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brolin_empeyDocScrutinizer05: As I have already said, I mostly use only Facebook Messenger, not Facebook, and I use Facebook Messenger because I want to communicate with other persons who use it.  I usually use Google Hangouts for persons who are avoiding Facebook but apparently now Facebook Messenger may be used without a Facebook account.00:43
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zenev0how to go into flash mode when uboot is installed?06:17
MaxdamantusI think holding "u" is meant to do something, but in my experience, you don't need to do anything special on the device. You just have the flasher running on a computer while it boots, connected using USB.06:21
MaxdamantusSince NOLO or something will probe for a flasher on USB before running the kernel/uboot.06:22
zenev0i recently tried to flash maemo-leste06:28
zenev0but it doesnt work06:28
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zenev0it ended up in uboot06:43
zenev0cant get into flash mode06:44
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zenev0how can i delete uboot06:48
Maxdamantuszenev0: how are you trying to flash it?06:50
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Maxdamantuszenev0: you said "i recently tried to flash maemo-leste", "but it doesnt work"06:52
Maxdamantuszenev0: what are you doing that "doesnt work"?06:52
zenev0i followed the official instruction06:54
zenev0but it wont boot06:54
MaxdamantusDo you mean this?
Maxdamantuszenev0: well, that boots u-boot, so maybe what you're seeing is the intention.06:57
Maxdamantuszenev0: did you set up the SD card beforehand?06:58
zenev0when i boot from the sd card it goes mmc0 is current device no partition table mmc 007:02
MaxdamantusSounds like the SD card wasn't written to properly.07:02
MaxdamantusHow did you do that part?07:02
zenev0using the official recommended etcher07:03
MaxdamantusDo you at least see multiple partitions when looking at the SD card on a computer (I'm guessing you're using Windows, which has some sort of disk management UI somewhere)07:06
Maxdamantus(I think you can see partitions on Windows by right clicking on "My Computer" and choosing some sort of "manage" option)07:06
zenev0now i just want to flash fremantle07:08
zenev0but uboot somehow stopped the device get into flash mode07:09
zenev0at present i am using an debian live cd07:09
Vajbzenev0: It works like this. Turn off your phone and remove battery. Start flashing like ytou normally would in computer. It will say "no suitable device found". Plug your usb cable to device which has keyboard closed. Plug in battery. Flashing starts immediately.07:20
zenev0it doent work07:25
zenev0still boot to uboot07:25
Vajbit should not go into uboot if you have keyboard closed.07:30
zenev0i am sure that i closed it07:31
MaxdamantusIt will go into u-boot regardless of the keyboard state. It might avoid showing the menu if it's closed though.07:33
Vajbbut did you open it in some part of the process?07:33
zenev0i am trying again07:33
Vajbkeyboard have to be closed the whole process. There is no need for pressing any keys in device07:34
zenev0it will boot into uboot07:44
zenev0and i am 100% sure that i didnt open the keyboard07:44
KotCzarnydarn, bot is missing again07:45
KotCzarnyare you sure device is properly connetcted and flashing tool is running BEFORE you put battery in?07:45
zenev0when i put the battery in do i need to close the back cover?07:47
KotCzarnybut you need to have usb cable connected and flashing tool already running and waiting for device07:47
KotCzarnyif you are using linux, use script from the link07:47
zenev0so i take out battery when i plug in my phone-run the flasher-put back the battery07:48
zenev0i am doing it07:50
KotCzarnywhat os you are running it on?07:51
KotCzarnyare there any messages from the flasher?07:51
KotCzarnywhat os?07:51
zenev0the flasher cant install on 6407:52
KotCzarnytry different usb port?07:52
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KotCzarnytry different usb port?07:52
KotCzarnybecause nolo is unkillable, and usb is tricky sometimes07:53
zenev0phone wont boot and the flasher is still waiting07:54
KotCzarnyanother thing is trying different usb cable07:54
KotCzarnynot all of them are made the same07:54
KotCzarnyand n900 is unkillable07:55
KotCzarnyso if it doesnt work at first, mostly it's about setup somewhere07:55
zenev0is there a telegram group?07:56
KotCzarnythis irc channel is better, just might be folks are sleeping still07:58
zenev0oh right07:58
zenev0i forget that07:59
zenev0it still not have any messages08:02
KotCzarnywhat did you try?08:02
zenev0take out battery when i plug in my phone-run the flasher-put back the battery08:04
KotCzarnyok, now try different usb port08:05
zenev0doing it08:06
KotCzarnyand when you run out of port, try different usb cable. also, is battery charged?08:07
KotCzarnyi think device wont go into flasher mode below some level08:07
KotCzarnyif that's the case, it will be more tricky, because to start charging, it needs to run minimal os08:09
KotCzarnyif that's the case, rescueos can be run even with broken kernel/os08:10
KotCzarnyit can be used to charge battery08:15
brolin_empeyOr you can use a Nokia BL-5J/BL-4J battery charger or some other computer that uses BL-5J/BL-4J battery to charge the battery instead of using the N900 to charge the battery.08:16
zenev0nope it is not tricky08:16
zenev0that is the way that i am08:17
brolin_empeyOr even directly power the battery terminals from a mains power supply like I had to do after I broke the USB connector on my first N900 way back in 2010.08:19
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zenebthe battery is ok08:39
zenebso i did all this (zenev0) so i take out battery when i plug in my phone-run the flasher-put back the battery again08:40
zenebit just boot to uboot08:40
zeneband i dont open up the keyboard08:40
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KotCzarnyif it still loads uboot, then nolo (nokia loader) is ok08:42
KotCzarnyand it's nolo job to put device in flashing mode08:42
zenebok so what should i do now08:42
KotCzarnywhat you might still try, press u, then put battery in08:42
KotCzarnyi mean, press and hold u08:43
zenebnow the phone boot to uboot menu08:44
zeneband the flasher says booting device into flash mode08:45
zeneband now it says suitable usb device not found08:45
KotCzarnytry different cable08:48
zeneband still no responding08:48
KotCzarnytry different computer08:52
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KotCzarnytry different computer08:53
zenev0i changed the order08:53
zenev0now it flashing combined08:53
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DocScrutinizer05fixing bot12:50
DocScrutinizer05charge you battery! HEHE. I'd say 90% of "flashing fails for me" is due to weak battery and user swearing the battery is totally fine12:57
DocScrutinizer05pro tip to make sure USB is OK: `tail -f /var/log/syslog`  or the equivalent systemd journalctl command I totally fail to recall. Should show the device enumerating12:59
Maxdamantusor the more universal: cat /dev/kmsg13:00
DocScrutinizer05bot about to resurrect13:01
Maxdamantus(though /dev/kmsg won't give you pretty timestamps)13:01
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infoboti heard #maemo lazyflashing is
DocScrutinizer05a pity zenev is not online13:05
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