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MaxdamantusHm. I wonder if this Nokia 208 (S40) is able to work as an AP using Bluetooth.03:37
MaxdamantusTurns out the iPhone doesn't work.03:38
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MaxdamantusManaged to get the 208 to work as a modem using wvdial/pppd at least, so could just do some funny setup with a Raspberry Pi/WiFi dongle/battery pack.03:41
Maxdamantus(that is, as a USB GPRS modem)03:43
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MaxdamantusAhah, can do the same thing over Bluetooth, using "DUN" (Dial Up Networking)04:22
Maxdamantusgot N900 using the internet through the Nokia 208 over Bluetooth.04:23
MaxdamantusSo .. how do people normally convince ICD that it's already connected? (since I've created the connection myself using wvdial)04:50
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MaxdamantusCan see various references to "libicd-network-dummy", which I installed .. it looks like that allows me to use a cryptic gconf command that causes a dummy network to appear in "Connections" under "Settings", but if I try to edit it there, it disappears from the list, and it never appears in the "Select connection" dialogue.04:57
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MaxdamantusFunny, if you try to dial *88# instead of *99#, the 208's UI goes all glitchy.05:52
Maxdamantusactually, I guess it just causes something to restart.05:54
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brolin_empeyMy first “mobile telephone” was a Nokia 6103b running Series 40, in 2008.06:58
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siceloMaxdamantus: i've never needed to edit the dummy network. you just start the pppd connection in terminal, and when it's establised, you connect to the dummy network. should work transparently08:02
Maxdamantussicelo: right, but how do you connect the dummy network? Is it meant to appear in the GUI, or are you meant to call something over dbus or something?08:27
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siceloit should be in gui10:07
MaxdamantusSo that means it should be visible at all time as a possible connection?10:20
* Maxdamantus wonders if he needs to restart something other than icd10:20
MaxdamantusWhen I run a dbus command that I suspect should connect to the dummy network, I get the "Internet connection failed. Try again?" dialogue.10:23
MaxdamantusI'm actually not too sure where I'm meant to install it from. It doesn't seem to be under any of the apt repositories I'm using, so I just took it from "nokia-binaries"10:33
MaxdamantusAre you using some version of it other than "0.13+0m5"?10:34
brolin_empeyThis situation reminds me of trying to use a USB↔Ethernet adapter instead of the integrated Wireless LAN controller on an Android smartphone, where some software seems to incorrectly assume that the computer is not internetworked because it is not connected to a Wireless LAN, even though the market introduction of Ethernet predates the shipping of the original IBM Personal Computer.11:00
brolin_empeyI thought of a hypothetical question but it has probably happened in practice so I guess it is not only hypothetical: If 1979 is the last model year of the Volkswagen Type 1 that is street-legal in Canada and the USA but the 1980 to 2003 (final model year, produced in Mexico and even offered with an audio CD player as standard equipment) inclusive Type 1 is street-legal in Mexico, is it legal to drive a 1980 or later Type 1 that is licensed and insured in11:02
brolin_empeyMexico across the border to the USA or even Canada, where only the 1979 and earlier Type 1 is street-legal?  I am assuming that even the final 2003 Type 1 is street-legal in Mexico because the Type 1 was still produced in Mexico until the final 2003 model year.11:02
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siceloMaxdamantus: sorry for taking long11:34
siceloi installed libicd-network-null ... wiki says this is is better than -dummy11:35
siceloand yes, the connectuon should always be visible in the selection dialog11:36
siceloas for restarting icd, perhaps a reboot might be easier? :-)11:39
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Maxdamantussicelo: ah, cool, that one does indeed seem to work.12:11
sicelothat's great :)12:33
sicelopidgin is the only application that seems to have issues even when dummy network is on.12:34
sicelos/that/i used which/12:36
infobotsicelo meant: pidgin is the only application i used which seems to have issues even when dummy network is on.12:36
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drathirMaxdamantus: just idea check if default route is auto set...17:21
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