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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: Do you mean if I have GnuCash installed on multiple computers but have GnuCash configured to access its user file(s) in a single location accessed over the network?12:59
sixwheeledbeastthe database has a basic lock file mechanism only allowing one user to be in read/write.13:01
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brolin_empeyWhat happens if I have GnuCash running on both my home computer and office computer at the same time and need to use GnuCash on the other computer?  For example, if the GnuCash instance on my home computer has read/write access to the database but I am at my office, can I have the GnuCash instance on my office computer take read/write access from the GnuCash instance on my home computer without having access to my home computer?13:04
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brolin_empeyKMyMoney looks interesting too but I do not know how well it would work for my use case where I need to use it on more than one computer.13:11
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sixwheeledbeastYou just don't leave Gnucash open13:19
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brolin_empeyIf I have to remember to exit GnuCash before I leave my home or office then it will not work well for my use case because I cannot remotely control my home computer at all because the Windows installation is partially broken and I do not know how to fix it and theoretically I can remotely control my office computer but in practice the RDP client on my home computer usually crashes soon after connecting to my office computer and I do not even know why it13:22
brolin_empeyfails, never mind how to fix it.13:22
sixwheeledbeastWell I would say you shouldn't leave your accounts open for security reasons anyway13:23
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brolin_empeyIt does not matter if I leave things open on my desktop computer because I reside alone so no one else is in my home while I am not at home unless the landlord needs access for an emergency or some service planned in advance and no one can access my office computer without knowing the password for my OS account, which I do not disclose to anyone.13:28
sixwheeledbeastIf you don't think you can click Save and then Close the book when you have finished your "session" then I can't really suggest anything else.  If you are leaving sessions open and unsaved then you are chancing data lost.13:33
sixwheeledbeastYou could forcibly delete the lock file then you would get write access but I wouldn't recommend it.13:34
brolin_empeyIf someone really wanted to then they could power off my office computer while I am not at the office and either boot a different OS installation from removable media on my office computer or remove the SATA SSD from my office computer and connect the drive from my computer to a different computer if they wanted to access the file system of my computer but no one has ever done that since I began working for the company in early 2006 so I do not worry about13:34
sixwheeledbeastMy gnucash files are on LUKS flash drives.13:39
sixwheeledbeast3 of them Live, Weekly and Monthly13:40
brolin_empeyIt sounds like I should continue using Google Sheets because it works well for my use case except it is not a specialised application like GnuCash.13:41
sixwheeledbeastspreadsheets are a catch all like a spade. You can do lots of tasks with it but its not always the right tool in the shed13:43
brolin_empeyTrue but something like Google Sheets is much better than the Bad Old Days of single-user spreadsheet programs accessing a local spreadsheet file where only one user on one computer can safely edit the document at once.13:58
sixwheeledbeastEven so accounts are better done with double entry system14:01
brolin_empeyIdeally, yes, but, in practice, it sounds like something like GnuCash does not work well for my use case unless I use only GnuCash for Android on my single handheld computer that I always have with me but I dislike being limited to using only one of my multiple computers for something, like I already am with using aCar for Android to track my car ownership records.  This is part of the reason I hate SMS/MMS and prefer mediums that use the Internet instead of14:08
brolin_empey the cellular network.14:08
brolin_empeyBacktracking but part of the reason I never used Maemo until the N900 was released was because I wanted to carry only one computer with me, which meant the N810 and earlier did not suffice because I could not use them as a cellular telephone nor for SMS/MMS.  I tried using an OpenMoko GTA02 but had too many problems with it so I finally bought an N900 in 2010 but, in hindsight, I should have used an Android smartphone.  I was being idealistic, though, and14:17
brolin_empeychose Maemo because it is a normal GNU+Linux+X distribution, unlike Android.14:17
brolin_empeyIs there something like GnuCash that is usable in text mode?  Then I could just run it in a screen session accessed via SSH, which seems to be more reliable than RDP.14:29
macros_You can use x11vncserver forwarded over ssh to access your desktop from anywhere.14:31
brolin_empeyI mean something for GNU+Linux or Windows, not for DOS. :-P14:31
brolin_empeymacros_: I usually do not use X on my primary computers because I use Windows NT and Android, which both have their own display server instead of using X.14:34
macros_Well you can also use any other VNC Server. Just configure it to run only on localhost. Connect like this "ssh user@server -L 5900:localhost:5900" and open any VNC client on the mobile PC, pointing it to localhost.14:38
sixwheeledbeastvnc over ssh wouldn't use X14:38
bencoh(note you could also use ledger with its native format and drop gnucash altogether)14:56
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brolin_empeymacros_: I have not tried using VNC to remotely control Windows for years but the user experience was bad compared to using the RDP server included with Windows in my experience.  How does a VNC server on Windows handle multi-head configurations?  Both my home computer and office computer have three video monitors, not only one.15:59
brolin_empeybencoh: Ledger is interesting but apparently it is written in a compiled language, specifically C++, so I was reading about beancount, which is apparently Ledger rewritten in Python.16:01
macros_brolin_empey: I also have not much experience with VNC on Windows, but as the technology is quite old I am very sure there is some programm among the competing ones which handles it will. ThingtVNC or UltraVNC i guess. How multiple monitors are handled depends on the client. Most viewers allow to pan over the whole 3 screens. you can also open three connections pan them to a monitor each and Alt+Tab between them.16:12
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