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brolin_empeyIs there something like GnuCash that, like Google Sheets, I can easily use on multiple computers (home computer running Windows NT, office computer running Windows NT, handheld computer running Android) and always have the user information consistent/synchronised between all of the computers?  I realise that GnuCash for Android exists but GnuCash for Android is a different program than the normal GnuCash and is not even written in the same programming03:08
brolin_empeylanguage.  Using a spreadsheet to keep track of my cashflow makes me wish that I was using a specialised financial program but I do not have the simple use case that I have only one desktop computer because I do not use a portable computer as my primary computer because notebook computers suck for my use case and, regardless, I do not want to carry multiple computers with me, which means I carry only a handheld computer running Android with me even if that03:08
brolin_empeyhandheld computer can use x86 instead of ARM.03:08
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brolin_empeyAlso, if I had money to spare, I could have a fanless x86-64 stationary computer with the same model of fanless video card as I currently use in my fanful Core 2 tower computer.  Most models of notebook computers with a discrete GPU seem to have at least one fan.  I like having a silent desktop computer, which means I like fanless x86 computers.03:22
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brolin_empeyIs there already a product that has four video inputs, each for up to 1920×1080, and combines all of the inputs into a single 3840×2160 output with each input in one quadrant of the output screen and that runs at at least 30 frames per second, preferably at at least 60 frames per second?04:54
brolin_empeyAnd preferably without needing a fan.04:55
Oksanabrolin_empey: ?04:58
OksanaVGA splitter is not right, though:
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luke-jrsicelo: let's make one more05:52
luke-jrbrolin_empey: my POWER9 PC has fans, but is pretty silent05:53
brolin_empeyluke-jr: Windows NT has not supported Power ISA since the NT 4 era if I recall correctly.  I have to use Windows NT on x86.06:05
luke-jrWindows NT has not supported period06:08
luke-jrWindows NT is deader than dead06:08
brolin_empeyOksana: Thank you.  The first link is apparently for a product that combines multiple video inputs into one video output with a maximum of 2560×1600 (which is the maximum for dual-link DVI).  This product from the same company looks like it does what I described: You are correct that the VGA splitter product is not what I described.06:09
brolin_empeyluke-jr: No, only the original Windows series died in 2000 with the release of Windows Me, which is the marketing name for Windows 4.9 .  Windows NT is now up to version 10, marketed as Windows 10 for the client edition and Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 for the server editions.  The fact that Microsoft no longer uses Windows NT as a marketing name is not relevant.  Windows NT 4 did ship for PowerPC, specifically for the PowerPC Reference06:18
brolin_empeyPlatform but not the Apple Power Macintosh platform, as discussed in this channel many months ago, maybe already at least one year ago by now.  Windows CE still exists too.  Microsoft Windows has three families: the original Windows, Windows NT, and Windows CE.  The original Windows series is the only family that was only publicly released for x86 although reportedly Atari led by Jack Tramiel approached Microsoft about the possibility of porting the original06:18
brolin_empey Windows to m68k for use on the Atari ST while Atari was developing the Atari ST.06:18
brolin_empeyThat must have been Windows 1.x because the Atari ST originally shipped in 1985 if I recall correctly.  Windows 1.01 was originally released in 1985 November, when Microsoft still had its headquarters in Bellevue instead of Redmond.06:25
luke-jr>implying any of this is relevant06:39
brolin_empeyWhat is relevant in the end if life has no meaning?06:50
DocScrutinizer05which pretty precisely describes what it is06:52
DocScrutinizer05or should I say "was"06:54
luke-jrbrolin_empey: life does have meaning, so your question is irrelevant06:55
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DocScrutinizer05microsoft hired lots of VMS devels at that time06:59
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siceloluke-jr: make one more ... whatt? s10:03
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sixwheeledbeastYou can use it on multiple computers you just can't edit it with both at the same time.10:53
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luke-jrsicelo: Linux distro14:58
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sicelothere are too many already :)15:23
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