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MaxdamantusHm.. So I guess putting the micro frame in an N9 from a SIM card with the nano part removed isn't a good idea.07:09
MaxdamantusSeems to get trapped on the pins that are presumably meant to push on the card.07:09
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MaxdamantusYeah, so I guess leaving the nano→micro adapter in the tray is something you're not meant to do in phones with sliding SIM slots.10:50
* Maxdamantus wonders if he can now unbend the pin without having to take the shield off.10:50
inz<sing style="voice: 'braxton';">Unbend my pin, let me online again</sing>10:52
KotCzarnysomething flat, yet rigid?10:59
KotCzarnyremove part of the adapter plastic and insert the nano part?11:00
KotCzarnyalthough hmm11:00
KotCzarnyn9 has a tray11:00
MaxdamantusYeah, I eventually got it out once I figured out what was going on. Took the screen off, slid a thin piece of plastic between the adapter and pins, and pushed it out from the bottom.11:04
Maxdamantusbut pin bent already.11:04
KotCzarnynot good11:05
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MaxdamantusHm. Was trying to take part of the shield off, but looks like the pin has completely detached. RIP.11:33
MaxdamantusGuess I'll just have to use this iPhone SE as a WiFi hotspot when I go away.11:34
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siceloso i used qemu for the first time a day or two ago (i think i once tried it for something but had issues). i'm very impressed. i was running an alpine linux vm, since i had issues with running it in VBox. well actually the problem is my laptop, no VBox. Anyway, qemu ran so well15:43
siceloquestion then - i wonder if any one uses qemu for production vms :)15:44
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drathirsicelo: would say take a look on proxmox ^^17:48
dreamerI would not recommend running proxbox on your laptop (or workstation for that matter)17:48
drathirsicelo: personally only recomend vbox at m$ and when You have no other choice for some reasons...17:49
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drathirdreamer: old laptops are great for servers ups includded... ^^ but that was ad.  "< sicelo> question then - i wonder if any one uses qemu for production vms :) " there is also virt-manager as well...18:21
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