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MaxdamantusMy hand has 5 fingers, but 32 states:
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inzMaxdamantus, with two hands you can count up all the way up to 102307:05
inzJust don't show the number 132 to anyone07:07
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Maxdamantusinz: indeed.07:37
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: grammar, not grammer.08:00
OksanaSpeaking of computer efficiency, ternary computers are more efficient than standard binary computers.08:33
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KotCzarnywhat about reliability? it's bad enough having bitflips in binary systems08:50
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inzOksana, TRUE, FALSE, FILE_NOT_FOUND?10:23
KotCzarnyno, maybe, yes.10:26
sixwheeledbeastno, random, yes10:27
inzWith large enough datasets (and uniform random) that should work pretty nicely :)10:30
KotCzarnyor if you stand far enough 0 is indistinguishable from 110:33
inzand 0 + 0 is 1 for large enough values of 010:37
KotCzarnyor for small enough values of 110:37
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Piark_!seen kitu22:05
sixwheeledbeast~seen kitu22:10
infobotsixwheeledbeast: i haven't seen 'kitu'22:10
sixwheeledbeastneither have I22:10
infobotsixwheeledbeast: aw, gee22:10
Piark_thanks :D22:13
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