IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2019-12-22

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WikiwideDoes anybody want to attempt building / packaging minetest for Maemo?
sixwheeledbeast^I imagine the gameplay would be terrible on n90013:15
Wizzupwonder if it works with powervr13:16
sixwheeledbeast^even minecraft isn't good on mobile devices and they have a whole redmond dev team working on it.13:16
WikiwideHmm. I guess it could be simplified? Fachoda isn't too terrible on N90013:18
WizzupI think the n900 is just not powerful enough.13:19
WikiwideConsider Motorola Droid, Pinephone and Fxtec Pro, as some of possible Leste devices?13:21
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Wizzupyes, I can see that happening. but I don't think it'd be a lot of work, and until leste is a bit further along, I don't think I want to focus on it, as there would not be a good device to use it on13:23
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