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WikiwideDoes anybody have an idea on whether CNC milling could make an aluminium mould for a Nokia N900 stylus?13:18
WikiwideAnd what plastic was originally used for stylus. Not ABS, or it would not have melted so easily.13:19
WikiwideAlso, how do I find replacement for Nokia N900 back-up battery? Mine is all rusty, should share photographs soon.13:24
WikiwidePLA, possibly?13:29
WikiwideMaxdamantus : Nay, small back-up battery. The round one.13:30
WikiwideI have plenty of BL-5J, they aren't giving out yet.13:30
WikiwideCircling all around. My N900 can have very short uptime sometimes, I attribute it to cellular antenna being damaged, but don't know where to find replacement for this copper thingie.13:31
WikiwideAs in: uptime 34 minutes, voltage as low as 3.978V already. I am fairly sure that if I leave cellular on, my N900 will shut down due to low battery is less than 10 hours?13:33
MaxdamantusDoes it feel relatively hot?13:34
WikiwideShould gather better statistics though. Maxdamantus : yes, sometimes, unless my senses mislead me.13:35
WikiwideI wish I could just ask antenna, with a command-line, in what condition it is. Such as, strength of cellular signal, or something. But then, I would need to dig out another N900, for comparison at this place and time - because cellular signal depends on tower, too.13:37
bencohisn't there any hayes/modem command for that (using pnatd)?13:38
bencoh(I have no idea, just asking)13:38
WikiwideNo idea. I don't expect it can take tower variable out of equation, and self-diagnose state of antenna?13:39
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DocScrutinizer05~tell Wikiwide about bupbat14:21
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infobot[bupbat] use the capacitive type, LiIon are breaking during 12 months, or, or, or
WikiwideDigikey says, obsolete item. Okay, let's see, 3.3V...21:07
Wikiwide3.3V, 70mF, 100 Ohm: is it similar enough?..
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WikiwideIt doesn't matter for supercapacitor where + and - are, right?21:15
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brolin_empeymF or µF?22:20
brolin_empeyYes, I opened the link and see that it is indeed mF.22:23
WikiwideClose enough, going by
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