IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2020-01-14

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drathirdid You guys hear about about "new" very secure for damage li-ion batteries ? them even fire resistant ones... water blend stab and looks like flexible plastic, and them if good remember more non toxic ones in compare to old ones...05:29
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ceenehi guys10:29
ceenehow you doing?10:29
KotCzarnyautumn sickness10:29
ceenethat's strange because it's winter already10:29
siceloby the way, some might be interested in
ceenei was thinking of installing that in one of my n900, with the idea of having an uptodate kernel in which to install "modern" ham radio software10:32
ceenei say "modern" because ham radio software for linux is everything but modern10:33
siceloyou have nothing to lose :)10:33
ceenexastir has the most outdated interface I've ever seen10:33
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ceenealso, I think the sdcard in which I have easydebian installed is failing10:35
ceenewhen I try to do somethings with it, the phone suddenly reboots (kernel panic?)10:35
ceeneIIRC I also have there two swap partitions10:35
ceenedoes audio input & output work on leste, via headset?10:36
siceloi believe so, yes. but you'll have to do it via alsamixer, etc.10:37
ceenei'll give it a try then10:38
ceeneby the way, maybe you guys know how to solve an issue I'm having with a Zynq based board10:38
ceeneLinux fails detecting an SPI memory flash that is correctly detected by u-boot. u-boot says: SF: Detected n25q128a13 with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 4 KiB, total 16 MiB; while Linux reports: m25p80 spi0.0: unrecognized JEDEC id bytes: 00 00 00 00 00 0010:39
ceeneDoes u-boot do something extremely clever that Linux does not?10:39
ceenethe only gue that has answered me about this on #linux is someone who doesn't know what u-boot is10:41
ceeneso I think i'm on my own :D10:41
KotCzarnyceene: spi driver has a hardcoded data about known flash10:42
KotCzarnyso just find/add10:42
KotCzarnybut id being all 0 might mean something else is wrong10:43
ceeneyep, the problem is that this thing seems to be reading all 00 bytes, so it doesn't find it in the database10:43
ceenethis chip memory is already in the driver, it should work10:43
ceenei have similar boards with the same chip that are getting recognized just fine10:43
KotCzarnywrong spi config then in linux?10:43
ceenei don't know, the device tree is the same in both linux and u-boot10:44
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badcloud_Any reason the "Alarm tone" button is greyed?16:37
badcloud_Also, I was wondering if there is a lock screen that shows sms/email/im content16:39
sicelointeresting. that's the first thing i disable on Android :p16:53
badcloud_sicelo haha16:53
KotCzarnyalarms? but they are useful :)16:53
sicelothe lock screen notifications16:54
KotCzarnyi know, just kidding16:54
sicelootoh, N900 is still my main device .. so even alarms, music, etc. - all happens on N90016:56
KotCzarnyif i could only run some of the android apps on it easily..16:56
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sicelowhich ones do you use/need most KotCzarny?17:19
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KotCzarnycity bicycles, bank, steam guard17:26
KotCzarnynetflix is nice too17:35
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badcloud_What's the difference between modrana and modrana-qml? Aside from the name :)19:38
KotCzarnylibraries compiled against?19:41
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siceloiirc it's the UI in use. without QML, it uses GTK19:46
badcloud_Makes sense19:53
badcloud_I'm still in the dark about not being able to change the alarm tone19:58
badcloud_I successfully installed thumb19:59
siceloalarm tone?20:00
badcloud_The button is greyed out20:00
badcloud_In maemo,  not modrana20:01
siceloi think you're trying to set the tone while setting an alarm? i guess someone wanted to implement different alarm ringtones :)20:02
siceloJust do it in Clock > Alarm Settings20:02
sicelos/different /per-/20:03
badcloud_Thanks, that's what I missed :P20:03
badcloud_Is there mp-fremantle-community-pr for thumb?20:08
KotCzarnyhow did you install thumb?20:08
badcloud_I tried according to the wiki20:09
badcloud_With the .install file20:09
badcloud_But in the end I had to apt-get upgrade20:09
sicelowhat is your output for `apt-cache policy mp-fremantle-community-pr`20:10
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sicelohaha, it says none installed20:15
siceloi'd say re-do the steps. you obviously should have backups of important stuff in case things go south20:16
KotCzarnyi bet on some dependency failed20:17
KotCzarnyor you didnt wait for package manager to process installation properly20:18
badcloud_It gave me an error regarding the thumb enabler20:18
badcloud_So, start from scratch?20:19
siceloso do it again then, and let us know what error it gives you20:19
KotCzarnytry without at first20:19
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badcloud_package 'community-ssu-enabler' not found20:22
badcloud_That's also what I got before20:22
KotCzarnymight be related20:23
KotCzarnywhat are your repos?20:24
badcloud_Apt-get found it, I'm trying that route20:25
siceloat least :)20:25
siceloyou don't have the Thumb repos there20:28
sicelohow are you installing Thumb?20:28
sicelohere's the .install file for Thumb20:29
badcloud_What about: deb fremantle free non-free?20:33
badcloud_sicelo where's the .install file?20:35
siceloah, i didn't see your 2nd paste20:35
siceloyou have this in two separate files?20:35
sicelohow did that happen?20:36
* sicelo checks on his N90020:36
badcloud_Hmm, the hildon list file was written by the .install file20:37
badcloud_the source list updated by me20:37
siceloyou generally shouldn't do that.20:37
badcloud_I see20:38
badcloud_What do yours look like?20:38
KotCzarnywhich basically means, backup your repos, then use only basic ones + the one from installer20:38
infobotrumour has it, maemo-repos is
siceloyou can remove everything from the sources.list file, and just open the file i linked above ... it will update the repos accordingly20:38
badcloud_sicelo can't see the link20:39
badcloud_That's the one I used20:40
badcloud_so just scrap the sources.list?20:41
sicelo(1) empty everything in sources.list, (2) open this file on N900 using the browser - it will then 'take' over, open Application Manager, etc.20:43
siceloyou don't have to manually add the repositories anywhere20:43
KotCzarnydoesnt app manager have own repo list/20:43
badcloud_What about the hildon-application-manager.list file?20:44
KotCzarnythats what im talking about20:44
siceloleave the hildon-application-manager.list file alone. use the .install file above20:45
sicelo  <<-20:45
badcloud_That's the wiki I used20:45
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badcloud_Gave me the same error, package 'community-ssu-enablr' not found20:48
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sicelocheck if hildon-application-manager.list has deb fremantle free non-free perhaps now20:51
sicelobtw, did it open the Application Manager when you clicked the .install file?20:53
badcloud_deb fremantle free non-free20:53
badcloud_Whoops, mistake20:53
badcloud_Hold on20:53
badcloud_Looks like I have double community-testing20:55
siceloat least the thumb repo is there now20:55
badcloud_And, yes. HAM opened when opening the .install file20:56
sicelohope you didn't close HAM afterwards :)20:57
badcloud_Of course not...20:57
siceloany errors yet?20:57
badcloud_package 'community-ssu-enabler' not found20:58
badcloud_I already installed that package via apt, seems like I'm running testing now20:58
siceloyou can try installing it in apt20:58
KotCzarnyi think ham does some additional mumbo-jumbo20:59
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badcloud_81 packages being updated via apt now21:00
badcloud_Worst case I'll just reflash and try again...21:03
siceloit should be fine. i've installed CSSU using apt with no ill-effect21:07
badcloud_How do you install u-boot alongside cssu?21:10
sicelolike any other package21:12
badcloud_For some reason I remember them clashing21:12
sicelothe only thing you need to be careful about is - since you'll be using -thumb, immediately after installing uboot, be sure to set Kernel Power to be the default kernel.21:14
sicelodo this before rebooting the device21:14
siceloreason - -thumb can't boot on the vanilla N900 kernel, which uboot defaults to21:16
sicelo has all the info you need21:17
badcloud_Now to test things out...21:19
badcloud_u-boot-flasher: Depends: kernel-modules21:24
badcloud_apt-get install kernel-modules:  kernel-cssu-modules instead of kernel-modules21:26
sicelothat's ok.21:28
badcloud_Doesn't seem like uboot installed21:31
siceloif it installed, you should have seen it flashing a kernel - same as when you flash on pc21:32
badcloud_That's it, I didn't see that21:32
siceloiirc it should even popup a dialog warning you about kernel install21:32
badcloud_I remember that too, it didn't do that21:32
siceloyou can just reinstall - u-boot-tools, uboot-flasher, kernel-cssu-bootimg21:34
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badcloud_ Broken package: u-boot-flasher: Depends: kernel-modules21:39
siceloseems you're missing a repo21:43
badcloud_probably extras-devel21:46
sicelonot devel21:48
siceloyou're missing the standard repos21:48
infobotfrom memory, maemo-repos is
siceloi use muarf mirrors21:49
badcloud_Ok, I'll add them to the hildon list21:53
badcloud_Added the two repos to sources.list22:03
badcloud_Still got same error from at-get22:04
KotCzarnyafair, every time you run ham it will nuke your sources.list22:04
badcloud_I see22:04
siceloyou should add repos in HAM, not sources.list, and not even hildon-whatwhat.list22:04
sicelothere's a .install file for muarf -
badcloud_Oh thank god, I was afraid I'd have to type it all in22:08
badcloud_Still getting same error22:12
badcloud_Holy crap...22:13
siceloshow u your hildon.list22:13
badcloud_I remember that one repo needs to be disabled when running thumb, right?22:15
sicelosame error? menaing "Broken package: u-boot-flasher: Depends: kernel-modules" ?22:16
sicelosounds like an unfinished catalog refresh. the package is definitely available22:17
KotCzarnydidnt you tell him to install power-kernel?22:18
siceloKotCzarny: power-kernel installs automatically for thumb. it's a requirement22:19
KotCzarnymaybe modules wont suck kernel as a dep22:19
siceloyou're installing using apt or HAM?22:20
badcloud_tried via apt, I can't see the packages in HAM22:21
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siceloapt-get update && apt-get install u-boot-tools uboot-flasher kernel-cssu-bootimg22:22
badcloud_That's what I did, no go22:22
sicelosounds impossible (to me)22:23
badcloud_I''l try again22:24
* sicelo installs u-boot on thumb N90022:24
badcloud_How do I tell if I'm running thunb?22:25
siceloControl Panel > General > About Community CSSU22:26
badcloud_Says testing22:26
siceloyes, under version, should end with `+thumb0`22:26
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sicelothen you're not on thumb yet22:27
siceloanyway, u-boot issue is unrelated to thumb22:27
sicelomaybe just reflash and start from scratch if that's easier :)22:29
siceloat least not you know what repos you need, etc.22:29
infobotsicelo meant: at least now you know what repos you need, etc.22:29
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badcloud_I'm gonna make one last desperate try and remove community-ssu-enabler and then reinstall22:34
badcloud_sicelo thanks so much for the help :)22:36
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* badcloud_ is reflashing this BEYOTSCH23:24
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badcloud_sicelo If you're still there, I just reflashed, loaded both .install files (muarf first), still got error23:49
badcloud_package community-ssu-enabler not found23:50
KotCzarnydoes the error exist on normal cssu too?23:50
badcloud_Not sure, I'd like to install thumb23:51
KotCzarnystart with normal cssu, just to be sure its not something on your side23:51
badcloud_You mean stable or testing?23:51
badcloud_ ?23:52
badcloud_Do I need to remove thumb repo first?23:53
sicelobut, have you not already tried to install thumb? might be best to reflash again ..23:53
badcloud_No, I just reflashed23:54
badcloud_All the install file did was change hildon.list and look for community-ssu-enabler23:54
sicelomaybe go in to HAM and disable the Thumb repo then, and use that install file you linked23:55
badcloud_the testing install file works23:57
badcloud_is it possible to go to thumb after installing testing?23:58
badcloud_giddyup then :)23:58

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