IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2019-10-26

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WikiwideThe Nokia N900 with malfunctioning display... I have incidentally happened to have a spare main flex cable in my drawer, and therefore was able to do a repair.07:51
WikiwideHX-LF, manufacturer of this flex cable, apparently - it's likely not an original Nokia cable. White main connector, and such. Still, seems to work great.07:51
WikiwideNow, question is: to install rootsh, update and upgrade, and specify repositories properly as well.07:52
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KotCzarnyso i was right, hw failure, not software08:54
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sixwheeledbeastI said it would be main flex, sounded very similar to when my main flex went weird14:07
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dos1one of my flexes recently got guillotined in my pocket by a business card [*]22:44
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xmnhow is that even possible? The biz card worked it's way between the top and bottom?23:08
siceloyes, it's very possible. there was even an N900 pouch/case which took advantage of the space between the two halves23:16
xmnIf that's the way. so sucky!23:17
dos1yup, it was in between when I took the phone out of the pocket23:17
xmndam :(23:18
xmnHope you already got a replacement23:18
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dos1I had enough spares thankfully :) and received a few more main flexes recently, ordered right after that happened23:19
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xmnwell great to hear. The community need folks like yourself to have access to working useable n900 :)23:30
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