeyMaybe an Athlon MP CPU will work on a motherboard with only one CPU socket but that is not really the same as using only one CPU socket on a motherboard with multiple CPU sockets.06:21
brolin_empeyLower than 80486 class computers with an x87 processor in a separate socket than the x86 CPU do not count either. :-P06:26
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brolin_empey80486SX CPU with x87 coprocessor in a separate socket does not count either because the x87 processor is not a CPU.06:33
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enycbrolin_empey: iirc thers' 2 or 3 isa slots   ...  ga-6bxds or  ga-6bxdu  I have07:48
enycbrolin_empey: I'd hae to take on apart  to check but fairly sure single plastic....07:49
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brolin_empeyenyc: OK, thank you.  Is it an AT or ATX motherboard?  I have a Gigabyte Socket 370 (Pentium III) AT motherboard in a full-height AT tower case but the fan in the AT power supply installed in this case is too loud.  This motherboard can use an ATX power supply but the ATX power supply I use is not fastened to the case because the AT case is not designed to contain an ATX power supply.  The motherboard has a Via chipset and works with 3×256-MiB DIMMs for 76808:00
brolin_empey MiB total main memory.08:00
enycbrolin_empey: ATX08:01
enycbrolin_empey: somewhere I have a really odd  AT-slot-1  (might be via / something non-intel)  but they are rare.08:02
enycbrolin_empey: hrrm classic AT power supply?  -- I'm used to NLX-sytle AT-supplies that are the same as ATX08:03
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brolin_empeyI mostly stopped playing with “old” computers, though, because the priority is too low for my life.  Most of the x86 computers that I still use are x86-64, mostly Intel Core 2 era.08:06
brolin_empeyI guess it is called a classic AT power supply because it is larger than an ATX power supply.  At my office I still have the AT 80286 clone computer my father used in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  The AT power supply in that computer is so old that it does not have a small 4-pin peripheral power connector so I had to use an adapter to connect a 3.5-inch High-density flexible disc drive.  I thought the horizontal/desktop case is neat because it has the08:15
brolin_empeyopenings on the rear for the ISA cards numbered like an Apple II case.08:15
brolin_empeyI no longer have a real 80386 class computer, only real 80286 and 80486 computers because the Am386DX40 horizontal AT desktop computer my family had got broken while my company was moving.08:19
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